Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 8
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
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Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 8
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DECATUR HERALD -" THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 9, 1930. *. OECATUR HERALD SOCIETY Four Millikin Groups to Give Pledge Dances Slg Alpha and Kappa Delt Men Have Theater-Bridge Wednesday WOMEN EXPLORERS VISIT SPAIN M ILL1KTN sororities and fraternl. tie* are making plan* for t*nee» to ba Riven In the noai future Delta Sigma Phi fraternity will give one Saturday evening In its chapter house, North Kalrvlew avenue, (o honor the pledge*. The ae- tlv«* have l**ued Invitation* to alumni and one representative of eaeh Greek letter organisation of the campus, who may take a frlond. Thin dance will bo from 8:30 to 11:30 o'clock, Leo Homebrook's or- cheitra playing. Chuperone* will be Prof, and Mrs, U M Cole, Mr. and Mrs, A. O. Webber, Jr., and Mrs Mae Sandor*. Arthur Daniel, fraternity social chairman, will have charge PI Bet*, Phi sorority Is giving a ·upper danoe for It* pledget) Friday evening. Telegrams delivered Tuesday were Invitation* to the numbers and a few Invited guests. Mtos Loin Johnson Is In charge, and I^ee Homebrook's orchestra will play Teko Mid ft. A, K. Tau Kappa Bpsllon will glio n dance the Saturday evening of Oct W In Its new homo In Park Place Pledge* will be honored, and guests will be the actives and alumni, John Orohne. new »oelal chairman for the vear, will have charge of tho party to be from 8:SQ to ll'JO o'clock Guests will attand In golf costume Sigma Alpha Epsllon fraternity will honor Its pledge* the following Saturday, Oct. SB, with a house dance the Metropolitan* furnishing music At Welts, Jack Noel and Harry Hood ar» making the arrangements Thefttpr-Bridge Forty Men of Sigma Alpha Epsllon and Kappa D«U* Chi fraternities had a i.t*p party Wednesday evening. The group reserved the first tour or five rows In Lincoln theater for the flrst| -- evening performance of "Anybody's T , , .... War" The men entered into the) I flOUSianct Women "" ' To Gather |n Chicago Aftsr the theater, the group we,nt " ~ ~ lo the. H, A. K house for bridge, and refreshment* were sorved latei In the pvenlnH Ull, Mr*. Harriet Chalmert Admtt rl|it, Mr*. Land** JUdmoa. The well known woman explorer, Mr* .Harriet Chalmers Adanw, »f Washington, D. C., nnd her Bitter, MM, Lander Redman, San PV»r- clsce, recently sailed to Wsif the Spanish coast, Sop them France, Egypt, Abyssinia, French and Italian Somali land, Iraq and tht Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Mrs, Adams it president of the Society «r Women Geographers oj Wmhington. MRS. STEELE GOES TO G. 0. P. WOMEN'S STATE CONVENTION Next Week For Rally Club W\\\ Wotnurit Couttclt Myrmotln club, orgnntttKl M years a«o by a Kroup of nelfthbothdod women votod In ltd meeting Wednesday afternoon to Join the Woman'* Council, Eight Of the 1! members met In the home of Mrs 1* O. rerfruson, SOOT North Union street Thw women also voted lo sew one dn of each month for one of tho ehildron's homon. Mm, Charles Weaver Williams won the Club prlie, ft rid thn ho«to«ft nerved refreshments, The ne*t meetlnK will be In two weeks