Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 16, 1959 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, February 16, 1959
Page 5
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IONO AND SHORT OP IT 'Slat 3-4A Play End THE PAMPA DAILY MONDAV PfiSROARVlB, 5 FIGHTERS ARE BUMS, SAYS EXPERT MAX BAER By OSCAR FRALEV United Press International "Max Baer Jr., 6 feet, 8 Inches;Maxie ever drank, soda pop. Pampa Grabs Title; Fight On For Second Basketball aeiuioti ends Thursday for all District 3-4A teams except Pampa.. 'Hia Harve«terfl, who have already clinched the district title, will go into the bi-districl playoff after the end of the regu- ar season, then into the regional alayoff and stale tournament if successful. The final regular season games were scheduled for Thursday instead of Friday, to permit a playoff In case the rare were tied. But such a playoff has proved unnec essary. The main district race still open is for second place. Amartllo an< Plainview are currently knotted for the spot with 8-4 records, bu both must play Pampa this week Border, at 7-5, has only Monterej and Tascosa on its schedule. Palo Duro, Monterey, and Lub bock are the 8-8-7 teams, with one game interval* between each, so any one of those squads could fin ish in any of three spots. Tascosa is assured of the cclla.i spot, but if the Rebels win both their games and Monterey lose! both its contests, Monterey wil share the basement with Tasco sa. Such an occurrence appears unlikely, since Tascosa has won only one district game. Equally unlikely, though possible, Is the prospect of Palo Duro moving into a fourth-place tie with Rice, Texas Are TCtl's Only Obstacles to Title WATER-SKI CHAMP — While the rest of the country shivers in winter weather, national women's water-ski champion Nancie Rideout practices for her next meet in the warm waters off Cypress Gardens, Fla. By Et> Wt ft United Pre** International Only faltering Rice and usually- inept Texas blocked the path of Texas Christian's Homed Frogs today aa Coach Buster Brannon's highly-favored five drove head • ng toward clinching the Southwest Conference cage flag. The Frogs face Rice at Fort Worth Wednesday night and Texas at Austin Saturday night and can start making plans for the NCAA regional playoffs immediately If they sweep this pair *s expected. They own a 9-1 loop record. *TCU'B nearest challenger -perennial champion Southern Methodist—la 2 3-1 games back at 6-3, but even if Coach Doc Hayea' Mustangs pulled off a virtual miracle and tied for the crown they couldn't go to the NCAA party be- causa they are under a conference ban on post-season play. Tough Row For SMU It would take quite a bit of do- Ing on SMU's part to turn the trick even If TCU should stumble. For, after catching: lowly Texas at Dallas Tuesday night, the. Mustangs then must face Texas Tech at tAibbock Saturday nlgtit. Arkansas at Dallas Feb. 23, TCU |and 201 pounds. In his first bout- It was after he had sold 113 per |a« a Santa Clara senior, was cent of himself to various "man- NEW YORK (UPD—Tills was a iknocked out )n the f| rs t round by Infers," a mathematically unsatls- .i***! A i\t *i Aa *<• Hafl/ onH " Vf H (!-.>_. ........ i «„. _*.«!'* i f n c'tnrtr r»nrf Armn np0 whirVi TP- couple of years back and cap Maxle" Baer, one • heavyweight champion of world, was analyzing the boffers of today. time t h e •'•his 188-pound opponent." Chip Off Old Hlork factory performance which re [quired four years of effort to get that he became known as even beefy] Proving that tempim does f"fp;!,. the ' man wUh the mllllon dollar young Max in a way is a decided | bwjy am| thg ,„ nent bram „ „ .. , „ .