Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 10
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DECATUR HEWALu THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1930. DECATUR HERALD Todays Cross Word Puzzle Created B; 3. R. White «t We- S4 10 «Q «a M HIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY No. io George Rogers Clark- warlike Preparations By J. CarroD MamSeld UlflS PUM Wft CAPTUR1W6 THE BRITISH Foens IMTH6 West HAVIMS BEEN APPROVE, ClARk TOOK UP THE WWCULT TASK OF IWSIH6 TROOPS.lW 3ANUARy,rj78 ,HE SENT MAW«SMIT/TO kEUiucKvio ENLIST fouR. COMPANIES AMONft THC BORDER SETTLERS.--t tfufESRuARv CLARK MovewQep$»r« ow FOB! Ml TH* MOWONfiAHBiA IM PBNM4VIVAHIA, WUCQE HI 5WWT TSWO MOUTHS RtCRUITIH* VOLUNTEERS AMf OR6AMIZrM6THE EXPEpmOM · JOSEPHBOWMAN AWVJ»U.IAM MAfteof^EACH OF WHOM HAt BEEN AJSHWH* IO ftAISfc A C«MPANV --'· (Copyright, 193ft, by J. Carroll Mnifi«U)) W«Sfc, 0ICRUITS CAM* IM $U)WLV,AMt n tMA* MOT MUSTCRlHREECOMMNieS OPfOMEN tACH. NOME BUT CLARK KUBVJ THE REAL OQICCT IVSOf THBCAMP-AlfiM. --- . · MMH PeWTO** M HIS fiOCAT ApVfNTWW , P1MT A SRnCMEHr AT1HE fSmiOfTNl OHIO. ACROSS 1 Formei t of tho lupremo ' court of the U. 9. I Rolueuntly wUlkai » Fill* Instrument 1ft Part of a oiMMfc H4fot verlo WtOtrti* Mnw IS To adjust by 'muOi M Oveftmud 46 Pot 81 Moulders ,,_,,_ M Legislative btnov fit i Lawful KT Koroate parent HI* By God (arebalcl 30 An «nclo««4'flMd »(o*v. law/' 41 Comforts 'prisoner 'U A coniMOUA U A clear (MMMMMM tt Hoautlfut waKton in W Turf tl K«lu »t Wttrbld ill Qratn M Cftlnt 9)1 VSJIB It Apparatus pl. IS DtCOmpOWl 10 Creods (vcct.) 41 Uncookttl 4Z Tho bltihop Ot Itom 4 it H«mdllO 44 Encoum«rod oarm, S Coafroot* s FootloM MMM! T A UMtrtiw fl Knottod S Hlars not (tronp An»W«r to into i M Ctad with H Labor 'ItThey (It) Jl Plant 19 Tatter Intoxication tt Add 'IS Tta *aak ·*- (J» On lop o* l»0 Network * ins i 40 1 42 ·Centra) 44 Founder ot N 4E Faattn 4T Silkworm 4( OWfsi food rulers (1 Wild ptum 5! Queen ot the . (Or Myth) S3 Turkish oflte*! of high rank M Prop 6( lira. JANE ARDEN No Hopes By Monte Barrett and Frank Ellis BUT IF TOW COU1-O SET /WHERE ISWAMSHAOB COULD NEVER FIND VOOA©AIN WOULDN'T AFAIRYSTORY- WHERE COULD HIDE THAT HE COULDN'T FINP "eUT"WE~COUl.O TOGETHER-1 WOULp HELP YOU, ONCE we ESCAPED FROM HEI AWAY AND DANCED CABARET ONC« Mfc9 A AKO HOT OANOR/ffl/r AFTER QNTHC M.ACK UKT «V«RVWHBRe Villa Grove Book Club Discusses Poetry of Spain VU,LA (IrtOVJC -Mrs W, M. Llt- tlo dlacuiwud SpnnU'h poets and pool- ry mt tho mooting o' thu Book club Monday attovnotin In iho home ol Mrs, Cleorgo Frnsiior, Jr. Bulwic "Old GorloL" wns taken up for study and Mrs. Qeortco Thompson guve nn In- torestlnK iiccount of the life ot tho author ftttor which Mrs O. L Ken nedy clliioumied (no conilltlomi In ICfnnM at the tlntci tliw stoty was written and during ihc author'* llfo time, Tho hook committee ttubuilltod two now book*, "Douth Cum OH to tin ArohblKhop" by Wlllu Cttthor and "Tho Woman (if St ftnilron" by Thornton Wilder ttn tlic approval 01 tho club, The nm montlntc will bo tho nn nual luncilioon In tlw home of Mr* T. F. Ulchmnn with Mis. Cnrl Crow MlM Ettti Duncan and Mrs J. U Ha en me U nw*littnnt ho*t«mo« Mrs. HBNlott ftmlwoll. or (MI Ansel0*1 and Dr, Mautte Ward Tnyloi *t Titdcolft wcr* out ot town itues'" at tho mooting Rov, O, A. Fro/.loi IH in liulliinaoln this wwik vlHltlnx old fi-lcndw unil /ornior pai'luhlonorH (ItiilnK tho «b- ·onoc ot hln tluiiKhtor. Mrs Mamlo Rlchmun who la attending griUHl chapter, O. B *» In Chlcnyo thin week. MACONP.T.