Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 14, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1935
Page 7
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They did not rc- •\u heiul .release the ' the tires, i the money |5tpo'<>- tires. Crane held asserting he DANGER OF PREJUDICE The greatest enemy of progress li prejudice. It Is a greater danger to civilization than armament manufacture, malaria or debt. It has retarded the growth of the railway, the bicycle, the airplane, nnd the motorcar.—Prof. A. M. Low. LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA money until One of the and fled. The Week's Supply of Postum Free Rend the offer made by the Postum Company In another ynrt of this paper. They will send a full week's supply of health giving Postum free to anyone who writes for it.—Adv. Brother's Keeper . Nearly every man wishes to be his brother's keeper when It comes to deciding how his brother shall vote. [flOWS •her the. Remedy L are taking for Jlaches, Neuralgia tmatism Pains 1 "E is Your Doctor. Ask Him , fl 't Entrust Your , or Your Family 3 feeing to Unknown Preparations IRE you take any prepara- •i vou don't know all about, \f of headaches; or the ,, heumatism, neuritis or j!» ask vour doctor what ho ^a,asK|u__. n co?nparison Now Science Explains I Why So Many People Past 40 Feel That They're Slipping LosingTheir"Grip" onThings the r of Bayer Aspirin, most Bltd "pain"'remedies were ad- Lainst by physicians as being rthe stomach; or, often, for Itor. And the discovery of " Aspirin largely changed a!practice. , •nntless thousands of .people lave taken Bayer Aspirin year id out without ill effect, have d that the medical findings I its safety were correct. Bite this: Genuine Bayer pi is rated among the fastest U yd discovered for the relief aches and all common pains Iffldsn/e for the average person ie regularly. . . . , B iiican get real Bayer Aspirin at •tog store—simply by never for it by the name "aspirin , but always saying BAYER IRIN when you buy. ayer Aspirin Many people 'round 40 think they're "growing old." They feel tired a lot . . . "weak." Have headaches, dizziness, stomach upsets. Well, scientists say the cause of all this, in a great many cases, is simply an acid condition of the stomach. Nothing more. All you have to do is to neutralize the excess stomach acidity. When you have one of these acid stomach upsets, take Phillips' Milk of Magnesia after meals and before going to bed. That's all! Try this. Soon you'll feel like another person 1 Take either the familiar liquid "PHILLIPS'" or the convenient new Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Tablets. ALSO IN TABLET FORMt Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Tablets ore now on sale at all drug _ „-., -, stores everywhere. Each tiny tab- f "tl u jg= let is the equivalent of ' ~ a teaspoonful of Genuine Phillips' Milk of Magnesia. BRISBANE THIS WEEK Bay of Fundy Power Religion Aids Mussolini Cheap Eggs for Soldiers Government Railroads? Governor Brann of Maine is unwilling to share expenses, and President Roosevelt may drop the Psvssa- mnquoddy power project. That would toe a national misfortune. While spending billions so freely, it would seem' worth while to spend thirty-six little millions to harness the gigantic title power In the Bay of Fundy. Development of that project would supply the whole state of Maine with power nnd industrial prosperity nnd pay for Itself. To «llow the vast power of one of the highest 'tides on earth to continue going to waste would be as foolish as it would be to cease using the power of Niagara. In Milan, Cardinal Schuster, celebrating mass for those that died In the Fascist march on Rome, indorses earnestly Mussolini's Invasion of Ethiopia, praising "the valiant army which, in Intrepid obedience to the command of their fatherland at the price of their blood, open the doors of Ethiopia to the Catholic faith anil the civilization of Rome. Also, according to Associated Press, the cardinal praised Fascism ns "promising the national morality wished by the Catholic church." I SUNDAY International \\ SCHOOL -:-LESSON-:- "Rose" Knitting Bag for Crochet By REV. P. B. FtTZWATF.R. D. D.. Member of Knelilty, Monrty Bible Institute of ChlcBBO. © Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for November 17 THE RETURN FROM CAPTIVITY I/ESSON TEXT— Ezra 1:1-6; Psalrr 126:1-6. GOLDEN TEXT—The. Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we nre glad. I'salm 120:3. FimtAKY TOPIC—A New Song. JUNIOR TOPIC—Coming Home Rejoicing. