Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1941 · Page 5
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1941
Page 5
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* October 21, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Page irwers Say They hee No Reason (or Panic Over Prices I Plentiful Supply Of Foodstuff on Hand, Say Local Dealers I' '•*• p) Rtrrhnsr wx-f-Tt .'?••• f • • over ri5ine fonr| pr/e.-- •' of foodstuff?- Ti;r;r s:: disclose* that their i.« 3 Kiipply of food In inn c.' few exception* and It i Ji.hat prlc*\t will soon r^nr Jn fart manv of them !•. they will remain prn<-"ri arv. At the same tun' 'i'< r advisable to lav in a s-ork of rar.ned Mood* and Mich other ii-r'-.wirv Wood* us run be easllv jy.irriwd and will keep thrmiKhoiit '!• " winter. This is more a matter of rommon *ense than an enieic'-nr-. m*-a.Mire Canned «rxxis ha\e not com' up in proportion to wages and mav mice An upward tendency sooner or later'. There Li no shortage of fruit. 1 - Mich as pineapples, banana.', ftr.. which . are shipped In. There L=. however, a nhortBRf of bottoms in winch to Mup them to this country and considei- ably lew than the normal supply is Drifting in. No one con predict where thew price* will end Sugar appears to be pr^ed at $7. but no locnl grocer is charging that amount. In fact. sucar is retailing for Just above J6. which is reason - blf when everything Is considered. Grapefruit If coming in abundantly from the Texas field and prices appear Mendy. Cranberries ht»vc worked their wny Mown to a reasonable price. It i.s too rnrly to hx»d _up with potatoe-s. grocers believe. •inasmuch as the weather ha* been extremely wet nnd the<- are liable to epoll in 'the callar. Howe\er. prices appear to be low; in /act spud.s are unusually reasonable at present for the home grown variety. FhEven Potatoes Getting Defense Conscious -Believe it or not," says Pnul Terk of W**t Fourth street, "even potatoes are growing in accordance with the national defense program. While grubbing some white potatoes in my garden the other day I noticed one which is in the perfect ahap* of 'an airplane, wings, tall land motor. Turned upside down it Vesemblw an airplane -" u - """* Sgt. Edward Mohan of State Police Ousted; Has Made Fine Record ! S;:' Fci'.'. a;r! Mali. in of Dixon ?. jin h^'- HTM s^tinp: lirufnant in | di^trirt No 1. state highway )X»)irr !:,T; rrrr'.'.cfi no'iro of the tormina- \ tion of h!' 'ervirr": Tliis information ranT 1 in R Iftt'r from T P. P'llli-. «:i fiKrftor ol the s'ate ri p - •,>-!frn'-!:' ff P'.iblir safrtv. 71ir dam rif :r'':cmri,"!. . •- t^morro'?. Or" ?2. Man-, i^i •')!!«.• had ^xpre^trd fhr i,n;w !i : ai. V-.f might >v allov. rd to : rmsm a membpr of 'h' 1 hiehwav j>o'. ir-p '<*;'?• .Sf\r: - al ^tn'r that. In '..\r\\ o!)i:;:on and nh^r 1:1 •:." Ir.-'of. of t!ie 01 gaiiira; ion. Hf -.'.a 1 ; !io!-f«'. efTirirnt and reliable .11 .TO; dine to thr c e persons and thf\- «i! resre 1 . to Irani that he has been relie 1 . rri of Ins job. Elias Crom Buried In Pierson, Iowa Miv. Harr.- Deets of First avenue has recrned word of the death jot her brother. Ellas Crom. who i passed away at his home in Pierson. la . after an illness of several years. 'Hie funeral was conducted in the Methodist church of Pierson Sun- dav afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial took place in the Pierson cemetery. Mr Crom was the son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Crom. and was born on a farm northwest of Coleta May 10. 