The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1971
Page 5
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ELECTION PRECINCTS 1372 : tound&rm In K>mr ol th« rxr'* ritctioo »s v !m;|»;«fAr;. IjiuiliiinKt will protjably be rtquirrd College class schedule free (has '..'•:-.•' ,» J i'Jiii'f (rt* j.*j-H v i'.r 1 r; fr-'-•^*- t f '"• -'•jc'ij-^^- I A TEXAN LOST IN TEXAS , UtitU IU I «ff ihc trrrazi/u flow was in- TV> £• *"~'.r ;.;••-. i.» n(aarj<«»l from tir»n:lr Mountain war .;.;v< t .i.'is w»-n, i)i '<•<•: !/;<<». Ar<d ;uxh}lcci.t of today r !«.«' )•• -,' u.S<>7 ;>'. '.f«r >.mr o! material* V..r.'/i • ;«.i! jci.iih !h»i! U.c ' .ipi'o! hi* mo\rd((it> in eighth c i; -iji: 1 .!-: I' I *r. ;'"h mrrff ;r,c te-rnrrWure 1 wa> laid March 2. ?;>-.' I: ;• : • • u >' n,o> r- ', n\ :; ,xh "i ou kr»» ho» rruvt. *e paid ..,i •?.*! ':..;^-' VM..: i., ;..!:,; niy.i <i » ;»rr >-. i>! Uvj rr,c».tS> in the I'afi!;;uidlp ..•» .1: t-.;jr«v. |<itv.> o! I'i-.hajvdle land ar.d what ^ -.'.'•, u i:n! t(/r -. jtw vurdj i* somm'htrc around ^riZim ";§i;-i'b;:.:::';.iv:; ' S^±,k ,4 , U, w , Tho » < <'.*' >« - «t i I-r^i-, ,, .-.ij,... • . HHHH 3EES|:-;:,.;::^ TJir S"*' "1 s '''- ' '-"•• •*•'•* '*"'*.•• • - •'" • " . , ^^.f. .*. << ,*i. i <* r *j''r- -a;'; «., i \ tmtr\j4'U i! w..» 4 Ujiiaoffv Af>3 fr<r "^ <<••*' ^ .H •- •• * ..»i..i. whmlilV (uilrgr < jif!*t»r J •».-.''', -hur (';<• 4 -Iv.i-.i ,l-.>Ult;>i> ;>• •*.•• .1! !!.«^ln lit! o< jll i-Uv»<~» jsJa.r>ftf*J lot '*• " - u - *'•" '*•'* |" l!:! ' r -tl >••'' •'•"«•< "' • Kor furthrr information fcfi» f.i>.<«. ^ ^ CCTH'fTIURg t!'* "SthctluU 1 rf i>i'V. ' !, .!]>!'•"• ,l»l, -*.»> .1. -ii^ ^ Cl»«,w»" Of i»r,% n(hrr Hf vitc '''•'' ' •'l'"' v '* l *'|" 1 "' ^•^••"' <••• • •* o< In* <c41i-fc'r. fall SiiSIJ) ^'-^ l",""".'^ '* *"' 1C'* ^-•>'l''.>sv 'KIIII") ,-.-v<- « " .! •• r ;•( i: ''•*'' '' ' ••' ' '*' t*ii'H iiKii) !i>r !'•>» than a Ulhc>n although tnt" , A( . j •-.!> ••;.-.•< i. i <-•-.!: ;itl^ ^> it [-...dh 1 . ft-ich that much, coniidennjj ,j-.<}-,. , : i, i( - ^, ',,i-. !?.«n-.Hrv , .'. .>c: i N ^^ (VHir >jx*t'«' •.?! thr pink cJd »a(i> ,1. i i ...,.».- 1 V. j.: ; > .-.. ; i » ii ii-v» ir,»n cr.-e <;ii.4r'.«-f of the spacv mi** r.iixit-ci ,, jlw ,,.. t ,.,.-„,, :r. Vu..., -.!.., th.- ..*!,• w^rrr.rr.rr.. t-jji .-<-:,': ^ -. ~. : v.-..!ritr.i ;7,!«T in- !>W-!h> % riianlxi (i Mali 1 eir>p!u> 1-4 was ; u ! r " •'•"•' .„, jr* ()•_•»•, !hr> /uv; ;.tlllKi ;irour.d :i> the t«ui!ding ».;i! ;,»•!.•. ,;;•• ..; i :t < , %;l . _ , ,,„ ,.„,,,. {rijjt-.ivtiir-^: jurti of !h<- ('ipito! not too many .« .1! » ..,;•«< •».!> ,l.t ttlM ,!,! ... It >*.>:» [.-•:.'. ir.f, tw, tiatk.. s|Wk) ca\ «-rn> '*ith her* and there a »>f T>,c *(.!<> : jM-s: ait •*.!> |»TiViP.Hi"d with whatever it i^ that U- »k«::,< ;<-i. Aii i!- 1 it-'"- VJM- t'j i. .iMi> sv.m'i. rvniv.s and a v'i»Hciri footlalls echoed IM'«) ../ ', :!;< i-<! lVii-(!rrjt li'jnjf.iii>nne rjivjt.'ifi lopoikmn there »~a* that be HH*;iii j;ii !..j.-U'>U> UvM, ami perhaps hundreds of \earii Irom t*m vtn.i' .irxlinmit;i!>( »ou)i) fi.'id his IKWW-S and unlc a great [*>!<*!» •»•• •' '•i'-'fc' <Vn-ti»r's H(i'sj> >p4vu!atmg on i»hat happwcd i;«i!*'C\ ;•• --.<>). tJ-.-i! TinU) !!,f li.isnr.nit ha> Uvn renovated, cleaned up and : A!ir.n '.;><..>. <'» i! i! iv.ifc'.f uM-hil .1* oMicc!. for (hi- H-jjisJatoni It is a sad loss the one DEER PROCESSING 3-BROTHERS AuM.r, 'l>i«i- iiv.iS i.ur (,:•••• cro-r vr twr »r 1 '..