Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 5, 1938 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1938
Page 2
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round This ciiusod \\iiith and imliKiiati n to lacliate f i o i n Tjdinjrs and Ins wife. TliL- Suiuitoi \V:L. avin ii;itc- o n o u ^ l i to call Chip on the telephone. "Who JllL' tllL'Sl 1 (JUL'Ol |IO()|1' \ \ l l n By DREW PEARSON aie going t bit al oui t a b l i V he- d t - maiuled. As the Maryland election campaign I tbe leiiistati-ineiit of Joseph Kokulny Chip had just been w a n t e d of the cornt's down the home atictcl), it looks | to the U i s t i i a Attoiiu-y"-, olhie iii ytvildi of the t n k e l s , and doing som*- B O O K S You May Enjoy 15) Graham Watson like a neck and neck race between Oaltimoie. lit- had been dioppecl by t h i n k i n g , the two gubernatorial contender, the Justice Depaitnient and K a i U h l l V uthei.s, the Undci ^ e i - i e t a i v of S l a t , Officially, the handsome lleibert Ibc'trsed t l i a t he net his job back IIJMIII. SiminiM Welles, and O'Conor is supposed to \in\e tlie odK. \\ile." ( l i e Kadc-liH\ also in u'ed t h a t tin- mem- |u,j dec.;,!,..,! to switch t h " \Vi-lk ' But those who hang around the b a i - ' b t - l s oi the Railucul Mediation ISnaid f l o n l t ] le O t|, t ,,. M a i y l a u d table ) Til.- bcr shop.-, and the bais, wlieie poht- be given the Go-sign to help inlluenee ^cim-d to satisly the Sen:ui)i t h . , ical sentiment gets d o w n to lock bot- M a i y l a n d laboi li-ideis in f i u o r oi | R . iini i | lls \ u ) 0 U1 .i,. to Mt \ \ i t i sul- tom, believe that a stiong, silent vote is coming out for Nice on election , «. I - t I'fl i · I « II · i · . , T l \ l l l the l.ulins-0 Conor ticket. He i n l i - |i CIt . M (lv dMiiiKm.slu.-d tomp.iny, and f 1 ( | p , mated ihat labor was not l i n i n g up he apiilogi-sed. " day, and that he is definitely a better \ behind these gentlemen a* was hoped. 7,, m; ike 100111 fot M i . and .Mis. Justice D i p a i t i i u n t oih'i'ials listui- [Welle-, at the Tjdinj; ' ti.ble. !lu two ed politely but g.ue Radilill'o no en- Oxfoid G i o u p e i s \ \ e i c - . l u i i U d on" tti bet than O'Conor. A quick suivey of the state indicates that the Goveinor will carry Western Maiyland by a thumping big vote, will skin n bare majoiity on the Sluue, will Southi-in cuinagi-inent w l u ' s m ver. Mr. oilnj w i l l not be leinst.ited. ' · ' s e a t s at a leniote table. On t h e e\e ,of the dinner everjom- \,as h a p p \ . 1910 Senator? | .\t the last moment. hmve\ei, R n b e i t Bonnell, cliniiman of the j Wi.]|(. s ' foi got to am\e. And Maryland to O'Conor, and \ \ i l l come | Maryland Committee, \\Iuth woiked Tydings', despite all the ailvauu- c into Baltimoie City probabl\ w i t h ' o hard, undurciouiul, foi T.vding--. motion, \\eie left at a table \ \ i t h enough voter, to overcome the is out to run for the Senate in 19-30 vacant places. of the Attornoj Geneial in bib o'vn againht Senatoi Hadflifl'e. , g o , niiuh to the aintisomeiit " f bailiwick. However, he is not helping him.seh" i evei\one, the t \ \ o nienilu i ol (in- Labor in \Vestcin Maiyland is i much w i t h i n the liepubhcaii Party, Oxfoid G i w i p \veie bioiu'lit b u I. solidly behind Nice, and in Baltimore ] of which lie is supposed to be a mem- from their social exile and p i n e d -r ho will cairy big slices of it. Labor b or. Asked to contribute to the cam- the Tyding.