Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 20, 1955 · Page 17
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 17

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1955
Page 17
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The Dixon Evening Telegraph' Friday, May 20, 1955 Page 17 yor Bicycles, Appliances and Furniture. Ward's Second Hand Store, 610 West Second St., Ph. BRUEN WATCH SALE Special J5.00 • $10.00 saving -limited time only. Ladies or men's 23 jewel Bruen now bargain priced at $29.00. See these and other fine sale priced watches on display in our catalogue ^MONTGOMERY WARD Phone 2-1911 Dixon. Twt GRADUATION SPECIALS RCA-Victor Model 45EY2 automatic phonograph including 10 popular records $ 39.95. R.C.A. Victor portable radio with non-breakable cases. A.C.-D.C. or battery powered. Priced from only $27.9.*i to S49.95. HALL'S 2nd iloor 221 First St. ton Mitchell Air Condition 's used 50 hours. 714 Galena Ave. Dixon. Phone 3-4691. For Sale: Freez-King Frozen Custard Machine at one-half price. Excellent condition, guaranteed, Terms. Call Oregon Theatre, Ore- For Sale: Coronado electric clothe dryer, mav be seen at 405 E. 7t . St.' Phone 3-3206. Wood lathe, platform scale. Gar den plows, safe, power mowers, cutting torch. Rifles, shotguns. I. Zentz Used Furniture Store Rock Falls. For Sale: Seaking outboard motor. Used 15 hours. 1 26-inch Boy's bicvcle. Excellent condition. Ph. 3-4818. Propane Gas - Fuel sales Agreements on 1.000 gallon tanks $300. on 500 gallon tank $200.00. Better-gas Co., ProDhetstown, 111. Boats, car top luggage carriers, house trailer: two wheel car bail ment mixer. 410-20-12 guage Shot guns - Colt .62 pistoi. . Lyman R. Prescott FOR SALE LEE COUNTY WALL MAPS Dixon Evening Telegraph 2^JaS5eaT^ 7 room modern home. Quick possession. Price S8.500. H. E. GERDES, Realtor Office phone 4-9411 Evenings phone 3-65S7 or 4-2831. Several good buys in homes. JOHN W. KING, REALTOR Phone 2-4173 a r-nnn tt^X'ANT nno t ran his-hlv recommend. Want to rent a 160-acre farm for 1956. See me soon. Several residence properties In Franklin Grove. 1 very choice strictly modem bungalow, priced light, owner going 10 wuw SALE-REAL ESTATE For Sale: New river front, insulated modern home-5'-'- miles south of Oregon. Rt. 2. Write Box 340 c.'o Telegraph. Modern home 2 bedroomt, front room, sunny kitchen and bath, full basement. Phone owner 4-2302 Just Beine- Finished- 3 hfrtrnnm nome auacnea garage, air conditioned unit included in heating system. All new homes in this area. Ready soon. See this home Carl E. Plowman, Realtor 124 Galena Ave. Phone 3-8321 Home 2-0581 Pirl Bourret phone 4-2103 Mary Kerz phone 2-6431 ern house. A, J. TEDWALL AGENCY Phones 4-0671, 4-2067 KNOW WHERE BARGAINS ARE? in uiassiriea: Home. car. lurni- lure. anything - sea Want Ads IT'S HERE! That South East Side home, ex cellent location. 