The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 3
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M(.)I\ ! DAY Offering Special values at ail times yet hejre are three numbers that will appeal strongly to you. Black and White Sport Oxfords. McKay Sewed Solos, Rubber tipped OQ QQ heels <pOioO Black Patent and Brown Suede Sport Oxford, welt soles and low rub- OQ QQ ber tipped heels yOiwO Brown Suede and Brown Calf Sport Oxfords, we't solos and low rub- OQ QQ ber tipped heels. ^JijO AT We close at five o'clock beginning July 1st, except Saturdays. ter.l:iy. With a ri£h.L h.:iruler on the mound • it.h some J<• ft. • handerii Widen : la bat wiih runners on tteCimd in) would cause a •thrill but not torday. 100-yard dash which -will also be staged for buys under 12. HE FANNING BEE HlYE >«TOMIIM»«W«»«>I <awaw«Ba«WPtc«(lMW Third gamo with the Yankees tomorrow and don't forgot tho July 4th double header. Tho first Kniue will he called at 10 o'clock in the morning and tho second gam" nt 4 o'clock In tho afternoon. Tomorrow's game at 3:30. •—x— Keliy Wales was 'back after n wook'H abscui e from tho line-up. Tho Shw.k- cr b;.ek:,t,op baa been suffering 'from ti rarhimkio on Ills throwing ;u,"m. Matthews has Wales' number ant! the Imini: receiver couldn't do a thin?; yes- anil corni:: and ' KO V- : • Kih with added ye Yiniika is on the hospital lift ••ral bum digits, to which he sterday a sprained ankle. S.ipulpa in bound to batter a left handed pitehnr hard with all its hit'iin: :>irnnjrt;h balling on «.he richt Hide of the plate. The Yunkei'H have several deadly bat-s- meu ,i.nd they're all right handed swii -wis. For that reason it would )•••• f»r better to use right handed flinders when possible. --X -Saturday was tho first time this year Crootic has boon knocked out of the b.'.v —x— Tin' Shockers are not hitting their Bliilil" In fii-ltllng. It begins to look like, the time never will arrive. Kveiy- waited for \vxirm weather but the loam has been playing worno for the lutst two weeks than it did in the cold dayn. r .o.-a I'lirtell left Coats, tho youroisior who has been with tho team fur the past mouth, ait bin home in Sapuipa. Coats got so he couldn't field anything and couldn't throw. Add this to his poor hitting and skull base run? liillu'. and ih-ere is little left. While her*' the iioiy looked like a wizard ill '.lie |;a"don. Kil I'iek took a pretty one off Barney Cleveland's bat in the seventh •and doubled the speeding Flipping at First. The knock was labeled two or three liases and Flipping never stopped in iil the crowd began yelling. -—x— It v, as a ixior crowd for Sunday. The I ns owe it to the nieu who aro finanemx tho baseball venture bore to ti:ni out bettor. The stands was nul half full yesterday. And because itliu Irani lias been losing Is no excuse 1oi ! wit iidraivlng support. —x.~ No name could be pleasant to watch with Matthews Ditching. Ho acts all the time like lie was just ready to droll from lul.lguo and slows up the game so tint the fans lose interest. He hasn't much of anything and •should bo duck soup for right handed batters. Shockers Humbled For Fifth Straight Time By Champions Sapulpa Wins Opening Game of Home Stay 6 to 5. WAS LISTLESS EXHIBITION Both Teams Played Miserably in Field—Banks Forced Out Because of Bad Ankle. TWO MORE BAD ONES SUNDAY'S SCORE. Sapulpa- AB R H PO Muskogee recently gave vent to -paragraph of