The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1975 · Page 29
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 29

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 23, 1975
Page 29
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TM* BRA70SPORT PACTS PUBBPORT, TBXAS. SUNDAY. NOVEMBER JJ. 1W Tlie Television Picture IsW II, NFL FOOTBALL Ptlil«MpM« E*Ql« W. Dallas Cowboy* at trying. «. TENNIS Ttw singles <nd doubtn flrvHj in ttw Almadw Grand M*stws Tournament, tapwl at L«kfway W>rW oJ Tennis I" Austin. 1). MEXICAN AMERICAN DIALOGUE U, ARTHUR SMITH 3t, R EX HUMB AR D " The FVnw erf Prayw is ft>6 SCf fTKXt. 1:10 II. EYEWITNESS NEWS ISSUES AND ANSWERS H, JERRY FALWELL 1:00 U. BLACK OUTLOOK », CITA CON CARLOS 1:30 13, THE SHOW7S H. CHURCH SERVICE — B»ptilt 3:00 1, NFL FOOTBALL O«M*xf Ratatx* vs Srtskfnj sf Washington. DC U. MOVIE -The Chaoman Report ' (l»«> George Cxikor directed this jIltK glimpw into ttw lives o* lour sexually It, WANTED — DEAD OR ALIVE LOW compticates me trip as Jesfi (Sfe« McQwen) fates a woman refctwr to (Kit 3:30 34. FRIENDS OF MAN 34. BILL YEOMAN: FOOTBALL HKjm^hH i* the Houston- FtortOa State game, piavco last night at Itw Astrodome in Hovslwi 4:00 II, NAME OF THE GAME M. JERRY VISITS 3t, AMERICAN LIFE STYLE Wcxxirow Wilson's birthplace ar<J retirement residence are toured. Se*n are tf* letf Presidenfs first home in Stjiunton, v« . which was built in 184*. and the Ocrg.jn towihous* in Washington, D C , wherr Wilson retired after lwvir>g If* WMe House in 1731 4:39 L SOLAR ENERGY Host D,jv,d f>ro«.*>r> presents "TheDo I f Yotrsert Gi«»e to Soiw Living" and snows «X*r «w«y hartfwaire currently on the rtwutt. U, MOVIE "In Name Only " (WJJI A 51,111*0 cast sparks this intelligent low story aacu' a couple's (Carole Lorrtwra, Cary Grant! problems in ending his marriage to 4 mercenary woman !Kay Franosr 3», TARZAN Tartan (Ron Ely! tr«s to prevent an angry tribe trom taking trw lj«w into in own hands. 5*M i, TRIBAL EYE "A series of misunderstandings ana murd*rs," according to best David ArttrtwouqC. i«J Europeans to discover a valvtote cdlKtian at bronzes in West Africa traces Ihf brcntts !o (N>ir origin, ttv kingdom ol B*nin \iww part ol Nigeria). am r»c<x«its hew the HiiTOtom (ell *n<i t«»w Us treasures vw* looted alter BtiVn tribesmen ambustvii A DrltlsheupKNtion in !»