The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 2, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1914
Page 7
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flwndty EfMhf. ?. 1914. lOTHEROF SCHOOL GIRL '·lUHowLydUE-PiiikW'. Vegetable Compound Re- ·tared Her Dauftv Uf'» Health. *tov«. low*. -"From » tmol! child toy It y«*r old (tough l»r h«d fem»!« «Akni«a, I*pokn t h r * « 6otori liloutitBndU«ydltl not h itl|' M nny. Lyilia K. Plnltoun'd V p j j K t u b l * Com- pmiml hiul |««f) of THE DECATTIR REVIBWi Page Seven 1 gri-til HI I (Ini'lrlv'ltfl huv« hi'i- glVK l u a trlnl. Slir tin* 'aki-n llvn T ------ - tnl'lx Cnnpounil wm^tin( to rilrwtionn on th«noMli nml »!,« I* i'.ur»d ot tlni truuliln Slio WM ·! run duwn wh«n »li« »U't«d tnkln* th* fompound *mi \»-r jwiods .lid not com* rl«l«. 8h« WM nopooriy »nd «VM|( that I often hni! to litp her drew ttfrttlt, but now »hi« IK roulnr unit I* rr"»in(t slmnR mnl li'-nl'V- -- Mro, JUKI IN Htt'VIO, I'luviT, Iw*. Hnnilr*-.!* of nuch l-tU» «otprf««lng r ratltudi' fur tho gow! I"'* *·· ''inn- am'« V»g»Ubl« Compnwd h»« nccom- nliihud .ro noniUntly blng r*c,-lv«d, proving «h« r«!l»bilJty ofthis irrud old i*»»dy. If you nr« 111 do nnflru; along and continue toaufTurtlBy Huiild^y out hut ·t onc« Uk» Lyilla E. mkhwn 1 . V.-K«- Ub!« Compound, » woiwi » rwmody for ill*. If T«« want «pffln«d»lw wrtd- «« To. (foafl. Omtltl) I.ynn,»«M be own** 1 , rMd ·» »»d held littrlrt hy n Consider the bet That ninty jwr cant of the lo) now sold in hn been hough I for future uxo. »« n' stronger fldorMment by the general public? PHONE FOR BOOKLET Ellhfr Phono 1028. Outing Shoes For Men and Women. lM o u t i n g o x f n r t j for men 'n, « h t t i . .ir.'J t a n lfiath»r. hi* mn*t r' rnfcirtnM' 1 ' find r t n i t " i ' i n« -h^s on the , pri'-M st p*r p n t r · up to 91.7K Jvm She*** . . ..... f i.5o pfr ptlr aines Essick 217 N. Water. BOTH PHn\t- unn. La»t Rites Over O. R. Yate. and Mra. Walker. Tn« f u n e r a l of Orvllle Roy Tates wos lir-irt «' * "'clock Wednesday after- nnon «t 111" B r l n t l l n g e r chapel. There « » » » l»m» attenrtance. The services « r r « .-onil'idfl by Rev. a. W, Reid, i M t i i of ii!" rhrlstlan church at Mil- int. The inuelo was furnished by ,!i«» rmn»s Hale »nd Mrs William r : l n i m « r The flowers wnre In charge , M ' i K 0 Osymsn and Mrs Iva i .,!'· Tlie p.illlif«r«rs w»r« C. R. i i , r l , » r,ro-.«r F f l s m s n , Pert Ouynn. I M r i - a r i h v , Hobert Romans and be"i r. I'M"- Th» I n t e r m e n t was in Felr- \ f , , , u s . i t " « . f.ithcr of th« boy. «·«» i . i r u m C U r l o n , Is, to attind il" .i..'nl M:S S A R A H A WALKER. r h . t m u r a l of Mn. Sarah A. W a l k e r w ^ I.' i'l Hi i "I Wi-flcicudsy afur:ionn n i i ! , - f n n n l v residence, 1158 N o r t h P i , , i . l « - n Th« ntrvlco were ronrtuct. o.l . Hi-v. T. N Kwlng. parlor of i-,i.i,n M c i l i u ' t i H t rhiiri-h. T h f r f was a l i t it' M t , ' n d « t i c e Tho m"»lo waj fur- n , - i , . l b\ M1«» M a r i a n McClsllati.l. Miss !· , ' h Po i i r f . i t . Mi W h K m n n "id Will l . ? n 1 . i m « M ( l T^P f l n w e r n . wcrj. (n r h i i r g " of M-» .'«m«» McKlnlev. Mrs. .t,,lin Urtnt, Mn fti»1t and Mrs H. A. W u j n ' i The r»H bearers "ore l.imei M ' K l i . l " - . J"lin ( r « » » , C. C Hubbell. II A w « « ' i » r . J E Macro and James H " » l ^ v Tli» body was placed In * n i ^ - , * n ' , u m In CJr««nwood. W A L T E R K N I F K A . ' l i n - r i i l »t W a l t e r K n l ,f MI n nd at K » r l K n i f k u . " '·· , iliii'»1^\ a f t r - t i - » r n m l l y r«»l'l'nce, IS'M T..IS' P ii s ' r o f t Th" m r v l r n WIMP - f j l y TSi-v 1' P n - r m n r n -n ron Th« i.i . s-hneldpr. .lo- li'ini'. i l l o n l r l P h . K r c s l n »nd Marl.' .