*A.TO MEET NEXT MONDAY MACON-A nu'ellng of the Pfti- *nt-Ttaeher «*«oclnllon will ho con- duoted Mondny nlftlit, O«t 13, Tho tirotrrnm In pare follow* · "Why Join the P. T A " AtoDanlel Dlioutitlon · - Mltis Maxel and Jarno* Monift. Violin volo~'CharloUp die tin "VoJue or Football In the School' --Vernon Evnnn. lUadlng-Marftdrot Uiowc "What I* WronR wllh Our t.riK llsh?"--Mr. Macsej ·nd Mm, Lonh Mi« DECATUR TEACHER TO SPEAK IN MAROA MAROA--W. F. Heinle, a teacher In the Decatur High school, tint been socurod as speaker for the mooting of the Community club, on Monday evening, Oct 17, tho first mentlntr since June. Mr. Heinle, who huH mtido several trips to Germany and other foralgn countilas the last tow yams, will speak on his vliltsi Mt. Heinle's father wns a native of Oit many, Dinner will bo served at 6.3(1 o'clock In Mrs Tour's cafe MPH c w. Ivle lotumed home Monday evening from Kenoeha, W- , whcro sho attended tt missionary convention. She visited over Sunday with hoi eon In Chlungo ( Mr, nnd Mrs. Frod Enlnget re- ttiUMM) homo Filduy from Spencer, fft. whero Mr Enlnffor hut been the Inul six months. Mrs. Enlnger had liecn vliltlng there for several weeks Niantic High Students Go to Starved Rock NIANTIC - A number of High hool xtttdnntH and the teachers en- Joyed an outing at Starved Rook Saturday, A wiener roost was given Saturday night, alongside this road, on their return trip. Mi tmd Mre Hdgur ParkK weie wuokund guests in -the home of Robert Paiks In Woodrlver, III Ml^ti Madntyno Farln ot Carllnvllle Hppnt tho weekend at the home o' lipr iwronld, Wr. and Mrs J, B l'nt h Bom to Mi nrxl Mrs, Herbert L Foctct nn Monday Oct ft, a son Hobeit Lyman, son ot Mr. and Mi's Ilomor Lyman received a broil- PII m m when he foil down aome Hfpii at his home Saturday mornlnf, KuvBoll Bruce n student In the ITnlveitilty of Illinois pawed the weekend In the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bruce Vandalia Man Recovers From Case of Tetanus GAS BUGGIES A Man of Affairs By Frank Beck ON NOW SILLY SNAP OUT. OP IT. YOUVE BEEN POSIN AROUND HERE ALL MORNING, THERE'S HOUSE CLEANING TO BE DONE AND YOU CAN BEGIN BY 'UH.-ER-KINDLV ''REFRAIN FROM RAISING YOUR voice PLEASE. IT IS QUITE VULGAR AND I \WILL NOT TOLERATE .VULGARITY IN MY HOME /?// /SUCH NERVE! THERES BEEN 'HO LIVING WITH MEM SINCC HE ANSWERED THAT MILLIONAIRE'S AD FOR *\t\l\\/l\l A REFINED GENTLEMAN l^^^. 1 ^. CO ON CONFIDENTIAL /^?%7£ MISSIONS. MV STAR«f HEM HASN'T HAD A HIS LETTER . J PAWfiON THB^\ MOW USTEM)/INTERRUPTION BUT\ TO MB (/ t AM GOING TO )» HEMENSLCY.. )\ THE POSTOFFICC V. \ AS tM 6X PECTINtF ( AN IMPORTANT / V. LETTeR/ x ^ TOOTS AND CASPER Kemi- niscence .By Jimmy Murphy THINK BACW,TOOT0« DONfT *TOU REMEMBER THE TIME \VC "WEMT ON A VACATION (N THE MOUNTAINS AS(01 THAT LVTTie CAU6H7 A AND THAT UT7LE LAOT FROM IPAHO t RECALL THE HOTEL,, BUTtTXJWT ' THEN THERE WWTHKT ' FROM TEXA VJMO TAUGHT Ue TO RIDE H005E-BACVi» AKIOTHE. TftUL LMf VVfTH ^-Lh^SB^ WHO RAVED ABOUT HOW PWETTV VoU WERE'. THERE VJEO6 THAT. . Kin* D6MURE. BUT , ONB DAY TH6 MA1 WHO DID UP MY ROOM TOLD ME THAT THE TOLT HER Maroa Woman To Past Wintern New York VANDAUA--Victor Bigot, living lownscn (, 0 i, t hwost of Vandalla and well known about the My, who was nkun to the Mark Greer hospital weak before lattt BUff«rin^ from a tevere caao of tetanus, which