Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 7
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ON By Din, llvor HO Hlowly h« :ed to wei blight col and somo will *IIHI a of Kolflns comfftit exhibit in thnlr loch ghtly hued piece of ul when 11 conmn tn k i -- m ; ' How he druadn ith nmio And fonuik 1 ' sold thai there la n I demand for c ow do wo know It? Oui ored It They hw» mncle* in their honey r*nrn Jars And It w*n't hnt we huve (tomething ins and neck* for vun Bomt progressive tntin- I put out n he-m«n« tc pomftde for crocked iver That Kills DU8l(lfe£8 hOUHQ Jtl NflW i fllttH--ordinary hotwf ud foi tno cxprtiBK |in- killeil And the ajfeiicy n la u flower ot filed Is the method the offJcacy of lt)P vnr the pi Inclple fan icctlciden the rlowniH, L'd arc Impelled from samples from evti on home-Kown ftlw u e scientifically inlied n» are plucttd In prlns* t flllecl with ·e t^«y lay their thin ntonth'M Arv _ le ,,««) irantiforred I'* In which th*v mHltirc ten days bolns; r«- tt proocmr f hr»e days these dulv mons are pl«o*d In t which litiueflnl pyr«- ten duravofl They *tt e sapors ten rnlnutfm loj are nlrcd and Itlven IT A fow r#oov»r but nice of recuperation Ic bale of flowern from ay cnmo In condemned T nighti rmlt* invf a «m»rt Tweed* a n d U favorite*.. · ·AN'S ftrV*t«r St. NEWSPAPER! DECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 9, DECATUR HERALD REVENUE LOADS REMAIN BELOW LEVELOF1929 #0,000 Highest Figure* Thii Year; Million Mark Not Yet Reached WABASH SHOWS DROP VARIETY OF FOOD DONATTEDJO HOME Fried chicken, cantaloupe, candy, coo on, and honey are on the lone lot of food donatJoni to the Girls' W«lforo homo during the month of September The superintendent's report wan read Wednesday morning In board meeting Th« glrli vttie nmambeied not only with good things to «at but with clothing, rain coats, wash cloths, a box of buttons, freo repair Borvlc* for th« lawn mower and the truck, a new gmpliophone In excel lent condition mid some records, ami not for amusement but for health lice vaccine tn an emergency The complete Hat of donations lit EAST PARK BAPTIST HAS ANNUAL MEETING Eait Pmrk BaptUt cnureh |iad Itu nnual butlnew mo«tlng Wodnesnay, ttporti w«n wad from the vartoui departm*nta of the Sunday school ,nd church. The S. 3 showed an average Inoreaw of 20 per cent over any previous year Approximately J10 000 00 WKB raUed lor the church during the year, with 13,80000 In thi now building fund. Nearly 200 new members war* token In during the year The following officers were elected for the ensuing yeu . of revenue loads Indlcnli .'iilfiy steady * low ot traffic bit riii l«v«l wmalmt tibout 20 por cent JIM Ut»n that of tart yoai far the week ended Sopl 27 lev- Jo* load* totalled M0.381. * do- gnat ot W 1 compared with tho MMdlhK woetc and a doercnso of SillJ* compared with lnat yetir- n1«o · «u · U«crofl«« or 248 6*1 com- Mud with 1MB For deveiat yeai* CilMti hM been rofcuidfld tut a fair- w iitiiftwtory when tlio rovonuo la load( were one million per week MM down llmos the tottil for a but not once this* yont hai "million load Mewl hocn at- follows. Mi.thfulll( chinch flit, tiainto unlud ix UIMl 1 Ivln- Ftluil o l l i I; luit ]utntuun imck 10' Mm Xflry Htni Viioltknr fluui ITH VViirilmI--Out* flMh ( n u Jtivn I'ld Hhop-- r « T A M Mr flmt f \ Milrtn Mr Mr nnU $ ol t j!