Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 29, 1938 · Page 7
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 7

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1938
Page 7
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MAIDEN EFFORT fcy Samuel Hopkins Adams 0 Samuel Hopkins Adartu WNU Scivica THE STORY CHAPTER I--Kclsey Hare, young arclil- teci convalescing from a breakdown, meets Mattiu Ilol.-nes. strii.iclInR author. In a storm on a lake near Moldavia. N. V.. and later settles doun with him at his estate. HolincsJiclm. Finding Holmes studying a newspaper picture of a Park avenue debutante. Kelscy learns that a story by Holmes has been rejected in a $15.000 contest run by Purity Pictures. A. Leon Snydacker. president, for a novel suitable for plcturlza- (Ion. In which the winner of a Mystery Beauty contest will star. Kelsey buys the manuscript from Holmes and rents his house. One of the conditions o( the deal is that Kelsey adopt Holmes' pen name, "Tern- pleton Sayles." After Holmes departs on a trip, a telegram arrives for Sayles which Kclsey leaves unopened. Clunk, odd man servant, places the debutante's picture on the mantel on top of the teleeram «.nnric.n i--irie r-urit Avenuu van straitens, at breakfast with their niece Marlon, are horrified to find her picture In the paper ai one of ten remaining contestants for the Purllv pictures aivard. end team that Lip- gelt Morse, admirer, has entered Marlon's picture on a bet. Aft r threats of being taken abroad ur.t'l the "scandal" dies down,, Marion dcc.drs acvcnlurously to go throusn v ! !li (he conlrst CHAPTEH !il--In the offices of A. Leon Snvdackcr. heir to the Peckett's Persjasive Pills fortune. Marlon finds nine other beau Ucs She makes friends with Gloria Glam our. Alp professional beauty contestant At lunch together, they meet Moby Dicksteln. SnydaCner's press afient and factotum. Sny- dacker Is overwhelmed with Marion's beauty and "class." lu which he ts extreme!} susceptible, rcpeatc'lly calls her "Darr- Ung, and awards her the leading role Marlon refuses tu accept without Gloria, and the two girls and Moby plan Immediate departure for the estate of Teinp'e'.on Savlcs. whn 's to hp learllntr man "Then it. s tur.e he jiot onto him so!'." staled Gloria. "5'cc here; you arc Tcmplnton Sc»''r!S, aren't ynu?" from Marno. · A giilp, fo'lor, c-1 by a f a i n t murmur, seemed to mciimtc assent. "And 'Love Beyond Sin' is your story?" "Yes." Here he wr.s on firm ground. Hadn't he bought and paio for it I "Was his story," corrected Mobj Dickstein. "It's ours row." "Ours?" queried K c l s e y "Whose?" "Purity Pictures'. V/liat d'you think we're pryir.' you Pftepn thousand shiny dollars fot?" "Pry v.'hnm ho'.v much fur what?*' babbled the dared Kelscy. "I'm tellin' you," said Moby and told h.m again. "But the picture company returned the manurcript." proicated Kelsey, remembering vividly Ihc real author's disgust and disappointment. "That was a mistake." "Without so much as a note." "Listen, bo. Didn't you get a telegram, explaining?" "There was a telegram. It didn't explain anything. It didn't even mean anything." "A. Leon must have drafted it himself," interpreted Moby. "What is this A. Leon person? A lunatic?" "A highly improper question," rebuked A. Leon's right-hand man with dignity. "He happens to be President of Purity Pictures." "So the telegram claimed. He seemed to be upset about something and .wanted me to come somewhere and straighten it out." "What are we goin' to do about this' bird?" inquired Moby. "Hey. listen. I'll give it to you in installments. You--won--the Purity Pictures--World--Contest--Prize. Got it?" "With--with this story?" "Sure, with this story. What story were you figurin 1 on winnin" ii with?" "With 'Love Boyond Sin? 1 " qua vcrcd Kelsey. "Think he's gqjrs to throw a fit?" arkcd Gloria solicitously. "I'm tellip* you, ain't I? Wit!. 