Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 5
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BO WEAP WRC ifj §J nount orchestra ,_ Dealers Directory RADIO rO'ELECTRtc' 'QUARTERS MART'S --····I ··!·. and TIC RADIO [SHARD'S TM i^L :ATUR-S lie CENTER sSS 86 IwnrtK n*'nr1 Inntrn IN--Shirt Mn*to -- g Jrrfnlnjt -a uto-tr" ECATUR ;ic SHOP 1AZINO MCTOR |tngl* control t* f «rfof mi 7 lune* pines of th* [unhandy Hrl« nt it do*** |ON. : LOCALS. DIS1ANCI, t VOLUME. VOIUME. OfT. DECATUR HERALb THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 9, 1930. OECATUR HERALD LEWIS PROPOSES STATE OPERATE ITS DISTILLERIES I, Prictkal Measure of Finn Relief, Democratic Candidale_Says CONTROL WITH PEOPLE Recommend Drastic Changes In Laws Dealing With Gangsters SPRINGFIELD, Oct. 9 ~ Drastic hangeM In Illinois' criminal laws ao s to make It more difficult for gangster* and hardened criminals to escape punishment are proposed In jgeotlons under consideration by state and Chicago Judiciary advisory commissioner* following * conference between them and Governor L. I* Emmerson here, Wednesday. Among proposals considered Wed- jsday, was one urging the creation of a permanent state judicial ad vis- oiy council It is likely legislation (or tho creation of the council will be EA81 ST. { nlttlt I tllU { nlttlt . LOUIS. 0 -SUM op- Hamilton Lewis, Democratic ate (of UnlUd SUtfs Senate. ,,, J~ad1r«i »»«* Wednesday nig' ' The state should be empowered diiill Anwrtean grown grftln In or itr that th* profits of the Waif It (W to tho American farmer than to the foreign Interests are bontflttlng from the oper- of the Eighteenth Amendment hi i§W KWW Wllh t'0i|(»l« "I demand" Lewis mkl. "that the !U» b« ohargwl such sum* us wll world* a form of wtnue that wll etfMl ths heavy taxes on th* prod «eti ot the farm, the business of the clUM *nd towns nnd the home* of (M citizen* nnd then apply such n taw M to (he limit or quantity a* our spirits of temperance, guided by our church*! and our reverence to- ««rd Million, would direct, "With this In force wo would have eompl'to torapcranee and prohibition M Mir people themselves ahull dl (Ml. The return of th|« subject to th» H*t* for locnl tKiir-govoi nmen iiw to the cltljwn* hli constitution il right and rescues him from the mlllloni of dollars of taxes now forced on him by tho federal gov- ·(nnwdt und«t thu name of the nation*! ad ministration tit prohibition," Lewis «»id Gtrnn Oppu*o* Io I.MWN Uwl« urjfwl the S.OOO people who attended tho mooting In the Alnaa submitted to the regular session of the *tate Legislature In January of next year. During tho meeting Wednesday. Judge Hairy Ftaher of Chicago, presented a pioposal for the mlaislfl- catlon of crimes, having for It* object the Isolation of hardened criminal* from other offenders. H* proposed five clauses from major crimes to- petty infractions of the law. Other subjects dlscusaed were: the elimination of terms of court; restricting challenge* in criminal case*, and making jurors judges of fact only. LOUISIANA GOVERNOR NAMES HIS SECRETARY Alice Lee Grosjean Appointed Member of Cabinet I«U 6'111 If II Fit-I! ) BATON KOUOE, La., Oct. 9- Mlss Alice Lee Qiotfjenn, Gov. Huey P Long's prlvnto secretary, presided over the department of state Thurs- tnnptc to him to (h c Senate In order that the ii«t«'» two roproeunta- live* In (li« Senato mlphl be In complete hsrmony on prohibition 3oiiiuor Oil* GlBHti. Lewi* n n^pMod lo ilif prwwnl liquor »nd h(u oftorod f i o m tline to tlmei "a iiy#t»m of relief iifi«lHj*t thn MX«« «» »'« now rniliidrisc.' 