The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 22, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 22, 1859
Page 4
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LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS Olrenlt Court, MUrauiM County, Joseph E. Treat, Circuit Chart, Milwaukee Coanty. Heel H. Camp, -i aealnst , • i James W. Stearns, Senjamln P. Stiles, The Preildent of W. Wheelock, Horace H. Freeman and Elitabeth, his ' count market the demand was moderate altho'' high rates were still demanded for W»wr At Parte, the subscript™ to the f^t^K of twenty milliens already exceeds forty mil- lio l i the former were and lady; the latter the oele orated lecturer on State. BOSTOS, Maj 21. y m- lions, including^ very large number for only The trial of Brooks, Thompson 0the annUal - «"> n - eaegp»nior w the government are expected to concluded in the Circuit Court to-day The 1 new national demonstration. j.jnry disagreed,, they stood 9 to 3, for con- A nrgl exchan S e was firmer, and wction, on two of the cases", and ten to two quoted at S3 1-8. A painful feeling was pro. on the other. Uno6d.In the Czar'* stock exchange to^ay, by | Plnmmer,:the leading mutineer, is now un- the announcement that 16 aOre Individuals der sentence of death for that transaction had ceased to be members of the establish- The U. S sloop of war Dale, on the coast Th'eBankof Belgium has raised its rate of discount from 8 to 4 per cent, She left Port an Praya on the 6th of April, _« •__ ^ • —t f' u*> Ab «14kO . • —•-— — ] ••* *«.u*ii lOOIi. ff O J Bald at Pans that the Emperor expects to b« I Clerk of the Viucennes, also .n Milan nrtmit fi>n *•>««? «./ if „„.,_ ™ In Milan about the end of May. The London Times says that the continued suspension of hostilities between the forces in Italy daily excites new conjectures. • Turkey has also been the subject of much comment. seiiger. came as a pas- WOROTS ! A great many learned treatises ha»e been written, explaining the origin 01 , anj classifying tho worms The recent rise in Russian product- has been I Benenil<!l1 ln tllc h <n&au system. Scarcely any topir "'""""' " ------ " " ------------- followed by a considerable reaction. Extraordinary activity prcraila in the WUi- «r market, and prices were still rising At Mark Lane English wheat met with slow sale, at a redaction of from 6s to 8s jx-r .ji. medical science haj eliected more acute obserratl.iii ana proloudrd research ; and yet physicians are very mucJi ilii-IUed lu opinion on ihe . object, li must i, t ajniitutd, h.mever, that., aUer all, a m o a<- ol expelling these »..riu». aud purltj-lng th.. bod> lr..m ihrir presence, is valur tl, . wife and Caleb'H. Patterson. Judgment Foreclosure. "" . I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled action, dated March 5, 18S9, I sh>U expose for.ule and sell at public auction, at the Post-OfflCBOn the corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee streets. In the cltj of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tbe 17th day of September, 1859, at the hour of ! P. v. of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as rasy be necessary to raise tbe amount of said judgment', Interest and costs, together with expenses of sale, to wit: "The south west quarter of t eetlon number fifteen [1BJ, In township number seven [71, north 01 range number twenty-one [21] east, e»cept- Ing nineteen and -92400 acres heretofore sold to Thomas W. Riddle by Christian Wloteurted and wife; said premises beln ; situate In the County of .Milwankee and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March 10, ISM. K. SrisoiHBraa, » A. J. LANG WORTH V, Pl'Bi Att'y. I _.---.__• marlO-lamOm-lastlawCw Jetper. TUetoDd". John B.' Imlth. - execution Issued from said Coartjn the U>ove entlUed action, t4 me directed and <le. 1878] SIICHIFI-VS SALE. ^TATE OF WISCONSIN, I gli'H. Mil. Co., Wla. (Newt, K. Ihe ARRIVAL OT THE STEAMEB VAiVDERBIT.T. The Anctrl&ns Rt-atrn at VerciUl. NEW YORK, May 21. The S S. Vauderbilt. from Southampton, arrived this a. m. She left Southampton at T p. in of the 1 Hh, and was off the licht ship at ('• six o'clock this morning Her news is mainly antiri|ial«il by the Oitj of Baltimore. -» The frigate Ouracoa, vriih Lord Napirr on board, arrived at Plrmouth on t'jc 7th. The Royal Canadian regiments formed in Canada durinp the lau. war is under orders for Coafee The French pirrison al Komi- had I wen maintained entire. Subscription? to tin- new French loan O f 500,000.000 francs. r.-arh :i6u,oO(l,OOd Irancs tbe first day An embargo h id been laid upon Austrian Teasels in Sardinian ports, hut neutral property is to be respecuid. A revolutionary movement wa" expected at • remeil j. i.OKin. The evpelUnc aB«nl tia» at length been li.und — /'/ Af'Lititt'i, I'tr-ini/uffe, prepared liy Fttinintf Br Is the much sought after specific, and has already super aeded all oilier warm medicines, Its efficacy uelog uni versally acknowledged by medical practitioners. E^' Purchttaers will be carelui to ask fur UK. M'LANK'ji OELKBRATJCIJ VKUMlFDliK, inanufaetur- c-,1 . } • ,-LKMlNU BBO.s ol lMul,ur s l H Pa. All other \ In comparlHou are wortMesii. l>r."M'l.atif 'P fc'enuitir \ ermiruKt, also his celettrateil Liver Mis, can now be had al . all respectable drug ,itbre». Jitmt l/fnuirjr iritJumt Utt m/ntfiurt iif [1J mayti-diwlm KLKMINO BllOS. !ir-- antU'U n r-s. and it I-. ^tn^iit.-d tor Iti.- nntuU-r for ;i short is rcporU-d promising Como. fhe tri-color lnu< already Iwt, hoisted before the castle. The Bavarian Government have ordered the raising of a lonn of -1 00u,00u florins at 4 ]-a per cent. The Aastrians had imposed on the town of Vercilli a tax of 300.000 francs. The Austrian army had taken np its position between the Po and S«sia. to wail better weather, before renewinc the oflKusivt- The A ustnuL troop:- have .i^troved the railway bridge a.; A llHSMiUiiriii. A Turin despatch of the VUh say>. the Ans- trians have advanced from Nert-ill. towards Bosonzo and balluzola. Tliev continued to fortify diemselves on both banks of tn<- Sezia. and at San Wrrnanino. Tnr AuKtnaut threw out reconnoitermc parties, w hicl. had advau- ; ced as far a> the bridge a! Casalr. but being : attacked by other soldiers, they withdrew.