Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 16, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1959
Page 3
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UPI f%r8lff» JWtf* fcttltwf ! two official visitors to the UnK- th« man-of • tnft - week: West'«d Slates in the last few week* Berlin Mayor Willy £ran*tt. i h * v « represented wtdeiy-sepftrat- th« plac'l: WMh'infton and New'*! Ideological belief*. The first ^ or fc. . jw'fU Attastas Mikoyftft, deputy The quote: "I know no,w thatiPfeirilAf •, of Soviet Russia. Mlkoy- our American friend* are strong-!*" smilingly said Soviet Russia ,ly behind u*. You can rely on. us;«rid the Unted States had two (just *.« w« know we can put our alternatives: Friendship or war. !trust in you." -I Mlkojriin See* Th«w thi* i.H an Age of official travel.! Me also repealed the commu- Secretary of Sta.U John Foster,nfst demand that the Western DullM cAn »c,ra.wl the phrase,'Powers get out of Berlin. "Dulles wan here," in more! When he got home to Moscow, places even than the mtif:h-trav- : Mlkoyan said the people of the elled *nd legendary Kilroy of.U. S. wanted an end to the cold; war, and reported he saw aj chance for a. thaw. Ticker tape parades are a tra jdltional part of New York City's j I welcome to a visiting foreign dig nlta.ry or a national hero. There was no ticker tape parade for iMikoyan. \ But he should have seen the I ;one for Willy Brandt. It was a cold.j ! rainy, miserable day in New! j York. But the crowds turned out ! any way. \ And as West Berlin's mayor !rode tip Broadway, they cheered That Las-' nim - "Cood luck, Willy." -they i yelled, or "Good boy, Willy." What I mean Is.. .Lassie has! »-"te that day, Brandt left for been posing all these years as a ,Washington and a meeting with female, which everybody knows. [President Eisenhower. But the But while he trapse* •round ; n «*l «W he WM b(U ' k in New making « fortune with his imper-' Yol '>< «* ain ' lhis time for a mam- „ u . , „ , i Donation act, all the rest of the moth reception in his honor. I Barber said concentration on cot-: CMl lMf)j , R ,. f , "- —-'•' «..,.-. |ton growing in central Asia, is so; T(jke h|s ^p^,^ WASHINGTON fUPI) — A slx-i* re8t th . 8t " resembles the one-, Jf)n Provost fu Lockhsrt and assurance man team of American cotton spe- <™ P % '" ^ &™?" '" "" i Hugh Re.l.y. Their contracts say;-"' — t.». ft* «•*• '"•**• 6 194» kr M* Mntet, IM. 51st THE P AMPA frAlltf MOMMY "My folk* hav« invented «. n«w danc«, ' called a waltzl" It't Russians Grow Irrigated Cotton Actors Lead Dogs Life For Lassie By VBRNOX scorr UP I. Hollywood Reporter HOLLYWOOD si* is a real dog. ORANGES AND A BLOSSOM—Things are jumping down Florida way in the citrus fruit business, judging from this pretty picture. A curtain tt oranges makes an appropriate background /or Cypress Gardens Aquamaid Diane Van Dusen, who adds plenty at vitamin see to the display. By GAYLORD P. OODWltf United Press International HP Fought Naalsm nlBvers- ! " The Pl '«' sident g* ve nie firmi y * • .. .L.-. tne United States! cialists which toured Russia last fall had three specific purposes ir mind. The team, headed by Charles H Barber of the Foreign Agrlcultur al Service, wanted to find out il) U ( ° tlon 25 "*°- , Uhey can't d.o anything that would'Berlin "gainst any threat to their; r fe * d ' S i embarrass Lassie, freedom." he said. I used for j „,._ , khart win ,ome And he said the President told; ailily About People • Indicate* P»|U AdveriUIng , , , , , .. „ An . roU ion ex 7 pt for * malli charmer with sex appeal to spare.