<;cf> .irvi No !>.htiy!M wiH luu' .1 -. -i(;itl l>y a (.illitiR H«H>. < .i!el> dr.>l»> ,1 pnvv on bin. A p,ii!!l«t we*«n I niMranti-e it. be leil all thr *••> thumgl. u.r \i.;'.Ai\ ik>»n , Coastal Roofing Co, Built-up and Composition No job too large or too small. 265-6836 916 Highway 288, Clute Commercial Residential Industrial TOO MUCH 'OR ONE DAY T.UUMV SVash i.M'i It « as ;i twd day fur builder A J Hi- luld a shiTitls uVputy Uiut ht> chixkfd .1 duplex hi' owns and i'uuiu.1 ttsii'vva IwJ taken IH'U ap|>iiancvs and (urmturt' val'-u-d at S«iSO Ttii'ii at anothor dwelling IH* is building hf discuvcrt*d 1^00 u orth of w indcm s .shot out with 11 HU gun When he visited a second duplex he found that »:)23 wurth of IK-W appliances had t*vn stolen, and when he went to check another dwelling under construction ho found a man stealing lumber and was unable to catch him. THE BRAZ08PORT fACTS, FrMport, Texa», W«dn«day, Novemb«r M, 1971, BIO THICKtT -2 Guide must remember wide array of names MOri: On* at fl . In « l&rti «4 tttt w*«Hf f**i% («OITO«'I bnl tram HiO»i*t tl . hit r\o!in>: thine .ti.'u! state (.t Not |> t'xcitiiit; L-ut certainly the subject of con- MiVratiie talk is .imitluT t.«'iii this i>ne in the goieral area o( t'p uivtil a (e» \ c-ars ago. ti.e pretty little secretaries working li>r tt;e Sraate M>ent jjixxliies.* know$ where Tlien our stale government created a i>ew girl's room There o mie riiii.or thai the ruaru rost JT.'.(»0. uhich is quite a girl's ro»jr, It ii supposed to have gold -or gold-appearing fittings. liui um' of our informants m the Capitol says it cost only—a nun- ?.< '"AF living a male, ^ur spy has not been allowed inside and cannot >\u\ir whether the dltmgs are gold or not Wlut made the state turn loose with $9.SOO (or a bathroom'' It was the election of the first woman senator--Barbara Jordan of lUmston. SARATOGA. TEX. (Af) Harold Nicholas knov/t the Big Thidcet of fia*t Texan like the bacfc of his hand. He should — he had the late trance Koisier, Mr. Big Thicket, ais hi* teacher. Nicolas i.i a guide whf> livwi in Saratoga, the heart of the thicket. He is a man of great physical strength, middle- aged, tall and thick chested. Hu black hair, in a boyish manner. curl« on hu forehead. VrTx;n he »peak.s, it t» easy to &ee that he'« a gentle man wh<»e one great love is the thick« As most everyone else in the .Saratoga triangle doet. he talks almost n?vfrr«itl> of Jioisier "Rowier was toully s*lf- Uughl and not>ody kno-A-s the thicket like he did Of course he had i»en here 87 years and he *p«it most of hi* tune in the woods TTwug?! Nicholas rno-Jestly main lain* that HIASICT can't f* equalled for his knowledge of ttxr wildeny.'ss. tht-n.- are (/her* in Saratoga who say the gutde learned t-st-r;,tlBng Osat Mr Big Thicket had to teach .Mrs Peggy Foster and Mrs Dolly Hoffman. to!h on th* tward of directors of the Big s-ociatwKi. praise as a guide Mrs Hoffman ts al.v/> a guidt- ;md she \m. -*as or/e f^ fto».4R-r's ctiosen wudi-nts "lwir»c«.' alwayt sjid I wasn't wir the .student Harold '*ai. she rccalitsl "Harold always remembered every thing told him «en the nami-s o( the ptanls He iearm-d wery'thing l-inct; had to teach ami is still learning." Nichola.i Mid the job of Big Thicket guide is not always an cany one due to an almost endless array of vegetation in the botanical