The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 9, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1939
Page 3
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1939. THREE TORNADO HITS IN MICHIGAN One Dead With Property Damage High In The Thousands. DETROIT, Aug. 9 .(£*)—A tornado roared through western and central Michigan Tuesday killing one man and injuring an'undetermined number of persons while demolishing homes and buildings. Winds of crushing force, springing up after sultry heat, swept across Kalamazoo and Kent counties, then struck to the northeast to lay waste to property in Midland county. Lester Baker, 31, of Scotts, ten miles southeast of Kalamazoo, was killed when a greennouse in which he was at work collapsed under the blow. Mrs. Gus Liudell of Coin- stock, village near Kalamaxoo, suffered critical injuries when her home was wrecked. Glimpsing an approaching cloud which resembled "the black funnel of a tornado," Miss Ruth Holland fled into the basement of her home in the same area. Moments later the walls toppled, but she was unhurt. Near Midland, a riding stable housing seven horses was demolished. Tour horses were injured. Sue Smith, 29, operator of the stable with her brother, Raymond, and Alvin Gillett, 20, employe, escaped serious injury when their house was picked up and dropped to earth 100 feet distant with them inside. TWO NAMED TO l WELFARE BOARD J. V. Jamison III and T. Frank Lynch were yesterday appointed by the Board of County Commissioners as members of the Board of Welfare for Washington county. The appointees had been recommended by the State Welfare Board. The new Board members succeed Edgar C. Jones and Leo H. Miller, who resigned some time ago. INDIGESTION Sensational Relief from Indigestion and One Dese Pro-res It If th* first doso or this plcasant-ta«tin(t little hlaclt ublct doesn't, brine jou tho fastest, and most rompIpM* rellet you have oxpericnrevl send bottle buck tn us and cet. nOUBlJJ MONKY BACK. This Bsll-nnn tablet helps the stomarh fond, make* iJin excess Monucli fluids harmless urnl Ms von f»t. tho nourlshlne foods you need. Fnr heartburn, sick hendarhc Anil npsrts so often caused by KC*d!i stomnrh fluids mnlcinc Toil fpel BOUT and Ifc* nil over—JUST ONE ]>OSE of Bcll-»ns prow n>««*y relief. 25c crcrj-whotc. For Perspiration, Body Odor, Food Odor, Try RU-CO 25c Rudy's Rcxa " Pharmacy Hotel Hamilton Corner The House of Blue White Diamonds \£ JEWELRV Gx <J« W. Wn.>li!nirto« St. THE GAY THIRTIES LOOK, FOP-HERE'S TH' PiCTU££S I TOOK OP TW HOUSE WITH My NEW CAMERA-KM <9ONIMA TAKE SOME MORE TOMORROW TfOJ£H- WOULD LOOK A LOT WITH THE CUT-SUPPOSE you SCROOP ^ ON THAT, FIRST THINS IN THE MORNING F UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENT COMING TO MARYLAND Heralded by advance preview reports as one of the season's most sprightly and original comedy romances, "Bachelor Mother" makes its local debut at the Maryland Theatre tomorrow with Ginger Rigers and David Niven in the stellar leads. Miss Rogers in the role of a department store sales girl displays her flair for comedy which she recently employed in "Vivacious Lady" and 'Stage Door.' 1 Niveri's characterization as an ulamaut store executive is a refreshing departure from his roles in "Wuthering Heights" and "Dawn Patrol.' A hilarious mix-up over . baby forms the axis about which 'Bachelor Mother" revolves. Holding a tempora.. job in the store during the Christmas rush, Miss Rogers—on her lunch hour—finds an infant on the steps oC a foundling home, and is instantly mistaken for the child's mother. 30 Stars in "March of Time" Thirty famous stars and scenes from 24 of the greatest movie films ever produced are seen in the latest March of Time film. "The •Resort* — AMiintlc City, N, J." PRINCESS ar*A'«as1vc~Juxt off ff Sp*ci«IF*mily»nd Croup Rates ORCHESTRA IL . MMCINC Fr*eCk*anB<irhmq From Hotel WRITE FOR BOOKLET AND EUROPEAN PLAN HATES Firrpraef GoMjf _ \V.