Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 4, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1897
Page 5
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anifwars «re doing fts m efca 6* txp&ateil. s trimming bedge WtetlttietTfa0tp»who IB attending ttt Sterling eaiaa home Friday l»t *&d spent Saturday and 8nn^ &»$ frttte feet parents, Mi, and Mrs. ' j*jHkl».Ot*9a!}ow<t visited afc George 's Batnrday ftf ternoon. wall*wintry day and those isntfeadai the Central Examination » had* cold drive. Bof«—Td Mr. and Mrs. John GerdeB, i*,t- ; ;=', ft son, *fi- InWrl Thotp and family spent Satur- My evening with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis I. C, Taylor was the guest of James ' Brcderlck Sunday. Hit an4 Mrs. Lewis Beecher were «w&~ofT3fsaa J>owd and -family evening,The party held at ,DaVld Plttman's evening of last week waa attended. Ae Mr. Plttman is about to take up quarters elsewhere, I'fna'ysoting folks decided ttf pay them a befota leaving, Which they did, "and a Very enjoyable time waa thf) is- i«ae. • Those present wore: Misses Mae txV Becker, Emma Maberry, Bertha Harri, Sylvia Taylor, Mary Wedel, Cyn- , Harrison, Zella Peugh, Viola Pitt- Mr, and' Mrs. Charles ;Grubb. -MessrsCharles Wink, Herman- Peugb, [Will Patch, Will LynchjCharlle Peugb, ; <'-G$y Verbeck, Edaon Taylor, Forrest .Jaftnbjirt, Will Elliott, Bert Harrison, ^Oata Lenhart, Oliver Pittman. last par »y last, Friday evening. The party was well »tt*nd<»d,notwtta*tftnd- in§ th» severe sold, Seven eoaplw came frotn Prophfltetown. Mr. Caskey, of Maaliui, Bureau county, ts moving onto tbe farm 6f WUllato Blaekmer, northwest of town. Albert Peterson, of Princeton, spent a few days in Tampico last week, Mra. James Peekham and grandson, HftlH* Peekbam, left last Monday evening for Moran, Kan. : Mra, George Needhaffi.of Book Falls, is visiting with her parents in Tainpl- CO." ". -' •. '.'-.. ' .•.'..••, Miss Nellie Carly, of Prophetstown, Is visiting in Tampicd, the guest of Mre. Maggie Scott. Wallace MeKenzie's feed mill caught fire Saturday morning about 9 o'clock, doing damage to the tune' of about fifty dollars. The fire started from the engine, __..':. T^Mw. Landers and - her ~; son, »Edwin V shipped their household goods to Walnut last Saturday, where they will live In the future. Miss Capitola Maxfleld entertained the Baptist church choir Saturday evening. A very pleasant and enjoyable evening to all those favored with an invitation and the occasion will long be remembered. ...••• The M.E. Aid Society had a dime social at A, T, Glassbnrn's last Saturday evening. Frank Melvln, son of Mrs, Peter Hagan, arrived in Tampico last Friday evening from Missouri, where he has been living for a number, of years. Mr. Melvln was formerly from Tampico. • March 1 Prophetstown. . On Monday oat of .Ions 1 ; Half's hH hoo<who!A low*, where he has Abraham, who Sired and. honss to rented a farnri. with the family 1*4 In - f f Eila with he? at thi« ofi:Batfchart has moved la the bouse t Fifih vacated. On Tuesday Jobn" Shank moved out of Lev! Snavely'i house into Mrs. Jacobs' house in Jordan and oh Wednesday ^ Manuel L«n- dls moved on the Martin Btoa., farm in West Science Eidge, Mr. Detrie, of Sterling, Will move into the house vacated by Manuel Laudls. ~ Boy Evans was absent . from school Tuesday on account of sickness.