wim Mr* Kmll Orohne, Went Was Koner street Ticket* number of tickets to the tlt «ard pafty the TJecntui Wontan's «lub will give Oct. 18 were sold In the regular meeting of Shakwipeare M r * ; n Suielc will (!» lo Chl- n^xt week nu «liti- delegate lo the wljrtnh atmutil oornentlon of the [IllnoU Hcpiibtloan Women's lubH. The meMlnjtD will be Ocl M atui IB In the CVn(rriisn liotul with Mn George R. Dean, atntf prial(lont. In ehnrge, and mote thnn 1.000 women nttomllnif Kt ei · loiinLv In tlir »tat(- Is expected to be represented The Katheilns; will have the foaluies of n vigorous party rally behind the can- iMilntM foi election thin Nmrembur Senator Otln P Olcnti, Puth Huntin MoCorrntcIf tllchurd Vittcs, Fr«l A Bi II ten. Oncar DePi test. Cat I ChlmlhJom. Burnett C'hlpi r field. Moiton P Mull. Elliot W Spioul, Frank I- Smith Ctiuence F Ruck Frimcli CI Rltili Cninollu" J Doyle M i s TJertlm Bftur Mrs Tlffnn\ Blake, Ml«s GI«dvs Pjtu, Koutli L1« CHURCH PLAYERS PERFORM TONIGHT IN BOIUNG SPRINGS ' The Dnncon EntunBled" will be h'ivon b youn« people of Bust Paik Baptist chuich at 7 4S o'clock Thursday evening In the Boiling Springs school, four and a half miles north- wo^t of Decatur This play was postponed to ThuiMday from last week Several prices will he Riven away duilnf the evening Th« cast of characters follows hitn sec.mtaiy of state, Mls« II el on supi'ilntemlcnt or the wom an's leformntorj', nnd Jim Wnlter (Fill I Vfi, l|i(t( -JMWV *+i|H Vi -«J» !»»*·» «|r-vi4^ v * ! · » * * 411 t J-U division of the Woman's club Wed-| VVfl| f n l u '"· thl nesdav afternoon Mrs M N Pus- Mm. Mrt nmiU-k com has asked that all membvis of 1 Tiunihnon In the i'oh the division turn In reg«rvntlon« to her, Sevora! donalltms wiiro mdde for tho refreihmonlH that will be served after the bridge piny. Mrs fle»rg* Car on cond ucted the study oT the Xlys»*y. and the division completed Its pi ft no to entertain the ·nncral Huh In Hi Octnhnr lodnv, toom of the nn the (I'rml dav of tlie of Mis McCdrmlek ttml Miss Pxle will be coitvimtlon will be tho the meeting. Siniitrii Glenn. tltc M|makfirM will he Mlsi Mr* McCnrmlck'n ' P a t t \ Polltlci In Pvle will describe Sans Soucl ctuh memhein met the home of Mrs J 1 Johiwon. Went "A Womau'K CatnimlKn foi ilowr nrn ' nnil Siimtoi Olenn J snihfccl I,, will he "Tie publican I urn In 1930" tlu netond mainlnji will Mocon Hlreet. Wodnostlav. Twenty' be open with i. rnlh nn "Our Coun women wero present for thfl I o'clock I tiy's C'nll k. TUtlltarit Roinibllcan luneheon The club will mi-nt In two torn" bv CM ncllu* J Vovlt, chair. weeks in the horn* Holt, Nine Taklti Wav in K. of C. Party Nine table* of cards filuved In regular party of the Knights ot lumbu* women Wednesday noon. First prlie for SOD *ent to of Mw J K, mmi of the Republican atatn central ronunlttcc He nil! be followoil by the skite cnndldntrii, Rlohnrd Yule* find Fianlt T* Hmltli, for confess- BWH fol n wm ('·kin Ml-iinrcKi^-lIol) Li i It Ittiv Hr Snilwp~J« L |( I T i u n Huslu -- l.ciBtii A»]| Hi llnrrt i L-- f.con;" I'rmrln I 1'tsln th.tliirtiniui-- l,yk Ituyiig MM rfi»oii.~-!liM«i (imrldflrl until i UI!VWH.