upleon bocauso Independence didn't win us many James from Coifoyvlllo as was rjocessary to give tho Meta tho jibas. held by tho IWiluero. oaid he llartioiirtown fustier: "If Man- Juger Brown's Independence guns i don't show* signs of life the fans ' in that city will chase tho team out of town." Harsh wolds those. —x— It's n lot safer bet that tho Producers tun trying harder to boat tho Refiners than It Is that the Sallua Millers are trying to beat, the Mots. There i3 mighty keen rivalry botweon the two Montgomery county towns and tho fooling wasn't helped by tho recent episode when Nig Doason forfeited a game to the litotlners .because tho I'rodueers refused to play tho second game of a scheduled double header. The tremble'In that ins-tnnce. it •BBoms grew out of the unwillingness of the Coffoyvlllo management to cough UP with an extra $100. It was a postponed, game and there seems nothing on which, an Iiulapendenoe claim for tho dally guarantee in duplt J.«ata could be based.'. There is quite a let of Intoros' In the exhibition to bo pin on by the two picked teams from Si;; Moore's boys school before tho aftniioou contest "Wednesday. Tills ga::.e will'start at '2:15 and will go five innings. Tho ; Star clothiers have offered a sweater u » prizo for the boy winning the —x— Dnimniond llruwn has the biggest hospital list and Is sadly crippled for the start on tho new season unless he is able to gather some now talont. Both Brown and his other catcher, Moore are out because of injuries and Mitchell, second 'baseman Is out with an Injury received when he was spiked. Kildie Hlmbury has uuit the Producer*: and Is reported to have gone to California with bis Osage Indian bride. Tile < 'offoy ville players were honor guests at a dinner given by the Chamber of Commerce there the other The Javatown business men I'I '.lfze the advertising value of a pennant -winning team and wanted to simw their applet bi lion befjro Matty's hoys hit t lie read. Coffey ville will wind up the first snuH-in Wednesday at heme. The present Herieit at Independence called for a moruing game at that place and the afternoon game at Coffeyviile^ The new club luiuse at the Topeka ball park . is Hearing completion. U take.; the place of the one destroyed by five some time ago. — x — Harney's Yanks have been shifted about soino. Willis, former sun gardener Is playing first and seems to fill the bill nicely. Barney hasn't had ta first baseman since thoy ran Todd I Miller out of town last. year. Olevo- ] land says he expects to have a pair , of flood youngsters join 'him at Toi pokn. He has changed his mind about j the rookie rule though. "I i don't care what the others do." said the peppery Utile" Irishman. "I'm Being to observe the rule." Defeat of the ltofiuers yesterday and Muskogee's fifth straight win over the lowly Millers reduced the Coffeyviile lead to a game and one- half. In order to clinch the ponnant Coffeyviile must win three of 'its remaining (our games of this season. If Salina is able to take oue of the remaining four with Muskogee, which Is doubtful, the Refiners would need only to break even with thu I'rodue­ ers. — x — The effectiveness of Wayne Middleton seems ended, b'or the third straight time he fell yesterday before Drumniond Brown's Producers. —x.