'Love Bsyond Sin.' " "Oh, my good Lord Almighty!" "And now he's going to break down and cry," said Gloria in dis gust. "That's gnawing him, any way? Are authors always like this? Fifteen grand, rolling into my pocket, wouldn't hang any crepe on my soul." "Come up to the house and we'l' ha\e cocktails," mumbled t h e young man. They followed him in. "Glunfc!" he shouted. "Ice." The faithful henchman appeared with a large chunk between hi* hairy paws. At first sight of the .girls, he dropped it on the floor. The irregular triangle of his three protuberant fangs outlined a pleased smile. "Gal," he pronounced. "Sweet cheese 'n' crackers! Wherc'd you get the hairy bear?" cried Gloria. Glunk ambled over, stood before Marne and executed a series of ecstatic bobs. "Gall" he repealed. "Nice gal." "You've made a hit, baby," remarked Moby. Before Kelsey could interpose, Glunk had snatched the printed photograph from the mantel and held it aloft. "Why, it's me!" said the original of it. "How ever did that get here?" She smiled at Kelsey in a manner that thrilled him with a combined warmth of happiness and 'deadly chill of dismay. "Give me that, Glunk," he ordered sharply, but the girl was holding out her hand for it and the monster was under her spell. She read the inscription. "Miss Adelina Ashcan, the Par*k Avenue Dcbutter. That's a pretty conceit, too." Kelsey whirled upon the beaming Glunk. "Get out of here before I kill you," he bawled. With a frightened yelp, Glunk fled. "Now you've hurt his feelings," accused Marne. "Not to mention mine. They're absolutely lacerated." "I-I-I-I never," began the wretched Kelsey, "I didn't mean--" "Oh, lay off, kid," said Gloria out of the side of her mouth nearest Marne. "The poor simp's on the grids." "I'm waiting for that cocktail," pointed out Moby. ,1100111 getting the makings, the host fled the room. It was at least a respite Moby said to his companions: "You girls moke an excuse to look around the house or something. I'm goin' to the mat with our young friend here" The cocktails were consumed in an atmosphere of social frigidity. Upon the withdrawal of the girls, Moby Dickstein turned his gentlest and most persuasive smile upon Kelsey. "You're in a jam, buddy. Anybody with a lower half of a glass eye could see that. What's it all about? Where's the body buried? Tell Uncle Moby. You ain't Tern- pleton Sayles, any more than I'm Glunk. Are you?" "I wish I'd never heard the name," groaned its misappropria- lor. "Well, come on. Spill it. I'll give you a hand. What's the answer?" Welcoming a chance to get his troubles off his overtaxed chest, the bedeviled Kelsey gave a faithful, if slightly over-emotionalized account of the plight in which he found himself owing to the unforeseen suc- TC S nf "Love Beyond Sin." The pies;; agent wh'stlcd sympathetically. "Now I'll tell you some more," said he, and supplied a succinct and brilliant s u m m a r y of the Templcton Sayles snpa, as written by Holmes. "So that's the kind of bird I'm suppopcd to be, is it?" said Kelsey between his teeth. "Thai's what you're cast for. And plenty " Kolsey rose, with decision inscribed upon his features. "I'll have to ask ynu to excuse me," said he courteously Moby Dichstem performed some high-powered cerebration. "If the fifteen grand doesn't go to you, who decs it go to? The guy that wrote the story, dnn't it?" "Yes. Martin Holmes." "Well, does he need the money or don't he? This joint looks like he might." "He does. And he can have it." "Listen, bo. I know A. Leon Sny- dacker He's got to have a Templeton Sayles, and you're the only one in sight." If you don't play ball, the game is up. Your frienri'll never see a red cent of that money, I give you my word. Now! Are you goin' to see him gypped? Or are you goin' to stand by? Be a sport." "I could be a sport. But I can't be Templeton Sayles, and