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC—Making a Fresh Start. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC—Thanksgiving for God's Care. By GRANDMOTHER CLARK HUNTING WALRUS IN THE ARCTIC A COMMUNAL AFFAIR WITHOUT FAULT? The greatest of faults, I should MT, Is to be conscious of none.—Carlyl* Some Action ; ••• -• lihould not have too much pa •Kith patience. IftEUINE hers read this: PHILLIPS' Italian soldiers in Ethiopia, much surprised, can buy as many fresh eggs as they want at ridiculously low prices. Ethiopians will not eat eggs— their religion forbids them to de vour "that which might have life in the future," but they are willing to sell tlie eggs to the Italian soldiers and let them imperil their immortal souls by "devouring future life" if they choose. Ethiopian tribesmen have no scruples about eating the chicken, once it is hatched, which shows that religious scruples take interesting forms. What about the "future life" that the hen might have produced? I. The Return Predicted (.Tor. 20:1-14). It seems that false prophets were flourishing in P.ubylon telling the people that they would speedily be restored to their own land. To counteract this the , Lord moved Jeremiah to send this letter to the captives in Babylon (w. 8, 0). In this letter he advised them to set tie down and quietly pursue their regular callings of life and not to be led by the false prophets (vv. 6, 7). 1. 'fbe length of the captivity (v. 10). Their coming back was to be "after seventy years." From Daniel 0:2 it is clear that severity years means a definite time. It dates from the time when the first company was taken captive, among which Daniel was found. 2. Recovered by Gofl (vv. 10-14). God's purpose in the captivity was to cure them of their idolatrous practices. He assured them that when his purpose was accomplished he would visit them and convince them of his good purpose toward them. Their captivity ho would turn away, gather them from all the nations, and bring them into their own land. II. The Predicted Captivity Fulfilled (Kara 1:1-0). 1. The proclamation o£ Cyrus (vv. 1-1). a. This was not by accident, but that the word of the Lord might be fulfilled (v. 1). What Go'd has Any woman who , does knitting Would be proud to carry her work and materials In this extremely pretty knitting bag. The pocket when finished measures 10 by 13 inches and is crocheted with extra heavy dark Mountain Craft crochet cotton. The design, as Illustrated, is the popular Rose design. Package No. 740 with brown crochet cotton Includes illustration, complete Instructions, also black and white diagram for easy counting of meshes. These Instructions and diagram will be sent postpaid for 10 cents. Complete package with instructions, thread and proper size crochet hook will be sent postpaid for 40 cents. Handles nre not Included. Address Home Craft Co., Dept. B, Nineteenth nnd St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Enclose stamped addressed envelope for reply when writing for any Information. Cliff Dwellers • As far hack as 1000 B. C., apparently, men were living in caves of what Is now the Mesa Verde national park. 'IPATED child is so easily -o-tened out, it's a pity more •"JSdon't know the remedy. Iliquid laxative is the answer, u The answer to all your •4 over constipation. A liquid IK measured. The dose can be Rr suited to any age or need. Induce the dose each time, until •towels are moving of their own |W and need no help. In treatment will succeed with [ttildond with any adult. footors use liquid laxatives. Hospi- Ip? the liquid form. If it is best lite use, it is best for home use. f,W, there are fully a million "'to that will have no other kind jehouse: Pie liquid laxative generally used foCaldweU's Syrup Pepsin. It is ™ •> prescription, now so widely . "thatyou can get it all ready I» at any drugstore. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chanca wttfa anything less than Creomul- Bion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to Sotfae and heal the Inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm Is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed don't be discouraged, your Suggist is authorized to guarantee CreolTulsion and to refund your money if you are not>f"fedI with ss. - I promised he will do; he never for- Fake Fingerprints May Divert Police Suspicion Fingerprints of different people, as we know, nre never the same. But it is possible for a crook to imitate a genuine fingerprint so that the suspicion of the police can be diverted, says Pearson's Weekly. How this can be done has been