The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 9, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 8

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1939
Page 8
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EIGHT THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1939. NEW YORK, Aug. 9 (£>).—Range of. NBC's television transmitter atop the Empire State building is going: farther into the distance. The latest report tells of reception on. CapeCod, 1S5 air miles from New York. This compares with a previous distance report of 130 miles at Schenectady, N. Y. The "record" was set by Dean R. Barker, amateur experimenter, who advised NBC that he had picked up the signals regularly and satsfac- torily on a 21-tube- home-made set using a five-inch picture tube, at West FaJmouth, Mass. The report gives another indication that the possible range of the ultrashort waves carrying television is considerably greater than 40 to 50 miles, or the theoretical "line of sight." Another New York broadcaster has applied lor an experimental television license. It is WOR, key Station of the MBS chain. The application is the third on file from this area, which if all are allowed will nil the five available channels for New York. NBC already is operating and CBS is making ready to begin some time in the fall. Erin O'Brien, who recently made her first public appearance in the Rudy Vallee hour after recovering from serious burns, has been signed for the lead in the daytime WEAF-NBC serial, "John's Other Wife. . . . The previously scheduled appearance of Gene Tunney in Dale Baxter's It's Up To You on WJZ- NBC Thursday night has been cancelled. Listening in tonight (Wednesday): WEAF-NBC—7 One man's family; 7:30 Tommy Dorsey tunes; S What's my name; S:30 George Jessel guests; 9 Kay Kyser's college. WABC-CBS—6:30 People's platform, "What does youth owe America?" 3 Phil Baker; S Knickerbocker playhouse finale; 8:30 Lewishon stadium concert; 9:30 Fashion broadcast from Paris. WJZ-NBC—7 Ransom Sherman presents; 7:30 Hobby lobby; 8:30 Idea Mart; National symphony; 9:30 Public interest in democracy. MBS chain—7:3.0 Goldman band; 8:30 Percy Faith music. What to expect Thursday: WEAF-NBC—12:45 Words and music; 3:30 Vic and Sade; 5 Jimmy Kemper's song stories. CBS chain —2:30 Leon Goldman ensemble; 4:45 March of games: 5:30 Michael Loring T songs. WJZ-NBC—11:30 A.M. Farm and home hour; 2 p.m. light opera selections; 5:05 eastern grass courts tennis. MBS chain— 10 a.m. Alan Courtney gloomchas- ers. Booster Day For Wildcat Tossers The Williarasport Wildcat Base- hall club will hold a Booster Day on Sunday when the deciding game •with the Mercershurg A. C. will he played. The Cats are planning to stage quite an event in connection with the contest inasmuch as each cluh has won one game in the three game series. On Thursday evening the team will hold a reorganization meeting at Miller's Barber shop at S p. m. At the meeting it is expected that a. new manager will be elected along with a discussion of plans for raising .finances to carry the club through-the remainder of the season. All members are requested to be