The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON rTEWS» TOE HUTCHINSON NEWS |lPubllBhQd Dully hu The Nfwi Cnmnany. W. Y. MORGAN, E.D1TOR. E ST A QLI SHED 1072. Knferr-rt at tin- I it on, Kiuifuj*. Uv, 1 the mull-) tiM *.(•>•• t-ti In HfJt'H!')- llllililT, T/aur !ior;r. NO. Prlvnie triwicli • M ii:wme. I fctor ntiKVv'iji:'. tfh<- iM.L.-i...] *>\ . 'ja\- .. - (lie v.orM in fJHofl with thorn. J J "r- IKII':' tlil» U\ tho rnid CUIIHO of t.hc (.-:• chortatiP. wanted. TERM Py mr -II. ;.n By mall, fel $4y mnll. vm Or SUBSCRIPTION: 1 I in nnlllH , By mMl, urn' nioin ii By currier In 1lutrii!riK»«f Weekly Ntrivy. oiiu y-nr t.trO 1 26 N";ir <m t i,. tin- Wollaml €,in ntitili I'DH'.M (ircujiiil l! fi^Vi r IH vn ivJ 1 h (be ralijoinln ;;M Hill* Oil liHtlt til" CjiniKllun RiHo t»r llu' for tho development )«• Canadian nWU 1 • wliltih 1 iikr-y t!i'; obHtnu'tion. :tt>io to cxmiiietf.! ;i tnm::j'ort;i!Um American nv.d w.ili-.rhiU rum-is (if woter ptuvec (.0 MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS. MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRC The Afi5n-:ial (Mt \'yyy. 1:; t-\<!ualv< \y '.TI tlt ;«d to tho 11.10 for vri>ut)]icall(.n of 11 nfwv crniHtfil in (I (.•; iml creil tliic imp'T. anri nlno tlie lociil new plibitshfMl lifn-ln. All 1 IK ht- w »>f ni |;uMlentlnn of "P 1 dlaimtchofi hi-t-elii nre HIHO reserved. liave been K-iieniled, plants are •••A-hitfi fuel' lal The Sidiinger ilrng Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Telephone 91- NO, 1? North Main Street. Hutchinson, THE TOUHIST SEASON. :ik tit- .I!K If I Vi\ sc wenr'n 1B(. NOW on LI thrODL 'H til*- dell;* nre dodrla:-. -'-nil a! V u,li '' hftfels i- ii IH >n 1 , * and * n Ho * motif * the i.iee. * moi'f : 'T * li.Tf the * vjetuais i * g -ue tnitt * not 1:.•(•(•.- * guhi/.V. f * In the I.. * tiiieh :i * i>|-|te es i • * « )u\ a| * UIM)I \i • V * -bin iihiri" * erylhiu;'. * HU I>i;.h 1 * his hand'' * lib; ru-;: * wouiu ii; * cmf ri-vl::^ * Kr^'t Hi* an<! Ii'.-el * Tlie MM * ratf: * l.e;it*-n; 1 * nnil d:it' ; * lie'ri ej.H In 1 1 * \ ;! ill- !| flump \ lieil' live:', hum In -tut CitisI rui -te-d, eiee.t rl-iii y nnd imnieiiHe itidu'di lal tK'iiu? operated by (his TliiH iiffitiK to 111 ,il puKMibiilly in the Cnmitip from Il.ftniJiun (< I'^illH. we ;;lo;)ped at lhr Shinv ("reek, I had n Ihls-ffitfln iiffi ^^ut ^i ^r Vt-ry largo mnnuniffit ha* been by a Foriety of Canadian vom the in«erip(io:i on the niouument nay:that M*on bundrfjd (^anadiany (bd'eat wl nrid pttt t.o flirb f I bree tlio!)^'*nd Amerlr'aas, (lie date of l.he ''bat'b*" b<diu; lSKv. There one tbiiii; tn wbirli an Ameriean travtdlitu; In fan;:da mnnt iicrnstoin biniHidf and that is to be- frequently informed of batibs in v.iikh the ra.n;idi; ! .ns UrU<d lnaV:e!- Pome dlf- . )ij."fery and who .Nnieri It ' write mmi'i tli re re nre v:h i--V[H up th» A n d a f ivas the iu : for the United Stat Canada in in Aiiicri' W. i»f rhe tlmt monument .-rd "Anu'-rfeiiin-*" only, and yet a. Y. MOkllAX. THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY. l\y Huth ruinoron. io buy " V nut h espeetB ft of ha!'i>i»e::r. i H urilon 1: ; t-ri t rba i Is fa:. • boo-d ail' \V \\vrv do wu f: ne-oiie has [at be happy ii .y we ii; a perpt a.ud at tual the • nUi bo ;> fii:s « itf-n happ L b":i it •d to first f ;c ; ; the- tiniver in ;:i':i tit tide." L thai ide.i t.h:tt .iii .