1 Koimwrmn Not IUv«i«Wf«l Lirnl* cliarKed IhM Mm. Ruth Huinn Moformleh. hi* Rhpubllea tppoiHint, \* Inolncot* In her d«cU«r itloM for fww rnlliif. "Sh* voted irhllf. In fonKicdn i«nln(iL thn lie iKiiturn nntl othei ftim« of retlflf," An 'Ski Conninntlntt *" Ptenldonl Hooior'n r«Fit iipwclin*, Tjeivlw »ul (I that "ixt- r h « Pronldenl hnW nut promltt*. nothinft ha« bonn done to better uiniltrinn*. nn the ·niri W » am m«iely ure not Ttopublitans," hn to laud lhc «·«»· rut of Ihc wlltlernosM The fMftf imt« turne'l to the Dotuccutt- Ic patty tn cililN or the prutt nnO me lumlng tn it ftK.tln a« tlielr cnly sal- vullcn," SANCAMON CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF DIES Factional Fight Selection of Successor In l«V ! ail' it i'r,. \ SPBINOWISLD. Ott. B --Nuniet oC b«l( k doiun personN wero projioaud u Ripubllcnn eiindldale (o sheriff ef Sangamon eounty Thureday (is thai tnult ot thf, (leAtli «.f Hnrrj' .1 *hosttkor, ^iirlnjf/tpltl, nominated la th« April prlmnr(fH Schoeltkor vrn» the only winning day ai Louisiana's first woman to hold that position. Mitts Grosjean'B elevation to an office in his cabinal was announced by the governor Wednesday a few hours after the death of James J Bailey, who was serving his fourth term The now secratnry, an attractive brunettn. Is S4 years old. She enter ed the governor's service when she was 18 and two yews later divorced her husband, James Terrell of El Dorado, Ark Duiing the recent senaloilol campaign which resulted tn Long's nomination Tertelt threat. med to mie the governor for alienation of Mltw Qrosjean's affections, but tho null naver was filed. Miss Orosjcan Is n merabu .of » prominent Louisiana family, the daughter ot Mr and Mrs. George Goi)ennof9hifveport. Shehas been Long's adviser In Ws political cam palfjna, and helped him direct MM recant ffiht for the senators) nomination Vang htt» boen n stormy figure In mat* politic* ever since he flrtt ran fr public service commissioner. His tenure ns goveinorhns been nrniked hy bitter political foudi ami efforts tii havn him Impeached Hrccntly however fttter his very lubstanttid Imlornemont hy the votets. oppos Ing fnctloni) ngratd to n "truee " MRS. O'NEILL ATTACKS OPPONENTS AS WETS i Hi/ Bf.OOMINOTON, Oft, fr-Hulh Honnn McCormlck'a referendum stand »n the piohlbltlon Issue has made Iwr Just a* wet a« Jdrocs Ham llton Lewis, tho other candidate for U S. Senator, Mrs. Lottie Holman O'Neill said In her Introductory ilownntat* campaign speech here. The lndeiendent dry candidate added lhat the avowed wetness of nnd the wot roferandurn ad- vocacv of Mrs MrCormlck have led the Illinois senatorial race divided Into two pattfi--the wet and the dry. Insisting that fhe alone reprosents the drys of tho Btote Mrs, O'Neill charged that the ElepuWlcan «andl dnftte had betrayed the drys by ploy- ing Into thft hnnds of the "City hall gang In Chicago " Tho Independent candidate reiterated her statement mode tn Chicago recently that Mr* MtCormlek would not be so«tcd In the Senate, if eleot- «l, beeftuie of her campaign dilute*. Woman WhrKillelf Mate To Make Self Defense Plea GRANDDAUGHTER OF FORMER MISSOURI GOVERNOR HONORED tan Onlltd Pi en ST. LOUIS. Dot 0-Mlss Jane s orry Francis, a debutante granddaughter ot the late David H, Francis, former governor of Missouri and U. 3 Ambassador to Russia, was named queen of love and beauty at the 52d annual ball of the veiled prophet, an unknown "sovereign" ·who holds his "court" here once yearly. The "court" which is an exclusive carnival for social St Louis, was held Wednesday night Aside from the selection of Miss Francis as queen four debutantes wore chosen io act M special mnld.i ot honor. They were- Miss Lou leu Goddard, Mis* Adeline Ely Smith, Miss Jane Blackmcr and Miss Betty Rathman. The veiled prophet's ball was started B2 year* ago with an unknown person taking the role of the monarch. His identity has remained a secret. Later It was decided to name a queen and four maids from each year's group of debutantes. AIRPLANEirFTfELD EPED1TION CRASHES None Reported Injured In South African Accident