Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 7, 1949 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1949
Page 19
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CHy Moson City Calendar of Mason City Cerro Gord ° hotel. J ^H'* 7 ~ In i ermediate session U. S. district court, federal building, 9 a. in, Ji tE«ii 1 ~ < £ a , mber of Commerce na- Hn?«i w ^ '-'onference at noon in Motel Hanford. Concert series, at a' baritcme - at h'Kh school o,. " sewcr rcntal fiat City hall at 7:30 p. m. JAN. 10— Annual meeting of Young Men's Christian association at Y° M. C. A. with 6:30 p m dinner JA c£ 26 \ 2T7 - Llt "« Th^aterTl a y "The toriu S m g ° rle " 3t h ' eh Sch001 audi " « y . meeti "G o£ North Iowa the Lut heran Welfare So- at Y ' M ' c - A PV.^, ^ agle Plu me to address Executives club at Hotel Hanford at '•JO p. m. FEB. 13-14— Black Hills Passion play FEE « i nnn sen 1 Concert series. harmonica P'ayer. concert at high 5erles ' MARCH 17— Andre . Mouton. representa- ChSnJh V^ New Cleans, at joint Chamber of Commerce-service club dinner. 6 p. m.. Hotel Hanford. HERE IN MASON CITY Fuller Brushes. Ph. 1358-W. O'Brien Paints at Shepherds. Herbert A. Kaiser, son of John Kaiser, route 4, recently arrived on the Isthmus of Panama. He made the trip on the USAT "Private William H. Thomas." He has been assigned to duty at Fort Clayton on the Pacific side of the isthmus. Lovely wallpaper at Paynes. "Insurancewise." Let George, Bob or Jerry do it. Ph. 321. The Mason City council 107 United Commercial Travelers, will hold its monthly meeting next Saturday, starting with a 6:15 dinner at the Mutual Insurance building. The committee in charge consists of Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Jennings, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. A. L. "Doc" Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hagerman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Walker and Mrs. Charles Ressler. Major Ambulance Service, auto or air. Phone 511. Dr. R. W. Shultz, D. O., Rm. 641, Hanford Hotel. Phone 2960. Miss Genevieve Sabin, Western Union automatic operator returned Thursday to the Mason City office after supplying emergency relief at the Port Dodge office for the past 2 weeks. Rag rugs woven to order. 724 South Penn. Phone 1950-W. Fiesta Dinnerware now in stock. Boomhower Hardware. Western Union Making Greeting Wire Survey It was stated by Ed F. Sweester, local manager, that whether and why people send Christmas, birthday and other greeting telegrams and why they don't is the subject of a public opinion survey Western Union is carrying out in Mason City and in all of the larger cities all over the country. During the war years such telegrams were prohibited by the requirement of keeping, the telegraph circuits open for the movement of the needed government communications. This restriction was removed shortly after the end of the war and the volume of such social telegrams has returned to its pre-war figure. Prior to the last election this survey would have been called a "poll" as it is carried on in about the same manner. Names are taken at random from the directory and these persons are queried concerning the use of greeting telegrams. The number of Christmas greeting telegrams exceeded last year's number by 47 per cent. Returns to Duty Nora Springs—Sgt. Joseph Plummer arrived here from Scott air force base near Belleville, 111. He spent his furlough here with his mother, Mrs. Blanche Plummer, and left Tuesday evening to return to duty. Sgt. Plummer, who began a 3-year enlistment in August, 1946, is an administrative specialist in the finance department at Scott A. F. B. If you live in an area where rainfall is plentiful, plant your lawn with blue grass. In dry locations, use the fairway strain of crested wheatgrass. ; Never Brush False Teeth, Bridges Brushing can rum your denture.ORA. deans artificial teeth safely,quicRly; banishes risk cf "denture breath"; makes mouth feel so comfortable — because denture is sparkling clean I Just place denture and *A teaspoon of ORA in glass of water for 15 min- ates—or leave overnight. No brushing needed. ORA is pure; contains no tell-tale flavoring. ORA will not cake In the jar. Less than a penny « day. At your druggist's. Get a jar today. A product of McKesson & Bobbins. s. REMOVES UNSIGHTLY TOBACCO fl TAINS -GUARANTEED NOT TO HARM YOUR DENTURE. Legislation Urged for Lake Patrol Globe-Gazette Photos CERRO GORDO'S LIBERTY BELL-A date of 1900 is stamped on this 2,000 pound bell which, on a clear day, can be heard pealing out the hour iy 2 miles distant from the county courthouse. The bell is hit on the hour by a large maple mallet, only slightly worn !i'° n u n S i 8 n £? a . rS Ti°r f s ? r ™ e —^at's from the time the building was erected. ^Examining the bell at left is Wanda Wallace, 322 3rd N. E., and with her, Carole Slater, St. Louis. I he back of a clock face is shown in the background and directly above Miss Slater is one pi 4 double gear ratios which keep the hands