The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 6
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PACK six. T H E; ..HUT CIII N SON N EWS MUiVDAV, JUJLY 2, VJli STOKE HOURS PICTORIAL PATTERNS 8:30 o. ra. until 5:00 p. m. Rorabauqh-WiJeys A great big help in making Salurdny 8:30 until 6:30 wm • wmw ^ ™ ^» pretty Summer Dresses For Tuesday—A Sale of Munsing Knit Teddies The MmiMtu; Factory found itself with a surplus stock of knit teddies ;i short time ago and rather than carry them over decided toMisposc of them at far below market price. Heiiig the Mini.slM).: Store in Hutchinson we secured a share of this bargain lot and offer tliem to you on Tuesday. Regular $1.50 and $1.75 Garments—All Sizes 69 Knit the I draw vhiu of fine quality cotton yarn, finished about ottoni with shell stitching-, band top with string, mercerized tape shoulder straps, only, sizes 4 to 9. Women's White Footwear —Smart, Cool and Comfortable Before Thermos Bottles Were Invented People had to take ice on tho picnic If they were to have Ice ten or any cold drink and they hud to •build a five to make hot coffee. And before the carafe was manufactured and placed in the bed room people used to have to go to tho ico box to get a owl drink during the night. Now wo have Thermos HottlcH—they are HO common that wo scarcely ever think what a. real convenience they are unless wo happen to be without one. Verhups you rood a new ono for tho Fourth. M.iylte you have a house Kuoat coming ami need an oxtra carafe for the bed room. Thermos Bottles I'iliL size, vacuum bottle with corrugated aluminum cover. Price $1.50 Pint size Thermos painted metal cover. llottle with Cinderella I'.iliiOi . MM ! i -Vai fur whit, luil ,i rail' •.•allien.. 25c and 50c Sunshine ('leam-r lor v. I kill li-:itlu I- Price 25c St azon r tor v A rlriilioi rlUiviiH MM : v. ill lull nil' Price 2,5u White tin- ,w\ While ; the city your 11 All .strap s hand SI, i ni <- i . San !. W. Z-O-L-0 A cleaner tor white ml (| A^y^'A ^R'R^ K I S) canvas, white mieclo, nubucU, and smooth white leathers, (lood for kid gloves. Price 25c Bunny Bag A white powder cleaner for enuvn!) shoes. Comes in a elotll }>iix and itt as liandy as a powder putt. Price 25c lici e. I-- an' 'die vc- cn l- pcr 1 11 Ih Ollts for dr, Von will, oi course, want While Spurt's Shoes—a pair of other While Shoes to attractively complement your hat our White ['"outwear selection is as complete as any in v that aside from its many stylish modes and I heir ability to lit in with in t- Shoes will prove exceptionally comfortable. dtable l 'reni h Kid one- An all white one strap slipper with military hechr and (ioodyear welt ivory soles. The Pair $10.00 A white one. ith hit;h Spanish heels, 'le- and diamond shaped it let's. A beautiful slip- The Pair $12.50 A while French Kid one-strap slipper with hand turned soles, low Spanish heels medium toe. The Pair $12.50 A white kid 2-strap slipper in a tailored model \sith semi-round toe and covered Cuban heels, A very popular last. The Pair $10.00 An all white kid and also a black and white kid, i iilniu sandal with white ivory soles and flat heels. The Pair $10.00 f?rcy or black trim, ible soles. White Beech with flexible soles l.ouis heels. kid slipper with red, lex one-strap and flat or High heels and flex- The Pair $10.00 slipper junior The Pair $7.50 Reign skin lace oxford or one-strap slipper with lioodycar welt ivory soles and ivorv heels. The Pair $7.50 Price $150 Pint slzo Thermos bottlo with corrugated ruckle cover. Price $2.75 Quart size Thermos Bottle with corrugated uickle cover. Price $4.00 Quart size Thermos Bottle with smooth niekle cover. Price $4.25 Quart size Stanley bottle. Quart size Stanley jug. Indestructible steel vacuum Price $7.50 stool handled Price $14.00 LYONS MAN HAS QUEER EXPERIENCE ON ROAD Woman Gives Him Note Saying She is in Danger But Stays With Her Companion. Lyons, July 2.