wonderland. When he (a ken a group to the woods he always carries a field guidebook of varieties of plants because, as he said, "I know almost all the common names but sometimes I can't remember l^alin names " Nicholas said most of his clientele consists of average people who just want to see the thicket, though an oeeaAional botanist hires him for a tour He added that he often has to identify some of the more unusual plants for the botanists. Though Nicholas is in great demand as a guide, he workj at odd Jobs in Saratoga and guides only on w«-kend.s nr by appointment Kven then fx? refuses to take large groups into the thicket tr:caus.e he df/sn't like cro"*'ds and finds it difficult lo SO MUCH HONESTY SHOCKING l.OS ANC,F.U^> (AP) "1 was completely shocked," said Lorin While "In this day and age I did not think there were any more honest people, especially in Los Angeles." What shocked White? He lost his wallet Nov. 12 and last weekend received it back anonymously through the mail, us contents intact—including $540 in cash. Bob Miles takes Scout leader helm Permit asked to build wharf, boat slips FHKKI'OKT - An ap {JicalJoo has bc«i made by C>jries Kouches. 42* South Front St . to construct eight additional boat slips with a Thead wharf extension. Kouches proposes to do this •*ork in the Old Brazos Kiver. on the- north side about 1» feel east irwn the bntigp Th* 10 by *>(txit wharf with a 10 by iw foot T-Head would be constructc-d channel ward (rom an existing wharf The boat slips would be constructed in line with and ex- tetxi 130 f**t eastward from the existing slips The channelward face of the structures would be 75 feel from the ct-nter line of the bridge navigation opening. according to the district engineer The plains may be seen in Krxtm 714. S.v.ta Fe Building. Galveston. at any time between 7 45 a m awl 4 -iS p m . Monday through Friday, or at the Corps of Engineers Area Office at Fort Point Protests to the proposed operations from the standpoint of navigation should be received by the District not later than Dec 15 adcrjualely explain about Vw fauna and flora to the groups When Nicholas is not guiding or otherwise working, he paints with oil paints or water colors, a hobby he simply took up one day uilhfwl any (raining, His subjects deal with, naturally, (he Big Thickes, and he us so .skilled at thi* hobby thai he has no trouble wiling hi?, paintings. "If I'm painting a flower or ;i plant I keep a specimen but I paint scenes from memory." he said, "f prefer water colors to oi! because water colors dry (fucker and I like to finish what I start while I'm in th»- m/xxl to p.iint." Nicholas does spend a great deal of time in the Big Thicket both with clients and alone but his love of the area becomes wen more obvious when he says. "I don't stay in the woods as much as f'd like." NVxt: I'nguirird Car Tours; i>l ThickH COUNTY AGENT Sprays can curb mimosa damage IlyL. M. V.U'CII.VN County Agr'l. \grnt Mimosa trct-i at this time o( year usually begin to show signs of tv.ig girdk-r damage. Twig girdlers art- ttctlcs about one inch long Their antennae are as long as or longer than their body. They have very strong mandibles which they use to cut through twigs and branches They damage trees and shrubs by pruning off the limbs The females do the pruning and they lay their egg* in the portion of the limb pruned off When females are