\\q8.'''5>C\^\ QWNEH Movies March On!", which tells a unique screen story of the 40-year rise of the motion picture industry and how Hollywood's 30,000 technicians, artists, and executives are working today to please the * 250 million movie-goers in the U. S. "The Movies March On!" will be seen at the Maryland Theatre starting tomorrow with the feature attraction. "Bachelor Mother." ERROL FLYNN AT ACADEMY THEATRE IN "DODGE CITY' Errol Flynn comes to the screen of the Academy Theatre today in a role that is, on the surface, altogether unlike any he has ever played before, for he is the straight-shooting hero of "Dodge City," a film about the period when the little Kansas town of that name was the roughest and wickedest community of the old west. Produced by Warner Bros, in Technicolor, "Dodge City" is a spirited and authentic re-creation of those hectic days in the ISTO's when the coining of the railroad to the little town at the northern end of the fumed Chisholm Trail made it the loading cattle shipping center of that era. VICTOR McLAGLEN HAS NEW DRAMATIC ROLE Wam.r Irot. MARYLAND STARTS TOMORROW IN SCREEN COMEDY! A brilliantly novel you'll never outguess. .Full of FUN, crammed with ROMANCE, throbbing with LIFE!.. Ginger at the glamorous shop- girl "mothe^'ofa doorstep foundling. , wooed by Playboy David, chased by Jitterbug Frank..WHATA PICTURE ., . and S\ r HOW YOU'LL UGH WITH- I GINGER ROGERS ^MMD I NIVEN '"Now, whose baby is if, any way? Som» toy in hers, torn* say it's mine—buf w» bofh deny if— emphatically!' with CHARLES COBURN PLUS THE NEW MARCH OF TIME "The Movies March On" LAST TIMES TODAY { Victor McLagleu •winner of the Motion Pictures Academy of Arts and Sciences Award for his strong portrayal in "The Informer," has another groat dramatic screen role Universal's exciting, human drama, "KX>CHA:UP," opening today at Henry's Air Conditioned Theatre. McLaglen, nofr-d for (he rugged ehamotorizations he enncts for the cameras, appears as a broken- down, ex-champion prizefighter, proud of two possessions. They are a championship holt and a. worthless, snobbish sou who disdains his father's homo and his rough-ami- tough associates. Although "K.v-Champ" has an atmosphere of the boxing ring and training quarters, it cannot "wholly be regarded as a prize-fight story. It. deals primarily with the sacrifice the exchamp makes to attempt to snvp the snobbish son when the son is in danger. Xan Grey. Tom Brown. Conslnnce Moore, Donald Briggs, William Frawley and Samuel S. Hinds head the big supporting cast. TALKED—Word that K. S. Hudson (above), Britain's overseas trade secretary, had discussed disarmament loan with a Nazi economics expert, aroused" a furore in London. MORE MOSCOW SUBWAYS. MOSCOW (/p).—Plans for • the third section of the Moscow subway, to consist of two new lines aggregating about nine miles in length, have been approved. The new lines are scheduled to be. ready for operation within two vears. GEORGE RAPS AT PRESIDENT Georgia Senator Opposed To Third Term For Roosevelt. WASHINGTON", Aug. 9.—Senator George (D-Ga) spoke out Tuesday against a third term for President Roosevelt and demanded a "prompt settlement'' of the issue. Shortly before leaving for his home at Vienna, Ga., the Senator, whom President Roosevelt tried vainly to unseat last year, asserted that he opposed the tliird term "under any circumstances or conditions." "The course followed by the great and patriotic leaders of the past against the third term for any President and under any conditions is wise and right—not only in normal times but especially in abnormal times, times of upheav- el and chaos in political thought and action. "The prompt settlement of this issue in line with' the examples set by great statesmen and patriots of the past will substantially serve the best interests of the Democratic Party and the country." He declined to' enlarge on this statement. Apparently, however, he meant that President Roosevelt shoujd not wait any longer to state his intentions for 19-10. Summing up the session which adjourned Saturday, George listed the rejection of the President's Lending Bill as one "notable accomplishment of the TGth Congress. "This program," he said, "would have added more .than five billion dollars to the indirect national debt. The defeat of this measure is primarily important because it marks the beginning of the end of spending for pump-priming purposes and reasserts the power of the Congress over the nation's purse." EVERYTHING THE SAME BUT THEIR RELATIVES ELMCREEK, Neb., Aug. 9 (£>,.