Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 16, 1959 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1959
Page 2
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^AMFA DAILY NEWS JB, 1959 DEAR ABBY,., By Abigail Van Buflfl DKAR ABBY: My husband has, DRAR ABBY? What do you do been getting our cat drunk and (with «. husband who makes you , „ . , t ..v. i promise you will leave a, party she seems to enjoy it but I am H y „„„„,«»«! Brownfe TVaop Members Brownie troop 2S fecenlli,' held an InvMtltur* Service for f 6 ti r hew Brownies, Linda Guiin, Linda Sue .Tones, Mni-y Lou Wfttklns and AIen6 Thomburg. Special guests" were Mmes. Bur- l/U omm & Bofis 13. Wilson bally News Women 1 ! Bdltof One-year pins were awarded to. if , , for her or early, and then when you suggest'. .. it like you are henpecking him nnd spoiling his fun? That is my husband. Every time this happens t promise myself I will not do it Gipson, Prlscilla Gipson, Pj&fjn, Gray, Nell Duncan, Elaine! '<" W S7 I Williams, Kay Truby. Sherl Silver,! but I always Why? Brenda Rust, Sandra North, fthdjphl Sorority recently met In the Becky Buckingham. not? He pours gin into her milk j bow) and she licks it up In-no time. She acts crazy, and dances and staggers around and finally falls asleep in a corner. My husband thinks this is very funny, but! ^T^t^r'lhe^b!" ^IJT* HEN: Be " u " e ^•'-i^/if-B.ShT.y^;-™^! waits for him by the door and: lm ' ;and punch were served. doesn't leave his side until he giv- j D RAR ABBY: t am a man 47 i es her some gin in her milk. j vea ,< old and lft , ely rve been wor . ; Worthwhile Club Mrs J. L. Carlton, 42$ Crest, was hostess to the Worthwhile (home of Mrs. R. D. Dunham wlthJHome Demonstration .Club In her fitA Chapter of Beta Sigma The troop also had a FamllyjMrs. Jack Florence, president!home on Friday. Mrs. Bert Smith Night In Girl Scout Little Mouse .presiding as communications from; was co-hostess. ^ ^ tn JJ: with the program given in the;international were read and reports!Mmes. Roy finsley, J. L. Carl™i iov* iform of a R8dio Show ' Refl 'l sh -i given. jton, S. Wagner, Peart Fergerson, , T OU lOVe '.„_„*.. *.t t)l*.f U,J H ., /~«rtl,A r.nfft*etl . .'.!_.-? . - - D . - _ for R p]e<]ge pflrty {o presjdenti pes|de( : given March Ifl in the City Cl u blduring the business meeting as the Ctllc9ts wee Mr - aid ts " ' ! Room were discussed. Plans were i secretary's report was given by Alaska Study '"• • Begun By LfttfOKS (Spt) - 'fhft Scrtiieiy 6? tJhrtstfa'ft Service ftf -!K« Methodist Church met I6t thS f*#- ulat* study recently 1ft the church, • Mrs. B. E. Vaughn read the 'devotional from fsslah and Acts pre- A ceded by a group song. ,,,. , Mrs. R. \V. Seek £&ve ft story 6fi< a Sftptist Missionary in Kodiak Is-: land in Alaska, fdlloW«Tby study on "Alaska," taught by Vaughn. Members present were Wesley Oanlel, ftaymdtid Barnes,,Cleve .lohnson, W. C. Sfeliiing, i^a-j Alrington, Walter Pftug, Glady,t'i ^afford, B. D. Vaughn and ft. W* Beck. Please if pi; the time and ' her ''"* « h °» l m -v heart because I *et ^a- i i *• '» vl/V/l ! I W C» C U lOVyLli^fl^Vt > 1 »t»I IO ' '^ .?.?