Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 9
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3MEN DECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 9, 1930. DECATUR HERALD o o e o e o e o o o mers Plan ween Party October 3] t i im m ement Is Made in Auxiliary Lunch- Wednesday :KMBNT of * H . i party In the K. of c! stnbors of the N«wcomi ti their wives, was mutt e-luncheon of the Ne*. Riven hy the mtn vrto i i ·women attended the the Maaonlc tempi* for bridge pl»y tn the «u*at prize i we ro w(m M Si out, first, and J« M all on Members' prteeii . J. C, McKlnney, first, Stratman, second, and INnttkempor, consolation McLaughlln, Mrv. ft c Mrs Frank Populorum, Hendrleks, and Mrs. K ere hostessed E~~BRIDGE EXPERT COMING mi have been niale by ,Ur bridge club) to bring d Goldtmtth. D*nvHI« t to Decfttur for con- d demonstration Sti» In l^ecatur Thurndft.* will meet brldtf* tluh :e enthusiasts, unit M- throughout the dty, irnlth has b«en reccR. 'authority o n both an*. »tract bridge and I* · structos In both go enthusiasts any. lia lota Hororlty |i unit. the roil of the a««non ntry Club Junior mint- rne in W»«t Wllliiini. Eliloiado street ceurn* Wednesday mornlnn lfty the oourw nnd ticket* from th* cull the chapter h»u» Ul be delivered You? Fat?--Not M« I 'A i ago t lnl u f n \ - m!a or f«t than T mitt- At nnd very Ntnultlvo now I tiny It In fintl«h bp nvciwrlghl I do? NMhlnff very D fHisura you T cut (Hit all sn-ccti--ftto mwd- ery morning be torn ook one half tenjpoonful In a gla** or hoi ·gained In energy-- vtfior 0 \-\vticlou.tfiesf itnrt tly ttgurii I am prowl do tho »ttmn iullnR woman tnn( 4T mcin'.lm- -a Mont an* pound n in 1 wofki ^IIJ\U tl t^mfidfi In A coin M(|U,ne dru|t ^iii In the world f(*tli ' n bcttln th WOMEN lYS ATTRACT to be beautiful [pep o( youth. Thfii Ifll Ollvo Tablet* help frc* th* T«|SO*I« cftiH^d pl-t And torpltl liver 11. nifn and w*m*n nwr nmvlx troubled, ptmo- and headache* linv* Ollv« TaWet*. a for calomel, * t \ffttnb\f tnfrrortlprit' olive color. They ac f r bowel* -without grip (Mp L!C«M»I thf *viiW» the liver * voiitTi nnd Ito ni«V r Edwardi Olive T«l»- Itow muc-h better yon look l-V. Wr. 60o inish Thoa* Right Now to icf « fellow «)U' b»l ht whol* ruined bv n plmph fin him those vie 1 , disgusting to them. dance with him. B) you like lo hav* « pei- Tou. "Tomorrow nwrnIM up you will not IP* hitve starl»d * p |n three day* they'll D* vou'll have * cl«»r. what I you and U y«vf ously cleared your mn» fld P«nteco«t ot Sprlnl"' 1 ' 1 ; i "I had n«*d J***** 1 htmrnt b«t Uwr 4M IK» tM* 1 ! I or 4 ttw** at fctM otrarw «' [faith In Petenon'n Oint; fr«« from pimplt* »"« |ln · wftk'x Urn*-- on* prove It-- *» , Eldred Has Compiled List Of Taboo Foods 'She Warns Mothers 01 Deliberately Testing Baby's Digestion Complimented , JIUVKIt l.l. W iJOFrrN MAttVBl. in llw- f(L-l' tn^ icwnr cU'ldn-n . u u l v r /\ 'recent h-M.