The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1971 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1971
Page 4
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Vj OA*-> '^vfrf^; "^ *FT/A ;''?».><«-" *•; • v -.. , TeiM.AVednwday, November 24,1*71, P*gH A''- the -Alpha Omega Chapter of Beta a'Phl held its fall titoals < !rrth%'home 6f 'Joyce Mnley. ' Qircjii Holds services Circuit minister, Arthur W. Avey, will visit the Clute , --. --- Congregation .of Jehovah's ifSii4°™ Hahn, Kathy Aucoln, Witnesses Nov. 83-28, U was l?;Margle parkrCarolyn field announced by the local ' A and Bretida Nelson .were the organitations ' five, new members • 'to 'receive their Pledge Rituals. j] : ' NancV* % 'Scarborough iff received her Ritual of Jewels !&.. and Mftnona Taylor received f r heir TransfcYRltual.'All of the 1 new members were presented %»" a yellow rose along with their presiding minister, VVm. B, Mallory, today. Avey has been newly assigned to supervise 16 congregations In this area. Following the rituals a short business meeting was held. Plans% for 'the coming Thanksgiving Dinner for the members and-the Christmas project were discussed. Me has been an ordained minister since 1934. Sixteen years of this time was spent at the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society's International headquarters in Brooklyn, N. Y. He has also served as supervising minister in Ohio. Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, New Mexico and California. A special week of activity Is planned beginning with OFFER; GOOD TUES. • WED., FRI.: SAT., NOV. 23-24-26-27 8-'xlO" Living Color 4*88'. £;£ ik Babies'— children — adults — groups — 1 Special * 'of each person singly only 88£, plus 50tf film fee. f~ Groups $1.00 per person, plus one 50£ film fee. * Select from finished pictures in radiant black and 1 *** white and living color. _* Bonus quality "Guaranteed Satisfaction."' * Limit — one Special per child. * Fait delivery — courteous service, * Senior Citiiens Welcome > Hwttit 10 AJL !• i r.M., a P.M. t* t P.M. rrhby >• '=» P.M.-»«UrJ«y t* 5 JO P.M. 120 TARPON INN VILLAGE FREEPORT 233-3601 Tuesday night at 7:30 when the weekly .congregational ministry school wilt be held at Kingdom Hall, 1M Hargett St.. followed by a ministry development class. Avey will then give his first talk of the week. < Each day following this Avey and members of the congregation will bo engaging in preaching from door-to- door In the locality. Wednesday through Friday evenings Avey will meet with different Bible study groups. Saturday night he will again address the congregation. Various local ministers of Jehovah's Witnesses will also participate in answers to Bible questions. The highlight of the week will be the public lecture. "Is Truth Transforming Your Life?" to be delivered Sunday at 9:30 a.m., at the Kingdom Hall. The public is cordially invited to all meetings and lecture, Turkey dinner costs modest, expert soys AUSTIN (AP) — A family of six can eat a typical Texas- size Thanksgiving dinner for $9.03, says state Agriculture Commissioner John White. He said a typical Tvjcas Thanksgiving menu would include baked turkey with cornbread dressing and gravy, green beans, candied sweet potatoes, fruit salad, orange-cranberry relish and pecan pie. Texas home economists figure the price