numerous, extensive damage may occur Chemical controls arc effective when timed properly Sprays containing MalathioR w Carbaryl sSevini should be applied to trees when the first damage is detected. Three applications at two week intervals are usually ncccrssary to prevent damage Infestations may also be reduced b> gathering and burning all severed twiga. as they contain eggs ami Larvae of the t*itf girdk-r A newly-enacted structural p»l contrul la* •Aas passed by the S2nd U-gislature effective Sep: 7 1*7! This Lau provides ior the licensing and regulation oi persons ittgagcd in ;ht> bu.->ine&* of structural pest control This IK* law creates a structural p<.-st control t>oard •*hich wilt promulgate rules .md regulations governing the rriethod:. and practices of s'.ruc'.ura! (>-s( concrol when it dt-ti-rrjiines thai the publics'i, and welfare' nt'txrssitat'. 1 * mien regulations :n order i<> prevent adverse lili-i.'i.j. on human life and the ttnironment This Board is empowered to suspend <>r revoke a license, refuse to examine .tn applicant, refuse to issue a license, or refuse to renew a license -.thm it fsnds that th« license holder has failed to comply suth the standards and rules and regulations vsta&uslv-d b> the board. At prcseai .< U'tu|xjrary licensing p-uanim ui :n effect for at least :*o years, after which time a valid lict*ns<? will be i-vsued based on criteria that have yet to be established by the board. Pest control operators have until l)<x- ~ lo make ap- [iic.i'.inn to the board for a license Operators wishing to applv for a license should contact Tne Structural Pest iVn'.trol Buard of the State of rV\,is. P O Box 13026, Capilot Station, Austin. Texas TK711 GOT A PROBLEM Call Crisis Hotline 29/3266 24 Hours DRUGS • SUICIDE . VD • ANYTHING • ••••••••UIP OUT AMD ()$(•••••••• HAVE A REAL f HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Quintana District Boy Scout U-adon. held tlieir Annual Appreciation Banquet and likstallation of W72 Officers at Braioswood High School Cafeteria Saturday, Nov. 20. Bob Miles will head up the District Committee and Charles K. Schrieber will direct the Commissioners Stall George (Jabnles was the principal speaker of the event, Thomas Mackey. president oi Uie Bay Area Council, was also on the program to extend the help of the Council toward serving more boys as well as continuing program support. The 1S72 District Officers were installed by Gene Newman, ionglome area professional scouter. Koundup awards for Units in their fall membership drives was presented by Walter Aucoin, Training and Veteran Awards were presented by Paul LeGros, the district's training chairman. K. C. "Bob" Walker is the outgoing district chairman and Walter J Aucoin the outgoing district commissioner. The Scout Family Award for !»7l went to the Earl Yancey family, and the outstanding Scout representative this year is Hanrid Clay Henderson. Hans Schwantje as well as Henderson will be the district's nominees for the annual Snow Award as only lwo will be chosen from the six districts. Colonel Sander's declares Thursday , November 25th as: "Be Kind To Turkey Day" Visit the Colonel and save 15 Pieces Kentucky Feed ChicKen. 1 pint Gravy 6 Biscuits. Salislies 5 to ? people frid A' FOR Fft|T SERVICE 001 297-2727 209 Plantation Dr. Lake Jackson ; mm m w«n«-«-nM

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