1878. He leaves to mourn his passing his widow, three son i . two daughters and three brothers and three sisters. The brothers and sisters are George and Henry Crom of Lamar, Mo. Floyd of Correctlonville. la. Miss Nova Crom of Pierson. la.. Mrs. Alice Caldwell of Downers Grove and Mrs. Harry Deets of this city. His mother and father, three sisters, two in Infancy and Mrs. Etta Cole of Filer, Idaho, preceded him in death. 59 Northwestern Steel & Wire Men Are in U. 5. Service List of Men in Army And Navy Compiled By Safety Director I? 15 h^li'ifd fhs- more men from ;lio North?.e.«"err, Pterl and \\'\r r companv arr srr\ine in '!' p ntm"': fnyre* of the rni'i-d P'a'e.' !iv<n from nny oth'r ins'itu'ion in r.orth- em Illinois. Charles Farnham. -=afety director, has compiled a complef HM of the men in the srrvice and finds that .i? the \anous branches of the Hflfold Bail«>v and Lvnn Pap-drl have enlisted in the nav. . John idinger. Stanley Sharp and Biynn have enlisted m the armv. while' Clarence Giiaud and Raymond McMflins have enlisted 1:1 aviation schools Otheis now in the army, branch of the service not Riven, are: Vernon Trick"!t. John Buchanrn. Recruiting Officer For Navy Will Visit Sterling Next Friday Friiik D. Throop r Former Sterling Newspaper Man, 111 of |H. 'd»T Tf tu. 17. -vh?-n thrr will h*> riven hfarinsr in the l :'. nt hi* ofTic* R xhort time Fri- ihfn hf >VSK tnken ill. ThTe "ill b" n nsvv n.nd ns'.'s! r^.'-epve recruitint rer>rr*ent*';ve at Mi" Sterling pos? office Thursd*y, j Oct. 23 at 1 r m. for the purple ; Frank D T!irr>op "f receiving upp'i'-nfions of ni'n d"--rr«n »nd publl^hfr siring to er.i:.'*. :n the navv. Anv \o'ine m r n in t'r«- communitv -rrho are interested '»:•• invitrd to call upf'ii t!if offs-T .'T-nn interview and mav rriRke arr«ns'-rn''nt. < ; for mat i"n. It is Mfiffd *J-a* th^re «t branches of 'i.» navy, th* 1 arm>'. and the ar-;\r naval re.'.*r\es. and each, offer- "-p^cial adinnta F?nlL t -tmen' u. •!:«•- regular navv for MX years. Ir, 'he naval re* it is for four vears or the dumiion of the emergency. Those enlisting in the naval reserve »ill be released to ee; back to •'rf.r jobs as soon Hf the emergency •„« o\er. Company 8 Family Party Enjoyed after the r«1Mn« list. Th» drill was cut til Nov. short r>nd dl^mlwd at fi.30 p. m.'snoth^?- « ft " > ' h!rh !hp r»mJH^ of compuny Icoiin'. ^ fisth p rpt j fo , a p srl y. An orrhf-trn ; Brieske's father !•; n polir* officer furnished music on the coliseum In Chlraso. He was preserit at th* floor for flsnrins. and r^rd tablr? preliminary heanne nt Free port r- P rrl;:,; p r j|| Monday Night th* Lincoln , ' y vifVrrd s Visit Relatives and Friends They Had Not Seen for Many Years Mr and Mr* C P. returned from DPS Bowlesby have Moine.'. lows. Reports from Grand Chapter at Meeting Reports of grand chapter session* wpre Riven by the worthy matron, Mrs. Bernlce Acton and associate matron. Mrs. Marlnn Crom. Monday evening when the Sterling chapter of Eastern Star met Monday evening. Announcement was made of a picnic supper and the annual election of officers for the next meeting. Shooting in City Persons residing In the vlcinitv of WlUon avenue have complained to the police that there Is frequently shoqUne iJXJJ3J*LJ&fJS. 'police wIH" inve.sugair. Frrd MelKhnn. MriKlian. Charier. Scott, Spnln. Jowph Conwny. Edward Croft, Frank SL«ons. Robert and othrr nrarhv mips where they spent thr p*M month visiting relatives and friTid 5 They attended an Arthur joid Settlers picric «t Des Moines. Gilbert ; and Mr. Bowleshv not » chance to . OuMnfson. Waltpr Brynnl. William ^ce many olri fr.rndy. among Bowlesby, nnd si.