The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 2, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1914
Page 4
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Pare Four T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Stealing Third With Bases Full No Crime, Says McGraw When ball p!aj er. manager, or magnate wants to convey the Impression th4tt any one else connected v,ith the same is absolutely hopeless above the ·heulders he usually remarks. "Why, tfcat fellow would steal third with the bases full." This is supposed to represent the concentrated essence of slow thinking on the diamond HOFMAN DID IT It has been done a few times, e^ en In the major leagues, and the perpetrator* of this baseball 'crime" never have been gnen a chance to forget It Artie Hofman when he was wltn the Cubs pulled this apotreos s of ivorv plays once, although the bases were not full. HI base hit wi had to slid beat the bal. tice the coacher had held Stelnfclflt on third. He admits It Is generally considered the climax of absurdity, but declares there ai e times in a season when he believes the play is justifiable--so justifiable that he says he would not hesitate to order a man to steal with the bags all loaded. WITH WEAK BATTER UP. If that situation came up with eood runners on the bases, two out, and some batsman up who was an easy mark for the pitcher then on the slab, John says it would be a wise move to tip one of the runners off to steal second or third He argues that if the runner on first started for second it thev start throwing the ball around. Then keep all three runnels moving ing th ^t»Tok "VVVuT"«!TfaW« | chances: so-aHo'get the J U rnp at the To take advantage of that chance to right time Once the run is scored the steal third. When he landed he f o u n d -'·-- »-·-- Steiny already there, and w*at happened to Artie later on the bench would have been worse If the Cubs had not won the game anywa. - PLAT BY AN'DEESOX. John Anderson was fai'lv driven out of Washington because he tried to «teal second once with the bases lull and was tempted into It by the same fart--that the pitcher took a long windup and Andeison thought there was no one on second, bnt learned Ms mistake too late. The mistake wrecked a chance to win the game and the fans never forgave Anderson Even after ho joined the White Sox the ·Washington placers cou.d get Johns geat bv kidding him about that plav These are only a couple of instances. Recently John McGrau- came to the rescue of any players who may pull that boner in future bv declaring it i» sometimes a. wise move to t r j to steal third _ or_ second^ylth^j^. JSase^_f ull^ MEXICAN WAY OF CHASTISING other team could put out either of the other runnels and welcome, to far as McGraw Is concerned. It's Just as jus- tl'iable as the ordinary double steal, he declares, under the same circumstances But up to date we have not seen him try It. probably'because the situation neier came up'with three brainy run- CHICAGO HAS CHAMP IGNORAMUS Washington, D. C.--Daniel Vaugnan, publication cleric of lh» department ot commerce, says the champion lirnora- mus of the United States Hvea in Chicago. Several days ago this man wrote the department for a copy of the publication of 1.400 pages entitled "The Commerce and Navigation of the United States." It was Bent under the frank of the department, which of course, bore on the right hand side the familiar legend "Penalty tor private use J300" and on the left hand corner "Department of Commerce, ·Washington, D. C., return in five flays." Shortly after, Mr. Vaughan received a letter from the man, who said he liad been sitting up nights In order to read the publication, but had been unable to do so within "the alloted five days." He asked permission to keep the book thres days longer, believing he could finish It In that time. Striking tbe Trail. Chicago Journal: "Good afternoon. Johnny!" said Ihe nice young ladv \lsltlne Ills mother's house In the sweet came of charity. "Why don't you come to our Sunday ichool? A lot ot your little friends have joined, and we are going to hive a lovely party." Johnny shook his head. Then he suddenly exclaimed: "Has a boy named Johnion *lth red hair, joined yet?" , , ··In*, dear," «»Id