—W. D. Smith was a party to a mysterious occurnnco the first of the week which Is still nuzzling both hlmaolt and sheriff Ward. Smith was returning from Ellsworth county hits in the aftornoon when lie pasued a email car that was halted on the Oeneseo road about six miles north of town. As he paused a woman reached out and signalled him to stop. Smith was traveling fast and ran past the car three or tour hundred feet before he could stop. The woman ran after tho ear and thrusting a noto In his hand, asked him to hurry it to town. Sho then ran back and climbed In the car. Looking at the note after reaching town. Smith found written on it in shaky script "1 am atrald this man is going to kill me." The message was on a post card and was signed. Smith delivered it to sheriff Ward but by that time the smaller car hail gotten clear out of Hlcc county. The officiate do not understand, if the woman was in danger why she did not leap in the Smith car and come on to town. Loucks car, and when he saw Mr. Loucks had a six shooloi"** his hand, commenced to stammer and stutter and Inquired tho route to Denver. A woman accompanied the man and whether they wero going to stage a hold up is a mere guess, hut It smacks much that way, and the timely arrival of another car. undoubtedly frustrated the couple's plan. LIGHTNING TEARS HER CLOTHING INTO SHREDS Thermo Jugs 2-qunn HI /-' 1 Aladdin Lhormo jup, for foud or liijuiiis. Price $13.00 4t\u:nt Hi/.f? Aladdin thenno juj; for food or liquids. Price $14.00 (These Jugs huvo Uiryr month). Lunch Boxes CI:in shape lv:nch boxes with leather strap handlo. Two clasp fastening. Black finish. Will hold pint thermo bottle and a man's si/.e Imieh. Special at 51.00 Carafe American Thermos Company Carafe or jug with corrugated uicklo cover and metal top cork. Regular $7.50 number. Special at $3.95 American Thermos Carafe- in the pint sizo for bet! room uae. Regular J5.00 and $5.50 sellers. Choice $2.75 FLOODS CAUSED BIG DAMAGE AT ELKHART Elkhart, July 2.—Morton county was hard hit by the recent higli water everywhere, having lost the bridge over the Cimarron. Many tourists wero stranded In town and many "vVere held up on the other yide waiting for the water to subside that they might cross. A great wall of water came down (he river which seemed to stand over the bridge like a dam holding the water back. The current was strong and the under pinning of tho bridge was soon heavily awaah and during the nitflu Tuesday two sections went out with a mar, fourteen small ones badly damaged, and will probably bo salvaged only at a great cost. The lirii!i;'t at Holla has been out also, ninking Klkhart and RoMa travel- era go to WHhurton to cross. But Scott Woman Wat Not Even Knocked Unconscious by Bolt. Scott City, July 2.—Probably one of tho most remarkable as well as startHng and painful circumstances that ever occurred in Scott county was that of Mrs. C. B .Lamar who was bit by a stroke of lightning while at her home a short distance northoaet of town. While nt tho windmill Mrs. Lamar received several Bbocks of electricity from the bolt of lightning which bad evidently struck the water pipe and ran down into tho well. H t »r clothing was torn into shred a of about two inches wide and were ntlll clinging to her body when she waft picked up. Tho clothing wan burned slightly where sho was thrown to the ground but tho blaze was soon extinguished by Mr. Lam nr. There were seven or eight burns on her neck and arms. The burns were zigzag as a bolt of lightning looks in the sky. Mrs. Lamar was not even unconscious and is improving nicely. MEADE COUNTY PLANS BIG PICNIC ON FOURTH Two Good Ball Games, a Rode& and Lot of Other Stunts, on the Program. CREAMED CHICKEN HIS FAVORITE DISH ANYWAY P| (r^v 4 -L >4 I 15c sure you have a flag Hying from your porch or a tree in your yard for the Fourth riOgS lvli Lilt *Tlll j 0 f July. Wo have a complete stock ot iilk, wool and cotton flags in all sizes. John Solomon, Incognito Bu, H. Bedford - Jones (Continued 