The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1975 · Page 31
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 31

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 23, 1975
Page 31
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Lowly T-shirt appeals to designers NEW YORK (AP)- The once lowly T-shirt, now the fastest selling fashion item since the dungaree, has finally attracted Paris designer Yves St. Laurent. Hot on the heels of other American and European fashion designers, St. tjwrent has become the latest couturier to plunge into the somewhat offbeat market. Pierre Cardin, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and others have been producing T- shirts for about two years. St. Laurent, one of the world's most influential designers, had been resisting. "He just felt that now was the time (of T-shirts," said Barbara Louis, president of Yves St. Laurent Tricots, a New York company with exclusive rights to produce St. Laurent knitwear in the country. "He's thinking of T-shirts as a life-style. He doesn't worry whether he's on the tail end or not, because T-shirts can be so useful." And they can be. In a variety of fabrics and trims, including fur and sparkling stones, the T- shirt can be worn by a beachcomber or an opera fan. It can be dressed up or down just by the simple addition of jewelry or scarves. The St. Laurent T-shirt, emblazoned with the designer's name on horizontal lines, is expected to be in American stores beginning in December. St. Laurent is marketing the T-shirts only in America and did not show them at his recent spring line presentation in Paris. The 100 per cent cotton short-sleeved version with rounded neck will sell for $18. The shirt also appears in long sleeves for $20, V- neck, scoop neck and with broad stripes. T-shirts first appeared on the market as men's Frost needn't kill vegetables underwear. Soon the white cotton shirt was dyed and batiked Into a myriad of colors, women's sizes appeared and catchy sayings, names, motifs and designs began popping out on every street in America. That was about three years ago. Some of the more commercial shirts advertise everything from the local car wash lo n Broadway musical, from Catalina sunsets to marijuana leaves. The Superman logo, posters from old horror movies nnd the faces of famous, and not so famous people are but a few of the items that can be reprinted on shirts. "T-shirts are an extension of painting," said Peter l.lgetl, an actor and photographer who has designed hla own lln* of T- shlrU, Llgeti's body contour shirts of cotton Interlock sell for about $13 at boutiques and department stores here The designs, he said, am his own Tlmy ermslftt of simple geometric patterns and the reproduction of some of Im Cravings Llgeti thinks T -shirts stilt have a few more profitable year* on (lie American market Itutti Hammer of (»|ven«'hy agrera "I think we're In » very oonfus«! fanhlon period, ' »lvt said, "and during « confused period, « woman got* into a classic thing, whatever it might b« Jeans and Tshlrts *re * part of it "Practical they are Fashionable they ain't " uletide shopping tests imagination i.«-»lu- S*Dtt wayn lo RH around In* muni- store* and pruning all (he If your timf i* lirnil«d ami snll <m( of your orirp ramt*- are determined (n h.iv Una* »lmm>i»K »» UK- ty ,,i Christina* *honnin* nu»r< hamUs* Tlu>r» .re »VMI wm lit* th« i*n«i«,.. ,... iJH .:. .J' i'iTL'l"..:r"*J ".^ (leterrnini-d to buy i* 11 in die chaVlvn'ge It imfining!)' nuirc I )<ntt lilt C'iM'f* (>lc you kihiw intimately me FflfittPOttT. tliKAj, t UN OAT, MCW(BM»*« *»•.