sliown by Dr. Harold Cummins of the Tulane University of Medicine, Chicago. Taking an original genuine fingerprint, he had It engraved, nnd made a three dimensional negative in wax. Then he took a cast In gelatin on a dummy finger. Twelve of the 32 prints he made with the dummy finger were declared by fingerprint experts to be genuine. Though this proportion Is not very The Alaskan method of hunting walrus In the Arctic Is extremely communal. Some of the men In kay- nks—the skin boats just large enough for one occupant—take after the big beast and hurl their harpoons into It. The harpoon is in reality n spear with a loose point to which Is attached a line ending in n bladder, to keep the walrus afloat after It Is dead. Also attached to the line Is a kind of drift anchor made of hide stretclxed across a square wooden frame, which prevents the walrus from traveling too far. After the harpoon point is secured lu the animal's skin, the killing must be done with spears which penetrate the lungs and intestines. This takes time, skill nnd bravery, as the natives cannot hurl the heavy spears from a great distance, nnd If the spear sticks in the walrus without killing it, the hunter has to row close enough to the prey to get his spear again, which is very dangerous. It Is always great fun to haul walrus to shore and cut It up. Ev ery man gets his share, and he know from long precedent exactly wha portion is his. The man who thrust the first harpoon Into the animal 1 the owner and receives the crecll For this he takes the head, the hear the left Hipper and the guts. Nnn ber two takes the right forepart number three the left rear portlo nnd so on. I was lucky the (U'st tin and secured a forepart because I ha killed the animal after some one el. had harpooned It—Peter Freiichcn ' Cosmopolitan. Worries of a long labor. More, Wa Say tire you out by the ent day as much as physic Well, What Else? If they weren't called the "bonds'* matrimony, It might help. DON! SLEEP ON LEFT SIDE, AFFECTS HEART Gas Pressure May Cause Discomfort. Right Side Best f you toss in bed and can't sleep on ight side, try Adlerika. Just ONE dosa relieves stomach GAS pressing on heart so you sleep soundly all night. Adlerika acts on BOTH upper and lower jowels and brings out foul matter you would never believe was in your system. This old matter may have poisoned you for months and caused GAS, sou* stomach, headache or nervousness. Dr. H. L. Shoub, New York, reporttt "In addition to intestinal cleansing Adlerika greatly reduces bacteria and colon bacilli." Mrs.Jas.Filler:"Gas on my stomach was so bad I could not eat or sleep. Even my heart hurt. The first dose of Adlerika brought me relief. Now I eat as I wishj sleep fine and never felt better." Give your stomach nnd bowels a REAL, cleansing with Adlerika and see how good you feel. Just ONE dose relieves GAS and chronic constipation. Sold by all druggists and drug departmentl. great, the United States authorities Railway labor unions plnn a Washington lobby, to promote gov eminent purchase and operation of railroads. Owners of some railroads would gladly share the expense of that lobby if they could seH their railroads at a fair price. Kunning a railroad in competition with automobiles, motor busses and trucks is like running a legitimate hotel In competition with night clubs and other former speakeasies. spy hunt- the aver- hours, according Borrower, Lender Neither a borrower nor n lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend. Ugly If Not 1 horse-laugh is lovely If It'i |Nor side. CHAPPE1V XIPS quickly relieve Ch »PPlng, roughness, Finds Relief Safe, All- VegetableWay She had given up hops of anything but partial relief until ehe learned of famous all-vegetabla MR Tablets (Natures bowel.giveBCom- plete, thorough elimination. Get a 25c box. A" druggists. INTHOLATUM ""«* COMFORT D*//y 8 * 0 " tried the MEMTHOUTUM LIQUID Russia is a successful or, having convicted on age one every to "Collier's." If, in Kussla, you are convicted of spying, no second conviction is ever 'necessary or possible. Those 10,000 spies, to earn their money, must keep International suspicion alive, nnd that helps to keep war alive. Kcioicing in the fact that "the 1 yp-irs of the Fascist regime have not P'issod in vain, and the world of plutocratic nnd conservative ,..r,,tisms is obliged to take note of this" Mussolini denounces League of Nations sanctions aimed (it him .