Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 21, 1955 · Page 3
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 3

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1955
Page 3
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Form Safe Habits When Working Out-of-Doors Don't Overdo Those Yard9 Garden Jobs By MR. FIX Sure. It's great to be outdoors, under the warm tun doing yard and garden work, improving the property. But try not to overdo it. Your enthusfasT- could carry you away— to the nearest hospital. You are easy pickings for the ambulance man when fatigue crosses up your reflexes and coordination. Pretty soon you're taking reckless chances. Another kind of carelessness has nothing to do with fatigue. It's committed deliberately, almost automatically, by the guy who say's "Chances are I won't get hurt." He's the chap we re really worried about, because if he gets away with it once he'll try it again and again until his luck runs out, as it's bound to. His trouble is familiantv. Familiarity vdib. the work he's doing and the tools he s doing it with. Lawn Mowing Take lawn mowing, for example We know a fellow who, when the blades of his power lawn mow er got jammed with grass in the midst nf a cut, would throw out the clutch and kick at the blades to free them ngain Little shortcut he had figured out. S'nce he didn't nave to shut off the engine, ll taved time. Then one dav he forgot to dis engage the clutch. He kicked at the blades, they spun around with tne full power of the engine be hind them and whisked the tip of his shoe off A cpuple of his toes v.eni witn tne leather If you still need a safety lesson, read on. Here's a list of a dozen hints to help vou safelv through anotner outdoor living season. 1. Clear the lann of stonef, Hire and debus before mowing And tell the cnildren to go fly a kite, somewhere else 2. Shut off the engine of a power mower vhen removing debns from, or adjusting blades Except when actually mowing or adjusting the engine, always shut it off Don't leave it while it's 3 Don't smoke moner with fuel filling 4. Don't u«e an electric mower on wet grass or while its rain-tnsr 5. Keep tools sharp. Dull fools cause fatigue because use of them requires increased effort 6. Store tools neatlv In taraee or tool shed. Keep sharp one out of childiens rearh when not in use Never leave them lying around outdoors. 7. Carry tools carefuliv to and from the garden or work area Whenever possible, transport tools in a wheelbanow 8. Do not suing tools In confined spaces, espemllv not in the vicinity of clotheslines or clothesline poles 9 Keep poisonous uprajs. in«er-ticides and weed killers in safe places, prefeiably under lock and key in the garage 10. Ha^e a garden hose or fire extinguisher handy when burn 1UFI MTV* IULUILA walls keep up appearances with HO UfKtm for walls that keep their crisp, fresh appearance indefinitely, choose Weldtex. This handsome Weldwood* Plywood paneling has a etnated surface that gives it a three dimensional effect. Easy to in«t»H, too. You een $ut up these big pineli yourself, over old walls or on bare ituds. WeI<H*x* U * wonomical . never t needs J ftpiir . . . and I il guaranteed for the life of your house. We have it in panels 4' wide bv 8', 9>*nd lO^lone, •/„" «hi<*Mt**i •«'♦*!«* tt4 J** Stop iklsVf^^Mlaa* 0. Selgestad & Son 209 C. First St. Ph. 3-7371 NewspaplkRRCHIVE® _ Furniture Recushioning Easier Since Foam Rubber Developed By MR. FIX One* upon a time, recushioning of furniture was left pretty much to th« experts. Not so smce-the development of foam rubber padding. frothy aoltd made from liquid latex molded in a great variety of shapes and sizes. Now home reckoning projects are commonplace, simple because foam rubber is such a breeze to ork with — a do-it-yourself prod uct par excellence. It can be cut, Dent, rolled and folded into most any shape to fit, for example, odd-shaped chair arms and seats. With special adhesive, it can be cemented to food, metal, plastic and fabrics It can also be bonded to itself, a factor that reduces waste because large pieces can be made from several scraps. Molded Cushions The molded cusions come m sizes to fit many styles of chair and sofa seat-cushion covers. They have rounded edges and are le- ■ersible — that is, smooth on both 'ides Solid slabs aie smooth-two-sides square edged pads used chiefly over springs or such soud mater