~ UOST—One good Muskogea jinx. Finder return to Beonie Meyer. —-x— President Moll and a representative of the Salina club promised to attend this series at Muskogee to see that Meyer was getting the maximum of effectiveness out of his team. No chances should bo taken in such a close race. .... x — Dale Clear bus unearthed a real pitrlilng phenom, it would appear. In line with his policy of a new Player a day Ibe Kavv boss introduced Adrian • Dunn, 17-year-old Miami, Okla.. high school boy yesterday and he held Uartlesvllle to a lone hit, blanking the Waring men. Barney Cleveland's Sapulpa Yanks made It five in a row from the Shockers by taking the opening gamo of the final series of the first season yesterday afternoon at Gano p-ark by the score of 6 to R. The gamo wan listless and poorly played. It was about a toss up as to which team played tho worst game. It was Bob floode's second defeat In as .many days at the bands of tho •Yankees, he having been knocked out of the box ln~Saturday - s final gamo at Sapulpa. Hits Mixed With Errors. Coodo <lid not pitch so poorly yestcr- day but tho visitors managed to connect about the same time the Shockers were putting on a fielding show. Six of Hie eight Yankees hits were niado in the first and fifth innings when all tneir runs were iwored. The Yankees jumped onto tioode early,'star-tins in the first. Willis was out, Foster to Banks and Snyder Ml a bard one to Foster who recovered after booting It and threw wildly to first giving the runner second, lie scored on Soul's husky ilouhlo to left and leiippln's single scored Scott. Cleveland walked but Knnk hoisted to Pick and Brown was oitt'ou a fly to Banks-. Shockers Take Lead. The Shockers also started ouil big. aided by a ce.-tly error. 'I'urtell walked and Poster I'utued. Matthews taking the bail and .holding it when, first was left vacant. I.emen grounded to Snyder who booted it and then threw wildly to second. Purtell scoring Snyder was beiK'hod. Solomon advanced both limners a haw on a bunt but Pick could only raise one to Cleveland and Shoots was thrown out by Kelly. The town talent went Into the lead in the second on a mixiture of hits- and misplays. Wales was out but Banks singled to right, and all h.'tmls were safe wben Flippln booted Coodo's grouniler. Purtell sinsled to right, scoring Banks and both lie and (bxxlo advanced on Mink 's muff of the throw nome. Voster hit. a hot one off Matthews' glove, Flippiu recovering in time to throw him out. but Coode scored. -en hoisted to Sent. Looked Like It Was lead. It. appeared that the Shockers had a winning margin wli '-u [.hey talKcd another paid in the fonrib. Fi 'ihviin threw out 'Hanks but Coode lived on Matthews' had throw to first and Purtell walked. I '"3ipp -in's error let Goode score and Foster advanced to second, i^'men tripled, seoring Foster. Solomon walked but. was out when he overran second in stealiii'.;. The visitors wrrrt in Ihe fifth. Adair singled to iiml.-r and Matthews was sate when Bunks dropped Foster's peg to first on his i.unL Willis sacririi'eit and Kelly fanned but Scott singled to left scoring both runners took second on the throw in. He scored on Fllpiiin's single. Cleveland was safe on Foster's bobble and Funk sitigbjo. s-covlng Flipi'.in. I.emen threw out. Brown. Tho Shockers had men on bases several times but had no punch. SOLOMON GETS 20TH HOMER IN SATURDAY GAME The Yankess made it a sweep of the series by winning Saturday's final at Sapulpa 8 lo 5. J3ob Coode, who started the game for the niiocivers