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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1888
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LESS THAN OWE CENT A DAK NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PASES w. riiiLADttpnri Evening Gazette. ST RULING ILLINOIS. TUESDAY. JANUAKY 24 18^8 NUMBER 280 MOSES (bILLOJh Has jnst received a car of SPLINT COAL ./itsi the thing to JruTrt in YOUR CRATES This kind efwrsthfr. TUT IT. CMP, SWLfflKOn pet I I . iullt — !;"■<> |' !T C. & H. W TlMh TABU Marshalltown Passting DenvBrPAM...iO:2s. ». I - Atlantic Ki S:37 a. I OllDtOD Fms....6:2T A. ITBWOHT TBAIKS TOAT CAJM1Y PABftBK (1IHS. no.«??.™.<!.™8bi't p. hlino. ™™UI,.!i?!S*ft. ». No.-W . «:2T a. m. No. 87 -,....S:Mb- ra THE AftERON AAGAZINE BeatillfDllj illustrated. 25etsM$3aYair. IT*) ■COPK-THR AMERIdA!! MAGAZITrsj IMPORTANT.* THE AKEBIOAIT KASAZItfH 00., x 749 Broadway, New York/ Notice to Laud Seekers titles warranted perfect. While many of tho lands now owned by specu latere ore ' »■ ! of title. These lands ttrtMld with PKIIFECT A113T11AOT3. KBIOES FEOK BIX TO TEN DOLLARS ram ache. I have also a » «« the Umf t» a'tntfe! narghiles. HAP*! A3J> DBtlCUIPTIOJVH Can be -bad at my ottlce, and cheap tickets t ingcroas ami a a. T. B. HUBBARD- oe opposite 1 KIRK'S r*7 FLOATING SOAP THE CHIEF For the Bath, Toilet and Laundry. Snow White nnd Absolutely Pure. etttor^omnotkew^hkti Wmi Soap, CHICAGO. THIS is the top of the gen* uine "Pearl Top" Lamp Chimney, all others' similar . #Thisfc is the exact label on . each one of the I Pearl Top J Chimevs. I he dealer may say and think he has as good, but he has not. Insist upon the exact label and top. GEO. A. MACBETH & CO Pittsburgh, Pa. » ftttVERTISERS^^:zr:; A well Unproved farm in Whltwriiks Co. of 140 aero to trade for Nch.— or Sjuuuhi lauds. Strime quick U roa want it, tt u desirable. UKWAIIK UF THK rililTONi s Crrr, Jan :o por- m lay w taken uii lw Frye in the dslii tended speucb on tba tariff, the text thereof being lbs - motion- to-Tufar-ths— prMlrient'it message la the finance (Smmlttu. Frye sail the president hail clearly thrown down the gauntlet of free, trailu. There "was'anaP" tempt at il,<gu<ne; but to feeble that it Ought riot d-.-ceivu any one. That menage had been received with unbounded Joy iu Great Britlan, and why uod Knglaod had been seeking the Ainnrioan market for year* with a pernisli-nry which nevnr digged a courage which never felled, a fei Hi never hopeleu, althoun'i for a quarter of a century she bad constantly Iwbii mot by strong defences. But now th-t president of the United btatos decland Mint these defences were to be British proas hud at once pro-,.J t. VSOllM I Tho warniuj was that such English pxpres-niun oT opinio:) had to be curbed, or the frulLlooo ' E igliHh hopaa never would be en- Jnvod. ," Th« wliolit lil-tory of Oroat Brltfltn, Frye said, nil^lit be hunted from tba bep;iDnlD^, andtLtr.i wnuld not \v found one siuulo Instance whuro liiidlanil hal ever permitted tlio rights of any nation to iinpedejir hinder her inaRDifU'ent career in commerce and in mBiiufarturfii. England had naver in one single iminnce ovluced any sympathy for tbe United State*, uud she never had perm itted > injur, untry t< unimproved, lie dticlare.1 that tbe coudibI, tho advice, tbe frieudabip of Great Britaia to any nation' In oommvrcial matters had Invariably and inevitably TJaultoJ in injury to tba nation which bad ncceptod it, Ireland he quoted from a speech made by Thomas Francis Meagher in Dublin, In And yet Groat Britain hoped, and the Democratic party expected, the Irish votes next (nil for .Mr._ClaVBlond na. tho .Democratlp_ candidate for the presidency. One of the leading free trade speakers iu England hod declared yoitra ago that the givatoet triumph of Grout Britain would bo tbesubjugaLioii of the markets of the LTnit*l States. Iu the -promise of the president's message they oonlii sue that subjugation nigh at hand. -G ent Britain tn. lay Had her mar-keteopen to the world, *hilo other countries had their markets partluliy cloied to hor. She found now within her own borders the flr-rcest kind of couipeHtion, and ber iutlus-tries were failing off. Her cotton manufactories were crippled. . Germany and Belgium were