^ed that That it i» and Ihal i .e been f-eni •;::klti;; ai-on Otir idfn of an 1U>in that hain't o' general Intprofit Is vv'him some dude f;o('^ t' court nn' wins hia ring back. A roK'lar wife la ono that don't lonli f>r lier huabund fill Ehe :;e»a liim eomln. from which \\> oxipcct little brings uft niuoh pleuHure "Life IK full of sweet Muur to those v.iio do not expect what it cannot briu.p." I cannot remember who It was said that but he, too, plainly believed that one can heighten onc't; enjoyment of llfo by controlling tin- pea so nable exprclat Ions as \\ ell ay by trying to eon I rol e vent H. roint, Cluyton, nichfJftld, ShakomR. Hull ami Fowittr will wun -t BomnthUiS 1 more definite. Uwlesa eho BtippHes it, they will furnl &h an ox:plaiuitto:v of their o -wn. Wo flml Mr, John W. Mlnnr. of JacWin, Mtob., ftlnttwt aa intriguing as Mr. (JcorRo It. ftUnton, of Gieut Fallp, Mont. Mr, Miner, who is n me.nvber of the DiyniK^raitic Stnto Central C'ontinftteo, nwya of Mr. Ford: "Ni> aspirant for State or national office ilarCB ridicule, or attack him.*' We'll, for goodnoHs' sake?, why IKM:? VT. Ford han been ridiculing hiiiKd *''lf [rlpht along. \Yhy should othorw be deprived of that InoBtimabk; boon? Wo notice that, In response, to tho inr<aMaNe draKtnd for it. S."ribner'« MiiKazinv \MY:\ printed an avticlo fiVi 'nR the dsU« at which golf was first played in this vounlry. Wo shall buy a-copy of Soribncr's that we may Twid it. Just nt fbe .ir.o- men't when G-very «hot in •tiw b-ai; has Rcme ^vroiig- -wheMi we are on t'ho point of Kiving up and never playing we should derive a vu^t aiuou -nt of •comfort in hM\rninK the date at which the gituie wa» -Hrdt pkiyt-.h "Caution is always advisable," Rays the optoemod Now York Tribune in Lilts cour*K! (>f a ringing e<lit,orial. \Yo go ftirthor— -much nirther. Virtue jiisiily re ^XMiunendiHt and is one bl' the most. adintraWo of hunum qual{;ies. AYo observed a time auo that having fore -^ten l"ror. Couo, this-; country stood ready to welcome thu next i .n/'e;n:<».is ponl Icman eii^api -ti ta in «i k'.'-fin^ a line of plhberb -h. It ha« ju^l <K"cnrnd to v,a that, uiriil lie shown up, *ho talk about the n-'.'w drug, :-\-->po- ianiin -if that ii- the way to tv-ell i; - - wi'.l k 'op a couMdevable number of the people interests.! -and bu^y. nxcfpt Germany haa ondurerl wltliin my memory. One can hardly believe UiM posacHpton for a nhort tlmo of the most powerful nrmy In tho world could hnve creaffd "aurh a mogalo :i mania in Franco that hor rusponalble government has decided to claaolfy Hritaln^wlth Germany as a potentially beaten foe. Yet it looks that way." NEWS DAILY DOT PUZZLE. SECOND HAND. THOUGHTS. ~ By J. K. HOUFP )n the l rhiladelpbla Public l.edj;nr. Tho other mmOvmeUlers mi^ht as well turn in their ladies. 'Hibi year's rin^l pri/,e. a ra.tin-lined bowling alley, ijs hereby «.uarderi fo Mr. (J•^tjee If. Stanton , (Ireiit FSIIIK banker. Mr. Hi anion ID quoted a :S sa.j in^ - "It 1^ my hourt-t opinion that Montana will not allF .w this iblni? tu result m failure. The Sta'-e would never ;i'.e it down." Scopolamin, we ridiculous than UK. ami a lot of peoplt add, is no more poisoned needle, helieved in that. if. "If you teac-h them tb v a il­ ea- " ,1. lo. .