The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 9, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1939
Page 5
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1939. FIVE "Saloon To Pulpit" Is Deerfield Topic "From the Saloon to the Pulpit" will be the subject of the Rev. W. L. "Billy" Denliuger Avho will be speaker at the outdoor service on Sunday evening- at Deerfield (fFuVe, Deerfield, Md., which promises to be an unusual service with an unusual message that is vital . ?nd touches life revealing the mar- •velous transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as vital and effective as in the case of the Apostle Paul of the Bible. "Billy" Denlinger's experience somewhat parallels that of "Saul of Tarsus," when he, like Paul, with hatred in his heart and a weapon on his person entered a tabernacle iu Lancaster, Pa., a number of years ago, then chief bartender of one of the leading cafes and secretary of the Pennsylvania Liquor Dealers Association, and came away a changed man, immediately 'left his business and became connected with one of the leading bakeries of Philadelphia for a short time, but unable to resist the urge to definite Christian service, entered Moody Bible Institute to prepare for efficient service. Upon completing his course there, he was made regional representative for Central Pennsylvania, but after two years of this, the urge still pressing him, he entered the evangelistic work with his first campaign in Hanover, Pa., where he has been four times since in successful campaigns. He has also conducted special-services ill most of the Middle Atlantic States, mid- western portion of Florida, and parts of Canada. Recently he has not been very active in this due to impaired health, but conducted campaigns in Middletown and Thurmont, Md., last winter. Included in his company on Sunday evening at Deerfield will be two girls who will sing a number of Gospel selections and who do this with a rare native ability. The service will begin at 7:45. Plenty of parking space has been provided. Attractive Frocks Flattering 1 -- to a Larger Figure TROPICAL STORM NEAR PUERTO RICO JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. .9.— A tropical storm, first chartered in a developing stage this morning, was reported Tuesday about 200 miles north o£ Puerto Rico and moving 1 west northwestward. A Weather Bureau advisory said the disturbance was attended by fresh to moderately strong winds, and warned ships in its path to beware ot' a "probable increase in intensity." First indications of the develop- in .tx storm were seen north northeast of San Juan, aboni; 1,200 .miles southeast of Miami, Fla. Insist On Tri-Maid Products Quality Guaranteed. Sold Exclusively By Triangle Food Stores "%, "^st/iil ICODEMUS ffei^Msrnj .„,*/,.,..-« X-o l QANtf www ^, *•> DAN IV V^^^^P/H AGELRSTOWN. MD tNcMlV>" 2.702. SIZES 36-SO Style No. 2990 is designed for sizes 16, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50.. 52 and 54. Style No. 2702 is designed for sizes -36, 3S, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15cj lor this PATTERN. SUMMER FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept, Hagerstown Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth Street, New York City. « WE WOMEN * By BETTY BRAINERD Ignore Teasing "Dear Betty Brainerd: "1 am a-15-year-old girl and am considered nice. I <lo not flirt with boys anj} have no 'boy problem.' My trouble is that I am shy and bashful. By this I mean that 1 can't get up be Corp, a large crowd and sing or talk. How can 1 learn to do this? "1 used to talk and sing at school and I. was not embarrassed but when I returned to my home niy brothers and sisters would make i'nn of me and 1 just couldn't bear it, so 1 quit. My parents are unable to work and I am not so strong myself. 1 would love to have a job that would not be so hard on me as is the housework I do. My younger sister won't help me out hardly at at all. I don't know how to start out hunting for a job. Will you please tell me? I didn't got. thru ramniar school because of my health so please don't laugh at my mistakes. I try to study at home They're New CORKHILL Tenderized FRANKFURTS prepared by an exclusive Process Supremely Tender! The finest Franks you T ve ever eaten They break at the touch of a fork Delicious Flavor and Goodness Yet they Cost No More! and learn as much as I can. Please don't print the following but aif- swer according to numbers. "Feeling Unwanted." * * * .Dear "Feeling Unwanted": Learn to take teasing and being made fun of by your brothers and sisters and ignore it. That is a part of "growing up." I never will forget the first time I recited a piece in public. All my little friends told me I was wonderful but when 1 was greeted by members of my family how they made fun of me! 1 was so hurt l wept for days and when my father learned of it he explained to me that it was silly of me to pay any attention to