was Willis, 1b 3 0 0 12 Snyder, 2b 1 1 0 0 Kelly, 2b 4 0 1 J Scott, cf 5 2 2 3 Fllppln, ss 4 1 2 1 Cleveland, 3b 4 0 0 1 Funks, c 3 0 1 5 Brown, If 4 0 1 1 Adair, rf 4 1 1 0 Matthews, p 3 1 0 1 Totals 35 6 8 27 15 5 Hutchinson— AB R H PO A E Purtell, ss 3 0 1 0 4 0 FoBter, 3b 5 1 1 0 3 3 Lemen, 2b 5 1 1 2 3 0 Solomon, rf-1b 3 0 1 0 0 0 Pick, If 5 0 2 3 1 0 Shoots, cf 3 0 1 2 0 0 Wales, c. 4 0 0 8 0 0 Banks, 1b 3 1 1 12 0 1 Shelby, rf 0 0 0 0 0 0 Goodc., p 3 2 0 0 3-0 Totals 34 5 8 27 14 4 Score by Innings: Sapulpa , 200 040 000—6 Hutchinson 120 200 000—5 Summary. Earned runs, Sapulpa 1, Hutchinson 1. 2-base hits—Scott, Pick. Sacrifice hits—Willis, Funk, Matthews, Solomon, Shoots, Goode. 3- base hit—Lemon. Left on bases.—• Sapulpa 6, Hutchinson 10. Double plays—Pick to Purtell to Goode, to Banks. Bases on balls—off Goode 3: off Matthews 5. Strike outs—Goode 5: Matthews 4. Time of game—1:45. Umpire—Uccs. SATURDAY'S SCORE. j OTHER GAMES IN THE [SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE Topeka 0-6, Bartlesvllle 4-0. | Topeka, July 2.—Topeku and Bar-1 Ueavllle divided two shutout games yesterday Bartlesvllle winning the first In the eleventh Inning when four | four runs wore counted aften ten in- j niiigs of shnt-out ball had been play-! ed and Topoka the second a soven-ln- nlng game by agreement 6 to 0. The score:' First game". BarUcsvlllo Butler. 3I> Willis. 21) Phillips, rf Ca-slijon, lb Hovlnp, cf, S3 Fisher, If Ijimb, o Hosonold, p ab h po 6 1 0 s 1-3 8 2 0 fl 2 17 6 3 2 6 t 1 : 5 1 1 5! 2 0 Totals Topoka Knoavos. as Strolini, 2b Dick, Jh MiUtliuws, If Bockskopf, lb Clabaugh, rf Pltreo, of Jona-1, <; Uraliam, p To lala alt h po 5 1 3 1 1 1 I) .1 2 13 U 2 1 1 1 '., 0 2 li 33 46 H 33, .Score by innings: Iiartaeavllis <XW (KlO eOt) 01- I Tupoka. j IKK1.000 01)0 '!»-') Summary — :'-l»a.= <' hit, Omiiioli. 3-L>as.( hit, Willis. Kucrllk'e lilla. I :lal..-ui|,-h, Qrnham. BIUH»H on halls, off lli-.ilmm i, off RCKimold 2. Struck cm. by llraliiili! K. by RoGOIlold 4. W1M pttrlu Hrieni'ilil. Stolen bases, Hutli-i, rlilllips, Hunk. Strohm, Dick. ln.uMo play, Uiek to Strohm to TJockfikopf. l.,cft on tmst 1 i». Hartleavlllo 13, Tonc-Iia <l. Kartml runs, Bartlesvllle 3. Than of K.une, 2:13. l.'m- plri.a. nenn ami llrosi. Second game— Score by Innings: It. II. R. Bartlesvllle 000 flOO 0—0 1 1 Topeka fl?.0 003 x—IS S » 1 Batteries—Bartlesville, Wester and | Fisher; Topeka, Dunn and Bonn Muskogee, 10; Sallna, 2. Muskvigeo, Okla.. July.— Sarlund was e:tsy for Muskogeo yesterday and after Presinutii had a !> 1o 0 lead in the fifth, he retired no that a college rookie hurlor, Autrey, could bo broken In. The Mela woii .10 to '-'. Score: Sallna | MiiskuKoo ab h po Hutchinson— AB R H PO A E Purtell, c ... 5 2 1 4 1 0 Foster, 3b .. 4 1 2 5 0 0 Lemen, 2b ... 2 0 0 2 1 1 Solomon, rf .... ... 4 1 2 2 0 0 Pick, cf ... 4 1 1 6 1 0 Shoots, ss ... 4 0 2 0 0 1 Banks, 1b ... 3 0 0 4 0 0 Coatcs, If ' ... 3 0 0 1 0 0 Ccodc, p . . . 0 0 0 0 0 0 Morbitzer, p ... . . . 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals .... ... 32 5 8 24 5 2 Sapulpa— AB R H PO A E Willis, 1b . . . 0 1 0 11 0 0 Snyder, 2b ... 3 1 1 2 3 0 Scott, cf ... 5 2 2 4 0 0 Fllppen, ss .... ... 4 1 2 1 5 1 Cleveland, 3b . . ... 5 1 3 0 0 Funk, c .... 5 1 2 7 0 0 Browjn, If ... 5 0 0 1 0 0 Peterson, p . .. . ... 4 0 0 0 1 0 Adair, rf 4 0 1 0 0 0 Totals . . .25 7 11 27 9 1 r.ornl.l. ss Hint flow. 3b If Climlm, lb Sli'«», rf I0.uul.