The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1971 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1971
Page 7
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niB BRAZ08POHT PACTS, FrMpori,Tex»i,Wedneid«y, November 24, 1871. BORN LOSER ' WIN AT BRIDOe X LI'L ABNER .•/bsrii 'c>4 Gerber Simpl The Television Picture «DI <PM AffM »«*»'* Wt T*p rum***'' I' 1 **' IWTI t> w -mjKi; } QUIT V/MKM VOWI FUTUROID < CAMERA--y -VA4I04 wr.WiLv TOOK WCME.ROtfTMlMCA V/I4IO4 HADN'T '^' k. ./ i<i \ istti. A * A>4 A1>A|T T14AP. V/AWjfT !•« FuTUP.e M J TH AT — • &UT THIS O-lf-'UL !>l"v/-O- BLONDIE NORTH 24 « AQJ IO«7flS42 42 WBHT KAST 4JC43 A Q 108 4 2 VK712 VJ104.1 • Vw) • K *QJ)OU3 *K8fl HOUTII <D) * AK7 V AQ'Jfi Writ Paw K«l South I K.T l»»w 4 H T. Q VMm* Wr»»4 0) Ml«* dttf^r*' 0) MM *( cwfcU. ffl /./««* (I U Amtrf I t-M O Kit' X<n)*'« trri* tt t B i («%» larr »:» PM Henry James' Works *K Xrv* VM IMC a • • O ffl Mir Tf»k C3 I Dr«m •< JMUM<4 I:»PM O Xfuv hi ft» I*" <hn*« Aaiotr l« firnttt tttttt ACKOHS 1 "Tilt KnUr i'WIiat Miu 44 Ir^iuuit (t«l| , 41 Unir.Va 42 JHiUh </**!, mur 44 M»n « r»«-fer«i* 47 V, A P fi-^-' THE \ *>• I! 1 '^ »'^ii 1^ " .C2^»-f ^ GLORY B6!! ! ! ! ftUNNTLOVJ6ElV!; j p. M /-' M ^f^'.^A", - •• i; fjfv -V.-.' "«i7>*VflT>C '•'-. \ *•"" ? . ( Jl * ' ;/ - Xj!r ; ;' rc«W-Tf(H-f !> •ii.'H'^H^C A.'/ p i f T y •',!'..'( : '. — ' • -*'t »,-M^» x /22fc~/" BEETLE BAILEY ».«• ; ilAjff f is i THE BADGE GUYS l<> (Hwuld i Jatnti Jacob; Th<- r-Efxrrt ami (h<; be- Rinncr both u.v; a standard fw trump with 4-3-3-3. 443-2 or 5-332 distribution am! a 1018 r;inj;<- m high /.-ardi SOIIH- ••xjxrtj prefer a 15-17 point rariiji: and thi-v ail ( tural a ItUU' so that any ohe of thvin will treat l.'j |xj:nU pius three or (our 10 5j»jti as a 11-p^int hand Th<-> do u,s* the no-trump as a pn-<ise picture bid and l)>'"> also us-e vr-ry powerful jrn-tlwxli ol slain bidding in oin- i-tj^-f! weajxjn is •*»•!! withiii th'- reach of air. p!a;>- er It n (!ie <',vtli"r <.on-, irn- lion The simplest '*a> So use th:s convention is to pro- vul<- ihat after a no-trump <ip»-n;r!i: a Jump to four no- Irutnp i» a itrons; raii'- in nit Ir-.Ks.p while a Jump !o four <-liibb iv an artifu lal tjul lha! asks for aces The tjasii- fi"p!i<-j Si; ;> fjer- t»«-i four clubs are four (iia- rnoriiH to ittow no ace\ or all four arei. four heart* to show O;K' ace. four spades to ihuw t»o aces and four no trump to iho» three If a ficrbcr bidder a ant-* U.i as.i, for kin);' he folio-** i.