The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 22, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 22, 1859
Page 3
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1'HE NEWS. BUSINESS DIRECTORY BOOKS AND STATIONERY. The foIloiflngUstorBnalDess Honien and Uannfac- turlng Eitabllshments are among .the bat and most prominent in tiutlrmspectire line* of Dullness. J, M, GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT & SUPERINTENDENT, OFPCIE-NO, 10 TODKQ'B KBIT BLOCK. Plant and Specifications for all fclndl of Bnlldlngi famished at short notice and on the most liberal terms. jelS ' Henry iWedeeken «fc Go., WMaalt and Retail.. *. BLANK 'BOOK' MANUFACTDKEB8, A^BOOKBINDEKS Cottuty Milk. I AM prepared to furnish the citiiens of Mjlwaokee dallrwlth PUKE eOUWTBlT fflllLK torn the Hi-ell known Dairy of H. BARBER, Kaq., •u a fair price anil in quantities from a pint to a puncheon. Those wishing to be inpplled, can leave their orders with Mean. Bonn A Crosby, opposite Che Wai- fcer Home. T. P. ABBOTT, iay26 Tankee Milkman. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAPT. AT.EX.. SCOXT, IS NbW READT TO FURNISH ANT i number of Instrumenta, from one to I 1 twenty-two, for Balls, Parties, Parades, Excursions, Ac., Ao., at reasonable rata. Apply or address Oapt. Aurx. Boon- or at Hemptted's Unsic Store, 178, East Water BL augll _ MUKKAY, PKIOR & CO., &eaman*s Uaminoth House Fnrnlshlcg Blocki itvitonr STREET, { MAHUPAOTO&U6 OP, AS1> CAKLKBS IB STOVES, TIN, t OALTANIZED IRON HOOFING, Gutter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins' celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Gaps, Hot Air Furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, Ac. \3f~ Ordera thankfully received and promptly atten* ed to. __ mySS ISAAC K1NOSLEY, «AS A STEAM MPE F1TTE1I, NO. 291 EAST WATER STREET, V BOLBfi A LK ADD B B V A I L CBALRB1I OAS AND STEAM PIPES, GAS, STEAM AND WATER COOKS, GLOBE AND CfcLRCK VALVES, OUAGE COOKS, Ac., Always oo hand, a large assortment of « A S F 1 X 'J C K E 8 Wora done in a workmanlike manner, at short notice lowest prices. ' |ar* Binden' Btock, Printing Ink and JUt Papers »W»yi on hud In large quantities. Aftnin Bnrmro Intheneatwtatyle, No, lit USX WATKR 8T n KNEELAND>8 BLOCK, •P* ... MIL.WAUKKE. Kit GARSON, The Nester of the Rocky Moontains, From facts narrated by himself. Just received by maylO 8TB.TOKLA.ND i Ou. ftehbacii's L,ead PencUs, FOR SALE BT rTKRUY & CLKAVEH, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIOIN'EHS, 16T Baa Water street, Wtumikec.. W E have just received a full sapply of these Cele- •brited Pencils from the mannfactrry of J. J Rehbach, in Eegensbnrg, Bavarta. They a'e carefully assorted, and each grade Is distinguished I y a popular brand. Particular attention Is called to '.he "Opposition Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round red gilt:) also to the "Engineer's Pencil," (hexagon gilt.) Alt of vhlcb will be found superior to any other penc'l In the market. Alwa> s on hand a complete assortment of bt&ck and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. api29 aKTAIL DEALERS IB ^ LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AN !l OHILUBEN'B fCOOTS. SIIOICN AND liAITEUS. MASON STRKET, >.tp|io»ii( the Unlker H o u H e . mj-lil W IN B K N N AIJU IB K K ECOOTS, SHOES AND GAITER*, NO. iM SPRING STREET, It p l> o s> i t c American II once myll Boot & $lioe Sto-e, NO. 48 EAST WATEIt STREET, JOWN I'tlKLAN, E.EEPS alvraya OD hand good coj>tom madt boots and Shoes- All kinds uf Ladle?' and (Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made to order h. the latest style and warranted topive B^isfiu-.tmn. aprtS JOHN KK;K, w MOI. ES A i.i: itiircuisT, NO. 8?. EAST WATER STREET, Has ju?t received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Cleveland, New York. Transport entirely by vessel, it comee in perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rates 1 have permanent arrangements if sell tiiii brand of Qlass hereafter. AKMSTKONO & 1JONNKL.LY I» A t » • T E It !>, ft H A I K BUS, G1LDEKS AM &JGX WfifTSKS,> »u, bet»-een ftljUn A Water. Particulai attenuon p&)d to Kalsomlneing Cell- mylS Brotliers, in IMS,) LJOCEE S1GK, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAI J'alnten., Glazier* A: Pavcr.U&ncrersv. IMITATORS OP WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 <( > E I 1» A STREET, A fFWl>OOK£ EAST Of THE MAKKEt ffOUSf. " arper ALLJBONE'S DICTIONARY OF AUTHOBS. A Critical Dictionary qf English Literature and British and American Avtho'i, living and de ceaiied; /rem the EarLifjft A • c&umt* to Vie Middle ofUitninetec,tn Century. Contain ing Thirty Thautand JHographiet and Literary notice*; »/ itit fvrty Indexes i/Su 'jectt. 1'rice f 6. 1 NDESPENSABLV n-cessary to all nho Read, all irho Jl Write, all Clerpyman, ail Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific and Llte-ary Hen, Merchants and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT 18 A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FURNISHED BT STRICKLAND & CO., BOOK & STATIONERY JOBBERS, 135 East Water street, MILWAUKEE, [Prom Theophlus Par lens, L. L. D., Professor of Law Hi Harvard University.] CABBmooa, Jan. B, 1S59. DKAB Sin . — 1 have had the first volume of y»ar Dictionary for some days. and h»ve sat sBed myself thai your p an li excellent, and that you have carried it oul n-ith very great Industry and with goo<f judgment.