The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 9, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1939
Page 2
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 193?. HUNT WIDENED FOR STUDENTS Two Pretty High School Girls Missing In Florida; Man Sought. MIAMI, Fla., Aug. 9.—Police widened the search last night for 'two high school pupils who left their Miami homes yesterday for Palm Beach to pose for pictures through which they hoped to land screen or radio contracts. Detective Chief L. O. Scarboro asked police throughout the country to seek for questioning a man listed as Charles Jefferson, who said he was a movie talent scout. The girls—16-year-old Jean Bolton, hlues-singer night club entertainer, and Ruth Frances Dunn. IT, •high school dramatics leader— left their homes about 9A.M. -yesterday with the man identified as Jefferson. They were to have returned from, the 69-mile trip within a few hours after having pictures taken at an unnamed Palm Beach hotel. Police held as a material witness a 24-year-old woman listed as Beth Collier, who said she met Jefferson in Denver, Colo., about 10 days ago and married him shortly afterwards. Chief Sarboro said a Miami night club entertainer, arrested for questioning and later released, said he had known Jefferson under . the name of Tom Ashwell in Cincinnati, where they both worked- for radio station "WLW. JUDGE DISPUTES GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE OMAHA, Neb., Aug. 9 (£>).—A witness in District Judge Herbert Rhoades' court testified he heard the two principles in a divorce action quarrel over a card game. The. judge exclaimed: "My wife tnakes me mad lots of times when t want her to finesse a queen and the plays her ace, but that isn't grounds for divorce." PROGRESS TO PERU —Dame Fortune may smile on the daring: Gal'lino brothers (above), Peruvian aviators who plan a nonstop hop from New York to Lima, Peru, usinjr this Barkley- Grow monoplane. They have been testing plane at Detroit. Commander .Humberto Gal'lino (left) and his brother, Capt. Victor Gal'lino call the twin-motored ship "Cruz de Chalpon." Save the Middleman's Profit $15.00 (O. P.O.) CRANE'S CLOTHES "Factory to You" 29 South Totomac Street Visit The New .Wayside Furniture Mart 6 Miles West of Hagerstown NEAR GATEWAY INN PHONE 4088 F 3 L. Keller Garver. Mgr. John D. Myers & Co. SPECIAL LOT 3 and 4 Piece $1 O.50 SUITS L£ * Year Round Weight Remodeling Sale Now in Progress! — The Original — Miller's Furniture Store 31 South Potomac Street CLOTHING For the Entire Family R&G DEPT. STORE kJV ARGUMENT FOR PEAC E—Tears instead of cheers •were contributed by these young Frenchmen at the martial review of St. Cyr military academy, the "West Point" of France- They bawled each lime an artillery piece boomed. Underpass Work Starting Today Weed cutters yesterday cleared the right-of-way for the Elizabeth street underpass which ultimately will connect the southern and western sections of Hagerstown. Surveyors have virtually completed their task and the moving of machinery to the scene was finished yesterday evening so work could start today. A number of local laborers have already been employed and the force is expected to be increased as the §150,000 project progresses. The underpass will tunnel under the Western Maryland Railway tracks. The western terminus of the connecting link will be in the vicinity of Washington and Elizabeth streets, while the southern end will be either the proposed Memorial Boulevard or Wilson Boulevard. The American Association was organized as a professional league in 1902. W.U.E.J. 6:l5p.K RADIOS REPAIRED All Makes — Reasonable Prices MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. West Wahhlnfflon Street A Simply Swell Meal for the Youngsters Fresh-from-garden vegetables, vitamin crammed, kindle children's energy. And how they like its savory taste! Large 21 I /£ 02. can — serves 6 to 8. HURfF VEGETABLE SOUP Don't Miss Our AUGUST FURNITURE SALE! PRICE CEDAR CH ESTS Including Lane ALL REMAINING GLIDERS MEYERS & BERKSON 41 - 43 Wctt Franklin St — Opp. Post Office TROUBLED —Uneasy days has Marian Chodacki (above), Polish commissioner to the Free City of Danzig-, regarded as a possible breeding: spot for a general European war. Truck Overturns; Driver Is Unhurt A truck loaded with concrete blocks consigned to the new City Hall project overturned on North Potomac street near Charles early yesterday evening. Investigating police said in making a sharp turn the sliding blocks caused the truck to sway and upset with its contents into the street. The driver escaped injury. RUSSIAN SIGHTSEERS GLIDE AT 40 PER MOSCOW (/Pj.