„ ,„ Irhip off the old block and, to "They are all atmkers," he in- ' ' ,, iNone of this bothered Maxle. He boot, the old man su.d a mouth- | WM havjng tOQ muf . h flm "Vou're A Hum listed. There is little ar KUrnent at this | Hfl mlf?ht ,„ retrospect , have j Sfl much , hnlt when he waf) go . moment, with his statement, inai bepn t(j , k about lhe heavy-!, through the motions of train- goes from the top. where Floyd of ^ 19;) , Bnd , B3p ff B« , <hea Patterson as the current ruler. « fln Max Rf ,„ the span ofj K rhamplon ^ Prlmo C ar- makes a practice of belaboring • . '*> ' Borger, For thig to happen, Borger would have to lose to Monterey and Tascosa, while Palo | Duro beat the second place run- nerups, Amarillo and Plainview. DISTRICT 3-IA (District Standings) M' L OB Pampa Amarillo WILLIAMS WILL PLAY AS LONG AS HE HITS at t>all(M Feb. 28 and close out at College Station March 3 a#a,in$t the Aggies. While SMU stUl has five ga,rne» to go, TCU has only four-toe pair this week, the Feb. 28 date with and a season • finale against Baylor at Fort Worth March 3. If the Frogs can come close Id continuing the 49 per cent pn> ficiency from the floor that has marked their last five victories over top rivals, they should have little trouble winning all four games. Only the SMU game oft the road appeais as even a likely stumbling Mock. Basketball Results Southwest Baylor 60 Texas 58 SMU flO Rice 57 Houston 88 Tulsa 56 Texas A&M ?3 Texas Tech 62 TCU 76 Arkansas 71 Wyoming 91 New Mexico 64 Arizona 66 Hardin Simmons 64 Utah St. 74 Brigbam Young 4T Colo. St. 60 Denver 52 Plainview Duro Lubbock makes a practice of belaboring -"™ '—„ - — ,, ' neavy .i^^;™ '7^ ng ^ m ™ lM ^.IMonterey hand-picked opponents only, right ^ , w>f , hnnlplo , 18hlp of the world.-^'"Q,,, Bl . own wal * hed him )n !Tascosa down to the .bottom. MRX , , he ekleri wag (n th03e , . 12 8 8 7 5 4 3 1 11 4 4 5 7 8 9 11 Pet. l.OQO .667 .667 By OSCAR FRALEY United Press International NEW YORK fUPD-Prlde Is the| and thg answer today as . to how m uch' longer 40-year-old Ted Williams ."J^T.,: I will play baseball. ,7H homers and this, due to almost five seasons lost because of War II beyond reach. But Williams, with a couple of good years, could The American League "doesn't know up in second place. w^vv*..p,| himself! Jimmy F oxx ,,uw much longer he will continue with 534, a mere 52 belts to wear the flannels of the Boston of the splendid splinter. Sox. It depends primarily on seasons ™'gbt "° it for i-i in. ^ f~S+t in t hi rrl nln PA \Vli ....*,«.« »t« unne, up Rebs Lose In Overtime Au8tln of he heads Into the 1949 campaign. Last year, despte an ailing ankle which troubled him all season, he;Rebels In overtime Friday, won the American League batting Lee's effort went for nothing as championship for the sixth time they came from eight points behind l.JiaUl}JlUlfn*tI>' 4W* m v w»'» *••*»•••« •• ii_ J ^ with a .328 mark and fattened hlajto tic at 40 - 40 at the end of j regulation time, anei scored first I In overtime For the .083 homer total by 26. "I've done a lot of walking and ••• «•-• running," Williams says elatedly. For the Rebels, Jim Stephenaon / "The ankle hasn't been bothering scored 13 points, Harold Burgess ime a bit and I'm in top shape." inine, Uoyd Balch eight, and Jim representing his own • Crtnklaw six. Mike Stewart also " company at!tallied six. this! Lee. 5-4 in Panhandle Junior The bottom, incidentally, as far as heavyweights go ran al- the elder, was in days a fracturing puncher with dURliRt "You're a bum." out of Stanford, Calif, When he doesn't, he'll step down. Hams, with 482 *t« rtln * lh « ""'I J. ee kJnd\lH*head back 5"Florida' ! High "conference play, goes to Bor- LAST WEKK'g RESULTS Ted's current aim is to increase son. seem, a quick uncn 10 ga^, prepare to report at'ger today for a game with Hous, — .. , ~ Pampa 70, Tascosa 38; Pampa his standing among the all-time tter ,„ the 13 he needs to suipass^ ^P P^ ^.