(Ulie Hii. times one .vi!i always nence and 11' the r-rcat ai 1. (•[ '.lie en, X'.lien 1 firht. itton- SEEING U I A ti A 11 A FALLS O'.'djJwcu.'i I'i'rn-i"; "ii' Niavaia i-*.;i.:-. 1 »nta' No mailer l (iw imm;. viidth Niagara i-'al'v. he •find a worth while e\-p (jennation. M\ i',r: ; t vj.-sv oat.aravt, a IHIUK'r of yearn dlwappoiniiiu' to me m.t i .e 1. t pevera! occaidorr; in* tlien, w have faced Hie v.em'.i ri'ul »vat« r have bt en ^le.uly imp; and iiLspind. J'johahly I vva^ trained on Niaf'.ava Kali:, at When I wms a- rmall IK.V in C -wood. Kalis, my fo'bs received as a premhim of seme kind an "tJiI Taint- Jn«" of NMa^ara l-'ullrt". I think, it came with .1'* ieiverf.s er Codey's Ludie.'i Hook, names, wbbdi mean nolb- ing to ih« newer vvii"n:iUm hut will malic some of the older p.--op!e thrill with reinembrancc and think "Lheni " the days;". Ab a eliild I !*K>ked at the "Oil Painting or Niagara Fulls" : wlth wonder nnd admi; alum, it WIIH ono of tho few real idct urea in the to<vn and it had n heavy Kilt Inane. It in not tuirprishit' thai Niagara l-^iilt- hecamo an iini>re:;rdon and that wlu-n I saw the real thiny it could not come up to the advance imagination. But ; NitiKara Falls with its fcreat fall of a lake of water ICS feet, and the cloud of spray, the whirlpools below and tho ru.'vhln;* of LTie waters above the fall, la a sight whieh is not equall­ ed elsewhoro In the civilized world ior grandeur and impresslveness. Ilowover, Twit! admit thutthts cataract is not so higb as tho clnirg'ea made by Uio hotels and tjouveiudr jihwps in the immediate vicinity. Aid. an vhl iim if h< nil PM .1 a tho llappii; he* othol iim wb. If lie Ptop IS perie,-tl * l ^.-itJN'- • rand. I;' :'.oru person ha, has none is happy and he and t bin!. Ask v pMippy and jon aitiVter from one tiiaf of y yanet ow I! you t)iink other per- n ;r I r. mjr and at only y(ni As a result of the prop ^S'Ml meeLtng between Mr. nempi.ey and Mr, t.;ib- IUTIH . eiuno stjfrmu will at.'.aeli to .VJ.Wita n=.}. But we Jjiiink Mr. Jvanton )i,is posted it. on tho wniiif.' 'iioardin^'. NidH dv exrf pt. •OiOoe f inaueiai !•>- interested <nnw wbet.iior the f{;;Ii' takes place. Hut the fuot that Men una was "sucke-v'- enomih to a;;ree to pay •Mr. I) .m-psev .?:mu,0oo will inculcate much rihaid laughter. "Tb« "What \Y.. Jr. you 7"ho Autoznobilo E.vpedHJon is ntay Ing on tho (.'•anadian side. We are afraid to take the car across to tho jurlsnliction of the United .States for fear the technicalities of inttrnational law" vVUl provent Its getting back without much dalay. Even tho prico of gasoline has picked up. Through liMnois and Indiana we paid liO to 23 cents. The fir«t station in Canada called for 28 centK, while here at tho Falls it is 30 cents. That reminds zoe of something w<hic:h has caused me a good deal of worry. How many million filling t^ta- tlonn are there in the United yUtos? •' J2vt;ry town and city -is thick with stations and alonj; the co'intry romis ^ they are establiuhetl like the inhabitants of a dog's back during flea time. ; In etatcs -which were "wot" up jto a I