Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 4, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1897
Page 8
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STERLING, ILL., MABCH 4,1867, ytir, <iat* *o Hw tight of ymtr wrm* *hmw vhcn «r t* ps*4 np fo. If ffew tVtfe to jxwwrf <lw«, Th* rate <« pf OF isntews. Report. It.ia., Match 3,1897. Forecasts for nwct 86- houra ate lot IU., fair and warmer Thursday. * . ' . Because Tis Lent— "What will yp give updating Lent?" "the parson asks; With few regrets I answer, "Since my cash is spent, i I guess I'll give up paying debts." —C. J. Lee'a sale, Tuesday March 9. , —William Carolus Is moved Tues- day_tojhejarmjiejrecently purchased nest Emerson. , • —Lelloy. Pratt is moving from his former homo in the vicinity of Gait to the Patterson residence on West Third street, where he will be at home In the future. , —Arthur McDearinon is moving from his home, in this City, to his mother's farm in the, vicinity of Lyn- flop, Art will push on the pl.ow handles this summer. . —G. G. Keefer said this morning that in March, 1876, a heavy snow came and lasted for six i weeks, making the beet sleighing that had been known for a good many years. " —Charles Sholeo, of Prairieville, ' brought a Gne lot of hogs to the city Monday that averaged 325 pounds. The long trip over the rough roads injured —fivfrof them so badly that-they-had-to- be killed. —Major General Kadeski, of the Catholic Knights o'f .America, curries one 6f the Quest swords ever seen- in 'Sterling. It is .0 . regulation swoid made of the Uuest steel. The blade, handle and scabbard are handsomely decorated with emblems of the order. The scabbard .and handle are mounted with solid gold. '—The editor of the Warren Sentinel mast be anxious for the arrival of • -spring, as he offers a year's subscrlp- . tlon to the first person who brings him , reliable information in regard to the arrival of the first robin. Down this way the people, that Is, a lot of them, are more interested in ascertaining when the first duck appears, —The sparrow law, that has been in effect since Dec. 1, ended Monday and 'the email boy with his air gun will no longer have the excuse "out killing sparrows" to justify his carelessness. The bounty of two cents a head* has been .the cause of many hundred sparrow* in De Kalb county losing their r rran i«t Iff on»y M<f-wt r< what H Is to siaVf itrn^ fr:fr,d, ypt fpw pf>pl<» !sf3<l this arty in- ueement to enter npon that condi- lon of life. ' —A roan considers any one ft ecoun- rel who has passed a plugged coin on him, and yet he believe* himself a mart man if he succeeds In passing it n another. —Dr. Anthony amputated one of Clifford Van de Mark's toea Monday afternoon. The nsembw has been giv- ng Cilf much trouble lately, and on he advice of the surgeon, he decided to part with the refractory member. The funeral of Samuel B. Hendricka, who died of paralysis, was held n the Mennonlte church Sunday afternoon. A large number of friends and relatives were present, filling the hurch to Its utmost capacity. The ermon was preached by the Rev. Wll- lam Miller, the effort being able and ppropriate. The floral contributions were beautiful. .--John-Nagle _and_.Mias ^Catherine 'rindevllle, of Woosung, were married t high noon Tuesday, at St. Patrick's hurch, Dixon, Rev. Foley performing be ceremony. After the ceremony the appy couple drove to the home of the ride, where the feast was spread and with a host of friends, all'madd merry. Mr. and Mrs. Nagle will go to house- eeping on the farm of the groom's mother/the latter moving to Dixon. lives in the past three months, - 1 —Jhe Dixon Daily Star, Vol. i;.No. 1 eame to the STANDARD this morning. It is .a seven column quarto, is bright in literary style, attractive in.make up and full of live, interesting news. The STANDARD congratulates Brother Swartz and his new associates and wish esthem a long and prosperous career in the busy life of daily journalism. ;—The Henderson County Journal tella of a Henderson county farmer, bought a bunch_of _cattielfor 81,500 last March, pastured them untii Dec. 1, last week sold two car loads oul of the lot for ,92,500 and has ten head left.. In addition to this he gets the accretion to the hogs that have run with tbe cattle. Not a bad investment —Lanark News: "H. S. Cook'-n drug store in Shannon had a narrow escape from burning one evening this week Harry had gone to band practice anc left his pet cat in charge. Pussy found a mouse and pursued it upsetting bottle of nitric acid which ignited some papers. Luckily Harry happened to come in just as the blaze happened anc no doubt saved his store by his accl dental coming.'