of the clocks functioning properly Inspector Says Intoxication in Boats Cause of 2 Drownings Two drownings marred an otherwise excellent record on the patrolled lakes of the state in 1948, according to the report of Verne H. Petersen, state boat inspector and water safety director, to the state conservation commission. These drownings involved intoxicated persons and reveal the inadequacy of the present law in handling such situations, he said. He expressed the hope and the expectation that legislation would be*passed empowering the lake patrol to deal with cases of operating boats while under the influence of intoxicating beverages. As it was the lake patrol dealt with 772 law violations, issued 739 warnings and made 33 prosecutions the past year. There were 34 cases of near drowning. Report Presented The essentials of the report were presented at the monthly meeting of the executive committee of the Cerro Gordo county chapter of the American Red Cross Wednesday evening by Harry C. Brown, president of the Iowa State Safety Council, with Inspector Petersen presenting some of the details. Other reports given at the meeting included that of the home service department which reported a total case load of 234 for December. The cases represented 188 veterans or veterans' dependents, 41 dependents Maintaining Courthouse Clock Big Job By RICK MEREDITH How does your ticker work? Under the rejuvenation program which is entering its 5th year the Cerro Gordo county courthouse is able to offer almost complete up-to-the minute time—one of the finer attributes of the county's pigeon capitol. It didn't used to be so. You were apt to get yesterday's time today, or a better possibility, no time at all. But back in 1844 a county supervisor, noticing'the contiual differences between his Bulova and the courthouse time piece, decided what time it was—the hour of redemption. He called on Lyle Pickford, superintendent of the county's highway maintenance garage. Put in New System Pickford, like an incoming football coach, promised no miracles but installed a new "T" system. His clock of 4 faces has been running good ever since despite some obstacles which the public seldom realizes. Doves which get punch drunk riding the hands around, probably to compensate for the building's lack of escalators changes in weather and ice freezing to clock hands play hide and seek with Pickford. But he's cagily come to expect or recognize the difficulties as they arise. Birds riding the hands can add 5 minutes delay to the time quite easily. The hour hand is not so apt to be affected, partly because our feathered friends prefer the ride oh 'the more roomy minute hand but mainly due to a better gear ratio holding it. Has Trap Doors The hands, wooden with a steel counterbalance, get frozen stiff at infrequent times in the winter. When this happens, Pickford has trap .doors, camouflaged in the clock faces and big enough to stick his head through, to peak and reach through to reset the hands. But changes in temperature cause the biggest variance. If the pendulum was of bi-metal this could largely be eliminated. But, it's made of wood and re-acts by speeding up with the warming spring and slowing with the first bluster of winter. A quarter turn of the pendulum makes a difference of 2 minutes a week. Pickford watches for these periods closely and seldom does his problem get out of control. Invented Oil Bath A former , major handicap has now been eliminated by an in- genius device. Lack of oil used to be the big problem. It was hardly proper that anyone should negotiate each squirt of oil but often the wheels ran dry. This caused the clock to go on strike. Now the works receive a continual oil bath as the palate wheel skims through a metal trough Pickford built under it. The oil supply lasts for days. Numerous attempts to decrease the bird population have failed Trying to get them with guns would lay many windows in the area open to clanger. The birds apparently realizing this, continue to multiply without fear. Trap< have been built for them with the 99 steps to the tower time the works needed a SAVE ON YOUR WATER BILL WEST SIDE BILLS WERE DUE JANUARY 1 You save a penalty of 10% by paying your water bill on or before Monday, January 10. NOTICE: Office closes at 12 o'clock (noon) on Saturdays. Mason City Water Department THE HOUR OF THE WEEK—Lyle Pickford, whose main duty is superintendent of the county highway maintenance garage, has been keeping the clock running for nearly 5 years. One of his duties is to wind it, a hand task which requires an hour a week. He's thinking of improving the situation by installing a i/L horsepower motor to do the job. servicemen or their and 5 civilians. Mrs. H. O'Leary, water safety chairman, reported that plans were completed to start the junior and senior life saving classes for high school students the first of March. The instructor course in first aid will be held the week of Jan. 17, according to Eugene L. Tracy, first aid chairman. It is planned