Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 31, 1970 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1970
Page 3
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Good rating * * * ^ ™ for County jai WMlet jails cited to to fte ffiiHols COrfifiitlOflS, the Catttay Jail was praised generally "above fm^ **_•. „.»„ to correct rae medical care an program for the jail praised as "far above seen to any comparabl< county Jail," the state's of Detention Facilities an October 21 report. The jail provided a above average diet' ''outstanding menus,' thony Kuharich said niK!1 inspecting the facilities The medical program "would put most facilities of comparable size to shame," he said. The state inspectors were n food were those sized Chief aid in "well and An- after critical, housekeeping though and sanitation of report use of at the jail. Since the has been received, the disinfectant chemicals had been increased to keep lavatory facilities ceaner, William Hartman, siiperin- tendent of the jail said. ' The ."dirty" appejrance was partly caused ty the "dark and gloomy appeirance of walls and floors • b jcause of paint color and condition," the report said. Hartman said A dump under tire Ait unsightly dump on the outskirts of Carrollton has aroused the wrath of Greene County and Carrollton officials. Inspecting the dump are, left, Mayor Lou Ballard, Associate Judge L. A. Mehroff and Carrollton Police Chief John Scheffel. Debris dumped at outskirts of Carrollton irks Ballard the interior of the jail being repainted, with ceilings and lighter < walls, as the state mended. The state inspector gave the Madison Court only a "fair" rating on The main objection w 'insufficient number o extinguishers. Hartmar that since then, mor tinguishers have been to the jail. The state also notet there was only emergency exit door frc newer jail building an was on the first floor. " fire block staircase, a stairs have had it," the stated. Security at the jai "considerably strengtt and "supervision is better than average, 1 report said. "It is rather surprisii disappointing that this : has not Instituted som of academic - voc; programs,"^ the report Cinna 4-ltn«i , *l»« H* *•• UMAVt s now white olored recom- also y Jail safety. is the : fire said e ex- added 1 that one m the 1 that Should 11 up- report was ened" much the g and acility 3 sort tional said. By EARL MAUCKER Telegraph Staff Writer CARROLLTON - Dead animals, junk automobiles, old stoves, paper and other assorted rubbish are being dumped illegally on the outskirts of Carrollton, Mayor Louis Ballard charged today. Ballard and Associate Judge L. A. Mehrhoff visitel the unsightly dumping area Wednesday. "I can't understand how people could do this type of thing and think nothing about it", Judge Mehrhoff said. "This mess is just unbelievable." Ballard, who is attempting to get an ordinance passed prohibiting open burning, clled the dumping "absolutely illegal and we're going to dp something about it."-—***" 1 Ballard also viewed the dump as a health hazard and a'breeding site for rats. Rats were visible at the dump when the mayor, judge and others made .the tour • yesterday. "Get a picture. of that jat over there," Ballard told this reporter. "We'll open some eyes around here and get something done about this mess, even if we have to station a deputy out here'with a portable radio." Ballard told the Telegraph that if the city council Would pass an ordinance prohibiting open burning, it would force residents to seek a reputable dealer to dispose of junk legally. He asked Judge Mehrhoff and Township Supervisor Robert H. Hihdelang to attend Police car hit; man held County Mental Health Board has announced some rehabilitation" program? for the jail that will include vocational training and placement. . Junior E. .L. Parks, 1209 Rodemeyer, is being held on charges of driving while intoxicated and failure to reduce speed by Alton Police today after he ran into the rear of a squad car stopped at the East Broadway, Washington Avenue intersection, Wednesday night. Cpl. Billy Lawrence, driver of the squad car, reported GLASS COLLECTION DAY Stirtiif January I, 1971, GLASS COLLECTION DAY will la hflaV avary Saturday betwaaii tha hours af 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.. at tha Owuni-Illinois plant, 19X5 E Brdwy, Altan $ No I ra.i|n malarial such as natal lids, caps, Sapai brawn, claar, ar iraan. No s We will bay a p«nny par pound or $20 p»r ton for all bottlaa and jara drought into our plant. Start saving your Soitles and jars now! )WENS-!LUNOIS 07 Regular Regular $80 ate. ata battlas and jars by color - faty ar plots pjass accaptad. that he had been stopped at the interaction.;-for 10 to-15. seconds when ' : the accident occurred. . Parks and a male . companion were found with several partially filled bottles of beer and both admitted having 'been to parties earlier, police said. Extensive damage was done to both vehicles and both had to be towed from the scene. Lawrence complained of back and shoulder pains and was taken to 'St. Joseph's hospital for treatment. Patrolman Robert Albrecht,. who was also in the car, escaped injury. Constance J. Dickerson, Rte. 5, Oakwood Road, Godfrey, and Helena M. Baum of the same address, suffered minor injuries when their car slid on icy pavement and struck a fire hydrant at Madison and Hayden streets. a city council meeting scheduled for Jan. 5 to back up his ordinance request. Mehrhoff promised his support to the Mayor and told him he would be at the meeting. Plans are already under way to secure men and equipment to clean up the dump. Ballard and police officials rummaged through the trash yestersday finding letters and other articles