The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1945 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 2
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PAPrT^ TWO THE lOLA REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 4. 1945. lOLA, KANSAf [(Frances Halbe) [ THIS AIN'T THE POSTWAR SOLDIER! When he gets back, he'll bi; ;-io fond or rising before dawn has dawned, He'il, scornfully refuse the bore Of lyiiig abed aa hour more., '•Missiiig the best part (ff the day? 1 Luuldn-'i think of it!" he'll say. Wi-iC-n he returns once more, he'll be So bo'and to Rations K and C, He'U liever warm to layer cake Or pici; like mother used to make. "They llack." he'll wistfully confess, 'Tliu riner potnt.s of G. I. mess." •\V ]:e : ;::e gots back, he'll so delight In toutitry walk.s by day or night, Hfc'il soofi at using train or car Or bu.s^ for going near or far. ••A'othihg," he'll warmly say, "Is like A nice. hike!" brisk ' twenty-five-mile \\":x-n lie returns, he'll be so free, SQ u-scd to male society, Hf:".l even spurn that pearl of pearls, Tiic loveliest of lovely girls, SayinK. "What a fellow most enj-oys Is playing ping-pong v.'lth the boys!" -3y Ethel Burnett dc Vito. ntji'fh Century Club With yus. Kncpp Mr.s.; J, B. Knepp entertained the Tv.-t.ntleth Century ^club at her lion.i! yesterday afternoon with Mrs. j; lyih Barker uiislstlng. I'rr.'icnt were Mesdames Allen DM.!.;, iVunk Yancy, Axel Peterson, K. V.'. Dunkertjn of LaHarpe; Mes- flMrri'.s Charlo.s Pennington, Dora KiAinan, Charley Logan, J. H. Bur(•' :UK! Robert Yokum of lola. <• <• <• !)i:;jp .tlon to Blood Fund «;f a. t\. K. Increased l-.adips of the G. A. R. met yes- •ttrciayi afternoon in Memorial Hall lor ;i-bir regular meeting. liLsJ Elaine. James presided over t;-..j business meeting. The installation! officers was post- poaedi until January 17. New rituals v.f.x distributed and reports were niaae [ from sick members. The group voted to send a plant to Mrs. Dora Woodard, who is in the lie piiiil a.s a result of a fall. After the books were audited for thi year, it was voted, to add seven dcilars to ihe fifteen doHars already donated to the national blood plasma fimd of the G. A. R. whose national jgual Li one dollar per member. I CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK | • FRIDAY Mrs. W. R. Clendenen and Mrs. •W. A. win be hostesses at th' Countly club bridge luncheon at 1 )). m. The executive committee of the Women's Missionary society of the Christian church meets at the home of Mrs. M. E. Chryst, 323 I South Chestnut, at 2:30 p. m. Past Presidents Parley of the American Legion Auxiliary meets with Mrs. C. E. Newman, 513 N. Walnut at 2:30 p. m. ^War Mothers meet with Mrs. Walter Maudlin, 510 North street fit 2:30 p. m. Mothers, wives and sisters of service men are welcome. MONDAY The Research club meets with Mrs. T. M. SheUenberger. 