— The fullnni and accuracy of its Information concerning modem authors and their works, are indeed remarkable. Toanr one who desire tht knowledge your b->ok purport! lo give— and »hat educated man does not • — it must be of great interest aod ralue. Respectfully, 4c , THEOPHll.DS PARKKR. B. Austin AIM>ine, E>q. JONKS & WHITKHKAD General Land and Insurance Agents NOT A It IKS flKI.K, if., OFFICE, cortiei of Reed and OregoL streets, Mcyrose'f Block, Fifth Ward. Will attead to the buying and selling of Real Estate, insuring Goods and Buildings in responsible Oomps oie«. Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making out of Deed*. Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collections made ou accoonte placed in our hand vri'U be promptly paid over A. C. iONSS .......... jy22. . . . HOBEKT WHTTOniD. TEAS A*« COFFEES, W HOICKS A J.K & KK'l All. — AT— Robert €»ur«ey's GBF. IT WESTERN TEA KTORF. 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 25 per It lower than any other store in the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on thtt premises by the most improved methods. Java l&e. Rio l&c. St. Domingo 12X- Remember the number 174 East Water su, Seaman A Wing's Old Store. jyffl SCHNCECKEL A: BRUNOTrO, OOMMIS81ON MKliCHANTS, Real Estate and Money Broken^ NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornoc — No. 4 Uarket Square, opposite the Old Postoffice. mart' L>. OOKSCJN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. BAS removed to .Office, No. 6, State Bank Building, corner of East Water and Michigan street, Milwaukee. mar2u-d3m CAPITALIST* W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their Inspection of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for salfe. • Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds. .Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find it to their interest to file- witt me their applications or statement*. C. 80ELET, ylS Opposite Walker House. tProm S. Irenssus Prime, D. D., Editor N. Y. Observer.] Ktw Tom, Feb. 3. 1S59. GsarrLKatas :—The first volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have perukrd with astonishment a d delight. It Is just wluul have long desired to have, and have sought fer In vain. Thousands of clergymen students, and all literary and Intelll ent men, must wish lo hate just t v li work, and they will hare It, irheo they learn t> at H Is In th< world. It deeerves the most cordial reception, and 1 trust that the tuthor and the publishers will have the largest reward for their enter prise and labor. Yours truly, .. , 8 1RENJJU8 PE1MK. Xlhllds A Pel. rson iDLiwun, Jan. S',1859. NT DIAB Sis -With b.-tter knowlrdte of your book from repeated feasts upon It, I am ajhain d to have written you so commonplace AD acknowledgment of lit first r<c Ipt. Of all the storehouse of interesting and readable matt-r tbe "Dictionary of Authrr," seea t I . me the most captivating. Tbe good taste, Industry, and skill of arrangement therein manifested coold n ot b, so -passed, aad II wll make ;or yon a repetition very enrt>ble. 1 shall try tomaVt- amend. In print for u.i appaientl} Inappreciatlvt- first acknowledgmerjt of tl e acquisition. » Ith many sincere thank! fi.r ine prtir I have ID Unhook. 1 remain, my dear sir, Yours, fa thfully, N P WILLIS. B. Austin Alllbone, Esq. maylS NEW JI'VEIMI^S INSURANCE COMPANIES. SECURITY ! ie V Ufc D WELTING* Store or Merchandise Insured T if not, call Immediately and get them insured In the following "Krai Class," 614 established mud prompt paying CompanlMt •- " ^ETNA INSWRAWCe COMPAHV, Of Hartford, Connecticut, I N C 0 E P O B A T KD I N 1 ; 8 1 » . Cash Capital and Surplus, .$l£«,ttO 08 HAIITFORD INSURANCE COMPAN V, Of Hartford, Connecticut, 1NCOKPOEATED IN 1810. Cash Capital and Snrpluj, .798,68200 1IOMK INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York Oily, Oash Capital andBurpliu -....•1,077,990 40 HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York. INCORPORATED IN 1886. Cash Capital and Surplus f8S8J>50 S3 1'IICKMX INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Oaah Capital and Surplus, ..„ »4l9,084 6t LAMAR CO., FIRE INSURANCE Of New York, 0: in Capital and Surplus,. $26»,OC9 33 KtSOLDFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New Jork Olty, flash Capital and Surplus, »246,SS» 68 CITY FIRE INSIJRANCt COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Oaah Capital and Surplus, $308,531 48 I solicit business for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merit* and responsibility, and refer to their prompt and literal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Issued without delay. W. UENBY HOLLAND. Agent. JODH UolXAXD t A*s't. .Northwest cor. Main and U. P. MiKsniLL, Surveyor. Wisconsin eU., Milwaukee. leptfi I) iiited Stales iTl .<jk F. Ills. Co. iiS.CAPl.TAL SURPLUS ..... »100,000 00 ..... 29.65! OU Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan streets,', illLWAOKSK. .............. WISCONSIN. ILU1*ROADS. DETROIT O _ HEW AST) FAVOEIT£ EOUTE JBA8T MILWAUKEE R, A (Now opened to take Michigan.) Buffi LovhPr uture Writ-Clan Steamers, "City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," ; (Thorougl ly refitted for this route.) N AND AJrTEK MONDAY, April 11, 1859, p,,. senger Trains will run as follows: NO WEST: Sap. Bridge, d p. •Detroit, depart.. Fentonvllle, arrive *Oswego* arrive.. St. Ji 1ms, arrive. Grand Bapl<!