Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 3, 1969 · Page 110
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 110

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1969
Page 110
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P&oenfr, Thflrs., April 3, 1969 The Arizona Republic 73 Out on a Hill By iolin Home Reoublic Outdoor Cartoonist ^RUNNING DOltf IW FIELD TRFORM PAST 16 1 HE YEM«i IN POINTING OGS- BILL UK FOUND THKT THE ENGLISH SETTER BREED 1* ONE OF THE' ASU 9 s Hill heads all-star cage picks TEMPE - Seabern Hill, a unanimous All-WAC pick for Arizona State University, was the top vote getter on the 1968-69 District 7 All-Star basketball team selected by the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The NABC team, sponsored by the Wheaties Sports Federation, also includes Carl Ashley of NIT participant Wyoming, Nate Archibald of T e x a s -E 1 Paso, Greg (Stretch) Howard of New Mexico and Mickey Foster of Arizona. All five are juniors. THE VOTING WAS done by the District coaches, not allowed to pick their own players. Utah's flashy sophomore Mike Newlin heads the second team followed by Harry Hall of Wyoming, Paul Ruffner of WAC cc^-champ Brigham Young, Marv Roberts of Utah State and Justus Thigpen of Weber State, NCAA Western Regional third place finisher. Cliff Shegogg of the Midwest Regionals finalist Colorado State team topped the third squad with Jack Gilles- pic of Montana State, Cliff Parsons of Air Force, Willie Sojourner of Weber State and Tom 'Lee of Arizona. Ashley led Wyoming in scoring at 21.0 per game in rebounding at 9.6. His high game for the co-charnps of the WAC was 38 against Tulane in the All-College tourney and 14 times he bettered 20 points this season. Archibald, the ball- handling genius of the UTEP Miners, finished with 22 points a game while canning 53 per cent of his shots. He hit for 35 against Montana State for his single game high. HOWARD SHOT 56 per cent fdr the New Mexico Lobos while averaging 19.7 points and 10.6 rebounds — both team highs — while playing in only 20 games. Foster was second high for the 17-10 Wildcats with 14.4 points, keeping the Wildcats in the WAC race throughout the campaign. NABC DISTRICT 7 ALL-STARS First Team Pt. Avg. School Seabern Hill, ----6-2, 195 Jr. Carl Ashley, 6-4, 195. Jr. Nate Archibald, d-0, 155, Jr. Greg Howard, 6-9, 200, Jr. Mickey Foster, 6-5, 180, Jr. 2C.2 Arizona St. 21.0 Wyoming 22.0 UTEP 19.7 N. Mexico 14.4 Arizona Mike Newlin, 6-4, 181. So. Harry Hall, 6-2, 180, Sr. Second Team 21.2 Utah 19.2 Wyoming A-STATE'S HILL, along with Ashley and Newlin, was one of three unanimous WAC first team picks. The 6-2 junior guard was runnerup to Newlin in the WAC scoring and led the ASU team with 20.2 points — only the fourth Sun Devil ever to average over 20. Paul Ruffncr, 6-9, 215, Jr. Marv Roberts, , 6-8, 190, SO. Justus Th gpen, 6-2, 170, Sr. Cliff Stieaogg, , t-S. 180, Sr. Jack Gillespie, 6-9, 210, Sr. Cliff Parson. 6-10, 225, Sr. Willie Soiourner, ,6-8, 225, So. Tom Lee, 6-8. 