what some members of my family said that they were teasing me and really wore proud of me. You overcome shyness and bashfulness by forcing yourself to do so. "Where there is a will there is a way," and if you make up your mind to succeed you will. The upxt lime you sing or talk yon ask the one who teases you' if she or he didn't wish that he could do the same. Tell your brothers and sisters that they are jealous. Tell them to try to do something and you will pee if they have any talent. Kid them—and stick to your goal. Kutrrtain people whether your family like it or not. You'll win out—and they will really be proud of you. You are young to work out but perhaps there is some kind of a summer job such as caring for children, taking them walks or some such thing that you might get. Read the advertisements in the newspapers and go to the Y.W.C.A. and see VI they know ; of any suitable job for a youngster | of your age. Under no circumstances take any job that is not thoroughly investigated by a competent, adult. Yon write very well for a girl of your age. Keep on studying at home and you will put school girls of you age, to shame. You can learn a great deal at home if you will apply yourself. You are ambitious and that, is very commend- New York, Aug. 9 (£>).—The New York World's Fair acknowledged last night it had just about half the drawing power its promoter* predicted when their $155,000,000 spectacle opened last April 30. The expected attendance was 270,000 a day; the actual average has been 129,000—or less. The certified public accounting firm of Arthur Anderson and Co. reported that up to July 5, the gate ticket sale was 5,680,000. The fair reported its total attendance for the same period as 11,976,000—leaving over 6,000,000 admissions unaccounted for. When the fair opened, sponsors predicted a total attendance of 50,000,000 with 20,000,000 "the second year." Asked tonight whether the fair would run a second year, a spokesman said, "we don't know." Ernest G. Smith Will Locate Here Ernest G. Smith, who for the past eight years has been connected with Investors Syndicate, has just located here. Mr. Smith comes from the Staunton Agency in the Valley of Virginia where he has served as district manager for the past two years, to serve Hagerstown aiul the surrounding territory. He is residing at 825 Hamilton Boulevard. Mr. Smith is formerly from this county having been born in the vicinity of Downsville. KODAK STOLEN Walter Byron Stehl, Jr., South Prospect street, reported to police yesterday that a kodak: had been stolen from his parked automobile near his home over the week-end. able. Now for the three questions: One—yes. That can be cured if taken in time. Go to the city hospital and see if you can be treated. Two—only a doctor can tell you this for your particular case. You must consult a doctor about this and don't listen to anyone else. You canout afford to take chances . . . Yes. Many different kinds is the answer to your third question. BETTY BRAINERD. * * * Silly Stuff Dear "Gale and Wale": It is the possessive idea, Gale, that you youngsters have built up of late which means that if you go out with a boy it is hands, off for all others aud that he can boss you around. Pay no attention to such a boy. It seems quite obvious that A is no longer interested in you. Wale. He doesn't have to have a reason for quitting other than that he doesn't care for you any more. You should write him for an explanation. He may be dating another girl and he may be dating several other girls but the fact remains that he does not care to date you. It doesn't make any difference whether you think he should date you or not. Since he avoids you I suggest you not question his best boy friend or any other person about A. You only make yourself look silly trying to get back a boy who wants nothing to do with you. Is that plain enough? BETTY BRAINERD. Ask your Dealer for PALM BEACH SUITS MUSEY & EVANS 59 West Washington Street CORKHILL ... Tenderized... FRANKFURTS CONSULT US For complete details oT available fire protection. R. M. Hays & Bros., Inc. Meilink Safes Send pen name and real name in every letter. All communications nrt treated confidontinlly. Betty Brainerd, G$0 Mndison Ave., New York City. .PHOTO MEMO—, You Can Turn Your Home Into A Gym For T/ie Kids Bu LYDIA GRAY SHAW- Plans Completed To Transfer Land I OAKLAND, Md., Aug. 9.