-"""' '" A ''"ward 'ha* to die 1.000, A , )((|( , { ,„„_ Wh|1|j ^^ KnA ., mt9t Thursday afternoon at 3:3» , of melona and nce ' Pl«n1y "f U»"«1 Available can't accept outside ncting 1ob» 'unless she plays wholesome, sex- whether Russian cotton actually Cultivable areas are not used as, e ., 9 |vpes P | un ^ in? necklines and ' ........... times and ft brave man only u , " f Vl - s - nallonal » fl iiiated from leciuit training recent-Jin the school auditorium. Th« ;ly at the Nnval Training Center.; speech department of the schoo) g an D iego. Cnlif. will present a debate on "Educa- could be produced on a lar ?s |P asture - even for rotation. Live-! wanton behavior are out of the lor - v lhat this nation forgives its - j..^"^,^.. Kql)l(v ,„ , |( , w , s , irtn . inclusive or Exclusive," it scale In northern areas. I2i wheth- sto^ k Consist mainly of sheep,' qllestion er the Soviet government's goal of|5 oats - burros, and a few cattle.; ,.j nspfl (0 p | ay „ var j ety of enemie*. It also is part of the national nature to cheer for the bedroom home. Never lived In. ,has been announced by Mrs. J. H. _________ „„... ...... ...... 0 — . „ .. . ... ....... r ............ ... .„. 1942 Nelson Cdl! MO 4-8I2S.' a 10-million bale crop could be! tethered Individually along the, roleHi .. June 8ald /.. Ne , irotc wom . underdog. .... Bobl.Y <i. Bakfr, Koa reached by 1965, and (3) if the! bank* of irrigation ditches o. tend- : en wpre spec aity . I also por-! Both , of hese , f ' hnrH '' te1 " st , 1 '' ! ': mate seaman. IJSN, is serving be elects. goal is reached, will the additions lj«l by shepherds in rocky areas, d drl]nk , flnd " nymphomanl . may have pl"y«l a part in the transport ship USS| " ! __ j._..' 1 _ Ul _ /_.. —..II, ,_it__ •' * * • t.«^. Anf inn fnr> \.Vt I I If K CU nrt 1 * " ' *-. .- -~ 'Trotter. PTA President. Nominal* ing rommlttee members will also West Berlin mayor about cotton\e" absorbed "in "the'domestic 1 not suitable for culivation. r^- -- ' "" .reception for Willy Brandt. market or exported? j There are no fences among; the "But now m y contract stipu- All of Russia's cotton is grown cotton or pasture areas. - lates that I cannot appear in a.ny in a latitude of 38-42 degrees., The; Barber said there appeared to production that might cast any U.S. cotton belt is south of the ' be plenty of land available for the reflection on my 'Lassie' series wnicn tnere '•* nn 38th parallel. That means Rus-! p i anne d acreage increase which ! character. Ruth Martin. Hugh «nd ™ ™ ll ^ fl and fous;nt Aao " sia's cotton is grown in an area'; wovl iti ra ise Russian cotton pro-'little .Ion signed up under the Nazism, located similarly to such cold 'Auction from the present 7 million same restrictions. Cook, operating- out of Snn Diego.' Fined $100 A . uhate and continues to " High School and was employed byj Hershell Tracey Cauble, 611 N ; FUIT F'ood. He is the son of Mr. | Wynne, was fined $100 plus cost* and Mrs. E. W. Baker, 110 W.; today j n county court after enter- Tuke. 'ing a. plea of guilty to charge* of FOR SALE: 11 Cu. ft. G. "E. driving while intoxicated. CaubU . . Communism climes as Connecticut, New Jer-i ba | e , to 10 million by 196S. But it ; "Because Lassie U the best- '* B „ las| mon th he lold Chest type Freezer. Ph. MO 4-9878 was arrested Sunday by Pamp* In sey, lower New York, Pennsyl- ' W ould be a major undertaking to known, most decorous dog in the' jvania, Ohio, Indiana, northern Il-|p,- e pare this land so that irriga-1 world, we human members of the c linois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, ' t j on can be used. icast are forbidden to embarrass jWyoming, Idaho, southern Oregon,! Ba ,. b er said the 10-million bale her, er, him." ef wonn ' I northern California, and northern goal probably \voulcl be reached,! Sponsors of the dogffy scries Nevada. I but more likely after 1970. | keep a close eye on the pro- Grown In Desert ity parliament: Berlin belongs Rites Set For the present 7-mtllion-bale pro- gram's scripts. No kissing scenes More than 90 per cent of Rua-Auction, Russian mills consume | involving .lune and P.eilly hnve lul •> V^diahtm sia's cotton is grown in the midst a boul S million bales. Another'ever been written into the story. TTUIVJI of a vast desert within 300 miles half-million are used In padding i "Once In a while -Hugh and I Funeral services for Mr. Kai-l' bv of the northern borders of Afghani-'-,.i olnmK an( i upholstery. The re- aneak on e in though," June F. Waift-hlman. 