•.,, inlso discussed for the Senior Burgin Watkins.' Stella Wagner and roll . pains , n mycnesl and shorti , . " \t'i> 1 [ zensp * rl y ^ iven Tr' Mr'i" 00 " ln lh * Mr *> ' . Are you balancing your calorfe# . after-; called. I against those nasty scales? fhet* Memorial Li-! Mrs. Lester Reynolds reported, you are becoming a junior nulM* ifrom the council that all mem-|tion expert, to help choose Votii* a re , t write a eter 111111 HELEN of breath. My father died of heart oiii] DEAR HI3LEN: A cat c a n't j trouble at age 46 and it *ee™*JDonaid' G,- a y"'MT a'nd' Mrs."\tor- 1 Following election, the following! "take" the habit unless someone! more a.nd more men my age are' Hs S1 i ver \vflss Mary Lou Kel- i members are to serve on the nom-j CIVKS it to her. Your husband [dying of heart attacks lately. t! ](>y Mr , ' B M j oneS| " Mrs. Nlclv iinAtin f? committee, Mmes. R a y f has a warped sense of humor. Ei-(don't go to a. doctor because I'olas Kadingo, Mr. and Mrs. How-! Jones, Jack Taber. Wade Court, ther see to it that your husband know he'll tell me to quit smok-| arf j Buckingham Jr. 'Mias Betty Tom Riddle. Mrs. H. j puts the cat on the wagon or give ing and take off some weight. I Troop 2 fi was assisted in the ; L. Meer* Is to serve a-s committee] ^ Mfg ^ fi . gm , th the cat to someone who will treat UThey tell everybody that.) Also -i prepa'/alion of the program by; chairman. i demonstrated "Baked Fmlt her humanely. U'm afraid he'll tell me to quit my| iVtrs Pat R am «ey and her troop,; Miss Riddle, presented the P 1 ' 0 'I baked "Banana Nut Bread" —- Llo.b (manual labor) and I can't ftf-! Mrs Rlta Truby,' Mrs. Tris Buck-Igram on ''Posture and Exercises." | AUendinR u 1e meeting were ! ford a change right _now. Please j lnRham , MrR . Gordon Miller. i Hostesses for the meeting were;g. H . H ood, Mrs. Boyd Brown and net editaiy | r)g ai i ver and M rs. Donald Gray.| Mmeg , R _ D . Dunham, A. C. Pars- JBecham, O. G. Smith, Lester Rey- d(et (oodSi you wll , ttnd ftbout art «•«•' ••"«"»t «' Protein in 6n« Mrs. 0. G. Smith gave a dem- S "Pineapple i Lester ' Revnoldi DEAR ABBY: Please forgive!..,. „,. . lit i i it f I CI I 111 C ( 1*5 I I Ci d I L V> m.for troubling you with another i ftnd j do hftve letter to read but I must thank h H ond heart condi-i you for the wonderful letter I re ceived from you. I was afraid to open it as I thought you would tell me that a paralyzed man should not ask a women to marry him. Can you realize the thrill I gr>t when the letter said, "Go ahead and ask her." Bov. I was i lion, can anything- be don* fot^ AFRAID OF HEART TROUBLE! DEAR AFRAID: Quit guessing land worrying and go to a doctor! | Let him tell you the condition your heart. After you know your condition, contact your local ley, and Chester Huff. inolds, and two new members, Mrs. L.OUrS6 /S oi Planned By PTA Mrs. Willena Lovell, president of «. KMU HMU „«* ,, e , D0 , x "-"Henri Ass'n., for free pamphlets Hopkins PTA. presided at the sittmg on top of the world. You ! ( , ontalnin tne facls ftbout nereditv f. F b ^ „ ,„ tne com . j .