The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 24, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1859
Page 3
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^!^^^^^^^-i ; ^^^' : \'> t ''\-^'-- - : - ; v^ : ^p" r :f^ : '^-^ .'••- .":-> : . :: w-K ••','' •:.-.*' .'.• . ' ' ' ' :.".': .' "ji'' : " - ' • .r" ••'•;'•• -' : .•".'• " . . .'•.'• r.. : ^;V*3*^:-te^¥;T^Affi :»>:^ -r.»i.iB ^i.»-v-,:.?-•,,-.»"-.a..»..i:i.v-j*^--';»*. ..«. - • _INSURANCE COMPANIES RAILROADS .fcTBANSPQR'K F U R N TURE BUSINESS DIRECTOEtY PA70EITB BAST & ^ORXH-\V£§T F OTJT 'The following Uft of BnslneM Honm taring Ertablislimenti .Me among 'the NOYES, PLERZHEIM ot Hartford, Connecticut, •elolt-r > M»«tUi:! : r' 0017JOBXW. HAKTFORD INSUHANCE COMPANY, '' ' (Now opened l« Lake Michigan.) O.raE-NO.10 • Plans and Specifications for 'all kind*"of1 furnished at short noticp and on the most r jeH • ' . •.••'•.-..-•-•'•'.•- :'•%'- AM prepared daily with Waubcsha C'oniity furnish the citizens of Milwaukee « COIINTKY BULK rom the well koown Dairy of M. B AREER^ at a fair price and In <joantiUe» from a iiinttS oheon. ThosewlsWng to be «upp1le4, can leare orders with Messrs. Uunn A Crosby, opposite the Walter Honje. T.KABfiiM*.;. "r 86 _ . ' ' _ Yankee Milkman »p« AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAPT. ALEX. SCOTT, LEADER. IS NOW READY TO PDRNISU ANy, k number of Jtutrumenta, from one to' ! twenty-two, tor BalU, Parties, ftnia^l KrcurBlons, Ac., Ac., at reasonable rates. Apply or addren OapU Aiaz. Boorror at Hempsted'l Moslc Store, 178, East Water st. ,' • -,'; augtl . Jl 1 M O O.» S 0 .S.A IE D I H ~1 8 1 0 Daub Capital Ud BttrplM. ..... j,. ..... • 1IOMK INSUKANCB COMPAMV. El AND ES OP loontains, I Froittcu narrated by WnueJC Jo»t received by 'i »TBIOKBlHD*Oa.» HOMAJIW INSUEANCE COMPANY. INOORPORATKD IN 182t. Oasb Capital and Burpius .............. ' '(Sty of Cleveland, " ft "Cleveland.* (thoroughly refitted for this route.) . . .'' O H AND AJTM. MONDAT, April 11, 188*. MOfcr Train* will nm M foff^nT: ' ^ aOINQ WEJST: ' Fa«~ COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, t'aSb Oapltal ana Burp to,,. . ...... . ..... ttltflU M M1JKHAY, PK1OK & OO-, He&man's Mamnioth Home Furnishing Block, STREET, , AHD OUUB8 U Bf OVES, TIN, A GALVANIZED IRON ROOFING, Gutter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins 1 ci^hrated Tentilatora and Chimney Caps, Hoi Air Furnaces »nd Register*, Ventilators, Ae. t3&T Orden thankfully rsrelvefl and promptly aliened to. _ ____ mySS • ISAAC; «JAS A STFAM i»IPE F1TTEH, NO. 291 KA8T WATER BTRBET, WBOLBBALK ABC kfiTAll. DtALKa 111 GAST AND STEAM PIPKS, OA8, STEAM AND WATER OOOKS, GLOHK AND CHECK VALVES GUAGK 000KB, Ac., Always on hand, a large assortment of «. A S F 1 X T U U K S Work done in.a workmanlike manner, at short tuitici and lowest prices. _ ' Je»-dly |;«ad Pencils, , ; ' -:• FOttgAtBB* TK8KY & OL.KAVEK, BOOKSELLERS AJSD STATIOKEHM, 1W Rut Water etreet, Hilwauttt. U" recei »e<l • I*" ••»?> of these flele- Pencils froB the manufactory of J^J. In Eegenabnrt, Barvlav They are carefullr amorted,ana each grade to dtotingnUhed t y a popular brand. Particular attention }j called to tte "Offos\- - _ -. H --j — —- --«—_.. n or to any other pencil In the market. Alwajs OD band a complete •ssortment of black an* colored lead pencils of all tbe desirable grade* A discount allowed .to tbe Trade proportioned to extent <tf apr29 LAlUkH FIRE INSURANCE CO., C: in Caplltl and Snrplu^.: ... . ' ...... :|86»,C6« 33 UESOLVTE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New Fork Oltr, Oasb Capital and Snrplns, ....... ...... *2U,gS» 61 CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, 01 Hartford, OonntcUcot, Dash 0»fitil ana Surplas, ................ $308,831 48 I solicit business for the above named Companies, entirely «pon tlieir ova merits and responilblllty, anj rtferlo thelt prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a enarantw for tbe future. Policies Issued without delay. W.HEHtf HOLLAND, Agent. Jort H.U.I.D, Au't. Norttwest cor. Main aod D. r. MiRBClLL, Sarreror. Wisconsin tu^ Milwaukee. septS N. J,. OKISWOL.D <& OO., BCTUL DS.AUEBS II 1.4DIE8', GENTLEMEN'S AN.) CHILDREN'S KOi»TN. SHOES ANI> »;AITITKS, i!AS (IN STREET, U |i |i ji » i t e i li <• Walker Mouse. VV I N B U K N N K K LEk iSIl DEALER II BlOtl'I'S, SHOES AND « VITEHS. Nu. VA SPRING STfiKET, Opposite American II o u s> e myll AtLlBONE'S DICTIONARY OP AUTHOBS. e *? litl> Literature and Amtrioan AvOux-t, living and de- ceand; frem the EarUett Aranntt totheJUd- tilt ofOieninetetutn Century. Containing Thirty Thcmtand Mographiet and literary Notice*; vitk forty ladeae* i/Buijeett. Price »5. o Read, 1 who ISuot &, Shoe Store. >0. 