„ ""a preposterous crime destined 'to Increase disorder and distress In every country." i-\meriwm Air Linos asks air " i: "Shall we servo cocktails to passengers?" The answer should ho wnphatica First, the average cocktail for any stomach, except that of a carrion-eating ei-ond, it has boon proved m once that alcohol and (lying do not mix well. The President inspected "fortlfl- • • S " of the Panama canal, re i'.; from the Pacific to the At- ""Sortnnately there are no, fortl- fictions on the Panama canal, I He JanaiSei^nds on Its locks and they, r;su;r i r^» ••"' *:„;."",'„ ,„.. •««• B to build one at sea level lv "no" is unlit or ,s ' um ointment [CH1NG Ninoll WatchYpiijf Be Sure They Propel Cleanse the Blood The rode Sam m.iw hare „,,„,,„ l,l» money more j »„„*«» o^ n "Billing l«"'e». gentle. fact that -reijuiu artlfid al r^reTunled and fifty on were hired In Seip- ust. gets. b. By divine initiation (v. 1). •The Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus." How this was done we do not know. Possibly Daniel brought to his attention the prophecy of Isaiah and Jeremiah (Isa. 44:28; Jer 25:12). Every impulse to do good in all men is caused by the Loril. It may have been that Cyrus only saw his own action as a piece of statecraft—the creation of a buffer nation between his kingdom and that of Egypt. c. The content of his proclama tion (vv. 2--1). (1) "The Lord Ood of heaver hath charged me to bullfl him a house in Jerusalem" (v. 2). This makes clear that ho has some impression of Coil's hand upon him. (2) Appeal to Jewish patriotism (v.~3). He invokes upon such as possess the national religious feeling the blessing of Coil, and commands them to go and build the house of the Lord Ood. (S) Lend assistance (v. -1). Many of 'the Jews were established In business and therefore were not free to go. Jinny, no doubt, ha,] lost their national spirit and therefore did not desire to go. All such wore to lend friendly assistance li silver, gold, and beasts. •> The response.' to Cyrus' procla mntlon (vv. fi, 0). The chief of tin fathers of .Tinlah and liorijamin am the priests nnd Levites presentee themselves ns willing and reads to go The company which returniM was largely made- «P of represent atives of Juduh and Uonjnrnln. 3. The royal favor (vv. 7-11). rus brought forlb ll>« vessels of th house of the Lord which Nobnchm ne///.ar had carried away from Jen snlKiii and put lino the house of hi •tods Now to have 5.-100 of thcs vessels returned to their ownci •in'd sent hack to Jerusalem to b put to Uieir original use, mot hearty response by the Jews. Ill The Gladness and Rejolcin of the Returning Exiles (I's. 120: 1-0) I The proclamation of Cyrus as a dream (v. 1). They recognized that their golng-tmck was through the favor of the Lord. Q Their laughter and singing (vv ° a) Th °y not only rec ° K ' nlzetTthls as the favor of the Lord upon them, hut testified thereof in the hearing of the heathen round about them. 3 Their prayer for prosperity In the'land (c. 4). They were not only coin- back with the consciousness of the good hand of the Lord upon them, but were trusting him for friiltfulness of the land. 4 Sowing In tears (vv. 5, C). The which they were to sow In the lan'd was so precious that they seemed to have hesitated in sowing and yet they recognized that joy would follow their sorrow as they brought with them the sheaves the harvest. believe It Is sufficient to allow criminals many opportunities to put the police on false trails. VOU CAUGHT i TALKING ABOUT VOU. 1 61VJ SHOULD STOICS AS IRRITABLE SHOULDN TEACHING CHILDREN o over. DOANS PILLS *"* . . 0 - *"• Religion Son« men want to have religion lft e a dark lantern, and carry it In their pocket, where nobody themselves c an get any good it.—Hinry Ward Beecher. bu from FR|£MC> AUWAVS WITH HEADACHES AND INDIGESTION' I USED TO •met\A,TOO...MV DOCTOR CALLED IT CONGRATULATIONS TO POSTUM! 8££M A OIFFER6MT SrtOULDW COFFEE 86U6\J6 WIIUTRV «| ALWAYS knew c«ffeo I wai harmful to children ... but bow could it hurt me?" "Oh...many ndulti, too, find that thecaffeinincof- fee upieta their nerved causes indigestion or prevent* sound »leepl" • • • If you are bothered by headaches, or indigestion, or can't sleep soundly ... try Postum for 30 days. It contains no caffein. It is simply whole wheat and bran, roasted and slightly sweetened. It 3 easy to make ... costs less than half a cent a cup. It«i delicious, too... and may prove a real help. A product of General Foods. FREE I Let u* send you your first week's supply of Postum free! Simply mail coupon. GENERAL FOODS, Battle Creek, Mich. P!£M send me, without co.t or obligation, of Postum. a week's supply .State

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