thus: Turkey. M pounds, at 39 cents per pound J5.46; dressing 40 cents; gnjvy a nickel; green beans, two pounds at 39 cents per pound or 78 cents; swwt potatoes, two pounds at 19 cents per pound or 38 cents; fruit salad' including apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, pecans, sour cream and salad dressing, 46 cents; orange- cranberry relish, 50 cents; pecan pie Jl. TDA home economists Figure the total at exactly {9.03. "This menu will serve six people and you'll have enough left overs to get you through the ball games on television, as well as a few snacks later at night," While said. f? >• K- i HO E^WORLD ARTHUR W. AVEY Circuit minister HOUSE SHOES Teens ladies Children Shoes NEW KHD IOO* tAiesr I.TYUS $1 HOIOS Itt UdtesKf inkle Pilenf Side Zipper Boots Deer Hunter Speciil *Q 95 9 DEAR ABBY f i i , Bachelor has her support ANOfTON 725 i UULBtBiY Happy birthday to — THOMAS KAV GOOI.8BY. ALICE HOOD. EVELYN WILLIAMS, ISS1E 3TEELB, JIMMY 1'I.UMMER. BETH SHORT. ANDREA F1UPI'. MILTON BENNETT. C. C. REID. CHARLIE CROCKER. JIMMIE DODDS. RAY JOHNSON. DAVID ALLEN SIMS. DEAN STEPHENS, KENNY HBNDR1X. CHARLES CODDOlt, BESSIE JAMMER. . . Mr. and Mrs. W. E. JENKINS are celebrating their 28th anniversary.. , This church can't complain about money DALLAS (AP) - Dallas' first Baptist Church surpassed its needed revenue for 1(5 1972 general operating budget by more than 8M.OOO. church leaders announced Sunday. The church had conducted a month-long campaign for pledges among the church membership to meet a record $3.618.604.53 budget. Church spokesman said the amount pledged totalled J2.702,*».l7. Church leaders said the church, with 16,900 members, is the world's biggest Southern Baptist church. Ecology is important to church ALBANY. N. Y. (AP> Churches in the 19 county Albany Episcopal diocese are to become centers for the collection of used newsprint (or recycling purposes. Old newspapers are to bv collected at churches and sent once a week to a recycling plant in Pennsylvania. The Rt. Rev. Allen W. Brown, Bishop of the Diocese, said the project would continue until such time as the government organize* a recycling program. He said any income would go into a special fund to be used in the Held of ecology, parks, reforestation and similar projects. Special service Special Thanksgiving Day services have been planned by Christ Our Saviour Lutheran Church of Angleton. The services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Thanksgiving Day in the Lake Jackson Brozosport Savings and Loan meeting rooms. By Abigail V«n Buren I* tWI If CMtM* THMM-M, V, H«M IrMw M,I DEAR ABBY: t am InterMied In the letter from the bachelor who refused the request of hU best friend and the friend's wife who asked htm to attempt to Impregnate her, H »wm* to jne that the bachelor was Inordinately *elfl»h, u to true of most bachelors. Should the bachelor have agreed, the attempt might have resulted In a conception and birth, making at least three people happy, the hutband, the wife, and the offspring. Respectfully, A LOUISVILLE M. D. DKAR M. 0,: Surely, you jeM] Thf jMtslMUUe* of multiple regret* ta inch a bliarre arrangement are endta*. Man b net I'ke the May fly. what* Mly purpe*e In life U l» propagate, and havtng performed that function MK«. b* drop* dead. DEAR ABBY: I know you don't use name* or