ia as wood and metal. Cored slabs are similar, except that they have rounded edges and r.iform, open scores molded into the undersides Long lengths are suitable for installing deep cushion ing on chaise longes and continu- is-seat sofas There are countless home uses for three types of foam rubber. Several suggested by Goodyear are- Chair Seat Cushions— Use molded iversible type padding in thick nesses of 5]4, S3* or 6J3 inches. Foam rubber padding should be si to one inch longer and wider than cushion cover measurements. Open cover at rear by cutting ing rubbish or brush Tell children again to vamoose 11. Burning rubbish or lea\es on blacktop paving; could result in a bigger blaze than you'd bai gained for and certainly wouldn't do the blacktop any good 12. when pruning larte trees, lash ladder to the trunk Don't hold onto dead limbs and be careful that cutoff limbs don't fall on you or dislodge ladder. Finally, remember the joke about the guy who cut off the tree limb he was standing on T'am't funny. stitches at the cord line. Pull out old padding, insert rubber and re- stitcn. Bathinette Pad— Cut a sheet of le-mch thick slab stock to size of bathinette top. Cover with waterproof material. The same mater- can also be used for playpen pads. A crib pad of three-mch-thick cored stock will further add i baby's comfort. Ottoman and Stools — Use one or l^-lnch slab stock, allowing ap proximately quarter-men oversize. Cement rubber to top and cover with plastic or fabric upholstering material, pulled tight and tacked to underside Cored stock recommended on large sizes. Outdoor Furniture — Use coied stock in thicknesses of 2 9/16, 2^ or thr^e inches for chaise longue and similar furniture. Inseit in piesent cushion cover, oi make new cover. Paading should be a4-incn oversize to fit cushion covers up to 24 inches in length, I'i inches in lengths fiom 25 to 36 inches, inches from 37 to 54 inches; 21i inches from 55 to 72 inches, and 2^ inches size for 72-mch lengths and You can use ordinal y household scissors to cut foam rubber to any aesired size Cutting is easier, how ever, if jou lubricate scissors by dipping them m water frequently. Foam rubber can also be cut easily on a band saw. You don't have to wony about wasting foam rubber, for scraps can be put to good use. Since they hold water, small pieces of foam rubber are useful for dish-washing and carwashing. As kneeling pads tr.ej 11 hPlp pi event "housemaid .■ knee " They're handy for dusting sueae snoes ana leit nats, too. About 40 per cent of the area of the United States is in the Missis sippi River system CALL PAUL JAMES Digging of Almost Any Kind Roots Cut Out of the Sewer Coptic Tanks Pumped Ph. 4-8791 or 2-397 1 DIXON, ILLINOIS Gardener's Questions Answered O— Wht sort of care should be given the large-leaf eedum? A — Sedum apectabUe, the- show iest of the family, wants a fairly heavv. moist soil. It doe* not do ell In sandy, dry soils. It toler ates considerable shade and seems une to all insects except aph id*, which can be controlled by iprayinn with malathon, lindane or Black-leaf 40. Q— Am contemplating planting a cut-leaf weeping birch for both shade and ornament. Have been advised against the birch because it is subject to borers and dis-eaess. What is your opinion? A — The weeping cut-leaf Euro pean birch, to give It the correct name, is not recommended be cause of its susceptibility to the bronze birch borer. Keeping the tree in good health by fertuizme, frequent watering during the heat of the summer, removal of all dead ood as soon as noticed, and spraying in early summer with DDT or malathon to kill the beetles as they appear to feed on the foli age, is of considerable help in re ducing; borer attack. Incidentally, the canoe birch, betula papyrifera, is almost immune to borers, and has fully as attractive a bark. Q— We cut our hybrid tea roses back last autumn to about 15 inches. Have recently noticed that the stems have browned down to about 6 inches. Should I prune them down to green wood? A— Wait until new growth appears to tell you the extent of winter injury. Many brown canes may be fully alive, and to prune now might remove productive wood. When new growth is an inch long cut canes back to the top live bud growth, making a slanting cut \\ Inch above the bud. Next autumn cut the plants back to 24 30 inches. SEE AL TICE of Sterling Heme Improvement for 3-D Aluminum