—Gar j rett county officials made arrangements last night for more than 4,000 persons at the formal transfer to- j morrow of 1,200 acres to the Uni; versity of Maryland by the Soil ! Conservation Servvce. j The area includes the entire Cunningham tract near Bittinger. ft : has been in constant use this sum! mer by 4-K Club members from VVashi rig ton, Allegiiny, G a r r e 11 counties and other groups. The university obtained the use of the tract for !)9 years as an outdoor laboratory for research, investigation, and demonstration purposes in biological sciences, engineering, forestry and wild life Conservation. Numerous improvements on the site include 10 cabins and dining hall overlooking a CR-acre lake. This energetic little girl is wearing her mother's nerves to a frazzle. Come a rainy day, and she gets right to work scaling all the furniture in the living room. She learned to climb on the jungle gym outdoors, and now transfers her ability to the inside of the house, where it's likely to do more harm than good. Even if she doesn't fall off, she mars the furniture. But mother has an idea. She has discovered that only an equally strenuous activity will keep young daughter happy indoors. No paper dolls for her. So she thinks up schemes like this. Here the youngster satisfies her yearning for heights, and gets in some much needed water play too. Another time she'll get in her bathing suit and practice swimming in the tub. STOCKSLAGER REUNION The twenty-second annual reunion of the Stockslager family will be held, en. Thursday, August 10 at the City Park. All members of the clan are invited to attend. j MONEY MAlD-Election of Dorothy Comiskey (above), 22. daughter of the late J. Louis Comiskey, as treasurer of the Chicago White Sox, was a logical outcome at Sox directors' meeting. Both her father and grand' father had on-ned the club. TO TURN SHOWER ON SOOTY CHIMNEY stimulating planetary influences. Great planes will be launched, but Joss of aviators' lives will increase, despite safety appliances. Persons whose birthdate it is have the augury of a year of fail- success. The young will court and marry. Strangers should be avoided in business affairs. Children born on this day probably will be courageous and individual. These subjects of Leo have great powers, mental and physical. They attain success in whatever vocation they choose. CINCINNATI Aug. 9 (jpj.— "Shower baths" for industrial stacks that belch too much smoke and soot are planned here. A perforated brass ring, connected to the water supply, has been installed at General hospital, a city- run institution. Whenever sool and ashes are blown from the boilers, the device is turned on and the water causes rhe flaky particle? to "congeal" and fall to the bot torn of the stack. CURB ON CHATTER. HAUGHLEY, England (;?).—Parishioners here wer& asked to sign an anti-gossip pledge by their vicar, Rev. W. G. White. NEW...a CREAM DEODORANT which safely STOPS under-arm PERSPIRATION The Horoscope (Copyright, 1939, by th« McClure Newspaper Syndicate) Astrologers forecast the close of lives long marked by public service. '-•in fi;tim ninny noled men and women befor* the end of the 1. Does not rot dresses, docs not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can br used right after shaving. 3. Instantly checks perspiration Ito 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration,kecps armpits dry. 4. A pure, white, greaselcss, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of The American Institute of Laundering for being harmless to fabric. 39: |ar Wednesday, August 9, 1939 Eeuefic aspects rule strongly today, according to astrology. • Although the early morning is under a threatening sign, there is good promise for regular business hours. The planetary government stimulates business and seems to presage i a period of early autumn prosperity. Expansion and development are indicated for shops and factories. Building will be pushed and American cities beautified. Government construction will be conducted on a scale beneficial to many communities. There is a sign presaging gossip and slander of persons in the public eye. Envy and jealousy will motivate complaints and criticisms aimed to stymie political activities. This should be a fortunate sway for •women with a high purpose in Labor is subject to favorable aspects today when there appears to ' be promise of employment on a large scale. A lack of young, well trained workers w3ll cause anxiety. Aviation" continues subject to 15 MILLION jar, of A(»o imOp o«d 59p io« Arrid have been iold ...Try a jar today — at any store which selli toilet goods. ARRID Lowest Fore TO THE NEW YORK ONLY $noo ROUND TRIP IN COACHES ANY DAY—ANY TRAIN 8-DAY LIMIT Refax in comfortable AiV-Cond;'/oned Coochai BED TRAYS & BACK RESTS HARRY S. MYERS 53 North Potomac Street Second National Bank The Oldest Bank in Hagerstowr. No other form of transportation offers such a low fare! Think of it! Tickets are good in cool, elean, Air-Conditioiiecl Coaches. Choice of fast trains lets you enjoy scenic splendors en ronte. Low cost meals, too I Furthermore, B & O is the only railroad to New York offering a view of its spectacular skvline, Statue of Liberty, Hudson River and ocean liners. Travel in comfort to the Fair — the B&O way — at this new, low bargain fare! Tickets on Sale Every Day to October 28th— Consult B &O TICKET AGENT *Dc sure to see "Railroads on Parade** al Ute Fair.' BALTIMORE & OHIO

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