48 EAST \VATEH SI'HEET, JOHN FhlKl.AN, KEEPS alvayd on hand good custom made Boots and Slices. Al: kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made- lo order in tut latest style and warranted to give saliBfactiot, apr¥S JOHN RICK, w n o (, r. * A i, E i> K I «; <; i .s T , NO. h« EAST WATER STREET, lias jael received a lull supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glau, Manufactured lit Cleveland, New Vork. Transper^-d entirely by vessel, it comes in perfect order, and enables mr to sell at loir rates 1 have permanent ar- r&ngeineiitE to sell tins braud of Glass hereafter. _my2S _____ JOHN MOB. AKMWTUONO & J_>ONNfc:L.LY P A t "*: T K U N, t; R A I N E U S , GJLJJXXX A AJJ .s.Cr'-V WRWJiRS, (Jtiicagro 1.1., l>eiwc*-ii Main & Water. Particular attention paid to Kalsomineing Ceil- _- Vrt, .~W~«J wv «1 «uu »CBU, VI WUO Write, all Clergyman, all rhyslclans, all Lawyers, Sclentlflc amJ literary Men, Merchants and FanW Uannfactorers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANIOH. POBN18HTO BY & CO.. BOOK & STATIONER V JOBBERS, 135 ffof Wafer *fre.., (Prom Theophlus Paripns, L. L. D., Professor of Law In Harvard University.1 liiKtd States .u.^F. Ins. Co. tii, O*PITAL ....................... aiOO,(HK) 00 8D*PLB8. ...... .................. S9.65S 08 UAce, under MItoh*!!'i Bank, eonwr of KaM Water and Mlohliaa (treet^t M11.9AVKSS. .............. WISCONSIN. J. A. Helfcnjteln, B. Bandenoa, Mo»e« Muetlan4, g. (J. D» t :»otl, snniu.1 Uale, (i. D. DonUBau, U. L Palmer, IdVIn Towincnd, Bulonon Adler. i. A. HELFENBTOIN, Praldent. Q. U. DOnSMAN, T!o« rmliicol. W. T. P ALII KB, aeoeral Arrat. •. O. Wasr.acoretary. •.8. l>*aanr, Treatnrer. tl. It. fitslia. Attorney. marlo ings. H my 18 a r p <• r It r o I h «? r « , in 1848,) OOUSK .SIGN, SHIP, OAREIAGK AND ORNAMENTAI Pnliitera,, t.'l»zicri> A Paper-Hajigera. IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 O !\ t; 1 K A STREET, A FEW LHXsKE SASTfjf TBS UARKfl BOUSM. JONKS & WHiTKHKAO General Land and Insurance Agents >•«»•« A KIES prut.ic, tec.., C.'FIOL, Corner of Keed and Orepon streeU, Meyrose's Block, Fifth Ward Will att«bd to the buying and selling or Real Estate, Insuring Good? and buildings in responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making out or Deeds, Mortgages, Contract*, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on aeoounu placed In oar hand will be promptly paid over. A. c. JOISB }y2i. , . 6 U&ft. a :—1 have had the 8r«l volume of yanr ftc- tlonary for some days, and have sat.sned myself that your piaa Is eic.Uenl, and that you have carried It out with very great Industry and with »ood judgment — The Jullne.1 and accoracy of its Information conlenUng nodern authors and their worka, are Indee* remarkable. To any one who desire the knowledge your »->ok porparts to give—and what educated m»n does ootT- It must be of great Interest aid value. Respectfully, ftc , THEOPHILDS PARKfit S. Austin All,t>jne, Esq. «-»asksm. [Trom 8. Irenaus Prime. D. D., Editor K. V. ObserT.r.] r 0 ^^*?!™ ''"i 1 ?' fim Tolom «* o 57irt, ?.^°?' In " e P e ™»«l -Kb a.toolah«ent a d delight. It Is jtut what I hav* long desired to have, and hare sought for In rain. Thon«anas of clergymen, students, and all literary and IntellU en4 me?, mm wish to havejujt this work; and they wdl havem whm theyJearn tl at It Is in tht world. It d,aerves tbenosl C °^ rec «P Uon - ""! I "o« 'bal Ik. author and the publisher, will have the largest reward for their enU» prise and labor. Vours truly, Oh.l*. t P . uhlldl & Pet^ rson. CITV MII.WAUKKK CO., !• milckcll ttulldlnv, Michigan, at. •Octroi!, depart.. Pentonvllle, arrive *0ntgo* arrive. . 8t.Jt.kBt, arrive. Grand Baplds, arr. •urrand Haven, air. Milwaukee, arrive. UUwankee, depart •Grand Raven, dep. Grand Rapids, arr. , . fuae Datk T«c JUcJno-Frdght 4 AM., ' klu A [TAUingeri by taking the 7 A. «. trala an the Lakt Wort JUilro'atl ai WUwaukte, connect at KaclnevUh trialn to -Dav'ta ; irrlvlag at Uavls »VS:30 r. u. atasjc kaTea:l>aTl* lor VrecpoV) »n trriyalortralu. -S:3u*. K4t*alaJro«l OaTllcona«c;»at Baclaa with aRerno»B 4rs4Bs OB theLake Chore Railroad North and i'outa. ^Trelgtii furwajdetf wlUi Jl-pstch. - ' UA&Kia,tJos>efi»U«i!al>t. PitUburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago St. Johns, arrive... Owosso, arrive. ... PwtonrtUe, arrive •Detroit, arrive... Bus. Bridge, arrive •Refreshments—Hotel in Depot at (iranU Have*.' Boat will leave Milwaukee on Bal»rda» at a P. as.— for Saturday Night's Express paaseagors west, biu t a. •.train will • a leave on Sundays. Trains leave termini dally, Sundays eicepted. THE TELEGRAPH LINE Is now oped for Ptmuo Bo. CONNKOnoHg. AT DETROIT-GREAT WCSTCRM RAILWAY for all points Bast—H1OU16AN OBBtKAt and MICBIQAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, and OLKVK- LAND Line of Steamers. AT UBAND UAVEN—Wirh '• HD8O8 " Meamer for OHIOAOO, Ac., Ac AT MltWAUKCE—W:th the fclsaiSHPPI, LA CH088E, CHICAGO, WATBRTOW!