to continue the use of the registered nurses, Mrs. Esther Wade and Miss Ellen Graves in giving instruction to home nursing classes and a new class for Mason City women is scheduled to begin Jan. 10, Mrs. Dan Herrick, home nursing chairman reported. Activities Pointed Out The written report of Inspector Petersen covered a wide range of activity carried on by the lake patrol. "The past year has seen changes in some of our policies in regard to pilots' and engineers' examinations," the inspector's report stated. "We have adopted a system of oral, operational and written examinations with the written being filed in the office at Des Moines, thereby eliminating the task of re-examining each applicant annually. "It is interesting to note the number of boats being used on the patrolled areas. This number being an actual count which definitely proves that there is an actual need of our lake patrol safety setup. Without the supervision of these patrolmen and the boat inspector over these waters, I feel sure we would have had an accident record whicfh would be startling. No Flood Problem "We were very fortunate this year in not having floods comparable to the year 1947. This having been an exceptionally dry year, we were not called upon to duplicate our work in this field such as we did a year ago in the southern part of the state. "The conservation commission realized last winter that, since we were always called upon to perform such rescue work, we should have the safest and best equipment possible, thereby decreasing the possibility of 'a tragic ending to our efforts. We, therefore, had 2 boats built for this use, each being equipped with every possible safety device. "These boats are kept at strategic locations and in the event of an emergency, are available at once by calling this office. These boats will be operated by trained personnel only and schools were held during which time actual operation of these craft were used for instruction. We now have 6 men who are qualified to act in a flood emergency. Buys More Boats "The conservation commission also purchased 3 new patrol boats, one for Clear Lake, one for Okoboji and one for Lake Manawa, thereby releasing the boat which has been stationed at Lake Manawa to be used on river and lake for extra duty. This boat will be pulled on a trailer to any desired spot and used by the boat inspector. "We issued no Red Cross swimming certificates this year. It was felt that the duties of the lake patrolmen were strenuous enough without this additional work. We, therefore, trained individuals to carry on in this respect, in their county through the local Red Cross chapter relieving us of that responsibility. "However, we have not severed our relationship with the National American Red Cross, as we assist them whenever possible and expect to continue in that capacity. The writer has, for the past 2 summers, assisted at the National Red Cross aquatic schools and is listed on the national staff as a small craft instructor. "We still can carry on a good program of water safety by demonstrating the proper conduct of the boat user to various groups. Incidentally, one person was revived by the administration of artificial respiration. This one case proves that this program is Globe-Gazette Photo "MIDNIGHT" COMES TO MASON CITY—Looking sleek and well satisfied with himself, "Midnight" a 15 pound, black cat whose pedigree is unknown but whose looks proclaim him to be a patrician now calls Mason City his home. The big cat is owned by T/Sgt. Carroll B. and Mrs. McDowell. Sgt. McDowell was recently as-*signed to Mason City on recruiting duty. "Midnight" completed a 3.000 mile trip by train, ship, and airplane from Puerto Rico. He was bought for a carton of cigarets by Sgt. McDowell in Camtigua, Cuba, and went along with the sergeant when he was transferred to Jamaica, and finally to Puerto Rico. Sgt. McDowell was assigned to the air forces in the Carribean command. THE TIME OF CONFIDENCE—Whereas the courthouse clock used to run irregularly or not at all, it is seldom out of kelter a few minutes now. Birds, freezing weather and temperature changes are factors which sometimes throw it off. The faces are 6 feet in diameter—and are probably read by as many pigeons and doves as people. cereal as the attraction inside the courthouse but the housing lure within must have turned their stomach, for few ever entered. They fly away-for-hours at a time —presumably on Sunday to attend the nearby church belfry of their choice, the Holy Family Catholic or the First Methodist—and often are seen swooping over some of the industrial spots of the city on week days. Winds Every 7 Days Winding of the clock is' a requirement every 9 days. Actually Pickford does it every 7. It takes an hour and in the summer Pickr- ford does it in 4 relays to keep his pitching wing from getting tired. He's a righthander who sometimes becomes a southpaw in the stretch. Utility companies keep your home electric clocks operating properly wound by an engineer's