The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 2, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1914
Page 5
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Thursday Evening, July 2, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Pace Jftyt R T S Bill Iflffil OF DOT PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES TllKEE-I "IF" TABLE, (Tables Are Turned on Climbing Commodores. MANY HARD HITS; By Springfield Beats Decatur, 11 to 2. ; Club- Davenport . .. Peoria Springfield .. Decatur .... Dubuciue Quincy Danville ... Blooniington Won. Lost. Pet. 4S 20 .700 39 2(1 29 31 35 38 41i 43 .M7 ,537 .470 .43:1 ,37S .3iS Win. tase .710 .C'J(i .580 .505 .538 ul'O .551 .544 .478 .441 .382 .3(18 .4'J'j ,:to8 .1135 GAMES FRIDAY. ·catur at Danville. Iavenporl at Bloommgton. Dubuque at Peoria, Springfield at Quincy. WEUNKSDAY'S RESULTS. Bat- Springfield. July "--Turning the tables is one of the favorite pastimes of the Watchmakers and Wednesday afternoon they pulled the trick on Deca- catur and walloped the Keedmen, t! to I. just to even up the defeat of Tuesday. HIT 'EM HARD. The Decatur representatives looked like a brush league aggregation compared to our "Wakes" and several Commies almost broke their backs trying to stop the balls that weiv knocked through the infield. Biltz in center should have had an assistant to aid him as he made numerous trips to the deep centerfield fence. SCORE OFTEN. John Henry Myers was nominated fcy George Reed for mound duty and John Henry received a terrible lacing. The Watchmakers garnered thirteen Mts for a total of twenty-three bases and scored in every inning but the eighth round. LELIVELT WORKS WELL. Bill Lelivelt worked for the locals End in the first six innings allowed but three blows. In the seventh and In the eighth, the Commies secured t.iree blngles, but could only shove one run over the rubber. Lelivelt was always master of the situation and never in real danger. The score: Dubuciue. 7-10-3, Davenport. 1 . .. t e i i e -- C a r r o l l and Haminerchmidt; Hendrix and Simpon. Danville. 6-13-1; Quincy. 2-10-4. Batter- i |es--Ncal and E r l o f f . Miller and Burns, c 1'eorla, 4-4-4, Bloomington. 3-9--. Bat- 1 terles--Ronilne and W a r i n g ; Marks and ' Krupper. IN MAJOR LEAGUES. Clubs-Philadelphia Detroit Washington . St. Louis Boston Chicago Cleveland . .. New York .. Clubs-- \"ew York . 'hicago -t. Louis ... ·inctnnaii .. P h i l a d e l p h i a ·Htsburgh .. Brooklyn . ... ioston Clubs-' -.dianapo'15 hlcago ... a l t i m o r e ·llfalo ansas Cltv Tok!\n .. ttsburgh . , IjOUls - - American. Won. 30 39 30 National. Won. 37 36 3.'' LfSt ·y\ SI SPRTXGFIELD-- Bre»n. 3b ......... ^Baxter. cf ......... UllHnger. r? ....... TVakefleld. Ib ...... . Klrsch. ss Jacobs, c Lofton. If Lelivslt. p 4 2 2 3 2 Totals DECATUB-- Manda, 2b Brown. »s EiHz cf Xmggan. Ib ..... I.vnch. Sb ·VVelday, If frcherer. rf ..... O'Brien, c Myers, p Totlls By innings. . 5^ 11 13 27 15 A.B. K. H. PO. A, . 4 1 1 2 2 9 24 11 3 JJecatur J 0 2 2 1 2 1 0 *--: ..i o o o o « i n o-- 2 SUMMARY Stolen bases--Biltz and Baxter Two-base lilts--BHtz (2), Vv'akefield. Jacobs (2 ana Holloway Three-base hit-- Kirsch Horn run--Waketield. Struck out--By Lelive t. 8: Iv Myers. «. BasfB on balls--Olf LeliveH. 4 off Myers. 1. Double plavs--Klrsch. Wakefield. Brou-n, _Manda and Dugs^n. ^acr'""" hit--Brown ' ' ' ' ' ~ " n " Federal. 3.1 4" Pet .600 .304 .35:. Pet .617 . 537 .507 .500 .402 .484 .4.10 .44S .131 .403 Decatur to Entertain Central Illinois League. RULES FOR EVENTS Some of Best Known Marksmen in State to Be Here. VIRG SANDERS AND HIS FIRST SUIT OF CLOTHES GAMES THt'RSDAY. American. 3t Louis at Cle\e!and Chicago at Detroit Boston at Philadelphia ( t w o game! Xew York at Washington - B o n , }pen d a t « for St Loins and Pittsburgh "Incinnatl at Chlcaso Philadelphia at Boston. Brooklyn at New York. Federal. ;t Lou!