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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tuesday, May 24, 1859
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FHl DAILY '^IL:witi ; KEE NEWS. TOLUME XL THE DAILY NEWS, MILWAUKEE, TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 24, 1859. rOBUSBED BT SUAKPSTKtN & L.ATHKOP. -J.ll. EBABretKIK,.,.. ,v.... JOBWB LaTBROf. Ksff ttm. ma, os* BTBMT, mu.» WALKKB BOUSE. l?*1ly Paper, published every morning, except Monday. TRji-XTwH}' Paper, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, rt cftl jr T»)>er, every Tuesday morning. • TERMS OF DAILY PAI'EE. Wily Piirrer for one year, payable In advance VIfX> TERMS OP TRI-WKEKLT Pt/FER, rri-\>'ei.k(yPaperforoneyear, P »F»ble|nBdvan«.»8J30 TEltMR np THE WEEKLY PAPER. f'ctkly Paper tor one year, payable ta advance...»1,00 KATES OIJ ADVEliTISIWCJ IN DAII'T Ten lines, or leas, of Nonpareil make a square. 1 tqaare, I day.. ....»1,00 1 square, 1 month...» «,00 l do. 2 days 1,30 1 do. Smooths.. 10,00 l do. 8 day. .. 8,00 1 do. 8months.. 12,00 4 months.. 16,00 6 months.. 16,00 9 months... 10,00 1 do. 1 do. I do. 1 do. 1 do. I do. 4dayi .... 2,80 davi 8,00 2wet«i.... 4,00 SwTka.... 6,00 do. do. do. do. do. lyear.. 80,00 Rounds & fj a n g d o n, ADV* KTISIlVtt AGENTS. 1 65 Randolph Street, art avthorited to receive Advertisement for thit and a21 On Leading Pape-n qf tin A'ort/twext, and art the OKLT and D- I'l.DsirsL.T authorized Affentf in the tffrthwest far a majority nf them. mar4 IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. M. M. POMEROT, EDITOR. THK EDIWBIAI Conywrxros.— W« »re truly pleased to learn that in all probabilities e|Mh paper r ia the state will be represented 5n the approaching Convention to be held an tbe 16th day of June. Arrangements are made by th« city press to do the fair thing by our country friends, and the intention is to make them all "glad they were here." Those who can dance, bad better bring along thw dancing tojjgery, and those who con eat, should fast for a weelc before the 15th arrives. We waiit all to come' — bring along their wives, and their little Ones, even unto the third and fourth generations. Those who ar« not married but have sweethearts, will bring them without fail or run the risk of being expelled from the profession, while tbe old bachelors, if there are any of that sort in the editorial chair, will, if they can't get a wife of their own, before the time arrives, bring along some one elses! ifter the business of the Convention in over, and there is considerable business on hand, those having their wives along, will be in no hurry to return home, and can stay with us a while. They can visit the police court, tbe jail, the— the— the police station, and can see the city generally. Come. The LADBOH OF THB IJKW STSAMBS.—The Buffalo Exprcti of the 20lb Inst. says: Tbe launch yesterday of tlie steamer Detroit from the ship yard of Messrs. Mason & Bidwell, was a fine affair, and was witnessed by one of Ilia largest crowds that has ever been assembled upon such an occasion. Tbe situation of tbtf ship yard fa such that there is every facility for a eight of tbe kind being enjoyed by a large number of people, and all the advantages of view were fully improved. The open square upon this side of the oreek was flllfd with uarmgea the occupants of which were enabled to witness the spectacle at their ease, while the dook, and the roofs of all the surrounding buildings Were covered with spectators. A Considerable num'«r crossed the creek, besides those who were favored with cards of invitation on board the steamer, and missed it iu so doing, as the view warks on the inside and outside are 2 inches thick, Under the rail both inside and out, anil running Ste entire length of the steamer*, ar? two oak^-ringers, 3 Inches thick and* 12 in- oties wide. These aru bolted together through the timbers; and the rail, which is 4 inches thick and U inches wide, U securely boltei to the end* of the timbers and also to i stringer*, thus forming a complete arch, adding B feet to the depth of the hull. — This is an enflra new feature in steamboat building, Thay WB1 be the same rig as th* ocean steamships, 4id will spread about 1600 yards of canvass. Tbe standing rigging is manufactured from the best Russian Hemp, aud the lenry Jurjens, I against V Ju E. Cotton. (Sale of Foreclosure *od running All th dally ,f«r these Vessels, instead of the old ashion T'indlas, they w,l| bo furnished wi»b rigging from the best Manilla, rigging and cordage was m.ide ape. was not ao desirable as from tbe opposite | Brown's (patent capstan; which article has more Ibe better. Ui-cord, for May, 98, '59 k cpt by O. «. GARDINER * CO., Druggists, 1» Spring TRCB1IOKITE*. 