The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1956 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1956
Page 16
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2-Afflona (la.) Uppsr Des Maine* Tuesday, October 36, Tidbits From Evelyn Mr and Mrs Bert Gronan are bt>int; visited by Mrs Gvonun's neice, Mrs Frank Holser. of Itui iunapolis. Mrs Holstfr lived hern some f>5 year* ago and before her marriage was Ida Castor. She is amazed at the <-h;nigt's in the "old home' town" even though she has been licie a few limes timing the years. She notices the greatest changes in the years since she at- tnded the Gu.nan's fiftieth wedding anniversary. I can imagine how impressed she must bo. tor I, who have lived here all the time, recall so many changes I can scarcely keep up with them. What I'd like to see by way of improvements is a fine building on the old, old Call theatre site and the Botsford corner used for some very fine building too—not a car lot or parking space. Something in keeping with the magnificent court house. It never ceases to be a source of amazement to me that the old circus grounds east of town could be divided into attractive building places. All those lovely- little houses and some not so little —and east McGregor street expanding into the fringes of.: the cityl One always wished the founding fathers could see the place as it is now. Wouldn t their eyes open .wide in astonishment? ' . , , One of those pesky gremlins invaded the office the other day and messed up an item in fine shape. It read "Mr and Mrs William" Rath etc" and should have, been Mr and Mrs William Koth, Bill and Mary Lee have been to Milwaukee, Wis., where they visited Mr and Mrs James Boyd. "Oh, well, the Esther Helberg item suffered tot), but what can one do with gremlins except overlook their pranks. * » » Mrs Bessie Jones called me ihe other day to tell me she had been looking over some things of her late mother, Mrs Cora Stapleton, nee Cora Wilson. She hud found an autograph album and onc^ of the entries was written by Eva Cady in 11582. She asked mo if it was a relative and I replied "Yes. She was my father's sister and married Bert Goddard..' Having such a long name herself. Jeanelte Wilhelmina, Mrs Harold Peter decided to give her daughters short names and chose and Lori. Both very pretty name.;. No, the little gins aren't twins but the names , would be nice to use lor a pair of girlies, wouldn't they? • * * * Women love io be young looking and nothing pleases them more than to be taken for years younger than they actually are. But the girls don't always Joel that way. especially when an incident like this happens. Ann O'Brien who teaches at Clear Lake took a group of her youngsters to the lunch room the other day. She was forbidden entrance and she j was pu/y-lecl to know why. As a teacher she was entitled to have her meal there. She went to some one in authority and explained the situation. She was promptly given a card indent)lying her and the. person who had refused her admittance apologized and said, "I'm sorry. I thought you were one of the high school girls/' ^ ^ Mrs Viclcr Samson was called from the audience at the recent -•tyle show at the high school to draw the number lor the hat given as a door prize. I called her •the next day to a*k a tew things for a news item. During our chat she said, "Gordie" Dqwel is fine too. You remember Him, don't you?" 1 -said "Yes, and 1 remember his red hair." 1 asked what he is doing and -she said "Newspaper wurk." Glen and Ruin Raney lefi Thursday afternoon for Iowa Falls where they will visit over Sunday with their son-in- law and daughter, the Rev. Robert Holzhamim-r and Meredith and the children David and Mary Christine. Sunday they will attend the dedication of the Episcopal church of which "Bob. is pastor, the "Good Shephard. The church is the fulfillment of much labor and planning and is a .source of much s;aislactioii over a great achievement. ' Hob also serves the church 'St. Matthew By-the-Bridge" in Iowa Falls. • . „ Bishop Gordon Smith <>f J->et Moines will give the dedicatory address Sunday morning and at tne service the infant daughter of Rev. Holzhammer will be christened. ago this group