180, So. 15.1 BYU 27.6 Utah St. 19.1 Weber St. Team 16.4 Colo. St. 21.2 Montana St. 16.2 Air Force 19.2 Weber St. 10.» Arizona Swim rating list loaded by Westwood Westwood High continues to dominate the Top Ten listings of the Arizona Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association, owning the best efforts in five events. Washington's Tom Hickox and Westwood's Blair Driggs are the only swimmers to have the best times in two categories. (Results through March 31) 200 MEDLEY RELAY: 11:47.4 — Palo Verde (W.arble, Miller, Fitzgerald, Jacobs); 1:49.5 — Tucson; 1:51.8 _ Westwcod; 1:57.3 — Mesa; 1:52.7 — Coronado; 1:52.8 — West: 1:54.0 — Catalma; 1.54.3 - Saguaro; 1:54.4 Sahuaro; 1:56.9 — ramelback 200 FREESTYLE: 1:50.2 - Driags (Westwood); 1:51.3 - McCall (Arcadia); 1:51.3 — Combs (Westwood); I/"-* — Sweet (Rincon); 1:59.1 — Hildebrandt (Camelback); 1:59.5 — Strcng (Sahuaro), strong (Palo Verde); ?Brophy7 (Central), Gallagher 50 FREESTYLE: 22.7 — Hickox (Washington); 22.9 — Baker (Camelback ; 23.3 — Diamond (Tucson); 23.4 —Huck (Arcadia), Ashe (Catallna), Spogen (Palo Verde); 23.5 — Burns (Coronado), Rich (Saguaro); 23.8 — Esptein (Palo Verde), Heiple (Brophy), Malmgren (Palo Verde). 200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY: 2:07.7 — Combs (Westwood); ,1:08.4 — Scott (Westwood); 2:09.2 — Driggs (Westwood); 2:14.8 — Mullen (Rincon); 2:15.0 — Moore (Arcadia); 2:16.0 — Dentcn (Mesa); 2:16.6 — Hubbard (Arcadia); 2:16.8 — Gullette (Camelback); 2:17.2 — Dymond (Tucson); 2:18.4 — Grobstien (Washington). ONE METER DIVING: 240.55 — Laird (Tucson); 237.90 — Pottenger (Tempe); 256.95 — James (Rinson); 103.50 — Fentnor (Palo Verde); 196.30 — Aucust (Central); 189.90 — Engle (Coronado); 158.85 — Hari (Brophy); 153.80 — Bestor (Saguaro); 153.75 — Carries (Catalina); 153.6 — Richardson (Mesa.). , 100 BUTTERFLY: 54.8 — Moore 'Arcadia), Sweet (Rincon); 57.7 Hendricks (Westwood), Brophy (Tucson; 59.3 — Figueroa (Westwood); 59.5 — Heath (West); 1:00.2 — Fitzgerald (Palo Verde); 1:00.4 — Nellson (Mesa); 1:01.1 — Neplky (West): 1:01.9 — Heiple (Brophv). 100 FREESTYLE: 4«.» — Hickox 'Washington); 51.2 — Burns (Coronado); 51.5 — Combs (Westwood), Malgren (Mesa); 51.6 — Dymond (Tucson); 52.2 — Hendrix (Westwood); 52.3 — Spogen (Palo Verde); 53.3 — Gul- jettee iCamelback); 53.7 — McCall Gladstone of Coronado 2-mile prep track leader Coronado High's Dave Gladstone has taken over a commanding lead in the two-mile event in the state this week according to Arizona High School Track and Field News. Gladstone has recorded a 9:34.3 time in the event, surpassing last week's leader Ed Keating of Tucson Rincon, who has a best of 9:46.6. (Through meets of March 31) 120HH: 14.5—Watson (Tucson); 14.7—Moore (Rincon); 14,9—Hughes (Sunnyslde); 15.0—Tyler (Casa Grande); 15.1—Longstreth (Apache Jet.), Olsen (Glendale), Ranson (Mesa), Benn (Coronado). )W: 9.7— Perkins (Westwood); / 9.9—Phillips (Central), Van (Wlnslow); 10.0-Mayer (Coronado), Serrano (Nosales), Behers (Pueblo), Cox (Peorla), Hlxon (Scottsdale). Mile: 4:23.3— Levario (Casa Grande); 4:27.5— Snvder (Corlez); 4:28.2-5 a enz (St. Mary's); Sports menu KHMHTION BASEBALL - Oakland San Dleso at Yuma; phoenix vs. Wisconsin at rand Canyon rande d P.m.). 4:29.0-Sobarzo (Dysart); 4:29.1—Black (Corlez). 880 Relay: l:3l.2-Weslwobd; ]:32.4-South Mountain, Coolldge 1:32.7—Casa Grande; 1:33,0—Scottsdale ««9i 49.4-Hixon (Scottsdale); 499- McCombs (Coronado); 50.2—Cloute (S c o M s d a I e), Reckling (Brophy i 50.5— Rhodes (Rincon). 180 LH: 195-^Serraro (Nogales); 19.8c-Malone (Eloy), Watson (Tucson); 19.9-Moore (Rincon), Tyler (Casa Grande). 880: 1:57.o—Mellchar (fj, c C If nib c k); :5B.5-Snyder (Cortez) 1:S» l-Rltchev (Sunny slope); l:59.4-Saenz (St. Mary's); 1 :S9.5-Crouch (West). 220: 21.5-Avant (Arcadia ; 21.7-Perkins (Westwood); 22.0nst-Mayer (Corona- no); 22.1si—Rhodes (Rincon); 22.1— Behers (Pueblo). J-Mile: 9:34.a-Gladstone (Coronado); »:«.A-Kea ting (Rincon) 9:|0.0-Hocomb (Mary vale); 9:51.8—GaM iCortez); 9' "*.2—Ch'ldTSs 'P«lo r V.rde). Mile Reliy: 3:24.6—C o r p n a a o; j.