Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 5, 1938 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1938
Page 4
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MAIDEN EFFORT Samuel Hopkins Adams © Samuel Hopklni Aduna WNU Serried THE STORY CHAPTER I--Kelsey Hare, young architect convalescing from a breakdown, meets Martin Holmes, struggling author. In a storm on a lake near Moldavia. N. Y.. and later settles down with him at his estate. Holmesholm. Finding Holmes studying a newspaper picture ol a Park avenue debutante. Kelsey learns that a story by Holmes has been rejected In a S15.000 contest run by Purity Pictures. A. Leon Snydacker. president, for a novel suitable for plcturlza- flon. In which the winner of a Mystery Beauty contest will star.- Kelsey buys the manuscript from Holmes and rents his house One of the conditions of the deal la that Kelsey adopt Holmes' pen name. "Tern- plelon Sayles." After Holmes departs on a trip, a telegram arrives for Sayles which Kelsey leaves unopened. Clunk, odd man servant, places the debutante'a picture on the mantel on top of the telenram. ,,mvr-.r,i\ 11--me rurK.iivenue van otrat- tens, at breakfast with their niece Marlon. are horrified to find her picture In the paper as one of ten remaining contestants for the Purity Pictures award, and learn that Liggett Morse, admirer, has entered Marlon s picture on a bet. After threats of being taken abroad until the "scandal" dies down, Marlon decides adventurously to go through with the contest. t CHAPTER UI--In the offices of A. Leon Snydacker. heir to the Pccketfs Persuasive PUJs fortune. Marion finds nine other beauties. She makes friends with Gloria Glamour Dip professional beauty contestant. At lunch together, they meet Moby Dlcksteln. Snydacker's press agent and factotum. Sny- dacker is overwhelmed wlih Marlon's beauty and "class." to which he Is extremely susceptible, repeatedly calls her "Darr- Hug. and awards her the leading role. Marion refuses to accept without Gloria. and the two girls and Moby plan immediate departure for the estate of Templeton Sayles. who is to be lea dine man. CHAPTER IV--Moby is referred to Martin Holmes for Information on Sayles. and Gloria flirtatiously takes the call. Meanwhile, Hare Is Interrupted In his rewriting by two feminine callers, one ol whom he recognizes as the pictured beauty In the paper. After they leave, he takes the picture from the mantel, and uncovers the telegram, -aw four days old. apologizing tor a "mistake." and demanding Sayles' immediate presence in New York for a con- lerence with Snydacker. When Moby and the girls arrive on location. Kelsey learns for the first time that the Holmcs-Saylcs novel was the winner. He confides his predicament to Moby and Is persuaded to continue the hoax on Snydacker and the girls so that Holmes can win (he S15.000. CHAPTER V A. Leon Snydacker was in conference. With two secretaries and several assistants he had taken a Boor at Slater's Inn near Moldavia and had issued the royal command lo Moby Dicks'tein and the girls to attend him there. He was looking forward eagerly to the meeting with Templeton Sayles. The anticipation was not mutual All those persuasive arts of which Moby Dickstein was master had been called into play to beguile the supposed author of "Love Beyond Sin" to the feast of reason. His was a mood of dark suspicion. He did not know what was coming next, but felt pretty sure that it would turn out to be for his own worst interests. His mental preview of A Leon Snydacker was tinged with distaste. The lively spirits of the two girls added to his forebodings What outrage upon his defenseless alias might they not be planning? Nor was he reassured by Moby Dlckstein's mood of tensity, which would have been appropriate to a boxer on the eve of a championship battle. "Now remember," was his astute tactician's final instruction to his companions: "Whatever he says, yes him." Two of the three instantly decided to do nothing of the sort. Upon meeting the head of Purity .Pictures, Inc., Kelsey's first reaction was one of relief. This smooth and gleaming person at least looked sane, which was more than the visitor had expected. "Good morning, Mr. Templetor, Sayles," was his greeting, extended with a manner of