of friends had a surprise cofteo on a neighbor and we jokingly mentioned dropping in oil a prospective grandma who was there and give her a shower Since grandparents are usually more thrilled by the little bundles from heaven than the parents, "grandma showers'" should become officially- recognized. * * * I am in favor of Frank Vera's going to the far north fishing every season providing he and Hazel invite me to share some of it as they did Thursday evening. Elmer and Ruth Phillips, Liz?.ie Post, my Esther and I were invited there for fish dinner and when I saw the huge platter of fish being brought to the table I thought to myself, "We'll never eat all that." I Was right, we didn't QUITE clean the dish but so near it there wouldn't have been enough to satisfy a hungry cat. If you have never eaten Northerns and Walleyes, you don't know what you have missed. Yet Frank told us the "natives" up north don't considei northerns as fit to eat. How crazy can they get? * * » Rumor has il that several women are giving their hair beer rinses after shampoos. I wonder if that could possibly be true, or whether "the little woman" has a secret liking for the beverage r,nd doesn't want IVr "better half" to know about it. Well, it's a new switch "beer on the hail- instead of on the breath," * * » Well, lei's see what was going on in October 1924—Babies were bom to Mr and Mrs Paul Krueger at Titonka, a girl, Calvin Matthew, LuVerne, a boy, Roy Housman, Algona, a girl, V. Kiils"- holm, Wesley, a girl, Nick Klein, Algonn, a girl, Harry Woodruff, Algona, a boy. Herman Pooch and Matilda Hintz were married About 400 tenchcrs enrolled in institute here. Clark Peck and Mrs Lenore Blinkman were married. iMr and Mvs A. F. Dailey left for Oklahoma. Now read this, for you may not read anything like" it the rest of the season. .Algona defeated Spencer at football, 19-0." This sound farmlar— "Ladies of the county organize a get-out-the vote campaign." And this sounds 1950 ish. "Three year old son of Mr and Mrs R. E. Buigess of Bancroft lost fingers in a corn shelier. Livermore Folks Shaken Up In Car Mishap Livermore—Francis Collins and daughter, Kathy, his mother, Mrs Kate Collins, and his aunt, Mrs Sam Neches, of Waterloo were in a car accident Saturday evening, Oct. 20, while enroute to Fort Dodge. The car in which they were riding was hit from the real- near Humboldt. Occupants were badly shaken up, but no one was hospitalized. The car which struck them was badly smashed but its occupants were uninjured also. Fire Calls The fire department was called out several times recently to put out fires. On Tuesday morning they were called to the Ray Zeimet at farm where a tractor burned and was a total loss. Wednesday afternoon they were called to the Baker stockyards when a grass fire started from a spark from the train. Another fire broke out at the dump yards Monday afternoon, but was quickly extinguished. Honored On Birlhdays There was ,a birthday party Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs Edith'Johnson in honor of the birthdays of Mrs Johnson, Mrs Rose Smith. Mrs Carl Underberg and Mrs Rose Smith The afternoon was spent in playing five hundred. Prizes were won by Mrs Underberg and Margaret Molin. A" P ot luck luncheon brought by the guests was served. Each lady was presented with gifts from their guests. • Club Hostess , Mrs Robert Wonderley opened her home to the Deal and Chat club members Thursday afternoon with Mrs Nora McDonnell, Mrs Robert Wilson and Mrs Don- aid Armstrong guests. Contract bridge was played with prizes awarded to Mrs Leonard WUson>. Mrs Donald Armstrong and Mrs McDonnell. Gucrts At Kate Collins Dinner guests Sunday at the Mrs Kate Collins home in honor of her birthday were Mr and Mrs Roy Salmon and family, Mr and Mrs Marvin Mai-low and family of Lone Rock, Mr and Mrs Faber Dugan and family of Humbodt; Mr and Mrs Francis Collins and family and Mr and Mrs Donald Collins and family and Mrs Sam Necher of Waterloo. Thirty relatives were present for the dinner Mr and Mrs J. C. Kelley visited Wednesday- with Father James Duhigg at Estherville. Mr and Mrs Joe Cayou returned Sunday from their wedding trip. They will remain hare a few days and then go