-s. ;Ui Dliim, c Mill lull, cf Sarlund. p lUal.lilll.. cf :.!' 'Non. ^s lllii.ui.iil..'. 21i Kit..':., lb 0iWut2 .ll. If - I tin':'maii, Tf 2' Iti.tnpr.. 31) 2:l".).r.T-|. u lj 1 'rcr-muLli, p Autrey, P Totals 38 li :i| Totals .Score by innings; Salina MustK.'geo Summary—2-b:j-fr bits r.'sl, lli-nii'.lO,,' t '!:iviiTU lOu.Mtt, l>!-:on, U'.lz... SHIIUIHI to H»u:t!'io',v lo "ill", by SiirHin.l :', hy Autr<-y 1. liases mi bit.! IT l'rcsmuth 2. off lb h po ri :: 5 5 2 I 5 b 3 5 2 11 II 0 0 i> 3 2 2 t 0- S '2 4 3 0 9 I 0 0 » is 27 .000 ooo 2il'> ~ 2 .520 2M lux- 10 Hi'iilfrmv, p'i'1- U, Slolioi b.i.-"-s. I "11 ,1)1,. play. i'hix4>ro. Hlni.-k 'li-Men 11) 2, liy , off Sitrhilni :"'. ViUrcy -t \V|;.| Cool and Stylish These Society Brand two-piece Summer Suits—perfect fitting, hand tailored tropical worsted suits of refined patterns. $25 and up—otht r; $15 up. rtylBran5(ffbthefl Score by innings Hutchinson Sapuipa .011 000 300—5 .700 010 00X —8 Three-base hit <(. l-i li 'i USHRDI.I.:.! Summary. Home runs—Solomon. Three-base hit—Foster. Two-bane hits —Snydr, Scott 2; Adair. Sacrifice hits —Lemen. Stolen bane.—Willis. Struck out by Morbitzer 1; Peterson 5. Bases on balls—off Goode 1; off Morbitzer 7; off Peterson 3. Left on base— Hutchinson 6; Sapulpa 11. Earned runs—Hutchinson 4: Sapulpa 6. Passed balls—Puprtell. Doubic play—Pick to Banks. Banks. Umpires—Quigley and Moodey. Time—1 :D5. defeated Mrs. Thomas Elcock of Wichita in the final match of tho trl-state tournament at Kansas City Saturday. The last, nine lioles of the match wero .played In the rain. MM. Kicock recently won the K:".*a> ciiamidonsblp. Klmer i.Mowory 'auoouiiceil that tho Hutchinson Country t'lub has accepted the Invitation of the Wichita Country Club for. n visit to tho neighboring city next Sunday. It Is exacted a good Pized delegation win go from plIo 'ne .M. SarttiiHl 2.'l. on b/i^e.s. Salina 15, .MiiskogM.- id. Unii.s, M...y,;r. Hho.l--., Habbltt. Obion 2. Braii.htp 3. 1 11avli!-o..l( 2. Huffman, Krini.e. Fi-i-ora, iluval.t, Dunn, olwoti, Hmmiblu. "Pimu of K..IH.-. 1:H5. \Jniplre--t, V,1!klnnon and Bt.n.Ullulit. Independence 4, Coffeyviile 3. Independence, Kan., July 2.— Iiiflo- oentlouee defeated Coffeyviile in ten Innings. 4 lo 3. With tho score •'! to 2 in tlie eighth. Wroniu uiiKJiHlgod Howe's fly and It went for a homo run, tying the Hour". Iivdetnimloiioe scored the winning run in the tenth when, with two out, Mitchell walked and scored on Mariou":. threo-baeger. Score: ItHli-l.oli'l.'liee | Cofffyvill.! b li p..: lib h po ."> 2 '."Kuli.lot. 3b 4 2 2 3 1 :i''IS:...-hlO!t, •' 3 2 llo'Hvni". tb 4 2 UMalihi'ivs. :•:; 4 1 «!Kr»ilt, If 4 0 11. ;la.-M. rf . 4 (1 ill', .ilaii'l. ss 4 1 Ti!'...'.'. o. if ' " llM'.d.lleton, p irahn, of Mitchell. 2b "Maaon, ss tVi-.-nn. If Eviur.. 11. Scirnf tit. si) ''('.ton, rf-lb Moore, c Shane.y, p .1 Totals 33 ti ,T)i Totals 41 11 23 The first four Wichita batsmen in yesterday's first game at Tulsa hit ovor tho short right field fence for home runs. Wichita copped both games by heavy slugging. SAINTS LOSE HMD; „ RIOT FOLLOWS GAME knocked out in the oiipuius; round anrt l^eo. WlchUa will bo u.-.tol U> ru-pay was n.vpliiced- hy Morbitzer who held , tlio c-all July 22 tho Yiiiikoea safe (lie rest of tho way. Peteraon IH-OOZLMI akjiig in caay fyshion, yielding runs in Lho swcoiid and third and a trio of inarkera in thu tiovottlh whon IVloso. Sohuncm hit. Kin twentloth homer of the season with Koator on -bane, PurU:ll had pro- viou-ily scorod on Loniou'.s Hucrifioo th. 