The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 2, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHIW S U IN JN IS W 5 Delivery Service that i» prompt and efficient. Just call 1500 nnd you may feel secure that your order will bo filled as you desire. Closed *AH Day the Fourth Order Early Dressed Fries Lamb Chops Leo of Lamb Pork Tenderloin Bakrri Ham Ronst Pork Corn Beef to Cook Aprlccls Apples Plums Cantaloupe Carrots Rhubarb New Peas Lettuce Gr, Onions Peaches Raspberries Cherrle3 Wate rmelon Beets Wax Beans Radishes Parsley Gr. Beans Fresh PIPS , Cakes find Cookies Phone 1500 "THE FERMDELL STORE" 7 S. Main DEMPSEY TO GET FINAL $100,000 Payment is Assured Kearns Today—Fighters Tone Down Their Training-. Uroat Fa 11 H . Mont., July '1. Pay ni'iil of the final SiOO.O'rifi installment of Jack DompKi'v's *;iOu ,ntiil jruaranton t'l'linduloil to In' M Jack Kearny iiinnaj;m* of ihv It' -avyv.vifihi ( h;ujipion Unlay by Mujivr .1 K I,:LII <», newly in- euilh-d tniHi .-r „j th<- Knurl h of July lica vyweight i 'V ,;i in \ ii(.»n H nip fight tU SliMby. <;«•••,it. suuitiMi, (in «u Falls iKuilu-r and K.>y i>. Ayivn. who arc associatf-fl wM!i I.;!.:•<-• in ih»* nian- aic-mr-nl of the 1IM«U, naM (hat the money weiilil be hnUl Krarn-.- today in ju -cordaiKo with t)i< i u ri;:s of i -oiitritr;t. Koarui; was afivi;••(••••! yesterday th;it ?r>0,000 wni* ItmnoilktH-ly available In v.\M\ am! iho bajanrr would IK - in hand from the $fi ,0ii0 (Miiti •tlmtioiiH muff hy twenty leading 1HIS!IK-JS men of Mon- tiuui . Th<i licavywt irJit elunnp !>m- f ; hi|i's manafier w,«s rlo^U'd in a cmi- fi't-'Uee with Stanton and Ayr-'* nt nenipseyY; «iiri river raniji yesterday a! which time assuram.e, waa j^iven KeaniH that the payment would be made. r>emp.-ey plan? In?" todny, l>ny pun hoxlufT. Th" t 'hamj parfinp p ^.-Lrain turnl nmplthfalcr. bound by Euclid ami Brooklyn civ on in: H nod, Twenty- tirflt nnd Twmity second stroetn. Tho f^-nliiiK rnparily of the concrete frrumlstnnd IH 17 371 and 1 /^0 pfTB <tioi call Iio fuvomiuodaled In tho bleacher;-;, which will occupy Uio east oud of th<) lot.. The. fa-dtid:'(.iwl contains 22 tux'tioiiH, (iich with n rows, of seat;;. Tlmro urn 200 bo.xna with' J.URH box chair*. Tln'rn are eleven entrance* nud twelve 4lfkc( windows, fill on tho Hrooitiyn Ave. s-hlo, and nine oxitn, Pcutt'Tod over tho feur Bi <lei*. A drainage nystom run* radially in 21 dlrertioiiH i'rom t tu* pitchers' mound to 23 .foot beyond tho first and third tosu* lines and GO feet -beyond tho other base llueff. Tho outfield is drani'd by right lairn'.l channels. All of tho drain pipes uro set I. 1 * hi chew below the .smiVict- The field can be ready for play two hours after a bard rain. PROPER STRENGTH OF FABRICS IS OUTLINED GIBBONS HOLDS WEIGHT FOR WALLOPS gpC|BV«MARKE .T); REENACT THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG NOW Veterans cf the North and South Are Gathered 5 : or 60th Anniversary. do only H^ht box- hi:ii: and shadow on finished His L-teialny when he V'oxed two" rounds each w 1th Jack Mnrke ol l'ittsburgh and Hilly WWW of Kn^tijud liemj»^e\ dei'hu-f'd ^aa' ht* has !i"\!-r b«*eii in l"-:i.-r ;-hape. }Ic pave a remarkable and npeedy display of accural o hii t ini: ami foot work against, the byliier members ot his trainin;: «tat"f. Make Referee's Decision Final. Tlf A.-— .--U '.ra ]•[«!•>) Kheihy, Mom., .!u!y 2- The refcreo'y Lnundi yownera National Association Has Interesting Figures on Cloth. nefty^biirir. i'a , Jul; f-f the north n.nd FOU" cln.y on th" li(-ij;lit> nvi"- Uui'^ bat :U-n "11 :o wlne .'sM ntpnt hy niodei -n arti!lor\' fwbM -ate attack on I.;t;le in l ,S)i;b < 'f^npanv H. MxU- States field aitiiie-.->. Uno' olreleti as "Hardin?;'^ own part in Ih^ sham atta<di. foatiun of the reU-bri! Hixtie .tli anijiv.•)•;•••;!.:>•. tin vo; al oi ••anions i tnxtps ha had bee counter l.-ni(>;i Tiif attack ih rw.liv ma feat cf J. f'iiffevv: Plon.-rs o HU.-d butel: AVeible wi l«vnd .