present. LOCAL QUOTATIONS Furnished by Kline Bros., Benevol* Wheat (at mill) 6Tc Wheat (at barn) 66c Corn 75c Local Prices Paid Producer! Butter Ib. 20c to 2Sc Country Bacon Ib 16c Eggs doz. 17c Onions per bu. ?5c Country Ham Ib. 25c Chickens Ib. lie to 14c Springers Ib. He to IGc Shoulder Ib. 20c Lard Ib. 7c Potatoes No. 1, bu. 50« Tomorrow! BIG BARGAINS NO UPSETS IN NET TOURNEY Favorites Move Forward In Second Day Of Play At City Park. A large gallery watched the matches yesterday in the Cumberland Valley Tennis tournament, in the second day of play which saw all the favorites come through as no up-sets were r- reded. Jack McLaughlin. of Mercersburg, defeated Sonnoy Stenger, the youngest entrant in the tourney. 6-4, 6-2 while William Buzzard, of Middled lost to Fred Wright by scores of 6-1, 6-3. Joe Stevenson, of Waynesboro, won over John Spangler, 6-0, 6-1, and Victor Palmer, seeded number one player, defeated Bill Kroet- zer, 6-1, 6-1. A heavy schedule has been carded for today with games in men's singles and doubles on tap as follows: 2 P. M.—Ross and McLaughlin vs Palmer and Creeger. 4 P. M.—McBain vs Wright. 4 P. M,—Palmer vs Ramsburg. 5 P. M.—Dorsey vs Hines. 5 P-rM.—Dorsey vs Thomas. 5 P. M.—Ross vs Creeger. Doubles Pairings Made For Tourney In the drawings for the men's doubles event, the team of Malcolm McCardell and Atlee Radcliffe, were seeded number one' with Jack McLaughlin and George Stoner getting the number two post. ; Ramsburg paired with Adrian I McCardell drew a bye and will ! meet the winner of the Mc-Car- i ' dell-Radcliffe vs Green-Dorsey I match. Tad McLaughiln paired with i William Ross, drew a bye and will j meet Edhvn Crccger and Palmer j ! who also drew a bye in first round ' play. Yanks Bow NEW YORK Ab. Crosetti. ss - .• 4 Rolfe, 3b 5 Keller, rf 5 DiMaggio, c£ 4 Dickey, c 4 Gordon, 2b 2 Selkirk. If 1 Dahlgren, Ib 4 Donald, p 2 Chandler, p 0 Ruffing, z .0 H enrich, zz 1 Russo, p 0 R. H. 0. A. 0003 0030 0220 2021 0050 1201 1150 0161 0011 0000 0000 0100 0001 Totals 32 4 7 24 S z—Batted for Chandler in Sth. - zz—Batted for Ruffing in Sth. WASHINGTON Ab. R. H. 0. A. Case, rf 4 0 1 3 0 Lewis, 3b • 5 1 2 1 1 West, cf 5 1 2 4 0 Wright. If 4 1 2 1 0 Estalella. If 0 1 0 0 0 Travis, ss 3 Bloodworth, 2b 5 0 114 2 3 6 1 2 Vernon, Ib 5 Fen-ell, c 4 0 2 7 1 Krakauskas. p 4 0 2 0 0 Appleton, p 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 30 7 16 27 12 New York 000 100 030—4 Washington 103 020 Olx—7 Errors: Selkirk, Crosetti, Rolfe, Keller, Ferrell, Vernon. Runs batted in: West, Bloodworth 2, Fex rell, Vcruon. Krakauskas, Dahlgren 2, Henrich. Two base hits: Lewis. Vernon. Bloodworth, Krakauskas. Stolen bases: Case, Gordon. Sacrifices: Travis. Double plays: Bloodworth. Travis and Vernon; Travis, Bloodworth and Vernon; Ferrell and Bloodworth. Left on bases: New York 9; Washington 12. Bases on bails: Off Krakauskas S; off Donald 2; off Russo 1. Struck out: By Krakauskas 3; by Donald 2; by Chandler 1; by Appleton 2. Hits: Off Donald 10 in 4 1-3 innings; off Chandler 6 in 2 2-3; off Russo 0 in 1; off Krakauskas 6 in 7 2-3: off Appleton 1 in 1-3. Wild pitch: Krakauskas. Passed balls: Ferrell, Dickey. Winning pitcher: Krakauskas. Losing pitcher: Donald. Time: 2.27. Attendance: 12,000. NATIONAL LEAGUE YF.STEROAY'S H.KSUI.TS Clii< p atr'~' T-'>: O'inc'ninstli 3-7. Philadclpbia 3: Brooklyn 2. Other Gnmfs rostpnned. STANDING \Von l.ojut Cincinnati . 