Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1941
Page 2
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Page Twa STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Permits for Plant Improvements and For New Residence To Remodel Franfz Co. Building; Grennan Will Build New Home McNeil ins; th» -ht>rt tnjk on 1?18" The nri* mfmbrrs tnrd to hioti- a prm v n-it of a ojp to the snvi-rrr.rtv of all and nrr" iwd up ar.d eivrn thr oath of thr '!,ih In p r :'ft;r.;nt; to « per IT. i' 'T ?.':-.: ;. " -. th" cry co-.inci! Mono?-. The "Frar.'z Mv. /.-• ' William Wilbur Dies in Seattle, Wash., Aged 76 Years Wo:d ha:, brrn rrrr;'. rri 'if. of ti-.» rlratli of \Vi:;;a:v. Wi:h;.r foirr.rr Stfr'.ir.g ir.-^r. Mrs. Susan Stone Dies Suddenly at Home Early Today Hod Been in Foiling Health, But Death Came Unexpectedly Picture in thf Pacific «s Fcir iatt Ttnsian Grows Mr ti:r nvn of n Inr. to nr '.ir."?. ^.' ur«; approie<! T. •'• r fides will be rrc. fr^i Bidinst Sf.entv Iff be removed find and stoel cash. pr;m given for >hc convr . crete loading d<xk ; curb line at the «o .;•; Mr. Wi:b\:r of .'*":.••: o! ':.r ?.T, ar.-y.^o'. » •**;; will ''. •M'H buck ; .on also WRS .'<•; of R con- ba.< of the ?r.ri o! Ave- Mr V W:,bir. '. r r :.'r. ; \rf S-n ,;.;-••;!• v. a.> r>; thr ;a*i pioi.rer rr. c. eivie Hr •: .' untie a! lir.c in IBfl.i about Da:. a:.'i Marv i cin-.u of Thlr- ; Ir arv.rd the if- ' m <*:u',y RKP ?r,'i He w a.*- a trlc- fnr Tue.'day «• Sam. at her 302 \Vr • Ninth -.•:<-<•• wri' q::;:e unexpected at » , M the li r.-hv She 'r.n c!?. \ «.Me W.T- up s:.d ,<e and on retiring an- hue C. and for the '.a;, ir.z of 100 feet pf sidewalk along tne A", fr.ue C side of the plant Frank Graehimg presented two petitions to the council, one for general repairs to property at 1101 Seventh avenue ,nnd the other for re- •hingling the residence at 401 Seventh avenur. both of which were ' approved. Mrs. John McGee was given permission to construct a frame garage, 12x32. on property at S07 Eighth avenue. The Scott store Obtained a permit for rerooflnir of the property which they occupy at 9 East Third street The bait estate was given permission to put pew coping on the building at 108 East Third street In\-estigation will be made of the proposal of Jos. Edhnger to install a street car coach. 8x30 feet. «n the lot south of The Gazette building for use as an 'eat" stand. Sjeveral questions were raited as to the advisability of granting the permit. The petition did not state that the coach is built of steel, but Commissioner Jacob said Mr. Ed linger had advised him that it was. The council indicated that if the major portion of the coach is of wood, the permit would be denied. It was also pointed out that there would be some question relative to faovlng the street car over the •tre«t«, also on fewer, connections. . The Universal Studios was granted a permit to engage in photography tn Sterling for one week upon payment of the required fee of $25. Kiapli oix-iator for ti;r ML^o';n Pn- (ifi^ railroad for S2 >rar.'. TftiriiiR a frw yrars aeo and tfiii.E tn Srattlr. whrre he spent, the five years of hi.s l;fe. HP i«. Miruvfd by hi. 1 - wife. HIP former Ada Raivley of NP-.V York city. So far BS known. Mr. Wilbur has no reiative.i left in thus virinitv. Cases of Local Interest Before Federal Court In Freeporf on Monday Judcp Charles E. Woodward of Chlcsao had a busy session in the federal court at Freeport Monday. He referred the case involving Donald Edward Brlexke and Edward Swartz, both of Chicago, to the probation department for pre-sentcnce Investigation. They were the boys arrested here for tlie theft of a Milwaukee automobile. The grand Jury was impaneled rr; r\ n ri I n,T. fni!i!:R hrai 1 .;-, drniii o' h r r ir The bod-, w Woods funrial poses. Funeral not been made ;-nand. June. 1937 a^ rrmmed to the home, where it rearrangements have pending word from children Hung in other places. SUMUI Elina Tuttle was born May 3. 