had been caused from stepping on m MAAOA -- Mri. Friday for Troy, tt. «p«rt« to wmnln *1ar»n Tf. »ho th* '""«*' by with two ntwoa rwldlng ttoro WM *ooomj«nl*(t to New York Kn, Htiwy flp«nwt. Jr , o( Dacfttur. Sta, M«r«h, on nocount of hot ago. not wl«Mns to TM rtke t** 0 ' r| P *' OTO Mr*. Sponoer oxpnoted to return Jjomt kt ono», . Mr*. MnMb w« »r» ftnrt rwur 5S in N«w York tut (or more thiin W y«ri hw bo*n * raalctent of Mnoon county. Sine* tho death of her hu»- b4Mid W «((o hoi maided ·Ion* In hw honw north of ,tho in ttrurtan tUtlon, Mm, Mmnh will t tO y«w» of «fo Jan. 1. Mr. »«« MM. c. F. «*nwklrt t They BRINGING UP FATHER Giving Directions McMamu MR? "rtM? MO? t AM DE MltslOR,- THE I'M MOTCMER, VET AOSTHIA. EH? $ m Intl y«tnn 9mk», Im, Cmt Br OM- Tb A COUNTRY OF IK) OUT or COURSE KiCT SO dCOO ME h«ld lh« National to tlvtt hi is, two th* ninth wh«n C «iin (womd their tnado only seven «· in «xtra-tui n wcnve. Thero IH no dot ta««b*ll men tha »on. Contra*tlnp con ten rte i a In th general opinion t wil 1 * aupcclor io rusty nail, was discharged from the tospltal Saturday and pronounced to bo on the road to recovery For icvet si days his lite was despaired of by physicians and hospital attendants Tho Dlvoly store, which is looaUd n Sefton township five miles east of Verti waa completely destroyed by fire, together with Its contents Saturday morning. The origin of the bloi* Is unknown and WM discovered about 3:30 o'clock Saturday morning. O. M, Dlvaly who ha* operated the bunlnws for itveral years oely recently «old out to his aons, Jeis and Leo. The loss was estimated at »,- 000 and It only partially covered by Insurance. I. P. L FINISHES WORK ON NEW LINES, POLES TO BROWNSTOWN VANDALIA -- At a cost of more than (7,800 ajtd two months work ot nine men under the direction of Wll- lam Buekmller, the Illinois Power and Light Corporation has just completed the rebuilding of their lines In Brownstown, The Job called for 166 new poles, »l»o vlilt a brother of Mr. SohatHtk'a living In that atate, They expect to reach Loa Angelei about the first of Novotntar, LTO oroi* arms, SB anchor rods, TOO Insulators and approximately five tons of copper Insulated wire which ·quipped th* city with practically nln* miles of efficient Unas carrying cat-rent for light and power purpose*, Th* line that transmits the currant from Vandalla to Brawiutown ha* ·Jio b*«n thoroughly overhauled and ·II Interference obviated. Bally day was observed Sunday at th* Methodist Episcopal ohurch with a tpeclal program and rauilc. Approximately 360 were in attendance at Sunday school. The entire build- lag had been beautifully decorated for th* occasion with* fall flowers niorabcrs of Mrn John Brown's Sunday school class. Dr. L. S. McKown. poator ot til* church for the past year, has been returned to Vandalla by the confer- once for another year of work. He waa given a hearty welcome by the members ot his congregation at the Sunday morning' service One hundred and sixty-six snouts of the National Old Trails Area Council Boy Scouts attended tflc foot)all game on Saturday afternoon he- ween the University of Illinois and University of Iowa at the Unlveielty of Illinois stadium. They were accompanied by M P, Russell, scout executive of the area, the various scoutmasters and buslnem men In the area, who furnished cars for the ex- the party. memb * w Dliopolu Residents Return from Colorado 1LLIOPOUS--Mrs. William Qaul und daughter