-.HTMLI Hftii ^rt'ftr^lK Roplh r -- V*J irortu won by Mr* J. W and Mrs, C. K Kvani*, secoml. Tho nr«t party will be In two weeks Mr, and Mrs, T H, Wenren of st Louis arrived ftunday to pad* most of the week with Mrs, (I, 1) fctenle Ml** Marjode Coffev, who ho* been Mr». Steels'* guest for several days, ha» returned lo hm horn* In Green view. Miss Coffey is a former Mill! kin student and m«mUr of Tau Alpha. Mrs Wendoll Trenchaid nnd Mary Trenchard are Klvtng a 'en Saturday for Mrs. Walter Wllin-isis and MlM Virginia Heed of MottH- ventlun «nd iv ralk bj Mlm Hazard will feature the flrit mninlni; DAUGHSISTOGIVE DINNFR MONDAY FOR MISS PALMER club will to be married K«»mov« nelto, who Wednesday to Lieut Mathew McMsnra The party be in tbe Trenchard horn* hi tend, Theta Omega PI sorority will » bridge party Sunday evening at « o'clock In the sorority cabin on the t.ak« Shore drive Mr. and Mrs O. H, Bauman will be the chaperotie* Oue*t* from Bloomtnition, Dnnvlilo, and Decatur will attend MlM Ednn Mtchtoldl will bt the rommltte* Bernlco Bauman and Mlas PHI*. Mr, and Mr*, Fred Waggoner. 1030 We.t ft*rtfW through the'Eait. They visited In W«hlnft«n, New Vork ctty. and Nlo«»m. They attend«d the Inter- ·Rational Exposing «' B * ker ?' ln ' dusttlM, whleh wif«««l«ft»l m At. lantlt aty, N. J. Y. W. BOARD WILL MANAGE EARLY BIRD BREAKFAST OCT. 28 Board Meets Thursday For Transaction of Routine Business The Y W C A board of directors IK Id Its Octobei meeting Thuisday morning with SO members present Mis J D ^ Moore, president, presided, and Mrs A, M Kenney led devotion i Tlie women decided to take ovei the management of the Community Cheat diive TSarlj Bird breakfast on Oct 23, In addition to the plans mi- ready mtidc ro look after th« luncheons. Mm J W Miller explained a now bulletin boned syitsm whe has perfected, for weekly irse Each week a now bulletin h put up containing lain news and pictures nboul- persons uwl events of Interest to the T W, c A This week the board has picture* of Mr* Charles Ollkev, now nutloiial piesldont and othor officers Tuscola Woman's Cluh iritstpr MM Has First Meeting rnt-suim-n f i n m t h e 1 Mrs Wolf| TURCOLA - The first meeting of thr M\islo Doparlrnent of the Tus- coln Woman's clnb *iii held Tries- Jay In the cluh rnotvn In the library building The ftltemlivncc was excel- ti-nt foi the iliw as u steady rain wan not conducive to going out Mrs, H P Campbell, chairman of the de- 1 nrtment, vTMs assisted by Mrs, Golda Patton as leader of the lesson. The prORiRm was ilevotml to the of "Autumn" and rt the rending of poems IAILJK IT OVEIL. n *llnn«i In Mnsonlc temr'e Mlis Floicnco »ntl the timmat theme Mrs Murj trttt \\nrv \]M flufr.TM mill Monday In honor of who sail* Hov 1 foi Indln to do mission work Mlsn Palmei l» a. mem- of the flub nnd former Uecatur school teacher R enervations for the dinner should be to the committee not later- than Frldri) evonlnji attended Tuesday eve- nlng'd session Autumn color? nnd leaves were used In Ihe dlninc room lu Jf" M -hS",. ·;-· foi decoioilons Hostesses wore, ,,,",,,,, 11( ..,,,,..,, Miss Mlrlant Montgomery. Miss Mai'- jiTM V! Ti, 0 ra,"",\,; Chtyuo. Miss Opal Jackson. _,,._ t of .niiin rmimi ir-nit th,, porim 1I» iironrnin in (Jim «·«· KlnrlpH at lh» Divifnt, "IIIJlH! Sivirl I l i x n u ' llrout! on the au- ty, mill 'Mnm« niUKlelnns horn tn nl nuliit tvoih Wood itwl. have returned a several week*' motor Irlp Macon County W. C. T. U. Makes Annual Report A report of tho child nutl welfare W. C