*'}, __ £*J»_W* *j«. lueingarten's tut , TCXAt, 1UHQA.Y, MOVtMMtt t), Wtt f*ff|tti way* lo pi around Ihs ty nl Christina* shopping Many ilmppm r*>|y <m (h«- rtimtma* (atalKtfs (hat atari arming in th«* (all Kof many catalog buying ilcltiHtf from (he holiday »I<«it Pan of |he season's fpslivillfru i* jfolng lo HIP store* and pcrutlng all (lie mvrfriatvllie 'fttete nre PVWI Ihw who make latil mirmif purrhaMM *o they tun bustle with the tent of lh«?f 1irUtin«« minded, armi filled with gaily wiapf*<i pr«wi|* am} heart* ItlM with holiday I'rcpare your lui HIP gill t<t<>a« ymj hove and the price i ante IS you think an IS carat br*<*l*! I* the ni(M if)«-a liul at the wrong pnre <inn I Shop arwiv) II II is Mill <m( of ymir price range, ,it in? nlver unction and then ihr< ro*tum* jewelry i mmtf>r for a gift that liu yriur vesting apparel it difficult It r«juir« knowing &oriK-«mi' *-lw'« personal last* and tjx-clflr »l»? Out il y«j are determined lo boy dotninr decide on a price and prweml. Cotton and wool kniU arc a *t«« choice since they offer excellent »tyllr>(f and ffarfMJf. ty In fit Diane von f-urslwibf rg and Criw have outstanding group* nl dresses. ranging: from f» lo $IM, For (weedy, casual ««paralei, Youth Guild'* selection and price range are extenilve, 130 to tlOO. Jacket* arc very Important thl* year and are available In many ihapet and prfc<*. Blazers lead In popularity and are conducive to the new layering look. Give one alone FROM ALL OF US AT PHNGARTEN'S-JfWRE NUMBER ONE WITH US! Ducks u.i.t.» "• Fryer Fry tSTC'!. -j Gizzards Livers ' \ A U.J.BJl. i»» er •LUC m§»ai B-B-Q Links f*(S» PO«» Ham Steaks rVECUWY ACCIFT U4,oji, FOOD STAMPS TENDER AGED HEAVt CHUCK ROAST " n ^9ff % GOOD W- Steak HC5M Pork Ham COLLEGE STATION Gardeners needn't dread the first killing frost as an LJM , end to fresh peppers and IWnOle tomatoes, Frances Reasonover, foods and nutrition specialist, says. "These vegetables can be picked green, before frost, and will ripen room temperature. Then store them in the refrigerator lo use fresh or make them into relishes," she suggested. Miss Reasonover is with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, The Texas A&M University System. "Green tomato-pepper relish complements the flavor of black-eye peas, pinto beans and ground meat — and gives real zest to bland foods," she said. GREEN TOMATO- PEPPER RELISH 7 quarts green or mixed green and ripe tomatoes 1 quart chopped onions 1 quart peppers, chopped, hot or a mixture of hot and sweet H cup salt Z cups sugar Ms gallon white vinegar Quarter large tomatoes and leave small immature cherry-type tomatoes whole. In large kettle, mix together the tomatoes, onions and peppers. If hot peppers are used, prepare and mix with rubber gloves to prevent burning hands. Mix salt, sugar and vinegar in sauce pan and heat to boiling. Add vegetables. Heat until vegetables change color slightly, but do not boil to prevent relish from being soft. Remove from range and fill clean, hot jars Jo ^ inch of top. Close with two- piece lid. Process in water bath five minutes. Survive the holidays Air freshener helps control conflicting cooking odors and stale smoke. Extra aluminum fail comes in bandy for wrapping leftovers or freezing foods in advance of the Dig day, protecting the oven against spillovers, god last-minute gift wrapping. It's also wise to have rug and UphoJstary shampoo on .band for on-the-spot CHOICE tE»oE» Pot RoOSt '.i.CHOtCt TiMDtR Rib Roast S U.J. CHOICE TENOe* Stew Meat W.5, CHOICE TtttOtt »f,f D >•?