The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 2, 1914 · Page 6
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1914
Page 6
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PageMC 'J Thursday Evening, July State Food Commission Sends Out Orders. FOOD OFF COUNTERS Customers Can No Longer Finger Viands. trongeat In the state. At the meeting held Wednesday night. C. C. Hopping, Stanley Grimes and other delegates to he East St. Louis convention made reports. MISSDILATUSH ON EXTENDED TRIP Miss Lydia Dllatueh, l«6 North Broadway, will leave Pecatur In about a week for an extended trip through the northwestern states and Alaska. She will be accompanied by Miss Emma F. Miller. They will go first to Glacier National park, where they will be joined by Miss Miller's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Surrey. They will then so to Seattle, Tacoraa and Alaska. The party expects to return by way of the Canadian Pacific. They will be gone about six weeks. Orders have gone out from the state food commission to restaurants and lunch rooms in all cities and towns In the state, Dccatur Included, to the effect that sanitary methods of handling food must be employee! The lunch counter "fan" who pinches the ham sand ·wiches to see which a t e fresh will hav: to turn his energies into other chan nils. FOOD OFF COUNTERS. Foods must be removed from the counters and taken out from the reach of the customers, says the state commission. The dav when p man could go Into a l u r c h room and f i n g e r the exhibits is gone. Now he must t - i r n in a lon£ distance order. A big force of food inspectors is now at work in the state and regular trips are being paU to all the towns. Decatur will probably be inspected gain soon. Among the new rules for the cafe men are the following: SOME OF BULKS. "Food may no longer be displayed In lunchrooms if exposed to flies. "All milk and cream must be covered. "Cafeterias must place a railing eight inches Irom the tables, F3 that patrons may not rough, breathe or sneeze o\er food "Cafeterias must place food under glass shelves. "Xo cats or dogs will be. permitted in restaurants or kitchens. "Xo persons will be permitted to deep in kitchens. "Every employe handling food, dishes, or napkins must wash his hands ·whenever he goes back to work after leaving for any reason. "Proprietors must furnish an ample supply of water, soap and towels. "No proprietor may employ help ·with tuberculosis, venereal disease, or other contagious diseases. "Kitchen girls must cover their h a i r ·with caps. "Walters are forbidden to use the same towel to wipe off tables and chairs, perspiration and plates." OBSERVED HERE. Since the last Inspection, it may be said. Decatur r c f t a u n r t s h a i e kept most of these rule?. CHAMPAIGN CLAIMS 15,037 PERSONS Champaign, July 2.--According to the ficures presented, the population of Oanvpaign is now 15,037, as compared to 14,121 at a corresponding time last year. The census of the entire school d'strict is 15,683, while the enumeration last year showed oniy 14,648 In the district. These figures show a healty growth in both the city and the district 14,830 I!» MATTOON. Mattoon, July 2.--A canvass of the ·»v iust completed by the Hoffman Directory company of Qulncy. shows by ' actual count of Inhabitant*, a population of 14,859 for the city of Mattoon. These figures are inclusive of the suburbs of the city and tan I, O. 0. F. noroe. ONE WOMAN HAD 62 CHILDREN London Chronicle--The Palermo woman, Rosa Salemt, who presented her husband recently with five boys, all well formed, and, according to the doctor's report, "eattne; well and crying well" has not wrested the record from the peasant girl, Cravat*, of Tuscany. She was the twin dauehter of a woman who was herself one of triplets, and married a man' of her own class. She set the seal of the family reputation, though »h« led oil modestly with a baby s'rl. On the next occasion ehe made her husband a present of six little sons, and followed that the next year with five more. Then came a couple of triolets, which were followed by a quartet. Then ensued a long procession .of ones and twos, bringing the number of her living