—A two-hulled water-glider equipped to carry 150 passengers at a speed of more than •JA miles an hour has been built here for Black Sea service between the southern health resorts of Sochi and Sukhumi. The two hulls of the craft, each about 71) feet lone, are connected by a wide, bridge-like structure with many windows for the convenience of sightseeing passengers. NAZIS SPEED REGISTRATION OF CIVILIANS ; Continued from Page 10) system facing France—must be shown in every German movie house. 5. The press with a unanimity indicating direction from a central authority intensified its anti-Polish campaign. Pre-military practice in rifle shooting, signalling, topography and similar field work has long been a part of the Hitler youth program, but the instructors were youth movement leaders. Some 60,000 picked young men will be under army command as a consequence of the new ruling. The film showing the Siegfried Line is designed to convince the German people that Hitler and Field Marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering were right when, after inspection trips, they pronounced the western fortifications invincible. At many filling stations in Berlin gasoline purchasers were told that hereafter regular customers could get only about two and one- half to four gallons and strangers were refused more than one and one-fourth gallons. This did not mean car owners were left •without gasoline, for by going from station to station they could obtain all they needed. In meant, however, that many drivers began to think in terms of the most economic use of their vehicles. This phase of "preparedness" psychology was enhanced when evidence accumulated that in many cities, notably in the south, autos and trucks had been requisitioned by the military at Salzburg particularly many private vehicles were requisitioned. The press unanimously emphasized that the German army was standing behind Danzig and the one of the editorials was summarized in headlines such as this: "Poland Beware." Newspapers were quick to follow the lead of the official news agency, which last night warned that continued "challenges" from Poland might result in "acquaintanceship with German weapons." Alley Program Is Held Inequitable Street Commissioner Aaron Reecher predicted last night that an angry delegation would appeal- before the Mayor and Council in the near future unless the city's alley building program is more equitably distributed. Mr. Reecher said that while the heavily populated northern residential section pays a large bulk of municipal taxes, the city's current alley projects are being confined lo the southern section of Hagerstown. The Street Commissioner pointed out that it has been impossible [or the northern residential section to get proper representation in the City Council and thus that section is neglected in the matter of improvements. The Board discussed at length the duties and powers of the recently created purchasing bureau and purchasing agent. A number of other routine matters were discussed at the regular meeting. PROPETRY SOLD The Walter Hoffman property. Williamsport, was sold in front o£ the Court House yesterday afternoon by Auctioneer .7. C. Snydsr at a bid of $2575. Brooklyn "Garbo" Weds Again Sigrid Gurie, Brooklyn, N. Y., girl who became a "Norwegian Garbo" to win stardom in the movies, is shown with her new husband, Dr. Laurence Spangard, Hollywood physician, as they cut the cake after their Los Angeles wedding. The actress had been divorced only three weeks from Thomas W. Stewart, leather goods salesman. (C.P.) Flying Brothers End Two-Week Jaunt Shown as they alighted at Springfield, 111., with a new endurance record of 14 days aloft in a light plane are the Moody brothers—Humphrey and Hunter—welcomed by a huge crowd which included Hunter's wife, Dorothy, at'left. The brothers brought their ship down as a severe electrical storm broke over the airport. Lou Gehrig of the Yanks got four home rims in a four-game series in 192S for a series record. C H 0 I C E—"No better person could be named," said ?flanuel Quezon, hailing F.D.R.'s nomination of Francis B. Sayr* (above) as U.S. Higrh Commb sioner to the Philippines HAY FEVER Symptom RELIEF Start at once with powerful, rapid-fire PO-TAS-A-PRAS. Stop choking, gasping. Restore normal breathing. Dry up eyes and nose, bring , comfort to swollen burning eyes. Return to normal living ;md sound sleep. No need for disagreeable pollen testing and painful injections. Folks everywhere shout the praises ot this successful medicine. Get efficient MAY FEVER Symptom RELIEF quickly, easily, cheaply. Act at j once. PO-TA 5-A-FRAS Recommended ana sold here exclusively by Cauffman's Cut Rate Store. Adv. BROTHERS (NOT TRIPLETS) HAVE SAME BIRTHDAY Caskey's Three New Loaves NOW AT YOUR GROCERS DELMAR, Md. (/?,.