sailing her iron and steel Ind entries, and were • already controlling one-half of ber foreign tride in that line, JJor agricultural lands were decreasing In value, and from one-third to one-half of her -agricultural laborers were out of employment, while those who bad employment only earned from a shilling to one and sixpence a day. But England hoard tbe president of tho United Stales declare in his annual metsjge that tbe tariff (the only obstacle to English possession of the American market) was vicious, illogical. Inequitable; nnd what wonder that the English people deafened Americnn eon with their cries of "Hear, hear." ,Tboy saw him adopt as the slogan of the Democratic party for tho presidential battle of idSo tbe old. fundamental doctrine of -froe tradr, that "duty Is a tax paid by the consmrior.'' What wunder that they balled Mr. Cleveland as their champion. They saw bim premise to open to them participation in the American market; and they knew that participation would start, their halting looms and feed their hungry "unemployed men and women. Whit wonder that the approval of tbe president's message went ringing- over tbe world, » But the attitude ot tbe Demooratio party of this country was of more Importance, practically, than that of Great Britain. Would the Democratic party of tbe United States, Indorse their new chloff He was strongly inclined to think that it would- Be knew that members of that parly had been masquerading for years as reformers,faVorUig . "tariff for revenue only, with incidental protection," or a "tariff for revenue expluaive-ly," and that in manufacturing district* tn New Jersey and ellewner* . ibey masqueraded a* nil Id -mannered protectionists. The Democratic party of the country really shared in the president's convictions, aud really believed that the tariff was vicious, illogical, and Inequitable, aud that » duty was a tax paid by the consumer. . And wby should not tba party so tblnkt Tbe controlling element of (be Demooratio party had been always In the south; aqd the sonthera wing ol Che Demooratio party controlled U lo-day as poworfuty and completely as it did before lb* rebellion, when it compelled the party into tbe championship of slavery. There- was not tbe slightest doubt as to the altitude of the south on this que* ■Hoii. The distinguished speaker of the honae, in his devotion to the prinolplet of free trade, bad dared. In. the but congress, to arrogate to himself almost dospotio powers, and to declare, from bis bigh place, that he would reoogn E) no member of the house to ' make any motion to cue down the surplus unless it wen Urst submitted to a Democratic cauoua The Dimzocrauo secretary of treasury bad alio joined in the choral aonjr Of the' ■ free. - traders, apparently information ai THC CASE WENT AGAINST THOBE. Carlisle". Title D«ilar«d Solid— The Jack.-■cm, stlss., Inqnlry Or.l,re,l. WASrTIttOTO.-t Crrv, Jan. "4. —The sonata Uoudir referred the momnrial of the governor of .Una*ach<i«etu) nnd oth-r prominent and reprmontntive citizens ot that state urging a hearty welcome to tho Brit so peace proposals, totha foreign relations committee. The resolution providing for an In ve*. tigntioa of the alleged puppreutun.ot the negro Tote at Jackson, Miss., was adopted without, opposition. Chandler Introduced asking tba navy department for the pious for naval vessels; irdnanor. armor, etc Frvn ciaring mac to. president's rnrsjage meant free trade, which was really the position of the Democracy on that Isiue. Blair spoke for nearly an hour In favor of tbe educational bill, and when be concluded the senate went Into executive sesilon, ratified Uw ahlp- doors reopened, adjourned After soma discussion with reference to tho correction of the house Journal Monday Brumm wanted to speak to a question of prlv1lfl*e, stating that Crisp in an interview Sunday had rvfl -ctod on tlio Republicans or the house regarding tholr action In th< Thobe-Cnrllsla case. The speakor decided that no qiieitioa of prlvlluga was presented. The Thoba-Carlisle case then Came up on the resoluti-m to dec lire the latter entitled tn bis sear, and It was adopted— yeas, 104; nays 7. The mans ot Ilepublloans did not voce, the only ones being Cannon, Cooper, Davenport Mr-Kenna, Po-it, nnd