The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 6, 1973 · Page 17
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 17

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 17
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Trio! ••* THK HRAZIKWORT FACtR 1»73 uM rwwwulkm he MM life rOm that OuNttf U frf*wwd to **• few il Tw*d»x ta0A. CTWI Anther defeft** wllitm 1 (hat h» b*d «««a ttock lo the tfcx* the »f*xi*l bull*** trrto » irtoud. MNM ," fkMlJjKi toM Ow lijOWfrom' *«J of f*»w» Snt Mid M eeltoctai »•) Hail" In II^JW of Mf own Ul*r, to put to «n LAKE CINDER ELLA AT 7:00 Or HarflM fi. SeMttet ef fkhilUct l*»iifte<J (Kit he IU*w*w wtd h* h*d «*m the \ tau ^ hi. u/*fc dlr*rtJy from "• "*-• dwrtng » trip to Uuf«cw "t (Mid htm (or it" i, *(ut h* h*d b«cxMD« he Mid i to Defey The \yjunact pri)-»4rt* Ur«* Carp t«*uo«d that there M* h*» cm* dotrn W fee* «rw»d»itoiiitottbo4ikr»i "»t the l*nltlM» in Fmttort the mywH " Curl *l«*>f, iktiilUei Hid. »«d 1)A Manrttoe laid the t»* of theca \a ' KIJ utjiiLbt, he w*M«d to )&»• u* bo*ftH>jini that • IJ^VJ, JKan, t»5, TTttw, USO, IMl, II, «» *ftd Wdtf, !!,«» " tiuJunjia uiid be UJkH to hit (rt«jd« *h*tri wttiUarBi (wrth«»r« after Mm that ihn b« (he Uil ch»«« la *t 13 * (twr« "a/Mr the price wtwkj |JD up" ifcry w*rt tb»B lo "m»ke th* j< * WAgjDISMEY. ^»^W^Wf» ^Pj A-'. h»4 ntd be »-** ft, list- cloud »«) *** <fe , you r*«'l « i Th* »•«»•»} feim * !<t»u*. rtfi», •j» fJ4t», he Ttint MI n « high tbr tlcujdi »«* p*j)'tici 10 the kJ the to! ruir&rt" en (he d Dae (*ct (h»i bad PhD'i In in tnntfe *ad hi<5 in tbe rt»v)' »J Hattgr*: h»4 «»j ' It&orAee* w.kd H«M ta »»* sine fifie MM,, »;rf ifi ti* h»d been Iky ve oome a bng way since that summer of #! utoiie is »•>» bi* u»ck, J>f T II 2ft Jrif -* Ctj? U- («r (« * » UettiMr l'»ft.h»rr, *«ki!iic «3 fcal Ajpitr H.ili »id te t*»4 Kaid Ibc Ufid be He h*d fir fc*d ••ink-., Si* "'Inn ifi if fl;j«'«J<?<3 tit firm ft«w!Ul j K MLu&axka trf vtw txfMttve » to [>*&)• f>fp» C « So tneriAi loc lit h*i KI« t* fc»isj, rv-er d! hs.« property- n-u s! •»'».«. Ki.itrr.jr. './M'^)«J be -«»,« «) sa 1 c.-itl Mii! !ti»! '"We H« Ctrl be i»s Jtte £»«<t Class Of LAKE II 7 as 9 IK/, itw a( tin Cir4.rt'»J Ocn-r Me « t*s4 *isd *1 tlir l».Wt asortiriis r UAj to» be VM fct ' V. * Kdkag Co . lifjttiAa&, "i!;(:^4 Ii;4' *o I5t,6i>'.» ffffssfrOTT fftflt itiy^fd ?<5 ir-l . be be 7:00 & 9:10 ENDS TUES. HELD OVER 2nd Hit Week! Xi KKi,T»iii*5» '..1 tJbfva^jb Moftfe* Hi tar K :i«V Hr (ifc "Mr tit* <. \x ( fHt-^4.4**.- It ».-'"i i lut v fct cilimr 3a J *« h*i j h»vf it «>,«»;. to Ukf Ja the f&Ml '.jftttimcwy <af dsn- c< Use ,S»» t! h»d no as th« I' S S*vj |tM'qt>tK f «M't BORN W/TH OIPYGUS •T|W, ••*» «»»«.• IMt*rtf tf >,|l(t M< Mt ',H tn» MM* .J«t»rt *4. • Ii * I. |41t.' VtMlif Iffw ^rW* 1 " I''tf» Little Joe was almost a twin PUUCTOfTT€APtS OUfi NEXT ATTRACTION SAT. MATINEE 1:30 & 3:00 "A Change for RobinhaxT RATED G MUM5 •iiti/ Hcvni-tiMi- t^ i »t>4 cr<r to the «-«- Hue ir 411 41W n^rl *WMt **** *" ****'l*«t»»»'' "«"' «rt»v *•* *'*' r> »» 1 ' CM* n;***"! j-o«i ' 1 c*a tft Ural o J<« V old. Jean !o »«! r<> TV bit bro* the X r» * tpcvul rfje tn the la fiix Uxir (if*T*t-rij; A*-t£ir> 4* •»,*«!** S* -: A **••*'« ** HfM *<BM It * t t 41 •• *"**^ ^'W»» »II Ttir (be I V *.<** »»•»'»* «"•!> »/** *«Wf • <4«*<'4*4 « « 9* "At ftt>l ! Ibsmithi it evauw d S verr i>a! **V»tt<t>ll«M« 4 to biftb t»*ke thr -4*4 . Mill!