the the county ticket lo ot Mr*. Kuth . H*nna McCorrulck. ftspubllown s«nn- terW cunrtldmo, in the primaries. All Ihi ether wlnnerM suppurtod Sonnlor Ch*rl«i( Dcnoen. V» a result tho CIIICACJO. r'tilfrrt O«t. 0. Floroncc Leo wy. charged with murdering her husband, Maurice, a teaming contractor, planned Thursday to testify that nhe shot him In self defense. As Mrs. Lecney prepared to go to the stand, the jury considered previous testimony by state witnesses to the effect Leeney had been shot ty tho MrCovtnl«k . Sehowtkfi- died after an Illness o( ww«i w««ks on hi* iwth blrtbilft} Swdwich Students Named Poultry Judges '' ' «· Piednrli'k Soheidofker 18 *· twins, and SUnlcy Miunn. J7, all M auioniH. huve htien chosen chani- (indent pmtUrv udtB^ und *lll Illinois in the National .Yuguflluft Lindbergh, Jr.. mpottttlon lii open at 8t ' l '» »·"« -»"·"· when h county central committee, which is 1 twice In the face from close range Ho-Den«(.n (acini n tiylit If It names' probably while he slept, *«iiMUt«te other ttum one approval Th* way for Mrs. Leenoy's self de · · · · " · " - · r f crl se testimony was paved by Mrs Helen Hartough, tho first defense witness, a welfare woiker who testified that shoitly after the shooting ihn found bruises on Mrs. Leeney's head, throat, breast, abdomen and legs, Young Lindy~Wi]l Chooje Own Career, Father Says iflv rot^d rttM.\ NEW YORK Oct. 9.--Charles uwlua Lindbergh, Jr.. -will choose own career when he comes of ujn. according to Mi Interview with his father In the November Issue of tho Pictorial Review, Col LlndlKM'gh laughed whon the Intei viewer asked him about hi* present plans for his eon's future. "Our son has hardly reached tho iipe to have his future determined for htm," tho Colonel was quot id In any cone, It can best decide foe" sett when the time comes." Col. Lindbergh n.l*o revealed that ho und Mm, Lindbergh plan to visit Mexico and South America again soon on «n extended tour. St. Paul Woman Claim* Traiticontinenta) Mark . Mo . Saiuidn} II M *y HIP mate tlcpiirtitmnt of asrl- H*rn«Ml. nlto of Sandwich, wen solpcicd Hlloinntn, and thu »*n nil! he conched t(| K h Ben C In th« uomurtltion -with *tudout« more wwiUWO V «t«M Charged With Murder To Grand Jury ui'frt rn · i Oct. 6 WIlllnni Bond- waited th? nation Jury otter ho had boen ·»tp to that body by a coron- lnvetl(tatlng the death of fc'WiiioT"TM *"*' Mr * M " r * ftret BMUI« ' tii».nl?' * * h *H-»ho«k«(l war veter- bi 2?'*"« (o the slaying after ^·ntw Tuesday, Ho kilted th* on Sept. 2. Sun- OLENDALE, Cal., Oot, 8--Laura Ingnlls, St. Paul aviator, Thursday claimed th* women's transcontinental flight record which Ruth Alexander of San Diego recently )Mt ntt lift attempting to establish. Miss tngall* arrived late Wednesday from New York, completing ths trip, th* first ever made across the United States by a woman flyer, in 30 hours and 2T minutes. KHARTOUM. Sudan Africa. Oct 0--The plan* In which Marshal Field III of Chicago, nnd his bride were on a honeymoon tour through th big (tame country, etashed Thnr* day near Nlmule. All members o: tho party were reported safe. The town of Nimule is some 860 miles south of Khartoum, on the Bahr el Jebel river, not fat from the western boundary of Kenya colony. Marshall PI old and his party had flown southward over the Sudan planning a big game hunt by plane thiough the Kenya^colony region. The Chicago multi-millionaire and Mrs. Dudley Coats were married in London, Aug. 11 They epant e short time In the English countlyelds before going to Le Touquet, France, where they pKycd golf and wrc In the Prince of Wale* parly at the Casino on several occasions. The big amphibian plane, piloted by Frank Sheltx and Vincent Smith, two American pilots already had started the flight from England to Africa Compile Figures On State Drouth Relief