— ! The Nordf and Indeivndenoc buKetii. coriiairi!- the following ! Gen. Farraboid'c troop-., wul. those of brn ', Gialliui. had attacked tL. Au-truu? at \ ,-rn. li, boating theru comj.ieU-iy. und takmc Srtn prisoners. AUSTRIA —A ser..- f of fa^i ced at ^ lenna and m the feared that the iiuinlier wil. I. some time Ui come TURIN. May 9 .— The eneinv of 2.000, after o.-cupyiui; Kev UHIK. witlidrew. Austrian reconnoite-rmc parties h&d advauc>-d K. Jar—I. but &e»-ini' the preparanous t»r rleience. wiiL.Jrew AUSTRALIA — i'estrncrv,-fire, had occurred at Melbourne and fiaiiarai ( oii^Kl^-rnl .- -x- citemdnt ei-jct^d it. ttie fl,ni' inirket The ships ureut Hritajii, Mermaid aud Sussex from Anstr.Ha i-rought home lib.000 ounces of cold Extrao'-i.uarv actiritv arnong the n,n,-r- and iie« and pold fields Lavi l,-«i, discovered The Vand^rbui anchnr-d off the Highland- at li c.V] 0 ,-l, i L . : i.iyhi--the .ju^-Ket t'np-ver made Vesterday a strong A u.-tnan column, with lour Gen«ruls wa- al btrateniR This morning they <vitb.dr.-w- l>avn!v. f,, r Carasauo aud Strepiana. FEU i*. Mar li —The Jil,n.ti,-,tr pablinhe-- the following telegraph from Rome, dated 10th mst " According to orders from \ i«nna, the stat> of p~ipe has been Declared at Ancona \ itiNi, May 11.—The Arch Duke is dead TIRIX, May 11.—The following official i li-tiii is published C'n the morning of Ilje llth, al 10 o'clock a. m., on reaching the Ver- cilli, the Austnans oeased their retrograde movement. To-day they made an excursion towards Ir oesura. LATEST.—Five batteries and thirty cart« of Rick and wonod"3 returned bv Gravelond Count Cavour leaves to-day,to meet the Emperor Napoleon at Genoa The London correspondent of the Commercial says that preparations is going on at every arsenal and dock v rd throughout the conn- try. Supplies of cannon arc still being sent to Gibraltar.and all othnr important stations, and the marines are to be increased by 2,000 men The manning of the navy is also making fa rorable progress. E^ery day furnishes new collateral proof of the fact of a secret agreement menacing to Eng- 'land, having been concluded between France and Russia, and the correspondent gays no one ought to feel surprised if we wake up early some morning to a consciousness that we may spare ourselves all further trouble on the neutrality question. The Independence Beige contains a rnmor that explanations have been asked of France by England as to a phrase in the Imperial . Manifesto in anticipating the Independence of Italy to the Adriatic, implies the entire disregard of the treaties ol 1815, and that the re- 'T ANW liOOFl.ANU. WHICH is the ereatesl ? n Ink- the one lias explored the B'raost Inaccessible mountain regions "of South America., and added largely to our geographical knowledge, thi- ot'ier hu< given his attention to Uie mitigation of hum&D sufleriiift, und ID his invention of the famous (jerman Bitters, tnown in the country as "//o0/- ttiitd'g JUttfrt,," hut coLlerrtd s,n lnva.luabli; bo6n upon mankind, rivspepsia.. Liver Couiplaiul a-nd Kerv- UB Debiiu.* arc aptjedii^- ajid pertuanently cured bv For salt bv drugflst! and dealer: ID meillcinee everj-where, al 76 cenu per bottie. j maylfi-dan-lm CALL ,i.\i» **B-;B': -TDK- LATEST STYLES , Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. J Robert Buiey aiid John DeBnw, against Dennis N agent and Jame« .Nugent. Execution. B Y virtue of an eiccutlon Issued from .aid Court, In the above entitled action, to me directed and de- ireretl agalnut the goods, chattels and real estate of Dennia Nugent and James Nugent, I hare neiied and aken the following described rtal estate ai the proiier- y of the defendant, or either of them, to wit: {,*Lot number four (4), block one hundred and thirty-four (184) In the First Ward of the City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee, Bute of Wisconsin, and all the ri^lit, title and Interest which (lie said defendant* or either ofthem had In and to said premises at the date of the nUn* of a certain warrant of attachment heretofore issued in the action, to wit: On tbe SUi day o f • June, 1858." Which property, aj aforesaid, 1 will expose for lie and sell at Public Auction, at the Court Home, In le City or Milwaukee, ou Huiilrduy, tlie 2. r >Ui iij ol September, ls;.s, at the hour of i! p. u., f thai day to satisfy aald exccutlnn and coitj. Dated Hhcrlff'm, Olnce, Mil*, nukee, August 0, lsft.1 OTLca, BDTTEIOJ t COTT«ILI . I HERMAN L. PAGE, Pl'Ol Alfva. { Mi'ff. alll.Ou. Wis ic above sail Is hereu, postponed to Saturday October £3,185S, &t tne same i-laco and hour as above- named. Dated Sheriff's Offloe, Mlln :,ukee, August 2A.1S5S 1£R»tAN L. PAGE, Sh'tf. Mil. Oo., H is. — above >aie|s furtl.. i postponed to M»lurd».y, the 20Ui day of November, IN'.-, at the same plaiv anj hour aa above named. Uateil Sheriff'* Dfflce, Mil oct'24-4w ££** Tlie abovt- sale la furtl. nauie<l. -Iff'B Offlre, Mlln., •• nov21 'tie abovt- Hale ts »l Saturday, Angusl ^0, 1SS9, at '. B abuw name-.I febZO-lawtt CIRL'L'IT torilT, l Milwaukee Ooui:l } . f Alei b. Hull a.nd I) Hull, Pla M.OS Anthony Artorn. -s C. tinrd.litr and "j Kylvanus Lyon, Iit-frnd'l) J 'he .State uf Wi3coo»:ii, lo u. ami nad encti ,if it,eiii Y ' OC areot.rt-l.y iiuinmuue i i the ramplainl in this act..,i in llic olfact- of Lbe Clerk of Hie ol Milwaukee, al the C.-arl Mot waukee, andtn ierv c a copy of complaint OD tlie suhncribers, a ton's Block, m Ihr City of M l i:a>s aru-r th»- st-r^ i.