2 bedrooms and oatn on 2nd Door, living room, dining room, kitchen on 1st iloor. Immediate Possession Call Today - Make this, one yours Phone 3-81*1 2-7961 .Ve now have the new 1955 Nation al Homes brochures in full color of all floor plans' and exterior C. W. WOESSNER Phone 2-6313 Dixon, HI. A REAL BUY New 2 bedroom home. South side, with river view. Has dining room, living room, modern kitchen, oil heat. Large lot, double ga- each, face West. Will cooperate with other brokers. ALDEN F. HUNTER. REALTOR 106 W. River. Phone 3-8221. i room modern bungalow with garage. Close to town. Small down payment, balance like rent. BOOS AGENCY 404- Third Street Day or Evening phone 3-5864 Or rMrlv for summer for the growing family by buying this an modern two story s room house in Grand Detour. This house is 7 vears old. insulated, oil heat. full basement, garage, extra lot- 66 x 132. Modern 2 story 7 room house, gas heat; double garage with extra lot. North Side. 5 Room bungalow, oil heat, close Farms for sale. Lots for sale. F. X. NEWCOMER k CO. Phone 4-1621 ETenings F. M. Kness 1-71TJ ~ WANTED TO BUY ^^^^^^^^ ^ ;"Mom buys my shoes too large bacausa my fa«t art growing! I guess she expects hert to shrink 'eauM aha Carnival buys her shoes too *man; / nwoTqu 3JJl5l©-aA8/ 9 1 By Dick Turner •Trouble with Myrtlt i» «-■< everyWir* I »H her 1JM « one eer end out through the beauty ftrler! paperHRCHIVE8 SALE-REAL ESTATE " WANTED TO BUY Beeler Builders Inc. ANNOUNCING a few lots adjoining Assembly Park (Sterling) with city water, gas and sewer North Side Lanewood Drive. Between Institute and Myrtle Ave. Build a luxurious National Home-Three or Four bedroom - One or two baths - With or without basement. Homes restricted $12,500 to $19,500 starting $1,200 down. Call collect Sterling 3722 or see us west 2nd St., hock *aus. LE6AL PROPOSALS FOR BITUMINOUS COAL ADVERTISEMENT Springfield. Illinois April 29, 1955 Sealed bids and oroDOsals will be received in the Division of Pur chases and supplies, oi me Department of Finance, on DJinois th. Stat* Armorv *nd Office Build ing. Springfield. Illinois, until 10:30 a.m. DST June 8, 1955, and then and there publicly opened for furnishing and delivering the requirements of the State Charitable Penal and Reformatory Institutions, the Youth Commission and the State Armories, tor uie ensuing year, period ending June 30, 1956. SPECIFICATIONS AND BIDDING BLANKS MAY BE OBTAINED UPON APPLICATION TC THE DIVISION OF PURCHASES AND SUPPLIES. THE RIGHT IS RESERVED TO titlJ J^LTl Art i UK ALL. BIDS. VERNON R. FORGUE. STATE PURCHASING AGENT. Mav 14. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21, 2: 24. 25. 1955 CBS to Video Five Big Ten Football Tests NEW YORK lift— The Columbia Broadcasting System wiil telecast five Big Ten Conference and five Pacific Coast Conference football games next fall under the 1955 NCAA regional television plan. A CBS spokesman announced agreements with the two groups Thursday and added that CBS also had renewed a contract to televise Big Ten basketball games next The Big Ten football games to be telecast regionally: Sept. 24 — Washington vs Minnesota at Minneapolis. Oct. 8— Wisconsin vs Purdue at Lafayette, Ind. Oct. 22— Michigan vs Minnesota at Minneapolis. Nov. 5— Wisconsin vs Northwestern at Evanston, 111. Nov. 12— Iowa vs Ohio State at Columbus, Ohio. The Pacific Coast Conference regional program includes Sept. 24 —Illinois at California. Matchmaker Is Identified as Johnson Aide PHILADELPHIA tfl— Match maker Pete Moran, one of six charged by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission with actions detrimental to boxing, has been identified as an advisor to the manager of light heavyweight Harold Johnson. Johnson's trainer, Clarence (Skinny) Davidson, testified Thurs day that Moran always has been advisor to Tommy Loughrey it the business