* st Kansas City. -hicapo at Indlanapo 1 !? ·^a]fmore at Pittsburgh B u f f a l o at Brooklyn, MAJOR IEAGCE RESCtTS. American. Louis-Cleveland game postponed on tc- S V" an ton-Plil'ade]phl garno -postponed San,, pMtpon.d on nt of ra'r- National -- Louis. S-S-0. Pmtbms, 1-6-2 Batter- ic---- Haeerman and Wlngo. Mc- Qr !lan~Mimau-£ and Coleman and «*» Ru olph and Oowdy and v^naling. C i l c T e o 7-11-2- C i n c i n n a t i , O-1-2 Batter'~ ' and Bresnahan-. Benton. Koeet- York game postponed op. . Hit b- Uaxter" and Lofton. -Chen ner and Clark -i -ooklyn-Ncw ac~ unt of rain. =· lorn. 7-13-2- F Ka n'£h; City. 4-11-S Batter-. 5-Crandan and C h a p m a n . Adams. Cul- 10 F ooklynTw-2. Buffalo. 5-102 Batteries -11 ~on LatiU. and Land: J. Aiid-rson and sam- postponed on game po.-tpon.d on Decatur Back Home Sunday With Bloomers. Decatur finishes at Springfield Thursday afternoon. then Jumps through here for Danville, playing tnere Friday afternoon and two games on Saturday. The Commodores are back on their own lot Sunday afternoon. Bloomington being here for a three game eertes. The Wednesday following that series is an off day In the Three-I league and then Danville Is here for three games. RACE GETS EXCITING. After that the Commodores go away for nine games. The race among the first four teams i« growing more ex- c i t i n g each day now, with each of them winning and losing about every other day. At this pace, the end of July should show the fight to be a mighty close race Instead of the runaway as some have predicted. GAMES AT 3 P. M. .The local management will start with the next series here to call all frames at S o'clock in the afternoon, week day games as well as Sundays. The management believes that the earlier hour will bs more suitable to most fans who attend the game and ·will allow them to get home to the evening repast somewhat earlier. At it has -been, calling the gamee at o:30. the fans hardly ever arrived home until « o'clock or later. NEXT BOOSTER GAME. . The next Booster day will be on Thursday. July 23. when Quincy play? the last of a series of four games her*. The management hopes to make it an even greater day than the pre- vlou* one and along with the ball game, they will have a field day for the players and all aspiring athletes. There will be a program of various evenU issued later and some sort of prizes given the winners of each. TAYLORVILLE PACER WINS $1,500 STAKE Taylorville, July 2 --Gilbert M. a. 0Mtr owned by Ed Winslow. the local tardwaf* merchant won a stake of · 1500 at Jackson. Mich.. Tuesday, his ·on. Smith WlKBlow, receiving a mes- *tge Wednesday noon from him telling nt the victory and nylng it was done In straight heats. Th« time wa B not Riven but It was doubtle»« around 2:10. This IB the second stake Gilbert M. has made this year, finishing third the other time. SPORT STORIES BRIEFLY TOLD The next monthly shoot of the Central Illinois Trap Shooters' league will be held at the grounds of the Decatur Business Men's Gun club at Wyckles station, west of the city. Some of the best known gunners in the state, will be here. Preparations are being made for a large crowd of shooters here during tfiat time and a big tent will be placed up on the ground. The matches will begin at 10 o'clock both mornings. HANDICAP SHOOT. The shoot will be held under the Connors system. There win be a handicap shoot of ten events of fifteen targets e.-ch and at 1 o'clock on the last day, . the team shoot between teams from the different cities of the league will begin regardless of the rest of the program. LOCAL SCHEDULE. At a meeting of the Central Illinois Trap Shooters' League held at Mt. Pulaski, June 2, the following schedule was adopted to go into effect at the Decatur shoot on above dates: I 86 and S7% shooters 17 yards SS% shooters IS yards S9% shooters 19 yards 90% shooters 20 yards 91% shooters 21 yards 92% shooters 22 yards 93% and up 23 yards HOW THET STAND. Shooters to be handicapped on first day's shoot at Decatur from their 1913 official average. Any shooter having no official average will shoot from the 16 yard line first day and handicap second day from f i r s t day's average, by league schedule. This schedule applies to all events shot in the Central Illinois Trap Shooters' league. GARDNER PITCHES FOURTH STRAIGHT Three Shnt-outsi Wa»em Is Aloo Hit- tins the Ball. Kendall Gardner, the Decatur ania- teur twirler, who went