* anil HOR1 CON RAILROADS, for all Important »olnti »«1 ana Northwest, and on Mississippi atrer, and with Bieamem for Pom on Lake Michigan. CHART BRED CAPITAL, - - |200,000 Paid in, $IOO,OOO. a. L. p»u«s», (. ToVBSaBB, I. U. Knxoaa, J. 8 UllRIB D!BBCTORB ; *J. D. Dlvm, B. *. Coiovca, J. HCMFHUT, J. B. Ooaco, 0. COKSTOCS;, W. a. Paorin, H. Rsjuuaon, Joespa P. HILL, Jag. Uoaut, Oao. Drsa. TKA« Al\i> COFFEES, W HOLKS A J>K * UK'I 1 AIL, —AT— Robert tiiiruey'H GHEnT 4VESTEB1V TEA STOKE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail price* from 10 to 25 per Ife lover than any other store in the city. Coffee Roasted .and Ground on th« premises by the most Improved methods. Java 19o. Rlolfic. St. Domingo 12^. Remember the number 174 Ea»t_Water su.Jjeaman t Wlpg^s O1.4Btare.__Jyffl SCHNtECKEI, & BRITMOTTO, COMMISSION MKKCHANTS, Real Jit tote and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Orncs—No. 4 Market Bqnare, opposite the Old Port- Office. tnar27 InL'wiiB, iao. S >,1«B HT Dau 8d : -With better knowledge of your book from repeated feasts upon It, 1 an, asham 4 to have written you so commonplace an acknowledgment of Its flrst rec ipt. Of all the storehouse of inieJestln. aM readable matter the "Dictionary of Author." stwrcstT me tbe most captivating. The good last*. Industry, and aklU of arrangement therein manifested co*ld n ot b* *° JIJ?** 1 ' ?*? ',' * Ul make ;or ' ou • "Pntatlon »ery enviable. I shall try to make amende to print for m. apparently Inappreclatlve ftrat acknowledgment of th« »ltt many sincere thanks for the prtee I hav* In the book, I remain, my dear sir, Yours, faithfully, • P — 6. Austin AHIbone, Esq. nrcfr TOWNB1ND, r>resl<ienl. „ _ A. L. WALRATD, Secretary. H, L. PaLSiam, Attorney. * Fire aad Marine Risks lakm at c«r««l rate*. ieS4 W AltiHit: AND PlWB undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks J and jTIre Risks on i rodace rn swre, in thx Nenb Western Insurance Co., of Osvego. «e» York, at SM low rates as by oth«r reliable Companies. The reputation or this sr»ll-kflo»n, loot established Co«pany cBtltln I tto pwblic conBslence. HORATIO HlLL, A.ent. noa8 at ogkoecf H. * J. ». Ufll. Paasengen for Great Western Railway fa on the Railway rzair 8TBi«»a, at D. t M. B. Doc*, learln. Dock at S.tiO A • , IrUU r •., and T-M r K SIGHT TBAJN8 on tf>« Q. W. R. have SttlPIIlO OABS attached. PARCELS left at any of the TICKET Of/flCM sr, forwarded by Pituaiaea Taaiia »T V«a» stooai- The Company's Timo-TaMet can be hail at ani olthf Btatlona. . VV. K. TCI 111, Oeo'l Mou't. WBITSIAI * PoaBas,Ticket Agent, 2SO KaM H/aUir'al WM. OatBui, Freight Agenl at Oomoauv'i Doct " " WtLsoa, General Western *g=nt ° r, . „ . . D. « M. R. OIBcea, April. ISM' aprSS _ iew aod direct Route now open to New (ark, -Boston, ttuaborgfe, ifisladv-lpGia, Baltimore arid 'Ashln(ton eKy, UlerdacJ, Utmkirk, Buialo, Niagara f alls, and all eattera cities. CUicinaati, ColumbM, JJ»r- . . - - - !">• Urtiana, «ac«vllle,8uub«n»iUe, N«w- •ara and WtctllDK, ami all intcrvcr towns at Ohio, Peun- •Jlvmnla, Virginia, Maiyliuo, New Jmey, tc. uiic i;r«utf UnbruLt-H 11. H. •rrwaaa caiotou aik TUS urr fAKK A3 LOW AS ANY tiTHKR Kci'Jf . W» Those desiring to gi bj Ihia Uoule will be licalar and enquire lar Tickets n» furl Wayne, Ih^ret,) e atmounccof r.clietiinu Uieir Baif.-ace L£J YS PSl-VT W.V fA X Kit; «-.V J7 L>AILl t AS > OLLO Wn *OO t. H.—Ni^tit Cxpruu, itally, f»lur.lay« ncrpted. SL—Morning'Mall ant] tx^iresd, dail/, i*UD«Jays With l>ut one change i.f ^ar« to Fiu<l>ur);h. t» PrlUbnrgli, PhUadeiphra, iJaltituort ,r,,l New Vor\ connecting Uraelly wiOi trains on Uie great Peutnylvi nja Central Railroad, to tU eaatern eltin. A!*.> »itl trUmutand * Uoltmbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk •off** Niagara Falls »la New York Central ami N,-w Vort A Eric RajlrcaUl lo Nvw Tork anil Boston. Persons going east will 3nJ this route by lar the most desirable, bcth from tbe advantage in point of distance, variety aod beaoti of the country through which the tOidj pass, as well u the leaa frequent chaut-ei at cars and the anuoyaacs of re-checklnsl baiwas;* r«atair*<i bv oilier roate& facilities for the transportation ..; freight and Llvr Btock by UIIB route are utijurpuueJ. Uale3 as l<*w aa abv other route, aad witii r-iual Jup«t4;h. IVkets (or sale at allt lie onu.-ipal tiL-kei ,iffl*-es in L.V West, i£d at Coolfany 1 . Otu, r. No JO iMarborti urr.-i upp'oauie Trcaae-ut lloyve, Chicago, ana at tt><? . di<-r . • tilt i.ak« .•" utc Hall'uaJ, HUwauaev, l> A. u. Inland JNO J HoB.-«Ti>!», ll«»»ral FrfiSBt Agt:Bt. Pltt^tur^h, Pa U. » Uosa, viviK-t^t Hr^trrn Ayt-at, Chicago U R ' KVER OVVtS.KI> IN rHW CITY IT » GREAT FOR THK Till] STO4 k I 218 and * III 220 SACRIFICES, NF.XT SIXTY DAY-- East Water 'Hi U « I K Street MISCELLANEOUS. DR. II. W. REDI1F % vrriKi\*u\ DRY GOODS. &<• "ORMKK1.Y Or ULKV KJ..,.