-t- of lias s,. sive of Ihe ilay of sucli servlci . U,t Bald complain! uuhin th» I llff.- n, Uiis ax.-Lj«,n will tak- . Uii- sum of eifhl hundred ati.i Rt-veiu>-ont cptil!., w ,tri inlf- kee.Oct. 28, 185S. - .1KHMAN L. PAUK, Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wls. , postponed toSaturday, i iace and hour as above ."Kee, Nov. 20, ISM. ilKRMAN L. PAGE, Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wls -i. I further postponed to ; •; same place aud hour :IEKJ1AN U PAUE, .:e Bh'ff. Mil. Co., Wls. B livered against the personal and real property of Ihe above named defendants, I haveiseiied and levied on the following real estate, to wit:; Bsginnlug at a point In the line between secttdn 19, And 20,1287 feet north of the quarter section corner; running thence we«t 899 Ji feet to tte east line of Fourteenth street; thence with 'said east line of Fourteenth street, north 764 feet to Beaublan street, dr the extension of that s;treet as represented In the plot of Vilet's Addition to the city of Mllwaakee; thence with the sooth line of said street, east 506 feet; thenoe with the southerly line of said street northeaster, j- about 210 fret to an angle in said street; thence with the noolh line of said street east about 80 feet to the point where the south westdrly Mac of the land conveyed to Abram Vhetjby deed recorded In Milwaukee County in vo| 61 of deeds at page 810, crosses said south line of said street; thence with said sonthwester- - ly UnJ! of Abram Vliefs land south 47 degrees, east [about 609 feet to a point on Eleventh stree^ where said line Is intersected by the west line ol Abram Vllet's land, according to deed recorliea In vol 61, of deeds at page 243; thence aoutbj with said west line of Abram Vllet's land 12.8S chains to a corner, thence west with bouu- ary of said Abram Vllet's land 3 chains; thence sooth, wllh said boundary 618 >4 feet to north line ojf Sherman street; thence with said north line, fwesl 5.92 chains to suction line; thence with »ec«on Hue north S59 feet to the place of beginning, containing about $0.70 at-res, and being! situated lu the east half i>[ the north euit quarter of section 19, and lu the west half of the D(irth west quarter of section 20, li-wn i, raoga K. Als6 i,>ts <l, In, 11, V«, block t. Lott t, S, 4, .',, ii »uJ ,, blo<-k :i. Lot 6, block 4. Lor, 0, block s. l.ot; 8, block IS. All 10 Vllet's Addil un lo the cit; of Milwaukee, J«ln|{ in ihe cut half ol the north east c|uarlcr of secUou 13 and the west half of N VV J^ of Bt-ctiori 2o, town tf, ra^ige '£'2 ea.*l. Also the following rra) estate beginning al a point In section line between sections 18 and 20 at north side of Sherman street and 82* feel north nt the quarter section corner, thirncc with fieclinn line north 959 feet, llienrc wrsl ^*)« irrt Uj i-aal side of Fourlet-nth strret, thence with east Bldr o( said street, Houlh liy feel to- north side ol an aLlej, ihetice witli Dortlivfde of Bald alley south «a^tetljr 642 fee' to north, side of Sherman street; thence willi said north line of Sherman street 201 feel t« place ol beginning, containing lljj acres more or lew, belnir situated in ite ea»l half of the ui.rtli E&st quarter ol .,-ilioD II), town 7, r«ni;e 22 east. Also 1.01 «, bluck 8S, Second War.l. Nortli X lot .',, block ;». .Stcuu.l Wai.l. Alto the lullowmg real t-stau- beinn in ihr n..rU. ea.11 qaarle-r uf aeclinu I7,t,,«n 7,'rant'r -J:, begtnri'llig al a pulut n, u,« weal I,ne ol nanl quarter section lu.06 chains neriti df Hi. i.mtli »-rst .-(.rner ufnaid i|U»rter section al Ilir norm wrsl Corner ..I lai,,l, c,.ne)e'iln li,i,,; II K.clianla to one John I' .M| ( ,.^ ulH ^ ri ,. r _ u, CUl ,. with said we^l r.ut ol ,M.JI| i AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL, , ' TOR THJ! I'.APID CURE OK Colds, Cojnghs, and ' Hoarseness. Biumzu>, Mias., ajth Dec, 18S4. Da. J. a ATM : 1 do not tirtitate to»y Uu bMI remedy I hate, ew found (or doughs, HoarMnam, InHmnia, .nil the etaeomitaot symptoms of a Cold. toyonr QHIRBI PicroaAt. lu constant use lr> tnirpractir* and ray finally for th« bit On years has shown it to pouens superior Tirtun for tho treatment of these cemplnlnts. KBEX K.VIQUT, SI. D. PATENT MEDICINES. MEDICAi. rast BUTTON'S! .:",i May ll, is.^y'' BCll.ttH, liCT'l 11IC .\ ,vl7-latrCtv PIA.I u.i rrijmrt-ti to armtrt-r i, H'hicn has l>cetj 3IcJ ( 'ircu;l Court, Coutuj ^T in the City of 51 it- ur aiswer U Die smd Uicir ojjce Hi Ludiug- i, witiiih ia-entj mmoaa on J.TIU, tfxclu- (1 tf yc.u la,; .,, andVcr "• aforr^ ill.), lit? p'a LI- -•IDt-llI -i|rfUQtit y.'U fur .h.rt}-fiv« duharx luij quarurr .^ci'liMi, corutrr of saij quarirr arc li 911, itienrr 14.70 rliatna i<. un.!.];•, ,,f Urcrti H&y road, Uit-ncc aJt.uK mid.Ik of »A-.| n.aU suuUi M point 10.I* thaiii* i. >rtli ..l ti,,. aouth hue .<[ .ti,,t quarter nn-llou. U..-u.'c Ur--[ U.Tu .-Naiu.- t- l-lacf u( Uv^niu n^r. L ..utAiiuu^ at..,ui -S'J u. r.-a and btrng -m ;l..- »,- s t »,,!, .., t *.r (»r- t u », rowl. Uhicti sa-ld prupr-rty, as afur^a.d, I ihvl. ^ * [.., 9 ,- f«,r T-aJe ar.U sell a; Publ.c Au*:tiou ni tin- 0. urt U..u»r u. Ui,. Citj of Milwaukee, r-nSalurd ., > , U»,- liJUi Uu v of .Tlarcli* tsAs. »i th, r M , ar ,,, ^ P u ,, f l)ial ^ l*j &atifl(v i*id txecuii'.ti i., sale. , Lmled Snerifl"i OUicc, M.lwa ITff» Atl'ys ( ^..Y., write.: -Mb,,. used your ftetoroJ myself and la my I!i m ii 7 , T .r ,inc» 700 invented It, and ballov. it tha best modleln. fur lu purpAOT .T.r pot oat With . bad cold I.should soou.r pej twuty-flTe dolUra for a bottl« than do without It .