«ter. Clarence Rippy. William Pashon. i Houston Some of the relatives and Burkett. Hollle Welms. Edward Cordell. Hollle Apple. Walter Bley. Jess Eubnnks. Lloyd Bley. Harold Henley, Robert Brown. Lawrence Hennchs, Fred Enyart. Forrest Buchannan, Clarence Ri[ .. Elmer Pilgrim. John Wright, Harold Burns, Court Fielding. Ray Green Eugene Gammon. John Jone.s, Willlnm Hwegle. Ernest Pierson. C. N. Kendle, Hugh LBT- Imer. Harvey Willlam.s. Paul Siern. Edwin Dr'avis. Arthur Johnson. Donald Hill. Jerome Vlgnos. DonnId Card, Walter Wolf. Rodrick Geary, James A. Rudlger. Staufer Frerlchs. Fred Hague. Leo Pavne, Edward Farley, Walter Glessner. was a teacher he had In school 52 years ago. ;!! nv Company B in th' sr- e\ There w-j-re and four officers present r-nv B'« r.*"x h-.iglfr. Put Robert «o-inded the rsll< for the fir.'t Flr^' cnll r nd a^.cmhlv were and Bucler PIT is learning r.ili'ary tail', a^ fa«t a 1 ; pn.^i- For.nld Smitii of Company M. home on furlough., gave a | were ready for tho«» who did not dunce The children placed came«, i in th* urmory ba^etrr'nt A* 10 30 m. n lunch, brought in h\ the It WRS an ••n'ovnb!'' nffnir ?.t'.d credit, for it* «'i<rr-.. b«-i"nc< to Oi/> thre* 1 )iei|tr;ia;-i't of the (^mi'TH'. H A. Culhn.v FrM o. ,ir-ii---;; nr-'l William f, B'-n:-.'-!'. to msk>" bond for Youths Arrested Here For Stealing Car Taken To Chicago for Trial . .... i Donald Bri'--kr and and emphasized a few | s ,. Rrt7 bo . h of Chlf . Ka bavonet drill. He has hprp Ed". ,ird arre.-tcd ftolrn rni in tutned o\fj Freeport Monda\. ;-.i". r'-urnrd from baxonrt school , M)f|r Do « rs «, nn be:r:e romlnit to S'frimg and hh toF B i mpn ir.'-r-jcnon was greatly appreciated. ! Thf palr wrrr !akrn , 0 Frrrpnn ,,, The one recruit needed to fill the; the local police They were riven a company to full active strength was 'hearing and were then taken to d and one man wa.« signed on Chicago where thev will be held un- Enelot* Porch** with Glass Substitute* Iranfftirm »ind *«ept porches intn bright. sunlit health ••no ms easily and cheaply. firtp drafts — sarp fuel — with gls'* subsfitut*«. Big stock at R-I.-S. 2T 15° many years of the Lee syndicate of newspapers.' Mr. Throop was managing editor of; They spent mc^t of their time in lh ' 8terling D allv Standard in 1904-i \r\ \^r\ttint s\f Vi i e hr/Str>«f S* TJ I . _ . * . . . I the homes of his brother. C. R. 5 and will be remembered by many friends they had not seen for many years, and it afforded them much pleasure. ??";..-_ -_]!of ihe older resident of Sterling and Rock Falls. Ke attended the annual meeting To Operate on Jack Grennan in Chicago Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grennan have gone to Chicago, where their son. Jack. U being operated on today at the Presbyterian hospital. The young man's condition is extremely critical. Drives in Wrong Lone Kenneth Schlck was arrested by Officer J. H. Woods of the highway police on a charge of driving in the wrong lane of Route 30, near Rock Party Honors Seventh Birthday of Daughter Honoring thr seventh birth anniversary of their daughter. Lois Ann. Mr. and Mr*. Lloyd Good of 1508 East Sixteenth street gave her a party Monday afternoon. The young guests made scrap books, had games and refreshments were served. Lois Ann received a number of nice gifts. Those present were Betty Henderson. Marine Metzner, Lots Ann Wade. Robert and Jackie KosJer, Earl Good, John and Susaa Martin and Charlotte McCulloh. ' CAR OF ILLINOIS COAL On Track SPECIAL PRICE FROM CAR! Plenty of AH Other Coal and Coke D. MANFIELD Phone 770 415 Locust St. ffuarnnteed 2 full \rnr.-. 3'i inches wide, Sfji'sje yaif), at WINDOW -FABRIC. 36-inch vvidth, per square yard „ GLASS-O-NET. Very Irans- gf|c rarrnt. .TG-iti. width, sq. yd. Jv WYR-O-(,LASS, a quality product, 36-in. width, sq. yd., CEL-O-GLASS— 28 inches fidt — Per Run- 20 ning ft, ft. 31 c $6.00 16 inches wide — Per Run- 20 ning ft. ft. 40! ic $8.00 IfK. f t $29.0(J 100 ft. 138.50 BROWM LYMCH SCOTT ROBT. MITCHELL INSURANCE In AH IU Branches -SURETY BONDS— Musi ice H. J. Folkers. l-k. THE QUALITY CAR WITH' ECONOMY Greatest Power of "All 3" Low-Priced Cart—Great New Economy! Plymouth is low-slung, long, wide, roomy..'