SPRINGFIELD^Oct'^Immediate and futute relief requirement* for drouth stricken areas In Illinois will be known by next week with receipt of repnrte from county drouth relief committees by the stato commission on drouth relief, according to Homer J, Tlce, executive secretary of the commission, The reports now bulng prepare* will show the requirements for fped for livestock that must be maintained aa foundation stock for herd* seed requirements far the fall tot fprlng planting, and other detail* of the effect of tho drouth. When the reports are completed the state commission will compile them Into a comprehensive statement of the drouth situation that exists In Illinois that can be used In efforts for relief, according to the executive. Former Rich Promoter Ends Life In Chicago CHICAGO, Oct. ^-Despondency over financial difficulties wat blamod by po)lo* Thursday for the sulolde of Fred Mann, ST, once own er of the million dollar Ralnbo Gardens ballroom and personal friend of Mayor William Hale Thompson, Mann'* body, slumped over a bench In Lincoln park with a revol ver no»r by, was found by a passerby who wa* attracted by a pistol shot. A note directing disposal of hi* body, together with a letter to his family, was found In his clothing. He had J2.6S In his pockets. Police said Mann recently had lest control of several of hi* buslnes* tn Uirests. Previously be lost control of the ballroom. WaytoGetAtaCold b Through the Bowel* As *oon aa you catch cold, the pore* close; perspiration is checked Gases and waste can't etcape through the akin. That's why your doctor's first advice In case of cold* Is a mild laxative like casctra. Medical au thofltle* agree It actually strength en* bowel muscle*. You get caccara In Its most pleaaant form In candy Cascareta. Remember thto when you catch cold; whenever breath is bad; tongue coated; or you're headachy, bilious constipated. Why resort Cascaret* quickly, so ly^-and coat i harsher thing* when bate the bowels so liltwlv and pleasant- nly · dime? FEDERAL AGENTS BEGIN MOP-UP AT LEGION MEET Army of U. S. Men Invade Downtown Boston In Hunt For Bootleggeri ONE ARREST IS MADE (Bit TJ*4tftl freti BOSTON. Oct. ft- The closing hours of the Hth annual American Legion convention were enlivened early Thursday when an army of federal probltlon agents descended upon several Boston hotels In quest of bo^tteggers nnd liquor. Th« belated action came as a surprise since It followed closely Police Superintendent Michael H. Crowd's denial of charges by a dry leader that the Legion convention wa* extremely wet and that llquoi was nold openly on the street* . Veteran* "Amawd" Visiting legionnaires, unmolested in their revelry of the pa»t three days, appeared amazed by the aud- den appearance of dry officers In hotel lobbies and rooms. It waa understood that all prohibition agent* In this district hat) been assembled, by secret orders for * "mop up" campaign on downtown hostelrles housing World war veteran*. Moke One Arr«rt "Dennis T. Lorden, head of the lo cal dry squads, had charge of tn* drive. He appeared early Thursday In the lobby of Hotel Statler, Legion headquarters, and soon was Joined by man ot his subordinates. The only arrest «am» IB minutes after the drive began, when Loiden took In custody a suspected bootlegger at the Statler. Other agents, at Lord en's direction, searched th* hotel for liquor peddlsrs. They did not Interfere with guest*, and It was plain that they had instructions merely to arrest bootleggers. Other prohibition officers were sent to other downtown hotels, From several host dries, Including the Staller. a number of suspected bootleggers were ejectod. The liquor agents ir,et with no resistance Aiuwer Dry Charge* The surprise prohibition campaign wa* believed to nave bwn Inspired by the allegations of MM Henry W. Peabody prominent