Htoele, who voted in tbe affirmative, and Biker of Illinois. Brewer, Buchanan, Cheadle,. Hovcy, Kerr itrojncwl, among them tbe fol ir the construction of tba Illinoii IPDl Rivers oinal: nlaoinB salt ing as that used Tor curing fish; appropriating $100,000 for statues to Loznn am! Shields; for the speedy settlement ot the Bsh- erios Imbroglio; withholding patents for land ment of the statin of tbosa companies; ap- )jruprinuil|: »l.Ji/,uuu KJ jl, L»0 LSOUBSOtt, to build an air ship The house then adjourned. In the Intt-raita of Peace and Amity. Washington Cttt. Jan. 24 — Butbirwnrth of Ohio introduced a resolution in the house Mouday declaring it. the. sense of the the United BUUn 3 should. lii the nteres: ir^>^\ of noaco and amltv nd Great Brit- SLiZSr 1 bet mm ^ s Bt., IrWSJI p-1 Isn, and in response to J^^^^^ucerTa iffl^K^. ' (^$Bcountryi UM all proper \ iW^fl V~ honorable, speedy and permanentodjuslment 1 controversif* In regard Bisr BTrTTERWciKTH. to the flsberles; pro- In tine, Frye all the Dem ocratic leaders agreed dwnt, rxcept that they had nt. Downem or nonmcy. it, nowevor, oy ensat-iog tbe people iu the next election sj to' their position they could get a new lease if (Hiwor and obtain control of tbe United States sen-, ate, tbeu the people might bid farewell to every principle of protection. The Republicans,' said Frye, tooli up the presidents (tauntlot of free trade with great pleasure, and Joined issue with tbe Democrats, and declared that, . instead of the . tariff being vicious, illogical and inequitable, it Increased uisrvaloualy lbs ^roapaiity ot tills country, and that Instead of a duty being • tax paid by tbe consumer, no Instance oould be found la which the duty hod not decree**! to the consumer the cost of the otlicta consumed. As to the surplus, Try* said, It was Demo-cralid inoupacHy whicB'" caused it; and now tba couutry. bod to look out to see that the same Democratic ineapacity, In administering moJiviue, did. not give poison and kill the patient. He was as much agalust the surplus as the presi taut was, but be was not frightened at It. Hi would rather have a surplus than a deficit, If tbsre was any boa-est purpose to get rid of tbe surplus it could be done without any dlStuulty, la the drat plao*, sosia iff It ought to be ecptaded wisely In coast dof*«' ec, la lucreaslnjt the oavy, la buiWins up tbe uurebaat raa/iue, and la ed-tscatlu« Uw pw-ipUo* prufxwl by lilajr's MIL W heu. Pit a aonei ndsd bl» *peect> tber* w*» k ireei j*sj er tptnai rresi tlement, the claim tb&t vessels of tbe United States shall have and enjoy the same rlgbU Iu Canadian ports a* are »ocor |ed to Canadian Venae Is In the ports of the United maws, snail oe mainieinea." rroposed hulls Against Stanford and Ooold. WAsniNOTfirf CITV, Jan. 24. —A resolution was introduced in the house by Anderson of Kansas Monday, authorising the iu stltution of judicial proceeding* against the ruciuo rauroaa companies. toe preamuie charges mismanagement and fraudulent man-ipuUtlon, and the attorney-general • U directed to enforce tbe forfeitures prescribed land Stanford and Charles Crockerjln tbe suit agiusc tbe Central . Faciflo; and John F. Abby, Elijah Atkins, Etra H. Baoon, Byd-nev Dillon. Jav Gould. J. L. Ames and Rus- set Sago la the suit against tbe Union Pacific. Tbe attorueT-Heaeral Is further directed to make application to the United States courts tbe trusts. ..; . A Terrible State of Affalrst WAJniriGTOJi Crrr. Jan. 34. —"Here's pretty bow d'ye do," said a local politician uonqey, pointing to tne rouowing para-staph which appeared in a local paperi "pal Perry Carson says that any white Republican in tbe District can rote at the primary election* to be held to-night if be U willing to vote at the same preolnot v ored Republicans. Jf there is any. white Republican too high-toned to do this he bos nb cause for complaint Col. Carson says there Is Just one place la the United States where colored ana wuite tvepuoticaus are on an equality, and that is in the District of Columbia." "And all this under the very shadow of the oapltoir concluded the Irate District of Not In hnr et Half Measures. Washinqton CUT, Jon. 84.