>, arr. *>irand Haven, arr., Mllwaaiee, arrive. 2.-SO j A.M. ! 7:00 10:60 r. K. ' 12:10 &OD 4:40 Mixed, r. n. 420 A. H. 1:80 6;S6 7:40 Accom. 7:80 8:50 r. M. Night Express A. M. lUrJO P. M. 8:00 A. M. 12:18 8:50 P. H. 12:15 •Refreshments. Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haven, dep. Grand RapUis, arr. 3t. Johns, arrive... Owossu, arrive. ... FeBtonville, arrive •Detroit, arrive... 3as. Brldfre, arrive 7*0 9:40 9:55 Mail fejcpr'a P. H. 8:00 A. U. 4:00 Srit) 7:84 H:S<l 9'iS •1 P. «. 12:15 P. M. 9:55 Mixed. .6:80 »:S5 11^0 P. M. 2:16 6:80 A. M. 4:00 Nrgtllfl Kxpr'a. P. 9:45 10:30 A. •. 1:00 2:00 «:00 p. y. 4:50 J. A. Helfenstetn, K. Bandersou, MOSLS Kneeland, 8. 8. Daggetl, b&muel Hale, G. D.Dousm&D, 11 I.. Palmer, Edifln Townse&d, Hulomon AdhfT. J. A. HEWENSTHN, President. G. D. DOU8MAN. Vice President, W. T. CALMER, General Agent. 8. C. W*sv, Secretary. ,B. 8. DAOOBTT, Treasurer. H. L. PALKUI, Attorney. marlO MIJ^WAUKKK In OFFICE: IIHlcbell Buildlnij, Itllclilg-ao. «(. MlLWlCTEl, WrBOOUII. 'UAR1KRED C'Af'/TAJ., - Paid in, $IOO,OOO. DIBKOTOBB d. L. PALMIK, O. D. DAVIS/ W. A. PmMTi3», K. TOWBBSKD, S. 8. OoiOVKa, 11. KHU8BAOBT, li. llSLLOOU, J. HtTMrHBJET, Joss^B F. UlU., B UAKSIB J. H. COKMB, JAS. Moaiii, 9A& ORISBKBO, <'. Cowrrocs:, Qso DTK&. t. TOWN8END, President. A. 1.. W A LRATH, Secretary. E. L. PAiJum, Attorney. Fire and Marine Klsks taken at current rales. AND FIKK T HE nnderslfrned Is prepared to take Marine Rlski and Fire Risks on > roduce in store, lu the North Western Insurance Co., ol Osvego, New York, at as Ion rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation f this well-known, lonp established Company entitles Ito public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, JiovS^ ____ _ at office of H. A J. F. Hill. BY STATE^UTHORITY, WISCONSIN OKNKKA1. INSURANCE AGENCY •Refreshments—Hotel In Depot at Grand Haven Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 p «.— for Saturday Night's! Express passengers west, but 4 A. ". train will H .T leave on Bnnaaya. Trains leafe termini dally, Sundays excepted. THE TELEGRAPH LING is uow open fur I'CBtJC Bt sutsss. OONNKCriONS. AT DETJl«lT-ORKAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points East—MICHIGAN CKNTHAL and MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, and ULEVK- LAND Line of Steamyra. AT UBANV «IA»'EN—Wilh "HURON" Steamer for CHICAGO, Ac., Ac. AT mil>\VAIJKEK-\V,th the MISSISSIPPI, LA CROSSE, CHICAGO, WATERTOWN and HORICON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and Northwest, and on Mississippi River, snd with Steamers for Ports on Lake Michigan. Passengeri for Great Western Railway go on the Railway FSUUIT STEAMS*, at D. A M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at 6nK) A M , 1:00 r H., am! 7^0 p u. NIGHT TRAINS on the O.W.R hare SLEEPING CARS attached. PARCELS lift al any of the TICKET OPHOES ar.- forwarded by PAHSKKJM TBAIIB iT Vg»T M..I.IH- ATI RATEB. The Company'. Time-Table« ctn be had at »ny of K.r Stations. W. K. 7H IK. Ot-n'l Sop't. WeiT.iM A FosBiH^TIckel Aifent, a30 Kast Wat^r al N'u.GviBtn, Frel^it Agent HI Corouany'n Dork. U.O. WILSOK, General Weatrrn Agent D. A V. R. Offices, April, 1M69' apriS KAILROAD8 & TRANSPOR'N Katrine & ifliissisgtppi K. K <>PB!V TO DAVIJS, 90 M I L, E S (14 Ulltt from freeport.) 6, 1868, * S A. » »r. M. 7:JO A. » , JL>J£'<J. TrainwiwlU run as follows. Til : GOING WEST. Leave Itaclne for Davis — Freight A Ace., Leave Racine (or Belolt— Passenger, ' GOING EAST. Leave Beloit for Ractae— Puseoger, , Leave Davis for Racine— freight * Aco,, b:80 A. H Passengers by taking the 7 1. M. train on the Lake Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine with train to Davli ; arriving at Davis at 8:30 r. H. Stagi leaves' Davis lor Freepon uE arrival of train. S:3u i H. train from Davis connects at Kaelne with afternoon trains on the Late Shore Railroad North and South. t&* freight forwarded with dispatch. dec!) ROilKRT UARR13, Superintendent. Pittsburgh, Eort Wayne & Chicago 1UIAI>. fj\im n«v and direct Roolc no* open to New York A Boston, Ptttsnurgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and all eajturn cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Day ton, Spriugileld, Urbana, Zaaesvlile, £leubeo«ille, New ark and Wheeling, and all Interior toons of Ohio, Penn sylvaoia, \ irglnu, .MaryljmJ, New Jersey, ic. llal.iiii; out- (.raud Lnbrokrti H. R. Line HaTWKJUl CHICAGO ASD Tlla KABT. f4fiS As La W AS A.N r OTUKB KUVTIC. tUT Those desiring lo go by ttys Itaale will be par ticular and enquire lor Tickets via 1'ort Wayue, thereby avoitling the annoyance of reuiecklnK their Baimire. TKAlAX LKA V£ DKfUT OA' VAN BO It EX S' 1>A1L1, AS t OLLO V/ti: &;00 P. «.—Night Klpreis, daily, Hatordays eiceptetl. 6:00 A. ».