-i di'in Hculflft 1 ! iicl'tli- 1 bor oiilllru'd I!"' "Ili-t ihtil H U H tieTi'K. («!) (I lttC limlilll" "''1 t ' l i l t i l tit hi-r »oqilHlnt(in" lit artdllluit td B f l - l r t TM ( term u I u tllu ' would l jt ' ·"t"'" 1111 |«r « «l* ni'iii'l old ehllU Uii" hi-l hu tnf*i»t In («d tlwi- (uu»t tlm* w»* K""' 1 '"' WWW H« Wft" H[H IHillli molt »( lit* l'» time liowrH tttiflUn, Carrofs Are Good Made Into Pie Or Served In Mock Plum Pudding I cnlOMtl, und had t i l u m l v .men f x . i l til with POJI linil inn lifil (militia TWO men tits ultl 1' the Chilli IlllH I'" K l l l H t l l L l l l O l ) | living u l l t n HW h n,trt* , the tuothi'i will M IU01C, tlwn twi ronvUiu'il t h m haiili'i' um bf glvrn (Kij'tlllnk tf In fin * itV probably will ftiuutlv liinl»i Duo hi' WMI ciilleil ly Ui^ l^nl To ptovunt r.iolheti (wi« iiMililtifJ 1UB nl (utmucU (WM|H, ivn iijiuullv avoid niontlon if tilum Hut «'(· K 1 '' tllCh (ODSUltlt (lll'lld Ul 11*11 t l l l . l l l l l M witnt toorts arc uiimiltutili 101 ohll- (lieu thnl wo ID.' H[I(II'III|!UI, d 1UI \Vn (Hiijl Illnt miilhtin will K i u l thin tFVofully 'ii^' t.^lxinnihoi Ih.i. fm vinlinn loimirn th!t( (onit* init tin JUrntldn I In in i 1 i | u l t « I'M i lirht fdi , idiitt*. ' I iiilihldnt K"Ml» Pn nut (..'(I voiint; chlliiiiin IHHK · iiiiniti fff i uucL. hri.InK IcIiTticw or ··*«.!tbniuli K.tll 01 i annflil [liil, 1 mlfil [pint ii\ In iti'iii'i'il iWt Id rid u f . Mod itmiti , Tin ni.I ,;k. it veiling i l i l l i l hut rolb h!:iinll'i hut ti.fucl tint 1*11 Id- nr o.itii u i l l i n u l l 1,1 drk.l m u t t In II Bi llnl 1(1' ' | l . r ( t l l l l v (M'dKl C' ml* [ fti luil Lh .* i li U i n ' M-i v,ji* n i 11. l,j Mr*. Full* Kp»rn»r Mrs. Ffoilu Kramer of Madtuon, A D,, recently wus appointed ft member of the South Da to Hi child welfare commission by Governor W, J. Uutow, The appointment is ccinsKlorod a compliment to the Arnerk-on Lcgion'a program, «* Mrs. Kramer hat been active in llie child welfare work of tbo Legion for muny years. , I'd nut nwi' B f| 't' n fniHii ui too '!*( fruU',, in t.ugu unitmiil 1 . uf ,my f i n i t e (OttlFvl 11 rig (nuintJllu^ uf ticcdi I " not f K » s w t i t i o i n .01 funned C f j i n . ill )nd [jt'iiH 01 Ijpani U'KCPpf wHi ti hiillcil wllli simii u n i l well vttalnfrn i iicuintii I i* i n d M h f i H 01 pit Idii nl liny Mud w l m t ' M M i ' i ' i 'I OMIIII 11^\ "lion ( im M n Titiell 'lillil (uutlnii mi Mrot't," DRINK MORF, MILK IF YOU WOULD BE Bf'TTUR LOOKING OL1VK M, VOtINO Juntw Mllllkfn Unlvortilty 't/lCGETABLES may bo made Into ,' other dollciouH daaeuits besides punjItltIn anil squash pje Even the lowly and often despised cuvtot can lc tutned into an cxuellunt plum pudding *oi Into levul golden niiii- malotle ant H fan ulso ln itstn! in making pled h'oi this the canms uru cooked very thoroughly and put thioutth u potato ilun and then used an you would pumpkin ot squash, and i-oidly It h ditilailt U) tell the vartot fiom tbe pumpkin A apleiulld meal HUbatHulc 11 niaii^ by using eeluiy In coniblnation ivltlt llni'ly ehoppcd niit'i and In esprilally nice tat variety, or tor ibo dlut of a person wito iimsl be direful about the amount uf meat omun Meek Plum Ptiddlnj,' One "-up mw cuirot attei it l» put thoii|;h tht food cbojipi'i One cup law potntn itftei It haa been put through the limtl rhiippei One enp au);ai One-bulf tup K'aiMMuu-i One cui) icedeil tfilslnn Ono-holt eup fUmi Ono-lmtf toaiputtn auda One teaspoon cinnamon One teaspoon nutmeg One-half toaspoon mace and Thicc tablespoons fat, cilaro or mil zola. Mix in' the orttoi' gJven, alt tins in the Uiy Ingredient a and adding ihe raisins last. Put into a. wall bulteied ateatner with a tight fHlltiR cover, anris team two hours Seive piping hot with toamy sunco 01 Imiii SJIIOD