bearing names. A list of the names was compiled. Ballard said that an ordinance against open burning in the city would give officials some control of refuse handling. Also, an incorporated community has a legal jurisdiction over what goes on mayor said this would give beyond their city limits. The Carrollton control over such dumping areas as has been created a quarter mile north of'the city. WORRIED ABOUT PAYMENTS? If your payments are too high — refinance —, reduce your payments wltnout over. extension of your -means ~ or inconvenience. • •• MIDSTATES FINANCE CO. 811 Ridge Near Broadway VALUE STAMPS! Cuts first record Alton Erening Telegraph Thursday, Dec. S, OK M Nancy now a cofriposer 8y AfttttWU. tttOMASON fetegrapti staff Writer Font nights a week for the past three and a half years, entertainer Nancy Jent's life style has revolved around a small, subterranean Alton night club, the Port Room, and she likes it. Although physic ally sequestered in the dimly, lighted corner of a tavern for four hours each night, her talent leaps any barriers that setting imposes. From that spot, organist Nancy Jent, has turned composer and recording artist, "At Last" so says the idiom on the jacket of her new and first record. it's no paradox that sue- cessful recording artists emerge from the dark rooms of night clubs that don't happen to have international fame, but overnight stardom to Miss Gent is quixotic. Her outlook on the fate of seven tunes she wrote especially for the «ot exactly sanguine, although she knows they are good. What MisS Jent is now peddlign will be fenced by an industry whose motives are ot always easily discernable. "If I had a choice of making it big, or one of my songs making it, I would rather have one of my songs become a hit," she said. . "I'm not going to be a fool and say I can become an overnight success. If I get my songs to the right people, I think they merit being played by other groups." Miss Jent didn't start composing for the sake of making an album. It began long ago, but selections for her first record were picked to satisfy the interests of the customers, she says. And to them, her husband Denny — for Miss Jent is only a pseudonym — and her best friend and companion lyricist, Carol Howard, Miss Jent says she owes a lot. Mrs. Howard, a former Telegraph family page staff NANCY JENT writer, authored the lyrics for the music written by Miss Jent on the new album. Although the music was written first, and "the lyrics say what the music says," the way Mrs. Howard puts it, the Jent-Howard, or Howard- Jent team doesn't believe in applying the "chicken and the egg" theory in music composition. Miss Jent has also written music for Mrs.- Howard's lyrics. This sort of perpetual inspiration Mrs. Howard calls "harmonic rapport." One evening while listening to Miss Jent, Mrs. Howard wrote in verse form an abstract definition for such "harmonic rapport." It started: "A sound. And suddenly what is no. more. Something is alive and moving, and I 'hear depths and I feel space, and more." Perhaps all df Miss Jent's followers don't communicate with her music as does Mrs. Howard, but both the composer and lyricist believe the communication is there and that's why listeners come back. People identify with music they like and with the personalities that make it, Miss Jent says. For instance, take 'one of her more popular tunes, "Little Girl Lost," which one driver's license examiner confused britefly with the classical ballad "Little Girl Blue."' "While I was taking my driver's license test, the man asked me if I knew the song "Little Girl Blue." "He mistakenly identified me as the writer of that tune, asking me later if I was sure about not being the author." "After I told hinli I wrote and sang 'Little ctirl Lost,' he quickly recognized me." Other tunes on llhe album are: 'The Four Hoilsemen,' a near-rock rhythm composition with gospel lyrics; "Laughing on a Star," a bossanova; "Tender 1 the Hand I Hold," a ballad with a country and western flavor, and "Sleepy Days," a bossanova. Others are "Sunrise of My Morning Dreams, a slow ballad and "Light a New World," a slow bossanova which Miss Jent Would like to hear the Tiajuana Brass do. All of the songs are being distributed of those unheralded and virtually anonymous reviewers who have ignored many more composers than they have made. "These are the people who review material for the Hank Snows as well as the Hank Mancinis," Mis'); Jent explained. And trying to entice some reviewer or recoiding artist with a new tnue is only a small part of Miss Jent's new world of musical composition. So far, writing tlie tune and playing it for othejs has been her only reward. Unlike, making a record,!its an experience that cosjs virtually nothing except tijne. Server Available 4L Dining Room Group .... Sole Priced • China (50x15, H 75") • Rectangle Lee Table (42 x 84, H 20". Extends to 82") CHINA $224 After Sole $269 $434 After Sale $509 HOUSE FURNISHING COMPANY 254-0101 "I spent a lot of money just to get an education on how to make a record." Resting her forehead against her hand as if she were ready to ask for a couple of aspirins, Miss Jent exclaimed: "I wouldn't sign with a recording company again until I heard the first cut of the record, and I'm not talking about the master tape." OUR ENTIRE STOCK OP ARTIFICIAL TREES! WREATHS! DECORATIONS! PRICE Cosh and Carry ... While Our Stocks last/ NURSERY.—, AT ALL STORES' KILORED AT CENTRAL HARDWARE We cut lumber to the size you need; a board for • shelf or tcir the fence.. .or lumber for a complete project. Fantastic Sauings Select Groups...All Sizes, But Not Every Size in Every Style! 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