to Dickinson, N. D., to pitch for the ?em'-nro team at that place has won his fourth straight game there according to a copy of the Dickinson paper of .tune 25. Gardner pitched three straight hutouts and this last game shouM lave been a shutout had it not been or the errors behind him. They p!ay- d the team from Bismarck, the s t a t e apital and won, 4 to 3. Each t»am rot but four hits off the opposing litchers but Dickinson made seven er- ·ors behind Gardner and Bismarck, six lehind its pitcher. Gardner struck out ten men and 'ielded his position perfectly w h i l e Wasem. Gardner's battery mate from here also came in for a share of the honors, getting a couple cf hits. Clerks Lose to I, T. S. The Wabish Clerks received their seventh consecutive defeat Tuesdav S. TMa For You. George. Srortmg N-ews:--Dflos Brown, the lnfi«'d recruit from Minikin university, has -«sen released by the Chicago White Sox 'o the Decatur club of the Three- I l e - g u e for development under that patifnt handler of budding talent, George Reed. Drucke Still Dropping. Ti» Minneapolis club has sent Pitchers Louis Drucke and Ben Case to -th« Fargn club ot the Northern association. Manager Cantlllon gave Drucke several trials but he could not come back. Grover's Record. If Trover Laudermllk keep* lt^ he wl'l set a new strikeout record lor all leagues. With the American a«- sociatlon one-third gone he had HI strikeouts to hi s recprd in 186 innings. Mchoff Jump* Back. "In again, out again" Nlehoff, jumper extraordinary of the Cincinnati Reds was b-ick in Herzog's line-up a-gainst the Qihs Wednesday afternoon. He ap r peared shortly before time for practice to begm, donned his uniform and play ed just as though nothing thad happened. No mention was made as to whethf he had decided to return to organized baseball or go over to the Federal 5 ?. Blue Sol Crippled. Otto Vogel, purchased by Da.ven.port tostake Koepping's place, played ccuple of games and then was injured in a collision at first base, so that he was unable to make the trip to Dubuqu* As a result, O'Leary pai P'.tcher playing second base. Wentz is still out of the game because of his in jury. BIG PROBLEM OF THE WEATHER MAN St. Louis Post:--A little moisture now and then Is relished by the best of men. But baseball magnates all maintain That night time is the time for rain. While summer garden owners say They'd rather have it rain all day. Th guy who's raising corn and hay HE wants HIS moisture night and day. And so betwixt'them all, you see. The Weather Man is up a tree. evening at the hands of the I. T. This victory boosts the I. T. S. Into second place. The clerks counted three ooints in the first round but lost out n the last Innings on account of weak- pitching, the final score standing 5-4 Virg Sanders was known and hailed by baseball fans from Dubuque to Springfield and his entrance into a grand stand or press box in any rival city was the cue for general shouts of recognition. His picturesque personality and his well known patronage of sports made him popular throughout the league, and his style of dress gave rival fans many minutes of delight. Virg was tickled at this recognition as a boy who cares for the world in general and likes to see his esteem reciprocated, and he made it a point to wear striking clothes whenever he visited functions or games in any of the league cities or'when he attended general league conferences. STORT OJs* SELF. In this connection Virg related a story on himself which was characteristic. "See what they said about this screamer." he asked one day after a Davenport writer had attempted a friendly panning upon his checkered suit of clothes. "Well, that boy should seen my first suit of store clothes and he could have written a book. The old timers will remember me as a barefoot and husky lunged kid on the streets of Decatur where I sold papers and otherwise disturbed the peace. My clothing and my voice in those day? were gifts of providence. All that was needed was, the 'shirt'n'pajits' that keeps a body out of jail, and they were mostly hand-me-downs from the family closet. SAW ONE HE LIKED. "Well, one day I dlsrovered