tow years .ago, tho corner saloon has . given - way to the fil'Jnjj station. Hut , Ju tho country, what <Ud the men who now opejatt> atiitlone do before tho industry wn;i aatabllahod? They are tho ornamental featurea of tho towns ami tho distinguishing mark* ot'&m 'country sldo. Ten years uf^gtyt^pB* filling sUtiona -were not knWTB* -|fW lea/l i,:an> of his do not know tliat. I "If v. e only wished lo be happy,"] s:iy: ; a French philosopher, 'thi?' could be easily acr t >;up!ishr-d but we j wish to be h:ipp'e'r tlian olin-r pen- - pje. and i-his is always difficalt for u--' led/eve other.? lo !x> Jiajmier 'liai; tio-y are." Pari, of our nnhappinesa come:from (iii-> f. -'dim.',- that othc-rs are happier than we are and a great deal mop' i rem our of heln ^r (heat i -d wlj'-'U ww are-n't happy. rf v, e didn't e.M e, t be happy all the I Sme then win > vi r biui -'pineSS we did wring inn;! life would be to the ;;ied. Hut if we expect to be happy, all the time t hen e \ ej-y time that, our happiness inteidered with wo fee! vhejjt-.d and reiieritful, and often that resen tin cut is harder to boar than tho inconvenient.or annoyance that caused it. One of the pieate.-i't obstacles to happiness hi marrnuTe hi the fact, that both parties expect too much happinuss. They were born with that expectation of perpetual ha[ipiilo:'.s, 'v.liich the author I quoted above refers to. Of ex»iirse they have had ireijuent | disappoitilmtmtB and disillustious. j Hut they have by no menus g"iven j up the idea that a ; * soon as certain temporary disabilities, such as lack of money, control of parents, etc., are done away with they are going to be perfectly happy. And then alontc cornea love, and Nature for her own purposes promises them that perfect ha.ppluess Is now close at hand. A wedding Is to usher it in and after that they are never to be unhappy again. What wonder that IVIIOU they find themselves stilt liable to moments of intense uuhapplnejij thftr reaenUncnt exceeds all -previous resentments, and they are inclined to blaino oacJi other instead of 1MB. 1 seems like a depressing philosophy to urge people not to expect too much happiness. And yet how often the party we have planned and looked forward to proves a disappointment because of tho intensity and height of our expectations. Whereas the little impromptu party re RM.-M1 fithinrs and then iek I 't 'Tii-'ry," say £ , an nd-' t of Hear; Cs MagiC/ane. j Ul PVO '-o," Slippi ;a K. » mean to infer?" We ha veu'i. an idea. ot.a;*r than f bn t the set;tenquoted may have .reflected the advert m; writer's yonso of del it ;:.(•;.- Kveiw- I ime anybody nuor-s to Ijernpsey as a flKhter the people re-cail ids war record, The public will be grc-atly disap pointed in the reactions of -Mrs. Anna Huy.zi, convictcHl In New York the other day of the murder of her gentleman friend. Mrs, P.uazi. when the ver- dtot war read, turiuxl p;iJe, caune neur •falling and was ie-d 3way in a daze. What the pubHe demands of a prisoner on triit) for nmrderr is lhat lie sli.C] receive the news from the jury box vwtfl­ out, n tremor of emobion. — x--I l T nic;;y ho doe *i it. the pn'olic speedily loves interest in b.lui, a.iul no move- : irie-nt i [o secure either pardon or re prieve is ?et on foot. 1 We have jupt read >ei:ni? Mr, Sura;-en's hjytructioi:^ for ]^!r-y ! ,n^ a ma^hicnibliek shot. Wo i-ii-'uM be willing to hypothecate tho current pay idieck at the customary a; tra-'f ivi- od-dx *chat if you try to r•."member ' **<\m while playing that ^iiot xeid; final your hall in the near-i^t trap. That It limp isn't much ot nn explanation. pt«rceptib!y. Hut., caught un- i t wa s 1 1 1 1!