^ Aaron Donef, an ex-member of bachelor's ball, in Prairieville, has hired out to Ezra Lefevre for the coming summer. Mrs. Levl Snavely visited with Mrs. Anna Boyer in Sterling on Friday. Battle Ebersole is ill with lung fever. Dr. Carolns is her attending «p«nt pises, Perry Rfca, who is attending a medical school in Iowa, will be home soon, 2. last Thursday, and on Friday he treated WUllam Grater's the tattm wayT"He. said the rough roads - are bad for the old steamers. • Mr.and Mrs. Dan Murray went to /Coleta Thursday to assist Mrs. H. Meakins in receiving at the reception ^ior the bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. i?rank Horlacher, whose wedding took' ' place last week. ' , '". Nearly everybody is either on the ; move or assisting their neighbors in ,1 making a change of residence, "' ( Thifl district Is lucky. 1 .in that, there has been no measles or other illness \-common to school children. »Bad colds '"fliiave'keptafewout of'school for a !V short time,' V-' Miss Millie Howe Is visiting in Mor- jrtson for a lew days th,ls week the jf guest, of Mlsa Iva Kline. Lx. - -Mrs. Borlbner came home tonight, af- II'*'"'«ir spending a couple of days with her |P mother who has been quite ill, but who ' £ ia now on thelmprove., .Twenty-three pupils of Clyde took home In Erie Saturday evening, where she expects to remain for some time. Dick Guffln, of the STANDARD force In Sterling, was in town Monday. Miss Mabel Potter/spent Sunday with her parents in Denrock. Hiram Aldrlch, of Sterling, was in town Monday on business. , ' Frank Curran, of Aurora, visited at the home of his mother a few days last week. Curtis Merrllle returned from the city last Monday evening. ' Burt Stiirtevant was a caller here Monday. . : , ' A. B..Case returned from his trip Saturday evening. ;\ :.' .John Malerwas a visitor here Jover Sunday. "•'.' •••.-. ...'• :• 'r. : " -'• M/sses Addle Brown and Maude Needham were passengers on the east bound train^for-Tampico Friday-mom-- ing. •'-,: '•'••.'••.;'.-•'.•.* '' '''.":'; •,~~ -^--• M^ssra. Claud Frary and Fred Mc- Cormlok attended a dance in Erie* "last Friday evening, Bert Baer is iBaTningtoride B bicycle. Bert is quite an expert in controlling affairs, but as yet he cannot control the bike. Two children of Daniel Ebersole are quite seriously irf. John Kreider Sr., who has been quite ill for sometime, is convalescent. Ezra Lefevre shelled and marketed Mary Staufferla-corn on Monday. The roads were in an excellent condition for the last few days. • Mabel Snavely was absent from school on Tuesday on account of having a bad cotd. . There were several runaways at the creamery on Monday morning. . . March2. limStiHon^lairiCflday^ =Mr=BQd=MrB~Braoe=Hurd8pentSun- . seventeen were/ successful in • pas- ,i*ing the required average. Cass Mar* tin, of Malvern, stands at the head. five from this school passed. ; -- William Heide moved to Malvora *4ast Thursday, taking up hia abode .'.' with Mr. Howe's family until they can /yfind an empty bouse. . John Horning and family .went to i Uv« in their own house today. '.- There ia one less dog in town; it ' ^ would be a good idea to treat about a ". 4ozen]niorejo a dose of cold lead. { A number walked to the meeting at -/the Greenwood' school house Saturday, ?1 V evening, but they were disappointed In ^j notn'earlng.the little girl, who u ~* **,tjeenexpected to fling, o \' ( MMOM. ' ' ' • day' with Mr. and Mrs. Burt .Loomls.. Bev. Alden delivered ; his addresses both morning and evening to a large audience Sunday. . ' Mrs. Winn and Mr. Irvln, of Clinton, after spending • a few days with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bich- mond, returned Saturday evening. The Junior Endeavor wiir.hold a social at the h^ome of Mr. Washburn's Friday evening. . Mr. Hye, of Morrison, is visiting his ' Como. _, jJrs. TibbleB and chlldrea.of Stewart, Were the guests,Of h'erp'arents.^Ir; and Mrs. Delos Olds, last week. Mrs. Plum Truman Morgaridge,Mrs. Cohrmour and Mrs. Talbptt have been on the Blck list for a few days. Mrs. J. H. Vandenbufg, of Galt,Mrs. W. Burr and May Olds dined with Mrs. 0. 