309 East street, at 2:30 p. m. -Sorosis meets with Mrs. C. A. Swiggett, 802 Wheeler avenue, at 2:30 p. m. The Current Events club will meet with Mrs. PhU Ray, 2ir. S. OaJc, at 2:30 p. m. The Golden Link club meets at the home of Mrs. A. O. Hillbrant, «)5 Park street at 2:30 p. m., with Mrs. Gene Smith hostess. The Unity club meets with Mis. R. H. Carpenter, 422 East street at 2:30 p. m. The program will be given by Mrs. Woody Perhani. TUESDAY Junior high P. T. A. meets at 7:45 p. m in the school audl- toriiun. There will be an executive meeting at 7 p. m. Wesleyan Service Guild of the First Methodist church meeUs at 7:30 p. m.. with Mrs. Inland Ul- rlch at the Wood-Ulrich apartments. The lola Music club meets at the Baptist Temple. There will be a business meeting at 2:15, followed by the program ut '^A:, p. m. Mrs. Earl Palmer of Kansas City, Mo„ will b<- tlu- t-in si M>- loist. Brothers to Congress Srle, Kas., spent Christmas with Paul's parents, Mr. and Mi-s. Lloyd Wagner, and also visited her grand- TOP DOG > Pueblo, Colo., Jan. 4. (AP).—C. B. flulsey starts every New Year the mother. Mrs. C. A. Walker and auntl^ame way: by buying a city license Mrs. Mayme Bicking and other relatives and friends. |or his dog. ,' For the last 12 years Hulsey's dogs have v;orn Pueblo c;t\ The present family pet nn.s 1. No. 1 for nine years. New York City's first L.,uto t cab cruised on Fifth avejiu-,: in i tor the first time since 1851, two teothers will sit in the hoiisf ',>r representatives as the 79th Congress oonvenes. They an- Max Schwabc, seated, re-elected from Missouri's .^econd district, and liis ui'/hi!- dru B .Sfhwatje, newly elected from Oljlaliumu .s fi;.-,t di.irlrt i,::. tives of ML-isouri.i -iNEA 'lelephutu.) LAHARPE, Jan. 4.— 4dr. Francis Anderson -has been lilred its bookkeeper for the Farmers JUnion elevator, taking the place of Mrs. J. C. Motire who was the bookkeeper the past ten 'years. Mrs. Moore will assist her husband. J. C. Moore m the Mo'ore grocery. ; iirs. WUlle Shorter, Mrs. John Ma •j'in^'and Mrs. Wm. Shaughnessy and- daughter Betty attended the funeral of Mrs. Rockwell in lola Tuesday. Mrs. Carrie WlUiams has heen quite ill the past week. Mrs. R. S. Sweaney, who has been ill ifor several weeks,, is slowly improving. Mr. George Tea«tie returnd from Savannah. Mo., where be had vis- ; ited, his father Mr. W. S. Teague: who Is at Savannah f^r medical treatment. . \tr. and Mrs. Walter Gregory entertained her sister Mrs. Clai-ence CalHwell and family of Parsons on . New Year's day. i TUff Missionary Society of tlie Baptist church met at the home of Mr.s. Tucker Wednesday^ afternoon with the foUowmg present: Mrs. 1. K. Hoke, Mrs. Don Payne. Mrs. Walter Gregory, Mrs. Oscar Fulker- sori; Mrs. Crogan. and '}Ars. and baby daughter. Mrs. Orcgory led tlu^ lesson, the subject "P^ace in the Heiiil." 