Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 11
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 11
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UECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 9, 1930, OECATUR HEALO 11 kOARK screw * \J HAD rle , tER THAT I WAS ON THE ERUPTION OUT 1 GOING TO POSTOFPIC6 r iM ex PECTIN* IMPORTANT LFTTER. QUIET, 5T«.L "WATER DID UP l)T MV FLAW* J^tJJI tciciy who will be ti» )! Anna Grnhnm Ml crtild and Mr*. W'tl The Agnculluio elnsn JCommunity High sol)ol tt A party In the HI)." Vtldnv evening Eftdi of thf clniw Invited B [nil Ihu teachers of thi tteip fipnclat suatit* rpiry of Clinton ,. Mis Gertrud« [Tknna Ark vlsltPd MM s P. pn Thursday ' HAMM 1ARRIES OCT. 4 LO -- Air and Mr*. bm announce th« mitr- daughter L»nor» pnicr Motfletd of White 4, In Covlngton, Ind hoH been employed In the past y«ftr The Fls the son of Mr and Moefleld of Whltf 1 employed at the Pert} Farm. fARNSHAW IS IN RANKS OF ALL-TIME WORLD SERIES HEROES PITCHING ICE NIPS CARDS IN FINAL, 7 T0 1 IJf Straight World's In Sixth Game CARDS ARE GAME It, G,K1"1\ PHILAPLLPHIA On .' Athlctic-i hnvc ild suctcwivc their weld the St Uint ~nt- m ihr sixth and dec.rlmg Wednesday, the M«okmen With 0 * n i K (i Mm iiihuw win 1 n K lilru«i If »i plurc n manic tlv K l l l l l l W l IV 0 1 1 (I sinrlM | IHticrw of all thui' the, Ath li-ilrc took th ClnHl content T Id 1 'I hi* final but- 118 for the lllKltn M i d thti upfl lit t h n l (Ui vlu- tncH miHlit Jiwt n ninny i nut »v Returns to Wars Millikin Opens Little 19 Season With Carthage (Kid} Dure, young boxer from England, re- turn» to New York for mora bouts. On his first trip to *h» United States, Berg enjoyed » »t victories ovor Navy Game To Dedicate New Irish Stadium MACK hull I !lu Nftttondl lcti(cuc c iitini|)loiiH to flvd hltt two or willed (itiitu In the ninth whwi Onbhy Snut * yminlf b)lll t ompaiuttll wlll b^'ln'ln cnrn men m.imt thrti cnlv nin The A'* Ollt Saturday, ihioe contoiunce games m idit only H i v i n mid hul, fin h out By nrxoN yi'K 'rc'Ntt '·itntt GHlt'iVGO, Cot 9-Big Ton loot nn OK Ira (11 1 h u i N no blow, loading to In the intndi of' twill (i in: th it thn bott»r lunm unn f o n t i n i t l t i i . Un [iltiy of Mm cnTitf mtCM In thli HiflO 'K'tlfx thi iraffil i p t n l n it ihut thn Athl*tlc"t wnv i n i p i l m in tlio CiddlAftl* Thc\ AL SIMMONS LED SERIES HITTERS i i i r ni :·-,-, Plltl A I M . ' [ , i ' l l t A Orl (i Al ^mitnuiM A t l i l i llf « Ii ft fli Idi t vnui Ilif luidlni; hiitumiu; In tin 1 world i n U q w i t h nn tiwinwi of in In; t)i »i|K (,(iiiH-a Klniiiiotis Ifcnl i( i M l d J H U K ' l *,'! Hill), l U ' l l t hlti two nf ivhii h IKM liomc rani 1)ui (inly utticr I'tillndt 1 pltla p l u v r r in hit KVi or l j u i t i i vtnt f l n n iir \ttntf ( l i i t l u i i i n i n n who cnihri (In dcrlct -vUMi (Hi I H O I I I L I nf ill H i . i l u I,. II.i i t tliiniiitiiji |M! Hit ( n i i t l n » i »l diit M l t l i nn n ^ - oniKu nr 113 11 tut uuj, i|H ,, n