8. Partridge Friday. There will be an. entertainment at the school house for. the benefit of the school Friday evening, March 5. .Therewas no school last Friday on account of the Central Examination at Gait. Those that passed, the required percentage from Como were as follows: Mary O'Brien, Herbert Barrett, Florence Kauff man and Merrill Barrett. ; BevlvaJ meetings .will • continue through this week, Bev. E. 6. Blfe and Leon Boozer assisting. Although there have been no converts, there has been a good attendance, and much, interest manifested)—Tfae~Lord-i3-mighty~to save.:-;. ;'•""-.. ". •"• .:' • '.;• • ....-• Charles Van Drew, ; of Sterling, accompanied by a lodge friend, was a Como yIsitor:Monday. .'• ^_"-^'.'^ " £ ~Sl6Miy ii ~WilMnB 1 "who wiarTierioUBly' stabbed last Wednesday evening, is much better. •'• His sister, Mrs. King, ofDlxoh, and a brother from .Chicago, are helping to nurse him. J. P.Hopkins is adding anew kitchen and pantry to .his residence, which will be a great improvement. H; Miller and Cat Anspach are doing the work. Montmorency, 8. S. Inetltate next Sunday at 2 p. m, Miss Hattle Scott spent Sunday at home, returning to Dixon on Monday. Homer Lindsley has accepted a position on the Dillon farm where his friends may find him for the next year. Mre. J. M, Heaton went last Saturday to visit her daughter, Mrs. Owen Wickens. She returned on Sunday and reports little Irene WJIckens as recovering nicely from her recent sickness. Mrs. J. C. Buell entertained her sister, Mrs. Ward, of Sterling, last Friday evening. Mr. Ward came out also and "auctioneered" at the basket social. Mrs, C. C. Titus and daughter, Hazel, :of HarmonTrlsperit" several Tdaya this week with the family of A. L. Titus. Paul Jamison, of Sterling, came out Friday evening to attend the basket social at M. W, A. Hall and enjoyed a visit Saturday with his cousin, Boy Woods. Mrt, Mary Glassburn has been quite sick with the grip. She id improving and expects to be out soon. . .Mrs. S. W. Halstead'ls the owner of twenty-four chicks about four weeks old that are feathering out and gtow- ing nicely. We believe she lea'ds in the poultry line this year. .'•'••• On. last Friday morning the older pupils of the several schools in Montmorency gathered at the Allpress school house to take the Central Exam 1 in'ation. There was just twenty in the class, and every one seemed to work ^ith a will;and for a -purpose,=^T f he day was certainly well spent and, by night, there were very many happy boys and girls and only a few disappointed ones, as fourteen out of the class of twenty passed. Bank of first six below:Edward Sturtz, ranked l;Mabel Woods, 2; James Heaton, 3; Boy Woods, 4; Bertha Heaton, 5; Lawrence Church, 6. The teachers were all present except Miss Vinnie Eick, who was sick and unable to be present. . The last W. C. T. U.; meeting . was held at the home of Mrs. William Murray last Thursday. .The attendance was not so large as usual, owing to sickness among the members. The meeting was very pleasant and interesting. Some business was transacted, and at the close, a vot,e of thanks from the.ynlon was tendered Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Frank for opening their home for-the-W. C. I, U, -oyster,,Bup- per, ,.-;.',• •'' " ' . .•' . - . ". • Last Sunday was regular quarterly' meeting at Montmorency and was an occasion long to be remembered by nit, gcffry f» bar* Mat }<MI«*, Mr. !f>r movM fn tb* hon?"