*-- C 1,11. u mini 1 4 fl f n ill Mo lunnllh roll- Ai pl«s Ht~1tOllFt I'll H Mn«h iMn^Lcbiirn -- S A H i {. fHfl During Hsplointiti ttn, Wnbaah hiwllsd Ttt^31 rovenuo looda com Mrtd with T8402 In Aiiftuttt and JH Ml dtirlKK Soptomber lout yoiu for tho week ended Oct l the Watarti handled 1T850 undiuto tonda wmpftwl with 10.113 thf provlous wioh t^l comf^N^ c * u i t f t totdj In IftJS Proportloniitd d^icicnuuK nro nhown by all lines For the wnok ontlwd Ott t Bt LttlllH ToimlUlO BHHOClutlOTI handled 45B03 londa rnrn|iir«d wlln JUW (lurlntr rho coi i fispontllnft weok Injl yfdr u tx t 1 il n. * ^ 11 It Cnhlll him boen alerted pioul d«nt ot tho M K * T oyittom iN»dlnf( CoiumMii Hallo but continuing M n member o[ Ihc of (HiiM-toi'a Mi Unlit' hnt* the corforntlori 10 vcftrn b«- n dork ho wti4 [iiowldont (our yqum M I t C'nhlll fwmeilv KM vloo-prci'liliidt ot tho SMI board Air Un« and irln to I hut wti* R«n-| owl mnniiffci ot Hie Haltlmor« Ohki (til til*- Ifint (wo vntirt ho hiM iKtn fhnlitimn nf tlic oxooutlvo com- nltlrn ot tin 1 hoi ml of i l l i c i - K n i ot th« M i( * I fii"l will i imllnuc In thnt po lllnn , . . {'ONl'lUHUTinN of Iho Cftllfoinlft trull «' (i)ittolotion ibpftit thnt tho fruit crop (ii shliinuintN to for thw \ c i i r 1flli[-10 hi' (hi 1 «'inn M| hut of the prcii'dldx i t MtOIW nit itiKi i 'I lin -uiuui 1111" p v d*- IFIM t h n t MM* ^(ilii, ^ r thlp'j ^tm Itvtni r flrny h 1 luff ftn) -riit( l(i n hrtDcl MtH It ithn Kufffjul Mi 1 Hf^lttuti 1'ftrhH Mrjf tlqrlh Mui J T fMUi^ I it*. Mm !·' M Hi MM ^ J H n l | ( l l k y ^fM ll1kir C l O JL 1 LntUny, MM O ^tni^^x Vnt fjii l f i .h M t H r P Jo \h* \ i* Unnlto omdti MtiM 1 Illin Hujvlll f litn rolntu] Mil " T rtn Kirn CAM Mrl E\nNu Mm Cl A f i l CM hfi MCM T i\ ^ f f p J ilwnTil Jl V w C h*tti1njf i Hi w-- -\\nHJi l i HKtiu I inMir llAl1 Cd -- 't (XI JU Johii^o^ l u l l h CHURCH NOTES Northwest circle ot Ui* Grao* [ethodltt ehuroh IkdJea' kid nint Vedneeday In the hwnt of u Mri, Howard Arthur, 1B33 North Mapl treet Mw, C. M. ChnpptH l*d d«vo- lon» Chairmen of four itandlng somraltt«e» were kppolnted devo- Ions, Mm JenrJo Cecil; telophono, Kdivnrd Otu»a, W A Ititytt J A Co ml Uoy Hamii J w A11«ji Itomor Stn nrt William 1 orlnn. f j Osbotn, Mt I hi mil Tiol Muruhalt C \V HOBVOS J*clt I t i i l l l h i n l n i i t i n King J m t e i Aih Jim Nun t Ai[|inr-lMH»i l l n u r f Albrluht tin Wrl f HiiLli Ouinrtfluid IliikBall lut l » r l silmiin.1 r W J l t U i ("burle fiirkor cliurlo LlllH M f Hoot Ma Oiandfleld U V JcnuK» Joint fi^vlii Mr MrContmat, Kittvnnt )«yb(l Hottsrt Quit Inn It H Huit Dart All on 1 1*. Suck luy P T t f p n t u H 9unilA} 9^hoiH Jup4rlnt ami en t ^^ Cl f i t iinrt flnliL rhiircH r l v r k -- M m Roy Hump Mtmnoltit (tunutiir)-- K W Bi)oW«] f l m r c h T i o i t n u r i r -- llobort Qullkri, Mo (torn lor -- tltvol Cotltt SitHil ly School Sdcritmy-- JuJy Kru \a^lHitvnt ^unrtay Hactniary -- Frlol w t l in nipt HittiiiAoh nt "Trjamipur--C W R«tvt« 4\i n i liiy Sirliool 'Ironuuiur-- Alton Miller ItulliilTiir )iiiil Irenauisr-- W Jt Iin Uo)in t''utnlturo