The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 3, 1974 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1974
Page 10
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,<'!:• 'Vte! I said Teens— Alcohol... (Otmtfnued ffoni PUf* 1» "Betaoat rw bw through h my*»Jf, they trom nw and r«late to KM better-~th«j *» t«M «M thing* that they've new toM ttllfeilMfv a^Mk IrfAvlf'fr If l)fcMhft*A ttv^fc JijiMM. ••>•>• - ^^--. ^* _J *fc.A *V ****v W WKMTT. ii UffSTV» wJ9 vfW«l«Wl MpV£f d Imr dbeaaejt* that the perm tola akne. he feet* that no one etee hM wwr b*n through the problWM that he ha» A« w«na*th«y tiass, M ih« -MtftMtomr had all betn ihrwigh "FWnehy," a m*i»b*r oil Ak«hoft«i Anonymow, M «Hn«*dl t« addm* th« clw A Mf««fWM* «r»m«8w. be Requests get no ad/on from Sweeny Council For mo*i Texts Stttt Firm hM r«Mt tlwt w« 1S% l«ss man rates *rtab»*h«<j by tm SWNi Board o» Insurance HE. JRANKUN ao. "FRANKUN 297-2425 "tt'» very rtwwttflK work, atthough iwnrtlmw «'» hard to •ra that yoo*rt <fete« any good,1 b* Mk* at (MM !"» pJantii* wcdt, UHnt th«n Ktyatatt W ttte tact*. "Krwi if they dbnl pay much attention now, raaytw waxday aemethJm win note wp if I., they may notice a trait w rtuattoo they were wartMd wmi a lym^om ol akhoJiwo) and theyU rcnvemhfr wtMt they V* NtrnM afld « may heh> them " The eia*t condsts of a vide cratwtion of lyjx» cevertac abnoct every ate group, race, ten «• cUm. Afttr Mrododec hlmaetf and hreakltRtt the ice. WUIlwuon let the tmnle fur that i«Uht. "H BotUrs of Beer;' roll Made by Us Angeles County to he sh«*n in the wheels,, th* fihn ha* a '"no-jiv*" npfroach to education TV Hint «hw»» teens thenueh-es <fiH-u»ij^i the ptoMemi tho Md with ultvbtA and draft and ho* they managed to top* with them awl «««* to ternuwtth themsdvo Many tauad tvetp in «w«»»vl« and iet( te OM (wrtioitaHy movtt* xene. a young toy. cr««gy ami letharfkr from drinking, a aneued while driving llandcufM. he i» hauled two a white, bnjthtly hi potwe Nation, hooted, and breath tested Meanwhile, the pc*nr«fwtn emphasttto the chute*, repeating them empfeuKally. (r)tn« to get through to the drunken hoy what» happening to him the bay can barely tot»pr«Aend ha Mirrouwftajpi & » eot jurprtetng that oee could abnoit fed the t«wuoo m the cowt uwd to have a M offtw dr)nUi««-««rj« th* daw ean r»W» I* tlwn h* mwiwiw bow MI^ he it with hn tovolvemnl fin the AA. and iflvttw any«M tatervnted to |»to M««ial tram the Hewton OwwU i» tfamteiM) and and twtore Iwg, th* MMM » ov«r. by , a after Uidr ewnrnftraw* te "VdVrt et»* «tii ytw MW a free movte a««ad)ty*?" «M jstodl WHliWMoa u e«g«T t« «tnptuwu« th»i he H cratttal let tfc* nxctty'i help "I nrtalnty apfvecuiv ibe h»)p (ram oMBty <rffk«*H" M TVw taelwfei* a cta«B» fai the lAtMlaliM of «tty Mil tttfcnlMmt fof w*t««i» a^ prowl, ffmMrf by C«av tfctri** Man h» would May* »«rt ilH ** **» *, C*Wibf Wwft* HWBjS^Sfll 1-^*1 NPV Mr* M*j* ttet <•** Ult fiT-^w w™ WHPW <PWTW * wraw»»«|, j-^^ ^.^ , *kt*«fa«» ^ *„ iMMlytti IA U«^ fc* M ,. m »4^> ^^.*-Ji 1.JW •WWTO(I» tmfVHR PPWP*. *"*"*"* " w ^' ett^ftrifeS^Tft! Mf * *»*»* * rt ** ****** IW *** 1 "J P^*™^^'. ™™ i^W ii*u««ltjj. j.^.--.—» k-4i_K "^- -— -*- torn- ' M AlBfc t«* «ay«, "Pmpto ba»* bw« toaihe fcunbllwf .>» tb«(otttthotiw>«Mi<it»fWirt WMHT« tbe* W Ul wnv*«i Ihwfc tit* youOi and «ta a r»«m "By th* younter there are * tettaim tdef«« the drug akntwj." th*re of p*»p*« thttai Mr*. May* w*»m« a Utwfotten »*» 5» f*W» ««<*»»." *<«•* Am* «* <*# to talk »hoi* akohoJ With m»* pafciic more pcocle are Koing to m-otmw the p^ofctetn A pfrton maj realue hr ha.» a problcin be<t«e Jw kw«» h« wH». )wfc. ck* »« tnrt* if «*** (**$!«(«* »*4»t «* is «» may b« nrttui« >w*t*« too ' JVrhapi h*'» r«M OB« hi^fc wN«4 junmr, *b«n #aut4 a many «l k«r frwtwfc <Jr*n* v r«filcii. "tb*> t»««l to but e«« *o OMKh an; were, they rwJu* mnt uut a'« ant UMt marti. (un «trf * tot haw q«*H " Sh« (Ntuwxt «mi Uwtajju to* t ttverul • JU)t» ihty daat lb»Ji UN? '»* ** big M tt*s awwi to " r<9iM*tM«M UhM Us* pewrctlwt* Uon Tree MIX n' MATQ-i Uon Tree PANT SUITS Group Jennifer MIX n' MATCH Grcc* 4 Gray Group BODY SUITS DOIPN BRISCOE PROMISED NO NEW TAXES. HE KEPT THE PROMISE. HIS NEXTSTEP: A TAX CUT. RE-ELECT GOVERNOR BRISCOE 5»(Htf^f<- • , - .1 , v , 4 ktii. { HAVE FUN and possibly WIN BIG MONEY! ENTER! 2nd BIG WEEK • COMING UP • IN THE FACTS COINWORD PUZZLE A NEW PUZZLE EACH MONDAY AND TUESDAY ISSUES...Corr0ct answer to proceeding week's puzzle will be published in the Sunday FACTS. IF NO WINNER, ADDITIONAL MONEY WILL BE ADDED TO THE JACKPOT. WIN 100 SOLVING PUZZLE PLUS ADDITIONAL *20 IF YOU ARE A PAID FACTS SUBSCRIBER PLUS EXTRA »20 IF YOU USE THE OFFICIAL CONTEST PUZZLE IN MON. TUES. FACTS A CHANCE TO WIN FOR 10 BIG WEEKS TO START YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE FACTS CALL 233-3511 r (CIRCULATION DEPT.) fQU WT AU THfi LQCM, COUNTY N6W$ AW 5PORTTS AS Witt AS STATE, NATIONAL AND WORl£ N TOTAL S 140

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