? Mfrt and a family moved into tho hM»*« ra- cti%& by Kpeblf r ths *ame <l*y. William Brown taoVsd to 8anfor(t- ville oa Tuesday, Ths day WM qtitte unpleasant for that kind of work. tTnele Vernon Saaford IB still quite poorly. Grandma Thompson, was a little better oh Monday and hopes are entertained that she will recover.' • J. P. Furry is "quite well but does not go away from the house in the '" ' Mr* X! tft Frank Miller is shelling corn. A man from Forreston is taking pictures of the residences in the west part of the town. The death of Abram Delp is ft loss and a shock to the town. .The family has the sympathy of everybody in their sudden bereavement. • The Township Examination passed off very pleasantly on Friday. Mlsa Beitz stood No. 1, John Jacobs No. 2, and Lottie _Milder JStov8._ Seven out of, twelve passed with satisfactory average.' •-.-'.;' " •: '• -' . • • •'• C. John was attending to business In North Jordan on Tuesday. Howard Franklin moved into the house with G. W. Livingston last week. March 2. ' '" Coiet»» Peter Eckles, who killed the red fox south of Coleta alout three weeks ago, has mounted the animal and has It on exhibition in one of the windows of J. C. Klngsbury'a store. The specimen Is a fine one and is a representative of Mr. Eckles'skill In the art of the tnx- adermlst, " . Abe Glpt^froze the middle finger on his left-hand so badly last week, while he was engaged in splitting wood, that iMoieared-thatthe-member will r have to be severed from the hand. It causes him a great deal of pain. C. E. Proctor wishes all of his friends to know that next year he will be engaged In tilling mother earth on the John Baumaster . farm, northwest of town. Albert Miller's friends have received word fiomhlm that he is now in Pennv sylvanla at. his old home, near Lancaster. He will return next week. Boll Lawrance received a very painful bruise on one of his fingers while helping to saw wood at D. C. Overhol- ser'a last Saturday. Ed Pulver and family will move on the farm tilled by Fred Heide; west of Coleta, next Thursday. The dance given by the Spring Creek Band last Friday night in Shannon's Hall, was*, well' attended by a select .crowd.—Thei-SpringJDreekJQrchestra, relnforceli by Percy .Bichardson and Orrln Miller, of Sterling, furnished the music. Clate Delp acted as floor manager. ;•/• '•-..:••••';..•.• ', .'.••• had Tauiplqp, Mr«.«E. L. Wroten left upon the in Tuesday morning for Ladd, for a Hj ! iew days' viait with her Barents, She ftf; wilt return on Saturday. • " ' J, N. Hogeboom, landlord of the hoc el at Denroek, wfiff in Tampico l,ast jj«flday on business. P. K. MarAeet, of Propbetatown, in Tampico last Thursday doing «* t -- ^ W. White, of Bock Falls stepped the tr»io in Tampico last Friday F. Bletow, of Sterling, drove down last Friday fcj> take Mra. with hip.- Mr. Fry, of Atkinson, Heary county, bp. purchased a lot and ia .building a blacksmith shop east of the elevator, ",Tha ipeclal meeting! at the Baptist > church closed last Thursday evening. a several conversloas. . 8, Brewer left last Saturday mom- for Chicago, from which , place he • started Monday for Washington to be at the inaugural of Pfeeident . Mies Oorl»e Morgan, o? Chicago, graod'daugfiwr of M*. and Mra. E: M. f aUoek, &rrlv$4 la^t Wednesday eve- liiog |or ft short visit w|th relatives. F t B. P«ckh«j», o? i*Eiocetoa, »J?ent a tew d»yi last week la Tawpico looking tf|e; the ttxitHig yf bis fsru», J, jf, EUswcrtli. t>e heree.bujer, was ia Ta»ptoo last Saturday and bought jkbres (jar loads of Mrs. Carrie/Clark went to Clinton Saturday Evening ; to spend Sunday wito.'her daughter, Laura. She returned Monday accompanied by Laura as she baa completed her course of study. The Y . W* 0. T. : U< will meet with Miss Hattle Smith Thursday afternoon. All members are requested to bepresent. , •••• ;.--'' ; Thosia who attended the last Owl Club party at Tampico Frtday^evening from here were Mias Belle Neil, Mrs, Kate Ittcbtfiond and Mrs. Wynn, of Clinton; 'Messrs, George Gould, Harry Blcfamond,FrankJrwin,EugeneBeardB- lee and Jay Sholes, - : ; :.