i\ ^l I null j i l n v i i td t i l l i t i t u thiin aim hii( tin pmuti u l i i n It iiji-i Ih ntiililv In hnmoiir out I t tM^ hli ttl W i l t ll (llfii 1 1 4 111 c I (tl tind Hicy Iml UK |iltchln), to tbw-h wlititCMi i,]i|ii -Itlni, with Notre Dame's Intersec- tloruil ctnwilc agnlnat fluvy loi the f « n t u t u un on the Middle-West's ttttr»n,tlvo pridlron program. The week a timjur gamea arc 1 'Ntitrn Unmo v» Navy at Smltli ttOlltl, Illd Nnrthw4Nlvrn v» Ohio Stale, H! I vnnntoit, III Mlohlynn m, Punlno, »t Ann ArlHir Midi, WlJtconsin -VH Chlovgo, lit Mud I von, WIN VN Stanford at Ohliihonin A, X M , m, Ind, ui 1 ), nt IOHW Indltitui nl lowtv is. llllliolli Mt lltlUur, Hi GhiMn- pulps, 111 Notip Dii me, ttio Westa loading conl cwkt toi rmllonftl championship h i i i n i i i «f ft is tltc moat uttiitctlvo iin f tin Ii 1101 only bicdiis* o( the cx- ( H i t i t l excellent competition but he- unix, ihrs jjnmt [imtks UK format (It dk iliou of Notre .Dunu 1 1 oow $M)inou HUulhitn Uncle bam a "aecv I t i i i t i t n i alwuyn aru big attuiclloiw In Un VVtsl nnd Neivya liist dppear- utf,(, HI KuiiUi ttend at'iilnst a Wolie t r i i n i which p i o m l H n j to bo ae u 1 1 [ul JIH tiny Kocknc coached ug- on ot t u t i u t yuirs is ceitnfn to tli(H\ n dijindU oowd Bltf Tin Interest in centered on tlio Ohio Slati Neilthwtstetn clanh Noi IhwtHttii n in ftivoxeil to win the o n f f i i Jici tli»n)|)]on3hip with Ohio M n l i cm l y i h n w i n j t establishing the win H i w k t y t si ' d i n k h o n e ' contender I h i i fii honor i i Michigan nnil E'ui'Jue hold tteconil 1 i n n k In the onfeicnce, with Puidue ultuoiit u p i o h i b l t l v w ffivorltt 1 to w i n 1 'I ht WhcouHln Chictigo game will ( u i n i i h the ClrHl iipiloLtst tent foi both tontt rulem Miith ol the Instil woa reniovud fiuiii tin' Minnesota-Stanford inlci- MI i llotitil iltiihU bv thu Oophois' iltubblD). tit the Immli of ViindiTblll ' ( i i u l i Uilnli'i tins Mtionjf material, tint Inn not litul time to adupt It tu III* i t j l of ptav «nt) 'loc' Sie(na l l t i l i Juld in booking successive Mitni'H u l t t i V n n U i i b i l l Hlivnfoid arid N n i t h u c i u i n «« i d i l j toitd foi tils i«t..w,;i,,Mai.^"fi',n.nth,. ^;j;,; M ; l v i ,',r,!m K (l 11 i S i plolllc lltll(1 CJ nl i l|u' iiimiitnltiK llnce cunti'i wire l*'d r\\ n i t t i i i i r x M I H H « n i t uRimlui « i ' prnctlsp' fopiMInt ,!,«,,, IIHI hll , ( . m i n i * "IN «lili«iiKh hoth InmniTM «nf Iowa ''lam l,| tll i h u ,,. i, i h , ,,..," . '«»' I wilMi 1 le(eot nnd Bullet mtiy w 'M«rfcli,,,i ihi I ' l i i M n i r , ! u l i t , h h l Illinois n itnnuoiis tent l*[*t^litni " l u K M i t i l i l U n Al Mm' ----=r- "Mi* lilt u linn i t« l n l p i. u u p ,,(,,,,, i y jn,,t n* thty had dkl hn i ''""'*' ^ ' l ' i t « [ i n ho U i i i i i i j , l i i l l t l i F i l o t l n k - *t«BC» of Jimiiiv |i\V(i w i n m i , , m , i tiiiti H n i c j A itillj In thu ninth ·KMI V "iKluiMM, l i u l l t il , i u t i u l i w tthldt netted the IOMCIS * ( tf tin ^ t l i i I s t p M t t l n t , l o i i n || H , h 1()|lt , |lin w n H i n d l c m l ^ p 0 ( tin, n n n l HIIIH v|lj| |, ,,, , xhlch ,he wntloniil lea ^ " K l m t l " 1 "' 11 " ll ' W ( t l 1 1 ' '' l( "" ff ""' ht 011 ' tl)l "" ! 