One-half ou] butlor One cup powdctcc! One ejg white One cup boiling wtttn On« teaspoon vanilla Cteam the butter nnd autjni anil Just before serving pinii fn ih holl- Ing wtttor ami stir In tho s t l f t l v beaten egg white Atld ilavoilnc und notvi at onti 1 Sterling Sitiu' Onu-helf cup butter One cup light brown autt^i Two t(tbleB|)oons thick ctcani One-halt teaspoon vanlHu. Ctcant buttoi and augai u n t i l v c i y soft and smooth, addlug the ci u little at a timo or it will tausc the n p i \ t i i n tti siiijiiuti' Add lliu v » n f l t a drop ut a time and aeivu w l l h sloamed pin] dings, DR. CLENDEN1NG WRITES 300 WORDS ABOUT THE PEANUT ; Ujr LOGAN CLENDENING, M. D. A MAflAZINK EDITOR onte told " mo that Mr Irvin Cobb. the distinguished champion »r the Amotl- can pronuncititlon of the vrotd "d-*-i"b-y" tini muster of other forma of beautiful lulteru, being In a mood or black despair a I the thought of his diundful o u f t , announced blUuily Hint hi tould w i i l u 10)000 w6ulN [ibuut u ]»nnut I a I) all hC(p attempt only 300 It would however, be v c i y otisy (o write 10,000 wordi on I ho pcnnut Ml Cobb pinbiihly dill mil H'alh.t how Intilralp u subli'ct hw had thoscn In wist 1 you tlon'L know, you muy bi 1 Intiauslod in the w.iy n pciintit (,'iows Jt H t i n ttnmial plant 'Hid us soon UK thii petals of the flowoiD Frill ofi lln- peduncle bonds dawn and bulro tlei'll In the grounds The fruit, m pod, devolop^ iirnictymurid Him n lubcr In Home pl«cts ft h r-tllt'il rtijlli mil, or ground nut II bolcnfis to the legunx 1 dtmlly 11 ml Is thcietoii i t l j t u i l lo thf hcati Probubly its nnUvr h i b l t u t wus Riti- v.\\, but II wjs Inttoituci'J into l!i(o!d woild HOiin jftci the i imqiu'Bl nt Snulh Alnetlcpi ttrid now K t*iown tn moat waim sounCiles In tht ITnltod Stntcs tlie /(it'itpvl cioji Is WIFE PRESERVERS When culling auilt LlocH wake « pat. tetnout otasWiiiVWalla, ll will not tKJe wounfl a Wiwiy vyx ^w w'fai, plamlen dte mtteiiol lo b« cut grown In Vhglnla, Noith Curollnn, Georgia and TonnuuHvc AB u food art lilt 1 in ID mugniiicom. The va'gctarlnriB would hav« \m po out of buaintssa if it woo net, foi the nuU (No double rnoiuiinK la Intruded thwcl Nulu contain oonfenttnt- cd umounts of veffi'laWu proii'ln ',md (ai l/uoic, for InMtnncc, til llii' |H',iiiut Thp wi/bli porllun IIIIK Prolcln , 23 pi-j lent Fa.t , ' . 3S pel ccul Cttrlohydrtil« . 24 pel cent Eighteen gi.imti Will [nodllci.' KM) cnloilcs, tts ugiilnst tin* 232 slums ot pincupplf n*]iilrfJ to jtioduuc llu 1 Hiinio 11 mount ' There ate ni'utly 2,!ii)0 I'uletle-j pel Women Will Leorn To Adapt Best . Out of Fashions They Now Are CKoosing Styles For Individual Needs nyKtlTHCAMJBHOX Q UESTION' What do you. think t( the owing bock o( tiuhiona to the long skirls ai)d furlcbown nfld /emtnlnem of 1900 nnd earlier? Do you think M IH a ««ln or n. IOJJB? TtiOKit Trying N«w lf*Ut Anawur Bo^). Some ifain nnd HOinu IOBS. Clothes liuve token on srati? ami churm, and also thiy have taken on somi* of the absurd I tt en nnd fim»in#(tpt»B of that nice, I thinlt the reaction to thai foimy little l)un a\ the n«p at the neck la terrible Bui I think ihtt noine of the tiftcrnoon di*oKn«i) are lovely, The halx pimVd onto thv Imrk ui the hcnil lire going lu bi' ODV of UuMe f anli ion a thai only yotinir |hio plo cjtn wenr and that many