-,' table. The Senator ai»l claims, that it can control 80,000' paign fund of Goveinor Nice, he le- },ib w i f e sat bj t h e m -- a n i l liked n votes, and of this, probably 60,000 plied: Mcrrj-Go-Hoimd j 'Hi N a t i o n a l bist ellcis loi Sepi t i m l i i , (.ntiiinled mi .1 pen i nta-;- basN i i o m t i e n p u i t - o ei^i · books llei s a i e as ti Kill ion I M\ Pon. Mv H u n , b." Spi iiiK, published in M:iv. Fnui n i o n t l i - on li 1 The Ye.iiliitir, Ma ' (oi ie K. J! i w l i n g , ])u!lis)i! d A p u l Si\ inoiitlis on li-( A n d Tell oi Tmi" K i c y , published A i i ( r u - r Tu. months on list. The M i n t . i l S l o i m I ' l n l l i s liottomc, ptibhOieil A p n l . Si: n i o i i t l i s on l i s t '1 be C i l a d f l , \. ,1 Ciolli", ])iilib ,ht d Septenibci »)'(7 T l n i t i e n m o i i l ' on 1M Xmtliwi- PasbiiKe, K e n n e t h Hobcits, published "I'm a Stiangi'i Hem M j s e l f , OK- Jiily I'.l.'fT. I ' l / l i e n miinths on lisl. dt'ii Xasli. Ciippled Splendor, l-'van John. I'ub- D o r o t h y 'I l.ompson's Political li.shed Septi i n h i ' i . One month on l i s t . Guide. M\ Sistei laleen, R u t h M e K e i i t u v, Al.idaine C u i i e , K \ e Cm io, ten {iiibli.sliL'd .lul\ 1'uo niontbs on li L. m o n t h s on l i ^ t . rbs- W a l l , Mai V 1'obt-i ts R m e l i a i t , is.uloi mi l l m i b ; u k , l i v i n g Stone. published J u l y T l u e e m o n t l s on lis'. A Soiilbei n c i D i ^ i o v t n the South, G i o w t h of a M..n, DC? La Hoclie Pub- J o n a t h a n Daniel-- li.shed S e p t m b e i . One m o n t h on l i s t D ^u'liinj; W u u u n , M a i g a i e t t . i H.\- .MIII-MC(1(III (| W i t h .Maliie Tou.nd Some, M a i - Piiblk i c i i l i o i i h a \ c ' a v \ a \ ol ii|i- /uiet I l a l s t y . g t i n l i - ' I t u l I'l.m nt pnii- 'L'he lioisf and H u » g y D o c t o i , A i - li In i s. Simon and S i l u i - l i ' i set out to Llmr K. I l c i l x l c t . i m a l - c a bi; be t si MM of '· The W o i l d The h n p i i I j i n e o| I t h m g , Lin Y u ' i . i Mine" and p i n t :i lot ol moiii v on Tunic. Ten month* on list. | i t - p i o m o t i o n 'I lie\ i-siied " W i t h Fanny Id mble. .M.ngau-t A i m - j ? ' ' '' ' ' " · tioiij'. ped oir the besl-scllci list i i n t l w i t K i i i t (ilF and " W i l h -M.'ilice Tctuanl Some" has sk.\-iocketed in i-ales. Of couise the book is cleict and has Ijien we'll a d v e i t i s o d :it a pi it e of $1.81 which is less t h a n the usual Two Dollar book. It is selling ( W I L L - or t h i e e times a fast as t h e h a d i n g fill ion. Hebe-lea by Du.Maui icr is fast p u s h i n g the two leader for p i o m i - nejice and piobablv w i l l bi among the l i i s t t h i e t - fin Oclob.-i. "My Son, .My Son," t h e leader tills of f i f t y j e a i s in the ll\c- ol t w o Tow n r] Soini-' \ \ i t l i less balls I hmi "'I'lie \ \ " ' i l i l is M i n e " lias d i o p - TK-KKT To-- State S t i i i i t i W I L M E R I-'ELL DAVIS will go to the Governor. "No, I am not intciested in .state Moreover, word has been passed politics. I am only inteicstcd in reelecting Tyding, to the Senate." Senators' Wives down the line by curtain powerful Federal organizations, such as WPA, that Haiiy Nice is a "very good friend of Franklin Roosevelt." This won't hurt Harry a bit. Jackson Support Here are some indications as to how enthusiastically the Jackson i hind the scene's they play an im- forccs are suppoiting Herb O'Conor. poitant lole. Others, such a - Mis. At a recent Knights of Columbus j 1'ydings, aie been much but seldom meeting in Baltimore, Tom Collins,'hcaid. henchman of Mayor Jackson and in! Because her husband has been veiy the city puichasing department, made much in the public eye and because Roosevelt's f i l e n d s aie giving t'le once-over to Heibeit Brune. Thes au- convinced that the young independent candidate foi Go\einoi has p»s-,ihil- Wi\e play an impoitant ]ait in jt ) L s foi the f u t u i e ... Miiiylaixl U-.the political Merry-Go-Round of Washington. They can make a Senator or break him. Some, such as Mis. Boiah, me scaicely heanl of, but be- this emphatic announcement: for Harry Nice." In the 27th Waid, Chief Constable- Hooper, also a Jackson leader, declined to come to a l a l l j for O'Conor. Bruce and Tjdings Howard Bruce is supporting Senator Tydings 100 per cent, but sometimes among close friends, he does i. a little ruefully. "I'm