'Two out when vtniiiiii? run jioore.1. Score bv inninnsi'. Coffevvlilo <W» 11') 01 '1 0—:i Indeliendciiee 000 1H2 (KM 1 1 Summary—tloiu.i rtm, Kowe. M'^e lilts. Mason 2. 2-ijii*' liil-t. WrPlin. Kali- Oot 2. Sai:rlfii-« iilla. Kahtlot, l-'.rwlii. Stolen t»ajien. lliicluint 2, IV.rlaiid 2. Mitchell, Mason. Rrvwu. Mitchell. iSehuenfel'H. Moore. ICielooit. Strilek out. l.y Shnnuv 1.. Iiv Mlil.H.lrjn 4. ]t;oa>.i on hulls, off Shunev 1. off MiiMioton 3. Kun.i. Ifahn. MllelieU. Mu.-mll ?, l'lichant, Matthews, ltowe. Time of nattui. 1:50. Umpire., Hudson. There are still members of tho McPherson Country club who prefer "barn yard golf" to tho real •article and a "horse, shoe cour .-te" has been laid out -adjoininK the Kolf links. It is proving a popular addition. Tho Killnu-ood KO'U ' course is inu-ch In use tlie po 'ir coniV .tion antl the bum' harvest ne :i .-:::i. It )-•'•- '..-.ii Impossible to get a man and tea/in to njaw the falr.vays iatel.. ai. i i .,.c ^raes Is very rank. —x— The Stafford Country Club course National League. At Brooklyn--- It. II. .10. New York (Hit) 1 )10 000—1 8 I) IS rook ly n 200 thHl H0s--2 8 2 Batteries--Nun' York, .McQuillan and Snyder; Brooklyn, Reiith-T and Taylor. At Cincinnati II. H. K. Plttsbnrsh 100 100 ODD 'J 7 0 01l.ciuii..-u.l ....Ol.'tl IDil 20 .V 3 10 0 Hlitteries- Pit.tsliurirli, (%Kilier and KeitniUU; ('inclnnati, Uouahoe, I,mine and Onvoney. At Chicago— 11. If. I-;. Kt. l^uils t'diL' 010 011 - S 1H 3 f'hlenso 120 0U1 12(1- 7 11 4 Ik-it teries—-St. l.ouis, Shenb/IS and Alnsinlt'h; C'lilcaRo, Aldridije, IISIKHIIO, and O'Karrcll. Only throe iramo.'i i-icheduied. American League. At Now York— It. II. 15. Phlladolidiia . .. .eoo 000 non~ 0 "> 1 New York 110) 030 00n- t 9 0 Ilatteries - • Piiiladelplila. Kommei and Itrugsy; Now Yorlt. .lotion ami Hoff.maii. AX at. Louis— it. ti. a Detroit 000 000 OOO-fl 5 1 rit. Louis 100 100 12 1. Hatlurles- J l>ol,rolt, Holloway, Cols, •W'olls and J.tassler; St. l/ouilfl, Davis and Severeid. At Cleveland-— R. II. It). Chicago OOC 130 000—8 12 0 Cleveland 000 010 010 —2 8 1 Butt (fries—Chicago, Ovengroa and SclKtik; Cleveland, Edwards, Shauto, Itei|»oi>d iaui O'Neill. At Washitis'ton— 'It. If. l!i lloston 000 000 100--1 a 1 Washington 100 011 Hx— 8 11 1 dkiittorifii—Boston, Murray, I'lercy and i.iovoriner. Wallers; Zu.iihise>r and ltuel. I'l^SCI t At Si. 1 Mint nuke St. ['a ul iliitleri. and AP,;i Manguiii, Mi'Crmv mi-- (1110 1 ! I (Hi one 2..11 eel (Jearin LUHI S:I ind .Mali it II .uili i c.i M ilWO Ul; St. I>.1U| line---- j; .... 201) 000 002 • 1 001 Ooi) i'l)x :| ' !''orl..|t.'d to Milwaukee II to 11) eliiick, Poll ami MarKlo and Cunj li K •! 1 S 1 alt .Tie: Nu l>li>r. 11 11 li 1 S 7 1 •( I r; C u i - SOUTHWESTERN LEAQUE. Coffej-vllle ... Mu'ikoifeo .... -SaimUia Harl'k-.Hvllls ... Ift.'TCIII.VKON TopeKll . .41 . .40 ..84 ..80 27 rmfependenea .......... ,z\ .Saltmi. 