I won't. Not according to the specifications set out by that idiot of a Holmes." "Stay with it a little while," pleaded the other. "A. Leon's due here in a couple of days. You back me up, and we'll put it over on him He's one of these guys that'll believe anything he wants to believe. And between us we'll give him plenty." He scrutinized the younger man. "What are we going to tell those two girls?" "Tell 'em nothin'. What's the use? Thev'll nlav rt;ll Thpv^ntfo fnn't you see they've got n stake in the game? Whcrc'll their jobs be if you duck out?" "But whal'll they think of me?" Moby gave him a sharp look "What do you care what they think of you?" "Nothing at all," disclaimed Kelsey hastily. "Forget it, then I Now I'm goin' to tell you three things about A. Leon Snydacker. First, he's easy if you lay it on thick. Second, as a motion picture man he's a hundred per cent phony. Third, he's a nut, anyway. So, with him you can be as phony and goofy as you like, and you'll still be runnin' a poor second." "Is the girl phony, too?" queried Kelsey absently. "Who? The baby with the neat eyes? No. She's synthetic. That Park Avenue debutante stuff? I made that up to fit in with A. Leon's idea of her." He grunted cynically. "All the test-hunters nowadays are either Park Avenue debs or exiled Russian princesses. And the more they look like it, the more prob'le it is that their uncle is the janitor. Your Adelina Ashcan might not be so far wrong, at that. Though you never can tell." "I never wrote that on the picture," said Kelsey eagerly. "Control the blood-pressure, buddy. And don't get in wrong about that gal. She's scaled to A. Leon. Keep of! tho grass." "It's nothing to me," disclaimed Kclsey. "You mean she's enraged to him?" ' ' "If she ain't, she might be, provided she plays her cards right. So now you know it all. Are you goin' to be a pal and stand by, or a heel and quit?" Kclsey drew a long and dubious breath. "I might give it a try." "Keno!" yelled Moby Dicksloin. (To be continued next week) EASY-CHAIR HOME HEATING WITH THE HOUSEHOLD HINTS Pumpkin Pic IVj cups strained p u m p k i n % cup brown sugar 1 t p. cinnamon Vi tsp. ginger' Vfe tsp. nutmejr H: t-p. salt 3 eggs IVj cups milk Vi cup cream Combine ingtctlicnls in oiiler ^iv- cn and mix. Pour into unbaked pk shell and bake at 425 dugiuus until set and brown. and the Bed Oil Heater is the SUPERFEX HEATER Come in and let us demonstrate the clean, steady heat of these heaters, made by Perfection Stove Company. They burn low-cost fuel oil. Cooper Furniture Co. Phone 130 Denton, Md. For Fall HALLOWE'EN parties will be more enjoyable if your hairdo reflects the smart fall trend of hair worn "up." ItV feminine and more flattering. PHONE 159 0*0* BEAUTY SHOPPE D E N T O N · CIRCULATES clean, carefree warmth throughout the rooms. · REQUIRES only two minutes tending per day. · ECONOMICAL. Burns low-cost furnace oil; turns waste into warmth. · Come In--Icarn how easily you can own this sensational Estate Oil Heatiola, which has alieady brought carefree, low- cost oil heating to thousands.' D. RALPH HORSEY HARDWARE Denton, Md. j Annapolis - Matapeake Romancohe - Claiborne Ferries PALL WINTER SCHEDULE-- 1»:!8 EfTect've September 20, 1938 DAILY AND SUNDAY (Eastern Standard Time) till »·* To and from rbe Heart of BALTIMORE SchtduU in tffoct May 27, 193S (Eailira Standard Timi) LEAVE L O V E POINT (B. A L B. R. PIER) DAILY ·. Sun. DAILY DAILY 935a. m. 6.0Dp. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE (PUR S, LIGHT STREET) DAILY DAILY DAILY ei. Sat 7iOO a. ai. JiOO p. m. 9:00 p. m. Pantngcrt, Aulemablld ond Truck* Handled an All Trlpi PASSINGERSt ONE · axr ROUND TRIP WAY »J»C (4 . ONE DAY EXCURSION A U T O S TRUCKS *2 '3 fo *6 SHORTIN5 THE WAY B E T W E E N ·ALTIMORE A THE EASTERN SHORE BALTIMORE EASTERN R.R. LIQUID-TABLETS SALVE-NOSE DROPS relieves COLDS Fever and Headaches due to Colds Try "Rub-M}-Tism"-n Wonderful Linimonl DR. F. J. WRIGHT OPTOMETRIST Denton, Maryland Eyes Examined. Glasses Furnished. HOURS: 9:00 a. m, to 5:30 p. m. Phone fll BETWEEN ANNAPOLIS AND MATAPEAKE Leave Annapolis Leave Matapeake 7:25 a.m 7:25 a.m. *8:00 a. in. 8:00 a.m. 9:00 a. in. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a. m. 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. *11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 12:00 noon 1:00 p. in. 1:00 p.m. c2:00 p. in. 2:00 p.m. JJ:00 p. m. c3:00 p.m. 4:00 p. m. 4:00 p. m *5:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. *8:00 p.m. *Donotes bus connections via Matapeake, Roniuncoku and Claiborne. (c) Denotes bus connections via Matapeake only. BETWEEN ROMANCOKE AND CLAIBORNE Leave Romancoke Leave Claiborne **9:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. **10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. *'G:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. **7:00 p.m. NOTE: T *Di notes pedestrians will be transported by motor coach between Matapeake and Romancoko and Romancoke and Mntapeakc on those trips only. I THE CLAIBORNE-ANNAPOLIS FERRY COMPANY, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND VICTOR ._ of Loaf ot Frcih Sliced. Wrapped 7 e l Our Business Has Been Built On Prompt And Courteous SERVICE Established Over 27 Years ERNEST G. COOPUR .General Insurance The Oldest Established ARcncy On The Shore. ADS For SALE IN ODR rsfEXTtSSUE Funeral Directors Phone 126 Denton, Md DR. E. F. WITHERS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 92 201 Frnnklin St., Denton, Md. A Brilliant Guest Star Show "The Silver Serenade" Featuring Peggy Tudor Mistress of Ceremonies The Tudor Orchestra And Many Guest Stars Brought To You By The Makers Of Tudor Plate Silver Oneida, Limited Thursdays, 2:00 - 2:15 P. M. ^ jf , I Maryland's Pioneer Broadcast Station BALTIMORE, MD. LeGRANDE FOOD STORES are owned and operated by the man behind the counter--We serve and save for you PRACTICE ECONOMY and QUALITY at the LeGRANDE FOOD STORES HALLOWE'EN TIE is COFFEE TIME! And We Have The World's Finest At The Lowest Price Ever WIN COFFEE Lb. DeLUXE COFFEE Lb. MORAY COFFEE TISSOGOOD COFFEE L CASH SPECIALS-Friday and Saturday, October 28 and 29 MARYLAND PRIDE APPLE C I D E R Gallon White House Apple Butter, £ 15c Scott Co. Pumpkin, 2 cans 23c Va. Royal Mince Meat, 2 £ 23c Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, can 15c PEANUT BRITTLE Lb. HERSHEY KISSES Cello. Pkjr. All Gold Prunes .. 2 !£t 19c All Gold Prunes .. 1 2 p£ 15c N.B.C. Premium... N ^°9c N. B. C. Macaroon Twigs, Ib. 22c Tissogood TOMATOES 4 Cans LeGrande String Beans 4 Cazs Campfire Marshmaliows, Ib. 19c Luden's Chocolate Drops, 2 Ibs. 23c Hershey Chocolate Syrup, can lOc Hershey Cocoa, ^-Ib. lOc XTRA SPECIAL TISSOGOOD SALAD DRESSING 2; 17c r 13c TISSOGOOD MAYONNAISE 2 lIaU Pints TISSOGOOD PANCAKE 3 At^GOLD FRUIT COCKTAIL 2 £i 2 c 21c KIX rags. CAMPBELL'S TOMATO JUICE 14-otz. 20-oz. 50- oz. Cans Cans Coiu 3 2Oc GREEN GIANT P E A S Can CAMPBELL'S S O U P S Cans Except Chicken £ Miuhraon BEECH-NUT BABY FOOD PACKED IN GLASS lOc Jar MRS. FILBERT'S MARGARINE BEAUTIFUL WATER GLASS FREE Lb. MUSSELMAN'S Asst. Jelly Asst. Preserves 2 Jars 29« PALMOLIVE SOAP 3 Cakes 17c BLUE SUPER SUDS Med. Pk B . i! _ 5 OCTAGON SOAP ' 4 Bars 18c [j BED SUPER SUDS b 19c I LUB-O-FLO MOTOR OIL 79c 2-Gallon Can Fresh Fruits snd Vegetables Ready to Help You Willard L. Sirnnn, Denton G. C. Cohee, Denton Harvey Flcelwood, Denton T. L. Trice, Jr., Preston ArnJe'a Cash Grocery, Preston Milford Kline, Hittsboro Shop and Save flurry Stednran, Ridge!? L CaWn Butler, Greenaboro J. W. Sylvester, Goldsboro J. F. Lane, Goldsboro H. A. Porter, Bomrllle R. H. Gibson, Queen Anne ' Qi/a/ify Mesf 9 Headquarters NEWSPAPER!

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