she is one of the most beautiful women in Wa hington, Jlvs. Tjding'i publicans ;uc iiked at the \\a% National C h a i i n u m Hamilton i ing National Committee-man For lion e of Deb-gates HKTH W E A V E R G E O R G E A l t T H U R McDANIEL For State's Attorney W. 11YLXNI) VAN SAN'T r r i e i k of the C i i e u i t Coint S H E R M A N L. TRIUBITT For Register of Wills RUSSELL W. FLUIIARTY i g n o i W . l L i ( and doing all his business w i t h Rob- I eit Bonnell. Bonnell is head of the i Maiyland Committee, consisting o f , both Democrats and R e p u b l i c a n s . . . ! One Republican, who w i l l get a lot of Democratic cheers, nt least f i o m Washington, is Alonsita Walkei, c a n - ] didate for the House of Delegates L f r o n i Talbot County. Mi -. WalKei i- has attracted consideiable-attention j the mother of the famous E\ie Walk- lecently. Her fust piiouettc befo-e (,,. Robert, whose husband is sicieUiy the public spotlight actually dates | o f tjj O Demociatic National Commit- back to the day wlieii, to d i v o i c c j t c e j[ ls . Walker, one of the most FOI County Ticnsuior J. VIRGIL MOORE ]"oi Judges of the Orphans' Comt JAMES A. TRAZZARE S A M U E L G. BYE T R U M A N II. RICHARD For County Commissioners JOHN SCHMICK AI.VIN j A l E R E D i m L U T H E R BENNETT For SheiilF J. LEON TODD Thomas Cheeseborough, she went to Reno the same tiain with her mother, who finally consented to dissolve her maiital bond- with Joe- He was !alking about Tydings t o j D a v i e s , now Ambassadoi to Belgium, a friend the other day, and remarked: "If Tydings gets back on the floor of the Senate he'll t-trut like a poutei pigeon." Patronage who later mariied Marjmte Post Close Hutton, aunt of Baibaia Hutton. Mis. Tydings, a newcomer to official f-ociety, is most iiisi tent that her pii-iojrativu as a Senatoi'-, wife be icspecled. Some time ago tne Tydings' weie invited to a diniu'r g i \ e n in honor of Postmaster Geneial Fai- (Pol. Adv.) charming member.- of Wa.h'ngton's J '·--'L.^...... .--.. winter social set, oug'nt to make ;i very competent delegate. O'CONOR'S VIEWS ON LAHOR ACCLAIMED 15Y COUNTY A U D I E N C E S ELECT (Continued f i o i n Page 7) a\o n As 1 c. "L 0 I., 'Jll S.CC! I 1 . O'Cci.ji'.. ( n - t [IK noii'icti- bib v!^ .- upc.i !r\oi, hii -tr.tcir.i-r.'w. v-c^e ra^;i\"'l '.·! 'i urtpt ii:t:-c~t r"cry\'i:'c, ".rd in mrny in- of It is now revealed that last week's story in the Baltimore Sun stating that Senator RadclifTc and Howard Bruce would handle federal pation- age was inspiied by Sunpaper fear that Roosevelt actually was, going t o j u t t s , vivacious - e c i e t a i of the De-m- ur.'on-, weie outspoken in ·their commendation. Citing the great number of ca^cs of pr.^umonin reported tlurii'g 19.'J7, ley, an.inged by L. W. (Chip) R o b - J stmces his hcrru.s, mcJuLcn of "'aLor carry out his ideas on building up a ocratic National Committee. liberal Democracy in Maryland and i Chip, who is lemotelj. i e l a t e d to putting fedcial patronage in its Jii s . Tytlings, had ananged two hand.-:. Next day the White House emphatically denied the Sun's story, but it was significant that no single line of the denial ciept into the Sun. At the exact time the story was published, a group of Lewis-Roosevelt supportcrc weie holding a meeting tables for M:u\hind guests at the dinner, at one of which were to be placed U n d e i s e c i e t a i y of State Welles and his wife, of Piince Geoiges County, while at I he other were to -it Senator Tydings and Ms wife. With Mis.. Tydings also \\eie to sit her s,ibter, Rachel, and the hitter's in the Southern Hotel woikmg out m othei-in-la\v, Mrs. Harold Walker, plans for 1040. Simultaneously, a U o ' n o w C! indidntc for the legislature Eugene Casey threw Brooke Lee's machine in Montgomery County into an upioar by naming the new post office rural route carrier in Gaithersburg. The Brooke Lee crowd had been promising Tydings voters