shows a most eiieci!39(ul year. Clothing and food were dliititbuUd to the Duy Nursery, the Anna B. Mllllkln home, the Boys Opportunity home and to several needy CnmlUe^ of the city. 1 mir V i,l Sl.ln Ainu tvr (ii-« i! Mvln "(.uvl --Mrs BUvin A a ti ruii.i t,, |h« IVirotviilil~ tj n Ml! rumor «»J, ·«' (IMtOFtll) ^1*1^ ef Aiminin' -- irim Sk, all " I III' U I from M«L!J, tli AM i atnt jinln, tha tt'ltrlmir "NoviMiibftr"--I,Mcy "\utiiniiml Wind" id Mllc - 'Wlwti lh B Woods Turn Brown'- tent to the Boys home In the Ozarh i mountains, Mrs. Sllfer has been reappointed to be In chaige of this division for another year H li. I'win, "Auti)ii!ii"TM:nrnitli O NE of the most Impressive novel* we have read in several yuara Is La Farge'a "Laughing Boy," the prize book of the post year. It is tbe uort of book that clings to the memory, that one want* to read over again junt lo ajense once moie tbe refreshing quality of It, the surprise of Ita beauty. It Is one of the moderns that one I* eager to own and to loan to choice friends, ·t Not very long ago we heard some clever young yeraona say- log that tbe Indian Is the ntoel hackneyed of aJl subject* for prose and poem They averred that they turn away with nostalgia upon coming across the word Indian in print. We are not quite that rabid nbout it, The "noble red man" U of course alckenlng, btit so 1* any other sentimental phrase, and so are the stories couched In that line. But Indians, as such still hold usi particulairy when we come across t real story about them Negroes have been given a better deal in literature than have the Indians, for there is RoATk Bradford, and Julia Peter kin, and Roland Hays' wife Oliver LaFnrge Is the first that WB know of to do Justice by the Indian, to make him a person, to Interpret his way of living Into terms with which the world can »yropatbi!te TERESA"BAUER CAINS ENTRANCE TO SCHOOJ. OF MUSIC JN_HUNGARY Decatur Girl Writes of Strict Examination Given Her Miss Teresa Bauer hag sent word to Decatur relatives that she Is one of 19 singers chosen from AS to be accepted In a rigid examination for entry to the Franz Unit academy In Budapest, Hungary. Miss Bauer and her mother went abroad-thls summer to remain for a year_or more, Mtos Bauer sane; before 12 , . She was assigned to sing "Cara Nome" and hod two weeks to translate It Into Hungarian Miss Bauer says she has the beat Instructor In the academy, Molesky Blanka, former grand opera atai, whose brother now Is an opera singer, The Instructor asked Miss Bauer to sing before her brother one day, and both encouraged the Decatur young woman In her career She studies piano and harmony, which are required, In addition to her voice work. The young woman says that rest, dents of Budapest have little hoslta lion In whistling a performer from the stage If they are displeased Miss Bauer writes that Galll Curcl was forcwt to leave the theater, and could not continue her three day engagement, because the audience whistled her away. CAMP klWANIs"" REUNION IS NOW _A_CERTAINTY enough Have Signed Up For Annual Affair So That It CairBe HeW Enough girls have signed up for the Camp Klwtml* reunion over this weekend, to make the affair a certainty. Earlier In the week Miss Ruth Pfahlet, camp (HreOo-r, was afraid not enorigh girls would be able to attend the reunion