[,]•;>:< the IVore'. tw o j i-:iri Of the cio the hank Inisilie:,;:. Our 1,(0 FUppU' K, torprdees North Mi dem.tiiMarte inr&t\ hut n > made te r pal.:-.---d to- d :iiiK Ci a i-" av.a.-t- of tin* ('..a- lioand Top -.•nth Tailed Par.t i d(-ctsion :n llle Wi.rld * .lack 1 'emp July '1 mid fnnmila t > • i ILpIMUIlti '•• diMriet eoi sta.te la.-v, Joimsin;. t Wu utl: I vided j\,r at tin- ni only In :o the .; rn'.e ie t-. iUillii:' of (bu ide th it shuuV. t!f u!l;-ldvred .••y>,;p bout '1 em (1 ibbons li 1 set of rules I o be Tie-- e*nnmis>*ioji noiith - at:o by tho ceniam e whh [ho d of .Nfayer Jim of the U>ut, and final in 'weon j v. fel at Lit ; . hi.-11 -.1 th-- OTlted- Bondsmen. 'he b-vii:-d o id 11 !'. 1 on the uroN la he (H'^e.j, ,. iw-, v j.idge.s -"ai'-, and 1 h" n-feroo voted e t!m:-i- was a tie. t>win^ .•..nance vf the bord. this be ehnnjied, plaein:; in the the vefereo tho power to winner of (ho hour, in case entinue the fifteen rounds. Many Arriving. Bhelby, apathetic for the, past two w t-eks, i >v, in u, to t he urn. ertalnty t>f fhe Lr'frfifttc of the hum, is aboom and :obd 'Aith a>tiviiy today. Tlie van- j Kuaril of tourn-us eM'eeti 1 to witness bovd ft 1 ready lias arrived and a iin?: stream of arrivals is pournig the lit.tb' ci>\y tenvn. bb (; iis werkf d out bci'ore a record d itli liis open air rint; yester- lie -viil take .inly licht exercise y and tumor: o ^ . H is w olp-ht is ITS p"UmU. Kddio Kane, hi a BLUES TO PLAY AT NEW HOME TOMORROW Joliot, lib. July 2.— The breaking Btron «rth of a shirt oupht to ho at least 40 poantly an in6h, deelarod I)r. A. F. Shupp, Oirector of the I>opart»iont of Research or tho Ijauudrvowhers National Association, at a. meeting here of tho ]>irectors of the Association. The American Institute laundry, recently compete*! here, Is demonstrat* in*r to the Industry the discoveries of the rose-arch dopartiiK -nt in the conservation o! fabricH and iu niaking lttundry &ervic:e economical. "You oi^lit to ho able to hang: a forty pound dumbbell from a strip an inch wide torn either way -from a new Bhtrt," said Dr. Shupp. "It ought to take .a force sufficient to hU luo poundt; to rip a ybeet with yo\ir kneo. We are co-operating with thy niauu- facturers for tbe l'-rotection of tho puhlii: omf test and analyze., thousands of fabric samples evory year. Lust week I tested n sample of a towel tliat would support l»2 l ,-J» pounds one way but would ony support 2S l i pounds the other. That is the kind of tuff that rips easily. "The Institute'of Ijaundcrinc: manuf .-Lcturors to make fabrics durable ar. well a:", beautiful am! to guarantee them to wear and ladder satis- fui'ixirily. Tho modern laundry does not wa?h by rule of thumb methods but is directed by the research laboratory. I.iaundorint; is a specialised business and tho up-to-date laundry la alto to make of the resuhs of rei- cntific work for the preservation of fabrics. Kcborts of the II. y. Health : l>epartnH'nt slate that sanUafion in ] a modern laundry id practiraUy perfect." Xommy Gibbons, left, sparring with TilUe "Kid" Herman. Tommy OJbhon-s appears heavier than nmial in tho latest photos frotra Kholby. Apparently Tom is keeping his weight, whllo training, &o ho can put all tho power ihe has behind his -wallops when ho taeklos Champion Demiw.y July 4. Whether or not he is sacrificing aoine speed to hold that power remain*} to bo seen. Chinese Do Not Understand Our Denominational Religion Furnace Smoked —And Gave Trouble Last Season^- This is the time to have it overhauled and put in condition before the fall rusli—We repair and re-build all makes— : i -nn -Li. ..!. ,, Estimates Furnished Free. HOSKINS & YOUNG Phone 3752 HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home, of FRONT RANK Furnace) 22 First West Medical Missionary Says American Churches Must Keep From Over-lapping—Tells Business Men's Class of Conditions in Yellow Republic. Kam Fire Works! nf firecr-M k"l'i, f y at The fraft : e. tire tfoii/jj i'uFt. ("ity, Jnlv ill park U. he Ameri. and ill • of tho m htartir XW-- ew ihe K:ii]-;e in Ass-ocial lie ready i'( \[ home n'*r , lomorr-.e.v. Closed Sunday Dance. Ijoavenwo: th — Acting on advice from the attorney ireni'rai, Sheriff li. M. String fellow closed a Sunday ni^ht dance ;;t iteno. a small town In the southern part cf this '.