not to worry, that they would control federal patronage after the primaiics. Another reward handed out to a Lewis worker was given Nathan Erkcs, who distributed Lewis campaign literature from the Baltimoie headquarters. His daughter was given n post in the Public Woiks Administration. Maryland Purge Here is another indication of how the purge is working out in Maryland. Recently Senator George Radcliffe called at the Justice Department and put up a heartfelt plea that he came back into the presidential fold. Once an intimate friend of Roosevelt and a business partner of the President in Baltimore, Radcliffe said that he was still with Roosevelt. "I am sorry about the Tydingb fight," opined the Maryland Senator, "and now that it is over I hope that all will be forgotten. You can re-t assured that I will not join anj cabal against the President on the floor of the Senate." Whereupon Radcliffe came around to the main point of his call, namely fiom St. Michaels. When Mis. Tydings learned in advance that -he was going to sit with her own iclatives, she consideied it a teriible blow. "You can't possibly sit hero," she told her sitc-r. "Don't you know that only important people can sit at our table?" This remark was repeated by Miv. Tydings' sister to her mother, Mrs. Walker. Both hate, they promptly gave their dinner tickets to two members of the Oxford Group. VOTE FOR SAMUEL G. BYE Republican Candidate For Judge of the Orphans' Court Your Suppoit Will Be Appic- ciatcd at the General Election, i Tue-day, November 8th. I (Pol. Adv.) SI SGI, icsultinf.' in 1 S27 ilcnths, Mr. O'Conor rcfcircd to The recent tlis- ^ m c r v of pneumonia sciiuu rs a i\on- iieuul contribution of ^cL-m. · to the- treatment of tho diverse, and promised "to provide the County u n i t s of the State Health Department vut'.i icn- oonablc quantities of tlis ^d..:!) foi distribution to physicians for the treatment of pneumonia putLnls v.'hu are unable to purchase; the teium." At Oakland, Mr. O'Conor cnipha- s\7Eil the ncc-^sity of helving nsi!c moui-tain land for foicst cunsei v.ition as well as for iccreatiunal facilities RADIO SERVICE At M i n i m u m Cost . . . I J Y C L K ' U F I K D EXPERTS IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY s'f*f* ,*-"^. f»U«..l ·' **^KW*' r *,,' DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova. Md. PHONE-- HILLSIiOliO K-r-ua l l a t h o i s and t\M sr, n -. Both fathers , chi t i s l i aiiibili'/jis for theii sons-i t h a t t h e y m:u live the live.- they had I w a n t e d foi themselves. T- eii schemes l u o i k out against a changing back| gionnil of the last hall century. It was a best s t .|Ie'r in England. "The Y i a i l m g " te-lK of the beauties ol n a t u i e and of human nature, l i e v e a i e d in t i n s i o i y ol Jodj Baxter, l a boy of t w e l v e in the beginning, in I the c c i u i s t ot Ins i-xpc lieiires in the j l i a m i i i c i t k c o u n t i v of I'londu. It is a · l i m i t - t i n \ v j i b mue 1 fh-irm. ELECT 0. ARTHUR McDANIEL OR House of Delegates Gene nil Election Tuesday, Nr vcmbei 8th f Mary- (',. A R T H U R M c D A N I E L The I'(i') s" land (If-ne-ral lie line of I te must i m p o r t a n t in the hist(ir t)l the Slatt. _ Vs editor «if The Fedoralslinrg Times for oighl jears. 1 have bei n iniini.ite'!\ a 1 -- oriati-d w i t h Slati- and local problems. If ik'cletl I promi-v In gi-.e' the pe-oplr t(f ('aniline- ciunt honest. intclligi-nt ami i m p a r t i a l rcpre-sfn- talion. (Pol. Adv.) Vote For Russell W. Fiukrly For Register Of Wills Capable Qualified Eleven ye.ns experience, '2 c - : i t s of which was in the U S. A i m y , !) j c i i s w i t h L. B. Tower- and his estate. II elected, I can, and w i l l handle t'le office peisonallj. (Pol. Adv.) Regardless of the ticket!, you vote, be sure to wear a Health Tag on Election Day. JOHN T. SCIIMICK ON NOV. hTIl FOR County Commissioner Your Support Will Be tire-ally