<a,d I was courageous and .r |flnd hearl djg diet jerry Jacobs! Read The News Classified Ads. | Members attending were Mmes. : a visitor, Mrs. James Lancaster. j Wade Court, Chester Huff, James Deaton, R. D. Dunham, Jack Florence, Ray Jones, Ray Jordon. H. L. Meers, A. C. Parsley, Haldane Suttle, Jack Tabor. Jim Terrell, Bill Terry, Jim Wallace, Elmer Wilson and Miss Riddle. ourageous" and ifj flnd hearl djgea p ,. oper diet yon any so.I am! VHI gussed it j now much exerci , c ,„ sftfe and al , she said \ ES and even asked me why T waited so long to ask her. You will never know h o w happy you have made me. Abby. nf Une olhe( . stion , you , ve wo ,, He( , Historical Book Confidential to Two Mrs. Bruce Girtn ffave a report; Jon Founder's Day. Studied DV C /OSS ! It was announced that 11 mem- / Kr\istrate<l! bers had received their certificates an inch want to be LEFORS <Spl) -- The historical book, "I Kings.' 1 was studied at one ounce Cheddar » t y p «? cheese, one ounce cottage cheese* (two tablespoons) or one Ounce At cooked meat, fish or poultry. * Advertisement GETTING UP M U worried by "3Udd«r weakiieit" (O*V Un« Up Nlfhti or Bed wettlnr, toe fftfi ouent. hurnint or Itehlnt tttln»tlen). r .. Stcend»ry Bach»ch» and ttarvduia«u> or Stroat Bmelliat. Cloud T ttririe, du* t* * common Kldner and Bltdder trrlitttonl, try OY3TEX for qultk help, entttot, rounr and old. Aik dructltt (er (/licilJL se« how tfi TOU Irnptor*. ORATEFUL; DEAR GRATEFUL: Your letter! For tary Procedure Course. Also re-ia recent meeting; by members of ported was the PTA study course the Ladies Bible Class of the) to be conducted by Miss Lou Ella |Church of Christ, under the direc- j a personal reply, write to 'Patterson, Oray' County Home lion of Min. Charles Tutor, | is the highest award I could hope | ABBY in care of this paper. En-! Demonstration agent, on "Bread-j Present were Mmes. Luke Glov- to n-ceive for writing this column, close a self • addressed, stamped ' Making." The course will begin i er, Charles Robert?, Charlie Tu- you both! ! envelope. Bob Black, Miss Minnie Allen Minnie Allen, WW Teacher, Honored On 'This Is Your Life' PTA Program Bob Black, Visit-iUon Minister i'f tho cominp year; Alex Swcnn, "le First. Mejh"nisl (liurch. \va:' Mr:-;. Durreil Hogsctt and Mrs. K. t h o O. VYilk'..'. ;•">:!. Social ft 1 Calendar •'lastcr of ceremonies i' 'This Is Vo\v LiTe" j,ii • -avvins: N!is:-i Minri^e Allan, of a. I> of V'al- \v-,is wi.m by M r a. at the PTA PIC-! 'hursdnsy aftcrnoM'. in i! Misa Allfii, «'hn ii-K-i '?acher foi- .'•!' VCHTF. c:; he has taught in ramp; •R.-I prpiJontod with a ) o: • !»•?, Norman Siihlpii i.n II the pin cut-.? of M>s Al enls. Mrs. K. A. M' !,-••;..! 'ITrifi?!',!. )-,!->.V,".1ti ;.l .M'.-.'•• 'ith the n:v.- no'. <•!. "Ti irt'vl" on b?;,,-i'f «' nil iici'l ;>)""-).->l I-'oundcr's Day g 1 u e ,s t !.d'l. \'.er." jia;;t presidents of \Vooriifiw n a VS'ilson I-'TA, Mines. \Veldr:n Tri< P, -•iiic.h !!'>;iy r,ray, Jop L. Wells, D a. 1 e I'loi;;, T''.;v-<ir.. W. L. Erps, Carlton | MONDAY 7:30 - Pampa Duplicate Br.djte 1 9:30 • Ruth Prock Circle, Cen- Club, St. Matthews Episcopal Par- tral Baptist, with Mrs. Johnnie ish Hall, 727 W. Browning. i Simmons, 728 Slosn. 