20 "'St Paul, July S. -Two Milwaukee playors 'were cut and had to bo treated at a hospital and Umpire Mttllon was escorted 'from the fiohl and club ! officers bouso by police in a' small riot at Lox-lngtoh baseball park hero yesterday. The disturbance followed throwing of cushions Into tho fiold In the ninth imilni; of the second game he- twoe.ii Milwaukee uDd St. l'aul and after Mullen had forfeited the contest to Milwaukee. The'men'* dinner tournament at lho Country Club ends tomorrow evening with a dinner at whlcfh the losing team will be hosts to tho victors and which will bo followed by the annual stockholders' .meeting and election of|^ 8n y^ has be-on gotten Into good shape for a OlnHnn«5l tournanxmt Which. Is belug held this Brooklyn week. A .fine prize list for the contestants has been unnouneod. C. N. Harmer, popular Pratt merchant Is In charge of a fourth of July NATIONAL LEAGUE. Now York 4 K' Pittshurgh 'jjjj 36 , 2-4 Chicago g8 !•'• u,uta » Hoslnn , 21 rhlladoiphla '. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.IS mere. They're. *<>l„g to ^^phla AMERICAN LEAGUE. W. Mrs. MHltory Loses'Out. (By The AssocUted Press) WtaHMwSon, July 2.--Mrs. Molla B. Mal.'ory tho American woman lawn tennis chiimjiion was eliminated from the singles of lho Wimbledon world t hamnioiiKhln tonrnamcnt by Mrs. Uerftldine Beamish one of Riifr'and's leading iiluyora in J three set struggle, the ecore of which .was 4-6, 7-5, I start play bright and early too—7 1 o'clock. Hurt 3nydor of this city Who vvomnn's tournament to be staged at ' '" Pratt „ rri * ly * ajr,, , th «' r '" ave a h u at; fln< , Bv - ory gr( . Pn la jn a bUlld( ^bjlng invisible from the too. Mrs. Ployd Hippie !s in cbarfre of tho the Country Club tho .morning of the Fourth. It Is desire-d to start the flag tournament in time to com.plo '.'e it by 11 o'.'loi-k in the morning. A silver card tray will be given to tin: winner of this tciiruaTiieiit by the" Peiruos- Wriglrt dry goo-l.a stor«. Art Aiuh't-ws, club i«'o will KIVO a booby prize of a •few lessons, in the driving contest the winner will receive a 4-pound box of •Donlta chocolates from the Richards- Bcheblo Candy Co., and tho winner of the approaching and putting contest will receive a .?•! pair of ftilk l:o.-io ,from the Korabauult-Wlley store. —x— ailsa Caroline Lee of Kansas City SEAGRAVES IN SUNBEAM WINNERS OF GRAND PRIX Tours, Franco, July 2. —Tho Grand Prix automobile race was won by Seng-raves, driving a Sunbeam car. g lovcland btctiKa St. l,ouin .. Detroit Wa.ihlniirton Boston ..84 ..S3 ..»0 ..81 ..81 . .30 ..23 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. St. Paul 4!) "2 ; Karioaa City ,... "40 31 Louisville oj 30 CMlj>ml.u» 5l SS iMjiwaukn. •..;::;«» sj 1 MlnneapollD 24 88 ;TOIB(1O 24 42 Wichita . Tulsa ... (Oklahoma "'nv.t-h Olty Alluvml deposits in I'umpslant, ! ,„ lvail \\ ales, samples of which show a high iW Moines ' percontago of free gold, may be g^"-* City , •worked by dredfcing. I&nvi?* 1 ?*..:"r 1 " i "**' WESTERN LEAQUi. ^41 43 S7 36 .26 47 961 -616 .541 ,B31 .484 .443 .381 .333 Pet. .«T2 • 6M .571 .628 .6JI .438 .323 .233 Pet. .683 .528 .5W • i'tl • 484 .477 .482 .3'J0 Pot. .863 .638 .lie .484 .439 .48» .40* .384 Pot .881 .57j .6.11 .5)4 ..'.(» .847 Western League, At llenvor— R H IS Sioux City 012 000 020— 5 15 1 Denver 342 200 02s:—13 21 0 Ha.tte.rlos; lloso and Suytlor; Brown, Hull and Diamond. Second gainer—• It H B Sioux City .......000 020 0— 2 8 2 Heaver 1U 183 x— \i 18 1 Batteries: wilHn.m«. Mat; and Query; Voorhlea and Illnkle, At Ht. Joseph— HUB Oklahoma City 000 000 380— « IB 0 St. Josoph 600 000 02x— 8 8 1 Baltarlos: Yde, Alloa and Lute, Long; Nowton, I.lndberg, Hald and Pierce • .Second game— K H B St. Josoph 030 000 0— 8 7 I Oklahoma City ..200 000 1-- 8 8 0 