2 r. a 7., o „ f, p. 76 o Mississippi riv. r is rapidly falling. "Rainourapkasi" article came to hand too 1st*- for to-day's paper Attend the. sale of Yankee notions, spring and summ«r clothing, &p., at Hood's auction rooms this morning at 10 o'clock half the cities of Wisconsin are possessed of Fire Engines. The only thing they rely upon in case of flre. is a rain storm ST. PAUL'S — Ther« will be evening prayer at St. Paul's church, on Wednesday evening, at seven o'clock {g$-Tlial red cow at the Station House is still unclaimed. call and get her. The owner is requested to T'he authority of th» A'twi is of little *acco'uDt — Sentinel. Tht- authority of the Sentinel is of ?,u account . DANCING SCHOOL MAEMS.—In. the slate of New York, a young lady was lately refused a teacher's certificate by 'a school commissioner, because she declined pledging herself not to dance during her school engagement. SUe appealed to the State Superintendent,who decided that shu had a right to dance and leaoli too The State Superintendent's tiead is level. The idea that a young lafly is to confine herself nine hours a day, in a hot school house, and then sit around nights like a bottle of shoe blacking—to be kept shut up for fear she will shine —is preposterous. School teachers, ministers and editors, require relaxation from almost unceasing brain labor. Ministers can talk and take care of themselves, if not too ignorant or too hypocritical. Editors generally look out for number ou«, and We are glad to see that la dy teachera are are opening thrir eves. This line-liacked, stiff-necked, long, hollow hearted, God cheating, man deceiving, mock virtuous, outside morality, that forbids ministers to laugh, editors to crack a joke, or teachers of schools to enjoy themselves as they please when they have finished a hard days labor, re all a—humbug. sboi-H. The steamer Arrow brought up crowd of spectators, and lay too just below tbe launch, where her passengers had an ex celleiit view. Several Ings also came Op with loads of lookers-on, and it would b«a dfficol matter to estimate tbn number who were at tracled by the prouj.=, u i a 8 ight which, un fortunately, is rarer now-a-days than it used to be. ^Severn! hundred availed themselves of the invitations that were courteously issued by Mr. Movins, and took a passage in the steamer for her first trip, from the dry land to the element which she is to adorn. These were all assembled «arly on board— and had need to be prompt lor the punctuality of the launch one of its most admlr&ulo features. Th is usually upon such occasions a want- o/ readiness which occasions delay, and fatigues tbe spectators with waiting. But every preparation yesterday was complete, and when tlie hour announced had arrived, there was nothing to prevent an Instantaneous knocking away of the stays, and a quick passage of the vessel down the slippery plane. Those on board w«ie hardly prepared for such promptness and when _th« was fired, and the motion of the Lecture on " The Great War," by Mr. Richmond, Thursday evening, Msy 26th. at 8 o'.-lock. in Albany Hall. Admission 25 cents- Families with children 15 cents each. PDLLIC NOTICE —Evening prayers in St PanlV Church at uing, May 2, r n!i o 'clock Wednesday eve J C RICHMOND, Rector <>ne hundred l.arr,-l- ami half liarrels of prime whitpfish. and ten kegs of superior maple pyrat, will I.,- sold at Rood's auction room? tlii* moruing at 10 o'clock. hf Xmti'ie! speaks of a mortify- The insidt- whfn-1 of that institu- WL-EBY — ing disaster tion doubtless speak? from experience, if a widi yait is any criterion for people to judge by ' SKUI-ANBUAL PAEADB OF FIBEMEX — Ves- terday the entire fire department of Milwaukee were out with their machines, appearing first rate. Three bands furnished music for the parade. The erercises of the day wound up by the diS-rent Engines playing into a big thing to hold water, but as we w,,,e politely told several or nine times, to keep away from the thing, and to give the j udges room while tbe squirting was going on, we can t sar who did corns off best. W e conld««« from' a distance a man with a big muzzled horn on a long wagon swinging his thing, and eonld bear him articulate - "jtikVr boys— j-u k-'e-r-r-r-r ' !' aud could also discern set-era! »Me bodind individuals "jukinvr" accordingly ai tbe thills of the wagon, winch were along side, in a very violent manner Some dUUnoe from the see a three inch stream of lake Michigan emptying itself into a big thing surrounded with men, but as we said before, weoan't Bay which company injected the most fluid. wagon, we could signal gun vessel was W-, almost trefore'ita echoes had come back, there was an amusing deal of scrambling for steady standing places and supports. But the movement down the ways was so easy and graceful that every on t had an opportunity to take earn of themselves U-fo.