^ ^.^ ^^ High. Two games re- the physique of an Adonis andj Maxle i augh(>( | f it to kill. Then 1 *? Pa i 0 Duro 59- Monterey «2. Ihome run hitters. Momentarily he oenng <IH. .^ Scotlsdalei Ariz . ;ma i n on the schedule after toda^ ? hle»*of a millionaire ; he R , most <lid just lhat lo Car-l |Pa i Q Duvo U; Tascoaa 41. Won- U in fifth place and his aim this T y Cobb, who played until he ___-_ playboy. A gayhlode from the be Vn treating Da Preem like a lerey 40; Palinview 41, Amarillo year is to move past fourth place was 43, sees no reason why wii-, -•- ' 40- Lubbock 91, Plainview 82: Am-'.Lou Gehrljr and close In. and Hams can t go on until at least ,„. „«. e py sq ,, e ^ j most be described in a dispatch the philosophies of a millionaire ; he R i most did just that to Car ' - - •i K | nnins , j hR always liked the prim-: S( ,,, ond h and vo-yo as he knocked 1 ^- Lubbock 81 Plainview 82: Am-'.Lou Gehrig and cose n. ant-ams cai kJ 1 !.^ irofle P Rth hollor lna " massaging; lne ambling A i p rt own 12 tlmen in! art 'u o 5t Boi-ger 36; Lubbock 5V,'pas?. If possible, third place Mel that age. IVIIIfR '"" opponent's mandible. Before •.,, rollnds to ta i<e the crown. ! B orger 43 ' Olt ' < " Afl lot i IUHW his very first pro fight he drank JThcn | nu »hing as he leaned over) ""Kb Out Of Kfarh in shape, • rtr» ' ** > * ' " ' Take Match Grid Loop ^Frustrated ., :three bottles of x soda pop and the. tne ,. 0 p efl) ' ho asked Bi-own: jnnly point to this little incident is, .. Wnat do yoll think 'of •that it marked the last time The; The fur flew fast and furious: all ever the place at the Top O' '"ex- as Sportsmen's Club before a li'.rpe Saturday niffht house, and vhen tha imoke of bsttle had setth wss BuMdftp Pleches and ! Mlk« DIRlRse who stroke trlum phantly from the ring;. . • The two grapplers actually earn-; MEMPHIS, Tenn. lUPli •d their t«R.toam victory in the j proposed Mid - America Foolball' main event a* Iron Mika slam mod j League remained in KB foundling Sonny Myers to the canvaa, ivin-(stages totlay. i( '<? the seconf fall, and dead-1 Bad flying wwdher kept "key | looking the match at M before;men from ahowing up at the i Pleches pinned Dory Funk for the! leajfuo's first meeting laat Satur- third and d^lsive fall. , iday. Myers was unable to continue [ The ones whr after taking a solid whipping In talked over u [-..-,.. " "' ivinnini' th* second round from Iron Mike, balled lha rair«s question around,. ^ Myers suffered fl badly bruised and ngi't-od lliut Hit nu-t-ling was shoulder and Hi first it was thought, n surc<;.s,s, U<>Hpile all hit»».lii'«ip». ho had dlulix-ated bis Hhoul'ler. ; Hut the only di-finil«- Him) was w 'Then, laughing: as he leaned over, THIS WEKK'S SCHEDULE me Monday Borger at Monterey. I "You're »till a hum," Brown | Tuesday ! replied, aridinjr thoughtfully, "ajid j Pampa at Plainview; Lubbock ,so is Camera." at Tascosa; AmarUlo vs. Palo One year, minus a day, later'Duro, In Amarillo Coliseum, .... long as he keeps his leg.* Kuth Out Of Hearh in shape, he can do it." Cobb I Babe Ruth leads them all with p ,. edi( . t ,. "He'll never lose his ; batting eye. It's the legs which; go and make the panic too muchj of an effort." j Top Slmpe j Thus Williams is optimistic as • jhe "clowned away" the title to I Jimmy Rraddock, thus playing fairy godfather to the man." Thursday Lubbock vs, Monterey; Tascosa "Cinderella at Borger; Amarillo at Pampa; iPalo Duro at Plainview. MIAMI, WHEELER TAKE IN 11-B (gp;) .._ Miami and, day, Miami rolled over \Vheoler, •:hed th« boys' and!j7.47 | an d Kelton edged Bripcoe, did make U girls' basketball crowns in D i s- 43 . 