to Tucson, Ariz., where they will live for a few months. v Mrs Ernest Raney accompanied Mrs Thelma Johnson, Mrs M. M. Robbins, Mrs Forrest DeGrotte and Mrs E. Beck of Humboldt to Iowa Falls where they visited their cousin, Mrs Harold Schneider. Her daughter, Beverly, had undergone surgery. Everett Raney spent the past week at the home of Donalc] Berry-hill at Duluth, Minn. He spent the weekend with his cousin. Ralph Lawster. at Willmar Minn. Mrs Edna Goodenough, Margaret Molin, Mrs Jessamine Miller and Mrs John Olson attended a Fine Arts Festival of Federation of Women's Clubs at Ames Wednesday. Ronald Sennit* who spent several months in Livermore, Calif, with his uncle and aunt, has re turned home. Frieda Taylor, a student nurse in Sioux City, spent the week end with her paVents, Mr and Mrs Tom Taylor and her sister, Mrs Wallace Houck. Mrs Jessie Olson visited last week with her daughter, Mrs Eugene Sweeney in Brltt. Mi- Sweeney brought her home Saturday. Dinner guests Sunday at the George Foth home were Mr and Mrs Albert Elsbecker of Lone Rock, Mr and Mrs Leo Elsbecker, Mr and >lrs M-aurice Bernhardt and Mr and Mrs Raymond Wolfe, all of Bancroft. There are all Mr Foth's. relatives. Jerry Minaham of Jefferson spent the weekend with his tnend. Dick Bormann. The boys were army friends. Mr and Mrs J. C. Kelly were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Jerry Stiles at Slora Springs. Bill Williams, who has been a patient at Iowa City hospital. las icturned home. His daughter ot Tucson, Ariz., %yho had been vith hirrt accompanied him home, Mr and Mrs Charles Bor^nann if Whittemore, Mr and Mrs And- XHV' Laubenthal and Mr and Mrs Vlatt Sch'malleh and Irene of West 3end were afternoon visitors and supper guests at the Nick -nann home. Mr and Mrs Ed Friederes and family of Algona were Sunday afternoon visitors with her parents, Mr and Mrs Nick Bormann. Janine Baker, who is employed in Fort Dodge, spent the weekend here with her parents, Mr and Mrs Clifford Baker. Carol Wagner, a student nurse in Mercy Hospital in Fort Dodge, spent a few days with her parents, Mr and Mrs Ted Wagner. Mr! atid Mrs Lawrence Cut-tan of near Bode were Sunday dinner guests with Mr and Mrs Howard Bartott. Mr and Mrs James Lempke and family were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Albert L.empke home in Vincent. Mr and Mrs Emll Kuehnost ot Humboldt and Mr and Mrs Harry Rutz and family \yere supper guests Sunday evening at the Dave Coleman home. Mr and Mrs Francis Erpelding and family and Sylvester Erpelding were Sunday dinner guests at the Alvin Lenertz home. Mrs Anna Welter spent Wednesday evening wiih her sister, Mrs C. N. Welter. Thursday Mr and Mrs Welter accompanied her and they visited their brother, Frank Ries at Aurilla, la. Mr and Mrs W. L. Coleman and family and Mrs William Ankenbauer and son Billy of Fort Dodge were Sunday evening supper guests at the Gerald Coleman home in LuVerne. « Leanne, Bobby and Pamala Bliss, who have been 1 living with their uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Leo Kilto accompanied their father to Cedar Rapids, where they wil make thei: home. Mr Jnd Mrs James visited Friday with their son-in- law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Harold Hunt and daughter in Algona. Mr and Mrs Robert Thul were Sunday afternoon visitors with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs John'Thul at St. Joe. HVHTIHG FISHIHC by CLEM ERLANDER Keep Your Savings & Investments Working We Help You To Save & Earn 1917 NOW PAYING 3% 1956 Current earnings compounded semi-ann. on savings and investments in any amount at any time from $1.00 up. All accounts fully insured to $10,000 single or joint accounts as desired. Originally organised in 1917. High earnings always paid. Write or call at our office for financial statement. Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. Algona, Iowa Home Loans to Build, Purchase, Remodel. VOTE FOR FOR 2nd DISTRICT (Algona - Plum Creek - Union) Did you ever hear of a "grand ma-Shower"'.' Well, we hud »iic Friday afternoon. lew 13 COLORS 13 RUSCO WINDOWS SALVAWZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience and com- lori lh»n any other combin»tioi window i RUSCO 'DOOR HOODS AND WIMOOW CANOPIES add greal- ly to tbt beauty oi youi home 1 Chgrles Miller RUSCQ SAL£S Phone 711-W »fl«* 6 Dupl*' »t US Se. Ds=3* KYLE KEITH for SUPERVISOR Republican Ticket U A LI F I ED FOR THE POSITION For a Business-Like, Efficient Management of the County Affairs, with Economy in Operation. (Vote For Both Short and Long Term) VOTE NOV TIP-OF-THE-WEEK: To store fishing rods for the winler, screw cup-hooks inlo a board in the basement wall, then hang rods from these by the "eye" or tip-end. The suspension keeps the rods straight and in good shape. Doc Amundson stopped me on the street the other day and asked; "Where is that hunting and write-up of yours? I find it in last week's fishing couldn't paper." I replied that I had run out of 'material', and had to wait until I got enough to make a column. Doc, bless his heart, came back at me like a true sportsman. He said- "Don't say you ran out of material; Just say you were temporarily OUT OF BAIT! It's BECKER'S Sporting Goods Store Algona's "Sporls Spot" Hunting licenses — Ammo Rifles and Shotguns — Hunting Coats, Pants, Caps, Hip Boots & Waders. "Shoot The Shells That Becker Sells" inlo the boat—and the Smiths finally returned to Algona with n lot of moosemeat. I am myself not too much up on the calibers of big game riffes, but the bullets used were about the size fired by that old Army Springfield. Tor you experts — .308. This last summer, when I made my Canadian fishing excursion, I had an interesting experience which seems worth telling. This was actually before we got into Canada, myself, wife and daughter. We were up in northern Minnesota, looking there for a place to fish, and ran into a sort of Finnish resort by chatice. The place looked tip-top, picturesque, and clean as a whistle. All of the cabins were built of real logs, and as I looked around I noticed a rather undersized cabin, too small for a regular cottage and too big to be one of those familiar little buildings. I queried the camp proprietor, and he said: "That, mister, is the Sauna." I asked: "Just what is a Sauna?" and he explained it was a Finnish steam bath, right out in the primitive woods. The proprietor asked: "You care for Sauna?" .. . and this led to my family's experience in a genuine Finnish steam bath. As promised, Craig Smith re, turned a short time ago from the Ontario moose hunt taken by himself and his dad, Don Brand with a MOOSE! For those who may be interested in this same sort of undertaking, I have secured a blow-by-blow account from Craig, which I pass on to you. The moose acquired by Craig tipped the scales at about 1,000 Ibs.-- a rather sniall critter as moose go. His kids have possession of'the horns (or rack, as it is called), which is the envy ot the neighborhood small fry. Thr Smihs have been eating off this moose for many days now, aur have quite a ways to go before all the steaks, chops, roasts ana "moose lam burger" is gone. Craig says- "A : 'o.*-i? meat is just wonderful." Hi.- wife says "No comment." . It was on the third day of the trip that Craig got his moose. The early had gone to the end of the road at Red Lake, Ontario, then flew in another forty or so miles. At this outpost, in the roughest sort of country, Craig and his Indian guide were cruising t.v shores of a well-hidden lake by- boat, and as the light was waning about five in the afternoon, and as they were about to call it a day, things suddenly happened. WESTERN AUTO Try "Coast" For What U Needl RIFLES — SHOTGUNS SHELLS OUTDOOR SUPPLIES Always at Typical "Coast" Lower Prices COAST-TO-COAST Slore Ed Wolf, Owner Store Algona Oulboard Motors • Rifles — Shotguns Shells • Auto Accessories HARRY IRELAND Owner I didn't know exactly how you went about it, but the man showed us. Within this tiny log cabin. Finnish-built, a fire was built in a big drum surrounded by many stones. When the fire was brisk, water thrown on the •nonrs created a heavy steam. and, into this steam, like a good Finn, you walked and sat at peace. The camp proprietor explained: "If American, men go first, come nut, then, ladies go in. If Finn, all go in together." .1 replied: "We'll do it the Finn way." which we did, our whole family, stark naked, walking