-, ' O , respectfully uf riiia . I. the c " SPRING SUMMER DRY GOODS! times proftr«»lon.T,ly tn l We feel jnatinvj i rlor to the ^nnerij ruti •J, MILW AUKKK. Jolm f. Bru.thract. Wui. J«m,« Murr»y. Pryer t O.. , Cl K Judge A 4 hi«-a«<> li. it. aod A T T O D. CJOBSON, B N E V AT LAW HAS removed to jOfflce, No. fi, Bute Bank Building, corner of East Water and Michigan street, Milwaukee. CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office & :Regisier, open to their Inspection of Boodi and Mortgages &Dd other §e- curttles offered for Bale. Persons wishing to obtain Loaoi or having Boudt, Mortpagea or other secaritles for sale, may find It to their Interest to file with m? their applications or statement*. G. 80ELET, ylA Opposite Walker HODM. Jl'TENILK BV CAHTfciRB. Aunt Judy's Tale*. 'Parables from Nature. Motee in the Son Beam. Panny, the Flower Girt. uncle Jack tbe Fault Killer. For sale by TBRBT A CLEAVER, 167 East Waters!. WISCONSIN QENKKA1, INSURANCE AGENCY CHABTEK OAK riHE INK. CO., Hartford, Conn. CASH Atsrra ............ »84i,&w M riHC INK. CO., Hartford, CASH ARSET8 ................... »884,8«0 OS) MANftTf IKE INft. CO., Of PilUOeii, HaH. _2«,«»94I Wat & Uarttboe Vailf) KAILKOAD. O N and after Monday, April 4th, and uniU furu^r ao- Ucea Passenger Train wiij leave Milwaukee (roia Uie depot,fool of Secaad «Uee^ for Pewaukfe, UarUanJ Pine Lake, Ocouomowoc, Waurtown, Lowell ai,4 Cjl- umbos at4JMp.m.,arriving in Mllvaajueal M3 - . a. ai Paasengers arrirtnn at Milwaukee by ihr Milwaukee A . Chicago E. R/v L« Croue t Mil R. B., »i,j UU. * Hi», R. R., or bjr llo»t, can proceed lo the above /lacej OoonacttDnjare made at Watertowa wlUi ilafrn for La«e Mills, Jew>r,on.Waterloo,Hanch»«TUJ«, «un fral- rie, Ootta«e flrov. and Madiaon. Al>o at columtoH for Loitt, Merimac, AUriro, fall Blv*-, Le,U'. Ooraer., llamdcn, Lowville, Dekoja, York, Arlmslon, Brwtol and for all points to the West andfiortl. Wect Passen«ers arriving ai the J»nrtlon froas the abort places make connection, t, i*« Mrtwautee A MlMii- slppl K. R., for ^aneWIBe, MadlioE «oj Prairie Ju Uhlen apd K MUVaukPe. with roa.lj to *e Sooth, Wrtl aod North. •*•'» S. a. MCKKll.L, Superintendent 1859. UDMMfelK Urtat United Stain Had anj Eryrnt Rwitt. only reliable and ALL Rovra To r«s aLt.^T, SUUTU aA4 the only Llue making sure tuODec.oi.s. affate i^lurckeJ lhroy)T!> lo uniiclpal p.'HUs. OQ and after nan DAI, APHII Vdib. i ».-.*», Trams leave De^.l, e«:ner of rlnrul» arul H.r.iay .u., a* folio*, . KC3O ».. !n._ Kxrax« Pj.s>»«a<»— arriTiiL,r »t Cli at il. lo t. M. inj P.fStlOM-arrtriog ai Lhi cajo at »:li r a, ami mat n* rlose coOnt-cuon. with EreninK Trains Eait and South West, and with the Haclne an.i Iliiuuiippl fia-lroai'. at faelo 'onction, for Melo,t au<l other <tati>}ns ,.u thai Line fralo le«ve» »l ryu ». • . arrtv,, 5 iu r « elfht forwarded wnh Jc.^il h, »o.l »; l.,w r.les. Milwaukee ao.l Bishop, Kelly, A 11.1 .•«•., V.l,leu. • I AMI, Oorl U A L. Wr^ I.. H...., N. A Hro W 1 Wlm The Noveitie-. SI I 6 F. 1|. — r Wui »ll, ' Ottu-. K.rd,'. I. vrry «nl,(,, ap:l«-iUwlf Itlll ,!.<», <l I \ A.N4> Chicago Line of Screw \J "I till, Litlr CMC»|(0, »e»r!l UI >!?• S And running; in i-'i CfATKAL !.•> ». » n .l » ; MUMMKK I («.!». AKHANtiKMKN 1 Maatrr Tr > t^(Kirtat.oQ Of THE TraiDl theSorih West al »-«0 ) r . >n.| JS > T JI ) trr, April 16. U» \ Rales of Freight Reduced Again by York A I-ri< - 4NI> - nectMx, at K., ami the ' VI r.KL u.v> I * Transportation F, X P U NTIL fiirtti.r nullce Mn«aukcv, w.a br K K S S at Cleveland vit;, :r,e C1.K V £L i N . > K. H., touching at LN-lr-ut, \l,nk'r. , Liu* I, cow pr^,ar*-.i t.. fli r-eei^ta for pr iicn trav-nutt |. ut in j Ion* Jm»- i. ("1,0 FH ]• ai U t ICTIMt IN*. i a « I., III ) li, 1st Clau Bic. Vrf Cl««.. 6-M . CAM ASgfTTB CONWAt 8 NEW BO O K TERKY A CLEAVE 167 JUST WATKB STBEKT. B ARTH'S Travels In Central Africa, 1 vol., abrtd^d Ltrlngston's Travels in Southern Africa, 1 vol. CASH A88U MA fTPVEN Assrrs riMC INAI HANrF. < rvinway Mass. ....... $»&,<• K iNSH'B * NCft Springfield, Mass. — VIA— MiCHIOAN CKNTKAL — AND— Western (Canada) Railway. Bes*>t, foot of Lake Diane slrerl, » daily i 4j«. be cliarif'.l ai the-., ra:.-., Aj, 1 t J U LHAH'lli.Hl >, N-- V - . i r. , k, , 1 ." ' Bri>a.lw •> , > V Hr i , IIP" »z«,ow CilKAHB «BE IMS. CJOMPANV, Of Philadelphia. OASB AasETs; -r»4,7»» r* J. \V. train, Aeeul. orriuc, NO. t, MARTIN BLOCK, DP BTAIBS, niji > . Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 7:OO A. iW .