-e the lurch can,e, when the noble craft leaned down to kias the waters as they clasped her keel A few long rolls from side to side as the waters tossed her about in their first mad »r-loomn, and *he settled gracefully into posture—as 1,-autifnl a vessel as floats the inland waters A rousing cheer hailed her as nlie l>ow«l to the spectators upon the opposite shore, which was respond,-,! to as heartily |, r iho«e on board as quickly as iher could breath Not an accident or a draw back of any kind occurred Io mar th,. .-nj.iyiDeut of thn occasion and il been seerely tested on the seaboard, and will enable tbe officers to let go one or both anchors at a moments warning, It-sides not rairh their occupying more than one quarter the space required tor th« common windlass. The gentlemen's cabin and dining room is on the lower deck, and will, with comfort, seat 100 passengers. There are 14 state rooms In the Iftdiefl cabin, all furnished with a double befl and berth, and besides the offl.era rooms on the upper deck there will be 10 oonimodidoVstafij rooms. Each boat will have a large and comforal.l • saloon, tteaily BU-d up, where those who feel so disposed eau har« the Of.i.ortunil v of enjoying a good Havana and a drop o the Critief, both of which are good antidotes, for sea sidkness. The endues are lielng built at th.. Shepard Iron Works, under the direction of H. u Perry, wh« for the past 20 years has been connected with that establishment. The diamett.r of each cylinder is 60 inches and 12 feet stroke, diameter ojf wheels 34 feet, diameter of shafts 16 inches, (wrought iron;) beam strap 4 1 -2i 6 1-4 incheB; diameter of side pipes 22 indies. ength of connecting rod £3 feet, nnd 9 inches n diameter- Stevens cut-off will I* us^d on x>th engines They will be upwards of 1,000 horse pow«r, and will make from 15 to 19 rev- ilntions per minute, with 30 pounds of steam, 'he engine frames arc made of. the best Qeor- ia pine, procure*! iu New York for that purpose. The boilers wero also made at the Shepard Iron Works, and are the up returned tab. ular l-oilor Kxtrr-me Irnijth 23 1-J f«?t, diameter of shell lU fe^t, bed of fire boi 1] fWt 3 inches. Each l.oiWr has two flues '21 inches in diameter; — 2 floes 20 inches, —2 flues l.'i in. lies, and 164 flues 4 inches, wuii-li will iiiv- a fire surface eicluL-hv ,,f a steam chimney of 3,296 ,«quar» f^t Eacli boat ha.- two Uiil^rs They art so constructed a* l,> burn wood or coal, and Hoarrane^l thai in cas.- nf accident to one boiler, the steam can Le -hut off and the engine work,-! with the other. With the NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. NHEKIFF'K SAI.I. STATE OP WISCONSIN,» Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. ( _ Bans Flenry Jnrf ens ai Daniel K I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment ,n said Court, In toe above entitled action, dated Norember 10,18ST, I shall expose for tale and sell »t Public Auc. lion, at tbe Court House, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday,, tbe «d day ml July, 1869, at the hour of 2 f. •., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, to wit : ••All that cer'aln pi ce or parcel of Und, situate, Ivi'gjmd Jbelng In the County of Milwaukee and State $f Wisconsin, and being a part of lh« north westiqnarterof *«ctlr-fi IT, In township 7. ncrth of range 23 east, an I being the E. X of those rerttln 25 acres, conveyed to John AoUra Mueller and Marla-hjs»lfe,and Frederick Mueller and Charlotte Wllhelmlrje, his wife, by Jao.r» H. R .R»" and »lfe. by warranty o> d, date.l March 11, 1846, and re.-ordeJ In Ih' ODc- »l Hrglster ol eeds of Milwaukee Count;, in Vol. R. of Deeds, pages 78 and T7, houmleil on the north and south by the re«p-ctl re north and south lines of 4*ld north went quarter ef <ia"l flection 17, on the east liy lire west lln'e of SA acres, beibfc also part of g&ld north we*t quar- ler, set off in a reirular form, from t ha cast part nf Bald quarter sertlon, nod on the, west by cerium north and south line to be drawn ihr.iugh the centre of ia.d '£> acres, i. c lnfr hy eniniate H 50- IW acres, b-r [he t*me mor^ or le«» " . Ottt<-r, Milwaoker, April i4, 1*69. A J LANl.WuBTHV, t('y« i rli'rr. Mil Co . Wi.« NO i'lCh;. <JITT CoMprRou.8.'* Umax, > Uontrsct Depirtraenl, llllwaukee. Maj '14, 1S5U ( f I1HR following ia a ticliedule of lots, pm ti of l&tt and B. parcels of land In tr>e t*lxUi Ward, of the CUy of hat w.ll be benefited to Ihe amount set op- M'MISKi; The Canks report currency to De rather trar.-, but still In ,uHi,. en « fnp p,y tl , m ^t ,1, ,,,„,,„,, ,,, rlwl . onle ,,,„„ .».„,.„,.,..„„ h «"•. «. -he err, Pyees of «. On Hi.. , ,„„ blnk . „ ., , „ .,„,.,., T , , cl .. r ,. > th,, « tioDi a Pii.i«, i fl'St att'y. | declined acc-dluu l, tho re.,,,,., would not be pro^r to mske not be agreeable I,, their ru«u appealed ' o the latter, and n> statement, Iinmernnsly signed by tha cl'y, SKre-n.^ to tl..! <m bably jfo mtu , tie t abo it the li" l ti,- cunt, tn fit in, at of tf.,- ftnnli CcuiisitCuL - Fli.ur seem li. of the m*rk-t l.i ,1 ly — not 4 ii.