—Morning Mall anil Kipress, daily, Sundays excepted. With but one change of cars to Pittsburgh. oaKcsjua BAuOAas THKOUQB To ^iltsliarth, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York connecting directly trtth trains oo the great Pennsylvania Central Railroad, to all eastern cltlci. Also, wit) Cleveland A Columbus Kallroud to Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Kails via New York Central and New York 4 brie liaitroads lo New York aoit boston. Persons going east will find this route by far the most desirable, both from the advantaga tn point of distance rarietr and beauty of the country through wrfrch the roads pass, as well aa the less frequent changes of cars and the annoyance of re-checking baggage required b) other rontea,. facilities for the transportation of Freight and LIT* btock by this route are unsurpassed. Kales as low u any "llier route, aud willi e<ju<tl dispatch. Tickets for sale at alll he principal licliel ofSres ,n tt VTTSJ, and al Compani'ii oaice, No. 80 Dearbnrii street pposiLe Tremoat lluun-, Chicago, aud ai Uie iif&ce . Lhe Lake ^Imre Railroad, Milwaukee, riy A. U. Leland J.NU. J. HOLMTON, Uenei al Freight Aj:ent. P.tuburxh, Pa. D. W . BOSJI, Ueoeral Weslern Ageot, Chicago Utjuago, 6, lsi9 marB ^o 1C. K 1859. i M M h; K A K K A N <. i K M K N ' r. (Jrcai Lnitcd Statex Mail attd I^ HK unlj reliable and ILL and NokTB-WuT, an<l i .lunect.ons. Ba^gagf iijie-ck ..u,La. Oa an>l after Route. .'TsT TO THK Ei.ST, SoCTII ;»nly Line making surr ihroQgti i.. pnnciLiaJ A V, 11*15 I I Jolb, l H.-.9, ..I, C' u( an-1 I A. ll. xsoaa-arrtv Nil., \Val. & Baraboo Vallc) iit|> M. Uu- luse HA1LROA1). O N and afWr M>.nJ»y. Apl. tice a Passenger Tram OAK FIKE Hartford, Conn. CO.. CASH A8SKTH OH Til CASH ASSETS »S41,4i« »j fV KIBE I1NS. l;o., Harlfor.l, Conn. »<»4,860 (X .£&. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In the Bon beam Fanny, tbe Flower Girl. Uncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TKRRY 4CLEAVKR, m ay 16 1C7 Ea»l Water .t. NEW B O O K 8 —AT- TERRV & OLiEAVKHS, 167 EAST WATEK HTUEET B ARTH'8 Travels In Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged Livingston's Travels lo Southern A.frica, 1 vol Spoergeous Sermons, fob serle> Higher Christian Life. najl.', SHIPPERS OF PKOmiChT C AN supply themselves with Bills of Ladlnr al TE&KY * CLEAVERS, "S-y 80 167 East Water street. U-ENTEKN -HASS, FIHE I !VS. TO., Of Pittifield, Mass. CASH ASSKTTS »20a,CW 41 t:»\«AV FIRK I1MKI KAIVCE «:o., -•<• Mass. CASB Ag8k.l «2K ; 4lh, anil until lurthrr n^- — ill leave Milwaukee from the depot.foot ol Second jtrrrt, Tor Prw\uter. llartlanj Pine Lake, Oconomowoc, \>at^rli»wu, L.»» r li, ain! Col umbos iH.ailp. to .arnr.tif in Milwaukeeai <1^ a. m Passengers arnirltip at Ufl»aukei; by the Milwaukee! Chicago R. R,, La Urasie 4 M 1 R K , and Mil. A Mt» 3 R. R., or by Boat, can proceed t" Hie »bove places OuauecUoDS are made at Witertowii with fcia^e^ lor Lake Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo, llaurhet vllle, Sun Pra - rle, Cottape Grove and M&dison. Also at t'olumboa for Lodl, Merimnc. AtSego, Fall K:ve . 1^,.1's Cornerii, Hamden, Lowville, I>ekora, Vork, ArliujftL-n. liristol an.l lor all points lo the \V«i and North West. Passengers arriving ai the Jutinic.o from the above places make connections .'. thr M.lvaukee A Mlsaia- ijppl R. R., for Janfsville, Ma4ii»r, xnj Pramp Ju Ohien and at Milwaukee, with r..a t ln t.. u, r Houtri, West and Nortli. apr8 8, 8. MERRILL. »u t> erlntendecl. HIIMM^U AKUAN(il-.Ml ,.N 1 . \ —YIA- MICHLJOAN CKNTltAJL — AND— 'i Western (Canada) Railway. 1 leave the Great Central Depot, fool of Lake-' - KxrK>^irt Pi cat'-, at ^ 1(1 :i:i r> F. M.-EH-RDU »•„ . »k'.. at «:l.'i F II , »o.l .-..nnertions with Kveninn Trains ao.f ."oulli West, an.I »ilh ih< Itaclne Mil M:s.tlsaij,ui ha.lroa. , at kactn^ ;unctiun, fur Itt-I.Mt and olher siaiions u tlial Lint- Freight Tram leaves ill v3o i. M . arrlrea i.OO p • Freight f<ir*ardeil iiili dnpai. h, aaa »: u,« r»t«. PasscOdrer 1 ralna leave Cfucago I r Milwaukee and lt.e .Nortli West al 9.00 .» M, »n,I B. lip a., arnviUK here al l'J:M r j.. au.l IJ li A M. 3pr24 J.S"). T UOUOr, lU.nter Tr.importation UFUCE OK THE i NOBTUKR>( TMAX^PUBTAT us Co»p*ST,V M.lw&tiker, A}>r>l 1C. 1-^J. \ Kates of FreightReducsd Again by ,><-w Vork A i;ri«- Kailronil -ANU- Kortlirni Transportation (Jo.N FURNITURE NOTES, FLERZHEIM & CO., B DNG about to dissolve their Co-Partnsr re«rv«. The best and largest stock of srahlp irranifcrocnts, thflr whole |stnck FURNITURE EVER Of 9SRKD IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOB THK NEXT SIXTY L>AYs. THE STOCK IS III *VV £*D juwr nt . *OLD 218 and 22O East Water Street, aprS-dlmo 1H.W H _____ MISCELLANEOUS DR. H. w VETTUI^AKV FOR3IERLY OVCLKYKLAaND 0., respectfully informs i he the citizens of Milwaukee that, having ; ucate<j In thn plac*-, he intends practicing his pr»- fesaion. All iitauase*' to i/ie Horse treated in a m.nt »ci- entitle style, and ijcncril iat facLloa warraiiif.l. in e-.n nectloa with his pri tu-i? he- will Prkk ami Dock r».Is <n tbe mustappioveil <-y ••. »n.l, to ftisViD tile ''OQfldL-IICL* of the public, he refen to the fiiilow mg Kent I em en, whu ru.v- - ra - eri Mr H r,lht?si I rn nn > tlmea professionally ID the cours .• of ten yean. We feel Jnatifleil in saying "hat h .1 pru-iu^ it iup« rlr>r tn th(* ff p o^rat run of V-t^rtn.iry f*rH<«"T< UILWiOSKK. John C. Brotlhead, Win. Jim i.ri, Murray, Pryer A Co., DRY GOODS, &C. SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! •X. !_,. VIS, 17x Judge WiboD, " Bldhoii, " Kellj. " And-ews, " Vllden, Doci. U. A. Act icy, " M. L. Wright, - U. L. U«WU, Jno Mil. W \IKKK. NOW r > INK. LIVBK7 MK.f n,.