-tf.i—Pueblo; 3:29.0—Scott sda \e; 3:29.5-Mesa; J.r.5 — P.a|c> Verde. Shot P'Jt: J8-8—McMullin (Arcadia); S'/ffw a t t T n fl I v fSaguar!) W-. 1 '—Dodspn (Tucson); 55-11—Otis (West); 5,5-10W~Hills (McClintock). Discus: 175-9 Gunzel (p a |g Verde); 1JO-6—Jones (McClintock); 168-0—Power (Westwood); 1^-f—R e n t e r i a (Pueblo); 161-10 1 /? — Howard (Arcadia). Long J'' n iP: , 23-l'/2—mayer (Coronado); 2S-i/2-Grlsby (Pueblo); 22-5-Corrlgan San M a n u e I); 21-llVj_Brown (Tempe); 21-11-Hawklnson (Arcadia). Hl-h Jump: «-6V2-Shur (Palo Vordo); 6-4—Owens (Tempe ; 6-3—Wogan (Sap- yero), Sutton (C h an d I e r"; *-2f«-Gardne» (WeslwooU). Pole Vault:}4-6 Ray (Chandler ; 13-9V S - Bailey (South); i3 ; 6'/j_Barker (Palo Verde); (Phoenix (Westwocd); 1:01.2 — Moore (Arcadia); 1:01.7 — Hall (sahuaro); 1:02.1 — Mullon (Rincon); 1:02.4 — Grobstein (Washington); 1:02.8 — Heath (West); 1:02.8 — 1:03.5 — Sievert (Tucson); 1:05.2 — Seefried (Central), Marble (Palo Verde); 1:05.4 — Furbee (Mesa). 400 FREESTYLE: 3:57.3 — Driggs (Westwood); 3:58.4 — Baker (Camelback); 4:06.9 — Combs (Westwood); 4:15.2 — Hickox (Washington); 4:19.4 — Strong (Sahuaro); 4:1».9 — Newhall (Sccttsdale); 4:20.9 — Doyle (Central); 4:22.6 — Herrick (Coronado); 4:24.5 — Strong (Palo Verde): 4;27.7 — Gallager (Brophy. 100 BREASTSTROKE: 1:07.0—Langer ICamelback); 1:08.0 — James (Washington); 1:80.5 Hildebrandt (Camelback); 1:09.1 — Blecha (Palo Verde); 1:0».6 — Burr (Tucson); 1:10.0 — (Westwood), Rich (Saguaro); 1:11.4 — Mienaber (Coronado). 100 FREESTYLE RELAY: 3:22.4 Westwood (Hendrix, Scott, Combs, Drk'qs); 3:36.4 — Mesa; 3:39,9 — Arcadia; 3:41.7 - Catalma; 3:41.8 — Palo Verde; 3:44.2 — Brophv; 3:46.1 — Saguaro, Coronado. Hill enters five events at Pleasant Ron Hill, the racing school teacher from California and overall winner of the Golden Shores Regatta at Topock last weekend, has entered five of the six outboard classes scheduled for the Second Annual Arizona Invitational Races April 13 at Lake Pleas ant. Race fans remember Hi) as the youth who stepped u his 40 cubic inch outboar runabout in the "hot dog race last year and left all bi one of the big inboards setting on their props while he took a close second place behind a superstock driven by Brent Berge of Mesa. THIS YEAR'S Invitational will include six classes of racing outboards plus four classes of inboards in a good mixture of runabout and hydroplane designs. It appears the entry list will top last year's 100-boat figure. The Western Divisional Championship for the crack- erbox class will be highlight of this year's event. The "crackers" are one of the wildest, crowd-pleasing racing classes in existence. GOOD NEWS for all racing buffs is the fact the road to Lake Pleasant has undergone a complete facelifting and now is paved to the race and parking areas. Free continuous shuttle bus service will be provided from the more remote parking lots. Admission this year will be $2 For adults and $1 for children 12 and under. SOLID STAND — Although they may disagree on the field, Chicago Cubs manager Leo Durocher, left, and San Francisco Giants manager Clyde King, are solidly behind the nationwide Johnny Horizon anti-litter campaign. Collection bags will be distributed nationwide this summer. Smallbore shoot set set for Saturday Phoenix Rod and Gun Club hosts a NRA approved small- bore prone tournament at its South Mountain Range, at the end of Seventh Ave., Sunday, April 20. Five matches will be fired with a $1 entry fee for each. Robert Holtzman, 723 E. Siesta Dr., Phoenix, 