^it-iHl.- "nun,' n-.tice after <h lii'. r.t m.|Urry In wheat, t,.,w. v^r, Ihere wj» * ,[,'.. i Icif---? nvity, and tU »n advance ..' 5c .r< ( r S«tiiri.i, f'll V» I. ml 10.- on i-xln »nd -<rr, \ , tranascti rs n^ <• with'tiit ''.it ( •...- ! H-:- though the sale^ ta-day K.irf.i.. ' r |.| . ,p i,e»r i < . posite each by cnnatruetlnf; In said ward. through block "i 1 *, ER.VST Street I P|.,ck. In i 'ja>r>e irrauiH thet « only sho«lnir a fo.,tm^ wtille tiurl^y nil iiot ajio no charters ?lo ir — n,, ! 6.48 6.46 2-) l i> 1.1 Irj I •.' f J V&.tl 21,.i5 ^ ii.=3 unclii>ui(e.l ,i-,l,,y ;,„> , , I tu . f M it r U *• I . W- 11 i ... 'i- K. 1. II. UAHUINKI1. Cornptr.dier _ ^'.TJ C.j.rrBoiL.a'. ornoi, , .... .... ^ «>", l.i -xtr-i -i., \.-l\, 600 ,lr> Cli 1A',, 4.1X10 .Io No 1 ,, ] .«. ,, - N,, | riAUE fullawiD,- demi-'ihetl Ion iu the: '<• tl «»r.i of II., B. .,f Milwaukee, by re» .lu I ,i, ,.; u, c i O ii,m..n pled Ihe 9t>. .Hy ,.f clt»rr,l (. ubllc nyi«aiic,-s hy reason and Dltll tbrre-m, MX L.,L 4. blorlt I .t 6, tJcirk 19. I ,t in bio k .'7, i u lt% 11 and lu. l.l ,<-k IN. ion 6, 7, ^ S 2, f >, '1. lu, II. U, 11 U. 'b!,, nt<*-k M, l.-tj 1 .', 8. 4. 0 6 7, - an. 1", II 1DJ li, blu, k *.'. N , 1, N M<«:k 105; H S of -. >• S . I ' i.'ts 4 au.l &, 6ly. k iV. lot 3, bi let t. biot-k II l, t l, bl en 7 1«. iul 1. bl.,.:k \f. I. '-'. la, N. 14, 1.1. L- d 1 M.,-k .11, N :k H. :-iti 4. 6. 6, ,,1 a s :. it a bl,,,.,, « T ,„(, i,,i 3 * » n j 9 . nd K. 1,1. ,-1. v. ( I .'. tn,,rk _M «>,,,; - Propvr. J I J. bl.>,: U.ta 4, C. Mid C, b ock "4. |.,t In M.I k y^ JJi.r tt Izu ,r N ^ .,11 1 and KM ,f rt l« I-J lot 11, bltcl 11 '.,• 11 I.L, , 14 IK. Io: i. buj-k II -jwner* kn.l hf-nta ,jl i >'. - 1 i3ai.,u c r» . .lulu- »;jd .' law . t L'H. if le»cr.|.rl l,.l t u l-*^f\'-r * ..« .1 II, a n> t »'t"l L. ^.- r. rARUINKff. I AMU.--EiVr.Ki.ViN TJ •lllp«li,.nl« l.y I 11 kr. 1 occur- ontiu.-ut r NOTICE — 1( Uit prarson who Bent a raw hide to this office \rill call any time when we are not busy writing, or enUjrtaminp ladies. We'll give him a ran )nd, from his head down that will last him a while 'ttirrt objects to our slandering the pineries, by stating that we captured the rheumatism there. It's a solemn fact, General. We got 'em in the pineries, and a regular one- elded arrangement they are for which we been paying rather freely. have QPICE WORK —The ftneru says that Mr. f rancif Mercey got hie foot in a coil of running ror*- while on R raft at Mosin~e. and had his foot torn off just al>ore the and,-, so quickly that he did uoi know it till he saw the mutila- SDICIDI FEOM l)BrsKB.\»EBii —Yesterday a ma.n named Thomas Kvan, about fifty-five years old, committed suicide by jumjjiug into the Menomine* river, near the nl j tannery in the vicinity of Meim't brewery At leaet It is supposed that he jumped in, as hi? loot§ were found on the bank When taken ont, his pulse beat faintly, but fan waj too far gone to be restored. For the past week, he has been about the city, in liquor, and bas been troubled of late with the delirium tremens.— This Coroner's Jury rendered a verdict of "death from self drowning, while intoxicated" or something of like import I WHS, doubt, one of the most iwri-c! an 1 ,-ucopiwfiil things of the kind -v,.r witne-fise.l h-re—wh«T>- a.- uiativ have red as any nil,, r |,la,!e within the can U>a-l cif After the IsuDd, Iher- wag a speedy adjourn. ment of the p , --r rne-ts from the ,\ the cabin, whe, . lS eprvad »i, . • M refreshments, and a lountiful supply ,n Champagne wae in store. There was no stint of the costly beverage, which flowed like wal- «r. and If there, was any room l^fore for an ' increase of ? or,d feelini? and enjoyme-nt, it was j fi,,er will instantly filled up The healths of ea.-h on- eiceptiou ol' the heavy all the w.'ik ibnr. which accident <.i the kind that that vicinity this Spring lias happened in i'AiiK-' NEVT ELEMEXTAET ALGEBRA. — Strickland & Co have placed on our table a copy of the above excellent work, designed as a connecting link between Arithmetic and Algebra. to indicate the unity of the methods, and to conduct the pupil from the Arithmetical processes to the more abstract methods of analysis, by easy and simple 'gradations It is fast coming into general use, teachers recommending it ov«r all other like works — Price 75 cents. A BAD Bov— Yesterday a boy came up stairs and said that the locals of the Srnliiicl and Free Jjnnorral were in front of the office, and wanted us to come down immediately. _ We hastened down, and found a man there with a calf and n jackass, that he had just BPAKTA.