\mn1y, proprietor was placed under Coinl'hiiuU of the conduct sot the Sunday ni^ht diineers had be<*n received at the attorney eeue: al's office. The or..h ; - is believed to have phi'-ed a ban on such ^arm-lay ni.^ht entertainment. About, r ^P coupler were fi!j the i \no" when the thvriff "put. i,n tie ild". Se feet if,np. IS.- I" The I Hard on Kir,7Hiria' • "No mer" Tins is t)i" lH 'iya of Ihuporbi. in iT:a/:y years, }o they have ^e .;ird jtn^ll Boy. rinusej, ibis puni- lament of the small Kor the first time •al bill jesters pay. noTlilng fn-in the achioe Scored Ice eaiis Foil Weight 5'-. t IBS s~ 25 LBS 7. •e memm 25 LbS ! : - HE 1 reel v.^ saw- Note how f I 25 LB.s 25 laS SO LBS 50 LBS I ^.; ics scoring machine assures cor- i^l.i. | for scored jee breaks true leaving tul e<i t>» Ro evidence of correct weight, perfc-afly ei.zh 50 lb. cake is scored for cut- Scored ice cuti. cleanly and evenly—does not chip around the edgesjand consequently is not under weight. Every cake of sicored ice is. full weight for every cake is manufactured over weight to allow for shrinkage through scoring and melting. Phone 900 fl-y<TiV , T"*i"" > *'i cir. *"i*t. Kansa: ad'- an circm- : off •a men. In fact, they ;> :;"em to hiivo ern. ;: .se.d • : .r itineraries generally. of Colored K. of P. f^iamit* 1 The state convention the (.b.inred Knight;; of Pythian Is expert e<i to hrirtK EffO visitors to Chanutc- Juiy 2 ^-27. The encuunprnent will be heUl in City Pork. General Gouraud Here. New York-General Gouraud, famed French one-armed BOldler, arrived tn New York on his first visit to United States, Triangular eoffina, the body being placed 1n u nittinp pusltlon, were used by- some ancient Wrecks. "The Chinese iwople do not fall for the denonianational idea of religion wlia.m la so prevalent in this country," d ex-la red I>r. 'Frank F. Allan, wlio hoy spent la years as a medical mis^lo-n* ary in west Chin-a, iu a speech to tho Uv. sjnoiid .Men's CIa-sa of the First Moth.oUist church, yetiterday morning ox the Y. 11. V. A. , Mr, Allan explained -that there were 10 or 12 different ,nii ^Hionory societies in west China but t'lie poliey has bec?n to divide the land among the -different churche.--, HO that th.? •missionary' work 'Wmi 'ld u<A .be dusdicated in the different sections of the county. Travel Is Slow. He has been doinj: hif? work at. Cheii£ tu and he s ted t hat i a the trip from here, it took longer to &> from Shanghai Into Chcn.^tu than It i did to cross the Pavific ocean. The flie (-first Mage of the Journey is ni -'Mie 0:1 • American IKKUHHC , ~ownt?d hy Robert. iMlar, up the Yangtse river, but the Ja &t imri ina.b> in tlio one- man sedans carried by the native*. MJ \ Allan ^i-a^ed lha-f eaub of th" live colors in the Chi::o--e fia.^ repre- stmte-d sonv.-thht^. The rod stands for the ol-d ttriKi'ial Chine.-x 1 of whom there are. 3;.u,000.e00. 1"he yellow represent.:; tlie linivriaj co-h>r of thp Man'din's ! who have ruled the country for o.le j years. Th-? blue stands for Mongolia. ! tho only district hi China -in which there are only two people, to ihe square mile. The white is [or •the suow-peuk- oxl 'Ji -.ountal'ns in tho region 0° Tibet, and the black stands for t'he Moham- niodan element in China. "In order to give tome idea of the clima-ie in China, I w-ill er.ato that the Great AY all of China is in 1he panic; latitude as Topeka." stated -Mr. Allan. "The Ya117rt .se va'dev ia u;maily covered with water but inateail ot being a swamp, as you might think, it I.s a luiurhitTit garden. "There are GO .000,000 people In West (Uiina. In the