wfa« cwt't po*sJW afford te, will ry te wit i* Thi bent ticurt ot a!) ^eemx to in* U be Ute t:isi)d toward varfmyt In fnshionj, townd tiie ace»ptM» of trii' baautifiil and rjitftbit »nd tbe wnidyul rtjectiou of tb xtnbeeutlfvlj ·od UMulUM*, Woman tfnftly rt« futod to vltn up tlMrtM('Hrirt fw ·tract, btwlMM and iporUi or UH ilmpllclly of uni|*rwMt that thnr hav« 4cht*v*d. Orjto tat tbt bok M wholly tteWfleod on ill* ktUr «t fashion, II look* to tn« ·* If, M go on, women will Ittra to UK* th» teat of ih» fMhloiW BK0 kn» ft«n and tliat tHey will grow to tht pttw ir lo belter. and adapt to Ihrtr «wn Individual need*,' Question; 1§ It proper for » mother to Rivt hur tfauKhttt * utortt dMWtr und Invite ilnglo glrli to ItT How I say that It Isn't, tbal It Would look bettor If « triwid of htM B»v« )f !·· tttad mid that ft ti Jfcd /orm *» · relative to do *o qr to ' glrte Only the married' OHM should n« tnvlUO, ' ' ' " "WlMit WM Von Bum?" Answer; I «uppo*« It would b* slightly belter lairt* for lh« motlwr to let someone o»h t«r tin toyftto BlfiFi by Hiving M party, but u tor inviiinff tbo Mlnglt girto, I «hi*tt1d (ky that Uto aif* whon that w« fadtlt- cute had panted with the buitte won't co i»i* burn *vnn ft t h ' , Do you by any ohnttctf think that iunu unmm'lod friend* nhortld tiff know anything about th« «pivmeh- Inic tvmi until the stork MM Mtu- ntly delivered iho bufep? H^ d«u-, 10 quoit ih« un grammatical queaUon put )y * It-Dill: young friend wtutn I OBW hhoWlM IliyJMtt tOO lltllVO ·vbout thi' wiij'B of mwlarn youim girls "S»y, when w« you born?" -- Itrnln* and I " \lrHTll ll'l MllHi I lUlll'ttH llMIUt" S INl'I 1 ! III' ooniuiein't nn'nl of inv wtij In HIP fluid of hcuuty cul- Uiti'. I litivn known lint liner n'oin- t'li wlm \\nvf ..ully Hnilouu nail t,i(ibliiiiii. In ouch InsUiiK " tho nulls };n 4 W vo.y Hluivh un.l hmkr nff con mlmta i M 11 wllli ! nnd lemon diisnitiBi nl* I lie Kl(n|il 11 k i r n l , mill 01 nrh rnmlin l^n ncit ulvv tui H u r ^ t L . i f i v e r wo.iM tu iv ttlollKllt thcs ' votnurt null bll H ^ Th. ti lo \H't*i undur noiirfahod OTIC .if lh«ru WIM tililv to i,onlrfil th« n u l l ivntlltlnn by luklnti Irody units Win- Uud iiH^Ntul tuns of Iho mowt i (ihil pl'ij nlflaiih if Cunuila, und sh hnt! Hlml'lcil niixllrmt- "Whon she «tujilt«(l UiltlnK thu suit Uic nnll con d III on i ucur rotl Tho Monond of thcii' wotnon fln- rtlly i t r f w nnlls that rmld ho wan) r i i i n i l In the uannl wny by noiiklnt, lnr null' .'\t»rv nlt;ht In watiu olive nil rtlttl kfPl'lnf: oil rubbed Into her fl.ih'C 1 . Hpi dut Lift the day. But when Bln f t r n w ( u r t i l i ' i t nnd ril.l not cnn- tint) thi' iri-ftttiwrit, the nnlN roRnln- od tholl forme. dlHheMlng uppcar- nnco Ttio thltd wonwin cured the condition pet manontly. And she did so by drinking three u lovu Klnssos of inlllt ddily, [n throe months' time hor nulls licuimi: noirnfil I h»vt noi'Pi HCCII thla nnll condition on fteihy. wetl-nuuiithed worn( n . It han bct'n mv belief that such nallu nro the lemill of in nl nutrition, nnd thftt thn (orrect body salts will ·lupplr tho deficiency ivnd bring the nnlH Imrh In ht'ullh. I n rnllk tho iliil woman obtained the nocuSHiiry tnlneruK T Iwllnve tlmt woroon win ( N l r M.ii'ly d i y ultlnw will Ju wnll to r(UI mill: to IhHr diets and to ion- nunie more of tho ffittv foods, Too itmnv K.own-upi look upon HH clilcfly an Infnnt'M food. In ,\ i n i e i u itvtmi', m emlrwrtt diet- k-lnii fttKl«i-d t^ety xvorklnp girl lo lil(tk ai lint « pint of milk n, day t ntn i-nnvltiml thut the ctmnump- Hon uf l(n!