location*. M I'll be perfectly candid. I am In my late 30's and divorced. No children. I am very well off financially because of my divorce settlement. My husband wanted the divorce, not I. (Another woman.) I loved and trusted htm and was disillusioned and hurt when he told me. A few months ago f renewed my acquaintance with a handsome, charming gentleman. Gary (not tut real name) U Intelligent, sensitivti, kind and warm. Ite to talented aod self-supporting, and I love being with htm. We'w talked ol marriage and 1 am considering It. Now the problem.* Gary b a homcawua). which I knew alt along, lie Is satisfying In «v«ry way. and I am net ^akw* of his mate friends, t wax so deeply hurt by my husband, f never want that kind of Uivc again. Give nw your honest opinion of marriage between Gary and me, CONSIDERING IT UKAIt CONtSIDKtllNC.: t tuvr 0/1,0 «ld. "AH Out U arceuary for a narrl^ge t« «*fw<l U th»l tW t«o ff*v** really art* rwh atl*r." Re lore yoa (ltd Gary "M«t" c*ch »tlwr for rrWMM list wiU e»durv. It It pa**fbic llxl j« »rr* w d««]rfy »*rt by • hwbjad «Ho replaced ywt "Uti lacibcr wiMnia Out jott'd (r*l more *ccart la a marrlagr wkfeti U •*< tiMj to W Ihrralriwd \tf aiwiltrr »»m»B. Kajoy Oirj't e«oipa*y for like time bring, btft ilon'l marry blm aakw JIM arr t«r<< W your »«n mo<lv jltoai. ABBY; I recently becarms et»Ksi<r«l My ftaaoo livw with hb widowed mother *rxi want* to conilnuf to after we are married. He &tys bit rwrfhrr will let me Uta ov«r the h<xu« completely, and tKat w« «wi)da'( tx- Uviog with HER- she would be living with US' Furthermore, he wy* U w? don't Uv« *uh h.U motbet, she will HJ»V« to Mil her houae aod live in on apjftmicol tw cau3* ihc won't be able to run the bo«*c on her chrt-k aloce. Besides that, he oat already bought ht» mo<ner 4 *o.«hcr, dryer, telcvbkm. etc. ami he do>nn'l want lo h~»*c to buy Ihes* things twice, Abby. t don't think ii it pw^iblr for m* to Uvv in her home and "take it over" with her living there, 100 U would still be HER hou«r, and I can't «x jiarttn* mjuitd Uf« ««h my husband's mother living with 1*1. (Or <s» wtth h«t, however you want to look at it. { Maybe your rr*iicr» Have bad experience with ihl* type of j*t-up Dow it rvcr w«wfc? What do you think? CQNCKRXKD UKAK O)M"KK.\KI): t am *«rr il ft*,* H«rdr4 l« iiM«y. Bat with rrry frw who hj<t Ox doubt* j*a rt;rru. Trtt your fiance exactly a«w y*a lrt\. QKMl ABBY: I am ts year* oW, *(rt am to tow with »n IR-year-old boy. We've been going »<*ady for ««v*» months and wrrc planning on gttling martitd to abow» a year from now. We have gone all lr* way to eiprwn ow wve nrreral time* My mother (ound out ab<*l it and carried no wm* thing awful, and now »be It making «» get marrkd »» «*» as my boy friend gets M» w»l paycheck Abby. we don't have any furniture, and we d«jri t cnro have a place to live. My nwUvrr won't let m* *e* my twj Irlend, and *ay* I am to »tay strictly In the hcuw uraii 1 «« married. . 1 tow my mother and don't want to burl her, bat »h* U hurting me more by making me grt irurried wtth noJWng except the love I have for my boy frknd Do you think she Is right in forcing t» to marry rigM now with nothing? LOUISIANA GIRL DKAK UIKl.i To loit* lw« Ut-orrparnl marriage in ordrr U. JWB!