'From Page 1' MYO.) Too d-d civUizml t(i 1,'iko a chancu Atul the law got lilm In tlui oiul. Ttint ain't my wny, 1 toll you I Irrl- KdlM? I 'll lrrlguto llilti i>ku'n IIIBIIIO o' ttirpo (lays! It I'm nulit' Ui lyni |ilan- tatiftu inaiuigor, Ihiin I'll m.iko t'alas" hai 'l")" anil no mlsUtku, miltlici'! lint what did that vliap iiumn with hit) tiattHtloji about tho IUMUHIIV TIHH'O'B ft rum K ( >.' i^o meant Hmnnlbin' by it, hut blOHHod If I liuow whall" Tho iloor vtuontid, and TJnclo Neh ap- liaarod. Wroxhaai lunied !o hinl. "Uoao, huvii ihuy?" * "Ye», null, pralwo be! IMMIC gonu a plenty." "All riBht." Wii'xham 'B t<jno was curt, Inelwivo. "You havo tt dozon tsoya wa.ltlng for mo at two bollH tomorrow inm-nhiK- "lim oVIork, navvy? 1 want to lay that »Utp of Jiiluo clouo Into tho wharf liure, and luooro hor atettdy. Uudonstaud?" "Yen, null. Yb'-nll fiixln' to stop a whll«, mih?" "Well I mi^ht." Ami Wrexham granced whitnsically at the iinrtralt on the mantel. (To bo eonltnued tomorrow.) Directing the Motorists. Iliiuotoa, July 2. -Tho Chamber of Coniiiioreii la Greeting a largo Blgn on tho main road north of Liberal toward the eroHHing over tho Cimarron at a point 7 miles north of Liberal. This will save tourlsta many miles of driving to reach Hugoton. May Bo Crippled for Life. Great noncl, July 2.--Jpe Strakee bus received an Injury which may make htm a cripple for life. Ho was carrying a large piece of tin on MB back when his hands slipped and the -JJUI tin fell, severing tho tension just above hit* ritrHt heol. Efforts are beiing modo to fasten together the severed tendon, but chaiieos are that he will have a. stiff leg for life. Firecrackers! n ' v '"-~. Get your iireerac^i;. .->, torpedoes, skyrockets, i-ni* \>l»iolii, i>unU and otc, at The Craft Shop. 411 North Main. 2-11. CU 'iieRCro, .July 2.— Mrs. Henry KeU**r riu't with a JTUsfortutie the other day afier she had arrived safely in town with a buggy load of chickenb and a ean of eryain. lly accident the can'of cream was upset in H "iich a manner that the chickens worn (riven a baptism and the lady herrudf was splashed up a few. "Creamed chicken is ono of my favorite dishes" re---, marked Mr. WllUa-m/son, mnnaser of the (ieneseo Produce Co., as he went to the rescue. PLAN TO DRILL FOR OIL IN RICE COUNTY LyoiiR, July 2.—Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Proctor of Denver, Colorado, have left for their home after spending a week in Rice county planning to drill for oil in this part of the state. During their stay in this county, they have leased a tract of land in Bull township, Bald to be three miles wide and six miles long. Thia include* Ian_d belonging to a large number of farmers in that township. Mr. Proctor* Is heading a company that has secured leanea in the (states of Colorado anil Wyoming* Thoy expect to begin ilriilling in the Ulce counfcy lease territory some time the coming fall.. INSECT'S STING FATAL TO GREENSBURG FARMER Greensburg, July 2.—11. H. Nightengale diet! of blood poisoning at the Halstead hospital caused by bite or sting of an insect .on his arm. He suffered severiff days before being taken to tho hospital. Mr. Nnghtengale lived on a farm southwest of town, was a farmer anr. tlire -Bherm .'ui and w.i-s also the in- ven'or of a feeder, lie was the head of tho Nightengale Feeder Co. which manufactures its product in Greeny- burg. Notice to Property Owners Twelfth Street West and Fourteenth Street West. Notice is h e re by gi von th at the Po;ml of Commissioners of the city of Hutchinson, by Ordliuinco.^ No. lfiilii and U>27' i-;i---p,'<l on the UKt.h. day of June, ICKiS, hare ordered water service pipes U) \y>>. laid on Twelft'U Street and Monroe Street from ' Ktreot to Moiiroe StreeL !" \\i m t h e Water Main in the street to the lock <>r tho street cnrlj, in th-\* following manner, to-wit: S '.liid .