*n .jiittnlttl*'' **' mllK by women u n i t Kir!" would ie*ult in fowe. betiuty iiioblpnw, especially thoHi- of i l i y l i n l r tkln nnd nal!» Okiahomans Visiting Relatives In Moweaqua MOWEAQtTA" He and Mis Rob l i t Pallor tl fit Drumtvi Jjrlit Ok, arc hern vMthU' Mn. Pollaid'w parents Mr tuul MtM Joe Otegory and other look diulla^r It) rwli «t\li'h iisen nmtcilnl f o t r ntini i-ofta V a l t o i n m* In luvtilv i H p(i t (ii)«. l i m n t)t cotton ft may ln obtained only ol HHnch ftibtK dr Putli-in 70S ninnltts of ?«" cl(t!tM «'t I Hey. 1 Oil I klddi* will IOY« · . CKNTrf (Wo In «l. 01 stamiw Wnte plainly j o u r ft»d «tyh number. BE SIZK WANTED. Editor of Tli» Hora.4. Ml: Pltiiio find oiv . suit Mrs. Jilll/iibfth Hnfthrs ot Wichita Kiwi . wni called hero Monday by the girloim lllue-w »( her biollior, John O Hudion. Mr and Mii. Will JMS* nave KDnn lit MlM-ionil for a two wdeks vl«lt with HINT CIMUU of Tornalo Soup Pig-* In Blnnkiif lod Sweet Beets Plnoflpplo Letnoil Pi« CoCfoo MIIH Uno Ihe commercially canned t o m w t o »onp. adding the uniount ot wfttm directed to thin Just b«- foto Kervlnp add one small con ot evnpomteU milk to tho soup ami In Blanket-- Two allces twrk (.leak, on* pound bnoon, pep- por, Have the pork steak cut ubout omi-hal( Inth thlrh. Cut Into strips one Inch wide and two Inch** long Around tab wrap » Hllct or bacon Hnd hold In placr with two ot three toothpicks. Season with popper, but no salt. Bako on* and ont-half hours In (i mo.loratft ovrn. 360 dejtrees, tn* tut half hour remove roaster lid, SUZANNE POLLARD MRS. FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT Wife of the Governor ot New York; welfare worker, mother, social kade*. MRS, JAMES J. DAVIS, Cbalrnra Wife ol the Secretary of Labor, mother and bomemaker. MRS, OLIVER HARRIMAN The (nil-known nctal leader, member of N*w York'* «rii tocracr. NBLUK TAYLOB RMS Pormer Oovtrnor of Wyombui, rationally prominent ii point «crivit(M, Daughter of the Governor of Vlr- 1 eMa, and official hosteu of tbe State of Virginia. Distinguished Committee of 17 Reveals New Discovery Mrs. James J. Davis, Ethel Barrymore, Anne Morgan, Mary Roberts Rinehart, members of Committee to view tests of new product in action A COMMITTEE of 17 of A m e r i c a ' s m o s t d i s t i n - guished women w e r e h o n o r guests recently at the dramatic demonstration of a new soap for washing fine fabrics. At the close, the consensus ol opinion was that for the fipst time in many years a totally new kind of soap had been invented which w o u l d r e v o l u - tionize the.'Iaun- dering of delicate things. A distinguished gathering Never before lias there been a meeting of prominent women to "prejudge" a product made for women. It was felt that such women as Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt, Miss Anne Morgan, Ethel Barrymore, Mary Roberts Rinehart, would be representative of other women in the class each represented. Made of olive and tralm °'' fl In telling of his creation the inventor said he considered the most important feature tlsbe that it is made of olive and palm oilsTnstead of tallow, "For