Co -- Snrvlso tlollvorln VI i ttofM ImUi Juhiitron 'CuiFi Ca-^^ciivi Vncc Vf A i m mil r JM1I-- Sew miiffazliiofl Ouy i--- Nine ourtAltiA t four Hinall Itnton nin Mis Lloonlur I iimlipr Co -- Soryke Uidln Hlrl* t q _ ^ i u k Q r fni m Aln I nad Tiiulu qi||Fl,lit1t)f Of tin. t t U (IFLtll m iiti c iut Mi \t I 1 dm i n tmrr -^l\llt I i; -flftrd n tii uluinm -- iUj^dliu Mil M M I 1 Iftlint nr H I I H ' u t l l m t t -- fliirrtill II I I h dm II II f! P m « tmttli 1 ! l-fiftnllL 01 COIN!' M l i I i M i l tin-- III t (f I t u t t w Mi i l U l l l ( ii vi i l k u u l t l l l i n k ^ It mirkfl*^8u 1 1* ri iuLr HE it i tllUK ·( Ijl^ll IUDWU Mm (t V ^ l l u l v V l i t i n l i L In in of ttif mil i i i f t d l u pi 1 'i u l t thn und ilnn only nno lani (if UHI cmiol of spoon cart I nc I ml i iixntnloupifl pnndiM noi \ cjrijjibli H nl! t Kin in In ninnv h u n d r e d train loodii trtithfullv M nuiv h* nuld thnt th» volumo of (mi lihuldo fruit* (inct vt^Hiihlifl ahl|it'i'i] f t n m C'nllfomln l« t n u H H i i\; 'i Kci-Kht ni li'lniitlnK In homo territory IH one if th* fontillxiUnjc far Mm whirl) nil railroad* jtidlcloUHlv n«rt»h Ijist \car thn IIHnold Ccn- lr*l i*l I ion (I moved approximately 1- Itifltt cm loud* of frrl({ht atliflnut* Inft In home l o r r l t m y Thut 1« a l*rgw nmtiticr of ctiloadM (Ittin all of ttw rnJIroait* have movid In any win-dty period n( Hid cut rent year i Thnt mun\' i urn would inakn IS 1 UilBi em-h (tftoniUni; f i o m Orlc «n« HiPrl(i VV'i Itrht ot Hi. . to retumod to hln honm In Mtit- twn a(lir n ttiv In [Illnols Ccn '"I fttnonU houpltul In lilcnifo n In (ill own home In M«i' nnahln tf «allt UN KI nt i il jiul (I t(i In) Uiilmpdlind hi ww ttmptii hid hnpi t«1 outlook It fltedalldhl ftfld marvel of his f ) l c n d t "ho h*ve known nnv piiwlcnt han **P*. Hli llmlia ilmplv am w l t h *it ntreaglh rcfuifi to mi()po)t him S«*«cm yifird ar,'o hi- wtihmltttd to : i lurtlcal operation for telliif fiom 'ttlcow vnlnH In lilt Ir^i (iratlu- ilnre thai ilmn hl-i ICB* Imv* wanker until now thny do t (unction Condiieloi Wrlpht Id twn y«t»r!i of the npo limit ttndei thn mica, wtlrwl from Illinois Boy is Healthiest **\jj Y hltloaon, Bud, itificret) from IV1 cansUpation," suys Mrs M, Keillor, 507N Eiglilh Ave , May wood, Clucugo "Ho w u s h u v m g a h a r d lime until our do* tor recommended California KiK Syrup and I got some (or Hud The first few doses reguhitiid h» bowcK lirigtilcned him up mar- vclously, secrnod lo give hint new atrengtn "I tuno since used Fig Syrup with my boy lurma rolOs or upsch It lina bti^n (i wonderful help to him; hna nuitted in making him the strong boy you sec--perhaps (he healthiest one in our neighborhood " For more ihiin fitly years, mothers hove praised Cntifornm Fig Syrup, Lendini; pliysltinna ndvhe its IIM will) In lions, ln'iidnchy, constipated ctuli I re 11, or to keen the bow«h op«n duflng colds or cmldron'n due uses. Children lo\c its nch, fruity flnvor. It tones nnd strengthen* wankcned bowels, lielpi make children robust. Look for the nnme California when buying, 'ihut marks Lhc genuine. Cyvi^I KOFI 1ST I/V FIG SYRUP LAXATIVE-TONIC Ar Gushard v s /or Majestic Complete Line Mrs E. G. U«na«y, Oowirt, niri. R