— i «:«»0 Spwergeons Sermons, Bth i Higher Christian Life. majli SHJPPEHS OF PKODUOK C AS STipply themselves with Bills of Ladlnr at .. TBRRr iCLEArER'i 167 Bast Water »trMt. BOOKS ^ Other books aj Issued from the Pren. which axlsta, either »« recolT. oew BTRIOKAUiD * 00. J H. DOTLKB O.I. POBI. livery <k Boarding Stable, Feat of Motion eluet, (on the River.) . T BE subscribers have removed their clock from tbe stable formerly occupied by them, comer of Main and Huron street*, to the old establishment root of Mason street, thus consolidating tbe two est&blllb- menu, m&kinx the largest and best appointed Livery establishment in tbe West. W-shall be glad to see onr old friends and customers, and feel confident that we can furnish Uiem willi as good and stylish a turnout ai any similar ,.-•.> i > ~.. r , („ the city. Thankful for past patron -, . -r 10 meet « continuance of the same. Particular attention given to furnishing carriag- '*. nes for fnnerali. BUTLER A PO8T. School Book*. W K have ererj tSchool Book IB demand, and st them at wholesale or retail J* p9) __ BTEIOKLAND « CO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! urn are prepared ID our Bindiry to Bind Magazines fT Periodical,. «r anything else In tu« form of a Book, In neat and durable styles, M low rates. J*" 8 " __ 6TR1CKLAHD * 00. WOOD OHANCli. HOUSE AND LOT FOB SALE 'B'HE underetfrned will sell his House and Lot, now L occnpled as a Tavcn by him, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, near tbe Steamboat bandog and the B. A M. R. R. Depot. Tbe bouse Is located on the best badness place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business, especially (or Wholesale Btors, which branch Is already DOW projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a pood bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BARTH. Racine, January Si, 1859. Jan27-dom Lumber Vessels for Sale. ficheoner Fashion, 224 tuns. - Schooner D. Kewfaall, 1*0 tuni. Scow Schooner Rugby, 16gjUina. The above vessels will be s^ld at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. • TAYLOR A JEWETT, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. Jous, Mil »"kee, Wisconsin. . fettiS Stereogcepic Views. W B hare recived a fine lot of tlereseoplc Views embracing views of Interesting localities in BtTSSlA, SWITBEMLANB, NPAJN, KGYPT, NUBIA, OBKSOS, ITUBS.XY, IBSLAJfD, &C^ <tC Also a Urge variety of new American »lews. Hew and very desirable (tiles of Bterewscoplc Instro- ments. 8TUCKLAND * CO., Booksellers and Baatlonera, •P" 184 East Water street. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUID 1TJON Bargain* in Dry THAT IsfMENBC STOCK O» f, JH. »:UU f. W. :«»«' I'. »t. No. i-AT-1 I §7 Gt»t Water Mtrrf'i MOST BE CLOSED ODT WY THB ASS1ONKK, iireat Bargaius maj he Exprct^l. apwl7-dtf CAHY, Asal^oee. R EMO V A L. INCREA.SE OP BUSINESS. L ADIES—your attention is now called to the best stock of BONtfRTS, RIBBONS AND PLOWSKS, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be found at u \JN8 leave the Oveat Central A. street Chicago, as follows : •IOO A. MU-DCBTOIT dati ciceptrd), airtTc •« 1 rtrJ,i 6.00 r u. •crpted ) arrive al ID.linear-.u» 4*ni r. si., Cincinnati 5.&j» > -LIQUTXINIi. MPa«-«. .Sand.js «i ceptvtl,) arrlres at Uetroit TrtlO r. m. DoJpenslon iiri<iye or BulTBlo 4.0 a. M i Albany 3.UO r. •_, New Tun »«<• r •.; Boston 11 r. M. ,-NlL«- AUvOMUoDATIUN. rsce^t M uuda; —*«W VORK AND BOSTON IYPR££L (eueplgaturday.) Arrive at Detroit 7 .3 i.» ;>n ^ndgc or Buffalo *A) r. M • A«*i,) 4.-o<l i. a.j Nrw York 10:00 a. a., Boston J:Cij r «. -CINCiNNAtI AMDfcOriJVlLLIEX- fgtiS (tjirept Saturday.) Arrive at Olnelnoali 9**) A u.- Loulatille 4^>n r. at. Ou« train on Sunday at 8;0u r. si. IheSjtO A. si. and 8:0u r. K. trasos connect at Par,. With tht Buffalo 4 Lake Huron Railway, for Bucalu and all points VM; at Toronto a-ith Grand Trunk Rail way, loKlngMta, Ofdensbu*g, Uontnal, Qixb.~<- and all points In Canada East, Northern Vermont, Nc» Bampafalre and Maine. tcm Baggage checanl U,roach. Through tlcicts fot aale at iht principal iUllr«ail oflces in tbe We«t, and at th» g«neral olice, corner Lake * Dear bora streets, ooposllt the Tremonl Home Chlcafo, and 1 at ths> Depot, fttot of kake street. _ R. K. RlO>:,8u|.'t. B-J. *AlBaw,Oen. raas. Af'l. aprli Detroit & Alii. Railway. THE eteamer CI«Tclaai4 will take ______ her place in liae of the Detroit A Milwaukee Railway, on Moeday, the 14th March. Pass-ngers Wlshlnjj through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday next, at 230 East Water street, or al the office on Uie Aock of Ui« Detroit t Mllwaate • KaUway Co.— Due notice of the time of departure will b* giveo. Thl» will make the shortest, cheapest au.1 ^ulck«»t route to all points Cast. ttarS 18*19. SUMMEK ARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee W K, tWur for tke i A T|,i il.lied, flavin^ (.• OUR JOBSiNfi OtPARIM-.NT April, • L pntl »t the f»o •> Wtsconsm here o»'lrr« cmr. n. vur mttjcrb • = I" - I" . DETROIT Haihvay & MILWAUKEE Meaiaboal Lin*- ! DR' p ictUon a I t -I U Ur It l-l.r: VSI KK -Mils.. ir..