63 35 .643 St. Louis 55 42 .567 Chicago -54 47 .535 Pittsburgh 49 46 .516 Brooklyn 4 9 49 .500 New York 48 48 ,500 Boston 43 54 .443 Philadelphia 27 67 .287 GAMES TO B AY Oiivinmni at Chicago. Rn^ton ;tt NV\v York. Piu.--biin?li av St. .Louis. Only (James Scheduled. GAMES TOMORROW Cincinnati at OhicatJo. Brooklyn R . t Philadelphia. p,oston"at New York. Only Games Scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE VEST'KKDAY'S RESULTS I \VashLncton 7: Ne'w "i ork 4. Foston :<: Philartplphia 2. ''hicafo =;; Detroit :i. Only Games Scheduled. in Amer/ccr'i 5e///ng Usec/ Car! See this newspaper New York 69 Boston 61 Chicago 56 Cleveland 52 Detroit 52 i Washington 46 I Philadelphia 36 St. Louis 29 STANDING \Von Lost Pet. 31 37 46 47 49 57 64 BUY YOUR CO A L —FROM- COWS' Phone 2200 and get THE BEST a A >i n;> TO HAY N>\v Y..!-k at. Washington. »'niY."iK'> HI l,'<nr"ir. rhiln.loli'hin nt Host on. Si. J^ouif •*' <."lcvol;uul. OAMKS TOMOKHOIV N-V.V York ai \V'a.phina;ion. niirasv, JIT Dotroir. Irvine Rutledge and Arch Rut- leuge, the only brother team in the tourney, drew a bye and will meet Stoner and McLaughlin in second round play. Bogart and Wright drew a bye and will meet John Rowe and Joe Stevenson in second round play. Apparently J .he teams in the doubles this year are evenly matched an d some real tennis will be displayed by the team who wins the title. J. Richard Ramsburg, of Frederick, who has played in the tourney for several years, has a new partner this season, Adrian McCardell, as his former partner, Robert Clapp is now located in Baltiomre, and not eligible for play in the tourney. Pax's Sportorials On Softballers Umpires Kenneth Brashears and H. E. Hoover are requested to work the game on Friday night at the City Park between Kays and the Meyers Berkson softball teams. This is league game to decide the recent tie game. Every team in the league with the exception of Stations have not turned in complete game scores for second half and therefore all teams are fined as per league rules. Lefty Grove Is Master of Macks Boston, Aug. 8 (&).•— Aided by Jimmy Foxx's 2St.h and 2fli.h home runs of the season, old Robert Moses Grove extracted another well-pitched game from his aging left arm today, and the Boston Red Sox whipped the Philadelphia A's, j 0 to 2, for the eighth time in ten contests this season. FliiWi-'ip'rtia .. 000 OAO 002—2 8 1 Boston ,...,. 000 414 OOx—9 12 1 By OSCAR HITT 70 .293 IMAGINE LJYIN' IN A MUSEUM LIKE THIS/ THEY MUST ?EEL LIKE A COUPLE O' BLASTED ANTIQUES—HEH HEH-THAT HEFFIE AIN'T EXACTLY NO SPRING CHICKEN AT THAT LOOK WHAT I FOUND, PETERS/ WOULDN'T IT BE GRAND HAV/N' THINGS LIKE TH/S EXPLORING THE FOUR-STORY MANSION LIKE A COUPLE OF ALICES IN WONPETRLANP THE PETETRSES HAD A GRAND TIME TILL THE OLD BOY INAWERTENTLYGOTH1S HAND STUCK IN A MINCrVASE— H No standings can be published until all scores are turned in and checked. Managers