-i K-lly. Klx N. A Brown, Jurats fuley. W. J. aa Whllf IL N , K. Curtis, Wi )aj Mcrchat-L, A i f&T~ Olficc, Klrby's Livery The Latest Novelties . K tut>K- KlllALO, rL*,\ AND Chicago Line of Screw Steanierg. O N Ui« 0|i«-niQ|f ..| L.iktf N*vitfiimn, ;i,. : ,- r ,, t , ( f thla Line will put on Uic rwufe fr\.m hull Chicago, seven flral Cla-ia A 1 dcr^w .-it-am, ri, .>! ireDfrth and tfpvr-.l. KOICTIIX. t rui.ui a HI i i j tnd running .n .- :mr. l,..n i-. it..i!*j,, w /, ., I'OIIK CK.NTrtAL It li.. an.l the M K HUH 1 Ml.-' PRAL H.NK uVLAMAL HUAT-.nn 'Ii- ti .. <.»,,u, t Cleveland with lliv 1.LP.VM.A.N . i I'lrtMtl L R., toachlni! at Uetr...t, »u.-k i. .» Srh-.,. vmn VssningUiu. Uilwiu.,-.-, K.,, nr. iven..ii..i , ..i egao. Tbl* Lmc is now prepared to 3.1.;.? o.nlr ». . *i I'flK l..\ Ki, 1-..-1 I 'I » I I I > 1 » '101 N I ' ' I K i ^ i for eveU .l, aiu ill »«y .11.1 pr.ucipaj pUcea .. •anj,Tro>. Bus 'in, rum Uio»? placca tu ^i 'jn by r.clurs to pr«»tiy ucrcase tfitrir v> -otu s, *nd tli. ae .iesiriov; A , tn \\,. iut*., w II a nil It Dy taking Ll..»» CLOTH DEPAKTMEN NTILfi Milva 11 X P rU.rr ti 0 :»*-*- i K Nr« II T"! Vulk JrliY Uch ui..t . ,l,.(, ,,1 . , J VHR.-I, tW~ at:i). ;; llroa. .,in tier .-I t la I ."> CKA W Ki >KJ). \ . w Y"' t A Kn,. Rt !••> . N V V r A.: U > rr. unouut -\cer ut any lou •HS II il , w a | , N •• w B. .-r »i u, M.I ft"'H U.. J J V L ., Pr '.01 - K I K < IIAUPDEN riRE INSI RANCE < «., -*- • tret!l Chicago, as follows Sprintrfleld, Mass. CASH.ASSETS 4:OO A. M. I.IKAKD FIKE INS. Of PhllaJrlpMa. CASU ASSKTS .. J. \V. (/'rain, NO. 2, MART N BLOCK, OP STAIRS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. — DEK1O1T day« f> M. AtCOM.MllUAriuN,(»an. rrlv.- at I droll C.UO mar29 MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargains in Dry B O O K S . O DR stock is the largest In the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any book wnlct exists, elthi In the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. JanSO BTRIOKALND A OO. School Books. W E have every School Book In demand, and B them at wholesale or retail. STRICKLAND A 00. J B. B17TIXB . T. poer. <*t Boarding; Stable, Font ofMaium sited, (on the River.) T HE cnbscribers have remgved their stock Tram the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and Huron streets, to the old establishment foot of Mason street, tlint consolidating the two establishments, maklrj;- the largest and best appointed Livery establishment in the West. W- shall be glad to see our old friend), ami customers, and feel confident that me can furnish I* - i - ul - *»s rood and stylish a turnout as any similar ID the city. Thankful for past patroT..^.., ..j.*. u) meet a continuance of the game. IV' TniUenlar attention given to furnishing carriages lu. J •• ,rs« for furiT3ls. myl« BUTLKB A POST. GOOD OtiANCK. HOUSE AJV» L.OT FOB rsAI.F. CHE»F. ' K HE undersigned will sell his House and Lot, now I occupied as a Tav- rj by him, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, near the ^Steamboat Landng and the R. A M. R. K. Depot. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale 8tor«, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BARTB. Racine, January 24, IWi. Jao27-dCm Lumber Vessels Tor Sale. Scheoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. Newhatl, 190 tuns. 8cow Schooner Rugby, 168 tuna. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOR * JIWETT, Buffalo, New Tork. Enquire of B. B. JoaTis, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. feli25 GENTLEMEN'S FUaNISB'G. WEXT DOOR TO A. B. \'Mj( COsHPH. OD •d o o 0 (A »P" 1 I O cs H •B is ce •« 63 Q p 0 BIND UP MAGAZINES \U K ••* prepared In our Bindjry to Bind Magatlnes TT Periodicals or anything else In the form of a Book, In neat and durable style*, at low rates I*"*" STRICKLAND 4 00. Stereoscopic Views. TT7~E ha ye rtclred a fine lot of Sterescoplc Views T T embracing views of Interesting localities In RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN KO Y PT, N U ifet A , OBfBCE, ITURKEY, IBELAXD, '40., <tC Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable stvles of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND * CO., Booksellers and Stationers, »P rl 134 East Water street. SIXTH VOI. Via E WISCONSIN For sale at tebie REPORTS BTRICKLAND i OO, 134 East Water street. PIKE'S PEAK. A NEW MAP, showing the Route to the Gold Regions in Kansas, just received by STRICKLAND * OO., '«"» 124 East Water street NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF FI*H, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March 17, U59, hereby gives notice that he 1$ sow furnished with the proper weights and brands (or the due performance of the duties of his office. By the said "Act" It Is made the duty of all persons dealing In Fish to give notice to the Inspector to nave the same duly inspected and branded before packing. M>-. Smith will be found at the New Warehouse of Messrs. John Furlong * Son, South Water St., Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to be led Milwaukee, May 7,1851. rnayM JOHM SMITH, Inspector. a. o. STA» .......................... JA&. o. JBSTUB, Ryan & Jenkins, OOUNSKLLOKB AT L.AVV, BANK BUILDING, Ooner Bast Water and Michigan fit., JfOwautee. majB James A Swain, O» THB LATE HEM Ot MAGI E & SWA I N H 0 E and assorted *tock tta ««I Betalltow Bwe is «nd 161 Bart W»ter WILL remain at the old stand where he will be please establishment. . «iprI2-dtf