—Soon as the "Soom'ln" learet u§, if it ever do«8, we shall put the the good offer of friend McBride cf ihe Sparta Herald to the test A/etc trout;will do us, and tbe rest we'll take in fun. The Herald will excuse us for rapping its knuckles, hut we are junl about so independent with everybody, and " chasten whomsoever we loveth " What a corre.spon- -bought at ib our sanctuti, ^u abon! < ti inches tons on ibe bajk ol iji = coat, that he can't buy at a grocery. - I' that boy comes in u , i,- will feel something be'.ow the ornamental but- EniTOB-tAL CONVENTION—CORRECT THK ER- KOB.— We .See it stated, and Lave stated it so onrself, that the Convention would be held here on the 16th June. TbeJast Convention was adjourned to Wednesday,il\v 16th of June, and most of our exchanges have so stated It. The object of having it Wednesday was to allow editors attending, time to transact their business, and return by Saturday, except those •choosing to stay loneer. Will the Press gene- Tally be kind enough to notice the above 1 BOAT RACE—A couple of outsiders have made a wager with a couple of membei^prt ue Milwaukee Boat Club, that they could furnish * boat that would beat any the Club could bring forward. The outsiders name the Wa•coma of the W«nona boat club, and the boat that is to contend with it is tbe "K'nniklnic," of the Milwaukee boat club. They are to have the trial on the 18th of Juui, and are to ruu three miles, from Johnson & Olinsted's warehouse down through tbe old barber, and Back agwu through the straight out to the warehouse. KICKIKO AND SQUEALING.—The Sentinel ^ says the New* has been "kicking and squealing" of late, on account of some administration appointment. The A r tias has nothing else to do but ''kick and squeal." If we had a little sinecure of $2,000 a year given us because we. were played out generally,we ahould, like the editor of the Sentinel, stand quietly at th« public crib,'and when kicked, like a .Lowe, draw in our tall, lay hack our ears, hump the back gently, *kin one eye, and keep mom till we could grab another mouthful, ,-jf tbe Sentinel would squeal instead of ''Whin- wsrfng * when we kicked, people would admire its pluck if they didn't Its discretion. •dent says, i£ not "our say," and in a few weeks, a party consisting of the Herald editor, Hemphill, MoCord, Condit, Montgomery, Tyler Graves. Oreenman and a few other gents, will file over to Shaw & Co's., Ale-«ry, and after staying there a little while, leave, too full for utterance, for the trouting grounds LA CROSSE AIVD MILWAUKEE RAILROAD GUMP ANY. To the stockholders of the La Crosse & Milwaukee railroad. I have carefully examined the list of stockholders and the number of shares held by each person, as appears on the books of tbe company, filed in tbe office, of the Secretary of State of the State of Wisconsin, on the 26th day of April, 1859, aa required by law. That the following named persons hold the number of shares upon the books of the company, viz:—Alexander Mitchell, of Milwaukee, two shares (2); L. W. Weeks, none; Ludlow A Battershal, of Troy, none; Vose & Perkins, Francis Vose and Charles L. Perkins none. These are the persons who are soliciting proxies and endeavoring to Induce you to make a board of directors who vrill favor their Tiewa. I iave a copy of the list as returned by tbe transfer agent, and duly certified by tbe Secretary of tbe company. Mitchell, Weeks & Batterehal, who together hold two (2) shares on tbe books of the company, solicit yonr proxies to make a board. Vose & Perkins, who are also soliciting proxies, do not hold a share, as appears on tbe books of the company. They solicit proxies to make a board who will favor some "amicable arrangement with parties interested In t be tnoambranct) upon your road.' 1 The two parties will probably vote the same ticket. Altogether own two (2) shares of stock. ' N. P. Stanton, the President of the Company has three shares; 'Stephen Alden -,iie share,— These gentlemen are using their exertions for the ticket opposed to me and against yon. to the Farm Mortgage Stockholders: I solicit your proxies to elect a new board of directors at the election to come off on the 25fh of May, 1859. I-desire to elect a board pledged to protect yonr Snterea^to the utmost of their power. '-•. If-yon hare given proxies to other parties yon can sign th» blank proxies sent yon by .jne/rom New Tori, and state the day they are signed, (and lhat will annul! all former proxies), and send to me at the Newhall House. connected with the enl-rpris-. and a host of sentiments relating t,, the fair vessel and her j engineer twin sist-r were drank with tiui.ouu :ed plause A number of gentlemen from abroad con nected with or interested in the line, wer>. present and participated in the convivialities Believingthat a detailed description of these fine steamers, the buildings of which has con- cribnted'so ranch to the industry aud the business of the city during the past winter, would be of Interest to all our readers, W- bave taken paiDS to obtain all thejinfonnalion possible. The boats were hoilt at the Ship Yard of Messrs. Mason and Bidwell, nnder'the superintendence of Julius ,Movius, Esq , for the Dtr- troitand Milwaukee Railway Company. Length over all 247 fe«t 6 Incbes, breadth of ban been d.ilie in Mr Shepii i? atn),!y ntu i fur it The Detroit will |». n.nimau.l, d l.y i.'ij.i li H Mo.Bnd-, who f..r th- p^.