85040, is in charge of registrations. Pair given game awards Game Ranger Carl Jones of Prescott and Land and Water- Projects Supervisor Buddy Bristow of Phoenix were honored recently by Shikar- Safari International, a worldwide organization of big game hunters. Bristow and Jones, both employees of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, received special citations from the club for their outstanding work in wildlife conservation. Bristow was honored for his efforts in combating wildlife habitat destruction through excessive eradication of phreatophytes along important wildlife streambeds. Jones' award was for his work as a wildlife law enforcement officer. In addition to the award, Jones received a $5Q check from the club. The presentations were made by Weir McDonald of Scottsdale, a member of Shi- kar-Safari, International. Weather whims alter fish feeding pattern During spring every fisherman should have his own crystal ball. For this is the time of year when the whims of weather — BULLDOG Bass habits big puzzle at Bullhead By BILLIE ANN FANCHER ; BULLHEAD CITY - Big ' puzzlement in these parts is "what's happening to the striped bass? Why are they making their Colorado River run so early this year?" Normally the stripnd bass- start the river spawning run ' in May and continue through •ummer. ,. But this year big catches • have been made in recent '. weeks below Bullhead City with a 28 pound 14 ounce record breaker taken by bust- .., nessman Tom Ryan five miles downriver from here. '!'; SOME LOCAL experts-. maintain these fish may not.,; be spawners at all, but rather permanent fish who've just spent the entire year farther', upriver than normal. « Whatever the theory — the " payoffs can't be disputed. Mike Quinn landed three in ; one evening's fishing ranging from 13M> to 24>/4 pounds. PLANTED FIVE years ago"; as a Game and Fish Depart- ' ment experiment, the striped ,'. bass have been doubling top ' weight every year. , . The big takes this early in ., the year make some locals , wonder what will be left- when the annual fishing der- ...,.., by opens May 1. The contest ,, runs to Labor Day. r r Fishing report AN ARMLOAD — Mike Quinn of Bullhead City and striped bass taken out of Colorado River. He got three in an evening's fishing, ranging from 13J/2 to 2414 pounds. affect fishing success the most. During these critical weeks not only success, but the fun of going fishing can be ruined by sudden weather changes. However, you can be your own weather expert. According to the fishing authorities at Mercury outpoards there are ways to analyze weather and what it means to your chances of fishing success. The secret lies in interpreting the forecast in terms of how it affects fish. Rapid changes in barometric pressure, up or down, greatly affect fish feeding activity. A sudden change in air pressure seems to disturb, fish and they quit feeding. Most barometic changes are due to the. formation of fronts—either cold or warm. Cold fronts form when cold air pushes its way under a warm air mass, forcing it up. Cold air replaces warm air, clouds form, and violent rainstorms often rage in a narrow line along the front. Air pressure becomes heavier and the wind reverses direction from its normal clockwise flow. Cold fronts generally mean storms; storms usually put fish off their feed. This report it bastd primarily «n fis(i-,, tl ins conditions durlnt the previous'" weekend, plus up-to-lho minute reports ' where available at of preii time. WHITE MOUNTAINS: Luna Lake good..,., trout. Following waters are fair or lair to good for trout fishing: Greer i. lakes. Rainbow, Show Low, White Mountain Lake, and Woodland Res- ' ' ervolr. NORTH CENTRAL: Upper Lake Marv ' ' fair an trout. Long Lake fair to good „, trout fishina, Willow is fair on crappies. OAK CREEK: Poor. RIM WATERS: Blue Ridge Reservoir . lists fair on trout. Others no report. UPPER COLORADO RIVER: Lake ' Powell excellent trout and good bass and craqples. Lee's Ferry area good).'