>i Uktj any other rwnedy." Croup, Whooping Conjh. Influenza. „ _ SranraraLo, Jlnjs- Feb. 7, ISio. i J T°1 HI ? A ™ : ' "^ •newfully certify joor ftdorat ll the beit remedy we pouess for the cnre of whcx.piriz owjjh, eroap, and the cheat dlsoue* of children. We o? yonr fraternity In the South appreciate your iklll and tommxnd your medicine to onr pwple. HIRAM CONKLIN. U. D AMOS LEB, Ksq., ilaimair, U, writes, 3d J\n, ISM : " I had a tediong Inflnenia, which confined me In Joon «U we*k> ; took many medlclnei without reUef ; BnsJlv trtod TOUT ROarai by the ad-rice of our clergyman. The Out do» rellerod the saraum la mr throat anil lung* IMS than on. half the bottle m»o. a. completely well Yaor medldnra are the cheapen u ».;: u th. bert wo Mp bny, and we e>teem yom, Doctor and vow remodin. u th. poor man'i friend. 1 * Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. WIST UuromwrD, Pi, Feb. 4, iSirt 8l»: Tcmr diary ftctoroj Is performlnr marvel Ion* rare. In tbi. section. It hai:relI«Ted several from alarm ing iymptoma of eoniunjptloh, and U now cnrinif * mm. who ha» labored under an affection of the lungs for ib~ last forty years. HENRY L. PAKK8, iferchani i. A. RAMSBY, M. D., ALMO!,, Momoi Co lo«. write., Sept. 8, 1846 : " Daring my prmctlo. of many y-,i, , I bare fonnd nothing eqnal to your OWrry ftrtm-i f,,r firing MM and relief to coninmpdT. pati.fiU, or enrinu •ach 4fl are curable." ••« might add Tolomai of .rldenee, but UMBOlt soo- f inclng proof of the rtrtno of thli rrasdv Is fnaad n la •ffnets upon trial Consumption. Probably no one remedy hai rrsr Wra known whJofc rural so many and inch danfvnra. -im a. thlj BOOM oe haman aid can reach : bat «v« to thoM the CTW-r> r»«ora< afford, relief and cmnfort Astoa Housa, Nrw YOM Crrr. Umrcb 6 \SM I>OCTO» Am LowtLl.: I fe.1 It a daty and . pl«.« O r. t. Inform you what yonr C/urry pHter* ha- don. Tor n,, •Ife. She had been STB month, laboring under th« fl»n ifuron. (ymptomi of Coniomption, from whidi no nlJ »i »nl<i r.rocar- JSTB her mncb r»l!ef. gh« wu uteadlly flul- '•.*. until Dr. fltronn. of thill dty, w:hfr. w. haro rnn'e, fc, adrlce, rfscumniitfidn] a trial of year nnvlielp*. W» (>!»«• ti!« klD.ln<-n, u wi> do yuar .kill, fur ib« hu r~> v»rr,l from that Jay f»h* li u«| j«t a« «tron([ u ih** uj^u r. Ne. bnl b fr«» from h.r n.ngh, and falli h-r»ll w.ll yuan with sritltml. and regard. OKLANIK1 HT1EI.BY. or SHUJTTIUJ DB. HOOFLANB'S GERMAN BITTERS, A.ID DR. HOOPLA.\D'S BAL.SAMK CORDIAL,, The great standard medicines »/" th<* pw+nt ayt, hnvt acquired thnr </rrnt popularity >nhf ttirauy/i years of (rial f'nbuuntifit tatuif-ir tion w rrnderfd ?>*/ th^m in -tit ••'i.n'n . in-/ '*>•• people hae* yntnmmted 'h^i worthy Llvprfomplaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundlrt*. Debility of the Nervous Diseases of the Kidneys, and ail tfiafaxnt '/ri>;/,-/ />,,,„ ^ tiM Itvr ur trfriA-n--.Tj nf 'h* itniri>i,-f'i ,-n t l I off/an.t, a.r* rpstiiily tirtJ pfrmunfnii>( -' rfc r,ER\l,V.V BITTKRS. Tin' Balsamic Cordial '••/* ir-^ rrpntil{ifjti Jtnrfiti.i.iirt-j Unit ' / >f./ ~ mnu fnl return -'iran' ff nnf' ->ti • iv : TH- - r Cottgh. Cold, or Hoarsenosa, Bronchitis, fn fluenza. Croup. Pneumooia. Inr-ipirtn 1 Consumpcion. • l>"t tl,t< f:-'rj . r>ned /',' ••'.'.' ;*'..|.,; ,„,' •-, T" ft^itjirn <jf Confirmed Consumption. I*/ DtarrhcB i J „ m OF THE AGE K •* U N A :kev, Feb. 8, 18i9. J I.4.\0»..,K1II V. ."li'l 1 . Mil Cu XV • .*stf of Una si-lion. I OOTTRILI.. UtTs A Uomc>B !.'!» SA !.!•:. day, Uji- iCtli day ..f ,M» ( the hour of 1 p 11 Sheriff 's Olt ce. M ,1 *i»ii .e».lav, ttirt oil, line ,.( day. L»atr.l Stilly 'a be -•,, aprlC WOOD A.i\D HAY YAKI>. H • jusl opene for: he bn.. r>' «f al. •flic !,!• CU-Xtotu^r-, K M \'lH- lor 11A\ u; Hit N L. Corner of \\ c»l Wiiirr and (I) bourn S ,0fli,-f H-!th Mesars. Mabl'ell A lln II.t .«l..rK ,/ Wr.od ,s ,a.r|fe. Dry and Ha 8j*lH or utirut ilif M.., k ,,l U,y ,. of tALKD IN li I'lDOftliKR r.acl. w ,1! br -If-l'Verrd t" a SH-iKTE-T NiillCt. and th. .V li — W'.u.i IVdlarn. a quM:t:l •- ' iUr «-,Ii aluav li. IJUY ••'. 11- Wr wih ,eli'« a hamls.iiij- i.rotii 1,1 p.-.^tti- HI.on ai.-t !>«> id P Uull, i Marian Alu.ii Hi..., j Lilwln I'alinrr, 1'ru«t Jt.&tiua Uslliawftr, 1 Byron W. Clark, Ciiarlrt S.Clark. 1 ft,.t-*t B. Brll, T: r manner t MiJir Ben-} I.. !•»!,. ,r. ; Hcrrnai. *^t, wan Au^rusi ifrrtihn.. A ol thePr. |,ir'. ba..l til, f r. w- 0 i c- Kil w»r ] 1 1 r J*l.r/ H. hi.,..-., ll. ta.. H Hui.i. a jBt» ( ,,-r K. Oooilrit-l. N pursuance atij l. r,y [.art < ' \\. r C ! Lil« I -'T TKKM- Cl H i ll,. t5f~ Tne H al urvihy . tfir :uf , : ,lav ^ • .--I, f ( Maf. rc'i 19, I V. LA -ti\V( hrr If M la- . il lr I. '.'I! 1- -i -M.WiiKTHV. M,. n ' M , • . ire. Apr! C. 1^.' :• LA.Nlilt nIll H V, li<-.r.lf Ml.'iu r- i further ;-.- ]..".. i' ll.r «»-: • ( -i ^ ••- Jki-», II.., > . ;. ]<• -j. .' 1. A M , W K'H- i™-* do not l««p«ir till you hai» trl^i Aisa'- CUIMI PtcToajL. ll to made by orn of th« l»ni u...ii rj , -b«ml>u In tb» world, and lu rur» all around <-., l-,«i-,^ •J|« high menu of In ilrlUOT - / 'fl Oo<4-ip« M f^J^,, Ayer's Cathartic Pills. TMIE «cl«nCT. of Ch«mbrtr-| and M^li.-lu* L.r. r._, i. tu*d Ui«ir ntmo«t to product tits N»t. m.«t (,,,•- , pnrgailT. wht-h I. known to mm InnumsrmM, ,. r . '. a* shown that lhe«. Pnxs ta't r|no« which surpam u .Tr«|len«« the ordlnarj rn.dl.ltM., and thai th.r wt a on pr.fc«<l»nt*dJj upon tbo tflaem of all m«n Tb^r «rt lm :. and plmnot to tik«, but pow.rful u euro Their |~u- trating pmportlr. «lmulat» tb« rlul aeUritlejof th« U.|T r«mf>T« |b« ob»trncUc.n» nf lu orifmos, purify the tilrx-.! iu.1 «l|«-l •!!»««»« Th.y purgr oat Untbnl btunori whi, h !»rwj and jrrow dirt«ij]p«r t nlmulat« slug;]rlsh or din,.' darad organs into lh«tr uaturmj ar^Jeu. and Impart h««Jth> ton. with strrnfth to tn« whol. system. Not only lu they cum th« «T«ry4«y corovUlntJ of eT.ry body. t,ul *lso i,rml.U(,i^ and d*n**T3aj il3««aM that hare baffl^l lh« l^yil of human i«lll WhU* they pnxlnca pow«-ri,l 'fT-cOi, th«y »r» al th« urn* :lm». in 41mlnlsbM .l.or.. -l,- *vb>*t and t"-«t phyidc thai ran b-, «mplnT»l r.-r ra|i,| r . ,, K ' t: If I lit i. J I N V I i; (> K A T r.ntirr'|\ ir d ,;!tti;M >i. Ml Kit I | 1 .