mingled graciousness and excitement. "Good morning," returned Kelsey In an even voice. "Yours is the genius of creativeness," said Mr. Snydacker, addressing his author rather in the manner of a public meeting, after sur reptitiously consulting a note slipped to him by a secretary; "mine of adaptation and interpretation." Having delivered his mind of this burden, he continued more briskly; "My first suggestion is a slight change in the title of your A. Leon Snydacker fixed his luminous look in expectancy upon the author. "Did you say a slight change?" murmured that gentleman. "Whut-whut-whut - whut - whut?" The implication of dissent momen- "Instead of 'Love Beyond Sin,' I shall title It 'Virgin Effort.' V tarily short-circuited Mr. Snydack- er. .,, "What does the title meant" persisted Kelsey, obstinately ignoring the First Assistant's. frantic panto- "Wliat does yours?" inquired Marne. , · "I don't know." confessed. Kelsey. ··men nssen to- someoooy inai does," Moby Dickstein adjured him severely. "You were saying, Bwana?" "I'll tell you what my title means, Mr. Sayles. It means something epic and epochal in the advance of screen art. I have already arranged for this to be an All-Class Production. But my latest idea is my greatest. It usually is," he added with reflective complacency. "That's right, Bwana. It certainly is." Again Mr. Snydacker referred to his notes. "Presenting the virginity of genius and the genius of virginity," he announced. "Now you get the trend of my idea. Virgin Effort. Virgin production. First flower of genius. Virgin manuscript from virgin author" "Huh?" said the startled Kelsey. "Everything fresh and virginal," continued the inspired master-mind. "And a sweet young day-bun-tay as star. Is that a lay-out! I ask you, Mr. Templeton Sayles." "There's only one word for it," averred the fake Templeton Sayles with a kindling eye. Moby Dickstein glanced at him with apprehension, Maine with expectancy. "What's that?" queried the gratified magnate. "Supercreational." pronounced the author solemnly. "Ooof!" said Gloria, her ill-placed laugh ruined by the impact of Moby's elbow. "The very word I had in mind, before you spoke," declared A. Leon. "Supercreational. Super-creation al. Note-book C." The secretaries made simultaneous entries. "That's exactly what it is. Super- creational. Overwhelming. Can't you see it? White lights over Broadway; 'Purity Pictures, Inc., Presents A. Leon Snydacker's Super- creational Masterpiece, "Virgin Effort." ' Will that knock "em!" "I'm not so sure about that," observed Kelsey. "I know little about Hollywood and care less, but It's my opinion you'd never get that precious title of yours past the censors." "Sore because your own title got canned, buddy?" asked Gloria. "This one's a thousand times better," asserted Moby. "In fact, it's great." "Superb," said one secretary. "Marvelous," confirmed the other. "W-What's your slant, darr-ling?" "Oh, I think. it's sweet," said Marne demurely. "A hundred dollars it doesn't get past," said the spoilsport. " Why-why-why-why-why 1 Wh-wh- whut's the matter of it?" raged its inventor. "You're ker-razy. . 'Virgin Effort.' I'd like to see any censor take a crack at that Is there anything to this fool censor idea, do you think?" He made the appeal to Moby Dickstein. "We--ell, Bwana; it's a grand title, magnificent title. If you don't mind my swiping the word from you, it's a supcr-creational title. I don't believe you've ever thought out a better one. But--well, Bwana--" he shook a foreboding head, "you know what censors are. They got no respect for genius. I was only trying to point out, Bwana, that there might be a question--" "Stop pointing, then. And don't Interrupt me." He glared. Moby subsided. "Why should the censors kick?" he pursued. "It ain't the virgin stuff that makes trouble with the church folks. It's the other thing." "One hundred dollars even it doesn't get by," offered Kelsey with, an unpleasant grin. "I wouldn't have your disposition for a million." This from Marne. "We can't all be darr-lings." Said A. Leon in bitterness of spirit: "This is the kind of come-back a feller gets for trying to lift the' silver screen to a higher plane." "Easy, Bwana, easy I" soothed Moby. "This isn't doin 1 any good. We got to give