children up to sixty-two, and assuring to her endless fame in obsterlca.1 annals as the "Gravata. case." Proving It. Post Dispatch--"That clerk you recommended Is no good at all. Why, that fellow is asleep all the time." "Well, I said in my letter of refer- once that he had a retiring disposition-" ORDER OF SERPENTS TO BE FORMED Oulsrovrlh of Vnltefl Spanish \VRr Veterans. JTeT.ber* of Scott Wilson Camp No. 55, United Pnarish Wa- Veterans, are the o r g a n i z a t i o n here of branch of the Military Order of the Serpents K-hic 1 } is an auxiliary order of the I" S W. V Delegations from East Pt Louis, Spnr.gfleld and Bioom- inrton arc expected here som» time in the near f u t u r e to ln?»all t h e new camp Scott Tvn=on c-irnp 1 now on- of the Do As Your Ancestors Did Drink "Taxless Tea" The Declaration of Independence the anniversary of which we celebrate Saturday, July 4th, was a vigorous protest against a tax on tea; setting an example that you would do well to emulate at this time. You'll want Iced Tea, of course, for the Fourth of July refreshment; order a pound of our Dccalur Iced Tea Blend DELICIOUS--a FDLL pound for 60c. 8 Premium Checks Free For Picnic Parties on the 4th-^ plyal °f So ! Coola, Wild Cherry Phosphate, G. E. Syrup Flavors or some of our other quickly prepared Summer drinks TEA 5. COFFEE CO Bell 531. 262 North Main St. Auto 1259 Pay Less For Your Shoes s store is a tore of high quality. Thf f-nnir' Hiscrimination is exercised in the selection of little trinkets that in given to watches, precious Btones, pearls, and silver. fllaTlmlnnflnn I* ntir t,1M!* i l n l ' " l « i n r - ' l l " i l «r,lrt -- ban- H i , * . ' , i l n « M I ' K [·'·«». h » t pins, h n l r n" i - i « n ' « l l ' i r | i l n « - l i t t l e E. E. BARBER JEWELER 108 N. Wnti-r II. Priced lower because I am sacrificing profits to keep business coming my way as it did before the big fire. Handicapped as I have been since the big fire in April, by offering the public my regular lines of high-grade footwear at mid- Summer clearance sale prices, I have not only held my trade, but actually gained in leaps and bounds. Most people appreciate a good bargain, that's why. Here are some of them: $3 Mary Jane Pumps in Patent Leather, with plain toe and silk ribbon bow. Pric$2.65 DEVELOPING lOc A roll, any size. Er.stinan chpmionls, Eastman papers; best quality, beat workmanship. It costs no more. Try UK, Haines Essick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1286. $2.50 values at $2.15 Misses' and Children's Mary Janes in patent leather with Colonial ornament. $2.25, children's sizes, 81/2 $1.89 Misses' and Children's Mary Janes in patent leather, with silk ribbon bow and plain patent tip. $2.25 misses' sizes 12 to for tpl.Oy $2.00 children's sizes 8% £,"*: $1.69 Ladies' $3.50 Patent Colonials with ornamental . steel slide, Cuban heel and welt sole, plain tip, also same style in mat kid, for $3.50 Ladies' Pumps In mat kid and patent, medium heel, leather ornament, welt sole, for. j»O "I K »4J»J. J-M d»O "I C .«P«J« J.U e A v *»o Proprietor Martin-Phares Shoe Co. Store Open For Business Friday Evening Until 9 O'clock., We Will Be Closed All Day Saturday-The 4th of July* wart Phenomenal Bargains--Frida; shopping wherever possible. Separate Wool Skirts, Special A splendid selection of women's stylish new all wool summer skirts made of fine Granite cloths, ser- 1 ges, etc. Smart, Russian tunic and draped modes, accordeon pleats and box pleats. A« sizes. Every one a last minute style- all sizes--all colors. Qet one {or the "«th" -- wondirsul values. each » wso $3.60 White Skirts 10 doien women's elegant new white Hatine skirts, exactly what you want tor outing- wear, for seml-dress. All sines. Worth J3.60, At Stewart's Friday, each $1.98. $1 Summer Waists For 38c 10 doren women'* pretty new white and colored eum- mer waists, lingerie, lace trimmed and embroidered modsls. worth |1; choice, Friday, each Me $2 Values at 79c Upwards of 1! doien exquisitely beautiful n e w w h i t e waists, made of fine imported voiles, embroidered voiles, "ne crepes, flaxons, etc. AH latest styles; all sires. 