'J 1 '"*' " l |UliliiK n( llu *' tm\i niimluin liii, , t j la li PKdilni, t i t i o if Hit Inilj ciitit fitriiiliiin null liN ririt nturt ·(Illlllt lllll «Pt||lln|s, lit |fl th'l" iiitilrs^ hi NMIMI ItitihiKi In liln wund mid I mil ttii'in iji hni »lillt out H'cdti, iditt until (»· ""wki-ntHl In II With mm nl. Inwctl » inn ' eitfilifl itidi I dm Imiv \m Ih '' I V 1 " M i n t u i l | , |( ,, M ( ,,( r * tl tlii N i i l l n n n l Ii i^ni it, tun ^"Ki'il u l t h im lii-iuii i,i,,\ ^" In hi iij, i wliitijn^ 1st i UN lining uni mill *uit n mU SAME LINEUP TO TAKE FIELD FOR SECOND CONTEST Blue May Have Difficult Task Stopping Polished Carthage Offense DAN FAWLEY INJURED Millikin university's 1930 football eleven will make its drat bow in Little 19 competition Friday night when It meete Carthage college on J. M. U. field at S o'clock. Victorious 6 to 0 over Cornell (la college In the opener last week the Blue will receive another teat from a different kind of football team The line, which did well enough la stopping Cornell's scoring attempts, must stop n much mare pollshfld attack than that uncorked by the lownns. The failure of the line to hold on offense also hamper- fd the team's scoring attempts and Friday's gam* will demonstrate lust how much this defect- has been rem- edt«ct. Work* On Line Coach Leo Johnaon haft worked all week with the iarne line that start- «d the Corn oil game, and If any shift la made It will be because of Dun Fawley's charlcyhorsc The 300 pound center has been unable to run nil week although working out regr- utnily If he Is unable to start Ft link Shelby will go to guard and Gnyle Collins will b* moved from guard to center Millar and McQulie again are scheduled to start at end? with and Poetmr at tackles and Nick Tarro nt the other guard posts. George Corbett who rejoined the squad Wednesday night after three or fouf days In bed with the tlti, may not be deemed In good enough shape to strut against Carthage Strom Panning A week's haid wurlt was Johnson's order after the Cornell game The nOjiiad has spent considerable time polishing off the weak spots In Itx attack against Cornell and lias de- votcct some attention to pasios The Blue completed only three out of nine passes against Coin ell nnd although the completed paasos were for long gains the percentage was high enough to be rated successful Johnson piobably will do constd- etuble expo i imenttng with his backfield during the game Coibett, Vine France and Hcldlngcr are the likely starters hut he hfut a w tciial on the bench Including Davis Allan Russell, who used if the Blue decldei to open up with a pussins attack Eu George Barr and others BACKFIKLD VNSETTI,(t,D l toy ttxitfrt t' f ^ 6LOOMINQTON, Ind Oct til Finn'a backfleld