Lola and Mrs, Anna Ctedenen rotuined on Friday from a flalt to Mm Gaul's and Mrs. Clend- enen'a brother Harbert and family In Colorado, Mr. Harbert who liven In Monzanoln, Col., waa a formei tBHldent of this community. Henry Fait -wbo spent the summer with hia daughter, Mrs. William Knotls In Los Angeles, Cal, return ud home on Friday. Mra, John Uullady, accompanied by her daughter, Mrs Jack O'Connor and husband of Chicago and RUHell Mulladay of Milwaukee, WIs, i returned from Chicago on Saturday, Russell who received Mvete burn* Large Crowds Attend Ramsey Mission Service RAU|(fCY--Th« minion opened In St Joteph's church here Sunday morning at P o'clock with mass cele- mlssjonary father. The was filled at both services Heart ohurch Sunday, The services will continue all thta week. Morning aervieea begin at i a. m. with mission Uermon, and evening ervlo«a begin »t 7:30 p. m, The f -^ --·· ·*,-.,-,.- -,-.,, _.__ v ^-v TV-W*^ --^·VB-HI**^ ·%·% » · 1^ T**+r^n TT«H*S uHu^o VV-IV U-iUf WOl T1UVV WJ§Jal Wt 1 JOU |/ IUp Wttt4 ptanta and f*mery by tlw orated by . ath«r Schorn, Sacred mlwion wlU (Bow Sunday evening. two weeks ago by the explosion °f|f_. n « r chemicals In the laboratory where he' v * M1 * r Holfk I1VHH ing. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pritchetl left Thursday for Terre Haute, Intl., to visit friends for a few days Michael Collins who was called jgf « ff gfiffi Brethren church. Sunday. Rev, Mr. Crowder and Mr*. V«at wer* pr**enl. Rev. waa th* founder tic, U visiting relatives In IHIopoltR boforb returning to bin home In Burbank. S, D. Missionary To Speak ' Thursday In Casner CASNKR--The mlseloiwiy meal- ing will ba held In the borne of Mre, Nelson Mvera Thursday afternoon at Z o'clock. Hlee Ifaude Hoyle, a missionary on a furlough from Africa, will be prewnt and mi night MlM Hoyle will speak In the United Brethren church telling of her experiences In Africa. The regular P. T. A meeting will br held In the ichoacJhouM Brldav night Some talented muslclanTs will be there. . only charter member* left. Alva Attebetry left Thursday fo* the Oreat Lake* training camp. A very pleuant mirprlee ww given Mrn. Helen Klrchhnef«r Fhday night, on tho occasion of ber birth day. Only i member* of the Immediate tontUca Were prctent, except Mr, Mid MM. Fred Wallace. Un. Wallace'* birthday wan th* name day M Mr* Klrchhoetar's. ILUOPOUS'SOCIETY TO CONDUCT PARTY ILUOPOLW-- The Altar wdety entertained about N tueita In their cottayo on Thutwday evening, An- nlher parly will be held ml U» «*· tate thin Tbundky «ve||ng, Mem of Uie »o«l»ty who will be leMen are Minn Anna OrfthMB, Ml; Blliabeth PltKgcrald and Mr* William Smith. The, Apieullui'e claw o( (he IlHopolli Community HJ»h fohool ontertalniK] at a party In the HlR* achool on Friday «v«ning. Bacn young man of the olane Invited · feirl friend and tho teacher* of ln° High echoo) ware ipeclal f*M«l« Mrs. Mary Terry of Cll»ton her daughter, Mr*. Oertmde t Rex of Towrkuna, Ai'k. ( vMttd Terry'e niece, Mr*. B. P. and family on Thurcdty. LENORA HAMM MARRIES Oa. 4 HONTtCBLLO -- Mr. and Ur». ChftriM Hamm Minowrat U» riac* ol their dtutjrtH .1^... Bamm u Homer MoetteM ot WWW Heatfa, on Oet 4, In OovtngtM, no. The bride hat bo» tmitor*' '" Dec*tur for th* pwt ywr,. Th* bridegroom to ihe ion »'.** r i_,.. lift, George MoefltM of «*«· Heath and In employed at the Madden EMry !»«, EWSPAFERf

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