5«. will I.e Held stan and Iran. Here early-matur- ma j n ing l'» milfion are. exported, laughed. "They aren't very pax- Wednesday in Dunms. Mrs. Waight- , )liy '_ , jt ., s s p,^,,^,, jing varieties are used, and these, ' mos tly to eastern Europe. jsionate, but w? hold them as long nuni died at '.:l,"i a.m. Suml.iy in. M,,)^^)^ m\\ , v ni ln>li iplus Irrigation and desert topog- " " :_ ! as we ,. H1 , g 0 f ar none O f n, e the Veterans Hospital. Aitianllo. ,,,,„, .vj ex i ( .. ; , n .Supper to Ice Checks Itnhliy C. Wilhclm, Pampa, has police. to the enrolled in the University of Cor-' —— — pus Christi for the spring .semes-! In baseball slang,'a "frame" I* ttr. He is the win of Mr. and Mrs.'an inning. O. F. Wilhelm. \"'" " A.l^i-IlsVmcnt" """"* fU'iin' DfJUiii Day IIHM re-' . ceived the Snappy Boy Wagon t 111 ; that «he won in a Billy and Ktitii ' Grand I'tix.e Drawing S|xiii.sored i H ToyltHul. t^lie i.i the 1 d[ Mr. ami Ml'fi. Ken 30 Pounds With This Home iraphy, explain why cotton can be |grown so far north. The remain- |ing 7 or 8 per cent Is grown in .the Caucasus peninsula. I Nearly all Soviet cotlon is grown j under irrigation. The desert valleys extend east and west between ranges of barren mountains, a few |of which have perennial snow- HERBRIGGEN. Landslide Take off unwanted pounds safely, easily urn! without utarv- jition tliet or buck-breaking HII • Supper tnmyht in kisses have been cul rut. Rut Services will take pl;<<-e at •! p.m. (h(> | W f«ttmoiit. of the Methodist we've only managed eight in 39 Wednesday in the Box well Brothers rh|11 ., h WJU] s(MV in« fioni ft :30 to sequences. 1 ' . Chapel. Dunms. 7 „ rn by the regular ounces of "liquid Barcentrate. Mix i Mr. Waightmari. a plasterer for f , TA ,, leelmg . cotton John's - A • with 12 ounces of canned jrrape- LOXKKR WORK AVKKK a. construction company, resided Ten(lel . foot , n Rurope" will be the ^" t i,- n . » rl ,i WASHINGTON (UPIi - Rep. at 717 E. Browning. He was » evening's ptofrram. • seem to melt away. Glenn Cunningham (R-Neb.i says member of the Church of Christ. i>,, m ,,a Junior High PTA will; He was born on Aug. 2.V 1902 in'. -. - .... -__--..„.......- 4WJ .S'chuler. H'ounton, Texas, did, who lost .'!0 pounds. Ask any Texas druggist for 4 t« d,- in his newsletter that Congress . . Switzerland should be put on A five or six- Sherman. jcaps. Nearly all the Irrigation ( tjpti - A massive I a n d s 1 i d *'day week to eliminate "Tuesday-i Survivors are his wife Fay* of jwaler Is drawn from five rivet'*! t hi ea tened to tear away from « .to-Thursday's club members. Cvm- Pamp«. four brothers. B. H. of ithat are fed by melting snows. [ thin j aver of Ice today *nd smash'ningham said congressmen from Amarillo, J. C. and D. C. of down on this remold Sww ham- states near Washington stay in Kirkland and L. P. of Dumas and let. the capital only from Tuesday a nephew, Duke of Dumas. He is A menacing; trickle of small morning until Thursday after- the son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. boulders and hunks of ice slid out \ noon. -Roy Hollman. 