(-";>;, we exmId do of the mojnent. We don't know why Mr. Tellcgen was forlddden to rema.rry. but the preenu t > .n pt'ol-o hi y w .t .v unnecessary. A ma a wlio Mp-eaks of mairriago aw b.'ant it'uily as Mr. Telle-pen spoke of U juthe ot'-(ef day seldom is willing to give up his freedom for it. The inimitable Ts T eysa MoMe-in has explained to the N>w York reporters: the reartnh f*•.r (.ho sce-vey wi-Lii v/'hich her marriage Avas in vested. "I did not Avaut at this time," she said, "to announce my marriage, hut somehow beans were Hpilhjd, and while I ,W.-LS in mid-Atlantie the nowa was broadcaut. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read the- wii 'fdwws announct^nent of .my own romance on the siiip's bulietins." That may bo a sniffLciently grxid expianation to r-t<iU off tht* Nmv York repor-torp, but .Miss McMein's old neighlK>rs in Ursa, Meudon, Cajnp A_nd. finally, if you <^Lro (o to us. this isn't much of a reia CONDEMNS THE FRENCH FOR RHINELAND POLICY WashIngbin. duly 2 — The presr-nt French policy, as p-oseentod now may be Hie beginning of a new Napoleonic era. in the opini:>n 0!" Piorropom Noyes, American re i»re tentative on the Uhlnelaiid high commission. "Whom the cods would destroy they first make mad. That SUUKS up my views of French policy." said Nujes. "French policy j~ driving toward a cliniiix as daiui'M'- ous f or tho peace of tho world as the Avorld as Ihe intrigues of . July, Jf»H. ilero in America wo seejn (1^ blind to the real ,meaning of these events as wo were Can You Finish Picture? Complete the ."drawing by tracing from figure ono to tAvo and so on to the end. Then use your crayons or water colors ami nee how niec/y you can color it. Bought New Seed, Kmporia- Following the "June rise" that destroyed crops on many bottom land faring of I,yon County. Eutporta business nu-n purchased 300 bushels j of corn, euue and fetorita which were ' disf ribuied, two bushels to the per- | s-on, to needy farmers, throuc.ii the t 'ount y Farm Hureau. Tho farmers made their own terms for payment. B JvOOO impurities are pumped by the heart into the face. That is what causes that Grainy appearance, that muddincss, sal- lowncss, pimples, blackheads, acne, red spots, and that impossible "something" which no face cream, massage, or face powder can cover up or beautify! The foundation for a beautiful skin simply 13 not there, and no face treatment can give it to you. 