1B62. at Angola, Ind.. ft daughter of Hiram C. and Sarah Ann Terrell Tuttle. She was one of 13 children. Five brothcis nnd seven sisters preceded her in death. She lived her early childhood in Missouri, rom- lng to Illinois with her parents, where she completed her education in the schools at Nelson and Rock Falls. On Decembei 29, 1880. she was married to George D. Stone of Nelson. The couple lived in Nelson for about five years when they moved to Hurt. Ja , and farmed for 30 years. Upon retiring from the farm they came to Sterling and purchased the present home at 302 West Ninth street. Thus had been Mrs. Stone's home since 1815. Her husband passed away on June 1. 1937. Mrs. Stone leaves to mourn her passing five children: Mrs. Evelyn Graham of Daytona Beach. Fla.; Mrs. Anna Belle Fitch of Burt. Ia.; Mrs. Clara Ashling of Rock Falls: George H. Stone of Sterling; and •••** **tf *»«**»«» n event *l Par twit wur; •rift** 100,000 Tuesday, October JH, .u,, in lhe Pacffic whw « lens ' on "n™ WJt a P« lonnin* a new war cab- the U. S. Navy ordering American *hip« in far £a«t waters to put into friendly port*. and after today probably will be excused until Nov. 17, the date for i •—<->"»•- ••• •*»«..«. ~* ^.n.... B , «..>* the regular session of .court at...Free-! Mrs - Helen Colder of Denver. Colo. port. ' • (There also are left eight grandchil- Initiate Members Into Dramatic Club At Sterling High •The S.-H. ft Dramatic club held .Its first meeting Monday night m tht high Kbool gym for the pur- *OM of iattiaJUtff onr members. The faiUation WMjbit on tht Jtrograja.. ttoma of m» competed ia » peanut plowing race acroas the gym, the winners receiving priaes. . The candidates were then required tp gut on plays for which they had drataed. Bill Benson. Wayne Fredericks, Cda Rabbins, Dsrda Lubben, and Jean Davis presented. ... •little Red Riding Hood." "The Lighthouse Murder." was given by Alice Hoover, Donna Yeck. Myron gjhannon, Jack Jamison, and Audrey Lahman. "The Woman on the gjtreet." was presented by Belti- Juanne McNeil, Bob Bwehla. Lynn Wildman. June Desmond and Ralph Haag. The last play presumed was v*S»ttUe Orphan Annie," the cast of which included, Johnie Stager. Ar- J*M Ddred, Helen Walker, Helen *Tg«f tear and Janet Bwartlcy . Folio w- Sentence faf Joseph Foltr. Savanna, charged with writing" threatening letters demanding f 1.000 from his father, Edward Foltr. Thomson, and with stealing explosives from the Savanna ordnance depot, was deferred pending reports on examinations by the Chicago be'iavior clinic. A tentative date of Nov. 17 was also set in the case of John R. Baudhuin and the Rockford Paint Manufacturing company against William Tilden III, former world'* champion tennis player. is the outcome of This trial ble collision which occurred aeveral month ago near Mendota. Home from Visit Mr. and Mrs. A L. Heckman vU- ited last week with their children and families in Chicago and Btr- wyn. T^iey wen iccompanitd home by their son-in-law and daughter, Mr, ai* Mn. Paul Craig of Chicago. who spent tht weekend here. Tlie Heckmana were in Berwyn at the time that Rev. Fr. Haj-man, priest at the Mary of Ceile church. warn accidentally run over and killed by a young man at whose wedding he had planned to officiate within a few weeks. Rev. Fr. Hayman also officiated at the wedding of the Heck- mans' granddaughter and they were acquainted with him. dren and two great-grandchildren. Mrs. Stone was a member of the Methodist church at Burt, la., and also held membership in the Re* bekah lodge at Burt. She was a devoted mother, lo- - her home and was esteemed and loved by a large number of friends. Delegates of Rural Youth in Chicago In-in Dykema