— It's a better than fair bet that a birthday for any one of the three Long hoys— George of Delmar, William of Salisbury, and Curtis of Xe\v York— doesn't go by unnoticed. I All three wer<^ horn on .March 1 ! —(k'orge in 1007. William in If'!!. ! and Curtis in ir»I-5. And the brothers shouldn't forcx-t I ihe birth (Into nf rh^ir sisior, Mrs. Lewis Mr.icon of Dohnar- born nr>. \ ?ho fourth of July. OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co. TELEPHONE 2000—2001 "LUNCH ROOMS & TAVERNS' Get our Prices on "BUTTERED POPCORN" By the Car. CAUFFMAN'S CI..T Rate STORE Xn K»«f Wnshtrtetftn Stwt DEATH CAUSED BY STING OF INSECT Washington Court House, 0., Aug. 9 (/P),—The sting of an insect, "presumably a bee," caused the death Tuesday of Mrs. Robert McCoppin, 38, at her home in Leesburg, south of here. Highland County Coroner W. M. Hoyt said in his official verdict. Stung on the neck as she walked near bee hives in her yard, Mrs. McCoppin died before a physician could be summoned. Dr. Hoyt said poison from the sting apparently "entered the blood stream and reached the heart," causing death. THE BON TON Shop In Comfort YOUR POULTS Deserve the Best. CONKEY'S Y. O. TURKEY DEVELOPER Grown Them Out Faster. HOWARD'S E. Baltimore St. Plion* «0ft FENDER BENT BODY DENT UGHES MOTOR CO. 30 E. Baltimore St. Ph. 2460 FINAL DAYS of Our REMOVAL SALE It Will Pay You to Shop Now! New Low Prices on ALL Remaining Merchandise. 23 East Wash. St. N<*xt Dcor to Bus Terminal SMART THINGS for the HOME Weed Crop Is About Normal Hayfever Victims Will Suffer No More Than Usual This Year. CHICAGO, Aug. 9 (5 s ).—Here's a bit of good and/or bad news for the nation's 3,000,000 or more hay- fever sufferers, now laying in supplies of handkerchiefs for this year's big blow! The current crop 'of aggravating weeds is about average. The information was furnished by Ore-n C. Durham, chief botanist for Abbott Laboratories and a veteran of 23 years' research in allergies. He also advised that: The corn crop is the yardstick of the weed crop, and corn this year appears about an average. A ration between the number of weeds and the number of sneezes cannot be fixed in advance because of the weather, which is responsible -for scattering or settling the pollen, is unpredictable for a period as long as the hayfever season. Most sufferers live in the northern half of the country whei-e the season for sneezin' starts between August 1 and 10 and reaches its peak" aroU'ird September 1. In the south the season starts later and lasts longer. An increase in. the amount of public works has enlarged the area where weeds grow. Disturbed soil is fertile for weeds. Two or three years are required for grass to grow in and strangle them. Ragweed claims most victims east of the Mississippi. The great plains region to the west is plagued with Russian thistle. Marijuana, growing wild in parts of Iowa and Nebraska, picks on a legion of others. Youth Gets Year For Taking Auto Convicted of unauthorized use of an automobile, Thomas N. Miller, 20, of St. James, was sentenced yesterday afternoon to one year in the House of Correction by Magistrate E. G. Miller at Boonsboro. Miller, a former inmate of St. Mary's Industrial School, is alleged to have taken the auto of Paul Cartee from the Willow Lane show grounds during the Thursday night circus performance. He was arrested by Deputy Leister Isanogle. INDIAN SCOTSWOMEN BOMBAY, Aug. 9 (£>)—An Association of Scotswomen of India has been formed following a muster of 61 women at a Ladies' St. Andrew'* Dinner when Scotch salmon and haggis was piped in with traditional ceremony. BIGGER-BETTER REFRESHING AND STBfUUTftKL Electric Cooking CLEANER FASTER CHEAPER Ask for Proof *t Your ELECTRIC Range Dealer SALE Women's SHOES . EARLES Dept. 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