4fl !,d Sudg't.i'm' 1 U-B h«re Saturday night, by (elanese Tops City Bowling luttierCops | Tucson Open j Afier the first wee.kend of 1 the city bowling tournament, -held at Harvester Bowl, Cel Harvesters Lead Way Into Playoffs Clifton McNeely's undefeat- i Corpus Christ! Miller of 14-AAAA. ed Pampa High Harvesters, vioj is-AAAA and Ifi-AAAA races to tors in their last 8S appearances bp a? c \<\e<\ this week, on the basketball court with 25 of j those wins coming this season. ! H takes two more wins after <*s- head an impressive list of nine^trict play to become eligible for Class AAAA district champions. ,y, 6 foiir-team state schoolboy cago The stale's other six big-boy dis-.Class AAAA tournament March 5- itricts will decide their champion- umnmment. AnUerson, tallied 28 i points for Miami, Jimmy Athertnn •4«tt- 22 (or Wheeler, Jimmy Harriii 19 > no' for Kelton, and Jack Helton 2? for j Tho 'next Friday, Saturday, |Sunday. Second place team '** Cabot itimher threo, with 3100; Onb- I Highland Lumber Is fourth with 3032. Austin best - of- In R. and H. playoff. the iwM inwiing at Miami! PanipM wie.stllng promoter, Bobjst't Oeigt-'l, exi'liiimed Hfler lhe mau-h, | Feb. -H. "Boy, Uidl Myars was really 1 DulegHtts luivt- plnns lo scl groaning. He'll probably be c.u 1 . of eastern mid werilern diviMii commission now for a wec-k or with six l.-ain.s in each division. : 19 f"i - Kellon. no." iKiislem cilii-s woul'l he picked Myers had pinned Pleches in from th» opening round of lhe tag-l?nni 'N '' , event but the early siaveas soon Buffalo, I'oiumbus, Brooklyn and vanished, Oeigej said he niiiv r-i Dallas. Western ab)» to arrange a grudge match Denver. Memphis, St. Louis. In- between Funk and Iron Mike for tl anapnMs, Hi Paso. San Antonio, this Saturday night. Tnlsa, Houston and Minneapolis. In other action Saturdny nu-ht. Virgil Pu-ison "f Birmingham. Kunk won a disqualification ver- the league's tinoflicial public rela- diet over Plecha* in the semi-f.nal lions man, said lus was confident In gills' Humi-finaU fc'ruiay, ! beuile Mo- i and in lhe fintilM. MlHmi's boys ••'-• off Helton, Ki-fiu. a* Lar-, , ^ , Ml(im( I Allison 70-,'itf. Ix-- ^otH Willianu of the losing All s>jn Tillia nr«en hfK>perl SO point* lettm umied m lhe be»i indivi iual Allanla. Miami. Charlotte. • lo lead Wheeler to a B7-.M* triumph , «ffort of Iht! tournameiH, wz< ling Hhrcveporl, LH., LnuiMVille, over Mobeetie in the girls' final. |H le ne t g with 15 point*. S h 8 i on Clarice Wlllard bucketed 21 lorJBeaty of Canftdian a!»o ha'l 8 posslhllitie.i ata i Mobeetie. great night, With 37 points. Wheeler and Mobeetie had bee,, ^ ^ tiort for the round-robin lead, but ' . . h* T " i 3 I3'i ! 1 ll.e w»> with »s !S wore, followfU t»y (Vril ' . .......... . TmMi««y l"ud there WHS a mutual agreement rice Willnrd of Mobeetie with 2fi .ji»w; . .. , ...'. Knlprliiif are third «ltli I'JM, ; ami .luy C^ntrfll mill I) u n ,, (irity ui'e lnurtli with \'W, "j, lldbhy Sc'l/ U ^iimli'^ lead }; i-r \vith »»(>«, Hint M a r » h i\ 1 I .Julini.011 I- tied with It, H. I ^'»\ for >ec'0ijil (ilfice, w I I h *' 6.V\. In fourth M»°t '* '*• >1»n- ^»t-l with iwi. | In handicap all event*. J Larry l'Hr*ley listd» with congeculivd , ournamen t wins lricl or regional tournament bi-district or regional round, oen \ K and Tucson, and the schoolboy playoff competition, de-j p am pa's McNeely is expected to touring polf pros knew H as they j pending upon which action coach- meet w jt n p err y GooUby of Wich- headed today for the Texaa Op«n; M ^ t h e tJU<* te«mi choose, the ' lta jr a ij g t hi» week to decide upon in San Antonio. jone game or bsst-of-three bi-dia-i a s i te ttn d dute for their bi-dia- Littler roared out of the pack , lrict ger i 0g O r a four-way tourna-'^ lr | ct playoff game. Wichita FaJl» Sunday to win the $16,000 Tuf»on; me , u i won ils j t>0 p t .,,, wn (or the second Opt-n. He baat out Art Wall Jr.,-| Btt)rit j fla p ttm pa. alruady crown-' siraigltt year. Last y^ar they nick- and Jo* Oampbtill. the promising 1 ^ (UH t ril .t champs are Ode HUB,'fed Lufkin in bi-dj«trU't, and then rookie from Knoxville, T«nn. iwii-hila Fulls, Dtulus Thomas fell to Woodrow Wilscm of Dallaj. He pocketed $2.000 here on tiis 72- j jond ,. aoni Tyler, Hou»ti>n H e I 1-' hole m-ore of 65-07-M-68 — 2«8. ! all)J p,, r t Arthur, nmner-up to lender Bfter tliu »«''• ! tllt , 'n,u % esters year, % W 1' ',T, , , ""- 1 B«'-'^ 8 H '» la ' 1 ' 1 «' I if either of the Iwo teams u r cn »"" ' J """*"" h » s ond aiui third rounds, blew to a fourth round 7:t. Ihrwtt over pur. for a 72-hole total of 28T. and a si-cond pUro lie 1 WUh Wall. One stroke behuui Wail and Canu-bell came Doug Sanders. Miami Beach, Kla,; Masters champion Arnold Palmer, Latiobe. Pa . and Bill .lotmslon. Provo, Bunched at 2<"> were MHrty Kur- MK'Hlluni and COI-J>UH Mi by district the first n»ii\d of playoffs now looUt- like thli: j 1 AAAA. pmtvihly Kl Paso Austin vs. Orte*!is (2»-(ii of 2 AAAA.; 3-AAAA. Pampa vs Wichita Kalla of 4-AAAA A-AAAA. pi-ohably Kori Wortli event »nd Iron Ailke and Myers the league would he operating this winner the tournament, that tsarn would ;with 2S aUo be declared the round• p>bin i Kiijlitj eight trams »re enter»•<! In lhe city meel, along with 117 double., teams and t34 In boys' aemt-final games 6'ii The New* ( U»»lfied Ad*. got. l/emr>nt. 'II Bellflowrr. Calif : Lloyd Man- gnirn Apple Valley. Calif. «nd Walt Burkemo, Ki-anklm H I I 1 i, Mk-.h. Paul O'Leary, P" ! >' VH Dallas Tlioinas Jefferson of «-AAAA. 7-AAAA. ailher Denton or Garland v§ Tyler of S-AAAA 9-AAAA, probably Houston Milby v». Houston Bellair* of 10- AAAA 11-AAAA. Port Arthur vs winner f>f muddltd 12-AAAA rare 1S-AAAA, Austin MrCallum vs. CARBURETOR S4VES | G4S BY • , Car UVVIHSS jiKJiiey and not gcttir.g prupi:i gas : nuiea^t \tut; v'.i ov«r-rieli mixtures i will liri jiieascd lo leurn of u • Wisconsin inventor whu has de '• voiopud s very clever unit mat j save* gasoline by "Jtl-jng end , Vicu-HiaUng." It u automatic i and operates on the supo:x-harge i principle. Easily installed in » few minutes. Fits care, truck* . and tractors. The manufacturers, the Vacu-mat'c Carburetor Co, i 7617-70 StaU St., W»uw*to»a, Wis.. are offering a Vacumatic to anyone who will niiuU u on his car and help introduce it j to other?. They will gladly gend i full free particulars u you write or »end your name and »d- w « pcwt cfunji today- at Ol ( Oc-n't ie! S" (:«>f"»nt» f^<lf <rf too h'.gh «i«p you in • bind! VUi» tK« S I.C l>^(' | e^ "•«'»>' >«* YOU H find '*-•' lain Sp«ci«livlt *l $ I C. are «ip*r ; enced in «pfking en' 'fi'n«ncinq pi*"! to' if* *»d ut*rf e«ri . , . f>4 tfcey'ti n:*K lo it* 1 ? sou f Rtwt A WHATCVCB rOU8 FO* C A i H HAt *t Kaico Wini Tourntx MIAMI, t'U • liiti«IU«i ot lh» pl#y»r» 1 KflMJb '|b:M liohler, Hilly \\V-lu, the by be»tin| defendinE ti- liy»t Albt* Pe.nson of the Wash-! i,Q|twj 00 the 19lh hole, j - Bowling'* lop Individual tltle- prietoi-s' Association mulch champion, has his push a way in motion with hi-s stride. The lall Houston resident's balance is perfect as he bigins the backs\\iiig. \S'elu : s form 1$ [lawless <U ,\i# height of th* h*ekswing. Th* ball U at shoulciei Wvel and i.Mi'l swaying behind his hack. Welu delivers the imll properly—from close to left ankle and with a linger lift and roll, rather than a highspeed heave. He's called 4 piclur* buwler. GUARANTEED USED TIRES ( liooil SelucUuii ul Trutk iiUf» HAtLTIRrCO. 1W It- to»le, MA * Wt

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