-'ill' w n k l . Th- Ir.lornieiit wss In JULY 14 IS BAZAAR DATE Pur* B»B*I«« 'Women Chose Menu for Supper. v I S was net as the date for the . , i ,i h ' i z a a r f V o . l n i ^ d a y n t t ·,.. i',,. 1 i r i i o n ' Alii miolety of the i M r k U i v i i : - ' o h i i r c h . T h e menu -n for t b - supper l« as follows loaf, mai''.«il potatoes and gravy linn b»an». sliced tomatoes les, hrrafl. b u t l e r , Jelly, loe cream , U e T h e f o l l i w l n K committees ,,,,,,, I-'IM cho.i hn«f slaw p i c k l ,.,,1 \\ i l n K l Dlcl. = h a r j r i ' i M i : Mr- .' FarmiT. Mrs W. E ih. Mi-. '" \ ·' "hiipnn d l e n M r s r. l r . Simi!!iy. Mrs P ., MTS I.iura Schwab. Mrs. V n Mr» f3 LMnn. Mrs Hall him--Mrs W. E. Walsh, Mrs \ v , n ; . M i s A Berk. Mrs. .1. P Tl'i iio'iim In c h a r g e of tho table ,,,·11 ..!,.,· I ' l i ' l r own lielprrl- M l . i f c n - . n. | . t . « l . l e n t of the jo.-lcty, vll b. In gunsral charge. Other commlttco « l ' l ' " .ippoin'eil t" look a f t e r t h I .Vnansirnerits wore made yesterdas I for « silver soclsl to be held a week ! f r o m TM v at thf home fit Mrs Walsh j Th!" « l l l 'ilsf !'" !» t h f n a t u r e of i i dish shower for the church. Mrs. Walsl w i l l "!· i«-!5t«fl bv Mrs I. Truehlood. Th" n i f f l l n K y c a t p n l i v an ail da: nn". ill" Imslness session t a k l n f f plac ] n ( V * :tft.-r*vinn A qu!U was finished PUSHING A WAGON INTO DECATUR Bloomlnrton PanUgraph: Resident of p n u f h M a i n street were attracted to i h » ?!rht of a rnan anil three boy pushing a loaded wagon routli on Mali 6tr»" v r a t o r d a y afternoon. I n q u l v j V i r n M i h t f o r t h the statement that thes hntl E t n r i n r l r l r l v l n s f r o m Peortn t Decat'ir anfl that their horsn died on r h r n-av here from Pf-crla The', ^ver" unablf 1 to secure anothe nnd wWr- pushing anrl h a n l l n f t the ve hlc-lf;. which wa« loadod with their be lonKlns!«. the remalnfli-r of the jour ney. The men In the o u t f i t seemed t hr r n t h c - r weak mimliKl. b u t the boy wen- f i n i t e h e n l t l i v l.nls. They wer q«U" a sorry look! .- bunch as the c o n t i n u e d th* Journey south an.l wer lost seen south or HoiiEhton's Inhr They stopped for a short time at th lake anrt ato w h a t few articles of too they carried. Let Us Be Your "Home Makers" If you are thinking of starting that new home, you should realize tho great opportunity placed so early within yair reach. The money you save at this store is simply wonderful. Our entire building is filled with goods that go to furnish the home complete. The prices will make home furnishing easy. For Cash or Easy Payments. SEE BRESKOW'S Both Phones. 1025-31 N. Water. ;UPD FLOREY AND WIFE ENTERTAIN Mr. and Mrs. Budd Flory gave a. 6 clock dlnnsr Tuesday evening In onor of their son and bride. Only h« Immediate relatives were present. ths evening a reception was held, bout thirty-five guests b«tng there. he house was handsomely rleoorated o pink and whit*. Ths evanlng wa» devoted to music nd tames. Ths bride «ave several ocal selections, accompanied by Mrs. Wenti at the piano. Miss Haral Inspp furnished several selections on piano. Mrs. Lottie Martin, Mrs. Tcnry Schall, and Mrs. Etna Aholtz ssis'.ed In serving. IRST METHODIST W. H. M. S. TO MEET The Woman's Home Missionary soct- ty of the First Methodist church, will oet Friday afternoon at 3:30 In the hurch parlors. The Queen Esther dr. In will huve full charge of the devo on* and lesson A large attendance s desired as the new president wants o dlieuii ways and means of getting h« money for tha coming year. REJECTS #00,000 FOR GIRL HE LOVES Boston, Mass., July 2.