7: '"'° Spanish I. Adult Ednca- 9 :30 ... San , Beth Snort C)rclei linn Class. Lovett Memorial Li- Central Baptist, with Mm. L. C. b|- ary. Bevel, 507-A E. Browning;. 7:30 - Wesleyan Service aalld c ^ Chmrh Parlor, w,th Minnie • „ , ^ Allen, hostess. • . . ,„._ ' _ ' r, .1 • o ^ , - back, 1037 Vamon. 7:30 Pythian Sisters, Cfl..itle Hall. 317 N. Nelson. i 9 ;3 ° ™ Thelma Ge«r Circle, 1 - Upsilon Chapter, Beta 'Central Baptist, with Mrs. Charley Sipma Phi Sorority, with Mmes. |Tl 1orna s. H03 Duncan. Bill Garrett and Bob Hudson.! 3:30 — Joy Russell Circle, Cen- hostesses. :tral Baptist, with Mrs. Sam Bran- TUESDAY 'non. 2215 N. Nelson. March 4 at 1:30 and will be held j tor, J. B. Martin, Helen Langham, each Wednesday for six weeks. ; Daniel Rose, Bessie Call G. O. Mrs. Monroe Finney. Mrs. J. L. jCarruth, W. K. Hext. Ray Col- Bthredge and Mrs. Ginn were nam- \ lins, A. M. Miller, Carl W a 1 1. ed to serve on the nomination com-1 Charles \Veese, Burl Davis, Ralph mittee to prepare a slate of officer Carruth, L. W. Welborn. D. L. Kin- for the 1959-60 unit year. jdle. Cora Bradfield, and Earl Boy Scouts held the opening ex-; Lane. ercije; Girl Scouts presented the! — program. ! Having guests this weekend? It Fourth grade won the room; can be relaxing or a rat race. It count. ;flll depends on the hostess' attitude During the social hour, mothers j toward help from her guests. Most of fourth grade students were host- j expect to lend a hand. Let them, esses. i Everyone will be happier. JAY AND NIGHT COLD RELIEF! NOW... get 'ROUND-THE-CLOCK relief from passage! open... work Io r»duc» t.v«f, r»l« ,.M RiniN D« 1 Wiohl r-nlrt fid aching muscles! No geHifig up during the night cold miseries! RAuAN uay 4 nignt win KB- )o Mn(inut dosagt _ , lk , RAOAN , t b«dtimt lief gives you not ONE, but TWO special an d get NIGHT-THROUGH RELIEFI formulas...ONE FOR DAY... W(trk beUer) s|eep eas|e|>) figh| ONEFORHIBHTI , , h , m j sfir |,, s -round the clockl RADAN DAY * NIGHT COLD RELIEF • Tor DAYTIME feliel... RADAN TABLETS »l Uck allergic i/mploms ol a cold ,.. help relieve pain, reduce lever.,. light sluggishness! Take RADAN on-tM'go... won't interten with work! • Tor NIGHTTIME relief.:. RADAN CAPSULES let you sleep... help keep nasal and bronchial BOTHERED BY PAIN OF SORE THROAT? Get quick relief mild new RADAN THROAT LOZENGES! Pleisarrt taslim RAOAN conlainj a fast-actint local anesthetic for temporary relief from pain...TWO intibiotict far wider protection against most minor throat irritations. Ktwe:! « in «tr jro* l »i '''I»' I'll*' product! lor »OM biltu htillh... Itom SLICED BACON M;.IH Allrn'.-: nl.-" .-. Mis. fi- 1, :i K ; .;I.,'.H.-'• "Jorrie. 1 ?, wlio wns amnmv in.T fii.--' f;i!j'i!'.'s mpjls, r>r'.'.-fiit(!il hi ;• \vitn a ror- v.'.'nic r; a«c of \vliiii- i- n n .iiii>r". :i'i-l i:i>Jd iic:!..!' !•!;• ill \''\c pro- ,-, ,':'i-(Ml.-s I.'iii 1 ;;) .N!ni!'i!'-iX. ! 'rr-.-'if!!;) • ,-n thi: 'alili- sv c r t- • (•••>.!)