your genius a chance to operate. You take a half an hour to yourself for solitude and creative thought. I'll get my dictionary when you're up against it. I propose a recess." "This conference will be resumed at' three-thirty," pronounced the magnate. He retired, his brow already corrugated with thought. The secretaries withdrew. Moby Dickslein started after them. "You're not scramming, Moby?" protested Gloria. "Sure. Why not? I want a smoke." "Leaving two unprotected girls alone with Mr. Templeton Sayles?" quavered Marne. Moby grinned. ."The window's open. When I see you beginning to ooze out of it I'll call the constable." He dodged a notebook which was the first projectile object to Kelsey's hand, and went out whistling. The two girls moved their chairs ostentatiously nearer the door. "We've been reading your autobiography, Mr. Sayles," said the beauty-girl. "Yes?" Thanks to his revealing talk with Moby Dickstein, Kelaey was not to be taken wholly unprepared. "I think it's sweet," said Mame with a shy and poisonous smile. "You think too many things are sweet," growled the suspicious young man. "So modest," from Gloria. "What a life I" from Marne. "It's all true, of course." "Just like Casanova. What gets me is how you managed to be in so many places at the same time." "Maybe he's one of these skizzy- whatchecallems. You know; split personalities." "Do you mind if I smoke?" inquired Kelsey with a coolness which did ant wholly fail of its tmoression. "Manners by Emily Post," commented Gloria. "He admits it, himself," added Marne, "in the character sketch." "Don't you think something might be done with him, maybe?" asked Gloria hopefully. "Well, I wouldn't go that far. He's got a pretty keen appreciation of himself. He'd have to be treated for that." "That'd be sweet, darr-ling," said Kelsey. Marne whirled on him. "No; not from you, thank you," said she in accents of unmistakable sincerity. "Come on, kid," said Gloria. "I'm for the open spaces and a smoke. So glad you liked our little praise-offering, Mr. Sayles. See you soon." They returned in the custody ol Moby Dickstein at the postponed end of an hour and a quarter. A. Leon Snydacker did not believe in ever keeping an appointment on time. He considered that it cheapened him. He was a rejuvenated spirit when he called the conference lo order. Again the light of inspiration glowed from within him. "I've got it," he announced. "A more unique title than 'Virgin Effort.' It'll have the same effect and --and connotements," he brought out triumphantly He expanded his chest and swept the gathering with a profound look. " 'Maiden Effort,' " he thundered. " 'Maiden Effort' And let the censors monkey with that, if they want to go up against A. Leon Snydacker." Universal acclaim followed. Moby Dickstein's was the loudest and most prolonged, though possibly the element of surprise was net as strong in him as in the rest, since he had carefully turned down the page of his pocket lexicon, left for Bwana's consultation, so that the corner of an M-page touched the word "maiden." The inspiration of genius had done the rest as Moby had trusted it to do. "Like to bet a thousand, Mr. Saylos?" inquired A. Leon. "Or I'll make it ten. A hundred's pin- money to a man like me." "No, thank you," declined Kelsey. "We'll take some experimental shots tomorrow at your estate, Mr. Sayles," briskly announced the mogul, now quite restored to his normal self-esteem. "Interiors. Ten a. m., Miss Van Straiten, you'll be ready? Not too early? Good! Mr. Sayles, I think your present costume will do. I'll have a make-up man at your place at nine-thirty." "What for?" "To ready you up for the camera." "Me? Camera?" "Certainly. For the picture." "What picture?" "Virg -- Maiden Effort," replied the magnate impatiently. "What have I got to do with it?" "I haven't got the time. If there's anything you don't understand, ask Moby. Darr-ling, could I have a few minutes' talk with you?" "Why, yes, Mr. Snydacker. What is it?" "Not here. In private. Do you mind?" He held the door open for her and, after a quick glance at Gloria who nodded urgently, she passed through the door, the great man in her footsteps. Allowing an appropriate interval, Gloria also left. Kelsey turned a baleful eye upon the First Assistant