— Miss Maxine Samuelson of Elm- creek became curious, about Miss Maxine Samuelson of Axtell because of their names.. The girls arranged a meeting and discovered they both are 18 years old, seniors in high school, are blondes with blue eyes and have birthdays on February 21. They live in adjoining counties and are not related. A PAL INDEED CLARENDON, Tex., Aug. 9.—A Russian wolf hound, missing from ranch headquarters for a day, recently limped into camp at the Lewis ranch near here. Us front foot was in a cayote trap, trailing 15 feet of chain on a steel drag. When released the animal whined and hopping on three legs, led a cowboy a mile away where the dog's mate was in another trap too large to drag. You'll find The Hotel Alexander Room TO ARMS, SMALL BOY—Little Dickie Lee, 5, a Chinese boy from Brooklyn, found a pleasant refuge in the arms of William Bankhead. speaker of the house, during: the lad's visit to Washington, D. C. Dickie, who's touring the country making speeches for a fund for Chinese refugee children, called at the capitol and made ready friends with the Alabama legislator. Enlistments Be Received Here Johnson's Lead In Primary Increased LOUISVILLE, Ky.. Aug. 9 (/P).— With more than three-fourths of the state's 4,307 precincts tabulated, Lieut. Gov. Keen Johnson, held a lead of 26,712 votes last night in the contest for Democratic nomination for Governor. The count in 3,650 precincts, on the basis of unofficial returns from Saturday's primaries, gave Johnson 230,213 votes to 203.501 for former U. S. Representative John Young Brown of Lexington, attorney in Kentucky for the ClO's United Mine Workers. Circuit Judge King Swope. fellow townsman of Brown, pulled away to a majority of 33.G-10-over John Sherman Cooper. Somerset attorney and former state representative, in the Republican gubernatorial race. Cooper conceded victory to Swope. Colonel John C. Pegram, Cavalry U. S. A., and Baltimore District Recruiting Officer, will be at the post- office in Hagerstown on Saturday, Aug. 12, from noon until S: 00 P. M., to enlist ex-regular army men in the Regular Army Reserve. Any ex-regular army man who has served at least one year or more in the regular army, was honorably discharged, is not over 36 years of age, is physically and mentally sound and well, whether married or unmarried, can be en- CHICKENS STOLEN A number of white rock chickens were stolen from the property of Albert A. Beck, East Antietam street, according to a report made to police yesterday afternoon. Itchy Pimples Kill Romance Many shattered romances may be traced directly to ugly skin blemishes. Why tolerate itchy pimples, eczema, angry red blotches or oth er irritations resulting from external causes when your can get quick relief from soothing Peterson's Ointment? 35c all druggists. Money refunded if one application does not deligiit you. Peterson's Ointment also soothes irritated and tired feet and .cracks between toes. Adv. listed in the R. A. R. on inactive status. Local eligible men desiring to enlist in the reserve, should present themselves at the recruiting station, postoffice building, Hagerstown, on Saturday, Aug. 12, any time between the hours of 12 noon and 8 P. M-., and if found qualified, will be enlisted immediately. Those desiring further information concerning the R. A. R. should write or call at the recruiting office, which during the month of August will be open daily from S A. M. until 9 P. M., except Sundays. The National league holds the record for home runs per league per season. It is S02, set in 1930. For quick relie use this nccurate aspirin. St.Joseph GENUINE PURE ASPIRIN Electric Fans R. D. McKEE Slop! Stop that strain! Have your eyes examined today by Dr. Slocum. the r«jjci«tered optometrist in attendance, »t KnyN' .Don't take H chance mi harming yotir vision by l«t- 1*1111? yo;:r eyes KO without proper cwrel U.