-.",'.-,;':,;; 1 ^,:";-/:':::-:..:•: -.-• !,,• NEW yORK& ERIE RAILROAD T 1 K.rr New V..r» fi. J H I' II .1 > OITICK II Pnsy iijii ..c Mrt_ Hllw%uk»-f , \],,K« ».;• K . p K.- H , o h |,urcha».-». B L A N aprtl C H A RD ' 8 RE.OOK, RIAIIV »T. SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN REPORTS focsale at STRICKLAND * oo, '<*" 184KastWaier«reet. GENTLEMEN'S FUKNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTTT9. S Q 0 PIKE'S PI4AK. A NEW MAP, showing the Rowte to the Gold Ee- gloBs In Kansas, Just received by STRICKLAND t CO., febl » *M Kait Water Brett NOTICE THE INSPECTOR Of rl»sV, A PPOINTOD by the Common Council of.the City of Milwaukee, in pursuance of An Act of the I/eirtila- ture, approved March II.ISM, hereby gives notice that be is now furnished with the pioper weight* and bmnfls for <M due performance of the duties of his office. By the (aid "Acl'Mt U made the duty of all person, dealing in Fish to glre notice to the Inspector to have tbe same duly inspected and branded before patlclnc. M'. Bmlth will be found at the Mew Warehouse of Messrs, John Furlong • Bon, Booth Water tt., Wetter 1 * Point, where all notice* are requeued to be left Milwaukee, May T, l«s». maylO JOgH SMITH, loapector. in the D. S. t>U- .ulct Court for the District of Wisconsin. In Iquit*. «•«•»'*» . ............... Ml. 0.«MII»8. Byan A Jankini, OOUNSKL.LOKS AT L.AW, BANK Corner Eael Water and Michigan ett*, JfOaaOkee. inayB _ James A Swaiu, , H J H. RUSSELL. T7IVEKTTHIHO required fora full ana assorted stock £t for a first class Wholesale and Retail Drag 8 tor* Is kept by Harrington, and of Uie rery best quality.— MlEart Water ttrert, Directly opposite tbe Auction Koom of the MA G- 1 E & « W A I N , WnXTonwto st the old stand where be will b. plcaii ' LlrWU bftlle * tttblllbment - ' OHARI.E3 QUENTIN A CO. ftOTHTIH Jk CO., - , .. sale Seal ltota»tt_te the Olty of MUwaukee, In large -or imallparoeii. Building lot* In erery Ward oft h" OUt. of>ll»Ue«andprlee., for bmlnets orresldeno and on «asy termi. Also, small tarmi of from E lo'IO »cret, near the Olt7 ( for gardening purposes. Abo. several thousands of acresof the b«t farming lands 1& 3HARLC8 QUBNTIH * CO. WESTERN UNION I , —AND- , / . Wi*con«ii. State Telegraph. ^ - Office, fret Dtmoerat Blocl, VOuxnttee. ' -.Connection* with all Lines East.' WiMouta State tine* ran from PRKltlllJIfl IIC DODBLK THREAD g K W 1N O MACHINES. That took tbe rittST fKEMIUN A DIPLOMA, cor family use, at the Wlsconaln Ctate fair, October «, are for sale at the <ewiug machine Emporium YOUNGr'H BLOCK. ootlg ISAAC A. IIA NCR * C«. VNITEV NTATE8 HIAR8RAI/.S SALE The Partners Loan t Trust Com 1 P»ny. | vs. Tbe Milwaukee A Superior R.ll- road Company, City of Milwaukee, John Stewart, Jonaan o. A. Allerdlnsj, | Obristlan Bahm and t Gottfried WooUch, j I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree Jfiade b* the District Court of the United States, for'tte District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 1I5S in thefebore entitled cause, I shall sell at Puhllc'Auctlon, on Tueaday, 2nd day of Angnit, 185», at.»**clock In the afternoon, from Uie steps of tbe Custom House, in the Olty of Milwaukee, all and slogurar, the mortgaged premiaes mentioned In Ike bill of comptaiil in said cauat, and dcacribed as : "All the rollowlng, present and in future to be acquired, real aid personal property and reas estate ot tbe said defendant, Uie Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t at Is to say. Ml of the first division of the Ballroad of (aid Eallroad Company defendant, from the Olty of MUwsnkte, to tbe tilty of GweenBajr In said State of Wisconsin, a distance ot one .bandied and twenty miles, including the right of way, and land occupied by laid flrrt dhlsion of said road, (subject to the right, title or claim, which the Old defeadanu Stewart, Allerdlng, Balm ud ;Wp«l»ch, or either of them, may have had at the time • o« making said decree, to land upon which laid Ran- road Company no located ltiway,ani tn which no -eompeniatlan hat been made to them:) together with the wpertiructureand track thereon, and all rails and otter materials nied thereon, brldgw, viaducts, cut- rertt, fence*, equlpmenU, necesaary depot ground, and UdUIogi thereon, beloBglDg to the laid Railroad Oom- H»ny,»na all roUtog »tockV enjlnet, .teoden, can, tools, mattriali, maeht»ery, Hxtatu, and all other personal property appertaining to aa!4 4nt division or kal« roadyairi all rlghu thereto, *na lniere«a tol« acquired by jald defcndaoV^tbe-Milwaukee and Superior RaUroadOoiapany, -tofether Trtth thtrnams aid func- Mont appertaining to the laid flat dlTi*i«n of Mid raid, all toll., TetrUand Income to be had Of lerkd then- froin, an« all Corporate And other- fraoehlset, right* andprlrB«.of tfjeiald Railroad Company in or to or coDcernSw the laoe." - i, Milwaukee, Wli., April 8,1868 April i, : N and after Apvll 9th. l-*£9. and laiitil Uce, no person la author.i*il to oiak or ccnlract^for materials for the Milwaukee MI. KO Railroad without a written order from the QD.I^r ed. Bill, will In- paid monthly ami srir..un < will D. i ontinueil with any'ern Uial n, ^!»