to make It worth white at this time The Slrls will go out on Saturday for stunts names, hlkos, horseback riding, etc, and remain through Sunday "Laughing boy" 1* a poem in vrose Just a* the hero himself I* a poet In a bronze akin. Superbly, he selects the way of life that Is bast for htm, and clIngM to It, happy even though It bring* him/bitter disaster. K* Is a silver worker, and he makes his Jewelry nccordlne-trhl* own inner feeling Of tightness, and not as It should be made If U soils to tho tourist trade He makes it as a reel musician sings--foi himself first, for othero secondarily. Laughing Boy's love story is as poignant as that In "Simon Calod Peter" Morr than that ne rould never gay of any love ttory * tncidontally. w« never hear of think of the dark skinned races that we do not recall the remark of an it-tint, who said that he would always rather paint a negro, a Chinese or an tndlau, than a white person, because the dark shin9 are eo much more heauttful than the cotorlew ones. Shortly after WE heard that, we saw a negro revue and n white one In the tame weelt. and it was true, the negro girls had marvelous creamy skins of real richness of color, whereas the Insipid pink and while of tho Nordics was sickly by contrast. It is one edge the dark skinned IRC* him over us. As a race, thev ar* more beautiful, L. R. 45 ATTEND BRIDGE PARTY WEDNESDAY IN COUNTRY CLUB flOVERS for 46 gucute were laid NEWS :; VARIOUS ACTIVITIES OF WOMEN AUTUMN MILUNEPY CLOSE FITTING Newcomers Plan Halloween Party for October JJ Announcement Is MtrJe n Women's Auxiliary Lunch* con Wednesday ANNOUNCKMBNT nf £7. I 1 ** 1 *"" WKS In the hall for member* of tht «m' club and their Cap* of fur, moulded to Uw bead, are w«rn with rtrwt «n*cmftle« thu fall and winter. Sometime* they m trimmed with tuft* *f aigrette*. Ctose fitting turbans of latin, velvet, fgr or UffeU with low crown*, tightly enclosing tho head, or cut into section* Ilk* a Jockey'* cap, the brim hiding milady'* profile on one iJd« mi rem). Inj it on the other, are Die vogue. Or, perhaps, with * kit »f the ·tuff falling at one side behind the w, or «n th« tupe of the neck in the back, Three of Ltlonj'i chipciux are tketchtd. Thlriyt*v*n women attended u» luncheon In (he Muonk temtit and remained for bridge play lath. Iwt room, Gueet priw. by Mr*. B, M. dwut. ftwt, Cmro conNClttlon. Ue went I* Mr* .T. a Mo Mr*. Fred Htratman, second, art Mrs. Ern«M KMtkemper, eonnekliw H«, W. W. Mcuughlln. Mr*R c M. Krotbel, Mn Frank Populamn MM, Herbert HendHeki, wflfrirE 'A. Adam* were ho«te*i«it !DANVILLE~BRlbCE EXPERT COMING In tho regular bridge-luncheon ol 1 Decatur Country club women Wed-| neiday noon. Mrs, E. A. Went won the club prize In the afternoon card play Two tables were In play in a small party given by Mrs. C. H Teaman, who was hostew lo a few friends In honor of her sister, Mr*. E. O. Thulln of Chicago. Mr*, Tbulln Is here for a visit of a few days Mine M, Belle Swing and Mr« F. W. Crulhahenh were hostesses tot the luncheon. 