to the President, who was exhibiting symptoms of uneasiness. "I guess I got something to ex- cried the bewil- Where do I come "Are you going lu IUKL- uiui iron) a girl?" taunted Moby Dickstein, whose strategical abilities were inconsiderable except as applied to his boss. "I'm not going to take anything from anybody," answered Kelsey between his teeth, "except a train from the Lehigh Valley station." "Take a slide, Brainless," Gloria adjured Moby. "Leave this led to me. Now, listen here, honey. Five hundred per week may mean no more to you than sawdust in youi cocktail, but it's a living to a couplo nice girls, like you see before you." "Five hundred a week!" ejacu lated Kelsey. He knew nothing oJ Snydacker lavishness. "It'll be at least that for her." (Moby Dickstein confirmed this with a nod, as Kelsey's questionini glance met his.) "And likely as not, the same to you if the camera gives you a break. I'm saying nothing about myself except that we've go1 seven starving children In our humble cot, and my husband's fighting the d.t.'s, and I'm depending on this job to keep our little home together." "What of it? dered Kelsey. in on this?" "If you quit, A. Leon's liable to throw the whole show into the discard. That's the way he does if he don't get his own way. Am I right or wrong, Moby?" "Right. One hundred per cent." "Won't you do that little thing for home and country?" pleaded Gloria. "Stay with it for a month." "A month?" Do you think I'm crazy? Or want to be?" "What's a month? Thirty short days. That'll give us a chance to make a stake, anyway. And maybe," she added encouragingly, "you'll be such a flop that A. Leon'll can you before that." "No!" said Marne. "Do you think that's possible?" "Will you shut-tupt" snapped the beauty girl. She turned her wist- fullest smile, which was no mean lure, upon the unwilling hero. "Come on. Be a pal. It won't hurt you, and it means a meal-ticket to us. Just four short weeks. After that, if you want lo blow, blow." Seeing signs of wavering, she added in shrewd after-thought; "I'll keep her i/il your neck." "You'll have to use force," warred Maine willi .in abandoned glance. "I'm struggling right now with an irresistible impulse to cast myself on said neck and languish there." "Try and do it!" said Kelsey between his teeth. To Gloria he said quietly, "All right. I'm not running away this trip." "Shake, sport." said Gloria. (To be continued next week) Annapolis - Matapeake Romancokc · Claiborne Ferries FALL WINTER SCHEDULE-1938 Effective September 20, 1938 DAILY AND SUNDAY (Eastern Standard Time) BETWEEN ANNAPOLIS AND MATAPEAKE Leave Annapolis 7:25 a. m *8:00 a. m. 9:00 a. m. 10:00 a. m. 11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. c2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. *5:00 p.m. 0:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. Leave Matapeake 7:26 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. *11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p. m. 2:00 p.m. c3:00 p. m. 4:00 p.m 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. *8:00 p.m. *Denotes bus connections via Matapeake, Romancoke and Claiborne. (c) Denotes bus connections via Mntapcnke only. BETWEEN ROMANCOKE AND CLAIBORNE Leave Romancoke Leave Claibome "*9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. * 4 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. **10:00 a,m. 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. **7:00 p.m. "What of it!" cried the bewildered Kelsey. plain to you, Tempy, old boy." "Don't call me Tempy." "Now-now-nowl Keep your shirt on," besought the other. "All I want from you is to know- where I come in on this camera stuff. Has A. Leon gone completely nutty? Or what?" "Why, you see, the fact is--1 forgot to mention it before, but the Bwan--Mr. Snydacker has cast you to play opposite Miss Van Stratten." "To play what?" . "Leading man. Your own hero." "Templeton Sayles?" queried the usurper of that name, in a daze. "No; no. Shut up, for the luwo Mike," returned Moby Dickstein looking around in apprehension "Maiden Featherston. 