1, I Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Hok'" and Mrs. Hojfe 's brother. Stuff Sgt.,Earl Smith •vnc Sunday dinner gue-its of Mrs. Don Pavne and children. i Ur. and Mrs. Bert Walker and Mr/. Walter Beard of Eri&. were vis- , itiiig their mother Mrs. C. A. Walker, arid sister Mrs. Mayme picking. • •4: lie firet and second teams and ih;- igrade schools will piav basket- i ..i =l '.uitii the Elsmore teams next Fiiduv night at Community hall. iir'- and Mrs. Paul Wagner of fai.i.iy CARLYLE i^toi Hazel Moore and trays, Rich- i.i i aiiu Jerry, of lola, spent the y.-i'uk-end with Mrs.' Vina Higgin- l .v .IMlil. j.l:-. and Mrs. • Fa?, and (jf iiumb .(:;. .' Sauaay ire. Fu. iLr liomc. Sunday dinner, guests at Mrs. ViiiU iiiii^in'ootham's home were, .M;-.s. Hazel Moore and bo., jf lola Mr. and Mr;,. Virgil Powell, Janet Ki'tile I and lona Hamilton. Eugene and Betty ChniriL.'.'rs at- t £-:flL -dl a New Year's pirty Sunday (•v.-i;!nj; r^.i the George Harris home. .Mr. and Mrs. Jack Waldo and '••,i!i"ht'.-r of Kansas City, spent Frl- d; ;.• with his sister. Mrs. Vh-gll Kiv( ;L .ir .d family. .M;:i-.jorie Hill returned home A;. ' I:;;, trum Kansas City. It i:. estimated the average Ameri .-^ii .sch 'lier eats approximately live iM .d a iiuarter pound;; of food a day a. (•iini );iM.-J with ihreo and three'.'i;.-. puiiiuls for the average iri; • '<*-•• s ••fi„Nf;iTi • WAVE KIT . I "c -i' :t>-. Safe, for rvt'r> '• -Tf iVrir "A-iil WriVf Kit today Drui; :ui<] all drug stores. 'y'm REUEF FRCf^ J'j-ii^^C!ri ULCERS sur-ijo EXCESS ACiD Frce<J[3cUTei!scrHomeTreatmentthat iTiu^i '<:c !p or it Win Cost Ycu Nothing • • Tr i «i) i.\rllum :iiittlosof tin- WIULAKI) TKK.A'li.M H:NTliaveb«tii sold forruliefnl .<,-;iiliii'iii..icirtliBtrii-is&risiii„' from Ctomaeh •,ru\ Cuodsnzl Ulcors dui' U> Ejx««> Acid— •=iji-.. ^:j;c5fion. Sour or Upset Stonush. SBis><i?f.s, Hcnrfbum. SIee !>leMnc*ft* etc., Jiii- 1 I Liccf 3 Acid. Sold un 16 days' • Asi( inrj'-VVillanl'i Kasaefi" nliicb fuilj ctiiLiua lliis Irfjtini'iit, - <rse- at C'onksey's Drug Store Cook's Re.vaU Dmg Store Cherub Milk If srshey Gocca babies, 1'- pts. can. Goldentweet Dork Famout Quality Rich Flavor ... 5 lb. A Jar to i lb. (ff^^ Corton *W Pie Is Good Anyiims 20 oz. .. Jar 25c ^ Kmm Ocff ©e Richly Mallow Lb. 4 JQM Thrifty Package.....". Pkg. • WW {^^^•/ ON FARM-FRE ^Hr Texas Marsh SoadUis Pink Grapefruit . CQlilornio Full of Juic* Remt Beauty Popular for Batcing Swool, Red Juicy „_ Fre »h, Oreen l« Solid Heads Emperor Orapes HANDCflftRT V/ithovit Painful Backache *.r;'ny FuMm -nj reJiavo Jiagpmg backache t;i:"'Lly. ijiic; tlyiV aiajover lhat-tho real v • iif tS'ir trou.Oo nir:v be tired kidn «ys. T .ii L.Uiiey.i arc .•^'atuns'B chief T»ay of lak- (.•x'jce.^i n/iicJt'' r.ud -wa^ta out oi the fV'.vi 1 Tl.vy Lcip ;ajst j^coplc paw about 3 W • I ifisr-.Ttirr of l ::dn.''v function ty»rmit« j .ir;. n .iL-i '.i n -.nlUT to rcciain in your btood, it Jii .y I lu:-; ii:i;z ^':nc !)ac[;;(L'Ui ',rijeuraatie pains, i 'J: \\ iijtt .v-s nf p^p x\x\A on »»rrj', seUioff up :,;;rl'.'