^rvice piius to be vl' lead, le-ad-lined, or cupper plp^, not lew than one inch in tHanuder, one service pipo for every t'.vo lota or fniftional party thereof. Said fiervire pipt-s shall be laid within thirty days of the last, publication of this notice; and if not fo laid, they will he laid by the city and the cost of fanio will bo assessed against the lots as a special assessment 2-3t. City Clerk. Firecrackers! Get your firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, cap pistols, punk and etc., at The Craft Shop. -Ill North Main. •I- It. Meado, July 2.—Tho people at 1 ' Meade county, all of them, aro going to join in ono big jollification Wednesday, the fourth. Thary wlH he a HUlo of everything on the program including a rodeo. Entries aro coming in for the broncho riding an dateer roping contents. The two ball games will be a larga item In the fun making. In tho flrat game the socoivd team will cross bats with tho Uneeda tonm. In the afternoon the undefeated K*owler Business Mon's team will take on tho undefeated Meade Business Men's team. Tho Fowler team cornea with tho determination to win while tho Meade toam h Just as determined that Fowler will go homo defeated BO badly that thoy can barely "hobble." As all men who have played otthor on the Fowlor or tho Meado regular teams n?re barred it will be a strictly amateur event. The Rain Man has been consulted and Fair Weather W Knaranteert f>y him. After the insurance policy"was written up the Haiti man said it was the first rain Insurance ever written in Meade county, or any thing of tho ' nature of a picnic, rodeo, fair or any other outdoor amusement, A lady will do hannspringy somo time during the program and thla feature a'ono will he worth almost thq entire trouble of coming In from an," part of the county. ECONOMIC LEAGUE PRESIDENT WORKS TO NOMINATE FORU G 'lass windows wore not sti-n until after the Norman Conquest. Kq» R". IU .TO!>. Roy M. Man-op, Omaha, Neb., head of tho Amork -an Economic "league 13 coiiuuctiiiK a canipaign which he iH confident will result in tho nomination of Henry Ford aa a presidential candidate. "Eulachon" caudle. is Si wash Indian for SIX SHOOTER FOILS HIGHWAYMAN'S PLAN Uakin, July 2.—While returning home from Syracuse the other evening in their car, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ixmcks, when near Kendall, saw a car slopped aluiOBt directly across the road, and were hailed by a man who jumped on the running board of tho Mrs. Vincent Reveals- Some Amazing Facts "I cannot resist the Impulse to pralso Taulac to my friends, for it has built me up fifty pmimlB in weight and I feel new health and energy right to my finger tips," said Mrs. Ethel Vincent, highly esteemed resident of 1820 Washington St., Kansas City, Mo. "1 had been in poor health for ton years and got so run down after an operation that I had to stay In bed a groat deal anil it seemed that I was on tho vorgo of a nervous breakdown. I had no appetite to speak of, and even a light meal caused gas on my stomach and distressed me terribly and my sleep was restless and broken. "Now my friends hardly recognlae \ me. The color has come hack to my cheeks and my appetite and digestion aro so good I ]ust fool Jubilant. I sloop fine, tevl fine and everyone tells me I look fine. Taulac is Juat grand." Tanlac is for sale by all good drug- . BistB, Accept no substitute. Over 37 .million bottles sold. Taulac Vogetablo Pills are Nature's own remedy tor constipation. For saio everywhere. |^Petey Dink A Movie Star! By C. A. Voight — UM— So " A CRE'S A WttNie STAR iw " T HE. HO T EL en - V UTrie UFe AROOMD MERCWOW 1 WEAR A WAT *p J V^lfe 'S fARKED •SAFEC I— THAT'S GOOD -Hopeh 3HE STANST^ERE Y f— \ VJISH^OU CoutO SEE MY / aoFs r -BoV's - SABV—-THE . CurtsT^THWC HV DEAR— \ — US CAU.} ME CRAHMA; 7 s -J - How To VAWiP.Tf^e M OVIE C?L>EEM— W OHOEP- IF - SH E S A BlOWDE Or 1 - — I HAO A VJOWOFRFOt ~IAH<- TODAY VW(TH THAT HOVIWC VICTURE ACTRRSS — — SHeToto Me ALL AflOOT HER S\Y- CHItOREU —

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