-TUTU OF ^Vlt>co^^ •••• t I' -nrt. MiKraulr, ( -I 1 ' • A LJL l^ullrfn. to Ul. . .,.) i^n^ pu:tl_i ir^rtable, ar« frw» from any rlak nf harm Cur., ia»-> I— n rn«.ip *M, b rorjtaaa t^il*rf w«rt th.y not in '. •Unilatxl by ci.o of iacb aiaJt«d r- «1a<.n »n.l ch»r«rt..t n U. li.rbl.l tb« iiur.lrl'n if -itruth M»ny ( -l«rgymen and phyfi.-Un- bi». l.ot nau.^i u> wrrify t" tb» pnt.lir th. rrhabllitT «f ny r«cB«!lM. whil. i,(h,n I.**. K-nl m. thf aMur»artt or ^B»1rtli.n that ru T Pr.par&ll.-ni rsjDtrll'Ut. trom-oiwly U Ui. rt.|l.r ..f m v »fflli-t*d. raftVrlni f.n< w rr.«a. ^ pi Th. O'«ti»-n»«i. BUJorut C'tmpUl , Heartboru. Q*«d&. t,« arlaln^j { •^. iDdla—tl-n. M .rl.l.J InartL u, furniBh p-» -,f th ! ^ P, .- . . »rl»u.[ Klalulenry. I •-** of Appetite, all I Jr., »• «i,.l finsn-.i :.*! >r,» ^--r- ^-:la >'< '.b. t.I'-.I ai:. •.cj;!*.:.^ » f. '•• >> ••-i*. I:, •;« h an U^ r. h inz'i B '^ Tb»-y *! uiK'JCi thi fy«ttm .'I [,. b. nir.;-«.- JXrtu. Bhn^r -^ l.'f d> n: |.ul. . -t t'. , a: I . r; I,.- : Mil ii riln j . t:.' '\ '. M I) Of J III J lial • llrti-r : V1 •: d a l . n the Jalr. .t »t-r,-t 11 I.. \Vr.KR7 ."IN LANDS AND WATER POWERS, 19O.OOO AC KF«* ul (lioice Farming and Pine Lauds. ft nisio\M>. ears at'o frftiii lh» tl.^n <;• ^ r"-i,nit-- l o[ Ullw i&J'" u!t.. -lit,-.-..:;,, uk^p, is, 1 J THuMAS.i ! F O H S A »> K . B v 1 if c Fox and Wisconsin Improvement Co. Ai Low Prl.i-s, on Liberal Term»nr Credit, and ,n larpi- or umiill qualltiei It suit purchasers. Tin-; I-'AKMINO LANJJS. CoinpriKinc tin- different rarietiet of Oak orn-i.lni-, I'r.mtantl Hard «',,od Lands, are well wat r - P d by Bpnne* ami urvi-r -tallinf Brooti. and ar^ h tl.c vinn, THE Pl.-VE I. Arc eitrcmely valuable .bclrif locate. J In tri. very l Wisconsin, aud hanni/ ul. Ml Fill t t .-TA'I K n r - H l.-coN.-l.N, l I IIT'.. M"«suk.-.. C., J Ames 1 i:j a/ainsl .in Mur.i.rr. Tb..ii,«j R, in, Farmrr, Tl.i GI..IM- lia ninl r drain. \!&nr,rr NA 1. 1-:. | --. A,.r I . •It, ..I l: , K.-UL , Ida Ji n! Join, ,.l i 1 Lrf-« IB, .lec--aA^,l, Mirtl,« L^-wis, M: LI-WIN, Mart),a II Lt w la. HI nabc W'liliaic J Lruin, Ida Jane L--WIS a l,cirt of Allison Lt wi«, ,1-, <-a*r-d, an "I Air.unn • w i«, M»r> I i.Ui^r unknown lrhal>..d .^aiilh I N vtnue of an.] pursuant to a judgment rmd said Court, in the ab. \ f entitled aclmn. ilau-, 13th, I5SS, - . the ,,l tl. r piles having appeared sufficient in London a better understanding appeared between the two. Lc Narde Buys that thn cabinets of London aod Berlin have resolred t-o maintain a strict neutrality in the present war The London Times says it seems impossible that the Aastrians oao retire withont a battle It U equally impossible that the French caii remain much longer without striking a blow at them. There was a great demand for discount at {he banks. The expectations of a farther movement of the bank to 5 par cent, seems for the present to have subsided. A Tarin letter says there is every appearance of an approaching great battle on ihe ground of Marengo. A despatch szyp advices from the frontiers of Lombardy, state that the inhabitants oi Valtellareare making great purchases of arms and ammunitions, and a revolution appears iQUDlD6Ht. rr A French squadron i s in tbc Adriatio A new ministry has been formed jn F , renoe The Grand Duke of Tuscany, who is a Colonel in tbe Austrian dragoons Is about to take active service with hie regiment. Four English ships of the line and a frigate had reached Gibraltar. A secret address from Garribaldi. Vice President of the National Society of Italy, is published. It instructs immediate insurrection, the vanquishing and disorganization of the Ana- trian army, the interception of its Vommuni- cations; the appointment of provisional governments, under King Victor Emmanuel; the abolition of thtfUxea on bread, corn, &o.; the levy of troops by conscription, and the enrollment of vdlanteers, &o. Mr. Tea Broeck's. mare, Prioress had won the Queen's plate for mares at Newmarket, beating Pole Star 20 lengths. The 3000 gain- eas stake was won br Promised Land, the favorite. WILMJKOTON, Del., Majrjai. "he General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church heia. their session to-day. Dr. Thnrs- ton, delegate fronvthe General Conference of of Uie Pine Rcpton of chosen TTtth particular refereur tiuitit-r and the VICIDUJ or logtiiu? Bin-ami WA'l'KK PO\\"tKs. Tfc«- frlleniioL "t Eaateri, CapitiahtiB l. i,..» invu.-. lo ' hf Waier Powers uwned t«v tti)H <'orapaDy Tr,e-t Mil. Hriviiepi-a situated Jireciely aJoij^ nuj-- \t tr Oaual whjci. unitet the Mlaslasippi trlti, u, - Ork-ai Lfckes, »c that poodi may be shipped Lj Bi^amNoat di- refiiy_to an from tbt- Mills ^^Tlieie Power> will be Je^srd for a term < as may b* desirt-'l For furtiier iDformation dfrr1 ia _ Mar-h I S'.ttll rX| f'.r us,It; mj st -|| R t public Auction, at the Host-Ottin , in tl.t (,'itj ,.( Milwaukee, (i & Sn i u rd a > , ihe 2nd d it y of J u I y ItiNy, at the nour ..r x p M , ( >t thai -Uv, tNr ful- iitwmff iieKtrit>ed prrtuiBt-u, to wil "Tt>e soulii half of lot nomlwi rd Litir |tfi, id block numbered thirty-i-vt-n (;i7), ,n Tnlm Ward, of Iht- C.ij ..f Mitriukrf, Uoanir ..? Milwaukee and t*tate "( Wi»coasln." l>ated SherllTfl Offirf, Milwaukee, SlarcJi iy, l$Si'j. ivsca £ LAl'fic j A .1 LANGWoitTHV Pl'ffa Att'y* » m.'ir. Mn Cu , W.«. O. untiff *i Alt* r:,ej M ) 'l-.'ltul ti'J. MII:U ii- i-*s s .-iTATKuV WliiCuNilN, .:t C'-mri, >l:lwaukrr O_.aiu c.en HuttleS ..r J..rl (Littl les, de ..« tu I'-, n 'W-rt Tha r I -J./.y .1, lr-1 u n>pla'-.u «ilmi< ir. -!T ..r -.1 «trt. -U..Q C '!a fnu'ti. r. iff by anpitn -1t-U J l«il«n with .aJi. m^rn p.r3t r f . Alk f. r t :M ci .L». s,, ,(h^- tb-f -»ji (M«'u ItJi lntrt-91.' »»iuc -r -Tir Proparod by Dr. I. C. AYER, Practical and Analytical diomijt. LOT?.: M ui P.ICf. *.f II 4 CO., I SOLD RT DR. M'LANT'S N i \v a A r .