^V. The time for evening service at the Congregational ; church, has f been changed, so the time now is 7:30 instead of 7K» an^ the Endeavor will meet at <V30 instead, of 6:00, The Congregational oholr will give a musical program Sunday evening and alt are cordially invited to attend, an they are very good and meed much praise;.. 1 '-'' 1 •'-• : '- ". : '-'•''• . .••'• '"'•" Don't forget- the «'Y" Bazaap the middle of thlv month. All donations -will be -very welcome; - ' are glad to bear th8 improving yery rapidly hope hja may continue. The inauguratioo Ball Thursday evening promises to be a grand affair. Great preparations are being made by the boys,-".!. • : " : -' ; ; '• .-• :'-'':' March ».•'•' •••'.'-. .- '. Out of the four pupils of this school, who took the Central Examination.two had passed, .They w«re Nora Lust ttndMluuia Laadia, Tbe other two were only a few degrees below the required uverage. ovw than svt if We wish, to tell then pot h* discouraged but to Lyndon Despite the Inclement weather, some of the farmerB in the vicinity of Lyn-^ idori arei moving; " ::r "'~~-'~~ -, : :--—.;-——7 , L. E. Rice has moved to his house in town^frora the Trumble property. {, Mr. Ulm, of Morrison, has moved Into the Trumble house. , - ; ' Mr. Boseleaf, who has worked the •'old.Cargay farm" the past few years, has moved to a farm ia Portland town-: Ship. •• :-:' ''-•''• •'• . . ' : ' : ''' : ; Clark McDearmon has purchased the MaxfieJd property in town and will soon move there, . •-'• Gifford Maxfleld will move into town .some time in the near future. ' John Bice, Who has been .working for Charles Sturtevant the past year, has hired out to Frank Hodges. Will MiUikan's baby'is better. .. Charley Maxueld's baby, which was very sick last week, is better. ; Mrs. Wright, who has been quite sick, Is improving, 'Central Examination was held in Lyndon township la,st Friday after^ noon at the Hamilton Grove school house. The questions were prepared by Superintendent Johnston. Four schools were represented, the Uelms, HawUtpa Grove, Bend and Biohmond. Out of fifteen scholars that took the examination, four passedrwitb very good marks, The honors were carried Off by Martha Slater, of the Helms gohqp], taught by Arthur Manning. She received tUe mark of 89.5, Marsha Webb, of the Hamiltoa Grove school, taught by Bert Wheelock, cauie aecond with'(htto'iirfc ^S' 1 ?. Albert Haufman, of the Biead school, taught by Lizzie HauuUm, third with a mark of 834-7. Myrtle Greagory, of the Hamil- toa Grove school, fourth with a mark of 78,5, The teachers who forroed the Examination Board were Misses Edith Fisk> Taylor, Nwrma Auatin.Ltxsia Mau»ion Wb^lock *ed Ar- In tbs eve^te * into full membership, some taken in on probation, and the ordinance of baptism waii administered to some. '; Mrs, W. H. Scott received a visit recently from ' Mra. Carrie Andrews of Algona, Ia., and 'Mesdames 'Phil, and Fred Scott, of Hume. .Mrs. 4...L. Titus expects to go next Saturday to Champaign to visit her mot^r and other relatives for two or three weeks. Miss Minnie Murphy, teacher of the Allpress school, held: apeclaL Washington exercises last week on Monday. A very interesting program was rendered and very much enjoyed by those present. . . ; ; : ' ".";• ••• . • ••'••.'.• ' The M.W. A, Hall was comfortably filled last Friday evening with a jolly crowd of people who gathered to enjoy 'the basket social given by the Royal Neighbors of 'Montmorency/ The following-program was rendered and thoroughly enjoyed by all present. '"• America....;. ....... .......... .......... Audience Recitation: "Only Tbree Grains ol Com".... '... ...... ...... ....... :..'