*'. For A sKnips* o* Benin's roval court "at th« r«tfllit o( if* a"ory," Attpntorooyti examines the images wgraved on brcoi* P'fltn** that once covered It* pillars ol tt>« Mmj •» ptVAcr IJ, LET'S MAKE A DEAL S;J« n, I), NEWS 3», LAND OF THE GIANTS The eartfilintft (TV to th«»rt e>>"'* x> destroy a oty f 00 ). MOVIE "Willy Wonka ,ir«j the Ctwiplate Factory" il»?li. j tvnetu bi«fxt « lancy and Wire tvi5«J ixi RcviM OnM's <Nlorr<vs (XO* II. THREE FOR THE ROAD H.r«U to Df>eH>jr,i(yi 4 ijr^ion -fdust'ijlist's t'i«.>gMer. P«(e ••* drninl ,Kc<n^ 'o h.-s «! jlh-r riv tirl r«ei'v« jnony^'otrt I WORLD PRESS I), SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON the Hotunwfts lx^'^ot.1 3 tM^vtul IxiDr i. hsrrv, tx't tr 1 * Kr turns to H',T w Km 'he .*!>!•<>! s ,n:u). ,iogr-i tvother S^OIA^ IIP J*. LITTLE RASCALS 4 )» I, LOVE TENNIS t?« POO .xxi trsf vavi }*, DANCE I'ARTY J«. PULSE '.DC II CHER ton* Rami.,11 aj v;(J (vmn- ji,< COfrvOtiir; StCvi' \'v\rtt51 ,tr^ '^> ^H.<^H J. EVENING AT SYMPhKINy CMvC.o Aic..i..» '•eW.s the IkJStun Sfr-{.<-av C>!.N.-Vr.t «. C!»«* t>tvtvr''> (n-iw PIX •->«•!« TNc s.rrc*x«'.'C cotfit-s, • N\.-4»n" r CXMM' i. '3. SIX MILLION tX5LLAH VAN !!•<-• ^.!f L-( j !T.,V,I ,»•-•,; ,;y"iTe C^ p>i^f\ iLV'-rtvro G-i'lYy ,» n turther, b*oim to se« sfflm el « prof«»ton»lly handt«» »jVBSinatkti I MASTeRPIECE THBATRB Wtille enfXiylnB the lite style of a bonemian m Parts. Auror* st»uwH«to puWlsfi r«r first rt>v*l Hi Part J ot "Nolwlous Wwnan." ii'» on tptKd* that shows iMjf taking the pen natrv Oevrtie SJ«K| and attvtt* (ran literary frKtvtt li»« ttonori? Oe Baliae 13, MOVIE "The LeflpwW o» Valentino" J», CHURCH SBRVIC8 I 30 !«, CAPITAL EYE VM II, BRONK Unwriinrg >o «xow»ae acts a txrtinf Mmjn »r«i ni» ni(*v«p«) r*fwi> to foopurat* *<tti tNs «tx)txlori, leavmg toon* «<th littl* Wr-vM<n-ng power in fh% att»rfKO< hj tr« the vi<tim I. ASCENT OF MAN Tlw fhwry o* rvo,ulic« fcv 12 rr a jr »" — 24 ™. 45 ft" 40 J*oo Brcnow^i »\ -rrw most vrxjie Kwnlitk inrevalVxi in tr« century ' ,-i l»w toei.n o« (»»ft » in l (o th» . on m* «wn art) jIUM Charles O»rv,4n ami AJtred Ru» M. LOS POL I VOCBS ». DAY OF DISCOVERY »:M J», JUEVES ESPECTACULARBS f, JA.MCS ROfilSON PRESENTS 13. M J. II. I). NEWS I. SOUNDSTAOC Arlo Gv!frf* WIN AT ...BRIDGE East's return tricks South SEEK&fIND Dwellinif. SNr«» (KCrfnUO Jl/vj Moit f». KATMRYN KU»IL,<rtAM U M !. DAHRELL ROYAL FOOTBALL ". .VQviE f-i»n S'rriw, atxn fi-n, r".jfi I ( 'X;!'MJ ,/i -fr, U "."OVIC Wtm.Jr"> £.rvtx-<iACr'.'xeiB ! (tupj.iiV Cicar wii-n AP :rTX'«.rr!r •Vr»?rx:jr!«'*T»' J». GOOO NE'Kfi (in): A trn ,<•- ivf c«r)«»r~dixt.' .••« Utffif ^<^ art •-•« O' ; S!;c«.-rt vr-«w ijitm » BLACK VIEWPOINT ? H W. INSIGHT fO LIFE j ;« Afr«ra:«i ^n Jiv,iy wt-o p ,1*tc- mjry ( ,nj »r ton ( CYn.'.'j? rt:^-?^-.