*,•! Sftf «ctC "£».« Jft' eo " EU " 139 . 149 Chuck Arm Roast v.i. s«OiCf. t! til » v;(s *m Eye Roast 30M M> : „.•> c«a«::i tost" ••,-•: »i» Gravy Steak V.t i-HC^ 1 .? T £ <l9t * 4C Shoulder Steak »'j»:<»t nouu Smoked Turkey »t UHO« ' H!,:«0«f !»»»•, KJ Smoked Ham nmou» JT«» ,i,c«o»" s«o« Whole Hams/; fUM- SVTT P<i«T.O* Pork Ham 1 . 8f f f .''^'JC * "" !;' 159 BUCKET OF PLUMP N' ., GRADE A IUCY LINDA FiTOMS | ^» —•> FARMER BROWN TOMS K^ ~H mi tusu ACUM B Jfljl KXX) STAMJ»S CHICKEN :*» 3 f : S fCS .'-"ARTS «'l"4 'i r SOUR CREAM ^ 129 ',, 109 '\7l49 ,,139 M.S CHOICL rc-ioc CHUCK STEAK Chicken Hens " Roasting Chicken '»'.»i WYLER DRINK MIXES LARGE EGGS Butter Basted Turkey Cornah Game Hens Boneless Hams U:',','" " Shrimp Cocktail 16 OZ. CT'i. A HE RESERVE THE RIGHT ro LIMIT QUANTITIES fAIRKONT SOUR CREAM 39 ( CANNED HAM ALL VARIETIES OSCAR MAYER BOLOGNA 3 OZ "KG. GIFT "»c* Cheese Variety VITA Cream Herring ' DiCAR MATER CUtUiJEN Kosher Dills J Ham-n-Things WAIBUO £B*^» OH Gouda Cheese if ARfH PRE-BAKE ROLLS Spice Cake .3 l :•':«» r ( - ' » » . i Cahe-;/.',. Cup Cakes \ •I Cinnamon Rolls Jj Dinner Rolls JV Apple Pie & Gold Pound Cake ^v t -. /s Pumpkin Pies ' - fc*t JIM*''M ***-./*'.(l*J r ** ! * % Cake Donuts '. 1 •••, 1'/« 3 FRUIT ;.". 1'9 ..". 499 i ' T '.. 3. f i * CAKES 2 :, 5 „'. A i. 3'" 849 Honey Split Bread Coffee Caki? - .-• " .1 f i. •;« • i: •» il, Neapolitan Cake Choc. Chip Cookies • i, »» •. ...» ;• ' ...» French Bread Prune Danish Rolls 49' RODS »0» 'Jii* I !OU« !)« t.M.O. OtHTLtl! Potato Chips 0 C M f L| *( Corn Chips PftlKOUi NO fiK&LtO I 0? . , ' CREAM CHEISi TtO BOZ FX.C Onion Dip FAIRMONT » M OR TIE Fresh Dip FAimwtiT lous ci Snack Dip o Avocado Dip I 'U Mil • Snack Dips Canned Ham HOfVCL Canned Ham Canned Ham Canned Ham tfir r Ham Patties •ATM Hit«OH? IMOICC Canned Ham HATH H!C*0«' tUOKtD Canned Ham 59' Cheddar Cheese 139 V;;,99* *rti £ c* .«„« . 13W Lunch Meat « OM 'i^t ntutior f a « > cjz »«i, W Luncheon Meat 79* ltl ' ; * (O " a * i' ; w<(« 'J* ioiw** Sausage to/ ••»., 59* UttfHCH li O/ »•»,', -2« Dinner. Timers 1" . OU»« KA.TIK 499 Meat Franks ^149 OiCid KArtx KOukOAUC •,)»**( 869 Variety Pak '^/ 1«« rQOD CUM KfcRHtL OR CREAM CORN '"'« YOUNG S«£ET Pfc'A' JOHNSON S ~ BABY OIL ^ IOOZ. BTL. 62' FARMER BROWN HENS /«ot' • * ./ %<-•* QUART COKE Brown Sugar .»,-;, '"J •, ', **;", Sweet Potatoes''?')' Sweet Pickles *.';i Coconut .';-• 99' 42 45 FOR rtOS DEFOSrr • •Ml 'I '4 *•'' Yellow Cling Peaches Cranberry Sauce Macrpni & Cheese Yellow Corn meal Aluminum Foil Crescent Rolls Pumpkin w * • * *>, Apple Cider Spaghett ios 49< ggf Marshmallows 85< Marshmallows 69' '•'3.1 Cucumber Chips ».»*«;; , , , -,.-,. |icfclcs It i < • «.» • : » • Cream •v 59' ./ 83' Mince Pies ! ; 99' ' : -f f » ..•'. Pie Shells :,, 45' Cut Beefs ;.29' * t ^ • • • t i • i n.l APPLES #,29' -•/•-a* PASCAL CELJRY AVOCADOS :,,, 3 ''I Broccoli i. 39' Cauliflower - 39' Golden Corn , >' Spinach 4» s 1 Squash Onions';; ,'"• ;;••'. 49* Poiafo'es* V'~. 49' Peas' t.''V v n «•«»,»» . .... aA , ••:it>r .,„._..., '«:••> M .••.V»ii:- i P«o»... , , ^ 49 B,*,?! 1 ^'..,' : ~ 55< Broccoli Corn ^ 2;.'89' Vegetables 2 '- 89' Spinach 2-. Rice Dishes 2/;;; 89' Cool Whip :. 69' Pumpkin Pies Pics Vi 165 pound Coke V 1'9 Pumpkin Pies -<rT3*' ,, FRESH CAULIFLOWER CEUO UT TUCE FRESH < BROCCOLI LOOSE WALNUTS BELL « ' PEPPERS 7 69' ^Itticy Grapefruit *."..' 6 '"M flianges ' s 29'Yams ., 29 { idish2>. 35' Coconuts ,. 3 O< ifapes 45'Mushrooms 99 l |nrsley ..»IO* Oranges .. 