Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 10, 1975 · Page 11
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 11

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1975
Page 11
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Man Loses Job Over Hair Style DETROIT (UP!) - Marcus Holmes' hair jvas neither too short nor too long ' but it was a "little different." , And that difference cost him his job as a city bus driver. "They fired me because my hair's a little different," Holmes said Wednesday. "They said it's not socially ac-> ceptable.s Well, the brothers in their Afros didn't used to be socially acceptable either." After three years on the job^ Holmes marched into work a few weeks ago with his. head shaved except for a shock held up in back with a rubber band. He also had silver earrings in his ears. , He sooft found himself in front of a transportation department review board, which ordered him to wear a hat or a wig. He refused and was fired. "They were going to fire him outright," said Joseph H. Galloway, presi- , dent of Division 26 of the Amalgamated Transit Union. "Then we mentioned a legal suit. Then they told him to get a hat or a wig. But Marcus decided to stand up for his rights." The employe contract stipulates' only that hair be neat and well- trimmed, Galloway said; Holmes said he likes the haircut because it is different. "It's not a Buddhist or Krishna thing at all," he said, referring to the fact that some religious groups are identified by the style. He said he has riot decided whether to fight the ruling. . f "Now I'm going through the hassles of getting unemployment," he said. \ . • , $1:6 Million tn Wallace's Campaign Fund 'MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UPI) - Alabama Gov. George Wallace's presidential campaign already has raised $1.6 million thishyear -and the first presidential primary is still nine months away. ; Alton 'Dauphin, the campaign's financial director, released figures Wednesday showing the campaign raised $1.3 million between March 1 and June 30 of this year, while spend- 'ing $858,892, That raised total receipts since Jan. 1,4973, to $4.3 million, far more than any other candidate has raised. The campaign Has $726,522 in the bank now. Dauphin, Wallace's brother-in-law as well as financial director, said the campaign had no unpaid bills as of June 301 He said fund-raising was "go- jtng .tremendously right'now," spurred By? Walla^e^staten\gnt lie intends to"" seek the'Dembcraticinomination. Dauphin^ said the reported figures actually understated the amount of cash on hand because most of the receipts from the ^campaign's "most successful mailing" ever, sent out in mid-June to one million persons, were riot included. That mailing included blank checks dated July l,.Aug. 1 and Sept.l, which contributors were asked to fill in and sign. Dauphin said he had a "file full" of those checks which were not counted because the cutoff date for the report was June 30. He refused to estimate the amount. ' .V The new federal campaign law pro- Mdes matching federal payments for ;all contributions under $250 made during 1975 and 1976, up to $5 million in the primary campaign. '•-'''• Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Thursday, jui y 10) 1975 Pafle Marcus Holmes' Exotic Hairstyle Rocky Takes Credit ForSepara teCampaigns WASHINGTON (UPI) - Vice President Nelson Rockefeller,says it was his idea that President Ford should run an independent campaign and not select a running mate until after securing the nomination at the,1976 Republican convention. ,,, ''.''.' Rockefeller told reporters Wednesday he was not dismayed at statements .by Ford's campaign manager that the President would not run a Ford-Rockefeller campaign, because that is what he had recommended all along, ..-.-.: "It's my strategy," Rockefeller said. "That's what I've been telling him (Ford). That's what I've been saying for six months." Rockefeller talked with newsmen after returning from Atlanta where he presided over a day-long meeting of the National Commission on Water Quality and met privately with Republican leaders. "Let's be frank about it, the important thing is to get President Ford nominated, hopefully unanimously, at the convention,".Rockefeller said. "Then, following the historical pattern, he picks a running mate. Not before." Later Rockefeller added: "Look at , ; .it this way/Unless President Ford gets the nomination, I can forget it. If Ronald Reagan gets the; nomination, I'd never get it." Rockefeller said he had discussed the issue with both Ford and his campaign manager, Howard "Bo" Galloway. He said to his knowledge ^here is no change in Ford's previous strong statements that he intends to have Rockefeller on the 1976 ticket. ."But I'm not running, I'm not campaigning," Rockefeller said. "I don't think anyone's ever heard of anyone running for vice president of the United States." Galloway, who resigned as Army secretary to head the Ford campaign, had told newsmen earlier in the day: "It's very clear. It's a separate campaign. Rockefeller and Ford are not the same team. I'm not going to delegates and say 'Will you vote for Ford? Will you vote for Rockefeller?' I will say 'Will you vote for Ford -period'.". Indian Sought In FBI Slaying Surrenders RAPID CITY, S.D. (UPI) - One of 16 Indians sought in connection with last month's ambush slayings of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation has given himself up. An FBI agent in Pine Ridge, S.D., said James Theodore Eagle, 19, apparently walked into the U.S. marshal's office here Wednesday and turned himself in. Authorities said he was one of three men whom .agents Ron Williams and Jack Coler were trying to arrest the day they were shot to death. The warrant against Eagle charged him with robbery. He was arraigned on the charge Wednesday and ordered held under $25,000 bond. Eagle also was one of 16 Indians sought in a FBI manhunt that followed the killings of the two 28-year-old agents. An FBI spokesman said no charges were filed against Eagle Wednesday in connection with the slayings because to do so at this time would be "prejudicial" to the government's case. The FBI said Williams and Coler, both of Los Angeles, were attempting „ to serve arrest warrants on Eagle and two other Indians at a house near the village of Oglala. One Indian was killed in an. ensuing Shootout, but 16 others -all believed to be sympathizers of the American Indian Movement -fled into' the countryside and were the target of an air-and' land search by armed FBI agents. U.S., Soviet Spacemen Gettinq : ' ... V , '' i •• • • ' :• _ ; . . O Last Major Physical Checkups • CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (UPI) Spacemen 9,570 miles apart were getting their last major medical checkups today for flight next Tuesday to a meeting 136 miles over Germany.; The physicals were considered rou- itine and astronauts Thomas Stafford, Vance Brand and Donald K. "Deke" Slayton expected no problems during their head-to-toe tests at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. ;. Cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Va- ieri Kubasov likewise anticipated no Kidnaped Girl, T8. Has Day Of Both Good, Bad Luck EL MONTE, Calif. (UPI) - For Debbie Wise, 18, it was a day of good luck and bad luck. The bad luck was that she was kidnaped and broke her arm. The gpofl luck was that her kidnapers were so quarrelsome she got away. 1 Sheriff's deputies said a youth approached her as she neared her home Wednesday, punched her in the face and forced her into a station wagon driven by another youth. \ As they drove off, the two kidnapers argued over where to take'her, she said. The argument grew heated and the two struggled for control of the steering wheel, causing the wagon to crash into a tree. The crash broke her arm but sent the kidnapers fleeing with head injuries. — - : 1 — difficulty at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Central Asia. The Soviet news agency Tass said both spacemen "feel fine." Cosmonaut training chief, Valeri Bykovsky said, the pilots' only problem is the 104-degree Fahrenheit midday heat at the desert base which forces them to exercise outside in the morning and evening when it is cooler. During the days, the cosmonauts work in the air-conditioned offices of rthe Kosmonaut Hotel studying flight documents, polishing their English and checking photo equipment they will take on the flight. Besides making sure the five space- men are medically fit for the rigors of the flight, the medical examinations were designed to gather data for biological experiments. One called for doctors to take microorganism samples from' the fliers to compare with samples that will be taken during, flight and after return to Earth, Leonov and Kubasov take off first, ,.'. at 8:20 a.m. EOT, from Baikonur. Stafford, Brand and Slayton follow 7 l fa hours later in an Apollo from Cape Canaveral. The two ships will rendezvous two days later for 44 hours of joint flight. At the oceanside launch pad here, engineers were working on the Apollo spacecraft during the preliminary part' of the countdown which began Wednesday evening. The final part of the countdown gets under way Sunday. , Soviet technicians at Baikonur were - preparing to move the 142-foot rocket- Soy'uz combination to the desert firing pad Friday. The main concern at the American launch base was the weather. There have been thunderstorms in the area during the past four afternoons and weathermen say there is a 23 per cent chance statistically that lightning will be around during the hour, of launch Tuesday. The threat of lightning could delay the shot a day. LOSE UGLY FAT Start losing weight today OR MONEY BACK. MONADEX is a tiny tablet that will help curb your desire for excess food. Eat Itss—weigh less. Contains no dangerous drugs and will not make you nervous. No strenuous exercise. Change your life . . . start today. MONADEX costs $3.00 for a JO day supply 'and $5.00 for twice the amount. Lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded with no question* asked' by i O«ntty Craitweod Drue Mon — MOO W. OaUna Av«. HAVE YOU WRITTEN A BOOK? Mr. \lfcrbert Gilbert, the executive editor of a well-known New York subsidy publishing firm will be interviewing local authors in a quest for finished manuscripts suitable for book publication. All subjects will be considered, including, fiction and non-fiction, poetry, juveniles', religion, philosophy, etc. He will be in Rockford in August. ' If you have completed a book-length manuscript (or nearly so) on any subject, and would like a professional appraisal (without cost or obligation), please write immediately and describe your work. State which part of the day (a.m.' or p.m.) you would prefer for an , appointment and kindly mention your phone number. You will receive a confirmation by mail