for (jivino with Oklahoma A malned unsettled today with nnd Ednionds battling t nost And Oj.mstk, Htar, favored for the foarli Page blocking anil tackling drill today, BELIEVE --By Ripley. M TUt MOUTH OF Titt AMMOW IS NEARER TO EUROPE THAU IT IS TO GALVE5TON FORMIO A COMPAKY Tb MWMfACWtt Twins May Get Chance In Iowa Game Saturday tBv Vrtlrt fnu IOWA CITY, la, Out 9--Iowa may hav* twin* In lu itartlng back- fl*ld agalnat Centenary Saturday for the flrat time »lnc* th* day* of th* D*vln* brother* A revamped backfield, with Leo Jemvold and Hlek- man at halfback; Krlt at full and Lloyd Jenivold at quarter, ripped through freahman and rowrv* ttarn* n Krlmmag*. Frevloualy the Jena- void twlni hav* alternated at quar- lerhack. NOTRE DAME STARS TO BE ON BENCH IN CONTESTWITH NAVY Hi Vftltt I'rnl 1 SOUTH BEND, Ind, Oct. fc-- Larry Mulltn*, varalty fullback, and Dick DonoghtH, tack)*, wilt b* kept out of Notr« Dome'i battl* with Navy Saturday, Cc*cb Rockn* announced Thur»d4iy, Both »U»» *rt nurnlng ln]ort*i and with r«4iarv« Sav«Ul and Kurth, * a«w KXPLANA11ON OF YESTERDAY'S CARTON Ho-Tah-Me-Hol, Uw Wealthy Otiag* Indlttn Ho-Tah-Me-Hol's oil land royaltlei U| OOO'OOSi um panou JBf snift AVH cash, an amount far In excesd t( his need a In living a simple and un- prethantioua life. He spent his early years entliely In tht open, mulling the customaiy tepee ht* home, and he still prefers that life to a modern one of Indoor living Tho Threshing Mill propf*tort Funeral So great WBB the love of Thomas Puttie for Ms traction engines, that ho requested the use of hi* favorite engine to draw hla caaitet In the fu- Mulrfleld, Scotland, In March, and hli wishes wer* carried out to the letter. An account ot thtt unuoual fun«ra proceaBlon IB contained In UM An nadalo Observer (Scotland March 28 1930 Tomorrow--The Oltf HVMh The Trained Ftnfert, Teds Ready (or First Intra-City Struggle With Centennial Friday V I H I t K w n u i \ \ A \ HUCI Ml 111 1 MI t fi i isi OM HH l.( I M Mm IBO 1 rmui Efllioc S i l l h i t tlnil it Ii i Ullhd n t*» It ill, I IT, 1 1* 1t« I (ill IS' ! r it Ii n KID mj Ml) 177 ie. )CJ t I I \ IM tro J3C trn nu ' I I I HJ MIVJ I til ml Mild ill i A I Hll I) 11II ml t I ' l l ! I 1 H l/fw /, I t i l i t h n Mltli i tilt nil p k[ I A tHOS-f- Tu Ilia "it "W tt lli" I," 142 1BU lf II · 3T I C I I 11,7 l-s 17 II K IM -i t n i n n r t IM 16) It. .mi inn iii« 1« 1"! DM! H i t tH t, I I V H A I 11- V J . I I U H H l* r I H (Hunt t i t i t t tnii 11 0 1 rt0 11 n iiti 11.0 inn l i t lit us J O B \Kiiiuit . thi 11 rill mil" tk l1111 L l | il I n u i i n t i , i,,,, 108 flkl -If Ii I r H» i'J 1 ( 1 A,I|J Id It* 1K» 11N IDS 111 .11. 19* .1) It. t ' u t m i l n (kmul nr , ni '" u "ll IM I l l II, , ,, t t l u u V I 111 mlltt|1 ' mt ,iuim|"ln I l i n u y 140 H r l i u t r M R I M I *l M i l it I" 1 ! . I 1 ifi ir ' " ' f ' t ' l M o,ort !,.?