40 AHEND TEA IN AtPHA_CHI HOUSE Alpha Chi Omega alumnae club gave a tea In the chapter house Wednesday for 40 women Alumnae, mothers, and patronesses w e r e guests. Mr* Curtis Light, alumnae president, poured, and ho«tc*ses who assisted In serving were MM, H. A Staley, Mrs. J. S Kennedy, Mr*. Oeorgc Knapp, and Mrs. Isaac Shel- lakargur Hull In the alumnae meeting, plans wera made tor a rummage sale in October, and there was Cuither dts- cuKslon of plans for tht husbands' party next month, Mrs, Light welcomed the mothers, IB of them attending Mrs. Lawrence Danver gave the first of a series of talks about the sorority, MU* Anna McNabb giving the second, which was statistic* Mis* Ado- lalde Fensa played and sang a sorority nong. "My Shrine" that she written Miss Helen Hit), pledge supervisor, upokv, and Mlso Sayre, a pledge, gave a talk Lois The mother* planned a potluck luncheon Y. W. GIRLS VISIT [DENNIS P. T. A. BLOOMINGTON TO MEET THURSDAY SEE MISS DINDORE °L^ XT 'reducer of "Page the Prince" Here Is Putting On Play There Also Mlsi Doil.i Dindftre, who produced the vciy successful .Y. W. C, A play. "Page the Prince," here lost winter is to put oft "Spanish Mooa" In Bloom in slon on Oct, 10 and Jt, tor i Arrangements hev« been nude kn ··everal Deeatur bridge eluhi to brlni ,Urt. Edward Go1d*miih, nanvilk bridge expert, in Decatur for cee- ·ututlon and rfemonetration Rh« wiH arrive In Decatur Thur«|»y wher» *h« will meet bridge club member*, bridge enthuiltm*, end n- plrlng player* throughout the dip. Mi*fl Qotd vittHh hds btfft F4*3U* _ !ll«n and oontraci bridge and i t Dennln Parent-Teacher nMocla*,proficient Instructor In both ftsmM tlon wm meet on Tbuwday of a*»t t l«alur bridge enthu*la«ti wry, week. Ocl. 19, ln«t«*d or* Friday, at - - -- *--~ - . 3 o'clock on the second floor cf the WHOM; C0I,r COCKBK I* Mil- day Papnr It IB probable that * number of Dennis school the Y. W. C, A. there. of conservatory will talk on "CWld Ltt-i eralure," A teacher wilt be en hand to take care of small children, The board will meet at I on tht same ______________ will have It* annual paper campaign on Ocl. 1* Bement Home Bureau Unit Is Organized her friends from Decatur wtll drive up to see the play on one of the nights tM Rmwrve Duty GUI Reserve Day will be observed in tlie Y. W. C, A on Saturday, Oct.] S5, for all grade school groups. The J3MENT, Ocl I -- A meeting wan afternoon will be devoted to nlnglnglhi-M nl .1 o'clorlt Mnnd»» afternoon' old song* and learning; new one*, playing games, etc, Girl Reserve basketball hour wtll be every Saturday afternoon in the Y. W. C. A starting Oct. M, followed by a dip in the pool, There will be no peiioi) this week .because of Camp KIwaniM reunion on Saturday. The cabinet of Swastika club will , , . a« announced W*dn**day morning Persons who play the courtt and wish to purchase ticket* from in* wrorlly may call the ehapi»r and tlckeu wtll be delivered How Old AT* You? Today meet Thursday at S o'clock In the Y. W C. A, MOOSEHEA^T" WOMEN PLAN BENEFIT PARTY Women of Voasehcatt Legion wUl give a benefit card parly In Mooie hall the evening of Oct. « Five hundred and pinochle will be played Tlw women will quill all day Thursday In the home ot Mrs, Eu- nke Loving, 1166 East Walnut. Potluck tuncheon will be served. The regular lodge meeting In to be al o'clock Friday evening In MHH« hall Elderly Women in Milltlcin iiiuunjro pianncu a ponucK luncneon · · · i ¥ \ · o t to be given In the Home of Mra, G Home Weed L/rCSSlng SaCKS W ITjiiS A! rrtft n A/n* *t 1*h* «irAnA^H L P. E, RUMMAGE SALE The semi-annual rummage sale of P B O. Ifl to he held