— A delega tion representing the Baltimore tobacco board of trade and the tobacco Industries of Maryland, "Were here Monday conferring wnn metnuera ot tne ways aoa means committee. The members of the delegation Maryland would be against any interference in pert with the present tax on manufaot-ured tobacco. H the tax was to be removed, and this was especially desired, tt should b* I removed from all lobacoo. it was bad policy fsot uxors Woul.l HoM the Saint* Anoat LeveL Jan. 2i— Among the ■enow monuay la the territory of Utah in the governor and tbe territory,, to Le appointed by the president and confirmed by the senAte, not more than six of tbani to-be of one political party, and providing that all laws passed by tlio assembly bo first submitted to congreis, and if disapproved, tlio same to be null. The bill also rrqoiros that voter* shall take oath that they neither teach norpracltce bigamy or polyg- introduced iu tl The J Drummed Up a Quorum. Wa*kinqto» Cttt, Jan. 34.— ITie D*r secure the attendance ot a quorum of Demo crat* at tbe session of th* bouse Hoi Theeoly niomtwre too ill to atumd weri Spiuola, who Is at Hot Springs. Belmont telegraphed that he bad missed the train and ...'ok. w t ojuito "sick, and THIRTY YEA KS IN HIDING. • Oats Away After Convl*tl<i apttot. Zawkbvilli, Ohio, Jan. at— A crime oom- revlvod by the arrest of tho principal In the suair, for more than twenty years has been an-Ui'MQspeOTed" tut" thriftless Roes county" farmer. There Is a good deal ot romance In ~ In7i8;>o,^wben tbe canal was still a novelty in tbe state, Richard Cesslboon, captain of the Helen R,, on the Muskingum division, one day quarreled with bis wife, and was about to strike her when a man named William Hyde interfere L In the" quarrel which followed Hyde -was killed. Caaslboon was promptly arrested, and It he bad been at once tried would scarcely have escaped banging. But the trial Sras deferred, and the prisoner was at last only sentenced to six year* hard labor In the penitentiary. Between tho time of his conviction and the day set for his removal to Columbus, Cesslboon escaped from tha Muskingum conuty Jail. Four other prisoners who walked out at the ssms time were speedily apprehended, but Caaslboon evaded all efforts uot only ot the officers, but ot a brother ot his victim, who has never ceased to search for the fugitive, Casalboon set out for the bills, and made hi* way after several days to Hamden, In Vinton county, where be obtained employment in a smalt coal mine. After a time he grew snsplclouB of his fellows, quit Hamden, and went to work at McArthur. Again be grew aotirahensire. and airain ha set out across tho hills, Anally settling In the When the civil war began he enlisted in the Eighteenth Ohio volunteer infantry, and for three years battled bravely for the Union. Near the do*) of the war be was wounded, and he has since drawn a pension of 124 a month. One afternoon last week two gehtlaman of official bearlnn arrived In Chlllleothe and made Inquiry for Isaac Brown, Ooe of them was Kuss Bethel, sheriff of Muskingum, tho other Cbiof of Polio Weaver, of Zanes-vlllo, R-gnrding tbe man about whom they mad e Inquiry they only knew that he sometimes got 1 Ismail at Waller poalolllco. They drove to Massievllle. where tbev were di rected to tho bills back ot Franklin, AndJ hollow— is repulsive a spot as ever the sur Isaac Brown's home was. a hovel on th hillside, 'and his farm, a 100- aero tract, * unproduotlva and so unpromising that Its title U still vested in the government, no one ever navtng carect to lay claim to It. and there ' Isaan Brown. the soldier, but in reality Dick Cassl- Doon, toe murderer, naa uvea, as secure rrotn observation and detection as In the mountain of the west His poverty baa been patiently three children, the eldest an adult and the youngest a child ot 5. The old man was a starUIni picture of misery and want A llttlo, weRiisn-faced, grlnly -bearded man of three-score and ten, halt blind, half starved, onddestitute ot even comfortoblo clothing, be appeared scarce worth the trouble of arrest The great whitewashed walls of tbe Ohio penitentiary inalosi a heaven compared to tbe bovol that for a quarter ot a century has beau the home ot the fugitive— Dick Cassiboon. Brown was inveigled front tha house Oa the pretense of wanting htm to go to Massievllle on ousiness