«( Wild l i|| H d l l i i h f i n In th 11111,011 t' ton II W h i l e K ll kilt T"Ut 19! I I S U! )B1 ITO 167 S i t "« CATS-tin tltc ninth (t lital ot i Itrht only two ran y. r i »*»ll lltri)t1 *"' 1 H l H I 1 In Ilil I K!) 1'Jl u|fo iHllf WiUli 1 nl iii Sim 1 W viii I'lot 1 Iin PltUl On Kork 1 I i Itoal Him i llnn Mrr Ml* hk Inh, Sl» Wont 101 M i l . t) Of ttlft- n# Stud mny be open up *O"rlson, [ u n tVtlf 1 fl-- In- itut day's M re- HuRhcs the full- phomoi e Ing half anned a 'day, vling I HI 1*X 111 I H t _ - . Ill 101 BY LLOYD STOCFPBR "Everybody's in good phi's leal condition, and we're ready tf go," said Coach Dutch Henry of Roosevelt Wednesday evening 'Somo of ttio boys haven't teen living up to training ruleH, and I may have to make some changes In the stalling lineup, but I'm confident we'll give Centennlul a bottle" The Hooscvelt Junior High giid- deis ment Ql«n Summers' Centennial eleven o nthe Decatur High gridiron Friday afternoon at thieo c/clock, in tht first of the annual classic grid aeries to decide the jun- loi champion ot the city f Scores iin i»i non J01 Id 1 ! 3U» _ -- -ma us 3111 'tt.KV 1 M.l^ninillf jit n sm U\HI\ J i t ma i HU n^ltli ] T p J (H 11 " .Hkl 1G(. ·^ Ullri ?tt \t 1 1C "OMJ UHf 1 ( 1 Jinr*j 1 tt t r 1 Iftr I * ilh llt K i HH b U ^i \iiypf \ \ ItU 174 1SG il If EH it; uti tun na i:u uz IIS JfiS 4Kb ... i · -- ^i ^ -B i t IDS I]!? Htt 117 C07 1 liH 1 lli 4J7 i ,.i tur 6ns IH \gfl tW IK IK III 1 ! f S 51 -- »· -^ -- 7B- 11D Slid j.. .. ntt (31 I 11 lift III Dl !£.' 1 iKly 1 1 1 *UI 111 I.I! tuls «!1 I ID IHL 11^ :int IH riM 111 Ifll IDC IM IH tf tt'i s.i .sa« M IRTl IANS - m Lh 1-7 cllfr 111 1*2 t«l« J 1 X ill HI " ''^J- lAln "IB tin 11 tin Ii * Irtfl *ii 7 in k !£! Ivill HI hk 11") l *_.^~ :nl» 7111 TM/ n t Innii 11: m irj. ikh tut ttltH " f h Ml Ilil m lit kri 3 t F 1 1 M irllPdp f (nil 111 B\ ATOIl-- [tlv 1A] llflMI 1JIR Itck l^K Jit fllj .. i. tn(a Kir i ii ii r, ' irn mi 44 III ICO 4311 ;r» ir.n n,n It? J D I 4 f "_ _"U "t» SSI 21,0 'IM. -no i ," E2 i " ^ i/i 1 4n Ifill icn 4tin l^fl S71 1JJ 1G 1 } J l l J SO IBli 2! JS 7fi 71E sno J«; 1«3 TO Mr, 111! 1 11 ID JJ» Hfl 4 7 7 1T4 IflB 137 1711 !II1 (HI 5fl 1 TfiT 21!(i mr in HH- Ull 149 414 ITp^ 171 £411 1 r d IflO 471 " 5 6 IS 8H 7V StStl isr isi in: 110 131 lit no u" BIS 191 Itll 489 ltd JOS MO , «.^_ 710 C!7 560! Inmnti 11T 1!4 1 IT 11*9 M Don Hill lilt Itft Hli f.H Miniun ifli iiti; ii7 [.Ji ^ f- -r «· 1 Intnln ?t: 'US 101 jau fiAHAtiB miYWHit 177 IS(i 1)7 MS Mhiuil I u 1 1I« 1:7 43H Illuloii 1 1SU 1IH1 1H l*i 1,11 it .(ID 17T 1(1 Itld tlaiilknr ! Ji « 1 Total B Dii Bin ill an t Jion* T"' i"o MO *f Mpkti t?i nr ir.r iii M Itcuivil iin IF" IHI -117 iniiwu lit m i IH in; IfniiiliMli 1*1 it) "li' 10 Tilluli 811 "If BIS !IJ6 1 II 1 I.!A\ -- UhHltlt IKfi Itll Hil t i l =tulo)l 1Sr. 11B Itit 4«! ·tniih nr. ii4 u: 4 i i fUK^ity ^^ ^ n ^ n w* JiUftlJI "1)11 »tO 7fll »4»S 1KAOUK-- it, S Wlltll. WAY-- Jl n ftj III Sllllic t -4 AH? fll't 761) I'olo Climb 7 Ii 5SJ t"n 14T lnn ruull 7 Ii f.SS t t l 7i1 ttlv Hont H Ii 600 HI 11 Nut IJitlf ti t 117 (*1 7f. Wtl null,)! t '1 :f'0 fill 705 TEN HIGH TJOWI