the nice younE lady, "and he seems to like It He's such a good llt "Huh°: y! Is he'" muttered Johnny "Well, It he's there. I'll come, too I've been look- Ine for him for three months, and never knew where to find him before" The Worlds TVork --Flerro. tn addition to being a sort of lord high executioner, was in charge of the rail transportation of Villas army until Eusebio Calzadao took his Place at the end of March One of his water and provision trains wa s t h i r t y - f i v e mm - utes late after a hard nights fighting at Torreon Villa, sleepless, dusty ana hot. sent for him and save him what might correspond to a reprimand IB our aer\lce His screams ot wild rage could be h f a r d across the camp, terrifying maniacal, as he shook both lists in his subordinate s face. Flerro. a. murderer by profession, walked awa. green with passion, without lifting a, hand against In* chief, but half an hour later, v.hen the delated tram pulled into Its sidmg. cut short the conductor's explanation by shooting: him dead. ~*. Small Favors. Housekeeper Joe -was In t!*e habit of Cunning errand* ior an o.d gentleman nest door w h o never paid Mm except In profuse thanks. He had just retumei from the third errand one morning, and the - ·* "--"- tleman. patting Mm on t-e h?pd "Joey. I am verv r^uch ob'igec You're a (me lltle fellow Thank and the o d gen- - said ed to you you. my DO Jofl l "ooked W up in his face wisttuKy and aro'oget'cai'v replied "Mr Cotter, you don t know how I wisn *-hank you for something. ' Barbey Cooper Wholesale Grocers Retail This Store Will Be Open All Day Saturday For Business* We will have plenty of fruit and vegetables of all kinds. Watermelons 35c We will have plenty of Cantalopes, Tomatoes and Peas. Hirsch Hirsch Co. $ H IRSCH C O M P A N Y · · 121-125 N. Water St. EVERYTHING READY TO WEAR ·Cft BOYS' SUITS Last Dollar Day we had men's suits for $1.00, and this Dollar Day we are going to give the boys a chance. We have 62 suits, sizes 8 to 17; your choice LADIES' - WAISTS Voile, lingerie and silk waists. Newest models, seven styles only; values up to $2.00; only one to a customer. DOLLAR DAY BARGAINS ·ae- SKIRTS AND COATS Poplins, rep, linon, pique, linene and fancy materials ; values to $6.00 MILLINERY Your choice of 150 Summer hats, trimmed in the latest style, with the newest materials; values up to $5.00 MUSLIN UNDERWEAR Here is a great combination and a chance for you to obtain a bargain, corset cover, gown and drawers. They are handsomely trimmed with embroidery, actual selling price $1.39, special at TABLE LINEN Two yards of 75c table linen, first quality. Five different patterns; a big bargain, 2 yards for CORSETS- The new idea open front corset, 6 hose supporters, well stayed, regular $L50 value for ·6* MEN'S SHIRTS A big assortment of men's dress shirts; this includes laundered and Summer shirts. There are shirts in this lot that sold for 95c, take advantage of this bargain, two for ' This store will be open Friday, July 3rd, 1914 until 9 p. m. Saturday, July 4th, 1914. Closed all day, -» Hirsch Co. $ Hirsch Co. $ Hirsch Co. $ Hirsch Co. $ Hirsch Co. $ Thursday Evening, July 2,1914*' IT Our Store Open To-Monow Night Until 9 O'clock ) Closed All Day July 4th Closed All Day July 4th Friday and Friday Night A Julu Clearance Specials That Mean Economy LL day tomorrow and tomorrow night until 9 o'clock our store will be the scene of spirited shopping. Our July Clearance sales are increasing in interest every day and our features for tomorrow are of a character that will appeal forcibly to economical women. BUY THESE CURTAINS A Friday Bargain On Our Third Floor ' ERY low prices on clean, new curtains of scrim, voile and marquisette. Every curtain is perfect-- 2^/2 yards long and full 36 inches wide--they are trimmed with real linen lace edge. We have 25 .patterns in two colors only and we are going to sell them at the usual factory prices. NEW CURTAINS WORTH UP TO V $3.75 A PAIR, FRIDAY. $2.25 NEW CURTAINS WORTH UP TO $2.50, FRIDAY $1.25 A BIG NOTION SALE With Cut Prices All Day and Evening value, Friday Colonial "Stay Stuck" Pins in Girdelin for Girdles, up to 5 inches, in width--a 25c ](\(* black and'colors--60 pins on a card, r _ Special Friday, 4 cards O v Fancy Colored Buttons, small sizes for trimming. 