Roofing - Siding Storm Windows and Insulation PH. 4-3013 DIXON Budget Luxury! This Ranch Type Home Has Custom-Built Look From front or rear, this three-bedroom, two-bath ranch home has a luxury custom-built look, but the architect has shaved construction costs by blueprinting it for modern labor and material-saving methods. Low maintenance and economical operation are assured by-good construction and quality materials. The plan is No. AB215N, American Builder magazine, 79 West Monroe St., Chicago. Ceilings in all rooms are sloped to follow the roof line. The wall running along the living room, dining aiea, and breakfast nook consists entuely of floor-to-ceiling fixed sash window units. For the awning and sliding windows else- heie on the house, stock wood mdems in modular sizes aie specif'ed The aichitect specified silver-gray, fire-resistant asphalt smngles for the low-sloped loof The basementless house is heat ed by modern foiced waim air, with a compact furnace installed a closet in the center ot tne tioor plan To assure economical operation of the heating plant and comfortable living the year round the ; and ceilings are completely insulated with mineral wool Double-glazed windows also aie an portant factor in comfort con trol. All frames and sasn are of -ood which has a natural insulat ing quality The log-burning fireplace of Basement Leaking? Stone or Brick Walls Deteriorating? Repair Them With AIR PLACED CONCRETE The Modern, Economical Way/ T*.e\\ Mater Rpsistsnt Compound* Makes It Even Better. CALL 3 5141 JENSEN & JENSEN Dixon, Illinois The CROSLEY M»dtl ACF-33 '55 CROSLEY Automatic push-button Room Air Conditioner DONT WAIT— CALL 4 0171 RIGHT NOW FOR A FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION YOU'LL BREATHE THE 1^ Crosley deans as It dries as It tools the air Your Crosley Room Air Conditioner not only cools the air ... it tailors it to perfection! Keeps humidity down on stickiest days . . . filters out dust and pollen . . . circulates air without drafts. Why wait? Start enjoying real comfort even in hottest weather. Get the modem Crosley Room Air Conditioner NOW : ; ; and breathe the difference! YOU PAY LESS TO LIVE MORE COMFORTABLY WITH CROSLEY! DIXON OIL COMPANY 812 DEMENT AVE. CLYDE CARSON, Prop. colorful random fieldstone faces both the large living room and the dining area. The walls above the fireplace are faced w.th vertical redwood. The total floor area is 1,607 square feet, a figure useful in estimating construction costs. (Detailed' building plans are available from American Builder, 79 West Monroe St., Chicago 3. Refer to Plan >*o. AB215X.) Ik / Phone \ ALUMINUM SIDING with rhe BAKED ENAMEL FINISH SD-InjelQra combines Insulating Board with. Aluminum— the 2 siding materials proved best for insulauon. * Saves 30% Futl Colli * Indt Rain and Hail Nelsai * Increase! Noma Volua VN0 MONEY DOWN 3 Years to Pay DIXON Roofing Co. E. RIVER ROAD Plenty of Frf Parking Saturday, May 21, 1955 Page S ll ... WrTH A^MONEY || ip^^^ °EvoE tr,pl~^ jyii saints because it contains more zinc and titanium And it stays a9 ' i white longer due to its self-cleansing characteristics gSENSATIONAL OFFER on professional BRUSH! ^jH designed to hold and aoply more paint . saves trme jBjKjej | l*»mt»g« af flm «arvt!i«« «Hw WAY . j^^^* J Phone 52 Franklin Grove III. OPEN SATURDAY NIGHT UNTIL 9 PM • so lovely to look at • so easy to roll up • so easy to roll down Completely Assembled Ready-to-Hang With Just a Few Screws METAL AWNINGS ONLY $1098 30-IN. WIDE • 48-IN. LONG 10 SQUARE FEET C , , ■ — A i i i/ST 1 1 • Galvanized and Bonderited for Ail-Weather Protection • Enamel Finish Baked in Before Forming • Green and White or Maroon and White Rolls up or down easily— from inside. Baked enamel beauty that lasts a housetime. No seasonal put up, take down or storage. And all at the lowest price in metal awning history! • NO MONEY DOWN • CONVENIENT MONTHLY TERMS MOW TO MtASUU It !<• nf. CJOU J-MJ IT TMIJ Up to 24" ?0R5O3° $13 98 25' to 30" f5Rso3fT l7-98 31 ' to 36" ,?R^2CT 19 98 37 • to 42" f^048„ 23.98 43" to 54" f,\06?T 29.98 55" to 66' 2o\on 3594 67" to 78" f*so8„ 79" to 89" ?*so9* 90" to 102" f5RSo°fT $69.98 .m* t»».»«f pt 1130 .lncf> txn 4t~mt GORAL BROTHERS ROOFING, FLOORING & WALL TILE PHONE 4 0171 | 121 GALENA AVE. DIXON, ILLINOIS ; PHONE 2-9231 N E W SPAPLK fl R C H I V E ®

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