\i i; . (»rrtii(,t ..1, w r&seil, Loui* Aarr M, I .N v.rtuc of U.I..1 ("if' sanl O^urt, it, u. e a rnut»rr Sl*t. 1S6" ! ->f.. tcr-c, <•;, S;«t u rd a } , 1V.9-, al Lh' hclif f-1 'i f rtoiy • P' •H\1r (Q Ui.- - ,tj Ml >J 'T ntj il tin j of July, »i • 1 a j , i f - ' '..••» i tu' r B" mu. . u,^r.-»>, a.^ ••unl i.( Kit,] ju>U'me«t, I I.I \ i I I) VERMIFUGE LIVER* PILLS. 'I I ll X k I I- of rear Department Offu- en'juirt 04] -. It. Uif Oitj ,,l A,.p|, H RODWAV, Comi. H.< Laud •ton, WiHconaiu, • A.Kent, SHERIFF'S SAI.K BTATK Of WIBOON8IN, nain , U.-fti CitcuH Ci.urt., Milwaultci! County. Jume» S. Brown, tLC&lnat Km«t r iienl.crp, Joilnti A. No.inm., Andntu Keye. Foreclosnrt- TN virtue or Pi-let il \»|, ,,,,1 .l ,>ur»u»nt Ui > juj^ment rendered in '''' 0 . 1 '" al>OTt entitled a<-tion, .UttedJan- shall expose for .lie and sell at publk n ihe city of Ml]»» ' v ugrj- l u , auction, M U,e Po.t Office , e cy o »»ukee on Saturday, the 2d da r ol Jul,. iwV »° tl«- hour of 2 ,-. «. ol that day, the Iollo«-ln' de»rnb, , inortgaired premises, or BO rmich tl.ereol a« oiav l>p ne cessary to raise the amount -o[ said judgment intere.J and cosu, together with the ei^cwe. of .ale to wit " AH that pan of the west half or the soutl,. *"esl quarter of section number nine (y) in township seven (T), of range twenty-two 1221 hounded u followh, to wit commencing at the hotitb-ven corner of said n-est half of the southwest quarter of section nine (SI ); runnlnc thence east on the south line thereof ten (10) chains thence north ten (lu) chains , thence west teii (10) chains to the went line of the aald quarter section, and thence south ten (10) chsJnt to the place of beginning, containing ten (10) acres subject, however, to one nil/ the width of a road, on the south and west boundaries thereof said road being one chain In width " Dated Sheriff '« office, Mllwaakee, April 1, 1868 TBOXIS L. OODKS, I A. J. LANGWOETHY ' t'lrculi > oiirl. I omit} of 1'orlo.gc. William B.Trt.j...|., Jnhn S I'errylinil^F.lward N,.r- araliut H II liui.f, M.iij ». VouriK, Ji>hn W. Bardrlr.r. I D Kogern, J, H. Uorr "nu, VV'iih&ra M. Sinclair A Uuu j.nlion, R. V»lTfrt..ii. S. C rt'alkrr, J. .. , Drr r (,,r M ti. Satlerlr-r, (,. A B < •nnpt^ I.. T. Wu. 01, i, T I'er' ry. J. 11. Ka< k^r, B Hhllf, (i. U. Wri|thl, (i, 8. Mur- ley.J.M. BcncdK-t. J. C Me.-ker, J. M IVrklni and u. C MuH«. Tl.c Ktatc i.r Wisconsin l<. tht al.ov anu : S 'lBS: — You are hfiT-by lumui'.otMl and rc, ( uirrd lo answer the complain! in this action, ..f wnlrh a «>1); l» l.crtwiUi »er»ed ny>.,u yuu, and .ervn a copy of jour tnitrer on us at our office, numbers 8 and 4 ID u..- r"tnu Bunk of Wisconsin building, u. u,,. (j, ly O r Milvraukee, within Uiree monthj after the a^-rrice hereof excluuve of the rimy of «nch servlrp , »Dd If y, u fail to iu.»wcr the complaint as aforesaid, the plalntl'lTi will an plT to th,. Or.uri f.,r tl^ relief demanded >,, u,,. ,„,;,. plaint. Dalcd MllwtDkn-, Marrh '<:i. 1,5(r. (i.A. A-J C STARKWIiiTHKR. HIT, Atcorui-j-j, Mil. Oity. - ™ Cate, Juii B e of Ihe 11.-.I and t> W ard . r the i waui^-, Mfctf >• W i3ci, Dated Sheriff's nfflre, SI >UOKS, flRUWif A OliUEH. I l'l»lntl(T» At!bn,'/i f nker, Apr :l 1 -t. 1 »6y . J. I.AM>\vniiruv. ."t.rriir .Mil i; «i H., W T Ii Judicial Plover, Uie23J Jav ul March, A. D ISM QEO. R. WALBRIDGK.-Clerk. The compl»tnl in Ihe above entitled nu.e will be filed in the offic Honapr ,-,iuntr, 1BASI. ol the Cle I'lnver, ,,f the Circuit Court, the I! M)i a.y O f April, (1 A 4 J. O MTAHKWEATHER, I'liint IPs Attorneys. I MTED ST ATf> H \ If sll 1 l.'s N * I. F. John A. Patfe, etecul-ir of] the last will B.ndtr«tAin»-n ! of Ueiekial, H ll-'-l. .1,ceased. Hand r. Hull, Marian Alton Hull. | Kdwln Palmrr, Tru.Hl^e, I Joahua Uathawaj-, I llyron W Olurk, Charles S. Clark. | Robert B. Bell, } In Chancery The Farmer'* k VHIer's B'k Uenry L Palmer, Hermann Hchwarlinp, and Anfrnstu* Irreullcli, A«- llpnee* of t|ie Pi-^ple's Bank nf lla.-rt.-l, iireen leaf A Company , j Kdward (i. T)Irr, | J&bez H. Po-ter, t Horace H. Hunn and I Jajper K. Uoodriot.. j :a»nce and by virtue (.f a decree ade by the Pl'ff's Attorne KS, I y. ( Sheriff Mil. Co., W'IB 01EODIT OOOET, ( Milwaukee County. { William P. LynJe, against John Oummlnir«, (John C. Goodrich, John F. Blrchard, Duncan 0. Heed, 0. P. Poote, David M. Muner, John CammlngB, Trmteea of Mllwaakee Lod t e No. 2, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellowa,) Greiror Meniel, Abraham B. Warner, Peter Kemble, The Globe Bank, William Smith, Henry Benflleben, Abraham Stelnbart, L«wi« j. Claude, George W. Peckham, Lewis 8. Mack, Herman 8. Mack, Leanaet M Hubby, Arthur Hughes, Bamael F. Lester, Badger Slate Bank, Robert b. Bell, jamet l*ngworth t Charlet Knap, John W. Butler, Henry Carter, Jerrl« Lanpdon, Samuel W. Barnard and David M. Mlsner. Assignee. ^a?!?? 1 * 2L Wuico n"ln, to each and all the defendanU ri;I , yf^™' exc «p» the delendanu, John Gommlnin and JObb C. Onnrirl^V, . B CIRCriT COURT, I Mdwaukee Couuly. f Williau. P. I ynde, John CummlnfT., Bally AtfnVummlngi, Grei-or Menrel Abraham B Warner, Peter Kemble, The Globf Bank ii... ? n..J n ry 8e ?'" <!be n. AbrihamBtelnhart if „ i ' <>«>rge W. Peckham, Lewis 8. Mack, Herman S. Mack, Leander Ifnbby, Arthur HuKhes Samuel F. L«t«, Badger State Bank, Robert B Bell James Longworth, Charles Knap, John W. Butler U °"r7 £»rt«. Jervl. Langdon, Samuel W. Barnard and David M. Mlaner, As»lg ee. "»rnara The Slate of Wlscon.ln, to all the defendants above najn.d, except Jnho Cummin*, and Ball, Ann Cum! . _^ -__... .