for a definite time and place. Authors with completed manuscripts unable to appear may send them directly to us for a free reading and evaluation. We will also be glad to hear from those whose literary works are still in progress. Mr. Herbert Gilbert Caritcm "Press, inc. 84 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10011 Phone (212) 243-8800 Cher Has Percy Criticized Short Marriage SANTA MONICA, Calif. (UPI) - "I made a mistake," said Cher, moving to divorce her second husband only 12 days after divorcing the first. The svelte singer and television star, 29, Wednesday announced the end of her marriage to rock star Greg Allman, 27. The announcement came nine days after the wedding, and the marriage apparently lasted five days. Wearing a broad-brimmed straw hat and a deep decolletage blouse, she appeared Tuesday to file a divorce petition in the same courtroom where she was formally divorced June 30 from Sonny Bono, her husband of 10 years and long-time professional partner on records, and in the television show that made her a national star. She was legally single for three days before marrying Allman, of the Allman Brothers band, in Las Vegas June 30. A spokesman said they separated five days later. "Greg and I made a mistake and I've always believed it best to admit one's mistakes as quickly as possible," Cher said in a statement distributed by a publicity agent. "We just cannot .live together as man and wife." She said, referring to her past complaints that Bono made all the decisions in her first marriage, that "I am trying to make my own decisions now after years of having them made for me. I am bound to make wrong ones from time to time and this was one of those times. . "The thing I'm sorriest about is that it had to involve another person." .The announcement shocked em- ployes of, Capricorn Records in Macon, Ga., the Allman Brothers' home base. They refused at first to believe the report, insisting it must be a hoax. Associates said that if Allman, who was with them in Macon, knew the divorce proceeding was coming, he men- , tioned it to no one. An Allman spokesman denied < the marriage broke up because Cher refused to move to Macon. Bono refused comment, saying it would be inappropriate. Cher still, faces court fights with Bono over approximately $25 million in community property and custody of their daughter, Chastity, 5. ' At the time she left Bono, she was the constant companion for many months of record executive David Geffen, and the romance with Allman began only shortly before the marriage. ECONOMY SPRUCE ea SHEATHING PLYWOOD 4 x 8>/a" CDX 4 PLY For Filling Judgeship CHICAGO (UPI) - Sen. Charles Percy's announced plans to nominate a white Waukegan lawyer to fill a vacancy on the federal bench brought charges of racism from the Cook County Bar Association. The primarily black CCBA charged Wednesday that racism was responsible for the Illinois Republican's decision to pass over, qualified black candidates and nominate a white lawyer instead. CCBA President Everett Braden said Percy "made a grave error in not supporting the aspirations of black lawyers and judges to receive fair consideration for elevation to the federal bench." Officials and former officials of the organization said there was little they could do about the nomination "at this point" but suggested they might work to defeat Percy in his next run for office. Percy recently announced his intention to nominate trial lawyer John Grady to fill a U.S. District Court vacancy created when Chief Judge Edwin Robson became a senior judge. As senior senator of the state in the President's political party, Percy has the traditional right of suggesting nominees to fill vacant federal judgeships. Grady's name was selected from a list of eight possible nominees drawn up with the aid of local bar associations, former CCBA president James D. Montgomery said. Percy released a statement from Washington saying he was "surprised and disappointed" to learn of the charges. "I have met with members of the association and sought their help in finding qualified candidates for the federal judiciary because I value the advice of responsible black leaders," he said. Percy said his criteria in making ju- diciaj recommendations to the President was in finding the most qualified attorney available. "Neither race, nor sex, nor ethnic background can be the controlling factor," Percy said. "The choice must be based upon demonstrated legal excellence." Throe black lawyers were recommended to Percy by the CCBA but only one, Chicago Attorney Robert Tucker, made it to the final list,- Montgomery said. "They told us Tucker was rated fourth (out of eight)," Montgomery said. "That's like saying 'Boys you were mighty close.' That's ridiculous." "We have nothing against Grady except that he's white. There arc plenty of well qualified black lawyers he could have chosen." The other attorneys suggested by the 450-member CCBA were Howard Savage and Jewel La Fontant, Montgomery said. For Excellent Dining and Cocktails... Cttlraki Supper Club and Motel Featuring PRIME RIB - Thurs., Sat. and Sun. Nights SMORGASBORD - Wed. • FISH FRY - Fri. FAMILY PINNERS on Sunday Serving Mon. thru Sat at 5 p.m. — Family Dinners start .Noon on Sun. 1 DANCING FRI. & SAT. NIGHTS Music MIKE BABLER and BOB DAGEL Make it a weekend I Stay over at our CHALET MOTEL 12 modern spacious units Hwyi. 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