t h a t I was a b e a u t i f u l boy. and that a freckled face girl had been looking at me, and at the self same time I discovered one of the grandest suits of clothes ever made in Cheap Charley's window He probably hat] carried suits before, but they hadn't bothered me. This article was a great institution and it had me edging up There was an election or something gnin^ on then, and one day I got rich from the paper buyers and made a b r e a k for the clothing store. I waiter! a r o u n d and gave that suit the twice over from every direction. It had real buttons on it. not a a f e t v pins, and it had a coat That was something new from June to October: HAD 50 CENTS "After a while a salesman who knew me asked what was the big idea and I spoke a. piece for him. I had exactly 50 cents In nickles and pennies, an.d it looked to me like anybody with that much money ought to have hearing. After a good deal of urging and orating he came down from his high place and t a l k e d business The result was that I walked out of the store with a -.transle hold on that suit of clothes and the clerk had my fifty. "You know, it took me exactly one year to pay for those glad garments and I paid on-e or twice a week, too I would put 'em on at night and be afraid to sit down Of course I had to get some shoes and stockings to go with the other sporty s t u f f , and that almost put me into the hands of a receiver, but at la»t I cut them all paid for. and believe me. thev lasted. I never was so dressed up in mv life!" ·WHY HE WAS LIKED. Virg Sanders made good from the bottom His own account of hjs l i f e in Decatur Is s u b s t a n t i a t e d by his many friends, who knew him when he yelled papers morning and evening on the streets. He was -always popular and he was always so.uare. He enjoy- every hour In the twenty-four that that might happen. He made money and he spent It, most of it in Decatur. He smoked Decatur cigars, wore Decatur clothes, even waiting to come home from a trip to purchase little things, and he otherwise gave this city the benefit of all deals that came his way. COFFIN COMPANY DOWNS LEADER Doolin Will Take Wills' Place On the Coffin Team. Decatur Coffin company downed the Leader Iron Works, 10-8. Wednesday evening. The Coffin company had a new twirler on the slab, Doolin, who ·will take Wills' place for the rest of the season. Doolin allowed the Leader only one hit, but poor support gave them eight counters. The score: Innings R. H. E. Coffin Company ...3 1 5 1 0--10 9 7 Leader 3 0 4 1 0 -- 8 1 4 The batteries for Coffin Co., Doolin, Augustine; for Leader, Fitzpatrick, Long. STANDING. W. L. Pet. Railroaders 7 0 1.000 I. T. S 5 2 .714 Decatur Bridge 4 2 .667 Wabash 4 2 .667 Coffin Co 4 3 .571 Leader 2 5 .286 Muellers 1 6 146 V.'abash Clerks 0 7 .000 KANKAKEE'TEAM TOSSES THE SPONGE Kankakee. July 2--Dissatisfied with the management of the Illinois-Missouri league and from whosn stockholders of the Kankakee club believed they were receiving unfair treatment. the local club threw up its f r a n c h i s e Wednesday and turned the team over to President Charles Cline. nf Clinton. The loss to the team's nackers in .this city has alreadv been considerable and they did not fee! justified in going down into their pockets for money with which to kr-ep the club on its feet The club has already expended between $1,800 and 12,000 above what has been taken In at the gate. ALLEGED THAT HE PERJURED HIMSELF Char!« Morrow Arrested t Three Boy* Taken In by Police. Alleging that he perjured himself in his testimony for the defense In the Catron-Brooks case In Justice McCoy's court, Charles Morrow was arrested Wednesday night on a warrant got out by Chief Allen. Morrow testified that he occupied a room adjoining that of the defendants, just across from the office of Justice McCoy on East Main street, and that the transom over his door was open so he could see what -was going on in the adjoining room, and that there was no disorderly conduct there at all. It is said that .Investigation showed he had sworn falsely. He was locked up. ' BOYS TAKBN IN. Three boys were taken up by Frank Torrence at Fairview park