into the Sauna, sitting on rough benches, tossing water on the hot stones, rubbing ourselves with a special Finnish soap, and then after 40 minutes of sweating like troopers, we L rl to sit under the northern pi.uv (in our bathrobes! whcvf I had whr.t to me the best-tasting cigarette of my life. The Sauna gives one a grand feeling of well-being, and of course it is supremely healthy. I he:irtily recommend it for c-oop- ed-up city folk who want theii pores opened in a hurry. * * * Game Warden Frank Tellie: roports lots of Canadian geese homing temporarily on the wateis of Union Slough. " There are all kinds — Canadian geese, blue geese, and snow geese. You can't shoot 'em on the Slough, of rrurse, but early in the morning 'in> geese lake off for surrounding cornfields for a good meal. That is where they run on to "reception committees" composed uf Kuril wily hunters as Arnie Rick- lef.s and Gail Towno. 6th I'll let Craig tell it from now on. Ik- said: "The Indian han a home-rnude birchbark moose c.d- ler. and he had been using it off and on all af'.i'inoun. As we plie.-l along the wild shun.', he would give out with thi.-- awesome call, but hour after hour no- j thing happened. The mouse call is a sort of loud, rough grunt hart! to describe but one you never forget. It is supposed to he the call of a man moose for a lady moose." "I was about ready to give up, continued Craig, "and as a matter of fact with darkness corning on I felt a liUlo uneasy ab»ut finding camp. We were up iV-Mi shore, about' the wikle-t I ever saw. when the Indian let go ; blast trom the moo,e-cali'T thai was different from all I ho rest. Il sounded to me just like Elvi. Presley when he .--ings 'D-m't Le True.' It wa= the same kind (u 4>'unt." Then, as Craig told it to mcv some real action took pi:.!',. 1 ;'. '.va> .-itiing there in the boat, Souk- ing up into denic undergrowth when * sound i cseinbling ; freight train going over a wood trestle started up. 'It was hard to .--of much, yet this noise kept coining. I didn't know exactly what it was, but I was very soon to learn it was a bull moose crashing through the- woods to answer the call of his lady love — and WAS HE COMING!" "Peering into the brush.. I f-av. this animal break inlo view about 81) or 100 yards aw ,y, breakim.' down everything in his path charging like something posscss- ed. My siiot g.'t him in the nock, and he disappeared, but not lor lung. My Indian guide mad.. 1 that call again, and wlliiu five minute.- the iiioo.-c re-appeared. My next shut looik him b.u-k »f the eye. ;uul he fell sitting up " A two-year-old. 1,'H'O pound moo..e isn't rasy \,i p.tck h'>;r."- i.-speeially when yt.>u fly part way. .-, .,; ..,!-, -I tl,. ' MM • 1,;. rji. .1 t- v,' -I i.lili '..'11 ti!C .p'-'t, loaded ll'.O Ui'-J 1 . If You've Got the "Outdoor Bug" SEE US FOR — • Fishing Tackle — Rods, Reels, Tackle Boxes, Etc. • Tenls • Camp Cols • Sleeping Bags • Lanterns • Thermos Jugs • Blankels • You Name It Prices You Like To Pay ! DIAMOND'S SURPLUS "The Jackel Store" As an "ouldoors writer", I am .vjincwhat indebted to my private cen.M.:-, Jack Purcell, the UDM linotype operator who sets this stuff into type. During the typesetting, Jii'.-k frequently breaks off to come in and question some s!.:i.i'!nenl or other, and I Jinve gathered, tho impression he wants me to look good in print. I always knew that Jack, and his UDYI co-v.-orker. Chester Ann.-.Uong. Wile both labul baseball and I'ootb.iil Inns, and now it turns up they know huntiiii, and fishing fairlv well, too. Jack and Chester, a-; their many Algona friends know, are deaf, out this never seems to hamner them. While it hasn't tu do with Hunting or fishing. Jark was telling me that the football learn of l!i<- llliivis S.'h.K.t For The Deaf is baiting the .-.Hilling nut of the Iowa si.-l-»"l. at Jacksonville. 111., u. 1liis -ea.v>:i pretty ser curio.-ity. 1 a: playci,-, beii: i n t h b'lged ii.v rri.' Ill Lid, it' '• getting (nil nf :hrer d Jack how thi-. iii-:if, iiandled huddle, ami lie ig oil signals for an oll'-tacl'.ie .-iiia.jh — on hi^ SHORT SHOT: Too mui- • ln .-.f a rji.'n i-. (I-- cud ihc bullet ussiuc;, out ul.

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