. ...... Loulaa Ekdanl Recitation: "Why I Am a'Tramp".... ...... . i...;.. ....... ...... ...............John Lamko Ulalojrue; tVnnle Frank, Jlyrtle Chrlstie,iLouisa Ekdaul, Nellie Bash and twelve- tiny tots. Recitation..... ;. .'..,.. ......... ... ;;.. Elsie Wulb Eecltutiou. . . ,,,.,.' ......... . . , . ...... vTeaaie Bush Recltatloo... ....................... Eoy Heckm&n Recltatloa": "Uouo OH With a Handsomer Man 1 .'. .•..'.........'. ...... .......Mlsa Maiijtan After the program was finished the sale of the baskets began with H. C. Ward, of Sterling, as auctioneer. There were twenty-seven baskets sold and most of them at good prices, The first one was 'bought by Albert Johnson for aftycerita; the last one by J. C. Buell for 8348.-.; Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the supper, also B goodly amount qf ice cream, candy and popcorn balls were disposed of and all together netted the ladies 920,70, quite a peat euro to put into their treasury. The next W. C. T. 'XI, : meeting will be held the last Thursday in March at the home of MM. S. W, Halsted. A Voiuuteer program will be given. All members will please lake notice come prepared to take some part, March 2. and While the roads hava'' a foundation, the fartaera are busy hauling grain to market and wood for their eumiaer fuel Yeel^ay wa« s ^»y of »5?¥tof sad «a Durand, 111,, last Thifrsday where her aged mother is in an extremely precarious condition, caused by a fall. John Snavely will always be very* careful, hereafter, when be. is hauling lumber and see that the lumber is properly loaded. One day last week, the load that he had been conveying .from Mllledgevlile took a sudden slide onto bis team of colts causing them to run up on the bank, throwing the lumber in every direction. A bad accident was 'narrowly averted, '_._ TheHymeneal altaFwai't&eTcenVqf six weddings last Thursday, composed of parties who live in or about the yi-. cinlty of Coleta. The following is a list of the contracting individuals: Frank Horlacher and Mlsa Nellie Conaway, married in Morrison. Sullivan Crom and Miss . Veretta Deets, of Sterling,, married in Sterling at the home of the bride's parents. 'David Gipe and Miss Carrie Cheeseman, married at the bride's parents, north of Coleta. .' • Henry Wagner and Miss ' Lizzie Strauch, married at the home of the •bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Henry Straucb, southwest of. town. Frank Steinhagan and Miss Martha Foster, of; Bock Falls/married in Bock 'Falls.: .!.':•. •• .•:. • • ,.'..- -. '.-:" William Stern and Miss Mary Meln- era, married at the home of the brlde'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ufa J. Meiners, south of Coleta. Owing to the lack of space these events cannot be described in detail. Al\ are well known to Coleta people and have numerous friends who ;wish them nothing but •happiness and prosperity. . G, A. Hoffman and wife aie still confined to the house by illness. - H^" Dr. J. A. Bishop, of Sterling, treated some' extremely complicated oases of ear, eye and throat troubles while, ia town last Wedpeiday. No.thiog definite has been done concerning the Farmer^' Institute of Gen- eeee, The following officers have been elected; John MUroy, President; J. 0, Crom, Vice President; P.O. Ov^rholser, Secretary; J, C. Kingsbftry, Treasurer, An institutf, second to uooa in the county, is expected. Chester Oimatcad was very kiud. iu- deed whea* he presented each at the ministers, aa well as esctj room of the ectiwl, wltb, a bstrrel of spple* not ioag sines. ISo doubt tbeaetosl Ths"Biag»saB*r' the skill of oar loesl ..wftrtsft, complicated sffilr, A crowd of tbe frleMs of Crom departed for IA - fa0Bi« Thursday and broke in ttpes the atlll- ness of the night «ad i «erer»!ftf of tls* occasion and made the nigJife b(d«ot;8 with the