-t r.,iirt<-eii VeaM ha* 1-eeti master o/ >onl-of the \---,\ |.oila ..U these lakii His U-t l«jat W.41 th,- 1,1111-11 I I.- W-st, Ml Which li~ sailed ()?- V-nr- K-llh- • . 111 ao.-iildnt ('apt M.-Iirid~ 14 n,.! ,.i,lr a ^"litlemeli in appear an. *• juid niani,. r s l.ut i- a thorough oailor and understands well Hi- renpouait»ilily r,-.<liui< npuu th,- of a first ,_la• , i-^i»-ui^er slrauj t,oat. His tirst i,f- i Capt James Milch-ll, n.-w on | board the sU-Jim.-r l.idy KI«'N, wl.ns- ri-pnta- j •r, I.., ,,,li^. i,, | ,, K| I) ^ • •. t vi-• .. J l> i I . MILWAUKEE A L B A N V l-ri«i;i\ I- t mi i» H A I , i . ^ I'll ., i n, i \ > ; N< > 1 1C I beam; 34 4 inches. feet , depth of hold 13 fnet The kcsls (are of whit* oak NBWCOMB CLEVELAND. Milwaukee, May 33,1869. 12 I 14 inches, centre keelsons Ux 14 and 14 x 12 The frames side 6 inches, are mo.ulded 15 inches at the heels and 6 inches at the top height, and are placed 2 fe,'t from the centres They are diagonally braced with iron straps 3 1-2 inches wide and 5-« inches thick. They are placed the same distances from oenl as the frames. The space under the engines and boilers is filleJ in between the frames, forming a solid mass of timber 9 I feet long, and bolted with Iron bolts 1 inch iu diameter The engine keelsons are 2 feet S inches wide and 4 feet 6 inches high, securely bolted to the floor timbers with 1-1-3 inch screw holts There are six side keelsons 12 x 12 Inches square, running the entire length of the vessels, and square bolted with 1 inch iron bolts. Above these are six bilge strakes 6 x 12 inches, and also fastened with 7-8 inch bolts Tbe clamps are G inahes thick and 32 Inches wide; the ceiling between the clamps and bilge strakes Is 3 Inches thick, well fastened with 8 Inch spikes. Besides this, on the inside of the ceiling are six strakes of arches 5 inches thick, and 8 1-2 inches wide, running from the keelsons, at each end of tbe vessels, up under the beams amidships These are secured by 7-8 inch bolls, driven from tbe outsider, and riveted in the inside of the arches. The bo-Its are as close together as the frames will admit. The deck beams are 9 M 9 inches square,and placed S feet from centres. The wheel beams are sided 18 inches and moulded 16 tuchea in the centre and 12 inches at the euds. The guard beams will vary from 10 to 12 inches square. The entire deck frame is secured to the bull with 160 lodge knees, and 122 diagonal knees, sided from 6 to 7 inches, besides a large number of banging knees, sided from 9 to 12 inches.— They are all fastened with iron bolts, from 3-4 to 1 inch in diameter. Under the main deck is a tier of stanchions, running from the centre keelsons to a stringer fitted to the lower side of the beams. These are securely fastened with 8-4 inch bolts. Tbe lower deck is also secured to the hull by knees, well fastened. The guards are braced with heavy white oak timbers,, secured to the hull with iron straps, and besides the usual "hog braces," they are well kneed on the outside. The garbwid strokes are 9 inches thick, and 16 inches wide, and ;*re bolted through the keel with! inch j>olta. N Between each frame, the plank on the bottom U three inches thick; those on the aides from 8 to G inches thick,, all of tbe best quality of white oaky^quare fgj^n- ejl, with large spikes, but bolted with 3 i twlta, drmsn through the plank, timber andx»UIng| and rireted inside. From the deck to the rail the frames are the same M below, And the bnl ' ' ! ' tion an a sailor IB A 1 Mr J,,hn SUrk is tlie fit- is f. thoruui?h lurch ,1111. . Alp- ! though a. man often word' he is a Li; .''..•• 'IT and knows how ev, ry t,o!t in v hi-, engine [ should be placed, an.J li»» Io tak,- rare of them after they are In The Milwaukee will be commaji'h-d by Gap- tain \f. S. Cross, of Milwaukee, "!h- sailor , legislator," of "woody Wisconsin " A«au officer, bis qualifications for the appointment will be acknowledged by all who know him. either at home or abroad His first nfficer will be Capl. Wm, Kynasten, also of Milwaukee. Kjrnaaten is a regular i/W/ A.irt, and what be lacks in quantity is fully made tip in .inality His glory is toe quarter deck, and he is all go- bead—there ie no luch word as give up in his dictionary. Cross and Kynasten will make a team that will l« a match for "old Michigan' even In a snow storm Mr Thomas Fitzpat- riok is tile-engineer. He has long been rated as A 1 in the engine room, and besides p that rare qualification of attending to his ow business, If his engine don't "go otT' right li knows just wtere to look for the difficulty. Mr Wm. Fowler will bare charge of tl, Steward's deptrtment. lie i« how fitting