country around Cbcn&lu there are alx>ut 750 iieojde to the square mile. Wo can Bee the tho( Himalaya -mountains at all times. Ruled by Force.,. "Although China was made a republic in 1311, still the country la actually under, military rule. At first there were men, who had control of the whole country hut now provinces a»d district or even cities are under the control of different individuals. These separate rulers pay allegiance to nobody unless they are conquered In battle. "Tho open door policy which was established by the United States and the natural intogn'ty of tho people of that country are a wonderful help to China.. For many years tho natives thoiiKht that the country had been divided and was ruled by foreign nations. They saw tho larsu foreign control of the. custom houso and the post- office and saw the irunboats from other countries in their harbors, 30 naturally they were misled because of their ignorance. * In Touch with Outside World. "In lftOR the mail was carried to Chonctu. by mesangers, who covered tho distance of 70 miles without a sin pie stop. In those days there were only a few letter;; and htoso wore largely for tho missionaries. Now both home and foreign newspapers are brought in daily The teleinaph system covers the entire country and they are bojrinning to understand their relationship to the outside world. "The oduca' system of tho country lias been completely revnlu- tionali^ed. They are trying to adopt western school system, "In east China th^y hnve £Ood roads and many automobile-?, and r«ad» will soon he built ln T o western China. At th< present time jt fakes 70 days to co' er tho distance from Pftongtu ^ Ch.nn^kin^, which could be covered in a short time with a car if they had good roads. "Tho missionaries are getting more converts than ever before. There are three kinds of missionaries: pastors, educational workers, and medical men. In West China, we now have a Union university which was built by the united work of all tho big churches," he explained. Firecrackers! Gftt your firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, cap pistols, punk and etc., at The Craft Shop. 411 North Main. 2-lt. Building of the Capitol at Washington, D. C-, was begun 131 years ago THE NIFTIEST OUTFIELD IN THE MAJORS Th« AMttlc outfield. Ult ta ijgfcj. Tnak Ms89 *m WW Matti.wa and Ftaak Welch. Tlio «».! ;i-! uuiiit -ia in the major leagues tojuy lis Hi6 ouo Connla Mack trots onto, tho fl.-ild daily. It tcaUs one «• U.xt outflows in liit-llng but lS|,baso running wfc:.- f„ tho moat fcrffllMt fielding outfit in etrolBlit gwattius tuilily. „ tho bis mow. All tbroo n-wmbergJ is hittiufi .300. The others ttro bover mah« up in. timely bitting and hoady j lug neljr that raark. • Will Close All Day Wednesday, July 4th So That Our Employees May Celebrate This Holiday Phones 107-108 Highest Quality Work at Reasonable Prices American Steam Laundry Monday and Tuesday SPECIAL FEATURE— "HER UNWILLING HUSBAND" —A Real Picture! Added—"TOPICS OF THE DAY" Change of Program. 4 Times a Week Good Picnic Grounds—Boating Take Avenue A Cars Direct to Grounds. There is no charge to Street Car Patrons. UNDER MANAGEMENT OF THE HUTCHINSON INTERURBAN RV. CO. lack JlattbswB THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week The countenance U more eloquent than the tongue— Lavuter. 7 Outfit D ' J*otroI» Bty!» >J», with fl 760 Vtu- Mr Aacords (your ««l«o- Won), |l cash, (ing U monthly ... *»v» / Outfit E yi «fro1s Stylo m, wltn f «Ul>l0-fft09 tlO Vlo- ffr Kooorda (your K>IM- wni 111 e«.ib. IU monthly.. f NEW t Victrola Outfits at Jenkins 1 Outfit' A VlotroU Btyl» 100, with I doubio-faco tflo Victor llooordo (your Bfllec- tlon) i 110 «»»h It monthly ^ $156 Outfit B Vlotrolfc Btyl« (0. with XI dwut>Io-i'*oo 18o Viator Hpcords <your •dltjc- tIon)| |ft Duh, |J monthly , ,, $109 Outfit B. F. HulUnd, Mar., 122 N. Main St.,-Hutchinson, Knniji,

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