ooariog on nts pension papers When told that he was nuder arrest he on- ooalnlalnlnelv aocomitanlod the ofllnor*. and after a good supper at Chill Icothe be ap peared, almost gtan taac ue nan ceen round, and asked to be speedily taken to Zauesville. Hyde's brother, who still lives at Dresden, Insists that punishment sbatt be inflicted, but iDBre is a general reeling tuat uaac Drown, bv over three Veers of valiant aarvlce forth. Union, baa atoned for the sin of . Dick Cassi- Doon. mere see mi to oe no disposition on the part of thB officials to nut into eieoutton the sentence of a court thirty -three years ago, and it is more than possible that before be asked to perdu i tha prisoner. -. DENIALS FROM DEFENDANTS. The Accused la the . Indianapolis Tolly- Ibdiahafoub, Ind, Jan, 24. —Henry Bpaan wis the first witness in the seventh day's trial baa lived in this city since 1876. Witness said that Sheriff-aleat King and others Inter ested in the result of tbe eleotion employed him in his capacity as a lawyer to look after trig, and ha went there In the discharge 'ol bis dudes. He denied Parkin's testimony tiou, and the CTces-examinatiou did not Defendants Mailer, Sullivan, Beck and Buud were upon tne stand during the < noon, and each detailed all that look oli th* can vasal rig board meeting and denied ler exhibited a great tbt stand, and on oue bitterly, and procotdlUES were suspended he oould recover bis composure. He said mat na nan never oeen in room on in tne courthouse; that ha had been la no room with Coy and Perkins, and that bis tally-sheets bad not been chanzed br Perkins or anybody else. lie said that Perkins had asked for money to defray his (Parkins') penses when ha was arrested, and when Met ier finally refuse.l ferktns told him. will do you up." . Other witues see tesliUei to the good reputations of the defendants. Cor* Lee Boores a Paint. BpniwonKLD, Ma, ' Jan. 2*. — The-state closed Its side In tbo-Cora Lee case at 3:30 o'clock Monday afternoon. Leon Maurice, the Brat witness Monday morning, recognised in a chotoeraoh ot Mrs. Graham, a woman that George Graham and Cor* Lee had with tbera the night of Tb* sworn statement of the defendant, mode £0,1884,, In 'which it was admitted that' gray ponj *• driven from t borne on tbi by a closely veiled sonpuon. that Cora Leo was not in tb* wagon th.^ony " but the defense has not been able to produce wiiotam on that point, and ooueequtully I bees sUtswtaU would weigh heavily against her. After careful wxuuderatioa Judge not a* est atsuiuta faot This keep, ft jaary tba state's stronxset tnstiaaaoy. •h«i>4 Have n»SM tisu CitoiMAH Jan. x*. -Oliver e***rj, 11 n Mi«s t his Nell), a friend of ig the bouss. He ordered ■ward, without warning, pollad his r*- f slut, and young Spalding Garrett, a step^ sonot Hewar-I, ruibed to her reseua. He asked Howard why he had shot at the girt "It's none ot your business," was tb* reply. Scarcely had Seward uttered tha words when he whipped out bis revolver again and Bred at Garrett The ball struck him in the left side Just belnw tba heart producing a fatal wound Seward was arrested and a charg* ot murder placed against bim. Capitol. t to* cap). WABHrsGTost Crrr. Jan. 'M sode occurred Monday afternoon toL which caused considerable A voune lsdv who hail called to sea one of officials of the supreme court asked to be directed to the congressional library, which man volunteered to show bar the way, but in Ilea led her down stairs Into one of tbe lower hall oommliteo-rooms, where he attempted an assault The lady made her escape up-stairs screaming, and fell in a faint at tbe door ot the supreme court-room. The police vainly searched for tha culprit, who bad levanted in the confusion. WABHirfortm Crrr, Jan. 3*. — Iu the United Stole* Supremo court Monday afternoon Chief Justice Waite announced tho oe' cislon in tho case or Brooks, alios Maxwell, from the supremo court of Missouri. It is known a* tho "Maxwell murder case of at Louis," The supreme oourt decides that inasmuch bs there is no question involving Uw constitution of the United States or any ot Its treatlb*, and none of the right* and privilege* or imtnublLios guaranteed by any federal law has been affected, it has no jurisdiction, and that therefore the decision of the court below must stand . The Ohio Alleged Fine Workers, Colcitbjjb, 0,, Jan. P*.