-. t« t.. r^ lauothly bills. 0. 6. HALL, Oao'l 4gt ilortfa^.r. aprlfl J.T. J1OOPV, Master of on run their e of I *.»». THE i%OKTIieRi\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, Jnrlog the present St-w known and popular Firsi i I M I •r-..,...- llollr» of Si>l II : lir*nd Arrive at There t* the Railw a Dew in.i C'>mfurlal.l<- ay Depot at Oran.t Hav-u on th^ Beach ve every itt»nli<j ~ RAIL KOAL). THK SHORTEST 1HO««T EXPEDITIOUS ROI fl>:1 TO La n Ming, La Arouse, Winona, Bead'* Landing, Eed Wing, PEKSOOTT, -8T, PAUL AKD 8T. ANTHONY. ChaufeefTiBie. Monday, April 4, 18*0. IBT TRAIN LEAVES fllll.WAEKEE 11:00 A. M, Arriving at Jmnesvll'e a.20 P. M. j Maiflso* 3:36 P. M.; Prairie do Uonnectlng with the Prairie du Chlen and Bt. Paul Packets, which leave Prairie du Ohlen on the arrival of the S:00 P. M. Train. 8s» TRAIN l,eAVEff ITII(,WAlKEe •:05 t. M., Arriving at Janvenllle 8:56 P. M • Madison JfcOO P. M. B r Parr to all points oo tbe Hisilsslppl Hirer as low as any other RoaU. W1LLIAU JtRVIS, apll Oen'l Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAIL ROAD. ! 18.59. SUaSi 1859. SPKIlSfCi AKBANGiSMENT. «sBEAT RORTn-WESTEttN VNITEP Regularly, belvt-fu OODKNSHUK(tti A: OriWKCJO, ANB THK II'PFK I. AH US! formlug a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdfna:.uri;>i « n d Ojwego, and Chicago, Ullvaulire and Inurrm,. j,.,, I orta, connecting at O|rden»bur|>h «rith Iho OeDENaBDROU a VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD HtlUTK, aMwecn C*;densbnrgh, BivtlDgton, Coot-ortl. Manchester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcrsler and sVnlen, aed al Oswego with Iho New Os»c(ro Line of Thirty first Glass O»n»l Boats on the Enlarge, 1 Cunal, between jAlbuny & Nciv also at UuQkira with lorh, NKW YORK AND KHIK RAILROAD, And forming a Trl-YVeekly Railroad Une between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago. _ Property forwarded by this Line will bj subject >ut One Transhipment. Merchanju- marked «l\. T. €.'!». F.\'. will be forwarded from New York by in Jfejrrnt Freight Train over Via JV'««, Yvrt A St+e Railroad, And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk.] APPL,^ TO J. Mrus, Agent N. T. Co., 1T7 Broadway, New Tork. i. L.'Wiaxta, Agent N T. Co., 8 Cteatle.i Slip, Npw rt x t 1, Hurtles from^atf*, ltltnUiins, will be ,-ime.i . p be had on applleatjoa in &r~ Tickets C»Q he &».l ii n hoanl Stcamr-n ant K. ML" IS. >voeral Superintendent. 8i>— tlni Detrull W i|> i K A II .< U. :. . . urn. M ! v,. HA 1.1. Or- 186H. i u WATKU *I A to., J/^^. ir^i CA*^ Hanu/arturers ,tnti v\' A i; i- • > i {JSr ,., W ODLD reipectfally inoounce to ets, thai th«j still coo^oue i» anj b«l iclected Stock of Uooda in fonnd In Lhe State, herrtofore,'wilh tlit; To their I. EXPKESft AND ONLY ALL RAtL ROUTE. TO LA CROSSE •• tbe VPP£R niSSJSSlPpl RIVER, On and after' Hoeday, April !i5tS Two Throngh Exprew Train* Daily. Onia. B. TAPMS, corner «th an.l Ohesnut su, Phila. HovtT A Cuwroan, Osw<go N. Y. L D.CiLDwmj., Agent, Dunkirk, N. T. OBitiBkUjB, Csuwroao k Co , Cleveland, 0. JOBS) HOCUHU, Agent N. T. Co.. 95 State st., Boston. A. Oqaasiia, Agent V. 0. Line, 1U3 State st , Boston J. r.CluacH, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. V. O«o. Paaua, Agent, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. „ "t J i M 8 B Y. Milwaukee, Wls , office LaOrosie i M. R. B. Depot. id will Coaduct their Intenuuo i,f giving 11 aa many Dew customers aj may I*TI m- as a call, we would say one of .uir tirm iv York, and we liave facilities for Ui« purvha ufacture of goods that can not be eireiie,! aU times ready to take advantage ol Ka^t and have been enabled to reduce U*o pr kiiHis of goods, which w* -hall coDiintu- i lowest prices In Westcra \, rkeU. We are constantly receivioif. addition* t and will keep it so complete as to be &l>le at ail to Qll orders f6r any ktnj of SaddlerV, I'arri.v mera* i>r Trunk Makers' Htock, «nd wilt ,rn ^., u ner lo (five aatialactioa la restwct t.>. ( ual.ty an.I We ala.» keep an assortment of Bent rftutl, t'elloefl, ? pokes, Hubs, Ac., Ac , and have i hinii,cr will tnaki* to order, any kiovl .,r riage. Wagon or Team Harness. Qa.1) and see for yourselves. REMOVAL \\ F B A V I. I I 86 . Office near M. * M. R. ». Depot. N. B.