Wednesday night for stealing lunch baskets. They gave their names as Donald Smith, aged ten years. Frank Edwards and Orvllle Halstead, each aged thirteen, The Smith boy was turned over to his mother, who left with him for Denver Wednesday night. The Halatead boy was released to appear Thursday morning, but the Edwards hoy, who ha§ frequently been in trouble, was looked up. He will probably be sent to the nifnois Training School for Boys at St. Charles. : « : -EXCAVATING FOR NEW BUILDING United Doctors HAVE INSTITUTES IN MANY CITIES Decafur Institute, 217 N. Water Have cured more deep-seated Chronic Diseases of the Serves, Blood. Skin, Kidneys, Liver, Stomach and Bowls than any medical institute in the United States, as affidavits and testimonials from cured patients will prove. Bsiement of Ammann Strncture Goe* Back OS Feet. Albert Ammann Is excavating for a bassment under the north building that was damaged by fire on Water street recently. The basement -will extend back sixty-eight feet. A new front and new partition -walls -will be placed 1'n each building. FROM THE JAIL TO THE HOSPITAL Opra Richardson, colored, who was brought back from East St. Louis a few The Glorious go to make a day. and he hated to go to bed for fear of missing something ANNOUNCEMENT Store will be open Friday evening i Saturday Open Friday evening: closed Saturday. "Fourth 1 Open Friday evening: closed Saturday. Here's comfort galore for the Fourth. Saturday, next, is the day! Of course you'll take a day off and celebrate. So will we. I You'll want to be dressed in a cool, Summery fashion, so come today and get what you need. One of our stylish light, weight suits would be just the thing. The expense is no big item. $6.50, $8, $10 to $25 We have for your choosing fresh styles in Serges, Homespuns and Palm Beaches--beautifully tailored and as cool as an ocean breeze. Cool Toggery Cool soft Shirts, Wash Ties. Hosiery, thin Underwear, Straw or Panama Hats, etc., to complete your Summer comfort. Boy's Wash Suits Put the Boy in one of our cool Wash Suits and let him enjoy himself--Wash Suits are a comfort, for the Boy and a relief for his mother--our large variety insures a good selection. 50c, 75c, $1 TO $8 We guarantee our Wash Suits to wash and to retain their shape and color--the line is worth seeing. · Straw Hats 1-5 off I 240 North Water Street. Citizens Bank Building. FERRE BROMLEY We Do Vulcanizing Exclusively Tires retread, blow outs, rim cuts, new beads, etc. Let us make vour old tires fes good as new at a small expense. We have the best eo^iipped plant in the county and employ experienced wirkmen. All work guaranteed, mileage allowance. We invite inspection of our plant and the work we do. See our line of tire accessories. FERRE BROMLEY weeks ago on a charge of another colored woman, was taken Irora the county jail to St. Mary's hospital Wednesday evening. She has been 111 almost ever since her arrest. VULCANIZING WORKS AUTO S641- 323 E. MAIN ST. -BELL 826. FRESH EGGS? About two and one-half years »go a comely miss of Mt. Zion, m., was visiting her grandmother. Mrs. M»r- garite Cutright, of Greenup, 111. While- there she assisted her grandmother In gathering and marketing the eggs and In a spirit of mischief placed her name. and address on an egg- which was sent · to market along with dozens of others; About a fortnight ago she received a letter from a young m a n - i n New Tork City telling her that he had recently purchased some eggs for his mother and among them was the one- on which her name and address was written. He told her how he appreciated the nice fresh eggs from Illinois and asked her to write him. The young woman in question has not yet decided whether to correspond w i t h " her new acquaintance, as ehe «ay» »he is not exactly In love with his taste. - Get Your Boy Ready For the And See Him Smile AH the new can be seen in our store. We have the largest stock in the city to select from and our prices tan the cheapest. BALLOONS-ALL SIZES AND PRICES Kellington and Dieckhoff 345 N. MAIN "The Quality Store for Sportsmen" 'SPAPER. NEWSPAPER I

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