The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 6, 1973 · Page 18
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 18

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 18
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TOE MtABOSPOKT FACTS . TMM. Wtimrtw, Jmc t, Itn P«f« *• A Alarm unfounded: TWQB COMMUNITY NOWITAtOF WMI0SK)IIT TUESDAY: Mrs R. P. rVirginia) Locate. Qute Eugene Evans, Frtwport Mr»- J. A, t Judy) Jurek, Anglcttwi Ralph Wnkte Johnson. W«st Columbia DonaM Edward Fostw, W«i Colianbia Mrs. W, \\ i \tariw > Urgent, Dandgw Ernestine Wai son, Free/port Clyde Jessie Collins. Lake Jackson Mrs. W. R. i Cynthia > Howefl. Lake Jackson Unda Sue Browne. Lake Jackson Mrs. M F (Nancy) BUir, Uke Jackson Mrs, E. W. tKarin) Vwuey, Lake Jackson Anthony Darnell King. Prcrport Mrs. R* M (Eileen i Cornell, Lake Jackson Alvln leaders see possible phone rate suit By BARBARA PASSMORC ALVIN - The City Council may Uke legal action agates! Sou (western Bel) Telephone Co. it said during a meeting Tuesday night after a citizen complained that Houston City Council action has caused regulation of Alvin phsne rates. Gwrge Calkins complained to the council ahw* an increase in his tekjrwoe bill, stating that the rale inereas* authorized recent ty by the Houston City Council had caused his phone bUI to go up. Calkins has a "331" exchange, wbich us port of the Houston rnctntpoNtian exchange. However, b* said that a representative ol Southwestern Bdl has assured htm that "331" « stric'.lj used in Alvin Calkins asked Alvtn City Council if sonmhin* couJd be done to pment Housioo CouncU (nan mjuUdng AJvin pbuoe rates. Mayor Alien Gray toU Calkin* iba! the cn> has lotd South' western Bell not to increase the rales and to refund the mwcy to local rtsidcjrts laying the inerca.*e. Gray &a«J that ih« cUy is in the proof** vi getting the in- formaitwn on the problem together with Oty Atty. WiUtam McNectt preparing Ibe legal ground on which Alvin can act. Thftnasor (old C&lkin* be coujd expert an answer tn a nswilh Ciiy Council also made official us plan* of aUocaimt of half of in* 1973 federal revenue sharing funds. The S&SXS will be us*d for the foUowiag w* improwroenW: Alvin's water well, G2,JSB6: construct ion of a «J»p budding for housing and working on city vehicle*. $25,1*). improvement* on the city crmetcry. H.flas. and the purchu* o! a traffic tight far the intersection of Mouse and Hood Smwu, JI.OO) The raniainder of the funds will be budgeted later in the y«ar. In a four-uvooe vote, the council audwrued the city manager to take bids on an estimated $is.t») ambulance built to transport six people ai a time. Councilman Ernie Garcia quoinxwd the mayor about (he possibility of entering into a contract with an individual who «ould furnish two ambulances and be entirely respeexiibte for their upkeep and operation, thus rtlirvxr^ the city and potor department of that job Gray totd Garcia thai the city had ctxtsidmrd doing that *h*n the firs) ambulance was purchased, but (be CMt of hiring someone vtw would guarantee an ambulance to be available at any lime was prohibitive. Oty Manager W. K. Kouth abo noted thai roost cil;e-j of Alvin'i HIP O*TJ and operate their own ambulance* The council agreed to M Kouth adveru*e for bids with Garcia voting agaimi the measure. A ntprts«iiative of Wt-nem Geophysical Co asked council permission for hu firm to survey the seismic activities in Alvin for Oro»u Central PetroJrum Co He said his firm will quaramee to protect the city from any liabiliiy incurrvd during the operation. He added that the work will not damage any of the slf «ij at land being "lapped " The Western Co.. in loolong for oil and gas in Alvin. pian* to (olio* the courw of several major Mreeta in town, gouig down through the land to take cross section ptcturw of the earth to a depth of 22,000 feet. The council voted to allow the company to do the work. providing a bond or certificate of insurance u tuUniited to the city attorney to release the city from liabibty. A motion to advertise for bkUfor airctmdilkioen to inatf ill in four city I rucks died for lack of a second. Council gave permtvjicn (o the city martagcr and city engineer Robert Burti to revise and update the city buildmg code at their discretion. Burks informed the council that several corsu ruction irrugularil ws are occurring in town, especially in the area* of home (oundalwivs and Uab eievation*. lio««\<rr. he »<ud he is powerless to make btoldera correct llior mistakes «nce nothing i* in the building code regulating them The council told him (ogo ahead and make any change* in the code he fell oeco&ary «att AUSTIN - Texas Water Duality Ik^rd expem say llvat ularm ».«presMd by mwnc Draitwport rf*tdent« over potlutinn stan riartb for the Br»zo» »ml Son Bernard rivers Ls uttfowded and arose more out of mt*und»rManding Itwn fact The TWQB olftdali also aaid that an "me*" tn in? da*iinc«l*n of Ihe two rtwrs will probably b* wrrevttfd at the hoard's next meeting in late Junv Thrtr conimenU cam* durti* a meeting **lh Th* Fsti't* Austin Bureau. «n«nKed by the TAVQIl \nt>\\v rrlatktu chief in rwpwi'W to recent critii-Hnt of the board by «oine Cbunly re«d«U». "Hi* inoM re«#nl cvnfrwu>K«» earn* M a Monday hearing her* *h*n several Krijfivu Cotauuivt »hownJ wp to testify and threw stwne bartm at th« w»;er twird. TNVQH engineer (>org« T\ll>un <utd TufitUv the rokfwtW ar« o»i(x»ed on »*v«ral points, ejipevtaily ih* itillereiiop b«rt*««n effluent standards and streank itiutd^rdu iMthai^th Ih* t*o "art? a» iU((n«-<u a» night a«*t day." sum* »f the r«idiTOl» apparently think they are th* **n\«, TUliiuw *aiU }{f added that he can t«e how JOOWWIT- taucqwimted with **! tr quAlity tetnitooteity; could m*k* ihc mistake Effluent standard* are thtw« «', un t-4th pUiH't Jim-hatxi' T\llsvn nolvd. while stream MamlariU cuvn rtv«n ami «rr«jf<\« aa a whole He abo iUkid crfticttm thst the TWQO <0wx^d acE chiwftiK standards for the tidal w«w of the rm« i» t»»justifi«di. because suh xaniljul* "uuKI nut tw Thetiditl oiiw rvtgiun rovm UK ar«vi m><tr the nwtith «( « rtrtt vtlBftt- \hv «»ls v»td«f i» Utcatwt S»n«* tbr Mil wedge w *a*ily affivtnl Ity^'tian^l!^ lUlot, <rurr«ttt,t ami wuuU. itw piling of aiidirvb *i>«l(J tut U> i»«»rtU.-«l fcj* MI*- »ld(*larih afcuvf the wjt the nuttier wuU'l vtrjnt- Jofi* Jft J7. M, \»na\i i*J keknt by uf M.tW mrtws M! Hi* *e**k«i **f* IM( ths! at TVUs».vtt attu **»ii into city • $411 llrrnaftt <*wl paf* t* t/r *» tJ «*« IB »*tftKttM« cn«ti if thr H*«* at ! ft***'* *V* Uwr" 'that tH b a*:tteH, ' steu*' 1 tjuit Its* Ihitt ti *:** »<*»h*f th^Mt ta* jl rulJl«*»tt w«4W W San . !h«.i* ifs* Ifct »J» fcni«jj!>? UJi' trj "fUiwBS &!HHfi£ Sine OXtlttvrlS! {fc*t Ut IJw !l«*«ii!» 4*ll Srfsfa jSKtShMd «•»«. HWi^ft} (!»•» a '«J t,« (Jtf * ttVHi (KUirlflt 1 ) »W«fc ««*»ft» SJSlifJ'** SELECTED STOCKS Wf iW€ QUOTATIONS C'e>ntptUit««U tt "n> Klrtl f'rtvpwt Nukiiul Aa»«r. NatttM _______ .