G, Grabti prujrmm, Hri O. U, pell R*v, Mid IfM. W. U. were guocti, «nd ipokt, Hri. JoMo Doriey, Tr q (»v« » (roup of ta Ing*, and the hostwi Mrvrf rtfrow n «ntg, aislit«d by Mrt. WUlUm Brldwell. The Sov»mb*r mtetinx will be with'Mra WIBIwn O. Holm- 833 Wert DlvWo« NtwYorkMufrfaich h Btptirt Church fanday Dr. F. A. Afar of H«w T«rk city, flAMMlkl WP«tt WhO lAdMUMd eH ot Flfft BapUrt ehmreh NEW MAJESTIC RADIOS Free Worn* Demonstration ADAM F. GEBHART CO. lett ftundiy md pnaohtd twth ttw moraine ""1 *VMtat Mttnoat, will ·fain fill tb* pwtplt thlt wMk. Ma nbjaet in tk» moraint win IM "Hlth Cort of Lew Lovtaf, and la tin ave» f "Royal Rule* for Ittnl tag," 1045 N. Water St. Dial 2-1846 Formerly Auto Porte Co. 213 East North St. Dial 8912 Gushard's for Majestic Easy Payments Gushard*s Majestic Immediate Delivery J'IBST FLOOR BALCONY .NEW sSSEB^ If you are one of the many men who think they are Mt lifted with t h e i r preaent men'* clothing connection, we ebaueng* you to try BACHRACHS jmt onca and ·M the difference. Superheterodyne Amazing power Thrilling distance HOLD COMPLBTB WITH TUBIS-H11.JO NOTFS »gln««r (ind Mri Edward Binr, TMi *« In ExrcMor Jtprln«» Mo "' !» vwntlon vlitlt "" ef thd trtumcontlnontal roads, '"Announced the estomilon of the *JJJ Mttd diirlnc tho month of N,v The faro from ChlcdKO lo tindci thut rate will hr' R«Wdhftu»t forci'9 will bo on thr "*wy biili gntuidny Oct 11 To Have Community Meeting Anbury *lx mllos southenst ot Cairo 2TMP *ltt holl n -on)munltv meet tK? *" n1n " 1 TM]LtWgtum of the owning will *« mustc by local t«tent by Conrad 1C Kntna, seore- Dotdtiir Y M C A n n d 0( "How W« Oot Our Dr E T Evfln* of Deed- EYES RIGHT? Keeps tite BaQmxm The most senwtlonal value in ndtohlttoryl Combin- Ing for the very fint Hme the tremendoui power of screen grid tubei,the »h«rp tuning of the superhetero- dyne and the perfection of Majettlc's Colorful Tone. A Utlle giant only 39 fnchea high--wtlh M fiilUlxe, powerful radio fnride. Built a* only Majeatk can build tt, and priced 30^ below any other miperhet erodynel Thousand § every day are buying it. Hear It yourtelf and see why. You can't duplicate it without paying half again itt price. See your Majetdc dealer for free home trial and ea*y, convenient payment*. Origiby-Grunow Company, Chicago» III WorW'i Large* Manu/octurer* o/Complete Radio Reetiver*. WHOLESALE JXSTKIBVtOK THE BENWOOD-UNZE CO. ItHh Mid WMhlnKton Av«. 8t fxuh, M*, «hMu» fry Tlmralar ·»*··» la tM of the Utttr Day MM* lit* Wait Ktaf ·imb at I efeletk. The New MAJESTIC Superheterodyne On Ditptay At The Most Liberal T«mu In Decatur PAon* 4191 tor Demonttration We consider these The Finest Suits $ 35 or MO Can Buy WITH WO PAIRS OF PANTS t --BECAUSE their woolens are much finer than those usually employed in suits to sell at $35 and $40 --BECAUSE in their tailorins and in every detail of their finish they are superior to average suits^pf $35 and $40 make, V --BECAUSE they fit with a preciseness and nicety youve seldsm encountered in suits at $35 and $40 Aik About Our New Charge Account Pltn KNIT.TEX TOPCOATS $30 CMwtcttod MALLORY HATS $8.50 "GGG" SUITS $50 BACHRACHS 1*77 SFAP£RI

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