of Morrison and Dorothea Thomas ty—for M of rgtr Newton left from the Whiteside Rural Youth group at the course sponsored by the I. A. A. Tin course, which will last through Thursday, is an educational and sight-seeing project. There will be tours, and meetings and they will attend a rural-city youth banquet Tuesday evening. De Kalb High Athlete Seriously Injured as Automobile Upsets John Wright, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wright of De Kalb. was seriously injured about e Monday night when he lost control of the car he was driving and it rolled over 'several times. The accident occurred about two miles north of De Kalb. on the Anne Glidden blacktop road. Wright, a first string reserve on the De Kalb high school football team, suffered a fractured hip and a severe head Injury. It Is possible his skull is fractured, Wilfred Sauter. who resides near the scene of the accident, informed City Will Act to Stop Bonfires on Strttrs The practice of burning leaves on the city streets will result in arreaU, Mayor Birch announced Monday, adding that damages caused to tht blacktop by bonfires would have to be paid- by the guilty parties. Police Commissioner Jacob stated that orders would be given the motor* 1 cycle officers to protect the streets. PHOTO SPECIAL COMBINATION DOOM A Storm Door ia Winter Our prieat are about \» less than yon would expect u> pay *°r tkMe Mali,,, ^^^ ^^ jf. wkitf pine— free from all PORTRAIT If TMI'I* iMkisig f«r a Aistine. Mvc gift Mantblng n* «n* aut you yMineU can giv* — thtn have a pawte psrtralt taktn an4 It t* hiM *r her. Na gift appr*clatiNl. Maka it tbla vary day. SIC LOCUST PHONE 914-1 5^-3x5 PHOTOS in fine folders and 1-8x10 Enlargement All For THIS MONTH ONLY! about 30Q yards from Sauter's home. When Sauter realized that a car was following the first car he stopped his turn to the left and started driving straight dotvn the road. Wright evidently tried to pass to the right of Sauter's car. Wright was not in the starting lineup of the football team but had seen sen ice in most of the fames played by the team this tm-aytre was abaut-to-nnrtar a left turn to his home he saw a car traveling at a high rate of speed approaching his car from the rear. He aUowed the car to pass and did not notice Wright's car following it. Wright drove his car Into the ditch along the west side of tlie highway and traveled about 300 feet before he could bring it back onto the road again. Just as the car reached the highway U nlled ovrr several tines. Wright was thrown out «f the car, which stopped rolling in front of the Richard Conland farm./ KITCHEN /»! SHOWER \Jl Wont you come in and see our kitchen gift items? They are ideal for showers, bridge prizes, birthdays—or perhaps something lor your own home. Johnny Powell May Be Ablt to See Dixon and Sterling Football Game Johnny Powell is gaining his strength slowly and now that he Is home it is expected hi* improvement will be much more rapid. He U able Friday night. This will depend upon his improvement and weather conciuoru. Token to Hospital James Enrtght w« removed from the Hotel Gall to -the- -Sterling pub* lie hospital in the Woods ambulance Monday night He ha* been admitted for medical treatment. Sterling Public Library Plans to Observe Book Weak AS n pir! of the Book We*>k. November 2 to 9, Rrmrst?men!« have bffn m«ri<» hv th* Sfprlmst rnjlilic lititar.v to conduct two event* for children. The first will b» a do'; work. F*n«l report* «r* show !hs* *b*sit 1S.OOO unrfsd Trsi5 1^ th» flntf y^-ar that ?h«> AAA ; h«< had * mtt**rt*'.< pro-] jrrsm »nrt farrrers m»y muke *" piiretwn now for materia'-s ** » part of the 10*2 proirrsm In IMA. 28,351 tons of '.imestone wrre j- rr,nf«-«t. bo> s and girls are invited. to dre.