--Turning his lack on a fortune of 1600.000 is the · crlflce which Frank Palmer Speare, irector of educational work at the Boston T. M. C. A., will mak» at his marriage to Katharine May Vintcn, a grartuate of L.a Salle Seminary. By the terms of his first wife's "will Speare inherited her fortune, with the estrlctlon that ha could have It only so ong as he ramalned unmarried. ANNUAL ENGLISH LUTHERAN PICNIC The annual picnic of ths Sunday school ot the English Lutheran church Is being held this afternon In Fairview park. No special program has been arranged tor the day. Supper will be served this evening. Tha Free Methodlit Sunday school also Is holding: its picnic this afternon at Falrvlew. The crowd met at tha church at 1 o'clock and went In a body to the park. About 100 people ware a*- peeted to attend. NO FURTHER WORD OF NEW SERVICE fa*ar4 anythlar further In th« last two w««ks In retard to the establishment of a postal service on the Illinois Traction System ana tha general understanding amon* merchant, and many ether people locally who are wanting this itrrlce* 1« that It is being held up IP the- postal department It Is known the railway mail ssrvlca department and the traction people had already mapped out a schedule ot service and had It raady to go Into effect Immediately. Lancaster had char«« of tb« lesson. which was on "Wisdom and a Christian Life." The lesson ws» a helpful one. After the meeting, there was a social hour and refreshments o£ le» craam and cake war* served. Tae next meeting: will be at Falrvlew pivrfc In the nature of a picnic. It will be for members of the claw and their families. 18 WESTMINSTER WOMEN ATTEND About eig-htsen or twenty woman attended tha meeting' of tha Woman's Bible class of tha Westmlnstar Presbyterian church Wednesday alternoon at tha home ot Mrs. George Bunker on West Decatur street Mrs. D. Fesler lad the devotions and Mrs. Cfeorge Daffodil Club Meets. The Daffodil club met with Mrs. Rose Fullanwlder, 12«t North Union ·treat, Wednesday afternoon. The afternoon was spent with fancy wc-rk and a social time. The club took supper with tha hostess. Tha club Is being r*orsTanlz«a and wUl^b* called tha "Just Us" club in the future. Mbtter is Being Held Up IB Tha Postal The local postoffice officials have not Tk« Co-Eds. Housekeeper: Sally--Has Bertha taken her Ph. tt? Slier-No, "but she will If he propoaas. LAST ILLUSTRATED SERVICES HELD The last of the I l l u s t r a t e d services was held Wednesday night at the Second United Brethren church by Evange- lat Q. K. Little and It was well attended Besldw giving: the illustrations of 'Ten Nights in a Bar Room," Mr. Little llustrated several p a t r i o t i c songs and gave other views. Mr. Little and Rev. R. L. Fletcher, he pastor, went today to P r a i r i e Hall, where Mr. Little will give his illustrated lectures. lie w i l l r e m a i n there over Sunday. SPECIAL SALE ON CORSETS AND CORSET ACCESSORIES THURSDAY AND FRIDAY We offer our fentire stock of new and attractive corsets and corset accessories at a great reduction off the regular price. This is our first semi-annual clearance sale and it surely will pay you to take advantage of it as our stock is all new and desirable; no old or shop worn goods here. The lines carried by us have a world-wide reputation for style, comfort and wearing qualities. For two days we offer all La Vida, Bien Jolie and R. G. models at the following reduction : All $1.50 corsets 11.00 All $2,00 corsets $1.50 All $2.50 and $3.00 corsets §2.00 All $3.50 corsets $2.50 BRASSIERES All 50c styles -i... «.-.t.i.-...-.-.39c All $1.00 styles.......-.-.-.-. .-.-....-...-...-.-.-. -76c Expert corsetiere in charge and most careful attention given each customer. All $5.00 corsets...'