ou both boats. Everybody knows " Fowler " t be a clever fellow Only give him; the pas sengerg, and lie will see that they are made comfortable; both in their beds and at the ta ble. Tbe officers will wear uniforms accord Ing to their rank, similar to that worn by th officers of the Gunard line of steamships. They will be painted outside black, with gilded streak, asnd the cabins oaked in the bes> style of art. Tie small boats, with the exeep tion of Francis' life boats, are constructed by Messrs. Hawkins & Johns, of this city. From the fqregoing it "ill be noted that everything connected with these steamers is manufactured by Buffalo mechanics aud supplied by Buffalo merchants ; aud when they arc placed on the route they will reflect credit on all who, in their respective capacities, have supplied their qaota in making them what it is the intention of the owners they shall be— the model ttcanteri —superior in strength to any constructed in this country for Inland navigation. 11 . 1 I, 1 r R 1, K • i. ti i<, J.,hn k II I *•« MCNICIPA.I. OODBT — YESTERDAY. — Amos Brand, larceny,| case continued by consent of parties to June |9 Dennis Normle, assault and battery, sentenced to SO days in jail. Mary Kanatlyj, an old/onstomer of tbe police court, drank—sentenced to pay a fine of $16, or 60 days imprisonment, unless she would leave the city immediately. John DiU, adultery,on examination, defendant was discharged. Samuel Biggins, arrested by officers Biggins and Just, for assault with inient to Mil his wife. We understand Ramsey Is an old offender, jnst from Biaver Dam, where he has suffered several roomui Imprisonment for a similar offenoe ! GAHBLIHO is WHIAT.—Last week was an extraordinary one for the dealers in grain.— On Monday, both wheat and flour went up, on the arrival ot war news from the least, like the tail of a soared oat (* feline iJlustrationj. Flour advanced 49 hours 75 cents per barrel, and wheat in a little more than that time, went np two shillings i bushel. By Saturday night, boHflvcr, matters lad taken another turn, and the market stood nearly where it dl i before the excitement commenced. Those wh j hare aoldlaee ahead. | 1.1! 11 .f 111 I'J 4 i 4 0 r Iti l-i U 11 it ttcel i.l tween B 12V a H. t -rt, S.£", 41,6.. B,.- k -.'.. H.-, trn.-v \[ . U 16 1 i U 14 t U U It 14 J5S.J7 •-"* 1 ,87 1VI.3 1.7 ,: lying be- '. J-t 1/4 l.-l 4: 47 4.' 47 46 4ti 46 4'. My K ,B P. * H IU,-,,n, , INrr , A B Tt 4 'ITT J ,• ,-. wol.l. W .. \V-,. , Hi,, ,.., JL(I« U« »BU<-. H ,,, u-rn.. r 6 K t Uel.'nf ^ | -•-.M.6-J -ri.dl' •^fl,&: •J6.6J Jfl.o'i Sti.u.' •«• »i .11, KU.r 4 p. K T-rrv i L. J H , , , l.'lile, J Furlong .IS.,,,, .4'i, ji,*.",".',. * Mr"."'," ', V A fflnleruor? F.JB FEUC** :* TBB CUCVTHT -i, H KUi, :,- W ForD-.. Pufjidf City. W J Pin.!.,-. K,..' | '. J 1 C M r>il-y, I. K Putn.ini.-i[ c» a i j u', ,„< j*l K. . 1,,-1,,-r. J K.lwar.l... J \V PHrlr.l.-,. y ,, ', , Io0|f. N. '25 Itf^t of ^. li.'J f. «t of K 175 b3-I<X) f^trl uftr"ianiflc piect of laod la th« N r. corner of Ihe N. W ^ ,,f !<«-.f,, Slh Ward I* <re of land between 8 mn.f •JIJ.Ti \i* 1^4,.<--. K. L'U, UARDINEK. li<; - J'l(>N HA1.K < \VIIITK H.SH AM) MVIil P. W ILL be told at Hooil'f Auction Rouro^, ,\ , 4 SprlriR «t., on Tueiday lunrnmir, Sl«j J-lih, 11 h o cloclr, imi bbis and half bbls nod packed superior Mafrl fale poait Hyruj, Als ve. lerms c . I la prtm o I, Hamburv \Vltltcflah rder; 10 R _ J. HOOD, Au.-tl.>n^r ATCI'ION SAI.f, OF IA'i/ A\D .s T.I/.l/i'A' cr.n YANKKH NOTioN«. DRY GOOu.", A T Hood's Auction Rooms, No. 4, S^rintf .1 , «i|| be sofd on Tuesday mornlnc. May '-'4, ai lu ,,'clock, 1 <rlll tell al auction, a large lot at spnnir, Summer ami Wimer Clolhing. Yankee Notion], in. Al>o a imall imortinenl i.f Dry i Uoodi are to be closed w,th. J. UOOI), Aoctloneer. out reserve for cash. DK. H. KNAPP, R ecently of N. Y., maj beconsolteil at his rnom No.8 Newhall House, Milwaukee, the Ont of tTerj QioDUi, commencing November lit. In regard to all dlt- eajes, wblch be treau with unprecedented success Hi cores chronic cuea of diieuea, «hich h»»e been pro. nounced Incurable br the medical faculty ^eneraJlj •uch a> Nervouj and Neuralgic Affection*. Litieua ul Women, all [orma of 8crofnla, Dyjpepnu, CotuUp&Uon. ikln DUea»«l, Canceroua and Tuberculoua AffecUona, ncladlng Pulmonary OonsumpUon, Ubenmatiani, Par- aryau, Bpllepay, Remittent and lnt«rmot«nt Keyerj. tne dlaeaielof Children, Ac. ALL the perils and roost of the suffering] of cluld-blrtn are removeil by earl, consultation. Remember, that the Doctur does not promise to cart til stage* of Diseases. While all diseases are curable, f taken ib >eason, all stages are not. Vonr cue may >e curable this week, not ne*t—to-day, nol to-morrow, ience thfe danger of delay. Rept2B 1ST Dr. Knapp will he at nls Booms, New hall House from Monday noon, June 13ih» tlu Wednesday oooo, June IBtb. Gorunltatlon