Friday end Saturday of this week In the empty storeroom Just back of Irwln's drugstore, In the Central block The roem has entrances In 141 North Main and In Merchant stie«t Cisco Woman Attends Grand Lodpe Meeting CISCO -- Mrs Bom*r Doane, worthy matron ot the O £ S. Is In Chicago this week attending grand lodge Rev J. D Mulr has returned from a trip to South Dakota, where he attended a ministerial conference. Mrs Dlllard Bowman returned to her home on Friday, after five weeks In St Mary's hospital, Decatur. Mr, Bowman has been suffering with blood poison in his left hand caused j by running a screw-driver fnto the thumb, TIATT COUPLE WEDS DELAND--Chester Garver of DeLand and Mr*, Fannie McBlroy of Montlcello were married Saturday afternoon In Danville They will move Into tbe bou*e vacated by R. 1. Cathcart. women will organize and ment at least once a month Mrs Kabls and Mr* Talbott of Springfield, and Mrs Earl of Porsyth were mothers present from out of town "Farm Wfc"Vritcr" Visits ri^Food Shop A representative of "The Farm Wife," «, magazine wiw Decatm Weduesday to visit thtf Home Bureau Food shop In Lincoln square She hnd a number of pictures taken of the shop and will use them to lllustiate a atory tolling how It Is run, Old tohloned dressing socks ire neiitted for tbe «derly women In the Anna B Mllllkln Home. Any persons having any of these garments, so useful to the aged and easy to put on, are asked to telephone the home. Dressing sacks are preferred, but light weight shawls and *weater* will b* welcomed also, Little girls In (he home need winter coats, in sixes 9 lo 14, also AUXILIABV"TM MEKT A regular meeting; of Herbeit D Rjman auxiliary Ho. 99, Veterans' cf Foreign Wars, will be conducted Wrl. day evening nt tHo o'clock in the G A R. hall. New officer* are to he elected In tho High school building to t-- Sha I'm feet the organisation of the B«.ment' Wp TM · "· Home Bureau unit. Mr*. McCartney of Arcola, president of (he Douglas County Horn* Burccu. gave a tallt- on Home Bureau work, Minn Duckworth, home advlttr for the Doug- Iftn-Plntt Home Bureau present, nil.", Am I F«t?--Not Me «*: A year MO 1 had i 1*0 more pound* of fw than T ne«l- Mr* T W Lamb will be hoates* water--Kever niUned a mornlnt In Kovember, CHURCH NOTES daw Mwtlnf Twenty-four member* attended the meeting of the Sigma cla** of St. Paul's Methodist chui'ch which was conducted Tuesday evening In the home of Mr*. Joseph Hitler. 1116 Eist Wood Rtreet. Member* of thi club will have a wiener rout Friday,! Oct 17 In Falrvlew park. The chtW dr*n from the GlrW Welfare borne will be gue*ts al the wlenei roa«t, ORBAN A Oreana Home Bureau unit met · u f r t w MrldMH ElKtriwl Trubfo? IT* MN t1?r aa priunM awl Wfl. etrtl nt wrvrte. Calft-IMt lit B. WilHkM Bothered with Aackache? It May Warn of A CONSTANT b«kiche wttl. kJAnev *» ImguUrilki and * »tiffi aeby, worn-out feeling all too often warn of dtsonlered , Donliake chancea! Help your kMney. will, DoatC, PfftT Snecewful for more iban 50 yeaw. Endoned tas warM over. Sold by dealer* every where, ^ __^^ ___ Sa,000 Ifaem Endow Dora's t b*ct (h u b*ct (hit I cm Bonn's Pills A Dimntt* far Wednesday with Mr* John Oldwet- ler Nineteen members and five' guests heard Dr C. R. Smith ipeak ' on "Abdominal Conditions" Ml**. Mary Oman (raw Ihe 1e«*on m "Dl