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Massuge thin sweetly fragrant lemon irreani Into the faeo, necli, arm:' and Imiuly, thon shortly note tho youthful heauly, softneha and whlteiiesb of yimr Bkin. Friinouy Ktui;o heaulieu usa litis banolaav lomua ofcxitu to trijif'thiit wbatyv clear) To »y»wlilto eoiq^lMloa, pao M A trecMa, euninra, end tan Meant becalms ft doesttt li 'rltato. "Your Kriindfather and p-andmotlier are going on a long, long journey, away out to Cnltfornia, which lies alonK the Pacific oe«a,n, an<l )» 'the country in whir-'h 1 way horn," exiilain- l>aiHy, tho l^ina imother. "1 .met your faitacr out. ibero when ho was eomln>; homo from t.h.; KuS'.Hian-.TanaJi- V.U7 anil a-wrn married out there, and I eanie bark east wMi hlra. Your Undo Stubby and Rutton, of whoin you are BO foml, ttood u»i> wit3i ua. .My, I HhouJd like lo KO back and see It all oaoo again! But wlien 1 think of the liardEfbipc- of tta trip 1 w<iuld rathor forgo th .'U p-leaftiire and etay here whom it Is fto peaceful a7id quiet. On I'hut trip I never drew a natural breath from the ttme wo etarted until we arrived liere, 1 was afraid your faflier wvmlrl he mugtit or become B«paraled fj-o-ni rote and I would he left Jn a Btratuso country. 1 noai-ly died with frip-ht." "Oh, moUie.r," aakl one of the twins, "you are &uch a 'fraidy ocjf! 1 should think you would have en- Joyed BeoliiK all the tiiim!H and you could have butted or hooked anyone that tried to l>en you up or hurt you." "Uasler Ha1d than done, my aon," returned Daisy. "Woli, we are tired of BttcMng around hero where nothing happens," b-al<I the other twin, "and wo want to travel, BO WO are Kolug to go with Hramlfathor nnd grandmother." "Yen, that l« what wo will do," agreed the otlii f r twjn. "Wo are Idg euougli now to take care of ourselveB, and otrong enough to walk mlloa acwl miles. Anyway, lie can walk farther than grandmother, for now she always gats a rheumatic ciaiup lu hor log i/han «h» TftHka iwy tar." 'Oh. yea, you caa tmko care of your- OHERV an about the time Mr. Wooriroiv's hlg Dane dog camo bounding out of t'ho lane at you, and would have gobbled you up If 1 had not been there?" "Wo ivon't fio that road when we start, but win take the one that runs buck of their house." "That would be all right for that tlmo. Rut there aro oilier great BClves fluo," Bald «helr lather, •'iio-wjttn iViM P .^ft 111 ^ to do.}. > Danes, and peai>la with long whips, and snarling little dogs that onap and blto at your heels, and big boys that throw stones, and oh, hundreds oj olhcr things you two aro afraid of. You don't know what terrible things there aro out In tho big •world to face, that you have never even heiird ot oa Dais farm." \ (Tomorrow you will be told what For 6ala By HUTCHINSON AUTO TIRE & REPAIR 6 South Walnut and 28 Wait 2nd St. Children Cry for MOTHER :— Fletcher's Casloria is especially prepared to re* lieve Infants in arm's and Children all ages' of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Fcvcrishness arising therefrom, ami, hy regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving natural sleep. To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of (^&Sfy$tfrfz£dc>U Absolutely Harmless—No Opiates. Physicians everywhere recommend" it. Sunburn E VEN the most severe cases of sunburn are speedily relieved by the use of Reainol Ointment. Its cooling touch quickly allays the pain, and reduces inflammation and soreness as it hastens tho return of the skin to its notmal condition. Resinol Ointment is also invaluable for insect bites, ivy or oak poisoning, heat rash, etc., Easy and pleasant to apply