19c and 25c -t A _ values--choice for JLvIv/ Hair Nets. 5 nets in a package, double mesh, extra large size, lOc package; 3 packages... Sanitary Aprons, pinless I K / * make; 25c value JL«Jv Stickeri Wash Braid, 6 yds. to a bolt, fast colors, lOc value, Friday lOc Linen Tape, 6 pieces to a package, assorted sizes to a package, f * lOc value--Friday tlU Bias Seam Tape, cambric, 12 yds. to a bolt, lOc value, Friday Carmen Hair Nets, all colors, 5c value, 3 for Rodgers Scissors, all sizes from 3 to 6-inch, 19c and 25c 1 ft/» values, Friday 1.1/t/ Kohinoor Dress Fasteners in black and white, lOc value, £ ~ Friday for J I/ "So-No-Moor" and Revall Dress Fasteners in black and white, all ff ^ sizes. 5c value, 3 dozen for «/V Initial Stationery--25 correspondence cards, 25 envelopes, 25c "I f%/» value, Friday At) V Pearl Buttons, in 2 and 4-hole, all sizes, Be value, 2 cards for Twill Tape, 8 yards to bolt, oc value, 2 rolls for Featherstitch Braid, 6 yards to bolt, white and colors, lOc value Children's Side Elastic, all sizes, lOc value Collar Supports, detachable, all sizes, 3 on a card, 5c value, 2 for 5c I 5c Beautiful Undermuslins At $1.95 Best Quality of Nainsook and Long Cloth--Values to $3 Princess Slips made with swiss or lace inserts--yokes fin- \ ished with edge and beading. Skirt has flounce to match. Values up to $3.00, Friday only Summer Gowns, fine nainsook made in dainty little slipover styles, beautifully trimmed with embroidery or lace inserts. Yokes and handsome medallions to match. Gowns made long and full; values up to $3.00, Friday only Combination Suits. Drawers, Skirts or Knickerbocker and Corset Cover, made in wide range of practical and comfortable models. All are beautifully fashioned and trimmed with sheer embroidery and good laces. Values up to $3.00 for Friday only White Petticoats. New models in straight styles, others have embroidery or lace trimmed flounce. All are made with snug fitting hips. Petticoats fashioned correctly for the gowns of today. Values up to $3.00, Friday only Friday Jewelry Clearance Sharp Price Reductions On Fashionable Novelties Any bead (with the exception of pearls and black jet), including amber and pearl, amber and jet, amber and amethyst and many other combinations and plain colors in red, tango, black, white and amber. Values goVa 0 ^ 0 HALF PRICE Novelty Bracelets in silver and jet, silver and amethyst and gold and amber, 50c value, special 25c Black Jet and Amber Crosses and medallions, soc value, special Black Cameo Rings, set in silver, 50c value, special. Novelty Golf Hat Pins in sterling silver, 50c value, special, pair Brilliant Slipper Pins in plain and fancy designs; $1.50 d-| AA value, special, pair «JJ JL»\J\J Watch Bracelets in gold and silver $5.00 Swiss movement; special -. Black Jet Hair Pins, fancy design, 50c value, 9^/» special tf\s Joan Sawyer Hair Pins in shell, amber and demi-blonde; CQ/» $1.00 value, special U«7C Amber Hair Pins, set with colored stones and colored pins set with white stones; values from U A I C DDIPC soc to $1.50, at nALr rnlut Toilet Articles Reduced To-Monow **} Mahogany Mirrors, with 6-inch French bevel glass, 50c value, special :,;' '·' '·!';·' · · · · · · · · · / -? 3c Mahogany Clothes Brushes, with imitation boar bristles, 50c value, special · · · · · · · ' · ' ' : 3 . 9( | Biz Head Wash, a delightful shampoo, 50c value, special 25c ParHyle Brilliantine, a preparation to make the hair glossy, 5Cc value, special · " · · · · · · . : · · -?? c Jergens' Benzoin and Almond Lotion for preserving the skin and complexion; 25c value, special .28c Calox, the oxygen tooth powder, 25c value, special 19c iNEWSPAPEr Satin Skin Cream, keeps hands soft, the skin satin smooth* 50c value, special 25c Geisha, Violette Louisette, and Luxury Face Powder, in white and brunette, 50c value, special 25c Rickaeckers Toilet Water in Lily of the Valley and Ping Pang, 75c value, special 45c Hanson-Jenks Violet Almond Meal Compound, for whitening the skin. 25c value, special 15c Pinaud's Lilas de France toilet water, to be used after shaving, handkerchief and bath. 75c value, special. .54c NEWSPAPER!

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