19* <>n!ons 2' -29' Oranges ,.29' • 45' Poialoe$5^79 >( WE'RE NUMBER ONE WITH YOU...BECAUSI P 00 '" NUMBER ONE WITH .OHNiOH & JOHNSON COTTON SWABS ICO S CRANBERRIES 39 BEANS n* m <4? ^•^ rtu ^ NCO ° BH 5 tiBs 1 Bananas .« 22' Chestnuts ^ CIIDC SURE ANTI-PERSPIRANT PEG. OR UNSCENTEO 6 OZ. 30c OFF 1 or tot a more expensive gift add piece* to ft — ihlrt, ve«t, »klrt, iihawl, Ellen Tracy fui icveral jackets Inclodinf «onw In velvet, about fflE !97S'i quilted, Chinese- Inspired top Is top*, Maurice AnUya'* rnns approtlmatefy Sweaters, especially big, bulky wrap one* and dpperea big tops have dominated the fall and early winter purchase*. Try a wrapped one from John Meyer, a hand- painted one by Richard KlU for William Kasper of Marglt Brandt's big top with wide sleeves and buttons down the side What about a ski sweater from Demetre? These vary from $2S to #Q. Less expensive sweaters Wend with the layered look and can be found At virtually any price. When you don't know the size and you are determined in give something to wear, shawls (the fashion item of the year t were conceived for you There are fuzzy, cuddly versions made from mohair, others from cashmere, squares to wrap around and tic, ctullis and plaids, too. Geoffrey Beene for Jewel Case. Yves St. Laurent and f'aljsu tiave Ihret? of Uie outstanding shawls, from MO to I MO. but there are less extravagant ones. too. f>own lo the basics. The laver that sUrU it all U the Mouse These are available at all prices starting at $8 and going up to $75 for designer endorsed creations, from Gant Shirtmakers and Lady Manhattan lo Si. Claire and Frank Olivier Lingerie should be reserved for only very special friends. Hostess gowns from Royal fUtfaes and Clovis Ruffin are elegant Eve Sullman's are sexy, feminine All fall into the R4 s/j H5 category The nt-w nostalgia lingerie is a K'xri Christmas suggestion for warm-blooded If it's for who likes to curl up in warm flannels, Lar,z of Salzburg will do Ihe trick with robes and nitie-s .'rorr, JU to Wi For the sports enthusiast on .our list, choose an ap- injpriate outfit Head, Loom- r/gs and Chriiiie Evert for ;> untar, make terrific tennis clothes while Loomtogs and ~>3vid Smith specialize in the (oHer's needs. Skiers would x- thrilled with Bogner or A'hile Stag ski parkas and pants The overall athiete might be intrigued with a warm-up suit from Loomtogs. White Stag or Head Price* range from 17 50 f or tennis unties to $1SO for a complete outfit Special equipment for a .portsperson should be coo- idered — a new racket, balls, > goif hat, skis, an underwater watch or a riding crop. Then- will not be too many >n your list that you'll really splurge for, but when there is, coat — especially one of father or fur — is the answer. "he choice depends on your hopping budget Leather -oats range from »12S lo $300 up to $500 for shearlings) nth some of the most elegant nd current styles coming rom Ledaspain. Roger Kuper rvd Beged-Or Styles for the eathers and furs are similar, nd both nelect and harmonize with the trends in clothing, luted colors, longer jackets, limmer. longer coats and wider sleeves For those with ambitious rt'.irm '.here are always furs .irvd visions of sugarplums !id dreams for next Christ- >VKAH HER up for ChrUt- nus m a pile robe by AUen- Uile. In Creilin {tcrylic, it us d««p cuifs and sitawl collar. Metrics standardize Trade magazines indicate that switching lo the metric system will offer an excellent standardly clothing and cialist with the Agricultural Extension Servie*, The Texas Uoivtsrsity System,

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