niu) so nearly flesh colored / it enn be used on exposed surfaces without at/ trading undue attention. It is even more effective if aided by Resinol Soap. You"? drugglat ieIU the Resinol products. Keep them OA hand lurskin Ills of summer- Resinol Unnecessary Deaths ITicusands lose their lives yearly from chronic disease of the kidneys, heart, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. Most of them might be saved to many more years of life if they were properly treated before they drift into a hopeless stage. DR. HUNTER & ASSOCIATES yave one of the finest equipments of chronic, special, IWer to hundreds ol former pn- tieuts. Morrjanvillc, Ks. Dr. Hunter & Associates cured me quickly of a terrible nerve trouble that had resided ail other treatment. 1 heartily recommend them. Mrs. ppra Green.. In the Southwest for the treatment and rectal diseases. j ThfMr mnf.'djoy in<-Viuln .ill lator j discover Ina in the EIoctro-Thcra- : pi -iitic, Biological and Medical i fields. J Consultation and advice free— . Moderate charges and easy terms. | 14 South Main St., entire Second i F'oor; Hutchinson, Kansas. TURTLE? HOI * This la a Bamplo buff that may bo found In this section uf tho eLato. Bhoukl you find them <!urlnir houtw cleaninff timo don't worry. U* it 1 B cany to rid them with tho uso o( tho New Chomical P. 1). Q. (Peaky Devils Qulatus.) No matter how lartro ^hey may bo. color or Cox or wher© thty cams from. I'. D. Q. will kill than an4 tbtir <r£t[B nu ii liquid firu had hit tUc-.i. Nat nn Insect powder, no dust or tnusw: will not injure clothing, and will artnaJTy till Motha. llonehea. Ccollet, Utfd Bugfl, F*!(?ag snd Anta Biid put? an cvnrlaotinir to the Pesky Devil ii, n» it dtrstroyo ftituro c*neration.i. linpjafiiMo fur thorn to on'.ht with 1U proper uac. Get from yoor nnig-Eitt'n n r>5c pOTkaac: this V .-J1) rnuko u (]uart; r.ich pticl-aco rcritains n pat«nt apout to (jet tht-m in tlt« hard-ti>-aet-ot- plttctB. Special lloiipital nnd Hotel »iws makes flvogallona. X*. D. Q. can also b.i ijurcha»ed in liquid form In a hsndy botll? with ratent flpout Inoachpackace. Your DruccUt hii* It or caa get it foryoa. A. & A. DRUG CO. Skin Tortured Babies Sleep Mothers Rest After Cuticura floto,f^ntwnt,TRlcuro^S('.cv*rywherv. PdrsarrjHtM adJr«M: Oottoma Laborsurtai. IfaptlX. MiJde n, Mais. QUITE A BUNDLE During- rbe Issr T)ihrf of a fVnhiry, mnr« than Ki«hlv Million Free trial purkaKC 3 of Allen's Foot - E.ise were given itway to thn public. Tmlay Minn's Foot - bV\*v. frnjuv.s l he lar «t>Kt si-*ft in its IdHlory. This form of tiv-atiiifT the I-'o«t, ami thin ftirnutia mvibt hv K^'KI. i>th(-vwlst> Vim puh- lic would iu>t 1 -uy tin; ^ru'ds after trial of the treatment Free t>y (ivfr 1-Mjrhty Million i.^iple. In iill pnvla of tho world. A*lc for Allen's Foot-E .iife itie Rntl ««iitU: ru.Wiler to I'ft shaken into thn shoes and sprinkled Into tho- Koot-bMh, • for rorn»,- bunitHis. direct, tender, smartin£, nwnllcn, jiwru f '.u-i. 'IVi.