affairs of the fighter Johnson, Loughrey, Moran, Dav idson, another trainer and a second been charged by the com mission with participating m a 'sham, fake or collusive boxing match." t commission is investigating the Johnson-Julio Mederos match May 6 in which Johnson col lapsed after the second round and Mederos was awarded a TKO vic tory. Subsequent investigation dis closed that Johnson was drugged with a barbiturate. The commission alleges that Moran own3 a financial interest in Johnson. State regulations forbid t managers and forbid match makers doubling as managers. The investigation is in recess un til Monday. Side Glances TATE IE6AL ' IN THE COUNTY COURT ntr l tr.vr. mTTNTV ILLINOIS. IN THE MATTER OF THE ES LLOYD BOODY, DECEASED. Public Noitce is hereby given that a Petition has been filed in the County Court of Lee County. Illinois, praying that Letters of Administration be issued to Nina M. Stabler Public Administrator of Lee Lounty, mmois. on u« Resumption of the death of the said Lloyd Boodv and setting forth that the' heirs at law of the said Lloyd Boody ate Lucy Boody Bates and William Boody. Notice is hereby given to the above named persons and all whom mav concern uiai a. had on said Petition by said County Court, in the room usually occupied bv said Court, in the Court House in the City of Dixon. day of June, 1955. at the hour of 10 O ClOCK A.ivl. or as after as the matter can be heard, at ,uhi>h timi> and olace vou are notified to be present if you so Clerk of the County Court of T oo rmmtv Illinois. May 20, 27. June 3. 1955 NOTICE OF CiiAIM DAY Notice is hereby given to all per sons that Monday. Jul: the claim date in th, PStatP. of ALFONS MAES. Deceased, pend- County, Iliinois. and that claims may be filed against tne saia tate. on or before said date w MARGARET MAES, Executor George Spitz, Attorney DeKalb, Illinois. op r tt-c? pnilNTV TT.TXNOTS. IN THE MATTER OF THE ES TATE OF tahk ROnnT DECEASED . PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that a Petition has been filed u Illinois, praying that Letters of Ad- Stabler. Public Administrator of Lee County, Illinois, on the presumption of the death of the said John Boody and setting forth that the heirs at law of the said John Boody are Lucy Boody Bates and William Boody. Notice is hereby given to the above named persons and all whom it may concern that a hearing will v» v,ari <=aiH Pptition bv said County Court in the room usually occupied by said Court in the Court House in the City, of Dixon, L,ee r\Mmht TlUnnis oh the 27th day Of June, 1955, at the hour of 10 o'clock AM or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at which and pi.'tce you are nouueu «•« be present if vou so . desire. Clerk of the County Court of Lee county, Illinois. PROPOSALS . June 3, 1955 Sealed proposals will be received „„H1 ton nVlnr-k A.M.. C.D.S.T.. May 24, 1955, at the office of the Department oi finance, opuns-field, Illinois, for contracts to fur-r,icv, tho irarimiR classes of print- and typewriter supplies, lia.uor and cigarette tax stamps. iui OL°-^' imt ionarato hirls are solicited for each class. Each bid. the total amount Ot wnicn is less iimi. iwc..