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SPECIAL SALE OP WHITE HATS AT $3.50 A sreat assortment of ch.rminr white hats-fine chips, hemps and l.«horas-all alluring trimmed with white wings, white flowers and white ribbons. Come Friday and take your choice of this white mil- llmry--worth *5.00 and 16.00-- at the of price unheard , ·» A U ·· .«lll wW 79c House Dresses, 98c Values 39e 10 dozen fine percale house dresses, stripes, checks, etc. All sizes. tl values at Stewart's. Friday, the lowest price ever named for lucb qualities, eaeb 390. $5 Linen Coat Suits At Upwards of SO women's §mtrt new coat suits--made of tine linen* and piques: new etyles; blue, white «nd natural colors; hav« fancy collars. Suits that are both cool and smart looking, that will give sfclsndid service--!n nearly all sixes. Really worth 16 each--but .to clow teem aot quickly, choice, 12.98. 50c Women's, Misses' and Children's Union Suits Upwards of 60 doien fine white summer union suits for women, misses and children, made In the popular loose knee styles and trimmed with lace and embroidery. Come in all sizes Hegular price 50c the »ult; Stewart'! nrjoe. to .break all records in this department, Friday. the suit, S5c. 25c 10 dozen Women's Vests with taped necks and arms in white only. All sizes, regular lOc values, Friday CM each .............. *"* Women's Game Vests, nicely taped necks and arms, regular prloe ISc --at Stewart's wonderful barcatns . Friday 10c 75c Men's Union Suits 50c Upwards of 80 dozen men's cool porosknlt union suits, the most comfortable garments for summer wear. All sizes; rejular 75o values, Friday the suit $1.50 Pure Silk Hose 89c Upwards of 25 dozen pairs of women's pure silk hose In white, black and all stylish shades. Hosiery actually worth S1.50 the pair, a big 4th of July speolal at Stewart's Friday, the pair ·*· 89c 75c Silk Boot Hose 50c Upwards of 20 doien pair* of women's extra fine quality boot silk hose. In blaclt, white and tan--all guaranteed for ser- -- vice. Regular price. 75c the pair. Stewart's price Friday, the lowest ever named-pair ,acK, wane 50c Men'i Balbrtesan and Forosknit shirts and drawers, all style sleeves and legs, all sizes, 39c to 50c garments. Fri- 9Rtt day, each . .. ."«"· Born' rnlon Suits--the very popular Poros-knit weave, sizes 4 to 14 years. Regular He union suits, special 9JE(t Friday, each ....*"**** Men's Geneva SUk Hose In black and colors; all sizes; 25c hose, 4 CM Friday, pair · ***» 3Sc women's blade and tan hosiery--all sizes, Friday, 4 CM pair 1*» C Children's 35o black. white and tan hosiery, for Fri- 4 Eg day, pair · *"· TScLong Gloves Get new gloves for the Fourth at a most unusual saving in price. These are the long 16-button styles and are made of fine quality lisle, in black and white. Worth regularly 75c the pair, but very extra special Friday, the pair, 43c. $1.25 Xayser Silk GHoves Here are most attractive savings on ««nuin« KATSEB itllc gloves. Elegant 18-button Ion* gloves, with warranted do\Me tins; In black, white and colors. All sizes; standard Jl.26 gloves. Friday, the pair ··· $1.00 Friday Basement Bargains Mason-Ball Fruit Jars These are the lowest prices o n Mason-Ball Jars In all Decatur. Ft. size Mason-Ball fruit jars, down... . Q t. size Mason-Ball fruit Jars, doxen... . Half gal. Mason-Ball fruit Jars, dowm. ... »5c House Brooms, made of extra fine grade Illinois broom corn and 4-sewed Regular 35c val- 1 Qft ues, Friday · «"* $3.00 26-Piece Din- Splint qothes Baskets, large slse, sturdily constructed and reinforceo. Regular 35c val- IQfi ues. Friday ' "* ner Set Friday 45c GALVANIZED TUBS 25c These are full size No. 0 tubs, made o£ best quality, flawless galvanised Iron. Resrular price everywhere 45o; at Stewart's Friday, the lowest price ever named, each Don't miss this unheard of opportunity to own an elegant 26-piece set of fine dinnerware at one-third the regular value. We were fortunate in securing just 200 sets; each set consists of 6 dinner plates, 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 sauce dishes, 1 meat platter and 1 salad dish. Think of it! This entire set of beautiful whit* dinnerware-actually worth $3--FRIDAY ONLY--FOR We. 98c

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