-p with five ciubs. a (our no trump follow-up aits to stup tight th<-re ToJaj's hand show* 'Jer- Ijrr in operation North •aanti tu p!aj in seven i( hit partner has the other UUT afr». >n vi\ if he has two of them arid a! just game »n c.-jw South has jus! one ace If South has no jces N'urSh v*i!! <)u:t .1! four no trump South shows aces and North bids --even n<.> iruinp 1U- know 5 that his partner will hoM at li-avt two diamonds so thai if l(v- fcitVh iv heUi against \~\\m it wiii U- a iincli-ioti it Is VI !>.; !: ^ 15 SC'alllr emtn 10 Cravat 12>^it(Fr ) IS CV.iiW' VIP ID Aft AM (D KMVNMM - A eformlflit W«h man fi»m«* (n North fVIt 1PM O Mtm-lt — A hllfhWItff rflK- covfrf « htninmwrruiit tat * iftrft »l»f«>*« wh»» .««* Iriwi l« fr»m* him; *n jrrmd foNVry 1)1 Ih* for- K>>f of i) polkf chaw in) I wlno y ffi M«l» - "Sort*! fctrifle" I tWII K/*wno Branl. WW C«jr- w>r, .John KMT, K»y Wsbiw. J«»- li.i Matt, Fr»TO» Nnyn; »•«*? •* » Fffixli |.l.inMlloo owiwr J~) * I/A Navy niir«* *ho m«*4 »«t (»8 I" Un* fin a r«not» Ulanrf in lh» Smrth lUci/V; rtuflnj WorVI War II ... a c I j » 1 1 c ; p«-«mj« Bwilchrt. Cnuruhfp <rf Kildl*'* Tartar. amJ«fl FimJI/. SWr)«y'« W«W. lh» M*» (B 31 Hull tlul <; Fmul 4/1 %'arrat* 4T!i'Ti«-!t»-r (ah) 4S Farrr. huiVitnr ih^-vm t*~> ? City i.% Frsrx-*. VJ t>V. St ~- i2C<> . ii^rry . I PM O HrnU Amrrtra* 0) — A Mo- - — '^>'r/f«%»f Tokyo" U-,1 W»<T*r, Joan ColUnj. f/Br«r. . Ain^tran in- 4<»-r.l .lv«*.«v«^ I-i* 1 u ufl- O l»-l l«- Mr Ih^lnrt SlUor J J» f'M O OJ ffl O .>y^ki«« M-VAMI IKTI SIDE GLANCES r--. i >•{ -•"4 ^% '.; • V !• f* -* $^' V " : '!'.. r— •.,,,•«! !2 TW ^wl II U I'M Q r«u t t>i Q) VU>tr ~ H-^ Ju Hwl Can--r;..-, ''Ur-.r- '• •-*r Y^x'-.t-'^. .^'•^•f *,' i- T'JVI yin \*' .*> n,-y" lj) \ trx 1 ** 4 ^ 11 - '-^ ^ '• II I'M LM ALLEY OOP 6tf r.VT \Sr»l \uflh tJiM StHllh ! A 1ST IV« : ,'. T l'*v Y t .-j. S«-.,th. hold AALJ4 VKt fAgt«SS JkklO) WSu! do >«,J .!>,' A— Bid ihtr* r>o-l>\imp. Vuu Kaxr a maiimum one nu- Irump TOUAVS gft>TU)N BUGS BUNNY O UK y. Thursday 9, CD Bon'i Bl| O Snune Stnr< CD **M .1 Cocfche G3 l^«>f II In Bcmt 5 I'M M. >.- >uiilii'i •> nx at S (£} t? - ^ i.M "It's a sort of second honeymoon. They're recycling their marriage!" tm. ,Sr»» CAPTAIN EASY KEEP* LE'S STOP F M SET n • ^1 / I'LL WAVE A V HAMBURGER: SHORT RIBS OIL A sure FOR .we / f CORPO TIGER KMCW VCV' All. c»t'T?sco5r.'

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