CHARLES QUENTIN & OO. UBIIIUi ' A CO., corner of East Water / and,-itason streets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hsTcfor sale Seal KstaM, in the City of Milwaukee, In large or tmsJlparcels. Building lots in evefy Ward oft h City, of all sites and prices, for business or resldenc and on easy terms. Also, small Farms of from 6 to 80 acres, near the Olty, for gardening purposes.: Also, several thousands of acres of tbe best farming lands in Wisconsin In quantities to-snlt any demand. feb28 3HABAE8 QUENTIN * CO. WESTERN UNION ' ' ''" .. .. .. . Wi»-cojnsiii State Telegrraph. Lines East, T HB Wisconsin BUte Wne» ran from Milwaukee to LaOrosae, Fpnd da l*c and Weapon, on Railroad Boutes. . . Also ttom Milwaukee to Janesville, Madison, WattrtownandPralrJe du Oblen. Btatlons atalllm- pokUnt Intermediate point*. ; • " Offlc» hours from. i». st. to Srvsi. " ' THAI IMMENSE STOCR Of I-AT-J No. 187 Kf »l Water Streei, MOST BE CLOSED OUT BY THK ASS-l<JNfc,K (ireat Bar^aius raaj be Diprcted. aprU-dtf J(»SF,I'II C'AKY, Assignee. K E M O V A I, 7:OO A. HI. — CINCINNATI KXPREW8 (Sundays txceptfcd.) Arrive at ln,lianap.»lis 4,-mi P kl., Cincinnati s:8*i p. M. 8:OO A. .T|. —LlOUTNI.Nii K.\l'KK>« Sunday! *\ ! repled,J arrive* at Lt-ir.iti 7:nt> p. M. t<uspfdilon Bridge or Muffi!'. 4 it * M , Albany 3.UO p. M , Ntw > ..rk !>uu p H , b .it., n i 1 p y. p I 2:«K> P. .n.-MI-K- ACCOMMODATION, ri^ej-t hunday. 8:00 f. M.— NKW YORK ANblJOSTON KXPRKSS, i (t icej,t Katunlay ) Arrive al Detroit 7 S A. > . S..-sp<=usloii Sn.Ue or Buffalo [ 4^0 r. ».; Albany 4 MU ». ».; N r» York i 10:00 JL.. M.; ItasluL i:U I p. M. I 8:OU I'. ,Tt.— I'INClNrvATT AM) LoL'lS~VlLLK KJC- PaKSS. (Kjcepl Saturday.) Arrive al | Cincinnati 9:1*' t a. Louisville 4:00 ». M. Oue train oo Sunday at Q^K) r. H. i"b«8.-OO A. M. and 8:00 p. y. trims connect at Par.. with th« Buffalo & Lake Uuron Railway, for Bufiali. and ail points e'-st; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, to Klngsu a, OuJtnul.urg, Montreal, Queb-c and all points in Canada Rast, Nor*t»rn Vermont, Ne* Hampshire and Maine. Or~ Baggage checked tlironjh. Throogh tickets foi sale at Lh« prinrlpal Railroad orBccs In the West, and al the general office, cornel Lake 4 Dearbswn stwets, Mjposile the Treinont House Chicago, and at the Depot, fool of Lake street. R. N. RlOK.Sup'l. H. J. BraUHSM.Oen. Pass. Airt. apr!2 Detroit A Mil. KailuayT TliE Steamer Cleveland »U1 take her place In line of the Detroll 4 Milwaukee Hallway, on Monday.the 14th March. Pass ngers wishing through tickets can l>e supplied on and after Monday next, at ago East Water street, or at the office on the doclt of the Detroit A Mllwauke Railway Oo.— Due noilce' of the time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest mule lo all points East. mar8 Kailro:ui. 1? for ll contpanj, i April, where or ler* c ' .i^ned, tia» iti* et'Uoo and .leli < lafortu uiercjikt •trect.j i IH- left. ; t.-.I *jn kl.t Lh I A I , 01- 1H.">H OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY GOODS AND YANKEE NOTI.J.V-, p lcaLd>[. at LI,, ..ffl u ..a thi ..[ llr. A NEW YORK & ERit KAILBOAD I .111 I..4N r itll- 'f A I A fi", U .1 TI U I lit t I . A i ' 1 H . OH . J. New V,. Uirr nollr.-. aprln li l*Utlk II [U>lr»t. L ADIES — your atteotioD Is DOW called to the best Block of RIBBONS AND FLOWER^ Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be f*nnd at RANCH ARD'S. BLOCK, MAIN ST. B VOUIVIi'S aprtl TI \rin\Fs. MB DOUBLE THREAD SEWING MACHINES • That took the FIRST PltRMlUM & 1J1PLOMA, rat family use, at the Wisconsin State Fair, October 8, are for sale at the Sctring Iflachine Emporium YOUNO'S Hl.OCK. ootlS ISAAC' A. IIAJVC'R & <:<>. In the D. S. DIs- trlcl Court for the District of Wisconsin. In Equity. STATES HI AKKI1 AI.'S SALT The Fanners Loan A Trust Com *) paoy, | vs. The Milwaukee A Superior H.ll- road Company, Clty of Milwaukee, John Stewart. Johann 0. A. AUerdlng, Christian Hahm and | Gottfried WooUch. J I N pursuance and by virtue of s decree made by the District Court of the Coiled States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 1868, In the above entMed cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1S59, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from the steps of the Custom House, In the Olty of Milwaukee, all and singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of cotnplalot In said cause, and described as : "All the following, present and In future to he acquired, real a**d personal property and real estate ol the said defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t at Is to say, all of the ftrsi division of the Railroad of said Railroad Com pany defendant, from the Olty of Mllw ukee, to the Olty of Green Bar In said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty mllei, Including the right of way, and land occupied by said first division of said road, (subject to the right, title or claim, which the said defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Hahm and Wootsch, or either of them, may have bad at the time of making said decree, to land upon which said Railroad Company nas located its way, aod for which no coqjpensatlon has been made to thsm,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, and all rails and other materials nsed thereon, bridges, viaducts, culverts, fences, equipments, necessary