\»«r. T*T .......... Oirjilrr . ....... , Orartvra . ...... . Utow _____ KSM< >fc,Uf Co. . Kriokbn Uf« int. WT.M t;»« oil Ho*. l«t. lion. Nat. Kroger . Hvtar J C. K.VMA » V t**, W .HS of GUZED DONUTS 59* & stt up N6 CAKES KARL'S BAKERY ItM K- Deaths A. J. Murray ANGLKTON -- Fuaeral Knrit« for AUnot Judwsd Murray. T». «< Houttae. witi b* beid «l 10 4 ra Thunday tn It* LaacMier Aagktco f'uncril Home Chapet »ilh U» R*-« C A Tbonuu of Cahary BapttU Church offktatiog Cnveujde KrvKw »iU be at : pen to the &>wtiiie C«n«trry m Bryan. Murray died Tuesday evening f June 1. ivn> Survivor* include ho Mr» Verna Sullivan Angjctcn, and two N C. Murray at Koujioo J« R. Murray o< Cabf J. W. Crawford J W Crawford. «i. father ol t»o Kre*porl re»idenu, died Tue*day nxsmiog (June i. l«3i Forest Funeral Horn* in Conroe a m <*arg* of f«ner»l arrangetneotji. Burial wiU be at 2 p m. Wednesday tn Garden Park Cemetery orar Willis The two daugiiten arc Mn L. E (Lorie) O'&anion and Mrs. Fred « Mamie ) C*pf« Other fecal turvwon art t»t> granddau«hi*n, Mr» Paul Weldon and Mr» Lloyd QirroU, it* Motorish witting to pay 90.0 cents One penon injured a ptton for us in three<ir crash SAN KHAMCISCO (AP) At »» ceoU a gallon for regular and »» centi for premium. Mrvicc ttatioo operator Ken Yano tull find* people willing to buy bit dwiidttog gai tuppiy. "One guy look 20 Yano »*id Saturday after hi* supplies bad fallen to *0 galkxi* "I uked if he'd wen the sign, lie Mid. Thai's OK, I newt tte g"' " Yaao said he'd rather boatt the price* than na the ritk of lotiqg rtgular cu»tom«T». SHUGART COUPON Fridv, Jim I Sit, JWM 9 9 WAUfTSIZE COlOt POtmAHS 994 CLUTE - Larry Fool* of Sleepy Hollow w»i given emergency room treatment at Comraunity Hotpttal Tuesday evening fottowing woat w»» reported to be a tnreKjr •cride&t. The mUhap. to wbkit ooe car wa* reporUd turned over on tti fide, wu at the roultl- prooged South Main and Plantation Road interaction Foote wa* reported as treated for abrasion* and contusion*, then related Further detail* ol the accident were not available, Store burftarind JONES CHEEK - Tbe Braiori* County Sheriff* Office U iuvwligaling « burgUry wbich occurred T«e»d»y night at Tbre* Brotben Grocery More here. More Ukroufb • beck door utd «H«i«atiy wUMtf of/with «0 carton «T aiMrttd dftreuc* v«lu«d at |2,UB ud another »S7 in fMb thai *»* in thr our lowest prices ever for new 1973 Zenith 25'giant-screen fine-furniture consoles £!*?!£ & /w 7>/£ Ifl*/ ^^/ rt*^'-c £*^ r ^ 16 portable SUPER CHROM4CO10R •I«shji» ""S"^-"""^!. T»» CTW04U • & Vr /* Th* TATT • 0«rH Caster*. «ruo« Of P*C»f» *1WWtf» (Q4nW) Titan 101 O*M»*~-Q*«tf 90H» VHF/UMF i Parw(? ifttMMtrr r3»»i; •^ „*>.. >»*' * 12B&WportabteTV The MSCOVCHCM • DI3M~Super Compactl Le»t t>v»n 1 r rugfi? Ch**»is l«atufo* Ze«Hh «Hid-»t*Ni module* to< d«p«n<>ab>i>ty. So*«J- Sy»t«m Automatic Circuit B«a < B- ChoiCflol fweeolofi, "F» tng«- «r Lock" ^" : ' ; ' ; _^.—rap* .-• «—-.«' !.'-^^<«i •' i — -' ^-rHl ffei ft * L I J^»-J L;^|j |if*!*l> Ij^-V**" « SUPER SCREEN fiuacouu B&WportabteTV Th« MAVIEW • Ol»4 CKuf.ty Ch* 3la(» Cvwtom y Sisism Giant 4 It ce ol two W^l* £&**(& VftVP* II iii? tSTSUPER SCREEN B&W PORTABLE TV • OJ004W 0«f«tt« ^^i 1 "" r««^ , iiw^ fe> COMPLETE DISCRETE QUAD SYSTEM MODULAR MUSIC SYSTEM A H The ICUMt • CSMW You near tMUuitiMty balanced b*v» *n4 ttttxe, dctparMd tn • cofltpitt* J60* cuci* 100 «att M«« power output wta-tw* wftiitmi &Mf«o torn »<m Cue control. Su»«c K««d> ptiorw Jack. 0>*in*d Wtinut c«or. Jht qvililf VM in oefore it>» rum* got* aa* VteM Ui M*w Wt'l i*»*w y< L» The IUAD . OMSW, . . _ . w* 4>Ch»no«l with Cifct* Of Sound* fliviftfl yew I 4-channel tound (egardien of your position tft th$ room 120, W«li p««k po*«r outptrt *o(ici-»iat« tmplittet. FM/AM/8i«r«o' FM two. ' Compwlrt*" automatic dul/lighl r««doul »yil«m i Stereo Pi«ct»lon record cfw»(H* *'»» Micro-Toucli» '' 2Q ton* arm. CM* control • vtliit reJtn*! n AMU

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