— The court-room was crowdrd Monday morning when Judgi Push called the famous Ully-eheot cases. Jndg* Thurniau was present The only eu> prise of the morning was the Bppearance of L. L. Mills, of Chicago, who bs to take port lU'the prosecution. The defendants, Myers, Cogan and Blackburn^ asked separate trials. Prosecutor Huliuj said the state had uot ex^ pected this, and be would like time to consult with otber counsel. At J udge Thurman's suggestion adjournment was taken for the WALLOPED 8Y WEIR. "The Hplder" Wins as He Fleas** lo Minneapolis, Minn,, Jan. 24.— The Weir- oliller jimj aright took place Monday night In the rink, (which was fearfully cold and un-comfortablol Walr made bis appearance at 0:S0, and wnn promptly followed' by MUler, It was found that Miller weighed 137, while "the Spider'*" weight was liO^, Heary Seely was chosen referee. Preliminaries settled, the men faced each otbBT for the flrrt round Weir's antics were laughable and his " tactics fine. He landed two blows on his antagonist's face during tba round, but without damage, and avoided several from his opponent In the second ' round Weir got a good right-hander on Miller's mouth, which drew blood, and first blood was given to Weir, but Miller evened thing* up In ar measure by giving "the Spider" a blow over tbe eye iu the third round whlob draw the clarar. - The fourth round was a bad one for Miller. Weir got in a rattler on bis face that stag gered bim, and was putting In hU fist where be pleased "when time wo* called. The same aina.oc ojnung characterised tfie nrui round, "tbe Spider" playing sharply on Miller's face, whlob was badly disfigured. Miller, however, took bis medicine heroically, though tho sixth -round was still worse, and atltbe end he was drlveu against tbe ropes. , He got bis steeper in the seventh round. First he Was again knocked against the ropes, but recovering weut on with the fight until weir gave mm a wrrino ngot-nonner. which once more tout him to tbe ropes wnsre ueoiung ossea uniu time was called, unable to toe the mark, ana. the fight was given to "the Spider. * The mil) was preceded by a ten-round con- (•sc oetwe*n uieason, tne ©campion lightweight of the northwest and an all-around athlete named Webb. This set-to lasted Just Ave seconds, when Gleason grot In a ris-ht- hander on Webb's chin, which laid his Oppo- CONDEMNED BY THE METHODIST! The Presides aoYreli. Jubilee Gilt to a Discourtesy to Hunibi Baltimore. Md. Jan. 84.— The Mond.v meeting ot tbe Methodist Episcopal ministers was Very fully attended The principal business was tba consideration of a report of a' special committee who have been considering i follows t Whereas, Tbe president iaa sent Iq Pope Leo, as a Whereas, Certain proinlni uvea of l'opc Loo are pablieiy Interpreting thai >f bV^orab^regarJ for the R™j»k hierarchy, ilbg Jesuits, who have ai- illirious llbertv: therefore be It Resol ved. That the praaohors' median of the Method lat Episcopal church in Baltimore hereby thii act of the president of the United States per Jubilee. , Resolved, That st enter our solemn proti ogaiast this new departure ot the president making such marked official . recognition of a i llgteus hierarchy, claiming also temporal sovi aiiraty.. Resolved, That we regard tbe aot of the pre dent aa a political dla.-ourtrav. It no* tdten King llunibeit, whose *overoi«nly over a united Italy uw pope uoui ontagonuus and denies. . Two Cent* a Mil. oo th* SAO RaltiKors, Md, Jan. 24,— Beginning wlih Jad, va, the rate for I.COV-rnlla tickets on H & 0.1 lues west of the Ohio river will be reduced troio f-23 lo tax ' The rate* oast of th* Ohlp have always been %20. The i.WKmtls tlokBts which have been, or m» >* snM of tbe Ohio, will hereafter be honored on tba a, of v. noes west en in* Ubla, Ought To He Able To Wag AJ.e*. Caiho, Jen. 24.