- ty-five thousand dollars, must be accompanied bv a certified check of five hundred dollars, and each bid the total amount of which is twenty-five thousand dollars or more, must be accompanied by a certified check in the sum of one thousand dollars. Each bid must also be accompanied by a provisional agreement under seal, executed bv the bidder, to the effect that if such bid be accepted and if he shall fail to execute a contract and bond within the time conditioned as^required bv law; then, and in either such case, the amount, of such certified check shall become absolutely the property of the State of Illinois, and may be retained by the State as and for liquidated damages. . . ., •o^^^y ManVe v vine- detailed specifications and instructions may be obtained upon request by addressing Department of Finance Division of Printing W ~F.. "Krickson. Superin tendent of Printing. Room 300, North Side, State Armory. Snrine-field. Illinois. May 11, 16, 20, 1955 Placing Want Ads Is simple. Just write out vour offer and mail it tn Th» Tpiefranh. If vou'd like a hand with the wording, telephone 2-1111 and a friendly, neipnu aa-writer is at vour service. By Galbraith VWX "Now anough of this foolishnats! Pretty toon you'll be having data*, and how'd you likajajuva your.Uath IilAbner By AI Capp IXW%%&^~rll f THEM LADIES \ \ NO GENNOLMAN VJOULD TJ \ TMASS A PUITlCKT|^riEAUNG^ / THERE'S A't Vs^jt&P ( SASHAVED 1 1 OF DONE THET/T-ALL I PLAN -*CEPT AH'M / PEANUTS i TEN-DOLLAR I rtliHrZZ* ^/ INTO TH' <J f* AH GOT LEFT IS TEN \&\ h HONOflY.?-??- \f FROM HELPLESS J _Y FINE, FOR I XWzr^-l^^l POWDER ROOM, 1 1 DOLLAH S .'/-AH GOTTA A^I | A PEANUT//" / V SQUIRRELS//' J f^~h THAT/.' X ^^^^^^^^.^^^^^ %«ii^eW ho'mor^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^ Abbie and Slats By R^bura Van Buren IHHIH^^HlHil^HI BB'rFUKNY THING IS, POP-WHEN 1 1 M^TOPATS THE 5IX.TH PAV OP ^ 6IVE HIM A*"^^^"^"^TB| ^mtT™cZv rWAOi iP FAOojs; ■ ^1 SAW HER I HAD THE CMZIfST Bf HER P6AL WITH HIM. THAT COUPLE OF WEEKS- \ V WRUr! EAIiN5 ■ M , n,ati;v. rr> yer RH V=AM5 T""*TY-TWC> CEMTS. V HE'LL CATCH OM. / *T ; Buggs Bunny Knots to You AUeyOop Kemember, Doc? By V. T. Hamlin ^HBP^^^/' VVELL, THERE WAS A |/^^^^^^H L.SAlD HE V" < SURE, IXX.-TwV'^'V YES... AND -raT^^B ^XCHAP HERE WHILE K HE SEEMED I WA5 DR/ NEVEC\ FELLA AT / ..TK \-DlD INVITE !IM f^tU fBfvOU ^EAN THERE\ YOU WERE AWAY../ SO INTELLIGENTLY ■ ISCOTn] HEARD I SHORTY'S j, ONE WHO \ TO OSOP ^".^^B7' PS WHO COULD HAVE llNVITED HIM T0> SHOW HIM SOME- J| [J^^V^rK^ V~~^K*' ^| Freckles and His Friends No Soap By Merrill Blosser Py M^i^^, Sie.Mr FATHER. DROPPED) ] SlR. ALL 1 SORRf, BOnB^^^^^^ J ^ - , ^ , » A AOT WAFFLE IROM / OUR CLOCKS BUT IT WQCS l^ L^£\*W- OU.OH/Siy MINUTES ^ ON HIS FOOT-- J STOPPED AT THE BM6 OF UHM,^ ^ • ..- . LATE.' I GOTTA THINK . ' . , •■T^ FOUR. WIS SIMCERJTY- "^fiT fWMi ' ^^^^|^^^^^^ ' ^ ^^^^^^^^^/^ c^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ - VicFUnt Lost Picture By Jay Heavlin •MOftNMS, AMD... " " BOSE TREVOR , THE SAL SHE WAP& A D5AL WITH m Y^r ^BjZ~rp£%V \ L ■ 1 WHO CARRSEP THE CAM- KIM&ALL'S kriLLES.JO-PRO- £ \ /f£6E.r y^~-~-~^Z^l{^ \ VJC< Vv'fTH PLILlT'ouT ALL TH= PEAA^l CLUS SEPOPE MDU, HAD A CO?V OF THE PICTURH TO N Hi! ^-ZZT""^ \ / P. 1 r>^ ti„. vt„A,v,oa Simnle By Edgar Martin rir^n--U~La&iaB'-!'-'! U.BW^bL^ ^\\6v\X ^ COKi'SVSVVr.V) ft<=> AO TftW "XVVc. ^WS R L/>^ ^ ^^.^^|^r^^^^^^C^^ THW^ ffi^O^Offi: - r ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ Captain^E^LS^^ ^ ^ ij^f^^^^r ^^^^ ^ 'erRRCHIVE8

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