flick of the turbine controls. , It formerly was the duty of the sheriff's office to keep the county clock operating. A common procedure was for clients of the coun-. ty jail to ascend to the heavenly position, 85 feet above city level, with instructions to remedy • all wrong they saw. This made them a nice deviation from the regular course of duty but seldom altere'd the plight of the clorks. Many weeks at a time now, the courthouse clock does not get off track more than a minute. "Better Than 55 Watch" "I believe it runs better than the average $5 watch, even with all the intricacies involved," Pickford says, "and it doesn't cost the county more than $60 to $75 a year for maintenance." Looking to the day when he can take life easier, Pickford has in mind to bxrild an electric drive with a i horsepower motor, thus eliminating the hand winding of the- instrument. TEMPUS FUGIT. worth-while tinued." and must be con- V.F.W. to Hold Free Dinner at Club Jan. 20 San Juan Marne post of the V. F. W. will hold a free ham dinner and recording dance at the club Jan. 20. All members and their wives and auxiliary and escorts will be admitted upon presentation of 1949 membership. QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS EXCESS ACID FreeBookTeNsofHomeTreatmenttlut Mast Help or it Will Cost You Nothing Over three million bottles of the WILZ.A.BD THKA.TMENT have been, sold for relief ot symptoms of distress arising from Stomach and Duodenal Ute«r« due to Excti* AcM — Poor Digestion, Sour or Up*«t Stomach, Gmstltms, Heartburn, SlMptatsttttt, etc., duo to EXCMS Acid. Sold on. 15 days' trial I Ask for "WUIard's Message" which fully explains this treatment— free—at B. & O. DRUG FORD HOPKINS DRUG STORE MACKET'S Furniture Shop DISTILLED WATER 417 2nd Street N. W. Phone 782 Watch For Our Storewide Sale Blanchard s 12 East Slate Serene Simplicity No one who has seen the beauty of a fine MONTELLO monument, the most enduring granite in the world, set and landscaped in its peaceful cemetery setting, will question its eloquent tribute to the memory of loved ones. We are exclusive dealers for MONTELLO Beautiful Monuments. See our large display. Mason City Monumental Works, Inc. GEORGE MILLER 150 10th St. S. W. Phone 39Z Clear Lake Representative: Phone 813-W "Midnight" encountered a little trouble when it came time to come to the states, because it seems that no regulations could be found covering the entry of Puerto Rican cats that bark like a dog, and stalk their prey like a panther. But after being crated and supplied with full credentials in the way of health, and given vaccination records, he was able to find transportation to the states. Lt. Col. Leland Johnson, brother of Van Johnson, offered to fly "Midnight" to Washington, D. C., with him, provided Sgt. McDowell would meet him. "Midnight" is 2 years old and eats liver, tuna, and salmon. And, when he is hungry he fights with all his American cousin cats, and chases all dogs regardless of size. Needless to say Sgt. McDowell keeps "Midnight" chained, but insists that the black cat will not harm children or grown-ups. A close look at the cat's teeth explains why Sgt. McDowell has worn out 4 pairs of gloves, so far this winter just playing with him. The Iowa snow does not go. over so well with the cat and like most people he likes it an even 80 degrees. Instead of trying to keep his paws out of the snow he would rather be stalking his prey in Cuba. And now comes an electric shoe shiner for home use. It has an eight-inch sheepskin buffer which , is harmless to fine stitching or or-' naments and gets the polish into little seams, holes and edges. AS PURE AS MONEY CAM BUY St.Joseph ASPIRIN WORLDS LARGEST SELLER AT I0< SHOE REPAIR SPECIALS While Material Lasts LADIES: Leather or Rubber Heel Caps— Regular 40c, Attached Now BOYS: Whole or Half Rubber Heels, Black. Regular 75c Value. If AM Attached Now jUC Boys 1 Neolite Soles. . . Pr. Attached $1.00 Expert Work Done While You Wait. FOX SHOE REPAIR 205 South Federal GAMBLES NO WAITING . . . READY NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY COKONADO 9.2 .. ^^^ A** AAA CU.FT. I949MOOEL 3.50 PM- W.*V PayabU Monthly MADE TO SELL FOR 289.95 NO WAITING) THESE HUGE CORONADOS FOR '49 ARE HERE NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! • Low«»f-Pric»d 9.2 Co. Ft. Model Anywhtra • Over 15 Sq. Ft. Of Roomy Shelf Space) • Protected By A 5-Year Written Warranty! Presenting the new giant CORONADO Refrigerator with more usable Food storage space. 15.8 sq. ft. of adjustable shelf space will accommodate any size container from a butter package to a five-gallon cream can. A slide-out meat chest holds 12 pounds of meat near freezing; a huge chest freezes 20 pounds of food and the humidified crisper keeps vegetables and fruit crisp and fresh for days! Come in now..; they're available for immediate delivery. ITS IASY TO OWN THIS NEW CORONADO. BUY ON OUR THRIFTY PAYMENT PLAN. 201-203 North Federal

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