'I know al) about women.' That guy." "He wants me to play the part of Maiden Featherston? In the pic ture?" "That's it. Just give the old bean a chance. It'll take in the idea pretty quick." "Why- haven't you told me before?" "I was afraid you'd beat it." "Getting intelligent, aren't you?" "Now, wait-tah minute," begged the First Assistant, in the process of being towed out into the hallway, having attached himself to Kelsey's muscular elbow. From the threshold he spied Miss Glamour. "Hey! Gloria!" he shouted in lamentable tones. Gloria addressed Kelsey. "Where you hauling him to? The repaii shop?" "He's trying to quit," vociferated Moby. "Quit what?" "The whole show." "Crawfish!" Miss Glamour's golden and contemptuous eyes appraised the would-be fugitive. Marne appeared at the head of the stairs. "What's all the contention about?" she inquired. "He's running away." "From what?" "Principally you." "What! Not Templeton Sayles, our hero!" "There you go," growled the victim. "Better lay off," warned Glorio in a pretended aside. "You're ruf fling the bird's feathers. He's the kind that gets his feelings hurted ii you don't baby him a little. Besides, he's scared." NOTE: "Denotes pedestrians will be transported by motor coach between Matapeake and Romancoke and Romancoke and Matapeake on these trips only. THE CLAIBORNE-ANNAPOLIS FERRY COMPANY, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND To and from the Heart of BALTIMORE ScWuU (n «ff»cf May 27, 1936 (Etittn Sttmdtrd Tint) LEAVE L O V E P O I N T (B. A E. R. R. PIER) OAKY «.Sim. DAILY DAILY liOOa. n. 9i3Ja. BI. 6:00 p. ok LEAVE BALTIMORE (PHI B, LIGHT STREET) DAILY DAILY DAILY M. Sat, 7iOO a. m. 3.00 p. n. 9iOO p. m. FaMtngtn, Aulomobltoi and Tncl» HaidlMl .n All Tilp. EA. 5UC PASSINOERSi ONE . DC- ROUND TOP B5C H-dor llnOI) ONE DAY EXCURSION A U T O S TRUCKS '2 to SHORTENS THE' WAY BETWEEN BMTIMOKB · THE EASTEIN SHOtE BALTIMORE EASTERN R.R. "He Advertised" Win A Genuine Blue - White Diamond Hear The New Diamond Walnut Show "The Hollywood Party" To Enter This Contest, Write WFBR You May Win One Of 15 Genuine Blue - White Diamonds Presented Saturdays, 9:30 -10:00 A. M. By California Walnut Growers Assn. ^ Maryland's Pioneer Broadcast Station BALTIMORE, MD. LeGRANDE FOOD STORES are owned and operated by the man behind the counter--We serve and save for you PRACTICE ECONOMY and QUALITY at the LeGRANDE FOOD STORES 1 LAND 0' LAKES BUTTER 4 Is a Standard by Which We Measure The Quality of Our Foods. Quality is Always Paramount And Your Continued Patronage Has Proved This Theory To Be True Win COFFEE *,,. 19c Deluxe COFFEE « 21c Mokay COFFEE- North River Shrimp, can 15c Tulip Pink Salmon, 2 cans 23c ALL GOLD Peaches 2 c »ns GASH SPECIALS Friday and Saturday, November 4 and 5 Hurff s GR^N Asparagus, can 27 c Beech-Nut Baby Foods, jar lOc ALL GOLD VA. ROYAL MINCE MEAT 2-Lb. Jar MRS. FILBERT'S MARGARINE Lb. 19c A Beautiful Glass Free TISSOGOOD SALT ALAMO J £ L L O TUNA FISH MOLASSES SYRUP , . . ,, v . - UGnnde Sanr Krant 9 Sliced Pineapple **· Can WJDEN'S CHOCOLATE DROPS 2 ^ \ PEANUT BRITTLE i*_17c HEKHEY~klSSES CeBo. Fit*. VA. DARE CHOCOLATES i* 39c Apple Cider, gal. 35c Pure Honey, Ib. jar 19c LeGrande Catsup, 3 BO£ 25c S£ Grapefruit Juice, 2 cans 19c Pure Vinegar, qt. jar lOc Gold Medal C O R N K I X 2 Scott Ce. Pumpkin^ caos 23c Manning's Hominy, cai lOc ·2S" Apple Sauce, 3 cans 25c LeGrande £% Corn, 2 cans 25c April Shower Peas, 2 cans 29c OVALTINE THE SLEEP FOOD WALDORF TOILET TISSUE 4Rcn,19c SCOTTISSUE KITCHEN TOWELS Each lOc Wash Clothes HOSPITAL-CLEAN WITH CONCENTRATED SUPER SUDS IN M.UC BOX) ncmovzs MOST coins LARGE SIZE Zlc MEDIUM SIZE I0c Octagon Soap 5 for Z3c Octagon Powder 2 for 9c Octagon Chips 2 for lOc Octagon Cleanser __ 3 for 15c Guard Against "MIDDLE-AGJE-SKIN" WITH PALMOLIVE SOAP 3 « Octagon Granulated 2 for 19c Octagon Toilet Soap 3 for 15c Red Super Sods Med. size lOe Bed Super Suds pant size 21c MLLSBURY'S SNO-SHEEN CAKE FLOUR 29C N. B. C. N. B. C. Shredded Chocolate Wheat Poms 2OC n* 13C RAINBOW BLEACH 19c Fresft Fru/fs and Vegztsbtes Ready to Help You Shop and Save Willard L. Swann, Denton G. C. Cohee, Denton Harvey Fleetwood, Denton T. L. Trice, Jr^ -Preston Arnle'a Cash Grocery, Preatoa Milford Kline, Hillsboro Harry L Calvin Butler, Greensboro J. W. SylTCBter, GoUabor* J. F. Lane, Goldsboro H. A. Porter, BumrrlDe R. H. Gibson, Qne Meat · Headquarters NEWSPAPER! IV ®

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