years," he said, "the finest beauty sqaps have been of olive and palm oil base. Obviously what c a n n o t injure lovely complexions cannot harm fragile materials nor redden and r o u g h e n worn e n's hands." MME. ERNESTINE SCHUMANN-HEINK. America's most widely known and bent loved prima donna. One of the celebrated women whose interest was captured by (his new form of toap. The other revolutionary feature, according to its discoverer, is tho fact that the new soap is in the form of tiny hollow beads. The instant these beads touch water they dissolve. This not only saves time, but it protects fabrics from the harmful action of undhsolved soap particles which usudlly remain after the most thorough rinsing where ordinary chips or Famous Silk Manufacturers unite with Commit tee of 17 In ondoralnj; INtl motive fiend* CHENEY LUXITB CORTICELLI PHOENIX HOLEPROOF STEHLJ KAYSEft VANITY FAIR VAN RAALTE The above manufacturer! Ptlmolive Buds in (heir own libo- ratorks. Tlicy tiat«d tbcm asim nnd tgiln in washing ttit« »n (bo «]k whkh f ^W minuft«ture, And now ill of tb*m rttfanmtni olive Beadg for AFC waa Makes arc used. As these bits of soap are ironctl into stockings, lingerie, etc., "soap rot" results, with stains and faded spots. [Dissolve instantly -rinse completely Dr. McGowan, Antoinette Donnelly, Susanna PoBird)lJl- Itan Edcertaa and Nellie Tsyio* ROM watch tbe new ao*p , diaaolv* i« imerejtmg ttati. The ncw"Bcads" dissolve so thoroughly, so completely, that rinsinjf in one water leaves materials entirely soap free. They dissolve in water 20 degrees cooler than ordinary soaps require. Reports received from the country's greatest silk manufacturers, who liacj previously tested the new soap, stressed the tremendous advantage of these two fac- . tors in washing delicate silks. "The name of the new soap, Talmolive Beads,' reveals the secret of why this new soap gives such vastly better results," said chemists who had helped create this discovery, Large box lOc Palmolive Beads are the first soap for fine silks ever made in the form of tiny, hollow, in* stantly dissolving "beads." The only fine fabrig soap ever to be made of olive and palm oils, Palmolive Beads are for sale at your dealer's at 10 cents the box--no more than you pay for ordinary flakes and chips, Get a box today. Who s Who on the Committee of 17 These famous won^n---leaders Mpretcnlinc every phase of feminine activity, from w over the United State*--approved and ipoa* " sor Palmolive Beads. MRS. IAMESJ. DAVIS. ChtlTMM. Wift tf On Stctttety of Suitor. MARY ROBfcHT* MNIHAKT. A meriet'i fitH tttevttmtm Bijtai** ariltr. MISS »ARRVMO»», Amcdtt'i mott ttmem ttUrtu, MISS ELSIE Dtt WOLPC. D* *att4 itUttvsr jtcvnitr. ANTOINETTE DONNELLY. Clntfft Trttmft bnuy ^t^trt. MISS LILLIAN HDCtRTON. MRS. FRANKUN ROtMftVM/r, Witt tf tlit Gtwntr »f Hm fm, NBLUK TAYLOB ROM. Ctvtmtr tt W«i»ii#. HUB. CAV H WAtTON *"·"··«·»«···*· MM*. MRS. KBLLOCC PAIRBANK. ST't JiK t?££ """* WiMy Ineum Otinif t»Stt to**V *"* '*"· "*"* ·*""* ttttpinttr, -- ^«^ HUB, CECIL BOS ANNE MORGAN. FMMW MM, HAN3OSK ·AKMINJh QVMMHfF tf tf fVUfttt Nttttf* "· *·»· n^fttrf 99t9f MvVfF ^f Hp MsfwWM firpMa ·tritttry. DR. BLLBN B. MeCOWAi*. lit ttoretefHe*MM4Ctomiilrr,C» IUu\NN IwuMi Vttotritf. ·/ CnwMr «f ·MSKr WSFAPkRI

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