717 F,. Browning, iof the avalanche and tumbled'-—: •• - OPEN 6 "2 ACTION FEATURES B4V "CALIFORNIA 11 HOW4K t'OTl' 4l Ofitrt Fury" PUTCH TREAT-A dimpled tmile lights up the f%cc of Princess Beatrix/ b*ir«(s«-»p- p«rent to tli* throne of the Netherlands. TW* i» official photo for her 21st birthday. She's the oldest of four U?ugh- ters of Quteu Juli4U9 sod Prince B«?rohar4 DR. R, H. RUTCEDGE CHIROPRACTOR HIS. j Water is plentiful the year round. CONFERENCE (Continued Prom I'ago 1) pursued after a reply to today's j down against A gig-antic boulder note is received from Russia. j that lies in the path of the land- Th« United States said, that it, slide. did not propose to discuss in de- Villagers returned^ to their aban- tail now the Russian proposal forjdoned homes for the eighth day to a German peace conference. This i walk through the hamlet ami was partly because U.S. views) Bather in small groups to discuss jhad been made plain before and j the threat before the day's tern"partly because in its view neith-i peratures jump up and beg-in to er politics nor insistence on the j melt the ice layer, prior acceptance of any limitations! Mountain experts said the thin- on the means of reaching satis- ning layer of ic« holding- the land- factory solutions can be helpful," | slide to the side of the mounUvn the United States said. > may reach its final breaking point The United States noted that it in another day of glaring sunshine, had "repeatedly expressed its Swiss mountain climbers skirted conviction that the continued divi-,the dangerous landslide and re- : sion of Germany constitutes a ported it was aboul 830 feet long.! danger to European security and'50 10 100 feet wide and SO feet I world peace." thick. i "This danger Is heightened by t The guides said the mass of ithe persistent and flagrant denial j rock and ice had moved 100 feetj i to the East Germans of human since Sunday One veteran Alpin-j i rights and fundamental free- jst, Adolf Imborten, said it was: Idom*." the U.S. note added. possible the avalanche would not' American officials said any occur for "A few weeks." agenda for the proposed foreign - — ministers' meeting should be f* «***/*§• broad, wilh neither the East nor V*OllOn the West having a right to impose VA/'ll I a veto on specific subjects to be TTIII discussed. I A»k Neutral Site III The U.S. officials said Prague MIAMI - roll/>n John Smith,' or Warsaw would not b« as suita- KGNC-TV Farm and Ranch Di-j bl« for tht foreign minister*' rector, will appear at the >ocal; meeting as a neutral site, «uch Lions Club Tuesday for the show- as Geneva or Vienna. ing- of "A Tenderfoot in Europe."j Tht American official* said that The film i* based on the 195S th« W»*tern position w».s that KGNC Farm «nd Ranch European! there would not nece»sarly be Tour. Filmed In color by Camera- any connection between 4 foreign {man Bill Rhew, it *how* th» Bru»minister*' meeUng and a summit'*el* World'* Fair and othtr wght* conference later. But they *ald|of Europe. j the course of the foreign mini*-! The progrtm wa* arranged by: ter*' meeting might determine Mrs. EUa Gill of Miami, woo vv«*| the cours« of any further negotia- on« of the 29 person* on the lour.' lion*. Tin i*, a, later »ummit con-^l'tie puWic i* invited to the I fercnct w«« 'vn ruled out. p.m Miller-Hood Pharmacy Better Prescription Service FREE DELIVERY 1122 Alcock MO 4-1469 Money from Security Federal gives not-so-new Homes ^ * For Plumbing Strvict For Heating Strvict For Air Conditioning §«rvict For Shift Mttol Work Q Gutr»at»fd Work »ad { 24 hour S*rvict 3udK9t T*rmt mi MALCOLM HINKLE, lne, ( CO* 1*A(1««4 Add coml'ort, bejuty, value, live-ability to your home . . . with a low-cost home improvement loan. Whether you need to repaint or re-roof. . . add a I'jmily ruom t>r la fMii luili, you cju »nd Conveniently here. t in 4ud liud out juu how e4*y u is , , , you c^n enju) the jvldsd conveniciiv'«s while you p»> ! Vtsit us any time. Clecurity & LOAN ASSOCIATION STfftf

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