— Tb* claiats of the ex-Kbeiliv* Utnall Pasha hav* besoeettlsd. By tbe taruiaot tb* aeuieouut ha receive* tb* Egyptian* formerly bekngdcg to bim, proporty at CooetsaUnopi* valued tt^oOo,. WO^ommuteJton^tW MILLIONS IN MILLINERT. .a Asnxresrmt* Un la* to »LMOOOO in tne rbllsd.lphl* renlnln* Heswl-Oear District— Ercillo* Bees* at a Chieage Fin — Seventy-five Hoys In ■ Panic— No One Tladly Hurt. Phtlapkli*hia, Jan. 24. —An alarm of r« was soanded from El/htb and Arch street* at 7 o'clock; Monday night The fir* department ^ respond siLprompily, Th* fire proved to he In a chimney, aod, as supposed. put out without bringing tbe depart-into service. At 11 a m. anolbw alarm was sounded from the came location. la »few moment* the entire structure of Marks Bros.' millinery and ladiaa wear.1 northwest corner Blghth and Arch, was reduced to asbea Tbe conflagration spread with almost incredible rapidity and tbe beat was most intense, tbe content* of the buildings being io the highest degree Inflammable. In a very few minutes tb* Are bad made «uah progress at the flames leaped serosa Warflald place, little allay separation Marks Bras.' build ing from that of Shonemnn Brns,, extending' on Eighth street from 116 to 123, and salted upon It Tbeir fierceness was checked, how-' aver, oy ue nramen, and though tbe building was badly gutted it was not so entirely destroyed as that of Marks Bros. At tb* earns time tbe Intense heat ami Om ft* me* set fire to tha building* on tbe east Sid* of Eighth street These were occupied by Adolph Heller, importer and dealer In milliner** goods, from No, 101 to I IS, and Straus*, Tbanbauser ft Co., Hot, 11H to 111, vera old three story structures and war* with tb* same class of roods, as the buildings first on flnv Strauss Sc Than-hausnr ft Co, also bad a front at 733 Arch street, and the nor of this building also caught ... Shortly, after lUo'olock a violent explosion occurred, said to have been caused by the chemicals lo Rodrigo's establishment After ine waiu on either sld* or Kighth street had tumbled in the fury of the fire began to exhaust itself, and the firemen were 'better able to put In tome effective work, The heat from th* fire for soma time was to intense that it was Impossible to stand within several hundred feet of the burning building*. The flames shot out of tba Mark* building and seros* Arch street with «r*at -flercaueae. set ting fire totha bulldlngon the southwest corner of Eighth and Arcb streets, occupied oy rreoaricK n.nappis, conieotioaer. it was with th* greatest difficulty that, the building and several occupant* were saved. Knapplo's lost can not be estimated, but It will be several thousand dollars; oo vend by Insurance.' No. 803 Arch street is Shuster's cafe and confectionery store. Tbe building is an "L^shaped one, and extends through to Eighth street The roof and woodwork on tbe Arcb street front of tba house was burned. Mr. Booster he* an insurance of |H,000 on It Other firms losing by fire and water were William Menckej Abel ft Co., Importer* of feather* and flower*, 80d Arch street; L. Donnenbeum & Soot, tilk and millinery goods, KM Arcb; W. H. Clark, Botterlck's patterns, and Mr* Avornt, boarding house, BOB Arch. All the above war* well Insured. At 2:30 a tn, Tuesday tb* Or* wot well under control Tbe estimated loose* foot np 1^500,000. FRANTIC BOYS IN A FACTORY, Three of Then Jump iron —A Hash Throush Flams*. Chicago, Jan. lit— Seventy-fly* ' boys rushed frantically about tha work-room in the second story of tbe Chlcazo Glass Manu facturing company's building at Fortieth street ana men two™ avenue late Monday afternoon. From the narrow stairway which was the. only exit from , tbe room-the smoke poured ud in stlflini clouds. The reflection of a small flams flickered fitfully at the bottom of tbe stairway and mads tbe boys fearful of tb* descent Windows war* thrown open and anxious heads ware thrust William Connors was tha first lad to try the himself ud from tb* snowdrift In which he -had alighted. Adolnh Gogtr. eocounu-ed bv Connor's reassuripg remark, also leaped, but rise, as tbe tall had sprained bis ankle and bruised him badly. As be was lying upon air and James O'Neill landed by bis tidy John Noonan and Thomas Westfleld, who were tt work in tb* room with tb* boys, finally averted the pania, and stood at tbe had descended. By this time, however, a wall of fire biased between them and safety. With a frantic ruth they hurried through tbe flames, and fell senseless after they reached the street Darks of flame shot oqt from the lower windows, and tba two men would have undoubtedly been burned John Brownson, who ruabtd through tin llama and dragged them to a plao* oi **'•*'■ The origiVpt tb* blase is unknown. Tb< loss is^sroout Ig&.OOO, and tally Insured. IlWlin-rjatholloP^oD.