• :U:rif-s. riiiri (;rah:.un Jr., O. M. Al'i-iie Tij.Mi, Lai-rv Piirsltjy, Mnd O. W. events V:i".ce. by Mrs. W M,,,., rnnv Cr,v Paiir.r-r! K. I,, An- 9:;io Merten Homp Demon-, 9:30 —Ruby Watson C I r f. 1 e, ;i-d K \\'. Shoi\vell. stration Club with Mrs. WiUer ; Central Baptist, with Mrs. N. R.: ; t'l-.o HI-I.-IH! iicur, refresh- Murphy. Cities Service Camp. ;Lowe, 408 Lowry. j ',»,;• ; < rv,.,I fidni a table 10:0 ° ~ Leona Ragland Circle, ; 3:30 — Mary Ruth Bridges Cir- : •- ; i!i UM P< MI IMCP < loth Hiffhland.Baptist, in the churcli. de. First Baptist, with Mrs. Ru- ! u- c.'i.'.fiTfl v. : »h a book- 10:30-- Pampa Art Club, Work- i pert Orr, 404 Hill. j iM"! v.-:!h ••;!!,;,!cs for the sh °P- in lne nonle of Mrs ' Fred' 9:30 — Sypert Circle, Firit Bap-i f!a:)l-:.-d bv blue isrul :,'<>!d Harl - 721 N - R" a!< ell. : Hat, with Mrs. Floyd Yeager, 1225 : Decker's Korn Kist Tne 1:30 White Deer WMU, Roy- Charlen. Al'«l |.' vho rr!;i!i-il Ml : •'o!;'!i p . v.'iifi !o!d vhcn f\\f and I,'! • Allen's In, H •Tallin fiml i'cmi li\-»?d i:i •:i (Jl,-i;! tT.\>t.;ii holders. o (iceorau-d with blue al Service Program, in the home 9:30 -- Kathryn White Circle, i •PTA" WHS .served with of Mra - •'«>' Phillips. First Baptist, with Mrs. A. C.! 2:30 Twentieth Century Cotil- Troop, J)23 Rham. j lion Club with Mrs. James fialle- fl ;30 Doris Smith Circle, First, more, 1U18 Mary Kllen. 'Baptist, with Mm. f,'. L. WiJuon. i 2:30 Twentieth Century Al- R-10 N. Sumner. I lesi'o Club with Mrs. S. W. dill, 9:30 — Jaxie Short Circle, KMnil| 2220 Aspen. Baptist, with Mr*. John Glkas, i 2:-)5 Parent Education Club 1322 Mary Ellen. i FOOD SHOP SUNDAY We Are Open All Day CENTER JrtiK-ni coinii wii.s won !'i'iii> (.'nkci'.s srrond grade Mrs. Hcuton's grade, ,H«- w } lh Ml ' s - c harle» lyickhart, 2232 10 :(X) - Episcopal Women'* Aux- .\s as first grc. Mrs. Xed f' lOUM.'Vfi I'n.'i Vid f'iMi.':-r. '.n't • '•<':•:.",•; he .«' l".ni O I 1 ;: 15 ;i ;i us! < iii-t-'i-. ' 'f firovid«-(! I.T •;.,• •norniiiK i irt-i.-; Aii m'.cit'-ai-d p-i- wns art" invited to aitond It was \-(I\PI\ \n '. \v u Ttommunily (V-nc'/t-t S'Mr|,-:i( '::•;- «ts to be u.-p'l by a rliff.-i en' :-.;.! i"lent for pMrh i-f)!i'»rt. A noniinaun^ cuini>iitte« was elected to nominate rffirns f<ir Mrs, Nace Gives Review For PTA u 'ftll«- iliary, Parish Hall. 7:30 Spanish 2, Adult Educa- 2 : oo Circle 4. First Pre»by- tioti Class, Lovett Memorial Li- terian, with Mra. Clyde Fatht»ree, !| brary. 931 Christine, l::w Royal Neighbor lyidge, 2:00 - Circle 5, First Pre<tby- ! | Carpenter's Hall. West Foster serian, with Mrs. W. 8. Dixon, 809J 7:30 DMF Auxiliary, Cities N. Gray, Service Gas, with Mrs. Lee Casey. 7:30 - German, Adult Kdac«- ! K.H6 Terry R.I. t | On clans, Lovelt Memorial IJ- 7:30 Reapers Class, Central brary. Raplisl Chun-li, with Mrs. N«rine g : oo Women of the Moose, Btown, 601 Magnolia. Moose Home. WEDNESDAY THURSDAY ,':'•••" ' ;>il \' e '-^T r!' ftSb> " 9:;l ° Cirri. 2, Harrah Meth,,K ner hstf-n-i-H thm 'fnan w,.h Mrs. Kirk Duncan. odis , wscg Fe ,, owin , Hal ,. f,,. that ,nu, has be^ 1300 VMlhston. , .,„ Buay Btf ^ ome Dem . ;;>,,,! un-A-hnlcwomp htc-ratinf '•>:•«> Circle 2. fust P, eaby- onstration C] ^ with Mr , ,, a , e hil-ii-i'ii, miK-h f^ood rearlin? tenan. with Mrs. l^Roi Ogrden, : Bu ,. ch M l Horn . i:;M is available to Children: - 13:{ Mary Ellen. . 