run. DISSOLUTION. T HE co-partnenhlp heretofore existing under the firm and style of A. U. Lord t Co , 1> ib.a day dls- olved by mutual consent. The builnen will be settled by E. L. Qoweo. Milwaukee, May 20,1S8». A. H. LORD, K- L. QOWEN. IVolice to Contractors. QKALKD proposals will be recelvea antil nooo of the ° «">«»»'•» ">' «>e grad ag, bridging and track-lay. bridging and track-lay. ng required to complete the Kaclne and illaiUjIpnl CaUroad from Ita present termlnns at Davis Station, to freeport.: Contractors "will be required to coamencff the work n the lit <if Jane, «nJ com Jete (he tame on or before he 1st of September ntiu InfonnaUoa concerning the amount and character of ie work to be dooevmaj be obtained by application, to BOBXST BAHRIB, Superintendent, at Bacloe. Propoult will be addrened to tbe nndenlgiwd. At- irneyarof-tbeHortgageeiof (aid road, atR-ee.Wii ' - ' B«Lnc,MijlS,t8i». T.B.BtACK8TOinS,_ m»y21-d4t • Attorneys. 4 LCOHOt M per ct. at Uuuira«dre'i price. A ttt*:< HAEBIN9 HAEBIN9TON. . . Ujrnrll. Friend i (i»rrf.,r. I. Manly I.-w A D^n.^U. stittw%iHr .^irmif >.• llm, Co.imbe * iir.,, t, Lin, I h , , li C» ..imei.. K rU<-l, B^av^r b^m M ji....,r... k K% „,„. j c Jjhn ; 0 ' ' Brown t L',,, rt J W I'lnnd!!?, cond ,lu Lar. ln.^,. t t)r»rt..,rn .4 .rwitt, .VIcOr^>;,i- p .*,„, dCU.k, Wbuewater. K U.niey. P!»u» tf ^ , " err- . .-..113, b..t L.irilT J Till •.. I. T i 'i i H, >i t C f<* I-IBSOMS iN TH« I'tTT —A W I t '-'li, H J N»lr.) .t I..,, H KV< t , I- liuo.lman, l. llarrjii^ton i, A C II Gar.luie-, H B ».,w ,r li Mitine Ck. F..a PIR.-..N, i, TIK ,', l)*ull, Minn, ...^n 1)^' Cli.imberlm, i ul,n>iur; J |, ^>^art>.l^Tl yV,,.-. ,^ ^ ,, li..e». KillHiurn ully, .1 . c l (Inffln, M,-Or-i..r" n n Hay, Palmyia, K Man,,n, C W >V ...i- v .< i> u k !, ,.» 4 Paul, J S I'.INtiury. ,^t Anthony. J is Tir'.' .,,. \\ ,• •-nn, Viifi!:n», Pr-.. ot . L \Vi>- r , J |( '., ,,,', r Purtane L'ny, tl W, . L L, HI a, ( v*,„>,, «».!•»..n. H M K.-II.II.S. MHrk,.".,n C \Sunu-r It.,, V,,« PlHSOSS IX TH«ClTV -J W Ho, t. [.,„,,, , u l( , r Gen Bremrr A I'o, M J] is, lir-eli .4 Htit(,j, s J.-. (il , Kice, eoodrlcli t Terry. Henry Rrtilli-a.l, L HI ,•>«.,u, Dutcher, .-<e«ton t Co. 0. to i Bro, \Varri-n t tle«-it S C Wtat, M C Oook t Co, T Uelaney A f •( ilUir » !>' C C Dewey. C Us.Mill, Hapfor.l, HK.-kman 4 i , |> » a I). I, * J, U .1 D, J A N 4 Co, tt A. ... V i p j p , ,• V A A J G U, Henry S.-tiierl^ih, i; .in,a,' Lefevrs i (ireime, J. well, H 1 Do, (Jreen 'i ijuit .n i li t Co Drailfor .* liro, K T, H J N» 3r o .» , „ j u ' ^ rand A Co. Sexton BrtH A ('o, Dur-uher A Br.,-ii!i.i Ooodnch * T. • i. e, Poa PERSONS is THU CODNTBI —W O Whrflo.-k. I. rt Gaswell, Lawrtmce A Atwood, I'yl-r A Ra«e'. J , nes- fille; C F Lull], Jullerson, J A Bate*, aullira'er Minn ! Temple M Bradmer, S B Putnam, T 1 ll.St P, u l W B j H»n-comb. O \ Monlayon, Wehb 1 Co,' N d Dun bar, Prescott; J J Black, Minneapolis c j p e , L j bone^ B Prestley, Portage City; C H Lor.i, H H Man- Title, W Petrle, Walertowu; W Cole i (_,> W,,, Blr«e ' Whitewater; D 8 Book. McGregor, W 0 Shaw Mlitlaml' ! H.9 Hadford * Bro, WauHesha; J 0 0 J N H AnnTe ! ton; Reed It Carhart, Berlin; J L Newman * b.. r A I Ro«orth. St Aulhonj; C U Jon« * Bro, f,, n ,i ,l,i Lie ' H Poehler * Bro, Henderson; J f) liat,-h O^hto-h VV T Leltche, Madljon. 1 li CITY ADVERTISEMENT> '0« lide •-. by likln IlM ,11 111.- M Wir.l ., r t ,,.,| .,.,'., k »(,..,. r^.,,,,,^,, MARINE RECORD. Port A KB. IV Fit. Prop Kenosfca, Hathaway, Chicago. MAY 22. Frop Evergreen City Ch«mberlain, ChleaKu high wine-. MAY 23. Proplfayflffwer.lingley, a a a-,| 0 ,uo tons m Bark Shanghai, 8m th. Schr WalUn. Warring. Wolf Hirer, 1SOO cedar - on «-" Prop l.'"5 O KM.KD ,.r.,,,., ~ til il.,i,.|aj. •< ,lu,n tn.l MUM. |>uiu >u.l i|,--.-Hl, inrd it 'h.' ,lti.-.. in«yJU-dl"i 4ntll I'.l^M.l VlwUtrert. 'M Wirrt of Milu-i from VI -t t,, T. mayW -nil .nl.l .r.'l llrty Mlt npal Con • f\l'a in ^:. I.'H y. M.iy Mill. II llu, itr^t k^, n, Tn. mir-i.-n ,t K L H i Schr Kxperlment, m lumber. bu , MAY S2. Prop Kenoiha, Hathaway, Baffalo.i ISit boH tlour 13 bbla paint, A tons rxgs, I aorse. ' Prop Krergreen City, Chamberlain, Coltingwood looi buj wheat, IS bus corn, 2 bbls pork. ' ™ Prop- Raolne, Brltt, Boflilo, Its packages mdi. > • rop»jower,ry,3cmgo. Sehr IzperUmnt, Am««,8t. Loiepb, CO bbls tsit. Jto. L. U.IR.IJ I>t JltAiN ifc Attorney and Counsellors Offlcg— Slltfjir* R'xi-t. ijl .f:., ,.• . : _ L . (mm -.•-.•]. t Law II',,,,, ,, W IS.-.IN.-I i Ta hereby given tn,u nil Ui 1 notes .MU.-.I by ,h NOTH'.f-:. m t ( . r> i !< n«l .M^m.,,,,, , t „,!>," «" . . ,> must b« presented littbeolftc- ,,r the Hank Comutr-.n.. rrlthm three years from !he dai* ur tbls notlc-, „, .n., the funda deposued or the redemption ' "' n of ui.l .- Milwaukee, M» rcfl i-j, 1S59. u, UASRTEL, PresJannr. of tha Peopla't B»nt

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