^t U. ESCEMAIIIQ rl FHANK BROYLSS FOOTiALL -ji'i Ir rr,- II, KOJSX A T.j, II W 1, COLOEN VOYAOE I! *J 13. EYEWITNESS MtWS ISSUES *NO ANSWEMi I.U I]. ABC NE*t1 Born Loser &GEZ, A800T THE Beeffe Bailey Bug* Bunny THIS INFLATABLE • ITS GOMFOKT-- SORRY, C-UVNOK BtlT UNLESS VDU INVEST / iN A PUMP. I'M FURNITURE (S TH NEWEST A6LE, AM' PER -, KNOW/ -,• THING, PETUNIA/ STORING, JUST LET OUT TH'AIK/ Caplain £o«y LETS HOP6 THIS SPOTLISHT'S EUOU5H FOR MOVIE51 V iVAWWA GET 7 NOPE'. JLISf rtVtfjrED 1 ~.IH CAtt AMY REPORTERS IT snai OFF? TO esr PICTURED OP I we ABIT SKEPI-ICAL AT THOSE AMAZOW6 J THE UEWS » K, w 10 v A K j i-i r UT . * y ; J i i » ». i i j * u > i w ». > ; » M : « 1 1 < :- ' * * * J A ^ i • ' tVl I 1 .I !..l tisr 'Ar *^.'r- .](,;,• J,, f:j r -,-i tf. r.hii-tV /rirMj Ji;ii!!»-,J '..". -I*'*' *''>' ;•*•*! i '••••« :^'a !•' !*, f '"•.-*.• 11 "Air'*i-. i. *««'*;•* *r'.J '.* ;• it: i 1 u r*:Vj.*i U : Ac;? 5.-. -v-,] - l;., 4 . H) ttiwjW I Jjmci jit-obi \ H 1 t H N \ tl 1) (I p; t 1 II »• (•; s 'T M D t H K t t \ M '' V H o \ M 1 * 1 r t M \ II o It \ r 1 II f II I 1* \ 1 \ ( r ! 1 1) r f: t \ f t N 1 H \ i s N II r r li S H N il (1 H \ 11 s r (. n j 7 * i i M (. (. U ri V H A 1 M n 1 t> M t, J p 1 II r r s s t \ i ss M r s r o s A O r« V T M O 4 I \.^ v r u r K H i; s t'. 1* * T r o M r 1 N t. i >: s * * r >: H r V M <» N *j> < \ •» -J'\»' *» i X»\o i> •\\ \ T N\» V D \ r »X 1 /. H A W A / 0 S4 t H T A N H H x ii o r t T r S t t / r A f O t) t 1 It 0 1 r H i; \r H ^V u U I) V N 1 » 1 S 1 1 V »: »• »; H \ M K A i' T S N i. i) T M H " H A t 1 »: s u A s I II I Vn !U'^< •• \ .-r ,r !»-^ « a 1 '' t!->.» «.".!• "-• :'•,;*.••,} '-.«..• •-.-«( ••-,! ».i;- ; ! «j: A i j,", ! » ! i * \ *, si ' I ' * d<.«*r. ;-«ii .••;;., ,(•• f.:,.< •;,-„ ,v ,';-...,-,!., K Iff OWW K.4>1 m.icJj- 4 >->! ~.j.:!r»-/ ',",'fv- - : .-i-ri t ti*rfi?t;- itrt'^nfivy p>^j> j^fj;r\ji ;)'*• j--j*<-r K ::> j' -, rt - -.;-,•>.',i r rtijr bij* fny '•>c\>:n« k r.'* j'"«,r»> ajr^ ':v I *!-.:v^ -.;, ; j,.!*"« a *,•• :\ f • 4 !( r .• J cj > j £ j i f. j ( ,- nurknl Mv f--j:%! »j-i f ». ..:.^ If ! fuK>n '. hriti !1V ;j. t >p.j^!«-i I wvtiM ,'..»•.«• r!u.k i i:»n;rji-! Sr.t'.c :>>•.! ! «>•!:'. i ttvTTAi nut It.) » ITVTIKu • Ttrrt J s t i '::. ;• r . '' i ', r» •?,->..,.' :p H.V .':• H-i I'll'*! tO.v- t: i ' • A FINE '-•..;.-;..-. ;,, • ,- . 1 ' "!"• K-'" / i -t *,'.-v".' ' "'/ ' Snuffy Smith TH 1 HICKC^SOWS STILL \ ror-j'T MUCH »f« j I fKT LIKE THC:V V.'U/ ' ' V^DS, n>.«;< 'j HLKiOlN ' f- Fronk and f>n«8l TO SHOWERS STU<K TO OUR CAHt UP,

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