... $4.00 All $6.00 and $7.60 corsets $5.00 All $8 and $10 corsets $7.50 Jfelt Door to Empress Theater. Its Speed, Power; Economy, Ease of Operation and Durability make the At iU price it is tic world's 'greatest automobile vtne. A fully eauipped; roomr 5-pai- senger family automobile. Toe car that YOU should own. Come ami imped it. Dawson Automobile Co. J« N. Franklin St. OPEN FBIDAY EVENING TILL 10 Water Street at William F OR the convenience of the buying public, we'll be open Friday evening, the 3rd, until 10. Closed all day Saturday, July 4th. *^' * No matter how you spend the 4th, we're sure of one thing» you wan't to be well dressed. This is the store for you; the store of finest qualities, biggest values, largest assortment; the store where your every requirement will be taken care of to your entire satisfaction NEUSTADTS light weight Summer suits at $15, $18, $20, $25, and $30 represent the utmost in clothing values. They show their superiority in point of fabric, atyle and tailoring. Your best clothes investment without a doubt. We're going to fit out dozens of men tomorrow. Be one of them. Palm Beach suits, $8.00 Here's something you can hardly afford to overlook--* Palm Beach suit at 58. These light, cool. Summer garments that make your outing a real pleasure; give you stylish appearance and perfect comfort as well. Qualities guaranteed the best. Priced at only $8. Palm Beach trousers, $3.00 You can practically h«»e «U the adv«rtag» of owning two suits, if you wiJ! bey an extra pair of these P»lm Betch trousers at 5S.OO. They may be either washed or cleaned. Nothing you've ever worn could be quite so satisfactory. All sues are carried; stouts and regulars. Unusual shirt values, $1.50 Ycu'll have to go a mighty long way to equal in value the skirts we are selling at $1.50. A magnificent assortment of madras, percale, soisette, crepe, and Eussian cord fabrics of exceptional quality. These shirts are cut with that fullness which gives extreme comfort and perfect appearance when worn without a coal; the colors are thoroughly guaranteed, ·*· - -- ·«· and the assortment we offer so large that you wont have the slightest difficulty in finding just the kind of shirt you like best. These garments may be readily compared with most shirts costing $2.00 and more. The NEUSTADT stores sell them at... NEUSTADT »p«cl»l shirte at $1.00 are extrome value*. We are featnr- Inr s, bljT«n«* ot silk and silk and linen thlrts. IS.SO. 14. «. and 18; guaranteed qualities. You take no chsnces either in the washing or wearing of these shirts. M OTHERS will be delighted in fitting out the little tots from the magnificent assortments shown in the NEUSTADT boys' section. Very complete ranges of 2-piece and 1-picce wash suits. New ideas are featured, ?1.00. 81.50, $2.00, S2.50. $3.00, and higher. A splendid showing of netv patterns in waists, 50c and $1.00. Separate knickerbockcr trousers; white duck, gray linen, tan khaki, and other fabrics, specially suitable for warm weather Wear. A complete showing of boys' and children's headwear. r UB 4th of July appearance will hardly be complete without a "CAMPUS" 83.00 straw hat. Come here and make your selection from dozens of the season's newest and most authentic styles; the high crown narrow brim sailors, so popular, are generously featured. "CAMPUS" hats combine the acme of style with the finest o^iality that can possibly be sold at fS.OO. They are exclusively made for the NEUSTADT stores In Davenport. Dee«- tur and LaSalle and are not to be had elsewhere. You've never known how completely satisfactory hosiery can be unless you've worn Interwovenn IB gam. weight. thlnest mercerized lisle it 25c and exceptionally fine quality pure thread silk at SOc. These socks, although to exceptionally thin, are extremely durable, owing to Ihe wclaslva Interwoven reinforced heels, tow. and »ol«s, mot to be found on any other hosiery. These hose are sold nnder a binding; (UrantM. d OPEN FRIDAY EVENINCr TELL 10 i /.» i rVSPAPERf VSPAPEXf

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