depot grounds and blnldlngs thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Oom:any, and all rolling stock, engines, tenders, can, .oolB.roaterials, machinery, fixtures, and all other personal properly appertaining to said first division of said road; and all rights thereto, aod Interests to be acquired by said defendant, the Milwaukee aod Superior Kallroad Company, together with the name aad lane* Jons appertaining to the said first division of said road, ill tolls, rents«rjd income (o be bad or levied there- from, and all corporate and other franchises, rights andTrMl«tts of the tali Railroad Company in or to or concenuw the same." »»T»lial'it)moe 1 >inwankee, WIs., April 6, 185» -ft United State. Marshal. HOU>1J1S .RENTED, rVm give attentio e . TarUes having Houses to ™ ^^ ** le "« * aOPWArVm give attention to tbe renting »f Houses. rti«tt!pa0lB, ; BnrnIng Hnldj Spirits Turpentine, al- V/ irays on. hand a* , . • '' SARKINGTOITS. pOStt H0MPB, tn «tore, lor sale. JET taflt :: . ; , , u SUMMBK ARRANGEMENT. A RAIL HOA£). THI: AfVD IWO.ST s Horn' JEST s UO I TrI La <'rosse, Winona, Read's Landing, Red Wing. PRESCOTI, ST, PADL AND ST. ANTHONY. Chan pp of Time, BIou<lny, April 4, 1809. 1ST I.F.AVI..S Uf II.WAEKEE 11:00 A. M., Arriving at Janesvtl'e 2.30 P.M.; Madison 3:35 P. M. | Prairie du Ohien S.OO P. M. Connecting with the Prairie du Ghlen an4 St. Paul Packets, which leave Prairie da Ohien on the arrival of the B.-OO P. M. Train. 2D TRAIN I.EAVK.S Mil. WA I 14 KB 6:05 P. M., Arriving st Janresvllk H:f>9 p. M. ; Madison 1W» P. M. A Far. to all points on the Mississippi River as low as any other Rente. -WILLIAM JKRVIS, ap!6 _ ^(JenM Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAIL. KOA^. 1859. giSMSS 1859. SPH1NO AHHANQKMKNT. UREAT NOllTIlr WESTERN UNITED STATES HI A II. & EXPRESS AND ONLY ALL RAIL RdUTE. TO LA CROi3!SE On the UPPER MISSISSIPPI RfVF.n, On and'after Monday, lApriV 25t<i Two Throngb Expres* Trains D»ily, J 11 URAWri'KI) A^n.t NOTJCK. OF BIKt.OP i CO., UORIiA(;a'tt.<. . Il I'nvsRiinai.r MIL. 4 CKICAOO K. R., V Milwaukee, April -, l-i9. | O N and afler April Klh, 1«49, aud until further i. tice, no person 13 author «e,l to make purrhas • ir c- ntract for rnaUrna!.-* for the \itiwaukee aad Cnica K» Kai road without * written order from the uodersitrn e<l lull, will be |.a»d monthly and accoun s will not I • on! i.ue-l with ai:y coucero Oial D«|-lecl9 in rend, monthly bills. C. D HAUL, llno'l Agt llortKagers. aprlO j.T. MOODY, Mailer of Trayrportation. I8«9. mi; TRANSPORTATION COMPANY W *Jl, during the present 8t«jiOQ, run known ao«l popular Lin« of Fir»« <:iasw Kcrew Mteamrrs, Hegnlariy, between <)OL)KNSlii:KC»H & OSWKCiO A.^D Till. I'PPKK LAKES I formlnxa 8emr-Weekly line between Oplenshur^ti an. Os'eifo, and Chicago, Milwaukee and Interrae ilat. I orts, connecting at Ogdensburgh withah« OODENSDUHflU i VERMONT CKNTRAl. BAILROAD ROUTK, Between Ogdensburgh, Burlingtoo, Concord, M Chester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcrsler and Boston, and at Oswego with the New Oswego Line 01 Thirty First Class Canal Boats on the. (enlarged CauaJ between (tsiai/cgo^Tror, {Albany A New inrk, .Oonnectms; also al Dunkirk with NKW YORK A.Vf) ERIK RAIl.HOAh, And forming a TrUWeekly Rallroad'Lioe between Ouiiktrk, Miltraukee & Chicago. f&~ Property forwarded by this Line will be subject to but One Transhipment. jy Merchandise marked **.>. T. CO. I.-.X. PliCttia)* 9 will be forwarded from Ntw York, by £mj>rt** Freight Train over tA* .Vsv >"(>ri: ^ ffrie LEAVK FROM DEPOT FOOT OF CHESTNUT STRICT, . AS totiows: ' : *a:45 A. itl. And t»:45 Pi. W. Trains arrive at Milwaukee at 9j8O A. M- AND 3:80 P; M. Olose connections axe made at LaOrosse. Twice daily each way with the Jttia- nesota Packet company's New- autt Splendid 1/nUed States Mail t,in« of Steainersto* frOraSt. Paul and Inteiibediate points. ; • iy PassengErs, by taking thii route, trill I»TC I«0 miles lo distance and 18 hours 'time, Irani Chicago or Milwaukee to L* Crosie or Bt. Paul, over any other route. '• !••;-- • ' ••'• - -" • • . *Mond>ji excepted. tSundsys eiceptea. • • Milwitikee, April 84, 1869. i EDWIN H. GOU»RIC1I, i i»nS4 ' • • • OF O N and after MondayJAprn 4lb, trains on the *anee,,Tnj »«oo eT Hilro; »Ul.wrln.tB-»U.*nkeelitlt;35 A. «., »nrj depart a; m p. M ^ ( *v • And promptly forwarded from Duoklrk.j AFi'I^ TO J. MTEas, Agent N. T. Co., 117 Broadway, New York J. L. WASfctK, Agent N T. Co., 3 Oenlies Slip, New York. CUAH. 8. TAPPAS, covner Cth and Uliesnut St., Phlla. HOVBT A OaAsrroxn, Oswego N. Y. S. 0. CALOWSXL, Agent, Dunkirk, N. Y. ClUHBtRUB, ClAWVOEO A 0» , Cleveland, 0. Joan Hoccua, Agent N. T. Co., 94 State st., Boston. A. CDSHMSJI, Agent V. 0. Line, 108 State st., Boston. J. P. CHURCH, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. Y. Gin. PARIES, Agent,Ogdenshurgh, N, Y. L. J. BIOBY, Bilwoukee, WIs , orUcr LaOrosse k U B R. Depot. J. It. CIlAWfrOKO, i .„._. . „.. M O. J HALE I tU "™auaee, Wisconsin, 1 Office Bear M. t tf. B. K. Depot. N. B.—Slippers are requested to see one of the above Agent) beforemaklng contracts, as liej are prsjpared to offer very- low rates, and their connections with the Ogdensburgn and Oswego routes, and especially with the flew York A Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. msrlS-dom-lasjtwlaw ' <Nd Blafk Star Line «f Packets tllflcc No. 4O Fnltoii street, IV, V. O N L. V 1> I K E O T LINK -TO- .