Appreciated (Pol. Adv.) To the Voters and Taxpayers of Caroline County: I promised ou in the fall of l!Vil t h a t if joii w o u l d elect me treasurer of Caroline C«nnl I h a l I w o u l d account for e\cry dollar placed in my hands for collection, my accounts are audited annually by tate and county certified public accounlnnls and old age pension and general public assistance and other f u n d s received from the state and federal jroiernmcnl a i e a u d i t u d h federal auditors, these audits are published in book form and are on dUplaj at the County Commissioner's office and I i n \ i t e u to look llic«.i« audits over. If jou received a tax bill from me t h a t you t h o u g h t was entirely too high this was the exact a; lount placed in mj hands for collection and I was compelled by law ti Torn a i d you this bill. When I was elected trea.iirer of Caroline Counlj I felt thai I owed an obligation to all flic people of this county 1 , [ haic made all patrons w i l l receive the court right to expect. from this ollice that they h.ive the Yours I n i l j , SIfEKMAN L. TRIBBITT. (Pol. Adv.) " Sure, my family needs a telephone. We'd never be without it." A home is hardly complete these days without a telephone. To order yours, just call the Business (Mice -- or ask any telephone employee. THE CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TELEPHONE CO. f,farket St., Denton Telephone 990" '°* * Tf ffU · Whether your individual preference la for a tufted or a tuftless mattress, you will find a NEW KIND of sleep ... completely RELAXED sleep on the NEW 1938 While Cloud and the NEW 1938 Fleecy Cloud. The new Fleecy Cloud is tuMess. The new While Cloud Is tufted, but BOTH are identical In every other respect. FEATURES: · 35 pounds oi lha £ncst foam flulfy felt · Triple Ihlffc Ml on all sidewalk. · Iho fumoin Conscience ll:and Innnapiu? vt-1 1 . Hundred* ol spring unlb actag logollicr and Individually, tlo ur- guarded wile tips Io come up through Iho I*1L · Helnlorced «.Jovrcll spring conntnictlon. « Hand Icdloied Ihioughout · Fln-Jl quality coverings. « Ultra vlolol toy puiUiod io]L · Uqhtvelgkt, oany lo lurn. Alvin M. Meredith Republican Candidate For COUNTY COMMISSIONER Your Support Will Be Appreciated General Election, Tucbdaj, Nov. 8th. (Pol. Adv.) (10-22-21), VOTE FOR TRUMAN H. RICHARD , First District Republican Candidate For ORPHANS' COURT Your support will be appreciated at the General Election, Tuesday, November 8, 1938 (Pol. Adv.) Housecleaning time is the time to take inventory of your bedding. Now is the time to replace that old wornout mattress with a modern innerspring mattress that will LET you sleep. Here you will find good mattresses of all grades at the price you want to pay. Phone 130 DENTON, MARYLAND J.^Virgil Moore for Treasurer of Caroline County Your help will be greatly appreciated Pol. Adv. on November 8th RETURN Wilmer Fell Davis T O Responsible borrowers eon confldently look to us for loan cooperation in any sound undertaking the nature of which assures the safe return of the borrowed funds. We are looking for opportunities to serve the legitimate business interests of this community, as well as to employ our available funds profitably. You are invited to talk over yout requirements with us. 1 he Peoples Bank of Denton, Maryland STATE SENATE TO THE VOTERS OF CAROLINE COUNTY For the last five weeks there have appeared in these columns nine planks on which I base my platform. On them and on my record in the Senate, which is an open book of representing all the people of Caroline county irrespective of party, creed or race, I appeal for your support. I further wish to disavow any knowledge of, connection with, or sympathy for the insidious propaganda which has injected the religious issue into the political campaign. I will not vote for a sales tax. WILMER FELL DAVIS. (Pol. Adv.) :WSPAPLR|

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