EK"»-- II O sriii vi pr* 1} iSuo isi 51; I 11) II 1,1 N4 IS 17!l 111 107 f Moil \VB * 911 Itl 17« flit n rr 11 mil in no f noil ., HB 11 11(2 111 Ii? ( nini rr n ins 112 us Mltwl PC 7 117 111 1*1 U M W(l WB 1 II J 111 (IB Voli'm J*P Ii llisfl no Hi9 cox .. s.i s mi ut ie i r ft i IjKAIlUlv W 1,1 U IR, HS4 Mnn T pa ll 4 ;ii nil :njt W Cut* 0 It 500 ifiU 2101 K1 Win 7 tt 447 Sil iaJD Hid Dks T g 447 IDI J35U Tliors , , 7 8 447 »1H 2 4 4 4 All SUm T ft 44T 004 1401 Q H onrta S, t 417 (11 1474 Ma«hn , G T 41T Bn CJOO Llln Ites 1 * W tit :J!0 T«n nltli KMI O AveHf McMnhun . \s in lot 241 Uirino ,, f i! iso ::o khlKht , . MT It 174 lib Tntiiitma . Mt ir 111 ill Huwklns P lli 172 101 Pot ni HOD wr ]B 1711 ttIT O Burlier .11 tl thti 1^7 itnncttfton Kw it ir; inn Henry drovi hla equad through « stiff two-hour aorlmmagc Widne»- day evening, and expects to taper off with a light signal drill this eve* ntng For the first time this season, Dutch finds all hie ilrst-atrltigers eligible at on« time, and hence will be able to present hlo strongest front toi the flist really Important battle. Shift* Lineup The week's practice has biought about I wo shifts In the llnouji that Herny be)loves will benefit the team's play. Knight whu has been playing center, ban been moved to fullback, where ha has ptoved himself a valuable defensive man Sttne, formerly n guatxl, ria3 adequately filled Knlght'a place at center In the shake-up and retrenchment Incident to preparations for an Important gume, at least three who were considered regulars are uncertain of starting Saturday It is quite probable that Long will start In place of Vance at right guard, Bailey in place of Smith at left half, and Cttnavan In place of Frlck at right half The lernainder of the team slays the same Batchelor, a stellar lcf«n- alvc ·vvlnjfman, Is at left end, and Leon aid Deardorff, a 22S pounder, at left tackle With Shelby Nanna, 166 pound, irusky at left guard, that side of the line Is pietty well taltta care of. Rozanskl holds down the right tackle post and Ormontl IB rlgbt end Capt Marry Parton, quarter back a triple threat man, snd Ralph Bailey, left half, who have done most of the Teds' Ruining In the three games played to date, and have put over all the scores, are the mainstays of the backtie^d No accurate comparison ot Roosevelt and Its foe can be made this early Jn the season Th(t Teds have playad three games, winning two of them, and Centennial two gamei, winning: one Both teams were beaten by Feltshans ot SpHngllolJ, Roosevelt by a 20-0 score and Cen tcnniol 13-0. It would appear from this that Centennial wag one touchdown stronger, but It Is said that Roosevelt was closet to scoring on Fittshans than the Purple ever WM Roosevelt has beaten Mattoon, 1 to 6, and the Urbana Juniors, 12 to 0. Centennial acored Its Ion* vie- Zuppke To Use New Men Against Butler Saturday tllv Vnt!r4 Prestl CHAMPAIGN, Oct. 9--N«w mtn are being given an opportunity In the varsity lineup ·* Illlnolt pr« putts for