ireallve Dt*turbarice«" and the led the ] ulexlon and p folk games of England, Mr* G, H. Or, Edward* Acom will be bo*UN* for th* nex yowr »r«er» of th» pol*on» "Dl- « nn t th* llreleM energy, freih cem- d the ] ulexlon and pep of youth. Then M , H. Or, Edward* OUv* Tableu help fr«* owr »«er» of th» ol*on» »«** meeting, to be an all ilay promm, Flito ft PbM LMMM INDlVimiAL INiiTBCCTON WILLAMINE BRENNAN «5 N. OoUegv MH«W ItH Haw Are Do yon know? Yeur taeth ars directfy retponalbla for your health and appearance. You can not afford to bi hindered i« Htlmr case by poor teeth. Have them examined at leojt twtet i year for th* Mht of your health, appearance and pneketbook, X RAY SERVICE PMR|*M Eirtradtoaj W* atah» Ttteth Ttot fh u* U9 N, Wffe* T* »4IH r JET Vft DBT CUBAN VOITI* BBAVEIHB* I»nl it a (rtty w *ee · (owl-tonkin* feature*-- bui hU apjw»ranrfl Is ruined by n ficeT People ihurt htm-thOM ugly (*}»' he* »re M JltfustJrif lo them, f" 1 ' ·vtn hate to dutae with him. ·on Wfjf w ywut iwnwrrBw m whan you wake up y*u wilt TW» Is Mtetly wtwt Ptteti Olntmtttl often you uid tf yw* tMt mAmtoMly detrad yoar m win b« NtwfrM, Ttairaay 9*o Tann., Put your Mill in IHttnM'i Ot m*M tSdb* ft** frmnBlniplw «" blukhMd* In * wtak'ii amt^wfi *J| o*nt box wtlt itw* tt-*W «»"* atom. 43 The untt will Itavo clothlnit for I t u ' e ' l - T was fal -and v«ry stunltlvt major project. Other actlvlttet and ' the date for the meeting* will be determined at the November meeting, Ofrfcen Mrs, W W, Davt* was elected chairman; Mrs, T. W. l^unb, vice chairman. Mr* E. £, Lamb, »*CM- tary-treasurer; Mr*, Albert Lar«on and Mr*. W. D, Frlrtoe leader* about l- but now t *«y It |* for urijoti* to be overweight What did I rjo? NtMhlrw \-erj luud, T can auure you -) cui oui pie* -candy and alt *w*eti--lie moderately and »very morning befcrt brenkfivt I took one half waxpoortul of Krunchen Salt* In a gl»n of hoi I lost fat--gained In energy--vigor -charm--and vivaclou*n«M »»" have « ihapely figure t ant prowl of--anyone can do the tome A North Carolina woman loot 4* pound* In 3 month*--a Montm woman tout It pound* in * w«ekt- WlKsonntn woman II rounds in I week* We*!'* Uncoln Hunnve dn , and every drugpiir. In the worl Kru«eh«n SatiB-o, bntlle thai Iwrti 4 week* SOME WOMEN ALWAYS ATTRACT You wanl t* b*.beautiful. Dy cloffed howeU «nd terpld livw, For m year*, men and women »uf- !erin* from slotnaeh trwWtt, pimp- l*», HttltMnes* and h«oda«hes ha;« taken Dr, Edward* Olive Tablrt*, * inceenful «ub*tltuta for «atom*l, * compound of vegeUbl* (nfrwllerii' known by their ollva **ter. Thsy a« willy upon Ui« bowel* without grip- hig, Tt»y help cKwnie the »)'ot*w and »on* up the liver. If yoii varu* youth and II* niHV Klttn. t«k« Dr, bdward* Olive Trt- t«l» nltrhtly. How much N-twrs-eu will f(ieK«nd lock. IBc, Mr- «e Men! Banish Tho* Pimple. Right Now He wu apcotlli mott of bli tin Urn* hour* «ucklt on a nlppio di · color*!, and had ·d with pop am TWO montlw olc 11 It tlw child h Mpabla of Hvin« treatment, the t ' than over convln he tven unythli probably will pit wot called by tht To prevent nu 'ute ot Ubooed avoid mention ol '·ueb couatant pi what food* ere dien that w« at We trust that m. carefully and r , varloua reajonw unnece«*ary bur dlgeKlKm. 1lt v a .aJull*.

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