. * bigger value) I T'S STYLED to stay beautiful and built to stay new—Plymouth's Finest! It's great in perform• attce... great inm>nomy...agreat investment! Plymouth's Finest delivers 95 eager horsepower •—smooth, quiet power. And you enjoy great new economy. The big engine purrs along with fewer revolutions per mile...saves gas and oil! Your first ride in Plymouth will surprise and delight you. There's a fine new "feel" to this car. The wide, low-slung design contributes to new stability, new safety, and a gentle ride. Drive this's your wise buy! All prices and specifications subject to change without no^ tice. Plymouth Division of Chrysler Corporation. TUNE IN M AJOB BOWE9. TH UK SO A VS. C.l.S, NETHOUK PLYMOirrtra nwar uoa a tnwt ••d. Taw car M t»vsi«B«, r, with smart uaw murtora. Why Plymouth is Your WiM Investment: ADVANCED ontianHnt and precision manufacturing aasur* you *r*at«r nUuo In a Plymouth. You GET maaty lmn< rims. m«sity-au»lnt awsMAu auck as am Oil Path Air OOSUMT. Oil Filur, Suporflnlshod tndJM parts..-foaturw that havo won Ptyoaouth fasno aa tho bsst aajlnaarad low- priced car. IN PLVMOUTll'S low} roc- ord of buildlag groat cars, this Plymouth to BaMtt of thorn all. 11 laaa IniaHmssii with a graut futurt! SEE IX § FINEST! CHESTE QUALITY Give Your Home That "New Look" Specicrf Value! Cottage Sets 89 JWl 'Crisp new cottage setsT in voiles, marquisette and organdies. All colors. Ruffled and braid trimmed. Full width matejials. ^ Othtrt to $2.95 St» Bathroom Ensembles RUFFLED CUBTAINS s r°° to Raffled curtains In fine marqulRette, plaint, pindotft—also fancy weaves. Colon, ecru, cream and pastels. Medium and wide widths for crl» i^f^^'sfy ^® r ^J^L, TAILORED CURTAINS- THREE COLORS Three colon instead of one In your eartaln—what could be prettier to fire y»«r home a life for Autumn. $3a5O FAIR \ Yect'll ApalaM Thla Smart Idea. SPECIALLY PRICED AT Bath room ensembles In fine pyraxlyn cambric, oil silk and water rtprllent rar«n. Curtains and shower curtains U Match. Beau* tiful line of patterns and colorlnis. Bathroom Curtains $|.00 , 0 $2-75 Bath nan cvrtaini In mar^otoette art voilea In a Tartety *4 atylea, Colon, creaat with cobweb fifwrea—«!M pastel*. M to. long. Chenille Both Sets •p-m... MuqaiseHes $1.21 lo S3.N Mr Fine nwrtjuinette curtains iu.cot* ton. and rayon. Ala* eelancse. These arc shown In tailored style*.. 44 Inches x XK yards !• les)(th. Ecru aad Puds by Scrontoo II .N It SIN East Net panels styled . by Scranta*. These are shown in aaeab weavea as well as tlie fiaser ahadow lace, In loth paira and panels. 4* Inch to t« inch width— t Si »•* t5i - yards -loaf. --------------- ..... - ..... •-....- ..... __ ------ Reody-to-Hong Draperies •3* te $ 4 M pr. Ready-to>hanv draperies in soft tone prints. Assorted styles and colon to choose from. These come In either four or five pinch . pleats, two and a half yards If it's ntw in DRAPERY FABRICS, wt hovt it. 4* to S2.M Yard Drapery material for the. handy seamstress. Damasks, sail cloth, cretonnes, rough weaves, pen- shuns, etc. Large selection to chacao from. S« and M in. Wt tu9fltst—buy tht Ruf •(•• or Wdj||~t«-W«ll siit. Tliii it tkt «ntw«r tt your M«rch for beautiful room •fffoctt. Our voritry of toft font* mokt ckoo«inf • docitJoo 1 Soft Slioo\N of Hue, Gro«ri or Ro4« ond mony combiworiotu of colon. BICH LOOWMG SPBEADS THICK WITH CHENILLE $3.9. fs» •at in pastel ••autsful btd •vary

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