„., Maine, was beard. overture from the •ynod of the free Presbyterian Clioroh of 0 wa, referred to » *p^^rtt*T O f which' «eT. J. P. Stearns D. D., ofM.Y was th« ^Mmwi. Dr. Moteau reU chnwh erection fond, shoei amount, to newly fl08,000. of the uro wswkee, on the ibt day of AprtJ, JU^W, a to'.err copy of your answer to the <eald complalntr acilber. at their office, Ko«.6ianaS Alba Milirankee, within ninety days after I N pursu bistnel Court of ilie VJni cd States for the Dlstn. l Wisconsin, on the twelfth day of March, t. n , 1»J9, in the abote entitled»e, 1 shall sell al Pubtlr Auclimi, at the Unltetl 8t&te« Marshal's Office, in thr l.uj ..f Milwaukee, on Monday, the ninth day of May, loftK, at 11 o'clock *. «.. " The following real esUU- Lnmr aud lylnp lo the County of Milwaukee and Suite of Win, ..u sin, and known and described u the Sooth east quarter of the north west ttuarter ol section number ten 1.1U), In township nufnber seven (7), north of ranpe number twenty-two ('22) east, less the south ea.Ht (juirtrr I. ring ten (10) acres of the above described tract "f ian.l which U exce^tetl and reserved." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March 28, 1859 Jl. J.TU011A.-, I,' b. Marshal A.C. Mil, CompH's Solicitor mar24-lawtt %aff The above sale ts hereby adjourned to Mon-iay tile eleventh day of July, 1869, nt the same hour and place M above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, May 9, 1S59. ma } lu-lawtt M.J. THOMAS, U. S. Marshal. OO7] 8AI.E. plaint on the subcribers, at their rfflce, Noa. « and o; Albany Building, Milwaukee, within'ninety d«s after the service of this summons on' you, exclu.!^^? the dayof such «crrlce; and If you fall t o answer the said complaint within the time .if reaaid, the plaintiff In this action will apply to the Uourt for tbe relief demanded In the complaint. Dated April 21, ISM. „ , _o_ «NOHE3, LVNDE t MILLER. »prii!>-lawt)w PlaintUTi A Attorneys. rvce this nummooi on you, ezclailre of. the day of , . y of such service; and If yon fall to answer the said oom- plalnt within the time aforesaid, the plalntUT ID this action will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In the complaint. Dated April 21, 1859.1 FlKOHES, LTNDE * MILLEE, «.pr28-law8w _ PlalntlfTi Attorneys. NOTICE. U NDEB and by virtue of a mortgage beirlog date December27,1858, executed to me by Lyman Nolton, to secure tbe payment of two hundred and twenty -seven dollars, and In' erest at the rate of tweir* per cent, per annum, deeming mytclf Insecure, t shall offer for sale and shall tell at public sale on the premises No. 47 Spring street, In tbe Fourth Ward, of tbe City -f Milwaukee, on Saturday, the 18th day or June next, STATK Ot WISCONSIN, I Olreult Court, WlwaukeeCounty. f Alonio L. Kane,J against John 8. FUlmore, George W. Peckham and Gilbert Roe. Foreclosure. TN virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In iT.fciD .XtA 0 " * bOTe ™u"«d action, dated tion ot r!i<? 'I rail-.-, and moK cspccully -rhf Ph\^ci,i!-s () f" the country, to run <if ti. r ciosr popu Ur remcdifs nou Ivf, \Vc re iff to Dr. ('has. II 'l.niif'* Vcrmilugc and 1 ,i\ cr I'ills. \N c Jo not r(.Lui)!nici!\.l them aj universal Cure all.-,, tun simply toi what their nanu: purports, vi/. : For c-xpelling Worms from the human system. Ir (MS also beer idmimsterei.1 uith the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THK 1.1A KH PILLS, I-or the cure-ot 1 .iv \ K COMPLAINTS ill BlLIOl'S nF.R-\\f,FMFNTS, SlCK Hr,\D Ac-nr, c\:c. In cases or" I ; F.\ PR • Huifa. , I • f *y f ili. -i Y r.slnirri* nt rnr tht- Ki( 111-..-* i "TV, M *5!"S .4 i r.*KK PAKTU.I US LAi- ,.,. »,.,r- i > i A i) , li" "l t 111 i^*'. .1! *ri tiy mi. I ;,f \r»«iv« ,iit r:1 j •.'.e UID-I ciim Irip' '» an.l Nr w iul nairutneni rt f.-VE rit-SH, T *I i.ifl k y t .If Ht-rrrt A CL'HE \^ ARR.\ A SON h*v« .Jrv.'i this peculiar class ,..-*.e.I.ftt.1 by C. repress purpo-e a tuily i^^ hly, of i!n,i5mt»i,..[i>, *•) A N H AfiL'F, M. k 10 VOKA • « CHWV.CU »^MUU( UKbCU M»rch 18,1859.1 thmll expo.e for »le and iell at I*ub- lie Ancuon, M the-Po»t-Offlce In the Oltj of Milwaukee, on >»l..^ uv . fc _ OJ ^__ Q } j , , fc . - ._ tnr *»l r "" °' thmt • the f irtgagtd preml»,» or 10 mocb Iherrof as may ta-L, ^'^ to ""' *"• •»«"»>' "f •»« judgment, m- lereBt ann i*np«* *A^atk«_ -*» .. * ° . tbe expenses of sale, andeoiu, together to wit: i "Lot [No. Notice ol tbe postponement for a brief period or tbe public sales at tbe Jaud office at Superior City, Wisconsin, ordered by proclamation No. 688. is Iiereby given lh»4 ths public «»lcj order-—' '- No. «i|8, dated Deo«mber U, »ei . , . IB68, to be held at toe land office at Superior .City, Wli- IUTI of Jane next. ) 'nntll the 8th andJWtb ttiven under my h»nd, »t U> tbe City of WMhtorton, UU»/i By order of the llWaort: TUOS. A. HKKDBIOE8, ; OonunlMlo&er General Land Offlce, at «y«f April, 1889,^ ;; Lot number thirteen [13J and Ihe out thirty kr^K °' '*' """oef '*elve 121, In biock S?0?OltToMSlfwI™57 J ,'J?." 1 ^ P _ 01 ^_ th *.V,' J 6 Of V ce. M -f Pl'ffs Atfys. aprl-8m-l|n8w A. J. LAJiQWOBTHT, Sheriff MU. Co., Wls. orecrnr OOUKT, i Milwaukee County. ( Charles W. Wlllard, Plaintiff, Ing nineteen and one naif feet front by thirty-five feet l"?'.^*** 1 on P*" 1 °' lo »» 2 and 8, In block Tl, In the4lh Ward of tbeOIty of M,l»an«ee r WUconsta, and kn .2';?.* 847l8p '' in(! ' tre * t ' >°«««ier with the lease of said lot. Dated Milwaukee, May 16,1868.. GEO. A. WOOD, Mortgage. PAUtn i BTAH, Attorney). mayl8-law<w JL H. nold, A. D ' Lnclu « E - Walt, John lan H. Meyer, Otto fleblng, 0. Ar- . , , . r- nold, A. f Buelflobn, Fr/dertofc Mnejlerf Sidney Shepard and Augustus ll. Wood, Defendants NOTICE I S hereby given, pursuant to section 10, chanter 118 _ BeWedBtatoteioftbeStateof WIsconsJn, that the Brand ana Petit Jnrori for the JuneTerm 1889, of the Municipal Court, Milwaukee County, jrili be'drara as the law direct!, on Tneiaay, May H, 1869, at the loor of 8 r. «., of that d»y, at the Municipal Court Dated Olsrk'aJOfflce, (Sly of MIlwaufcM, May 8.1889 ^•^•^[•^g° ltWaitJSS ^ w .s a «>»e«oer». atl their office, Noi.S and 4 Albany Bulldlnr,lnthe»ald City of Mil- waokee, wlliln twenty days after the s-rrlct hereof, ex- clnslre of the day of such service; and If you fall to answer the complaint wnhln the time aforesaid, tbe plaintiff will m»yU-n*«« -A. .