2 .^ Robert E Lee ' 400 S. Russell 1 Block West of S. Cuyler 1 Block North Of Hwv. «0 MO 5-3452 [Lean, Streaked Salt Jowl Open 7 Days A Week: 7 a. m, to 8 p. m.l Fresh, Ground GROUND BEEF Lb. Otis .Vaf»' reviewed "The v of MrCieilu! Creek" hv .lav raiiipholl for PTA :.- and .^'uiients cif 1.dinar i;-.\ '1'iuii .-'dri v alu>! noon. X.i.••; i,r. j ;a., e<] her review Deckers JH ^i^ CHILI Ib49 ROUND STEAK Lb.l 9:00 i; 1 Mrs. Campbell's txvik •:-,'<> irijilc. " ai'-'i iiei^hleiieil interest )••"••!•: bv ;.'ivin:; insianeps in n: '' !f) Circle •P tii" author Iris drawn hrr f l'st, with Mrs. •a••!,.fixations from pxppricnc- 2mn Christine. '.-it Cirrle 3 Hint Prf.»by- ; Carl Hill, 2331 ; H|gh 8( . hoo , pTA schoo , audltor . Ringgold' 46-OZ, Con PLAN Soft Water In Your NEW HOME terian. with Mrs. , j(Jm ,„ Mary Kllen ,,.,„„. 2:30 - Senior Citizen. Center, ! in B: -W "• ' ' Lovett Memorial Library. T:30 .._ clrc ,, ,_ Harr4 j; Metho . dUt WSCS, Fellowship Hall. , , ' A. F. Johnson,; ;n hor own family. M r v 9 -'30 --- Circle 2, First M«tho- j HS inlro-luepd by Mrs W riis[ - wilh Ml ' s - Emmett Osborne,! • Ar. vim president '2107 N. Russell. Svm^i Drive nald Hubhard. paau>r..f » -W f-ircle 3, first MUho- f30 -- Pamoa Reb«kah LodM I.,-nxi.yiHn«n Churrl,. rtwl. with Mrs. Glenn R«^»«. IO OF Htjl, 810^. BrewlT •.-S'ta^ron""^ l2 "^ ^"c^-le 5, nrtt M.tho- Pt S£ ^ ""*"« ° "" d> the s»wev He likenrr) dist. with Mrs. H. E. Carlson, 1616; voiniv .1 , . i ^ RIDA Y ihe sower and stressed i the ii!!i-.'iita.n''e of faithfulness to 'Dean Scarbrough and Joe Page, 7:M ~ Pampa Credit Women'* each task in order to reap a bar- acting principal, wag elected to w;- jClub. City Club Room. i.ii- cifurt.s led nominees for next year's of-' 8;QD ~~ O"l«r of the Eutern he I'lsiness meeting He-era. j Star, Maaonic Tempi.. M- -. K. H. farn!:-i, pre.sjdcnl, pru- Reports were given by Mrs. Carl I ' ~ "" ~ — si,i .•:•-. ti,.- mi'' v-'.-d to (>uri ha.-e Thomas, secretary arul Mrs, Jim' i:-.lah a pi/ru-ai! of Aiin.ii Cunningham, treamirer. i liit-r |<l'ij]ejjxii, fur tlir " -.-..- - H'h.-ul. Mrs. Canujfin. Jot- Page, I Miv Xr.iau r,,ie, Mrs. Xeln Pill-i TOMATO JUICE Kimbtll's 303 Com PORK & BEANS 12 S ib box Ads. Shortening 59c !l V I Il'Uben \Vlll : uii'iniittL't to com-' iN (Or tlir [1 i C Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain Kim, Reg Toilet Tissue Plain or Iodized 2-Lb, Box e &. r. lint tiiim U'ieru'« hat fguiiJ * ntw bfaluiK suU.-itanc* with th* ahton- i H h i ;i K u ti i 1 1 1 v t y shrink ii e ui o r - rbiods, stup iuhinJi HDIJ reli«v* pain - without mrgvry, In ease »fler t'a^*, whilt gently pain, sc-tual reduction . . Moil aro^zinEpf (ll-resylts wer« to Uprgu^i tii«t b»v« TUy tu bf a |>rubl«w! « o«v healing »ub- 4 world./amous r«.<>««rcb in This sub-iUnce is now »V in »i^iiflO<iil«ry or einfir<««f lorm un'itr the n»m« PrtixirQiit.* ;;.t At your druif^ilt. .* .if>' b»ck . V. Lettuce Nic», firm Tomatoes Lb.

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