.-' all species. Lake Mead good bass and crapples. Willow Beach area " good trout. Lake Mohave fair trout, good bass. Bullhead City fair trout ''••' and stripers. Topock area fair most species. Lake Havasu good large- ' mouths and crapples, fair catfish. LOWER COLORADO RIVER: No Report. •>' SOUTHERN ARIZONA: Frye Mesa '•' Reservoir fair on trout. San Carlos , fair fo good on laraemculh bass, fair both crapples and catfish. . '' ' CENTRAL ARIZONA WATERS: Roosc- ' . velt Lake good bass, crapples, blue- sills, sreen sunflsh and fair ca.i. Anache and Barllett good bass and • crapples, fair bluegllls. Canyon fair • rncsl species. Pleasant good black bass, fair white bass. Saauaro fair largcmouth and yellow bass. SALT RIVER: Good bass, fair catfish. UIHIMIIMMIMIMIHHIIIMIMIIIMIIIIIMIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIPIIMUIIIMIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMHIIIIIIIMMMIIIIIIIU MANY HARD TO FIND ITEMS- EASY TO FIND AT YOUR CO-OP STORE HARDWARE • FARM SUPPLIES • PLUMBING -ELECTRICAL BUILDING SUPPLIES • TOOLS • PAINT • SPORTING GOODS TOYS • BOAT SUPPLIES • HUNTING A FISHING LICENSES STORE HOURS -8 AM to 6 PM-THURS. 8 AM to 9 PM FISHERMEN CO-OP is the place to buy your Fishing Tackle. New Shipment of Shakespeare Rods ft Reels, Zebco Reels and Zebco Combination Sets. 12 Models Penn Reels including the 4/0 & 6/0. Garcia Rods ft Reels. Fenwick & True Temper Rods. • —»».•• r i i v v > « — wwi n.BT ( Pfll 1 3-6-Hom (Westwood), EPPS Union), Lehman (Arcadia). „-.- — Wisconsin e.mpe 1 .p.m. .Phoenix , n ? ;30 ,m Iowa t Mes esch_ Slate if A (2). NAU a.m.) NAU Sen ilenU . Invitational. 10 — aT Turf Paradise, ., «IWI i i V5. T««m« (iVi&SEjiAU, - Phoenix C»59 Grand* (1 ^.m.). Hall Billiken coach ST. LOUIS (AP)-Joe Hall will assume his new duties as basketball coach of St. Louis University immediately, athletic director Larry Albits announced yesterday. Hall, 40-year-old protege of University of Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp, was named to the post yesterday. - Broncos stay No. 1 in poll TUCSON (AP) - The Santa Clara University baseball team remained as the top college club in the country yesterday, according to rankings released by the newspaper, Collegiate Baseball. The Broncos have won 14 straight games to retain top spot in the poll. UCLA was voted for second place with a 14-1 record. Third is held by Texas, with the University of Southern California fourth and Anzona fifth. The second five is made up of Florida State, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, St. John's of New York and Alabama. Twins option Kosii-o ORLANDO, Fla. (AP)-The Minnesota Twins optioned outfielder Frank Kostro to their Denver farm team. t SEIBERLINIi Tires Your Local Tire Store Since 1938 "Our customers are our best Salesmen" NEED TIRES ... SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT!! SALE POLYESTER 150 Nytex tires alto available in seme sizes. SUPREME SEIIERLING Some Available In Polyester Only "Instant Credit" To Most total Major Oil Co. 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