— Shippers are requested to see on* of the above Agents, before making contracts, as they are prepared to OOer very low rates, and their connections with the Ogdeniburgh and Otwego routes, and especially with the Mew Tork It Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. marlS-dCm-laitwlaw FBOH DEPOT VOOT 0* OHESTOtT 8TKER, HOU. BS • IB Mora, for aale. U A. HI. and t2:45 P. M. • Trains arrive at Milwaukee at ' 9:3O A. M. AND 3:8O F. M- ClOM conneotlons ate .made at IJaOroue. Twice flaily each' way with the Min- Mesota Packet ConpaBr's Mew and Splendid batted State* flail tine • i • ; of Steamer* to d* from St,' I'unl . .. • - > r utingUUs routi, will In distance and 18 boon time, from Ohlcaco or IDhntoktc to Lit OniM.or fit. Paul,, orer any other route. . , •Mondtji ezeepted. tSondayt exetpted. ' OH BJact Star Line of Packets. OlClce No. 4O Fill 1011 atreel, N O N 1, Y L) I K B: C T LI V. NK . 33 JL* -A. BO" B.«,MKUULL,Bnpt, i 8TBAM TO ALL POINTS .of Great Britain for 83O. ' : The powerful Iron Steamships Oltr OP BALTlilOHK, 'CITY Of WAaillNHTON. OITY OF MANOHE8TKB, KANGAROO, i VIQO, Will *an from New fork for Oork and thence to UT- verpoi I, &TXVSBY ALTSRNA TX Passage from New W at* ; Oab|nn...$75.« Third Olaas....ISO. Panage from Liverpool and Oork: Oab|n,,...|SS.. Third Class,....$10. CVParaengen forwarded to Havre. Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for »S8 la .Cabin, $3S Third Class. TO PABI8 (In SBbour* from Urerpool,)<0abln 190; Thl« CUi*.»S8.. ...... •..-.. The arore Steamships are built of Iran, in wttertight injpattmenU, earn, each aa ezperteueed Sargeon and Itefor the Immediate extinction of flre. . 117 Broadway, n. I. • avoid the rlik and. Sax and 8t. Johns, at thaSlaam- Ooax. aj removed tn his nl<| itao.l, KAST W AIFH .M K Ji. BonetW* Dr-y (,,», f .^j,;, *nj having made such aJdltiooa to hut r*nh executi&t. KINK IP O K T K A 1 i As to <*nab e him to s+y to ihe pobllo with cor thml be is DOW prepared lo furnish them with ?v air able style o. Piciare knnwT, \n tlie com-runi attach Aatoundkag Low Prie* 1 "* »s u> defy i- imp for example. Dnguerrotypes tor I *2V P1II.I. KIZK PIlUTOCilt 4f>ll.s for only »1,00 the flrst one, and 500 l..r the lhi|>l Aid In fact eTery oiie» Jslyle of Piotura ipooJing low prices. Colored In either Oil « Water Oolors, and the highest style of thu Aru| THE STEEI.OTVPr, A new.acd pop&lar style of Picture, Coforud in On which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness ami Unlsh, any other Picture ever offered to thr These Picture* haveonly to be seea to be admired. All who aredesirara of saving money an respectful!} solicited to caH and examlao Specimens at the Oul Stand, Ho. 138 Satt Water itrtet, MUvxuttee, W marlU-ilto W. 7. BAYLKY, Uoctor C. H ATING located himself In Milwaukee, offt .service!, to the. public. Dr. L. ha* served .„ v British Army for fifteen yean, M> India, Burmah and th« Crimea. .", • . 'Surgical cases promptly attended. "Office comer Huron and. Van Btireo it JAPONIOA, 80 tuni for sale b • sale by 0. HARRINGTON, At 6 oent*. per 100 lb«. ,^k « 1 ll<-^t • 1 '.. ;'T ^ 11 Nr- nd m»n Utrkc-tj -i. *t Ui tr iT.i.A »M ';nif tff !>., n 1 [M U-,-, »in v - ••h, t'ar QO i ; i t'. i r i !«••* '( s : 'ery .1.*y> * n > ft-t.on 1'ts IS |.l irr««- In Oil, auty o( jblic'. •d. rctfullj he Oul *annin. ili»t.U era his In the and m OH, it*. fnfth) .1 ^ |J K> \M . k ' i y — jf~ /3k • « v ^ j a -a. ..... >-l»n , ; . N 1 — ^ ~7"' ^ -i^J A »_ . Uai-, ( ,i(» aij-i ^ r m i. l( , i I • • •• .«(().) * I' w <!' i.r..- \ i., ( I*J"o. l, '•• \ ^ 1 0. \ , , , ; M.l.iV.U-K N'h ,., ,. AILAMh - v \ i : > F.U.I, vri a... I ' Ni IK l,v. N , . -V :£'.".. ' '"' "' ' ' " ' x.\'i i i.-i i \ •> \ i , 1 ' JV 0 . 1 i: a ii u ,« i ,- ,- tUrf 1-1 U . 3?. l.rvxor C < »M VI |>s It t.N \( N<J. *OM VI • s| ** * 1 ''•TH.,11., , iU.-Tll,,ii| m.i t,| « ,, ( | H f ^>, (i(i| _ is?K i KK'^ I'A ^ f hfla ^ 2,' r •» J.%K s v AA 4 • ' ^J«a ••.. A J*> S^7^ 1 T "^ 1 J. ao.l ii, u jl Kl nv,i\|.. , , , r.i o .pL,'i b,'ohurir.,,"ii..t,,','!"<,!',', ,rov^ i., iu|-<.rutr'li ' r .' ',,' ' (.".' !n,i,.t!t:'™ u '",;,*",:' ;i :.' ;••""•••• loll. *p|tly ti JiJ il \ •"«' ' A*«,f.r£ •K o ia ., i |, ;i n « ^ r \ U»£> . 1 .. , l • . ( \H,,K ^ 11 » 3 -. , 1 . , ; o o *»"!!-»-. i .1 • . .( v A < •.., :i; c 1 1 \ % i _ 1 'i ^IHI-i 1 L h.,N 1 ".' * i,-,',- 1 "!. 1 ! X. ii'.'.ui',!,''.".,..' ,„. * t. \ , ,, , '""-.: "ov "!, ','. 11 ; ( ,, ) ' I ; il «;- rv-i •• w -1—11,1., ,i...... K U(M ". ^lil.- ./ l\ ,.•..,.,„, r o n < h , U Nl>KK'l A i>. i-.i: •»|>rlsig MI., Uppomlln %iu » •• rl< Jin |j t, u*,, f Mahogany, Black Walnut iml <n;,,. r iv m,|1Cii"""!"' uther with riak's Metalio Burial Oases. olu «». m The office of Uie Jforesc tlnro,. r tmy place, wheiu 1 fmvtMh.. p i lt(t "^iSiss» nl'K pin-- lo n.,y ()rooi-ri« i< 4 Pt , e / ^Lt.mnany • •.i.r^S LrC88PORK, good article, in .tore, fof saJ« U± angis LA?TON k PLASKI^'TO}*.

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