kindly have your score-keeper attend to this at once. Complaints are being received that playing fields are not marked off properly, and in several instances grounds are not being kept in satisfactory condition to play games. Umpires have the right to forfeit games unless the grounds are (X K Special attention is deserved by the Rogers and Fairchilds teams who while not winning all their games are in there each game getting experience and battling against teams whose .players have been in the league since its organization. News L Q. Answers 1. Th« (ad, 12, had bt«n lost eight days in Maine wilds. 2. Both sailed for Europe on the S.S. Manhattan. 3. U. S. 4. The Hatch bill, named for St n- ator Hatch (D—NM). 5. False. New president, Dr. J. H. Rushbrooke, is a Londoner. It takes a. real sport to keep on playing heads up ball when the going gets rough and sometimes against you. Keep up the good work boys. May we request scores again please? those game Louis Braille, inventor of the Braille system, became blind at 3 years of age. OLD CONGREGATION. BERNE, Ind. (£>).—Seventy-five members of the Mennonite church here, founded by farmers of German descent, are over 70 years old. Three are- past 90. The planets all move around the sun in the same direction and almost in the same plane. LOfln OFFIC€ LIB€RflL LORHS OH €V€RYTHinG , ssn JonflTHflns THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY DOCTOR BONESHAKER CHIROPRACTOR /UOCTTHERES ANCTftAEfc tOAD OF I PROSPECTS ] OH TAOSE ROCKY MOOMTAIN BEOS f[ A^D THOSe FOLKS WILL HAV& > KINKS /N %M TMAM A FOUT^ ) V OLO <3ARP£*N J/ .COPYRIGHT. '939. KING KATUKCS SYNDICATE. IK. WORLD RIGHTS RESERVED 8-P POPEYE The Sea Of Matrimony THAR SHE BLOWS! NEPTUME SEZ WE SWEE'PEA, "-4A MOMSKER WHALE MUST TURN LEFT AT THE WHALE T OKAV, MV DEAR, I HAVE NEWS, WE ARE NEAR LAND ALSO HAVE NEWS WIMPY YES,i CAM DO IT I AM THE SHIP'S CAPTA1KJ SCORCHY SMITH By JOHN C. TERRY 6EE-THIS WEIRD OLD PLACE )THIS TUNNEL ^W WHAT DO YOU ^^f WISH 1 COULD GIVES ME THE CREEPS/ 7lS HUNDREDS I THINK THAT AA06 M ANSWER THAT- OLD ' \ WILL DO WITH THE DOC AND WHAT IF WE PONT FIND THE WAY OUT OF TH/S TUNNEL2' TOO LATE TO THINK OF THAT NOW THE IDEA_IS TO FIND THE WAY OUT/ William Ritt and Clarence Gray BRICK BRADFORD THERE HE IS/ I'VE. GOT TO FIND BUCKO —AND 7 QUICKLY, TOO / MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP. s to/\y, EFF1E,! KMOW YOU FOLKS \ Y^m MEED TJ-KAOMEY-.-AM'! DOW'T LIKE TO MENTIOM IT,.. BUT IF PAFPy DQKiTQUlT SLEEPJN OM )AH TH' JOB... I'M AFRAID HE'LL <• HIMSELF*FIRED"... IF SISTER r? KNOW'0 FINDS IT OUT!! j • ^ (SUMTHIN' -xb^r-v -</ <C roo ^ ABOUT * WHAT'S TH' MATTER „ WITH HIM/ANYWAY? f ONE THAMG... WHY IS WE ALWAYS,/HE NEVER WAS LYIN'DOWN AN'r^ MO HAND AT- ^ LIKE THAT?X/ UP..,AN'AWOTHER I ( ^ J | ^ « v '^wr/ V 1 f -^ »_ , 7^7 AT NIGHT J! vv, ...? WELL, WO WONDER! 1 . *~^ HE CAN'T EXPECT TO -SLEEP ALL DAY.. AN'ALL NIGHT, TOO!! WHY HE TRY STAYiN' AWAKE IN DAY TIME... AN'SLEEPIN' AT NIGHT, FOR A GtTTiN' HIM SWITCHED /J ^i=s=^ N ROUMD LIKE THET? ...THAT OUGHT TO BE SIMPLE UNJUST SEND HIM OVER TO MOW OUR LAWW,AT NISHT SOMETIME

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