.' At the ungraded school examination of Sterling and Coloma townships Fri day in West Science Ridge.GraceButt < fourteen years old, took the honors o: the class of sixteen, twelve of whom She Is a pupil of Samuel Wet school at Wpodlawn. This is an honor to the teacher also. A pupi from the Brick school took the honor; last year, Mr. Wetsell was the teache of that school • —Bepreaeatativa Bovey has Intro dueed a bill in the House that repeals tha present flag law aod provides tha tbe flag shall be place4 un county cour houaea, OB legal holidays and sue! other days as the county board shall determine; on State institutions on le gsl holidays aod such other days a trustees may designate; 'on echoo bouses 00 such days as. director* o boards of education may designate. —An exchange cautions Its .reader; who work ttboift horde-powers to be ware ol ioog overeoata or othe^r flow lag gftroifeuts, lest they meet; with an 4>*ii0fi»pce biuiSliar to & man at Appl liivei: ibe othe? d$¥, who wore a long pr^rwt wMle driviag borfw on |p| * ff w PERSONA Tj JMENTION. Jacob Hauger, of Coleta,-was in the ity Monday on business.' John Kniskern, of, Lyndon, was in he city Monday on business. / C. O. Hodgeeon, of Lyndon, was in he city Monday transacting business. Mrs. B. A. Tracy arrived home Mon- ;ay~froui a visit~wftrrfriend8~irrIowB7 John Stuck, of Polo, 'came down to he city Thursday and attended to lualness. James Pollock and daughter, Mary, if Polo, were guests of friends in the ity Monday. Jacob Wolf, of Jordan, was a visitor n the city on Monday where he tran- acted business. . . . : F. A. Truman was elected Mayor of he city of Dixon Monday, There was no other candidate. Hoy Jenkins is reported to be doing well. A difficult operation was per form- id upon him recently. Hoy Jennings, of Prophetstown, was on the streets of our city Wednesday attending to business, Charles O'Connor came up from Ful-' ton Friday evening to take a part In the Odd Fellows'~anniversary. John Helms, living north of the city, brought a bunch of fat •hogs to the city Thursday and sold them to a local shipper. • '• • Glrs?vlrr."f ><-T 'F» Pr. E. W. W»hl, rf TafnpJc"- wa» !a the city today. The doctor looks fst and "sassy," Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Heekiaao, o! Jordan, visited with friends in tha cite on Tuesday, Samuel Smucker and family arrived in the city yesterday and will reside here in thft future. . Miss Lou McNulty, of JSlmJrft,N. Y., is in the city visiting at the hoide of Miea Minnie Tattle. . "Aunt Amii McJlmsey lies in a very critical condition. Her strength is ebbingBlowIyaway. ;.-.•' M. Ci and H. M. Ewer, of Walnut, spent Tuesday in the city. They returned home in the evening. Mrs. M. O. Wilkinson arrived home last evening from Erie, where she has recently organized a lodge of Royal Neighbors. . Vet Royer, of Prairieville, was in the city today purchasing a stock of goods from Sprague, Warner & Co's. man for .the new store which he will start in his place. He expects to be open for business about the ilrst of next week. —A Nebraska woman was' explaining to a pious friend how her husband came to die. She said that he caught, cold, and it settled on his lungs. "Ah, well," said the pious friend, in a consoling way "he will catch uo colds in the country to . which he has gone." And then he wendered why she gave him the stony glare. ' " Card of Thanki. >• I sincerely thank the friends and neighbors for the kind assistance they rendered during my husband's illness, and their services since his death. Also the M. W. A., of;Jordan, for the kind and loving tribute they offered and theiF assistance duTlng~his~ lastr sickness and since bin death. . MRS. KATE DELP, Cnrtl at 'llumliH. Mr. aud Mrs. John'Ufkin wjsh to ex press their, sincere thanks for the kindness of their friends and neighbors during the time of the death, of their beloved Infant soq. They will never forget the many thoughtful acts. Letter List. ' Letters remaining in J the Post Office at Sterling, 111., for the week ending Friday, March 5, 1897: ;. .