sounds emitted from elefgts bells, sea shells, ebot goos, tin ^a&s and various other musical instrnrDeists* Sullhaa awoke and bealsd awoke to • the fact that this was one of the charivaris that he had read of when he wne • a boy, It ia needless to say that the crowd was well treated. Andrew Stanley has been engaged in visiting the school ot Gene«ee. He reports work to be going on in a fine manner.,, Mrs. Petere and her household goods have been removed to Bound Grove, — -• Nearly seventy-five guests were present at the reception at H. T, Meakins' last Friday night, for the newly mar» ried couple, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Horlacher. Many presents were bestowed upon them, . March 20 an elocutionary content will be held in Shannon's Hall, 1'hft participants will be limited to the pa*, pilsof Genesee. Each,school will be allowed to send two; one to enter the contest of pupils under twelve yean ot < age, and the other to enter the event for pupils over twelve. The proceeds will be divided among the schools and used In adding books to the libraries. Mrs. William Meakins is* visiting friends in Polo this .week. Bishop Dillon, of Dayton, Ohio, who has boon making a tour of-ihe -United -States, will lecture in the Radical U. B., church next Tuesday night and relate incidents of the Pacific coast, All should hear this able gentleman deliver this"-lecture. Monday, a nine pound son was jbom to Mr. and Mrs. Falkner Jensen. Measles are still raging. The schools, consequently, are very small in some parts of Genesee.. Next Friday night, the Ladies' Aid Society will give a ten cent sociable at, the home of Jefferson Hannis, west of town. Everyone ia invited to attend, Mrs. Martha Hoffman will " move / from the home of Frank Hoffman, back to her house in town soon. The Township Examination was held in the Coleta school house last Friday. Eighteen pupils took the examination and eight succeeded'in getting the required average. But three scholars ou$ of the nine in Genesee, were represented by pupils. In the' evening, all. proceeded, to the Liberal U. B. church where it was expected that Bev. Caes agreement. But that gentleman failed to be present. Those who passed are: Miss Mae Brown, of the Coleta school. Mies Leona Woods teacher, average, 89 6-7; Miss Jessie Peugh, of the Washington school, Miss Elsie Dowd teacher, average, 89 4-7; Miss Minnie Brown, Coleta school; Missi LizzieTroot»r,Elm school, Boy Hurless teacher: Miss Lucinda Spang, Coleta school; MissjClfera Bryson, Elm school; Charles Morris, Elm school; Clarence Linebaugb, Coleta school. '.'•"'•'_ "LTst Mondayas~James Frankfather,' was hauling milk for Creho Qelson.the team was frightened by Michael She»- han's dog and ran away, Mr. Frank-, father bad left the team standing in front of the house and was just return- Ing when the canine ran out. Fortu-> nately the end of the route had nearly been reached so that but little milk remained ou the wagon. The team ran for a mile and was stopped in Colet^J The only damage done was breaking of the wagon tongue. Ed Walton and lady of Sterling, tended the Spring Creek Band dance last Fiiday night. Weekly Weather Report. O. E. BENSENQEB. Wfli-k ending February 27. Sunday Monday Tuesday ; Wednesday Thursday - VrtQ&y-i Saturday T a, n», 83 33 8 10 ? -. -4— *a 12 m. s« •si 17 36 ' 24 ' : 13V 16 10 fat. 3ft »4 7 20 id *6 ai f 34 »t 21 38" 29 16 W |; 3* , a* • T 6 a *S " *6 :- \ Beport of Hume C-enier month of February, \Wl. Days taught, 21; pupils enrolled, 83; average attendance, 23;C£6ea of lost. |65,'^TSeithar ftb^at nor during th$ mqath; Esther Gaulrsf p, Aaron Qautrapp, iff. Tardy, bat not Bjrown, of v' -*w' '- •_..eSa.~i(i_

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