Saturday'* game with But Iir, Although Butter In considered a stiong opponent, Zuppke In point Ing hid iquad for th« Northwantorn game In Wedneiday'f drill th varsity woiked to perfect tit owti plays and then scrimmaged a froih squad using Nortbwtnttrn forma (long. 1 KB 3TS GK IB ted :ni KW 15-101 101 NIGHT SCHOOL Start* Monday, Oct. 13th Course* In Mechanical Drawing I Mechanical Drawing U Inquire at Y. US. C±A. 151 W Prairie St Fhon6 KM HBGULABS RKTVRK (B|t Vnittg Prm } EVANSTON, Oct. 8--Six North western regulars -- Capt Bnider Honley and RuM«ll, back*, am Kent, Woodworth ani Rlley, lint men--who hav* bean kept out o practise foe the Ohio game by In juries, aie scheduled to return t action Thursday Ths crippled varsity learn lacked pep In yesttr- day's acrlmmogo and woi unabl* to etop a fieihman team using Ohio plays · * __ I'VROVK IN 91IAPE t»u l/nlttJ I'lftn) LAFAYETTE, Int. Oct. 8--A light drill Thursday before entraining for Ann Arbor completed Pur due's work for Saturday's game with Michigan. Wednesday* drill wai the hnrdest of the year with Coach Kl xer driving the backs on paw play* and offensive tactics tory ov«r Mt. Zlon In it* optBing game Sept. IS, IS to 0 Shakeups Due In Ranks of Both Athletics and Cards Next Year Expect JM BottOMlqr a-W Htiey To Be Uitd In Mikanjrato MACKS MUST REBUILD By OKOBQE Vnltod PrcM Ntatt PHILADELPHIA, Oct » -- Th* World *erl*« I* «v«r Md tht PhU- ad«lpbla Athlctlot hav* rttalMd thtlr World rtiamptwwblF ai«J**t th* chalkngt of th* fe Loula Oartt- nait, but IwMball fani hat* pcBdmi today over the tutura «( O«MM Hack'* warn, ICven whli* wlnutof tbt WorW champion* tbowed weak ipota Wrteft an quit* llktly to bwom* BMN pr* mwced «v*r another toftf ataMn 1 ! Itlnrt, With O*or»* Barnihaw and L*(ljr Orov* IK th* prim* of Out* pfUMftl earaar, «itd Al BlmmoMt, Fow and Ukkey a}«ehraM aim ·!·* m »lpt* ot aiowni| v», Count* HacK ha« tn* n\wl*w for anothtr team for 1M1. com«r to the uckl* b«rUt, *howlg good form, Rockn* plum to itkt no ancM on Injury to Uw rtfuUra further W«dn«*day« KcrlmnuMre oompt*ttd bturd work for th* gtmt, ·crlnu»i«c bdnr Mhtdultd lor Thuraday and Frld»y. M,- WINNING PLAYERS GET$5,038 EACH (IT|| Vftttit Prm) PHILADELPHIA, Oct. ·-- Thi IMC World serl*» attracted 313,*M p*r- wm* to the at* g»m«» played, ToUl receipt* wer* |»S3,TJ1.00. Complot* ·tatUtic* follow) Attendance, 213,936, Roctipli *9W,1T2,00. Player*' thare (tint tour W«,8«6.00. Each winning player'i *nare OW.OO. Each lofllnj: player 1 * *h*tt, 11000 Advisory council'* ·b*ra, |1*S,0*616, Bach club'i itur*, IlilJlO.l*, Each leacueti »hare, 1121,710 1ft KIPPKE TO USE VETS IN PURDUE CONTEST (By uvtlrt Pr»4t ) ANN ARBOR, Mich, Oct »-Wtlh the «nilrt Michigan »qua4 In Rood condition Coach Harry KIpht plan* U u« experienced player* for the ·Urtini- lineup agalnit Purdue. V*t- erane wire given th« call In W«dn*i- day'* drill, except «t quarterback, where Harry Newman, ·ophomore ««h, made »n Imprwkrtve mowing -- 4 WISCONSIN DEFENSE WEAK »¥ Vutirtl