^BorW. . BB.nxir.roBT, Conn.. Jan. 24.— Tbe na non age of St Aogustine's Roman Cat hoik Dorian was burned Monday nirht with lb Hiluobte library, church records, silver platt and many article* whose valua cannot b* as- umawa in ogures. ina pecuniary damagt Lec'al Fight Over wstsr Privil****. Eavt Cubx, Wb., j*o. 24.— The first step I In • probable Uliga tiou, Involving franchise* i ni great va-us, was aim monaay oy a no- company on the West Kao Clair* MU1 oan> p*oy. Iu which th* latter Is notified that the oanal company, whk-h emtarooe* tevwal neavy lumoer corporauon*, claims to* . oweercuip or toe aait-Mooo iocs log voir bare— which holds 20,000.000 log all riparian and otber privileges which have hitherto b*oo used by the Wast Baa Clair* company, .too tatter company w hard fight to r«Ula Uw privUeges. BCBXIM. Jan. 34. -The Ta^biott lays that n*xt week m oonseduence of the tba larynx of the crown prince of a portion of oteod oartUaga, wklob Dr. kCaoSsnii* will •*J» that particles tvf deed oartllaAa have beta ejected from the WO wo prince1* throat by coaghiag; r»»wy day *mos Job. IT. The p»U»ni ha* peea ocesftojed to Ma apartioeota fur eight days, bftt sine* Friday last hit ooo- Two for a Cent And- the be?( ever matls. Ch«af» enough, tweiy, and so good that those who have used them won't have anyoltiers. What are iliey 7 Affi-lo-pho-roi Pilfs. What are they for? For Nervous or Genera! Debility, Headache, Lassitude, Disease, of Women, They'l, take away tlial tired feeling, give new life and strength. Smelt and pleasant to take, yet wonderfully effective Prepared from the formult of an eminonl physician. _ Neatly put up in " bottle*, and fold by all druggists. '. THE ATHLOPHOROS CO. US Wall St., Mew Y«rk. tk roar retal1nTjr<TT th*^<>rli!^n«| $3 3k *o, rTeaeaeaalneaale*. bearlagihlsSuaea .JAMES MEANS' S3 SHOE. Jhtru tHIi i CVwri/trrv} or y5 ^, J. R. BELL & SON 1 sell tbem to you It yon will give tbeea Xchanoe, aawollaaB TUSH OI.OTHZHO. ew and desirable stock of which they have oh ind. Den't think of going aorwbare (use, j a* no one else in tbe city keeps The James Means Shoe EsVEGATlT CftOTHIWO i THE CHiGAGO AKO 10RTH WESTERN ■W RAILWAY. he CeatrcB of ronnia. Itloa It, ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, " HLNNESOTA, DAKOTi, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING* itK TBAITV SERVICE lsj rJXrctuliy •JTWtwj to meet reoulremeoU ot local travel, ■ os wall as to furnish the most attractive Bwtea or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES. offl* KOI IPBEIT or Day and Parlor Oars, Dining and Palase Bleeping Cart is without rival I9« BO.VD.BElt la perfection at Detailed Information cheerfully furnished by O. E. Rogers, Aseavt, MT£JCUa«7l. J. M. WHITBAS, fx O WICKER. Vloe-rres. & Gen. M&ngr. Tmfllo Manager. L f. TIUOI, Bh'1 Pttmist CONSTIPATION fS eallcd (he "Father of Diseases," becauBe ;k» the system as by the absorption of gates In Uie retention ot dooejed and ter In the stomach and bowels. It Is a^Toij^j^r^no^BOttirh bile being and Is generally accompanied 'with Lois of Appetite* Sick Headaebe, Bad Breath, ate. The treatment of Constipation does not coo-s stroercly In unloading the liowels. The wedi- greater eoetlvooesi. To secure a regular habit at^tKHi^ without changing tbe diet or dlsorganl , " My atleallon, after suffering with Coustipo; tlon for two orUusse rears, was called to sfm-raoos Liver itegulator, and, having tried almost eventhms; else, eonniuded to trv ft. 1 n.-nt t,.-,ir terwards redueert Uie dote per Directions, after each . 1 had done' me so much --tt Take only tbe Geaiiine< Wblcb hat on the Wrapper the red jjg mark and ttgtiAlure ox J. «, XEU.1K *t «<K LADIES! Do »our Owa Dyelo*. si Hoauj, with PEERLESS DYES Caneai.'e rirta Hess* the Sd*l« PrtTBBi-ws Pa.. Jo*. **. -AS a oooJtr-Mr„,d,r Utwwu Car»*«l*, Phi pp. *, taheVuaS* Ih* highest uri«, uajl „** 17*0 ha ft a Xntrye*. ABOttsar ptw was iold tut •ssa) i» Dr l »o»er. Tk*. total *.u** it i>- |di«i??*«tt^ T%^ TtW do not eraak ar «tn rwugg>i^8t9iMB*.rii

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