Mnsachu*etU dry. who declared In a speech at Everett School, Roatbury, earlier this week that police had countenanced open violation* of the liquor law* during the convention. ^ Laundry Workers Recover From Chlorine Gas (Bit UHltttPrtttl SPRINGFIEIA Oct. B--All persons who were affected by chlorine ga*, Inhaled while working at the Wa*h-Rlte laundry here Wednesday All but two of them, Mtldrod Var nsy and Andrew Hels* wore able to leave the hospital Wednesday night after first aid treatment Miss V«r- ney and Hels» ar* not In a serlout condition physicians stated. Tha accident occurred when the chlorine gas used to soften water «*· caped, through a faulty valve, Four Crushed To Death When Auto Rams Track MUNICE ( , ltl ind i ,' OoC*(£-Four persons were crushed to death Thursday when their automobile collided with a truck on state highway «7 six miles east of here. The dead: Oaylord Bpringer, Ken noth Bverhart, Aletha Evwhart and Mrs, Marjorle Everhart, The driver of the truck escaped with minor Injuries. Violent Eartb^Tremor Recorded In France B u V * t t N l P H W ) STRASBOURG, France, O«t. ft.-A violent earth tremor was felt throughout Alsace at 11:JO P m Wednesday. The seismic needle of the Stra* bourg Initltute waa broken by the force of the earth movement. Furniture was knocked over in house* and telephone system* were affected. SPECIAL PRICES Feed Flour Salt Ter Hundred Pound* Bntn $1-30 Gray Short! 1.55 Crwfcml Com 2.06 Wayne ButtmnmUk Egg Muh 2.75 Cold M.daJ Egff Ma»h 2,75 SncraiM Egg Mt*h 2.50 Wayn* 16% Dairy Fe*d 1.65 W*yn« 24% Dairy feed 2.25 Wayne 32% Dairy F«ed 2.45 Wayne Catf Meet 4.30 W*yM Pigeon F««d... 3.60 Tip Top Scratch F««d. . 2,25 Tankage 60% Protein. 3.40 Oil Meal 34% Protein. 2.75 Oytter Shell .90 Sail, 50-Ib, block . . . . .40 2fcr 76 Pftbc* Hard Wheat Pour, 4ft lb». 1.35 Palaot Hard Wheat How, 24 ft*. 70 Oat*v per bo. .48 Stock Salt, 100 Ib. bag .90 Cfias. Clark Feed Co. CM E. GRAND DIAL MOJ9 DteOat't Dtfertamt Stm F# TUfy A*l» Friday and Saturday: Sale: 200 Magnificent Richly Furred Coats Just Purchased! The Biggest Values In Years! --Tht pric* in no way inrfi- cat** th* nal worth of A*M handtom* eooto / purchases any coat . . , 'balance on imall convenient --For here ar« model* with rich fun th*t MVM befor« trimmed coat* «t thw priee, BEAUTIFUL FURS: FtotWrlnif Oppowum, Mtnekitrltj; Wolt and Caracul Collar and Cuff Set*. RICH MATERIALS! Luxurious wool trtcolalne m Wa*k and tho leading nbade* of and wine. COMPLETE SIZE RANGE: September Style Successes Here Presented In Two Groups Fashionable Fall Dresses For Women Who Demand Utmost in Styfc and Value Smart Silk D r e s s e s --Hundred* of ttyltt uwr« mtvotd Bet or elections were made . . . thut you will find the very cream of fall fa$hion represented. --Satins, crepes and nilk prints in the new Jacket and tuhlo mode*, Lac* combination* that have Intrigued «o many Dtcalur women Black and the Important green, wine and brown shades. Conspicuous Fashion Successes Are These Rose Room Dresses $ I -- r f c tponton . . . 0 int mmktr coptM amf (Am Gtbharf* prmnt . . . thtn Fall /o»fcion^ir»*i to D«Mfiir Stunnins, One-Of-A-Kind Paris Hats That Are All The Rage Just Now Velvet*/ Felt,! Newttt Trimming*! --HaU that echo the latest whispers of Paris. Hats with tingle brim*, cushion brltm and no brim* at all --You marvel at their etover fashioning. -Dr*«*M tor *utet, onto ft4 all rtaytlnm wttr . . . for Sunday and duteliif, High co«t fist tln» and *UW prinu. Wool la and timta froeka, * Exclusive tn Style And Comfort Vitality Shoes in Seven Sparlclins Modes And At --A» arch that Millt on ed*nuno line* CawWh* lug tttmott comfort witk taut mlnuu Myltnf. A raodlih abM IB avtry detail, f MM* ·nd Ui MylN (» ttW now battan, -Oukaii a«d * to I. WWtlw AA to D. Hi«i^^

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