* H "I* *l* »« IK 4ilrf **4 44tf**lt» 4 f M'ilfit* **'» i *4ii«4 at * hcxf«tt f nu'xrt *B-*J .JJ^JI 1 TV two, »J»M '»*"• I MtM. »*»* jwrt 81 tuutw&tbir. AftCT hi* fctl-Os Jc* «kl Uken trj fchrult » dcp*rtm«r>( (nim <he Uwl new t Ihsak t'.'i lo < But her huibacid. an U> m;ra»ler. ul4 he Htrart" uBil U» lemre fay" to l»ke <»r« irf her tub) ' VI>XTJ 1 w« h;m he »i> (s<w- Uxi^gi be itill Kid him I (^*e htm i Jijycvl m!>. tu.rr. j. Jcars wisd Joe. *t the Klcnda (trm ocn, u tcixxiutad (or ratioi! t>octor> u> it mj> be the lint on* M«i A Boy injured «« ?**« -It.*-! I **4 *< ] w ,""" * i «4«lfM Il*l4 fl-» ; 4lf 4MI&** t»4 Mif4 IM4 j *MI l« 4*4 44W« .14 «M 4' 4^4.44f4» (41411114 l4.4*1i (Hi the Lmrd K»d a pwjx** ir, it tod I k* It fti is H» h*i*i» . ..... , ..~. crtv , , ii*w of my nUitvt. toM n« U ^ ii**^" *!'"" [>r MMV R<™». d««< oC the the day *O« it happened 'TSe >"«* f "° M »*) • R*w»l tV»Uf. ^ Mural Srtoo) of J^l muX ratify to* y ; «, to *J» f ~ to * t*>^*°'» VM K^TMU^l like ito »-- "«*« '* •««"«« «ft« >» Ditttaa 11 from B'wood chosen I>M 4 lV* "••» 44. in Tfe* 1 1 StutintU « T»o awarded <r*ou «* *«f tfr«« ***« Ttut M4WM k *M » »4,%41H* tffHH t*WM AM *«• Ml*M , . <4 U41 « ft t*UHtf I <*' t »•« tl«4*M < ff «U»IMH>. 4*.<* • MUM, * C*i«»M «M**l*t .- «•>» * * * H <«IM*v A . »4rt»« <*» * «W»W; ««•«« 0 M««>4 I«M *»*•*, • « «U(M««Ml MHT44 *<M . MOT a«* »«M I«M»M< MI , t* »* llM4»H>«»«t, 4« M 4**» •» •H* *M «M ••«• ll»«4»»»ii« M*n; «* M«tMr«, 4* •< •4MMV«IMiWM»t «•*•!•« *MM KM FHI VET i Ms iM Ml W til «*« from the Uvn wl«t4sd to fxtrvtrtpale in and wtll have the opportuait) I'mveojly o( Te'x** and Steve !<>« ,Va(t«o»l Science and W tludy * vartrty of ttn»c» M< Uatiock fr«» Bennett (Malhemaiici Inttllutc utuaUjtarkidcdIBhtfti*ch«J Oolief*. GrecMfcoro, N C jl'rqircBi curricula Some program4 Two ttudenU I Kor tht tint tim* in the wilt ti»ph«»iie laboratory often of granu (rocn of the 4choo! alt eipcr>enc«« cad lectutii^uew of achpob, IVenots Utrby «u thai appbed t h»v* rcMiardi •pfiruv«d for us tchooU tod hero **i«od#d ihu honof The Junior* receiving fraou P«ul Krwuae <«• i tcrvei a* UM» »«t the tcboot* they have the agent Jer opUoo u> attend *r* . unlvertilie* and H*nU Darby. Loom 14 accredited bifb 4ch<x>U Lnttitutc, Cwwccticui. Haul Involved witfe tht tmUtuUw Kreuike, Loom!* Iwiituie. Ju * 1 (*SUJ*vJ our Uwn car* lo t»c>fle out of the driveway of ht» hotne at HS : the path of a c*r The *ccsd*»t occurred thout IX psi TVtetdAy itxi there Ted * rrc °° cllAri * e * f' 1 *^ Dnvvr of the »uto «M fUndy Kell<r>. IC»'I k >-• Jit ' • 4 « M > 14* A> 4 W ( Ht ^1 J« I o*t H •»! t*t » 4^ • *1 **i 4 14* * f < ' KUNG-FU/KARATE Kill ERS AT THEIR V ^ ~ DEADLIEST! MOM tttCKOitU ntAN O'lk At i M 4 hi*. H»4' < ("• 4 <0 ft l« »M I *] 4 II 41 «4J 4t t» M uere «ft Syvamorv, Ky PHIL PASTOHKT ttw bwic ob>Ktit* ol the C«aaKUcul; J«l« lUllan, b^ Nwt »«**<w we'll muici, !pf»|r*m 4* to provide U>ui*l*aa Stale t'w\«rxity. - ****•. * ll » dolur* |opportunlty lor trcondary t>«vtd Mvoick, Uuivcrtity of ttudcol* with Te*in Sieve Win«ate. ability and f-Tartda SUU Utu-4-erwiy O«RDi» tMeticha. Baylor Uotv*r»ity, Stevt Krtotk. drnWd tU« UoirettUty of OkUBwna. /ut«d cookoui. lhrou«fa ianructtoa Md Mwdy C*lW«*n W»lk«4-, SouUitro QJ ¥ « ^o^ pc«fi)« w Inch undtr tit* »up«r»t»twi «f Mtthodiat Univmlly; »ttd nod Uwy'U wtutio Uk« thU t««cb«n ol r*c«««tM4 Gerri Hfiduur. Loui4Un* thrown Into the lawn mower • • • u a ro w4 tkm AMUSEMIMT GUIOi SURF VELASOO I 4*41 • BUCON 1 H4< «>| kAJfMp I »4>« IME I timatnin Uftl U heist ThtNoliodi almost U o e A » d e DOWN

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