J'rrm ) MADISON, WU, Oct ft-- Coach T1tUtl*lhwait« 1* *ceklng additional detente ftlrength for WlMOMln In Saturday'! game with Chicago The Badger* had little ·UCOAM In flopping Chicago play*, M demonit rated by a freihman with Smith, tack)*, and Swldenkl, guard, jiving the bwl performance* POINT PON STANFORD (By UHitr* fnu I MINNEAPOLIS, Oct »-- Dr. Bole* Hoeonthal, former California line coach, IK aiding Coach Frit* Crtoler In preparing Mlnneiou. for 8»tur day'« battl* with Stanford, Numeroui new nun wera tried In the backfill* In an aUcmpt to strengthen tb« paM dercnee and OhUen Hoefer, IMIJ»« and Kreiowekl all were given a chance at end Replacement*, howaver, muat M found to round out th* Athtetlea iiwt atami. Bine MIUw, v*Wra« right fleMer, It nearlng 0.4 end M hi* career, and George MvM Haa M*BM t» nave tart hi* battlnr puiteh, Although Mill a ball-hawk 1ft tna wit- field. Hex Bl»hop and Jo* Boler playad ·Uady baiebatt around ttta keyaton* tack In th* World Mrlea, nut both ·n alowlnt up. Boley piobabhr wUl be th* tint to crack. Kla wtak hitting make* It almwt Imparatlv* that the A'* ftt a ntw ahorttt«p ror next ·eaaon, BUhop atlll · on* of the tort lead-off men tn bwrtall, naeauae «t hla keen UtUnf aye, and hi* abtUtgr to get walk*. Bliibop batter 3S» to th* terle*, and Botey MO MASQUBRADK C O S T U M E S MASKS AND MAKB-UF8 Halaet ft Esslok Jimmy Dyke* at third baa* piayed erratically In ih* aerfti, and h*4 th* mlNfortun* to make hla ton* error when It hurt mo*t In the fourth game, which th* Card* won M, paving the way for the two wluunt run*, Dykw, however, It Mttrtjr to ke«n hli poit ti*xt aeaMW ConnU Hack hat thne yoim|tUrt he l« (rooming for the fnflold-JCri* McNttln ahoriitop, Dlbnll Wttllama, atcon* baM, and Frank HlfttM, third ban. Tb* A'a outfield ranrvei ar* «o» promlotnit, Jack Qulnn and Ed Rommel, veteran* of th* pitching ttaff, ar* Mt apt to be of much tervke to th* A'« next year oxcept a* relief pltcb*m Orove «nd Karn*haw, with Walbarr, gborei and Mahaffey to aid thatj. will a^atn hav* to oairy the bulk « the A'l pitching burden, Card* to Trad* A *hak*-up la anticipated In th* ranki of the Cardinal, with Jim Bet- tomley, flrat baieman, and an out- f|*)der, either Chkk Hfcfey or Tayh* Doutblt, ilated to b* traded to ·*· other National leafu* club, potatMjr Cincinnati Bottwnley flalded wtl) In th* t* rl«§, but made only on* hit hi 92 tlmoi at bat for an averaga of Mt, With Prl*ch and Q*)b*rt around i*oond ba**, the Card* hav* th* ba- *1* for another great Ivtlald, wHh Coiimi, th* Roobtwter InUrMtltMl league club tint baMtnan, po*HW»f replacing Bottomlry M ftrat Iparhy Adam* 1 plae* at third tt unotrtaja, and the Card* may bob up next ma- ton with half a new Intteld. _ B«rf*iiu Bargain* Special SALE DEMONSTRATORS SUGHTLY USED -- NEW CAR GUARANTEE Your Opportunity to Buy Newly New Cart at Reduced Price* USED CARS to 20% Discount You Can Lock Without Buying-Why Buy Without Looking? 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