- . LADIES.. ' "•' ' Campbell, $Iiss Buby Page, Mrs. G. K. GENTLEMEN. AAdcrron, J. B. V Grove, Wm. Bussle, Bitten, T. If. UagelBroi. Charles. Carl, , Leulz, John, ,-.-., .. r>ryan,Wra. McDonald, Thqs.'W. BORN, . Elson, J. B. ^Greeny & Stephen Co. , .'. Superior Gas Bug. Co, TJarnrak.S. When calling for above letters please say "Advertised." • -•"'•. JOHN R JOHNSON, P. M. ANNOUNCEMENTS. The Rev. E. Brown went to Dixon Monday to attend 'a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Dixon Assembly,. , Gus Cuniff, of Stone Station, started Monday for Princeton, Iowa, whore he has leased a farm belonging to Mrs. FrankPfulfs. ',,;'• Frank Millhouse, of Jordan, brought fifteen hogs to the city Monday that averaged 216 pounds. He sold them to a local shipper. ------------------- -Harry John, of Penrose.'took a load of shiny new furniture home with him Monday. Mr. John and his bride have •begun housekeeping in earnest. A. Haveratlck and Nathan Weaver left the city Monday evening for Ma- qnoketa, la. where they will purchase some thoroughbred red polled cattle. Frank Miller, of Jordan, with the assistance of a number of bis neighbors, hauled a portion of his last year's corn crop to one of the local elevators on Monday. John Huffmeistei'.living near Dixon, was in the city Thursday billing a sale of live stock and implements, which will take place on bis farm in the near future. ' A. E. Hills, of Harmon, was in town* Monday looking up stock cattle. Good stock cattle are bard to find in this vicinity at present and when .discovered they prove to be high priced. Ellas' Burkholder haa purchased a cat of fine young horses which will be shipped to Pennsylvania. The animals were all shod by John Werres, who says he never saw a finer lot of horaes. . " Mr. and Mrs. Adam Linebaugh, of Coleta, accompanied Mrs, Linebangh'a mother, Mrs. Elnora Nance, to thla city Monday where the latter took a train'jfor Aehton. Shewill visit with friends. Dr. William Dillon, Bishop of the Paclflo District of the U. B. Church of Christ, will lecture in the U, B. Radical church at Colet# on Tuesday evening, March 9, subject, "The Great Wesf Everybody ia invited. Lecture to b6- ginat7:3Qp.!B. ^ __ ^ The stork visited the home of Mr. aad Mrs, Charles Dozine, near Deer Grove, Saturday, seel left, a chubby ten pottod boy. He Is B,efc»iigible on a foot bail team »t present oa seeouut of the thtousasof hiy thatcli, but time will *sd F with hJa. robust sell as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election,. and I desire your support, . • BEltNAJ^D STHUOttMAK. Town COLLKCTOK.— I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Collector lor the Township of Sterling, at the comlngelection, and solicit your support. IHAAC OABOLU8. ..—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming spring election and solicit your support. H. H. HIGBY. TOWN COLLECTOB.—I w^n te announce that I am a candidate for election to the office of • Collector for Sterling Township, at the approaching Spring election, and respectfully solicit your support. I earnestly hope that you will use your influence In my behalf with your neighbors and friends. Any favors extended In this way will be fully appreciated by >•• • v ., WM, H, HOWABD. TOWN COLLECTOB.—I hereby announce myself as a 1 candidate for the office ot Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election. and solicit your support. •, • . . PETEK O'flAiii. TOWN COI-LECTOB.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at'the coming spring election, and cordially ask your support. KEOUEN RICII. .r.n—to Mr, and Mi's, Seafield, on Motsday, March L 1897, a daughter. Hotice. My wagonette will hereafter make Its headquarters at Meyen & Eshle- man'a drug store. Instead of Mrs. Brown's, Call: Harrison telephone, No, 63. 