** slgWed. Wow* yet. y*«r fr*l tr»w*d a«4 re»«*UBl, and makrs a very poor hmbaad. b. I iMa*. **ry .hart- boj trfeml U b«aa4 t» a» «»wlU»g bridegroom COSFtOKNTIAl, TO BARBARA: t tain* jov tamU IcO Sandy Uta( If ifce h trrioai abmt wajOlag al) U* gkla la her wtddlag party la be bloods, »ac sboaW K>rct Mawh. Tell her. too, yoa will gladly stand up (or tor. fcri yo« woat "4vc" for ker. Aa4 what's wroog witk a wfgT Wkal'i yo«r pnMiUmT Ywi'll fe«l better U VM gtt H Wl y««r ekcit. Write U ABBY, B«i «*7W, LM Aa^tliw, Cat Far a ptrioul reply eaclox itampH. »44r*tuH a Uttty W*4ti*«. M Far Akby's kookkt, "ilow to Hava II l» Akky, B«x (971*. LM ABgtl iving ;is World Hunger Day 8WKBNV - Thankiftlvlng Day hat been designated 8» World Hunger Day by the Lutheran Church-MlMourl Synod, A three-million member church body with lome 6,000 congregations throughout the United Slate* and Canada. St. Luke Lutheran Church of Sweeny will participate In the program to ralte funds to help feed the world'* hungry. At 1U July convention In Milwaukee, the delegate* to the biennial convention of the Ml»owrJ Synod r«ol«d to otMerve a World Hunger Day. Prwldwit J. A, 0, Prow later dwtgnatsd Thanksgiving Day a* Ita time for the otoervance, "The Kan Pakistan refugeei, ,lh« farmer* In Nigeria who nwsd iwd mwwy, Uw doprotted American In(ton*, (he weary Jordanian*, the »larvlng In India, the underprivileged In Ap- palachla, Jh« lowly In Guatemala, the poor In Hong Kong - all will benefit from ihl« TtB>nk»Klvlng dppeil." the Hev, Or, Martin I'och. executive director ol the MlMourt Synod'f Board of World Relief, ha* «'a'«l t»lan» for the local congregation, according to I'Mler Wlllard M«y«-, Include a Thanksgiving Oay w«r»Wp smk« »t 9 a.m. and a *f*dal -world hunger" collection Kvtryoo* » invited W star? (hi* hour ef wt*»hjp «t roerntag Lutherans hold special communion LAKE Ml'KHO.N - O»rtt« Luthef art Church wtll mark it* t>t**crt3(Ky of Thank.**!* t«j{ with "lnvtUt«J«»," a rootfcrn day cclrbrAlton of tit* Kuehamt »l 7-18 pm Wednesday, TV «Tvfcr '•til b* ««»' dudini by mwtiwn e>t iff It* txagtw jrouof! peupk vntitt *f») yubtK thl*. u< I'iV* *4Mi TTxrc will t* Kmnclh Ititw. (ibtui Cc*Trl> sn4 Mr*. will twit* part* In m o< "Th* l>kn K*« i!« ti#** lKfernt ltf*tl 4tr>o(gtttxi AM] Juntf.rjri) to "The tol to »(4lr hu ale hi> AUsf(n«U«ft iot llw wrjut-xi tfr rrdd fatiftf 7*w X***" IrtMSiJm; to "Tfeir («• IcTinX' tytnbalitittg ihc anrtcfU ruilotn to vhicl) Itar lUf U U «t *4twn ulv tiruu^W lo tluc Cfp^iw <*«*! ltr«Je*ns<» Ttnf hi<Jjp» n( °' tb* Mrf>>«T *» "T>» Presenting he KNIT FASHION Collection co/or fV iwi//7 you Insta-Matic. COLOR TUNING * r MOTOROLA "vtorks in a drawer.' color TV > Quasar it ,m ONE BUTTON ooes m UOd*< «lt«M«A II* p«tv>« »t PRESCOTT'S COMING TO ANGLETON TAIA IHTHUIH1WT HWIPIISiS MBEMT Til OIIGIHAL NATIONAL TOURING COMPANY IN Ktncd b) polite, experiment waitreurt Koa»t Turkey & Drming- Baked Ham & Yams- Hoast SlroJin of ttttl VVIIII'I'KU POTATOES, OIKAMKO I'KAS, 8ALAU. AND HOME MADE PIE FO|l OKSSKHT 8 RM.-NOVEMBER 28 w ^^ MPl^^nlNIl W^VF N^v V 4^9 (URINKS KXTKAJ ONLY 92t f * CIUI.D'S i'UTE Cl AK (URINKS tNUKH 12 t^99W9 KXTKAJ (\ AtVMM H4f MTf H'ff lii tin Pisa Room THANKSGIVING DINNER " )llnk ' * u " > Turktj «r Him wHh I thi trimmimi smj! g) WE WISH m INS YOUR FAMILY THE IEST ON THIS NOMOAY HWY 332-CtUTE Tti«8cb<w8er Diner tsopto ALL NIGHT

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