-.l IVifk;i*r«t nnd a Koot- r ,a *c WtilklnB Dnli p.T .t Free, Ak.UEN'3 FOOT-EASE, Le Roy, N. Y. FOR BURNING ECZEMA Apply Zemo, t he Antiseptic Liquid—Easy to Use. From any druggist tor 36c, or fl „0_0 for Jarge eizo, gat a bottle of Zemo. When applied as directed it effectively removea Eczema, quickly stops Itch. ine, and heals sklu troupiea, also Bores, tiurna, Wounds and Chaflni. It penetrates, cleanses arid "soothe*. Zemo t# 4 clean, detendaW4-*nd lnex- pen«}r«, totlneptto liquid. Try It, as M tell«T« nothing you have over U M etlecUve and eatlafylng. WOMAN SO ILL COULD NOTSTAND Says Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Made Her Well and Strong J Glena Falls, N. Y.—"For over two months I vyaa BO sick I ftas not able to stand on my feet, and my husband did my housework. Tho doctor said an operation might be nec- OBBary. froad testimonial letters about Lydia E. Pinkham'a VOBOtablo Compound and began to take It. Before I had finished taking the first bottle I saw what good i^was dome mo. I am now well and strong, doing all my work for a family of four, alliny washing and my sewing, which I think is remarkable, as I had not dared to run my sewing machine But bad done all my sewing by ban* I truly feel that were it riot for yoaf modiclna I would not be here today as my case seemed very serlouB."— Mrs. GEORQB W. BUECUELL, Glens Falls. N. Y. Fre« npon Kcquert Lydia E. Puikham's Private text- Book upon "Ailments Peculiar to Women" will be sent you free, upon request. Write to tha Lydia B. Pinkhara Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts. This book contains valuable information that every woman should have. RAILROAD TIMS TABLES. SANTA FE. Westbound Train*. No. Arrives D< 1—The Scout 6:35 pm il l^Calll. Limited 3:35 pro ll G—Colo. 'Kxprc -sH &:20pnl 8: 7—Fargo Express 4:15 pm 4: 9—The Navajo 4-,*& atn i: 11—Colo. Faat Moll 2:66 an: S; 05—Local 4:40 pm 4: 61—Local Vaxa. (ex. Sun.) >: 67— Passenger 8:30 *m ?: 43—H. A S.^->as3. (South) »l Eastbound Tralm. No. Arrives V< 2—The Nnvajo i:0S pm il 4—Oallt. Llmltod a:6»ptt» •' 6—Clilcago BM U-.S0a.rn g'-Sanla Ve "t" 10—The Rcout 12—K.. C. Flyor 66—Lornl Pasa. f.n—pt^oq,'!!;;"** 62—Local t'atw. . SO—H. & S. Pass. 11:26 pm t:(i am •::::iiips l am i pm ::£ il&SS 1>»T» 11:00 >m 8:55 am 10:55 pm U;ll JIB Lc>v* <:15 am 3:40 pm 1:10 pra 1:40 pna ROCK I8LAND, Eastbound. No- _ , Arrlvs 4—Golden State Llm. 11:00 ant 812^—Local PattB 8:60 am 2— The Callfornlan ..10:65 pm 60—Local Frellht VVeaWSouniJ. No. ArriVft 1—Thn Callfornlan .. 6:15 am 3—Golden stato Urn.. S:40pm 811—Local 1:20 pro SI—Local Freight ,jf.. MISSOURI PACIFIC. Westbound, ... „ - I>eparU 43^—PaBHeneer 8:17 am 41il-Pa80eiiger 8:J4pm «S—total I'-rol»ht 1:18 »m 411—PaeaenECr ,,,„11:80 cm Eaatbound. . ... „ Departs 418—f>as»eng*r „.„^,. r r. rrrr .. 5:41am 414— Pasaengur 4jSVf^ 10:43 am 434—Paseencor fr.*.r: 3:50 493—LOC&t Pvulght 10:00 pm am AAKA.NSA3 VALLEV INTERURBAN. D«ipart jOcal 6:30 am >oc«l ...^ 7i45 am ^lml|oa f- 9:15 am 5i3t e «''''*>4tiv.n f n 3inif Arrtvs Local 1:15 am Local ... ...10:05 am Limited ...11:15 am Looal Limited ... 2:00 pm Local 3:2,1 pm Limited ... 4:12 pm Local 5:35 pm Limited ... 8;U Pra Local 8:15 pm Local 10:35 pm Local ...... 1:40 am ,Tra!n .7 and are thi r.n .v .li train* h-Hv.-t>f!) KuU-hWroii and Wi-Hln. av -1 all t-nliw maltft direct con^ ntctl* sitAau A.sJalu-lor Newton, KaJJi " Local 11:43 pm .rntlEll t: Wl-Vlta. ai -1 all t

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