76t8 , J. T. SffAW. Removed. 1 have moved my tailor shop to the rooms over Eahleman's grocery, and invite all of my former patrons and their frienda to call, . 75U2 JOHN Bosson, The Last Call, All personal taxes must be paid on or before March 10, Office open Wednesday and Saturday evenings .until 8 o'clock. DANIEL HARMON, 70tf , ' Collector, . Inauguration Cloth. We are ready to take your ord> r for a suit made from the same matt rial as. that which will be worn by Major W1I- Ham McKInley on the occasion of his inauguration, March 4. 73tf MoCALLISTER & SNART. Something to Eat. Did you ever try the Merchants Cafe? Everything first-class. Low prices. Good grub and courteous treatment. Try it. C. S. VANDEMAKK. ••:•.-. A.. K. Wick Bella best Third Vein Coal $3.00 ty ton " . « Ind. Block Coal 84.00 $ ton " " Hard Coal $7.60$ ton " Lumber $7.00 $? M. and upwards Buys hay by wagon load or car load. " Ear Corn at all times." " all kinds of Grain at highest value. " Buys Clover and Timothy Seed. Transacts all of the above business at Round Grove, 111. : ; 1865. 1897. At MOSES DILLON'S you can buy the Best BaM Coal for $7,00 per ton CASH. Please Remember that my Stock of Lumber, Sash, boors and Building Material is complete. f See "me before you buy. Prices right. * - .• • ' _ ••' Plenty of Good Dry Oak Stove Wood on hand. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday an< Saturday, We will sell all GINGHAMS 0 • greatly reduced Prices. ..." • *' • . - , Lot i, 700 Yards' Apron Ginghams, at N • ' Lot 2, 500 Yards Dress Ginghams, Choice Styles/at Lot 3, 2500 Toile du Noid, our full line of '97 Patterns, at Lot 4, 800 Yards Scotch Ginghams, New at 8 Lot 5, j6ob Yards French Ginghams, 32 inch wide and worth from 20 to 309, in this sale they will go for DILLON. Telephone No. 19. COHSIISSTONEH OF HIGHWAYS.— I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Commissioner of Highways for the Township of Sterling at the coming election, and I solicit the support of the voters. W. JONEH, COMMISSIONED OF HIGHWAYS.— Iherebyan- your support PAVID B. COMMIBSIONEB oic'HiomvAYH.—I hereby an- nounoe myaell as a candidate for the orllce of Commissioner of Highways for the Township ot Sterllne, at the coming election, and ask the support of the voters. 8. AlfredPeais' Wl Prize ^ *• : . • -. ' ' ' : . .. ' • .' - •".':•. \Vall Papers Are the Handsomest and best manufactured. See my "samples, before \ you buy, showing' over ,' 400 new styles and colorings, which are same as will be sho.wn in Alfred PeatsVmam- moth Chicago and New York retail stores this year. Best Mixed Paints. Will R Halletf s New Drug Store. J. Your Cough Annoys You, Why then keep it when I can furnish you a remedy that will please you by curing that Cough. cost is small, being only 250 for a good sized bottle. Remember the place to get this cure is opposite the Qalt House. A, R. HENDR1CKS. >' 1 3 TOWNSHIP AH8KSBOK.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Asses wr for U>e Township of Bterllag, at tha approaching election, and solicit the support of tba voter* of to township. J. A, MOEOAN. TOWNSHIP ABSESSOB.—I hereby announca myself as a candidate for the office of Assessor for the Townahlp of Bterliag, at tbe oonilng election, and respectfully ask the support; of the voters of the towusliip. ' . F. F, POLICE MAOISTKATK.—1 hereby announce myself as a candidate for re election to tbe office of police Magistrate to the Oity of aterliog, for the ensuing term. . J. M. ' A Change I Ha v ing taken person al charge of the lumberyard, your smallest wants shall be carfully looked after. Prices on lumber are low at present. Bring in your bills for esti* »•*• JOHNPfiCK. P.S. Iwill Duplicate lists of groceries sent out by Supply Houses, make the same price and give five per cent off. .Bring in your lists, see your groceries and trade at . home, where you can gel; ' eatisfaction. '••..; I will meet prices made by any reliably grocer. and W.T.Oalt&Co. Remember we are headquarters for Good Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Also for Fresh Baltimore Bulk 0ysters f Solid Meats, only 2§c. per quart. '

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