-, ftu.'iiinr. );'JihnQiB uu <icr tho eyes, li'jud.u-iiLii :i ,nd ilizzi ;u -aa. I'luquo&t or ftcaoty ia -.::ir't^ Iwiiu niiuftiiiK iimi burning •onie- liiiiL-b a!i'K^*M th'trei is nunurihiuK wroofi with 5;.ur !:-.!i ;:,.yB or bhideler. l-CMt ivuit! Ask yoiir drxigiost I'or Doan'i u »-|i B^:':•.•••^:Ii1llly by milhona for over 4(j.MMir.-i JiMi. v KJvo liuppv raliaf and will help i.'. oi Ki 'twy •UIH' S ihish out pdtoa- oca wastu Uuia >our blooU. Cut Doon • Villi, Lemons Cauliflower • Yeibw Aniens Firm Heads Sweet Mild Sunkist Lb. Pascal Celery Yams Red Triumphs Crisp Healthful. Serve Candied APPLES Winesap, Firm, Crisp 2 ibs. 20c 'r $3.99>^ Lbs, 01^ TWESfmCBS ON QUALITY MEATS f ROAST Cc'.d Freparations as directed j j Beef . . Yeast . Chili . . Grotind . i pts. lb ...Lb. i Flisoh- mann's z Cakes Brick M. & M Lb. Z tiver . . . Pork Chops Weiners . ^eef . . . Chuck 3 Pts. lb. Pork NoPts Cents Cuts 10 Pts. ib. ... Skinless ,__.._-_Lb. 27c Dried . IC PU. lb Lb 19c Lb 33c 4 P ^'. 20 C EI AMP ^^f^o" ^'"^ Wl*'** Enriched 25 ib. »| AA riOlll All Purpose Home-Type Flour Bag VllW Tomato Juice r;ril"i :d, 20c Soy Beans Rich in Food Energy Can 5c rariRA Sunnybonlc. Economical, lb. IR A ^anilB Nutritious. 2 Points per Lb... Cm. I WW Paneakoflopr'i'if!:,,.. ."CTc PEANUT BUTTER Real Roast— Fine Spread PEANUT BUTTER Beverly. Mode with • No. 1 Peanuts 2 lb. Jar 39< Tomato SoBii Famous Variety.... 6 c"« 49c Pur* Hoe <o lb. fie. Granulated Bag WVv STORE HOURS: 8 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.; Saturdays 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. PRICES EFFECTIVE January 5^, 1945. Green Spray Fruit & Vegetable Mar 107KASTST. THE ONE STOP MARKET PHONE 2.1 ; I CioMen Ripe POTATOES—A pri(^e and a kind for everybody CELERY, LETOXJCE CAIiJLIFLOWER, CARROTS CABBAGE, ONIONS SWEET POTATOES TOMATOES TANGERINES, ORANGES LEMONS, GRAPEFRUIT LIMES, APPLEf^- Winesaps, Jonathan.s Winter Bananan, all jjrici. SORGHUM, POPCORN CIDER, PEANUTS Please Return Bags and Containers When Po.ssible. Thiers Pillsbury Gold Medal r)0-Lb. Bag Expansion^" r)0-Lb. Batr T CUKA.N CANE SUGAR T iMOUTON'S Sugar Cure 79c X.). Cherries Apricots e In Syrup Mackerel flour o • Pana"k(f. J^/il 'IcR.'28C All Gold ^"•^-'_-;25^ i.h. Can Crackers 2 BOX 29C Chili . . • Jrick .style 1 Can 29c Coffee . . Raisins . Prunes . Oats . . . Beans . . 5S tflilk 40-50 S<ze J Lb.s. 2 Lbs. 2 Lbs. (Quaker I^arge Box Large 3 rs :avyi _-_5 Lb.s. 65c 27c 35c 27c 27c Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Celery, Leaf Lettuce, Carrots, Turnips, Parsnips, Grapes, Greert Cabbage, Head Lettuce. \ TEXAS Grapefruit 4 For 25€ No. 1 RED McCLURE Potatoes Peck simiiil-Mii ROASTS Li,. 3©c Pure Cheddar Lfjnglioru L'D. Peanut Butter Lb 30c Homogoulzt d Bulk SELF^SERyiE E RDEER Y ETDRE5' '^W^EKE EVFP.YBODy SAVES''

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