«*e your credit if you're short of ca«h ... but- ivhsitever you do. STOP THAT EASY TERMS 40 West Washington Street Phone 734 EVES EHnmiriED GLOSSES on CREDIT CONTINUOUS 11A.M. to 11 P.M. KEEP COOL AT NOW SHOWING "ON BORROWED TIME' \ v L \A\t\r iAv sTAm AC AD EMY TODAY DRAMATIC! with the jolt of reolity! ROMANTIC! with the love of youth! HUMAN!... with the warmth of living! .t '>'*> 7 v, <> ' * --i*^ . (T ^ -«*!&„. < , . , ANTI-KNOCK HIGHER THAN EVER New, Improved Betholine Gives Smooth, Powerful Performance COMPARE OLD AND NEW MOTORS. Notice the reduction in .-ii~c — the increafc in pt»'cr. Automobile engineers hare created marvels of power and efficiency, plus low wcnj/if in modern motors. But they arc designed to give maximum performance only with high octane (anti-knock) motor fuelf. '1 hat's -»hy car owners arc turning to the NEW Betholine. x£ , „.»•>-_. ••tw.Tl""™™""™™™™™'' -""' - 1 VICTOR McLAGLEN OLIVIA DeHAVILLAND • ANN SHERIDAN WllliAM LUNOiO«.S by wiCHAtt CutTC. A WAtNiR CHAMP ! witft. TOM BROWN-NAN GREY | CONSTANCE MOORE , :WiUiom Frowley • Donald Especially Designed for Modern, High Compression Motors If s more than an accident that Betholine gives extra power, freedom from knocks and "pings" in the newer cars, Betholine's new formula was designed to do just this. Notice (at the right) how Befcholine is carefully blended to give you just the performance features, plus the extra mileage, you. want from a motor fuel Why Knocks and "Pings" are Eliminated The modern, high compression motors of the newer cars must have a high octane motor fuel to give smooth performance without knocking or "pinging." They're designed that way. In the past years, motor fwel manufacturers have been stepping up the anti-knock rating of their motor fuels, too. But now Betholine is stepped up again to give you the highest anti-knock rating in its history. Why You Get Extra Mileage, Too In addition to its r,e*«-, high anti-knock Ingredient, Betholine still contains a high percentage of Benzol. It's Benzol which gives Betholine thousands of extra power units in every gallon. And it's these power units which, in addition to extra power, give you extra mileage to make up for Betholine's slight extra cost— make Betholine's premium performance free. Check This Formula HIGH OCTANE GASOLINE. The new Betholine uses a base of high octane gasoline—as fine as any regular priced gasoline on the market today. PLUS SUPER-POWER BENZOL. A high percentage of super-power Benzol fe added to the gasoline base. Benzol gives Betholine its thousands of EXTRA POWER UNITS—for extra power and mileage. ? PLUS ANTI-KNOCK IN««EI>IENT. A tested, proven anti-knock ingredient is then added to give Betholine its EXTRA BTCH ANTI-KNOCK RATING—the highest m Betholine's history. GIVES YOU THE NEW BETHOi-INC. A brand-new, v super-power, higher antiknock fuel which is brand-new in power, quicker starting and warm-up, flashy getaway, smoothness. SALES INCREASED 400% 7.V FOUR YE^RS. No wonder, Betholine's extra performance if easy to "feel" — its extra mileage is easy tt> chcck-~the fact that its premium performance i,< PREE is easy to prove. Non- the Eetholine tank trucks arc bn<y </r7ivrrm£ the NEW Betholine. ft offers even more of tnc vorlh* hilf features vhich rnadf thousands of motorists "switch to Pftholine." Try a lankful today. Attention Ask your neighborhood Betholine- RichfieM Station for a copy of Sherwood's "Golf Progress Chart." It's FREE.T Next Time, try the N EW %* -A ne At Your Betholine-Richfield Dealer A PRODUCT OF SHCRWQOO BROTHERS INCORPORATED

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