Batteries: Adams, Allen and Long, Lutz; Bii'keniitock and Kandlor. At i'ulsa— R H K Wichita 400 010 CIO—11 16 3 Tulna Oil 020 200— 7 11 1 Batteries. Hovllk and Casey; Ulaok, Itay and Crosby. tjocond game-— R H M Wichita 060-001 600—13 18 1 Tulsa 000 020 000— Z 8 5 lliUtorlos: Muaser and MoMullen; Sheniiftn, Crurn and lCnnts. At Des Moines— It H 14 Omaha 000 010 100— 2 S 0 Des Moines 001 000 000— 1 4 0 IkiUeries: Lea, Bpeece and Wlldor; Olsoti, Lynch and Wheat. Second iratne— R H HI Omaha 002 000 3— 8 12 1 Dea Moliioa 232 000 &— 7 1.1 0 Batterioa: Prendnrgaat, llarvotigb and McDonnell; House, Lynch, Jones and WhalinK. II a ul' All. a At Columbus— It II Toledo 000 Mn 120 - f, 13 Columbus ooo eoL' old :: li Batteries: Wright and .Smith; N thup ami Kilioti.. At Louisville,—- IndlaioiiKills .. .000 0()n DO 1 • l.oulsvUlo 100 t'oi ()"\ Batteries: Cavot and Krni lop and Mayer. ••> • SATURDAY'3 RESULTS. •• >-. •:• •? •• f- v -V <s> v •* • \ :• • Southwestern League. At M-tmkoguo— it. 11. 10. "allua 001) ill 11 ooo • 3 5 u Muskogee 100 tiSt) 2toi, 6 fl 2 Batteries - Salina, Walker and Iliinn; MuskoKeo, Itush aiul i .'orre -.'t. At llartleflvllle— it. II. 15. IndeponilMiic<) ..000 ODD 192 ,1 a 1 Bartlesviilo . ... 280 010 »0x--6 7 :i Itatteiies - rndeiieuileuee, Shoves and Morros; BartleavlUtt, llriiner and Lamb. At Coffeyviile-- 11. II. 10. Topoka 010 000 000— 1 6 0 Coffoyviilo 001 000 10X— -8 7 a Ilatteritia — Topoka, Broker and Jonas; Coffeyviile, ,W'illl«ro<i and Bac.haut. National Lenfluo. PlUsburgh 4, Cincinnati 3. Nr.w York 3-0, Boston 2-1. Brooklyn 10-3, Khlladelidita. 4-6. Cblciigo 3, St. Louis 2. Amorloan Leaguo. Chicago 3-5, Cleveland 1-4. Detroit 7, 8L Louis 8. Mew York 0; Phila4olpbia 1. WashinRton 2, Boston 1. Amerloan Aesootatlon. Kaunas City 0-4, Minneapolis 1 -fl. Milwaukee 3, at. Paul 2. LoulBYllle 7, Columbus 3. Indianapolis 3-T, Toledo 1-8. Western Lennuo. ^VloOilta 8, Tulsa 7. Dos Molnaa 0, Ornalia 3. atoux: Olty 5-5, Denver 4-8. St, Joaoph-OUluhoma City, rain. MOWN IS ENTERED IN BIG ST. JOSEPH MEET Amerloan Association. 'At Mliiiieapollii— It II E Kansas City .,.013 310 010—11 17 2 Minneapolis 200 000 026— .8 18 1 Battorie*; Zlnti and McCartyj Mor- "EnxpoTla, Kan.. July 2.— Two FC 8. T. 0. nthletaa -will compote In tho Conical Western A. A. U. track and field moot which will be held at Bt Joseph, Mo., July 4. Karle M.iICotvii, Iiatt, holder of the world's Indoor record and the ICiinttas Conference outdoor r»(>(>:'d iu the -pole vault, and joint holder of the American lntercollotriatB outdoor reo- ord, will strive for honors against some of the bust athletes in the Mid die Wont. McKown tl&d with Brook- ker cf Michigan 1" the A. A. U. nirat at Chicago this summor for ft now record, crossing the bar at 13 fowt- He set a new indoor record last winter at tho Uivliatlor-. meet at Convou- Hon Hall at Kansas t .'ity when he made a leap of 12 feet 10 inches. Bob Dunning, Kansas (i!y, Kan., captain of tho Yellowja.'ket iraci toani that curried away the- Kansas Conference championship this year, will run the high and low hurdle*. Dunning has run the high tvurdlea In roeord time. He ran axalnst some <rf the fact est hurdlers In America at the Chicago meat tMa surciaer. "The aflilotoa are Jn good condition," said t'<iach "Bill" ITargina "Both rratned consistently, and Bhould sho'.v up well in the meet."

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