--s dolls to represent char-' r<. in books Anyone may enter' doll, hut all doll* must represent) characters. More th»n one doll! may he rntrrrd by thf same per-. son. if desired. All dolh must'be' bro:;s+it to the library for judging: by Monday. November 3. and will b* left on display during the. .week ! First, second and third prue* *ii: • be awarded. On November 5. after si hocL.there' will be a -Story Book Bail' This' is limited to children of the fourth! and fifth grades. Children must! dress to represent some book ch*r- j aeter and report at the school at 4:39j in the afternoon. Then- will be' camr* and fun for all. All children tn the fourth and fifth grades are invited to participate j During the week the new books j purchased at the time of the Sprtnt- lield convention will be on display. More Than 6,675 Tons Limestone for Farms A total of 6.875 tons of limestone wer» purchased through th« ooun ty AAA office and spread on farms in WhltwkSe county during the past rear, it was announced Monday by l*«n Nelson, county chairman. He stated that where requested the limestone was purchased by the office and th« coat deducted from the AAA payments, through dealers who had submitted low bids for the on SAHMA COAL Phone810 GROVE'S to-gn up and go to the table tn bis meals and hla appeUte is much better. He hopts to be able to witness at least a portion of the Sterling- Dixon football game at the stadium CHASE'S 25 cup • Waffle g«U • Wall • Bang* SeU • String HoMen • Naveliy Tea r*t» • Napaia HeMera larawIasW Diabaa C«akia • Wi Jan • Kitchen Us* Annabelle-Ray Shop Sterling ThaaUc BuiUing NONE tit DANCE WED., OCT. 22, 1941 For St Mary's, Tampico Liwrence'g Orchestra Gentlemen 50c Ladies 20c Tax included Payment of Legal Ft« Marks End of Police Suits for Back Wages, T?;r ,--.:\ = 'nsstlo P*y for :ao Cramer *"d Lxrji the prem:.«e<i o' the minimum law, her* me history Monday s'trrj noon when the ntv counril R J700 fe# to Ware! and Wnrd for Ir^a! f.rr\ \-rt, in the r*'-r Tlie rlairr.i of the tuo former officers totaled $930, MW f*rh Cramer «!!d Geiger *ere rii?mi»«f» from the p<<ice force after the murn wag* ;«w «'«s pav*d. and thf? filed their r;»tm* for the back pay from the tint* the law became e'- fective up to the time of their dismissal. The *uiU »ere dlsmUsed before they came to trial. Dlwusslon of the cost to the cit' resulting from the passage of the minimum wage Jaw, brought a comment from Commissioner Krohn that the city has been the victim of a "legalized trimming." EMS TIES. 2 - FEATURES-2 ANOTHER'»Ot€E Cmnl ii • Y FEET AIE KiLLINI Ml II A famous autemant, hundreds dally. Yet. they put off proper foot care: their work suffers and twyom elat suffers who ia around one who euffen froaa waakaoed archaa. Why oot tfo aa hundreds of sensible people have dene-have Oartner fit you with individually df'gned arch supporu, to cornet your individual foot weakness. Come in for a free consultation, sun feeling better RIGHT NOW1 Uw Arch by Sterltag Aaa •MM jiy ,!S|S! r Ma<OMT • feH»i* ALSO— A c o & • • a i A P i c r • • • AW, —ALSO- t » aereen wire— b*at clear glass. A tri^e wider and UUB tiiw Usta* to pn>- *« •OONOMV DOOR. j ^ «-m. x Wu, S-i»., prkf 4 OAera up to ,.__ §.71 SAVE FUEL WITH WIATHIRSTRIP n<»< YOUR PIANO ,AC* IHTO mi fAMILYt THE HEIV •NDBWBP. Your piano is a fine inttruaMBt It •houU be uW . . . mj«yed. Ant th«» e»«r before— wh«a you atU to ita BJUHC th« it wnx ••rvelou* uutnunenul effects of Uw Solovoi. Bring ia your whole faourjr wad tee how EAST it is for tvt• U» chiUrwa to play tht f«scia*ti«| Soiovox. Or pbojM for • hone denoiiatratioa os) tout own FUND without cost or Fan M •! H| Craat ibaea §«U only at Grebner's in 8t«rliag, GREBNERS KatOCf VIAIS waar frwa aw Ink Km NOa, •MNE ML AND lock Rivtr Oil Co. GAW, ILL, PHONE i05 AH Hti I OVOX • tit lilrr ALSO- Sillffi MUSIC STORK Alatr

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