^ . „ 6> the Court for Uie relief demanded In the ctmplaint. I -*- | Witaen the Hon. Arthur JicArthnr, Jnildeof •< Bial J- , the Oironlt Court fer nild CSintT of Mll- ( -»— ) waokeei at Milwaukee, ttili thlrty-flnt d»y - HOOEEB4BPANGENBIEG, : PUldtUf. Attorneji, MUwaukte, WUtonjln. preparatory to or after taking Quinine, tlu-y almost invariably rnak \ speedy aiul pcrniancnt cure. As specifics tor the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled and never known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc rheir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele- prated Vermifuge and PilJs shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the day, they mil continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the Best md Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough manner. Address; all orders to , FLEfflSO BEOS. Pittaburgh, Pa. P ' 8 in^7 1 * r L!S d p *y» fcta '» ordering from oilier. 3£*S, %fr™ A w "« '-» "".' «b* «rtcn Mtnmt but Dr. O'taaft, Pitobvrgh, fti. To Ihoso h ,,. D . United States, one box of postage stamps, or for foi ' __; , J? „ ' " °- HARWN8TON, Wholesale ard Retail, Agent and Mtane HUi •t from what thr-y Nave e \ [• '|dirn.|i inlii Uie causes 'if .nfrcl:i <!r"iii L.-icir most simple 0"-nliti. n N> '.: l.inu^r»ud an.l mveter»l*-J iht-y 'mv- ta.i.cti tlie p.-BSiblllty of their pr^v-ni,, - An.l Likewise invariably fnun.i l/iat .ti^ an.l mallim.lut forms of <liat-%.,tt i-. m.l «,-i l>e r*ce«i I., one of the f..liv^v-n^ caa* neglect, or the ill «fTeolji .if unsli illfui lreatm«at , thtrefiire., Dl. Auos A ^us ^i in discovering, la the *el-*«-it«n of '.f- 1&fe, etlcctu.11 an.l cautious rnune, >ni binsllon of rtruie<lles wdlcli hear tn -,|u ter, ±3 well sa Itiuse wrione preiiiiiture .r pli.-.iti"n iniirht be prn.iucliv.- i-f tj.i.l o. the hun.ia of prlvat.! in.livi.lualii. In -h !».« end of their remedies is trie les-f.-n mAji nf huni^n misery hy the ill--vrui prevention <if those jrrtevous ^llhrti .n r-.ihty the secret foes of life, anil w .'i .-• .-.\lenjiveiy surroon.t us, .all al u<l ' i lalerferenr^ in tritir extermination. UOCNTKY INVALID.". Pers«n3 in any | art of ihe worl.f may h treated by forwarding a currect detui! w th a remittance for Meilicmes, Ac. Address Dr. AMO14 * DON, corner Ma itreet, BalTalo, N. V. 0*5] SHERIFF'S NAl.T.. . \ «• w. STATK Ot \V1SCONSIN, I Uircuit Court, Milwaukee County. ( Sl.lney Sr.e[>ir<i, ajilnst Henry Meyer, aud Maruarei, his wr,-. Jtimen S. Brown, Daviu (i. Pswer, Kilwir-1 Huaae. W ilum P Merrill, Meljon Webber, Clmrle^ l. Ko. iller Drtmer F!BCM>a<-k, B. Rodills anj A W r}n«w.n i Administrators of tbe estate of John C. Lerluv. I- ceased, Ormaad T Crane, Charles f. Bo.le, A.lmmis- trator of the tstate of Charles (5. Schremer, .lerem- eil, James W. Arciell and llei man Q. C. Kemper ¥N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered j n J. said Court In theabove entltledsction^Uat«d Feiirua- rj 3, 1S59, I shall elpo«e for sale and jHl »t Publl,- Auction, at the Post-oatce, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the Otli day ot -Inly, lass. at the hour of 3 r. «., of that day, the loll,iwm^ j,. scribed mortgaged premises or so much thereof as m^y be nece«»arj lo raiae the amount of «aid .uilitmrnt, interest and costs, together with the expenses of s ,i e t,, wit: ••Lot number slitesn (16) and the east h»lf .,f i,,, number afleeni 13), In block forty^fire |45), in- th« Second Wanl of the Uity of Milwaukee, being on Tamarack street, between fmfe »n,l 8lith irreets, all In the Count; of MU W . ntee and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff'» Office Milwaukee, April j, 185». _^- A. J. UAN..WOHTUY. nt» Sheriff Milwaukee Co., Wi, GOO] SHEUIFF'* SALE :T..Atefc<r-i^^^ BTATK OP WISCONSIN, I Jircalt Court. Milwaukee County. | James 8- Brown, Joshua Hathairay and Tl.oma- I. Oi[den, against A. Patterson Smith and Alfred Foreclosure. I N TlrtoeoTand parjaan|.fo a Judgment rend«re.l n •aid Court, In the ibove entitled m-tinn, I te.i larch II, 1S59, I ihall expose for sale aod sell at Public Auction, lit tan Post Offlce, In the city of Milwaukee on Saturday, the 2d flay of July. ISS9, »t Uie hourof a r. u. of that day, the, following dejcribeii mortgagtd, premidus, or 10 much tnereof at may bo ne- eswy to raise thii amount of laid judgment, Interest .nil coita, together with the expensea of tale, to wit "Block number twenty-eight (33), of Clsrk's addition, In the Eighth Ward, or the city of Milwaukee ana county of Milwaukee, anj Blau of Wlacoruln. Dated SuerifTi Office, Ullwaukc*, April lit, 1S38 DATH, B. OODCT, i. [A. J. LANGWOETHV, PlfT» AU'y. f Blejlff MIL Co., Wli. aprl-JmllnSw .4 M .\ H K K [' : I M A (IK * I' : I M tKn K1 Tile SesU,r»l..- *!•!•.-, :ne,t;uir m -'Ails '.ir •:..• i e.^st tw-nt v [>er .-, rt.vila !\,r i n ottlti. 0 J. WOlJll t c .ir'\, (In '.he ,-r , n4 111 M irS,-i .: l»olil hv ' u.l f^iKf U III II A N 1 SI <r H 1 X^^S^ ^S^iS-r^. I»R. 4. < AIIM'M.J,, ••- «'. ,..» , ch,,..^,,.,,, . , ;*- v t No j:l It,,,,,,. ,,.,. •w.-rHieu -1111-1. 1^ Losr it'iiir *N t> i: \n .(.\'L> Dr C v. Hi, been Mm.I I > tliive HI sly lit. UE.tftf.VfJ. ,- i^^u received by .niv Jf whom tiavo •»•• 1 .,1 their IlKhl I itflciM operations, '.-r- r roru a i, CSSOi '"* gentle treax- -'"' " fa appr«- t>.it;ojitj from v- cured, hjt The i>e.1t |i.t..,f i. l., !,,,rt- Dr. ,'H elated is, lh;il lie .- .].i;ly r,- eivin^ all parlfl oi the ootmlr/. *n.l .Iliinn early recetveil cases. JM> fa* is requlreil for an ex.linlnatlciri or npinion. No COAaoayor^rocestlia'. »r- nut <iitree.n^J'ul,tt inll be stated when the patient is icceiTeil. Dr. cadwell'i 7V«attM0n fA« Bar an<i Btya in he had grutix on application u aboTa. fuo20-<iAw6m

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