- STB A* TO ALT. POINTS V Great Britain for 8>O. , . |"h» powerful Iron tteamshlps i Cltf OF BALT1MORK, 'CITT OP WASHINGTON. 01TT OV MANOllESTEB, KANGAROO, _^, i VIOO, Will sail from New fork for Cork and thence to Llv- ) 1 . . Terpo. J, HTsTFfffiT AiTfBJTATS 1 Passage from New York : Cabin,..!. ITS..... ................ Third Class.... ISO. Passage from Liverpool and Cork : • Cabin,.. . |S5....: ........... ...Third Class,:... (40. . K3T" PauctQgerstorwarded to Havre, Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for ( nMo Cabin, (35 Third Class. ' TO PARIS (In SB hours from Liverpool J Cabin ,90; Thin Class, J38. • . , • The arove Sieamiblps are built of Iron, la watertight eomisartnjeoCs, esiry each an experienced SovgeoB aod : every requisite for the Immediate extinction of an. . Curtis 4 Co., 117 Broad- ,rowy,..> t.; >«• this, Una. Moid the risk. and and Bt. Johns, as theBteam- A.l »*y r.Qc .,(• .tf fa*!itltie» f.» -.!. i-nal.lwl In r.-l.,,:*' s TI VV ^stero rs t-u 'Ii3l*nlly receiv.oif a.' H. > I M I 1 « >.M I' \i N I . nJ. s' .,r Trunk M*kc-iV t.> h ive SMislacUuii »l*o kc»-[> an Udortti ccn, "p«jli e s, Uuba, A UJ makv t» o DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Lin? ! -*(.•«HEII PLEAS! RK syli,J\(. ; Ill t>e "/ I O N and after 2<J May neit. p:ir'ie.i «n the iwlft and elegant Meiin.-r4 City <lntl l'lrr<l<intl, to ttrau.l Uaveo, t-hence (irand Rapids and bat-lc it cheap et.-ursion far imie aHorded to view II.e beaut tul an.l r.j Tict-nery oo the Urand Rj?er :iroun.i the Ci'y ,f Rap ds, with its eitensiv.- ..YPSt'M liK:.-J. tn. interesting feature!. Fares vinciud ng room^ or berth } f .r in<' ^. . five—to Grand tlitvtn an,I bj.-* Por uf rtv* t., Grand itapi.'a i v ' ^ ' • '.S.I nn boar.l at It ty I.I !•»,• MMK. P irties can leive tirketj made rali.j t, one week. Hour* of Sailing \ Trulnrs. i< »ii Leave Milwaukee 12 M » . it*}, Leave Grand liaren ... . j ; 45 p > 4.,,, , Arrive at Qrand Rapid*. lui.Ui p H T-'t. , Leave Qrand Ksplds .. . v i..!5 t. • ] lift , Leave Grand Haven ., i ai » u 'j-un p Arrive at Milwaukee I'2:I5 p » There Is a new and comforlaliie boi«l *bov^ ^n.l the Railway Depot at Grand itaven, »hero K«,-urii. Parties (desiring to spend « few hour^t al ijrin.i H v. T - r/r on tho Beach winch « . have every attention. C$?~ Partleufpom Colleze^, Schools and institutions, wilt be car»i*<l on very low can be had on application lo the ,ul>j.-nb iy llcketsc-au be had at Dork Otli.-i- sers on board Steamfrs and W. K. JJUltt, lar|M-]it»T, and I, DWELLING Horses, W A 1 ; [•: t-'. J. "37 clo-e W. Detroit. (3RAU IM, D..,-k Olli.-.-. Mil* ink, R E M O V A W • F . B A Y L K t Has removetl lo IH.I oi>l «tan<l, NO.| I Ml FAST U AT tlC ,*l KF..KT oil havlDg made mch atl.iit.oDf to hi* laiMliLici !m executing KINK IH t> K T K A ITS! As to epab e him to ssv to the public with conll.len.-r that He U now prepared tu famish them with every de slrable style of picture known to the comu,uiiuy, tu.i at such Astoumllng Low Prices as to defy comp»tu on for example, Dagnerrotypes tor 134 < i«. Fill.I. SIZE PHOTOUR.t Plls Cor only il,00 the nrst one, and SOo for fh<- Ouplic Ai d In fact «T«ry other k stTle of Kcran-, at ™rr«i- poodlng low prices. IMPEHIAl. PHO.TOGIl A I'HS, Oolor'ed ID either Oil or Water Colors, sn.l Onlabed tbe highest style of the An.| TMK STEEI.OTYPE, A new ani] popular stjle ot Picture, Colored ID Oil, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness aud Beauty of talah,any other Picture «»er offeted to the Publk.— these Pictures have only to be seen to be ailmlreil. Al) whoaredesirooa of saving moueyVam respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the >'hl {land, Vo. 138 Salt Water ttrtet, JfUaavJtet, WiKonntn. marl3-d«m W. t- BAYLRY, Doctor C. Lander, H AVma located h'mseir In Milwaukee, offers bis services to the public. Dr. L. las served In the British Ajmv for fifteen jean, In India, Butraah and ID the Crimea. Surgical cases promptl; attended. Office corner Huron and Vsn.Burea st. IfVRBA JAPOmOA, 80 tana tor sale by J.. O.HARRIN&TOS, MM At 5 cants, per 100 Ibs. Hals, laps au<J >.r,m KTo. \ i i i; K f- I- Mil. WU'KKF, ATLANTIC ( I IT \J LI-..X H <, Hata t HIM, SA 1 I UI A I 1 I I I i K a * J %V a I i • r Q O W. 1C <.'< > MM ISM I ON rmnal it all k.o.In s-:.s-j- f M KK< W »TKH I r «• ,II r n iii>,.. ' H \ N I S \ i r-.N I rw\ar ,, U bi J. in.i in. »,l .,.te,'l L*rtT*to provtf its tue. U i ,j nnir fi*r.>rt*,j n ICCONOMIt' * I I >t in perln r i<i ill' 1 h t.'hurcNr's, ,-*r unlike all >rh.- r [..unps, •B frinn •Lilly tn;in:i »hat Is [Uory. iltm. *i>|.lv . D.M \N'S .,non .ir- , Agent (or Ih,- Stal ..... '.Vmru UNUKIi'l -A JvKK v|>rliig M., UpjiONilf .iiii'Tlcn llou»« KEKP3 CONSTANTLY on Haod » l»r K o issortmen j< Mahogany, Black Walnut ami other \V 0 »,| Ooffins, lo. "ther with yisk'i Metallc Burial Oases. The offlcu of the forest llomu Uemetery Company is il my place, «tiey? I liavo ih^ plats of the grounds. 1 m always reaily uv accompany patrons to the«eme- irey lo select lots or placui for burial, and can be found tmmy place of business day or ninht. Oomn Trim- MKS o> all kin JT for sAle. , 5 2 B -p *n hay OTDoer'es is Ai M esa PORK, inglfi good article, la store, for silo, tAYTON * PLANKINTOM.

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